Beyond Reasonable Negligence — Was the 1979 Air NZ Erebus Crash a Staggering Accident or the Result of Air Terrorism Plot?

The Snoopman

The crash of Air New Zealand Flight TE901 into Mt Erebus, Antarctica, on November 28 1979 was a take-down arranged by German intelligence – claims barrister and aviation expert Michael Shrimpton.

This investigation delves into the extent of the airline’s cover-up, lying and other breaches of law tabled in Justice Peter Mahon’s 1981 Royal Commission report.

It shows that combined errors, omissions and suspicious actions add up to a political conspiracy to deliberately cause the McConnell Douglas DC-10 ZK-NZP to crash on Fang Ridge, Mount Erebus.

Crucially, Air New Zealand’s navigation section inserted a flight path change into the DC-10’s navigation computer the night before the fatal flight. The airliners’ navigation section then escalated their ‘incompetency’ to ‘negligence’ when they neglected to tell pilots and flight crew of the change.

This discrepancy of two degrees at the final way-point was not simply an insignificant change of a couple miles, as claimed. The flight track change actually meant the aircraft was 27 nautical miles away from the course that Captain Jim Collins and his flight crew had plotted on their charts using coordinates provided to them by the airline.

In the excellent documentary, The Mt Erebus Disaster, produced for TVNZ’s ‘Lookout’ series, this 1981 programme frames the crash as “a series of disastrous administrative blunders” because it fails to model for possible crimes of power.

The narrator noted that in Greek mythology Erebus was the son of Chaos, the personification of darkness, and the name given to the caverns on the way to Hades, or Hell.

The name Erebus, the narrator added, was to take on a new and equally sinister meaning – without realizing that crash event was embedded with the hallmarks of a terrorism take-down.

In his book, Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence, Shrimpton states a small German intelligence ring stationed in Wellington had penetrated New Zealand’s state bureaucracy.

The German Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), based at a covert headquarters in Dachau, near Munich, was forged out of the remnant Nazi Empire that collapsed after its 12-year tyrannical reign ended in 1945. Shrimpton’s thesis is that the Federal Republic of Germany is an intelligence state, meaning its intelligence services including the DVD control the government, and as such the DVD maintains a covert state policy of civilian airliner take-downs of rival countries.

In the case of New Zealand, Shrimpton contends that German intelligence had inflicted damage to the country’s transport systems by sabotaging the rail network, retarding infrastructure investment and reducing land transport speeds to impair economic activity. Shrimpton’s claims about an small, but effective Wellington Station of the DVD may not be as wild as they sound. Numerous authors have shown that through the Vatican ‘Ratlines’, Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the CIA’s ‘Operation Paperclip’, key Nazis were ferried out of Germany and Europe toward the end of World War II and in the aftermath, with key German intelligence operatives forming the core of the British MI6 and the American CIA.

The investigation by The Snoopman explores supposition that Air New Zealand Flight TE901 was a take-down inflicted as a coercive codified communication to the Pākehā-dominated Ruling Class to get on-board with the planned corporate-takeover of New Zealand – or further mayhem would strike anytime, anyplace and by any means necessary.

At 12:49:44PM, the cockpit alarm device began its first warning when the DC-10 was at an altitude of 500m above the lower slopes of Mt Erebus.

But it was too late.

Just six seconds later Flight 901 slammed into Fang Ridge on the snow-clad icy mountain named after HMS Erebus, which had circumnavigated the continent of Antarctica with HMS Terror in an expedition of 1839-1843 under the command of James Clark Ross.

Famously, on March 13th 1842, HMS Erebus collided with HMS Terror amid a storm when Erebus was suddenly forced to turn across Terror’s pass in order to avoid a head-on collision with an iceberg which had just become visible through the snow.

Were deep state terrorist script-writers riffing off history? Given the shortcomings of the Air NZ to send an aircraft into white-out conditions – with a crew who had never travelled to the southern continent Antarctica – it’s ironic that Flight TE901 belly-flopped into Fang Ridge on Mount Erebus. Especially since the two British Royal Navy’s bomb ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, that had been refitted for exploration, become entangled on March the 13th 1842 in the Antarctic.

Erebus collided with Terror while avoiding an iceberg that suddenly appeared. The fate of the off-course Air New Zealand scenic flight, TE901, is particularly poignant when it is remembered that Erebus was the personification of darkness in Greek mythology and that HMS Terror and Erebus charted the Antarctic.

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