1080 to Eradicate Child Poverty by 2020, Leaked White Paper Says


Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards


A secret poison plan written by a new think-tank outlined the “business case” for eradicating “poverty-afflicted rug-rodents” in New Zealand by the year 2020.[1] The leaked 1080 poison program is designed to “relieve pressures” that bite into dividends paid to the Neo-Colonial Government’s nameless creditors.

The white paper titled, ‘Gone by Lunchtime 2020: The Business Case for Predator-free Mouldy Rentals of New Zealand’ argued that, “the root-cause of child poverty is children who come into a franchised world disorganised, skill-less and, most importantly, without asset portfolios”.

It proposes sub-lethal doses of the poison, 1080,[2] to target economically challenged children who “nag” for food, clothing, warmth, and shelter, or money for such “unearned privileges”. The more a “poverty-afflicted rug-rat nags for these unearned privileges, the more frequent the sub-lethal doses will become”, the report stated.

The secret ‘Gone by Lunchtime 2020′ report[3]” said that “optimal lifelessness” outcomes were inevitable, but that the statistical analysis would clearly show blame lay with “active-aggressive nagging rug-rats” who lacked restraint, by predating on their parents, caregivers and teachers and who “brashly exhibited  juvenile entitlement,  claiming unearned privileges based on the class-based greed of the poor rather than need”.[4] A pandemic of self-absorption had swept through poor neighbourhoods, the report claimed, where children in miniwealth rentals shamelessly wanted to live beyond their means because they had fallen into a psychological trap known as “structural greedy”.

To eliminate structural greedy, the 1080 doses would be regulated through Smart Water® meters and dispersed into mains water pipes of miniwealth rentals when triggered by surveillance devices on site that detected rug-rats nagging for unearned privileges.

The leak follows New Zealand’s Rich-Lister Prime Minister John Key stating on Radio New Zealand that it is easier and more fun measuring stoats, rodents or possums in a particular land area confiscated or swindled from Māori than calculating whether a financially illiterate rug-rodent was living in a threadbare state of miniwealth.[5]

The paper, which was sponsored by the new think-tank called Grey’s Gambit, is marked “For Neo-Colonialist Eyes Only”. The name ‘Grey’s Gambit’ refers to a colonial era governor, George Grey, and his secret stratagem to destroy the Māori communal economy[6] by transporting Imperial and Colonial troops and militia up the Waikato River on iron-clad steamers to invade the heartland of the Kingitanga movement in 1863.[7] British settlers could not compete economically with Māori, while the colonial oligarchy around the orbit of the Bank of New Zealand desired to establish a debt-enslavement currency system.[8]  This history, while not secret today, is now classified as a voluntary topic entitled, Settled Peacefully,[9] in the soon-to-be launched Neo-Colonial Public-Private-Partnership School Curriculum Certificate (NCPPPSCC).

The group’s paper cautioned there are cracks appearing in our widely and subtly promoted myth that New Zealand is a fair place to live.[10] The Grey’s Gambit white paper narcissistically bragged even as it cautioned:

Our legacy is that today, most of the Kiwi Tax Flock struggle. However, naïve Kiwis are starting to notice that our Rich-Lister asset portfolios parked in wealth shelters are neither fair, nor above confiscation. There is a real risk that Kiwis who are not poverty-afflicted may make the connection between our own Neo-Colonial-era looting and our colonial forebears. The confiscations of Maori land  in the Waikato totalled 1.3 million hectares  which had been ear-marked as collateral for loans raised to wage the New Zealand Wars during this period.[11]   Following the New Zealand Wars,  swindles ensued that dispossessed Maori of 13 million acres of the best land in the imaginatively-named ‘North Island’. Since the late 1980s, when we kicked off our Neo-Colonial looting by swindling 13 state-owned enterprises for a song of 13 billion credit-manufactured dollars,[12] we have swelled our numbers, wealth and gloating.

Hilariously though, Kiwis failed to make the connection between the $1.3 billion bailout the Bank of New Zealand received as a ‘deposit’ from the Kiwi Tax Flock, that we then used to fund our $13 billion spending spree (because  credit manufacturing banks at that time were able to conjure ‘loans’ by 10 times what they held in deposits). Gloating aside, we, the New Zealand Business Mafia, cannot rest on our laurels and let our carefully-crafted myths become a threatened species.”

“The trick”, the ‘Gone by Lunchtime 2020’ report said, “is to get poor Kiwis to think their new Smart Water® meters[13] are delivering something in the water for free that would make them smarter. This should not be too hard”, the Grey’s Gambit report ventured, “because our forebears sucker-luckered Kiwis into believing that fluoride would be great for fighting tooth decay.[14] Like all propaganda,[15] the advertising forgot to say that fluoride is a by-product made from the manufacturing of steel, aluminum, glass, and cement. In short, fluoride is toxic industrial waste.

We believe the gullible Kiwi Tax Flock can be coaxed into believing that 1080 in measured sub-lethal doses is healthy and those that believe otherwise can be cast as the ‘tin-foil hat brigade’ via the gutted-out news media”, the Eradicate Child Poverty by 2020 report claimed.

The Grey’s Gambit scheme envisages targeting children with propaganda through advertising.

“Therefore”, the ‘Gone by Lunchtime 2020’ report concluded, “we suggest a sales pitch employing animated, vividly-coloured scientist Carrots and naïve Kiwis singing a jingle with a chorus line, “1080 for a biggybright futurematey!


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