Catastrophic Clusterfuck: Part I – The Engineered Collapse of the Western Illuminati Empire

‘Deep State’ Power: Capitalism’s famous ‘Invisible Hand’ – promoted as efficient market pricing through competition – is really a euphemism for a shadowy network of oligarchs. (Image: The Obama Deception, Alex Jones 2009).


A Besieged Onion

Planet Earth is careening toward colliding crises or a cluster-fuck of epic proportions. This cluster-fuck is primarily the stealthy work of key insiders of ‘the West’, who comprise the dominant fraction of a World Domination Cult: ‘the Illuminati’.

Oligarchic dynasties (or super-rich families) of the Western Illuminati Empire are organized into a supranational criminal Deep State network. Their well-advanced secret world domination project is known as the ‘New World Order’. A ‘Rival World Order’ Project led by the Illuminati Russia and China emerged in the early 2000s as a counter-force.

‘The Illuminati’ is driving the world into a trap that includes: (1) the controlled collapse of Monopoly Capitalism and Communism though economic warfare; (2) ‘Deep State’ false flag terrorist operations, to trigger total war and mass migration; (3) environmental collapse through plunder and geo-engineering; (4) culminating in a global scale food-supply crisis and population collapse.

I sketch the roots, the anatomy and the violent rivalries of this World Domination Cult. I also show why two associated ‘documentaries’ called The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked and The Harbinger Decoded, which claim ‘God’ is actually responsible for calamities that beset humanity with a clockwork precision every seven years, works to obscure the unseen hand of Illuminati oligarchs. In this series, I use a ‘Deep State’ analytical lens, which investigates for a supranational criminal network that is entrenched in the corporate-state apparatus around the world. With this ‘Deep State’ analytical lens, I illuminate the Illuminati’s ‘power crimes’ such as terrorism, assassinations, regional and total wars, as well as financial and economic warfare.

However, in light of multiple colliding crises, and with this ‘seven year cycle’ pattern revealed, I believe the dangers are so elevated that a long-planned ‘Doomsday Project’ may ‘go live’ between September 13, 2015 and September 12, 2016. Key insiders embed Deep Events with the occult use of numerology to communicate threats, promises and caution, as they advance their ‘Great Game’ of World Domination.


Strip Searching the Besieged Onion


To sharpen the focus on this epochal situation, we need to metaphorically strip-search our brainwashed minds to see the layers of propaganda that the Media Missionaries of Monopoly Capitalism have cloaked our thinking with. The first layer to peel off the besieged world onion is that there’s a ‘Western Civilization’. This is a myth.

‘The West’ isn’t a civilization, but is an expansionist Universal Empire that has been remarkably resilient at staving off its total collapse by invading the territories of other Empires.[i] In doing so, of the West’s oligarchies, or coalitions of the super-rich, have been very successful at harnessing an Age of Conflict as means to enter a new Age of Expansion by periodically moving the centre of operations from the Empire’s core to a peripheral state. For example, the oligarchs of Venice transferred their operations to London, thereby shifting the capital of the Roman Empire, as Webster Griffin Tarpley argued in a chapter titled, “How the Venetian System was Transplanted into England” of his e-book series Against Oligarchy.

This Western Universal Empire is ruled by one fraction of ‘the Illuminati’.[ii] ‘The Illuminati’ is an occult supranational ‘deep state’ network comprised of dynastic bloodlines, elite ‘fraternities’ or secret societies and terrorist organizations that cross the corporate-state apparatus. True to its stealthy form, the Western-aligned Illuminati occupy the leadership of the Islamic world, including the Saudi dynasty in Saudi Arabia. However, the major tectonic lines of conflict are the rivalries among the Illuminati bloodlines that rule the Russian and Chinese Empires.

The objective of those oligarchy’s that rule the Western Illuminati Empire is to achieve world domination by every means imaginable, as David Livingstone argued compellingly in Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History, David Riveria showed in Final Warning: A History of the New World Order, and Fritz Springmeier demonstrated in Bloodlines of the Illuminati. If the next World War occurs, it will be not simply be to fight for the control of resources, money systems and populations.

Unseen Oligarchs: For millennia, people have been led to believe that 'gods' punish them with epic catastrophes.

Unseen Oligarchs: For millennia, people have been led to believe that ‘gods’ punish them with epic catastrophes.

There is a deep layer of the besieged onion missing from public consciousness. The coming catastrophic cluster-fuck will be provoked and engineered by the West’s Illuminati that comprise the Anglo-American Zionist-Wahhabi-Aligned Deep State co-conspirators. It will really be a battle over which oligarchic groupings of the Illuminati get to rule the world.

Leading ‘the Illuminati’ are psychopathic oligarchic dynasties, or super-rich families. They gain and maintain their power through inter-marriage, incest, indenture, interest, infiltration, ‘intelligence’, intimidation, injury, injustice, internecine warfare and other intrigues. The top of the Illuminati hierarchy is structured according to the important bloodlines, 13 of which comprise the echelon. The top 13 bloodlines are each represented on a world supreme council, called the Council of 13. This inner circle that refer to themselves as ‘the Olympians’ after the legendary gods of Olympus, directs a supranational legislative council called the Committee of 300, which is comprised of people from the Illuminati bloodlines or from key bases of power.[iii]

Most researchers locate the roots of the Illuminati to Dr. Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminaten Orden, or the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, which according to the Jesuit-trained Weishaupt was based on Luciferian mythology and meant ‘Bearers of the Light’. In 1770, Mayer Amschel Rothschild (formerly Mayer Amschel Bauer), persuaded Weishaupt to start a subversive secret society and stumped up the funds. Weishaupt based his Illuminati on the Order of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits, which is the secret army of the Vatican.[iv]

As Weishaupt himself wrote: “The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment, let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.” In 1778, the Illuminati became fully operational. In 1780, Baron Franz Friedrich Knigge (1752-1796) was recruited for his great organizing talents, and was instrumental in securing a merger between the Illuminati and Freemasonry. From Bavaria, the Illuminati octopus spread its tentacles to the Upper and Lower Rhine provinces, Upper and Lower Saxony, Westphalia, Franconia, Swabia and beyond Germany’s borders into Austria, and Switzerland.

Ironically, the Illuminati Order was exposed in July 1785 when the Bavarian police found a copy of a book intended only for private circulation detailing their plans for the French Revolution on the body of a courier, who was either struck by lightening or murdered with the book planted, possibly as a way for the plot to be discovered. In 1786, the Bavarian government published the details of the Illuminati subversion plot in a document entitled, “The Original Writings of The Order and Sect of The Illuminati”, and sent this report to all the heads of church and state throughout Europe. The warning went unheeded.

In Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier focuses on what he believed to be the thirteen top families, mostly centred on the United States. These families are: the Astors, the Bundy’s, the Collins, the Du Pont’s, the Freeman’s, the Kennedy’s, the Onassis’, the Rockefeller’s, Russell’s, the Rothschild’s, the Van Duyn’s, the Li family and the 13th ‘Holy’ Merovingian bloodline. Among the Illuminati are also other American oligarchic families: the Carnegies, the Mellons, the Stillmans, the Bakers, the Paynes, the Winthrops, the Vanderbilts, the Whitneys, the Warburgs, the Harnesses, the Milners, the Drexels, the Reynolds, the Watsons, the Kleinwarts, the Tukes, the Phipps, the Graces, and the Guggenheims. In his trailblazing book, Terrorism and the Illuminati, David Livingstone traces the Illuminati back to Babylon, Mesopotamia in the 6th century B.C. He stated that a sect of ‘heretical Jews’ refused to purge their religion of pagan influences, which as we will show in “Part III: The Big If” was a directive to ritualize systemic plagiarism because all religions and cultures draw their stories from common mythological elements, as scholar Joseph Campbell found. The ‘Heretical Jews’ instead created a secret cult known as the Kabbalah.

Babylon was ruled by a “power cartel of evil oligarchical families” according to Webster Griffin Tarpley in Against Oligarchy. After the Assyrians sacked Jerusalem and many of its Jewish inhabitants were relocated to Babylon, evidently for 70 years, Livingstone argued the Illuminati resorted to hiding their secret pagan cult within the Jewish faith. The Illuminati, contends Livingstone, believe they are the descendants of ‘fallen angels’, or the legendary Lucifer figure and his legions. These alleged fallen angels co-mingled their seed with mere mortals, which spawned a race called Anakim or Aryans, in the fabled land of Atlantis. The Aryans evidently developed an enormous superiority complex, not least because it is through this crew of ‘fallen angels’ that they learned ‘Ancient Wisdom’. In Mystery Schools, the ‘Aryans’ were taught to perform acts of paedophilia, and ritual animal and human sacrifice in the belief that they were harnessing dark forces to increase their power. Indeed, The Illuminati practice black magic passed on through their bloodlines, secret societies and libraries from the ancient mystery cults of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and of the Celtic druids.

From this core bloodline of alleged Aryans, which concentrated around the beginning of the 1st millennium B.C., emerged the Illuminati bloodlines. The most important Illuminati bloodline among what is termed the European Black Nobility, so called for their formidable skill in deception, is the 13th bloodline of the Merovingian’s. Members of the Merovingian bloodline believe the Kabbalistic interpretation embedded in the Old Testament of The Bible, which holds that the Messiah figure harked from the royal bloodline of King David, or the Davidic bloodline.[v] By this Kabbalistic interpretation, the alleged mythological Messiah figure, Christ, shared a common ancestry with the infamous mythical Lucifer figure. Many Christian researchers say this makes the Illuminati a Satanic cult. The Merovingian’s believe they are from the Davidic bloodline and that they have the ‘divine right to rule’.[vi] The British Royal family claim their ancestry goes back to the House of David.

In his e-book series, Against Oligarchy, Webster Griffin Tarpley points out that the present British monarchy, the House of Windsor (after Windsor Castle), which changed its Germanic name from the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha during World War I, is really the House of Guelph, one of the dominant oligarchic families of Venice. In his chapter, “How the Venetian System Was Transplanted Into England”, Tarpley shows the Venetians pursued a covert parasitic strategy whereby they would scheme-up or speed-up the decline of other powers, or factions within.[vii] By plotting a series of crises in England, as they did elsewhere, the Venetians were able to gain control of a larger power over several centuries.[viii] As we shall see in the next section, this subtle parasitic ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that the British have subsequently become famous for, and is now being meted out upon the world by the ‘Western Arc’ of the Illuminati Empire.

In the chapter “The Venetian Conspiracy”, Webster Griffin Tarpley writes that, “Venice can best be thought of as a kind of conveyor belt, transporting the Babylonian contagions of decadent antiquity smack dab into the world of modern states.”[ix] Indeed, the European Black Nobility that comprise much of the European Illuminati came from the Venetian oligarchy, which for 1500 years used their dark statecraft and political intelligence to build an empire by pitting other clans, kingdoms and empires against one another. As Tarpley shows, the British Empire is really an Anglo-Venetian Project, which made a failed bid between 1850 and 1870 to create a world empire, by attempting to get larger states to self-destruct. One such bid was to foment a civil war against America, because the ‘Illuminated’ dynastic bankers of Britain had long sought to re-win ‘their’ colony. By the mid-1850s, America was a rising power, because it had a dynamic internal economy.

America’s major secular sin was that it lacked a central bank, which is a key institution for creating interest-bearing public debt to enrich private bankers while robbing each generation of their freedom, as the Illuminati’s monopolies ensnare free enterprises. To that end, the Knights of the Golden Circle spread racial tension from state to state to make slavery a highly-charged issue, and provoke the chattel-capitalist Southern states to split with the industrialized Northern states.[x] The intention was to bring the federal government to heel by forcing it into debt to finance the ‘War Between the States’, or the American Civil War. The plan had mixed results. As the war advanced, Lincoln curtailed the borrowing and printed debt-free ‘green backs’ backed by silver through the US Treasury and issued bonds.[xi]

The Illuminati bloodlines are spread throughout the world and cross many races and are fused into all cultures, without most people realizing it. Famous dynasties and groups among the Illuminati include: the Charlemagne, the Hapsburgs, the Carolingians, de Gellone, the Khazars, the Guilhemids, the Franks, the Bogomils, the Sabians, the St. Clairs, the Sinclairs, the de Molays, the Stuarts, the Plantagenets, the Tudors, the Lusignans, the Knights Hospitallers, the Lancasters, the Yorks, the Wittelsbachs, the Billungs, the Hanovers, the bin Yahyas, the Rhodes, the Lehmans, the De Beers, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Loebs, and the Churchills.

The Illuminati also includes families and groups such as: the Assassins, who developed as a sect of the Ismailis, whose grades of initiation, techniques of indoctrination and murderous methods were imported into Europe upon contact with their rivals, the Templar Knights, during the Crusades. Like the Order of the Knights Templar, who were founded in 1118 A.D. ostensibly to protect Christian pilgrims, the Assassins were a militia that outwardly were loyal to Islam, while secretly working as militia of social control. The Muslim Brotherhood, says Livingstone are among the primary terrorist actors in the Middle East. As we shall see in “Part II: God is a Terrorist“, the Illuminati of the West is working with their brethren in the Islamic world to use terrorism to destroy the Muslim faith, and lure their Illuminati rivals from Russia and China into two regional wars. One war would initially be centred on Syria, by using NATO’s ISIS terrorist assets; and the other, in the Ukraine, by using NATO’s fascist terrorist assets.[xii]


Is God working for the Illuminati?

In the United States, Jewish and Christian audiences are being brain-washed with an ‘Endtimes’ ideology. This means religious believers are being programmed to view the colliding catastrophes as Apocalyptic-type crises as though they are ‘God’s’ judgment against the American nation for not following ‘his’ rules. In a widely watched documentary called The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked, fronted by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, the opening narration asks a series of rhetorical questions:

Is it possible that there is exists an ancient mystery that lies behind the events of modern times, that determines the rise and fall of the stock market, and the economy? The rise and collapse of nations, the destruction of empires, and superpowers? A mystery more then three thousand years old? And yet, that determines global cataclysms, the timing of world wars, the atomic age, the Cold War, the attack of 9/11 and more. Could a mystery revealed in a Middle Eastern mountain ordain the rise of America and what may be its coming fall? Can an ancient mystery given to a nation of shepherds be so precise, that it has ordained and determined the timing of the greatest collapses in Wall Street history, down to the year, the month, the date, and the hours? What if we can know the future? Could there exist a mystery going back to ancient times that has been affecting, even molding our lives from the days we were born? From events of global proportions to the state of our bank accounts? Our past, our present, and our future? And what does it foretell concerning what is yet to come? What is this mystery? It’s called, The Mystery of the Shemitah.”

Despite the disturbing catastrophes depicted in pictures with the voice-over, I took this as a sign that this ‘documentary’ is a propaganda film.

Tabloid Cheese Genre: In a world where ... history melts in the hot sun like goat curd.

Tabloid Cheese Genre: In a world where … history melts in the hot sun like goat curd.

In The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked, made to explain Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Celestine Prophecy-esque novel, The Harbinger, this prophet-aspirant claims to unlock a 3000 year-old mystery in which the hand of ‘God’ is purported to be behind many catastrophes that occur like clockwork every seven years. It turns that out that the nation, America, was created with ‘God’s blessing’. But because this nation, which swept aside the native inhabitants with God’s apparent blessing, has failed to live strictly according to ‘His’ rules, they have from the day of the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks been subjected to a series of warnings, or harbingers, just as the Israelites were given to come back to ‘God’.

The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked claims that this unseen character referred to as ‘God’, made a covenant with the legendary biblical figure Moses. This covenant mandated that the Hebrew people were to farm the land for six years, and then every seven years, rest the land and harvest nothing. On the last day of every seventh year, all creditors were to wipe debts on the Hebrew calendar date of Elul 29 (which occurs in the vicinity of the first week of September to early October). Following the end of seven cycles of seven years, or as the 49th year turns into the 50th year, a Jubilee Year, all land lost to debt were to be returned and all financial accounts. The real reason for this Jubilee Year was that Kings had worked out that if they didn’t periodically cancel the debts, too many people would lose their land and leave and there wouldn’t be enough left to defend the cities, as former Chase Manhattan chief economist Professor Michael Hudson pointed out in a talk titled The Historical Evolution of Money and Debt. Rabbi Cahn says that if the people followed God’s ways, there would be blessings and prosperity. If the Hebrew people turned away from God’s laws, as Rabbi Cahn asserts, then God’s judgment would come.

Rabbi Cahn tells his audience that in the last days of the Kingdom of Israel:

“Nine prophetic signs. Warnings that foretold a coming destruction. These same harbingers are now appearing on American soil. In the same precise detail. Warning of a coming national calamity.”

Prophet-Aspirant: Rabbi Johnathan Cahn claims 'God' is warning nation dedicated to him: America.

Prophet-Aspirant: Rabbi Johnathan Cahn claims ‘God’ is warning the nation dedicated to ‘Him’: America.

In the accompanying ‘documentary’, The Harbinger Decoded, Rabbi Cahn focuses on these nine signs. With the first sign, known as ‘The Breach’. The narrator claims that on 9/11, America left its borders unguarded just as Israel’s stone “hedge of protection was removed and enemy was allowed to make a strike on the land” that was “limited, temporary and contained”. This breach of the capital city of Samaria in 732 B.C. was framed as a wake-up call for the people of ancient Israel to turn back to the God of their monotheistic religion. The prophet-aspirant Rabbi Cahn fails to mention that there were up to 46 terror drills and war games that occurred on September 11 2001. These exercises provided the necessary cover for criminal actors within the state-corporate nexus to make the terror drills and war games go live as historian and journalist Webster Griffin Tarpley found when writing 9/11 Synthetic Terror. Rabbi Cahn goes on to show that in the subsequent eight signs, America has ‘unwittingly’ acted in defiance of God’s first warning, in ways ‘eerily’ similar to the other signs recorded in the Old Testament of The Bible.

The second sign is that of ‘The Masters of Terrorism’. Rabbi Cahn labours the point that every terrorist is linked in some way to the Assyrians, ‘the fathers of terrorism’ and he reproduces the official conspiracy theory that Al Qaeda was solely responsible for the attacks. He does this to achieve an historical guilt by association argument, by pointing that Al Qaeda speak Arabic, the sister language of the now defunct Assyrian language Arcadian, and that Arabic is spoken in modern day Iraq, where the Assyrians were from, and the land that America was drawn to fight as a result of 9/11. Notwithstanding that America’s justification for re-invading Iraq in 2003, which included the false claim that the Al Qaeda-hating Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, the anti-intellectual, sanitized history promoting prophet-aspirant Rabbi Cahn obviously hasn’t read the works of investigators such as Peter Dale Scott, Webster Griffin Tarpley, Mike Ruppert and Kevin Ryan. They argue that deep state criminals periodically conduct deep state events, or ‘re-adjustments’ to extend the power of the ‘transnational capitalist class’.[xiii]

But since the prophet-aspirant Cahn has pointed out ‘God’ is into numerology, then a read of S. K. Bain’s book, The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual is in order. Bain states that the scribes behind 9/11 embedded occult symbolism into the terrorist attacks, and drew upon the work of English occultist Aleister Crowley, among whose books was one called Liber 777, which Crowley stated was a “construction of a magical alphabet”. Liber 777 drew upon numerology, or the occult ‘magical power’ embedded in numbers.

God's Ledger: Rabbi Cahn claims that major historical calamities are acts of God, such as financial crashes, wars and even the terrorism that triggers more war.

God’s Ledger: Rabbi Cahn claims that major historical calamities are acts of God, such as financial crashes, wars and even the terrorism that triggers more war.

In presenting his ‘9/11 mega ritual’ thesis, Bain pointed out that on September 11 2001, American Airlines Flight 77, which is alleged to have smashed into the 7-storeyed 77 foot-high Pentagon, is located on the 77th Meridian West. As the Pentagon was under attack, the E-4B ‘Doomsday Plane’, which is a mobile command post to keep the US government running during a national emergency, flew over the White House. The Doomsday Plane’s call sign on 9/11 was VENUS 77, and was, we contend, a ritual display of power that the people behind 9/11 had, in effect, orchestrated a coup d’état to reset the trajectory of the ‘American Empire’.

Among the other warning signs in The Harbinger Decoded, is ‘The Bricks’ or ‘The Ruin Heap’ which is the rubble from the destruction in Samaria in 732 B.C. and at Ground Zero, Lower Manhattan. Another is ‘The Mystery of the Sycamore’, which refers to the sycamore trees destroyed throughout ancient Israel and in the city of Samaria. On 9/11, a sycamore was struck down at the corner of a stone chapel next to the World Trade Center site. This stone chapel had been, somehow, used as a symbolic mechanism to dedicate America to ‘God’ by a group called ‘They’, evidently “on the first very daay“. Cahn didn’t say what the native tribes of North America thought of this proposition. The sycamore is put on display, replete with a solemn ritual glimpsed in the documentary. Rabbi Cahn claims no one connected with sycamore memorial had any idea that it was a sign of nation in danger of judgment. In ancient dusty Israel, the people planted stronger trees, with pines and needles – the cedar – to replace the sycamores. (This occurred seemingly without realizing why the whole region had become so dusty, what with unsustainable land management practices amid too much time-wasted on figuring out the symbolism embedded in the stories of thousands of gods and serving the rampant empire building, no matter what tribe, race or creed you belonged to).

Do you hear the ripping sound of a needle lifted abruptly off an LP record?

Two years after 9/11, a conifer tree is planted at the corner of Ground Zero where the sycamore had stood. Rabbi Cahn claims this actually a ‘Tree of Judgment’.

The fourth warning sign is that of ‘The Tower’. The ‘documentary’ shows Senator John Kerry, a member of the Skull and Bones secret society, stating in the Senate:

“I believe one of the things we should commit to as a country, with federal help, that underscores our nation’s purpose, is to rebuild the towers of the World Trade Center to show the world we are not afraid, we are defiant”.

The One World Trade Center tower that was erected on ‘Ground Zero’, states Rabbi Cahn, was an “act of defiance” that has its historical precedence in the Tower of Babel, Babylon, where many of the Jews of Israel were deported to in 722-721 B.C. by the Assyrians. Rabbi Cahn also argued that this statement of defiance is echoed by those words spoken by Jewish people in Samaria who rebuilt after the attack of 732 B.C. They erected a ‘Stone of Judgment’ as a symbol of defiance. Rabbi Cahn says a Ritual of Defiance occurred when New Yorkers quarried a 20-tonne chunk of rock to erect on the pavement of Ground Zero. The governor of New York stated, “Today we, the heirs of that revolutionary spirit of defiance lay the cornerstone…” The eighth harbinger is “The Utterance”, which Rabbi Cahn says, is a ‘vowel of judgment’ and is spoken, word-for-word, by a national leader, Senator John Edwards, three years after 9/11. Senator John Edwards:

“The bricks have fallen but we’ll rebuild with dressed stones. The sycamores have been cut down, but we’ll put cedars in their place.”

Rabbi Cahn claims Senator John Edwards had no idea what he was doing or saying, and that he was just speaking symbolically, despite there being 29,999 other verses in the Bible he could have quoted.

Zionist Evangelism: Rabbi Cahn dons a rug ...

Zionist Evangelism: Rabbi Cahn dons a rug …

... decorated with the Zionist symbolism of modern-day Israel.

… decorated with the Zionist symbolism of modern Israel.


The ninth sign is centred on one of the Illuminati’s most famously symbolic street names: ‘Wall Street’. The very day after 9/11, the ninth harbinger called ‘The Prophecy of Capitol Hill’ occurred, as it is called in Chapter 13 of the Harbinger DVD. (In the pulp fiction Celestine Prophecy-escque book version, “The Ninth Harbinger: The Prophecy” is also numbered Chapter 13).

Que The X-Files theme tune.

Thirteen has occult significance among the ‘fraternity’ of the Anglo-American oligarchic-elite network, to whom this number symbolizes unity and love, as occultists Aleister Crowley and W. Wynn Westcott stated in their books, Liber 777 and Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues, respectively. The use of the number 13 works as a way for individuals and institutions to encode events to signify that key players are advancing ‘the game.’ So, Thirteen signals economic collusion, political conspiracy and criminal caution. Rabbi Cahn stated the ancient ‘Vowel of Judgment’ was spoken in a Joint Session of Congress by Senator Tom Daschle. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle stated:

“There is a passage in The Bible from Isaiah that I think speaks to all us at times like this. The bricks have fallen down. But we will rebuild with dressed stones. The fig trees have been felled. But we will rebuild with cedars.”

Without putting it quite this way, in effect, Rabbi Cahn noted that those who had the requisite God Bless America Representation Powers to speak for the nation had echoed the ‘End-times’ harbingers of the Kingdom of Israel from dusty antiquity.

In the pulp fiction version of The Harbinger, in the chapter titled “The Uprooted”, the story is retold of two-dozen merchants met under a Buttonwood Tree to form a stock and bonds trading cartel. Their institution formed by the Buttonwood Agreement was called the Buttonwood Association, later morphed into the New York Stock and Exchange Board, which eventually became the New York Stock Exchange. A buttonwood tree is another name for a sycamore, meaning in effect the colluding merchants had formed a ‘Sycamore Association’. Rabbi Cahn uses this story to convey the idea that foundational symbol of America’s financial power was the sycamore tree and that on 9/11, that foundation was uprooted and was “foreshadow[ing] the uprooting of America’s financial and economic power”.[xiv]

Rabbi Cahn claims the next ‘shaking’ was a kind of aftershock and was caused by 9/11. This ‘Great Shaking’ occurred when the New York stock exchange re-opened on Monday September 17 2001 and registered its largest one-day points drop in its history up to that time. This apparently was due to ‘God’ working upon market forces. Prophet-aspirant Cahn says that in 2001, September 17 corresponded with the Hebrew calendar date of Elul 29, the day of nullification of debts. Since investor and frontman of a financial newsletter The Dollar Vigilante, Jeff Berwick, posted a video entitled “Shemitah Exposed: Financial Crisis Planned for 2015”, which went viral in mid-2015, talk about a ‘seven year cycle’ in financial markets has returned. Market analyst Michael Snyder also noticed the finance industry talk of the ‘seven year cycle’, and refers to Johnathan Cahn in his article, “The Seven Year Cycle Of Economic Crashes That Everyone Is Talking About”. As we shall argue in a section of “Part II”, titled “God is a Financial Terrorist”, evidence of insider financial trading showing foreknowledge of 9/11 has been presented by the 9/11 Consensus Panel of scholars.

Toward the end of The Harbinger Decoded documentary in the chapter titled “Origins of the Mystery”, Rabbi Cahn claims the novel The Harbinger ‘wrote itself’ and came from God and that he was guided to find each of the modern day warnings. I, however, find it amazing that the unseen ‘God’ is blind to the presence of the Illuminati and that ‘He’ did not guide the prophet-aspirant Cahn to read up on them. Perhaps, ‘God’ has selective sight because the Illuminati stole His one ‘All Seeing Eye’. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the early drafts of the pulp fiction novel The Harbinger, and associated material, were written by the CIA within a special program called something like: Project Shemitah.

As I have noted, Rabbi Cahn states that three separate statements were made following 9/11 by three US political leaders that were uncannily the exact ‘words of defiance’ spoken in the Great Shaking days leading up to the collapse of the Kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C. when the Assyrians conquered it and after they were deported to Babylon. The Illuminati are the largely unseen super-rich oligarchs who are directing their armies of professionals, bureaucrats, militarists and clerics to construct a New World Order, or a world domination project. As we shall see in Parts II & III, this Great Game is coming to a head as the Illuminati of Russia and China counter the Western Illuminati’s dangerous gambit.

In “Part II: God is a Terrorist”, I will sketch the American Deep State, a criminal network of the Illuminati, its Deep State terrorism, and its Doomsday Project. We’ll learn from the ‘uncanny’ appearances of the ‘magic’ number Seven and two of its fraternal friends Thirteen, and Three and a Half, why exactly ‘times aren’t okay and how we can all get under the skin of Illuminati Street’. In “Part III: The Big ‘If’ Decoded – Get Chipped or Prepare to Die”, I outline the engineering behind the colliding crises and explain why illuminating their dark system and ‘walking away’ from its creepiness are two prongs of the same pickle-fork.



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