Divide & Conquer End-Game: The Race-Edition — Switching on cue from Covid-1984 to the next psy-op – Police State America?

Slow Death by Asphyxiation: Was George Floyd set-up to unwittingly act as a circuit-breaker mechanism during the Covid-19 ‘lock-down’ to spark civil unrest – before a lethal respiratory pathogen is released to fulfill a United Nations’ directive for two system-wide pandemic exercises by September 2020?

This investigation explores the possibility that murdered Minneapolis security man, George Floyd, may have been set-up to unwittingly act as a circuit-breaker mechanism during the Covid-19 ‘lock-down’. The sudden switch from Global Corona Contagion news to the Great American Riot Contagion following the provocative killing of Mr Floyd by Minneapolis Police, is suspicious for many reasons – including its timing to balkanize the mangled 1st Republic of the United States of America along racial, class and political lines.

Doctor Thunk Evil Without Being Evil reveals the United Nations’ plans of September 2019 for two system-wide pandemic exercises to be conducted by September 2020. These pandemic exercises may have created a ‘narrative development’ need for nationwide riots, before deep state planners could proceed with the second system-wide ‘live pandemic exercise’. He anticipates the protesters, looters and rioters will be scape-goated for Pandemic 2.0. Meanwhile, Deep State planners may attempt to derail the 2020 elections and deep state writers may improvise the script, amid major obstacles to trigger a Civil War intended to murder the mangled 1st Republic as the American people peacefully rise-up with restraint, humor and resilience.

Doctor Thunk Evil Without Being Evil

Sketchy Killing in Minneapolis Right on Cue

The death of George Perry Floyd on May 25th has sketchiness writ large.

The circumstances of his murder by asphyxiation suggest he was set-up to be a victim of an occult ritual sacrifice to signal where the Supranational Deep State’s twisty escalation of Covid 19’s ‘Phase II’ was going next and where it had been.

Mr Floyd’s slow death by asphyxiation occurred as his face was planted to the concrete by the rear-end of a squad car, near the exhaust pipe. As the life was smothered out of him, Floyd lay motionless – exhausted as intended.

Cruel Killing: Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin kneels on George Floyd’s neck as he lays dying of
asphyxiation on a city street, May 25th 2020.

Floyd was brazenly held-down by Minneapolis Police officer, Derek Chauvin, who choked the 46 year-old to death by keeping his knee pressed into Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds. The African American repeatedly pleaded “Please, I can’t breathe,” before becoming motionless, The Jerusalem Post reported – and while predictably – bystanders filmed the horrific scene and three other Policemen ignored Mr Floyd and the bystanders’ pleas to cease killing the black security guard.

Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. Three other officers – J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao — were charged on June 3 with aiding and abetting second-degree murder, and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter, as CNN reported in “New video appears to show three police officers kneeling on George Floyd“.

The murdered African-American had evidently paid for a pack of cigarettes at Cup Foods with a counterfeit $20 Fed bill, which led to his fatal encounter with Minneapolis Police, as The New York Times reported in “What Happened in the Chaotic Moments Before George Floyd Died”.

One of the most well-known photos of George Floyd online depict him posing in front of a Corona Light poster. The Corona Virus is known to cause acute respiratory symptoms – as every grown-up who has been condescendingly re-trained to ‘wash your hands’ knows. Hence, the occult or hidden symbolism. Floyd’s murder by asphyxiation appears to have been a staged killing, given his slaying triggered the switch from 2020’s biggest story – Covid-19 – to the next biggest plot-line: Police State America.

Calculated Killers: George Floyd was arrested after allegedly presenting a counterfeit $20 Fed bill at Cup Foods, which led to his fatal encounter with Minneapolis Police on May 25th 2020.

Numerous citizen journalists such as Really Graceful in “Cui Bono?”, Richie from Boston in “Orchestrating the New World Order Through Chaos”, Jeff Berwick in “BOOGALOO – PLANdemic Losing Interest… So Now Here Comes Civil War, Martial Law and the Troops” present evidence that this Police State America plot-line is a psy-op – even as an engineered destabilization unfolds.

Occult Symbolism? Was George Floyd set up for a ritual slaying, given his murder by asphyxiation triggered the switch from 2020’s biggest story – the Covid-19 Psy-op – to the next biggest plot-line: Police State America?

Chauvin’s neighbours reportedly said they had no idea he was a cop and thought he was a real estate agent, as Really Graceful reported on May 29th in “Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

The story gets weirder.

Chauvin and Floyd did private security at the same Minneapolis Latin nightclub, the Congo Latin Bistro.

Intriguing Background: Derek Chauvin’s neighbors [pictured left] said they did not even know he was Police officer, while a restaurant owner said George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked as security at the same establishment, the Congo Latin Bistro.

Agent Provocateurs & Engineered Destabilization

Not surprisingly, the provocative murder of George Floyd sparked protests, vigils and civil unrest amid so many locked out of work, schools and universities in the United States and around the world. Floyd’s desperate pleas saying, “I can’t breathe” quickly became political shorthand for police murders to stop, institutional racism to end and white supremacists to be called out.

Yet in this episode, are protesters, police and political pundits missing the deeper meaning of the experience?

Because, this murder in Minneapolis was the trigger event for knocking a ‘respiratory health crisis’ off the lead story news spot.

Anticipated Reaction with Anticipated Line: Was George Floyd’s repeated plea “I can’t breathe” a predictable line that deep script-writers anticipated?
Equipped for Mayhem: Umbrella Man harassed by workers asking if him he’s a cop as he walks away through a car park.

A white man dressed head-to-toe in black, carrying a black umbrella and wearing a gas mask, methodically smashed the windows of Auto Zone, a Minneaopolis business, on May 27th. Several people caught this action with phone cameras and predictably the footage went viral.

Umbrella Man looks like one of The Penguin’s goons who strayed far from Gotham City to Minneapolis to ‘signal’ it’s time to unleash the ‘agent provocateur cells’ across the mangled 1st Republic to escalate the New World Order police state agenda.

Agent Provocateur: Umbrella Man methodically smashes the windows of a Minneapolis Auto Zone business on Wednesday May 27th.

It’s been claimed umbrella man is an officer with the nearby Saint Paul Police Department, and that he was identified by his former fiancee – as News.com.au reported in “Who is ‘umbrella man’? Speculation and conspiracy theories rage over identity of mysterious protester”. Minnesota Attorney-General Keith Ellison speculated that Umbrella Man was an agent provocateur and asked his Twitter audience if anyone could identify the hammer-wielding vandal.

Amid rioting, the Minneapolis Police evacuated their 3rd Precinct Police Station in a convoy late on Thursday May 28th, despite standing guard all day and night at the Chauvin family home in the immediate aftermath of the murder by asphyxiation. In a report, Minneapolis police station torched amid George Floyd protest”, Politico claimed protesters could be seen on a live-stream entering the building, and setting fire to a Police jacket. The steel-reinforced HQ became a towering inferno ablaze with what looked like an accelerant-assisted fire, despite the sprinkler system and fire alarms working and Minneapolis being found to be in possession of a Fire Department.

It’s like the Minneapolis Police were working to a dumb Batman script.

Torched Station: A convoy of Minneapolis Police evacuated their 3rd Precinct Station late on Thursday May 28th after three days of protests.
Accelerated Staged Inferno to Destroy Evidence? Minneapolis 3rd Precinct Police Station aflame after it was abandoned by a convoy of Minneapolis Police who left by night.

Is it a reasonable suspicion that the Minneapolis Police rigged their station to go up in a contagion of flames, to create a contagion of outrage, fear and calls for martial law? And, did the 3rd Precinct Police Station get torched to destroy evidence of planning for the switch from Covid-19 to the Police State America psy-op?

Intriguingly, Minneapolis Police Station did not collapse like WTC-1, WTC-2 or WTC-7 buildings did on that strange day of September 11 2001 when the only three steel reinforced towers to have ever ‘collapsed’ in history magically ‘fell’ in on their own footprints at near free-fall speed. Yet, somehow we are supposed to believe that rioters came prepared with plenty of fire accelerant.

Numerous stories have spread about bricks left on pallets in American cities where protesters would predictably congregate. Fortunately police departments have recognized the hazard since rioters, and looters have used bricks to smash windows, and have removed piles, investigated the circumstances and found many had lane in place for months as a result of the Covid-19 shutdown.

But, Police Departments, fact-checkers websites and news outlets, including Buzzfeed, miss the point when they dismiss conspiracy theories that claim government entrapment. Such dismissals fail to comprehend the structural entrapment is present because the Covid-19 shutdown was inflicted as economic warfare, since the ‘health crisis’ was an over-hyped psy-op. The intention behind Covid-19 psy-op was to create the conditions for civil unrest after two months of Medical Martial Law house arrest of the nation, and to trigger an expansion Police State Martial Law via a Police brutality case along the racial divide.

ICE T and others may be wrong in many cases because the bricks have been left in places prior to the murder of George Floyd, sometimes for months.

However, the economy was crashed by resigning CEOs cashing in their stocks at the beginning of February 2020. Then, the privately-owned Federal Reserve orchestrated a takeover of the U.S. economy and was subsequently sabotaged by a Medical Mafia. Therefore, the epic power crime of the Covid-19 Psy-op created the structural conditions for civil unrest, such as strategic idleness of working class people and the strategic sabotage of industries. This infliction of Shock Doctrine economic warfare is clearly visible for any nine-year old with a laptop, an internet connection and a brainwashed-free memory – to recall that just one month prior Americans of all walks of life protested the shutdowns, they were decried as selfish.

Curiously, the peaceful protests follow a pattern of devolving into rioting, looting and torching buildings, police vehicles and bins across 30-plus states.

Citizens across the US have reported bricks being left on pallets in down-town areas, men wearing white arm bands suspected of being undercover police acting as agent provocateurs, and journalists being violently targeted by Police.

Collapse in Public Trust: News outlets have reported this tweet depicting what appears to be undercover Police wearing white armbands in New York City, amid concerns that Police were acting as agent provocateurs.

The protests sparked by the May 25th death of George Floyd could not have been so widespread if peoples’ lives – of all walks of life – had not been sabotaged strategically by the Ruling Classes everywhere, whom have exploited an outbreak with ‘responses’ inappropriate, out of proportion and callously mismatched to the risk.

Atlanta News HQ Becomes Newsworthy: In effect, Protesters ‘write in’ to the cable news network with graffiti across the glass before smashing the front windows of CNN’s headquarters.

The controlled demolition of the US society, the strategic sabotage of industries and the lock-step lock-downs of whole nations amid a contagion of fear spread through the global news-chain, is the kind of engineered destabilization that the US-NATO Military Empire has been inflicting for decades upon far-flung places – as Eugene Jarecki’s documentary Why We Fight shows.

Now, the supranational Deep State roosters have come home to roost. And it looks like the new Wonder Woman movie, Wonder Woman 1984, is right on cue depicting civil unrest in Washington, DC, and is due for release in the U.S. on August 14 2020, while curiously it is to be released two months earlier in New Zealand on June 5th 2020.

Summer Street Riots Right on Cue: A Washington D.C. street in chaos from
Wonder Woman 1984, which was originally due for release in the US on December 13th 2019, then brought forward to November 1 2019, and then moved to August 14 2020.

In other words, what is currently occurring in the U.S. is an engineered destabilization, that is part of a broader deep state reset, and its not even about race. This reset is about class warfare, with a shock doctrine ‘strategy of tension’ being inflicted to justify nationwide martial law and the permanent loss of anonymity, free speech, freedom of association, freedom of movement and the right to bear arms and form militias to maintain a free and open society. Phase I was coup d’état of the U.S. Federal Government. Phase II is a coup d’état of state governments – if the American people as state citizens let it happen. And, Phase III is a coup d’état of the American people themselves as state citizens – if they let it happen.

Because most Tax Cattle use their ideological filters to interpret the experiential evidence presented on the news’, the blogo-sphere and in the street, such mortals make the clichéd human mistake of having the experience while missing its meaning. The American Tax Cattle misread the phenomena occurring since America is the prize and if the mangled 1st Republic falls, Western Civilization will pivot into a totalitarian dystopia to rival China, Saudi Arabia and Russia combined.

This fight is not really about race, or left versus right-wing disabled birds, and which religion would best temper a political-economic system.

The switch from the Covid-19 Psy-op to the Police Brutality Psy-op are really about highly resourced supranational deep state networks playing an epic game of empire. It’s not that the coronavirus isn’t real. Just as institutional racism is a real problem, the coronavirus was over-hyped to scare people into submitting to house arrest as a means to strategically sabotage whole industries while the super-rich and their transnational corporations were rescued.

Meanwhile, confused ‘human resources’ refuse to listen to those watchful wizards and witches found in every community whom are gifted with the vision to see the puppetry, the strings, the sets, the props, the symbols and the scripts – as well as the possibilities that lay beyond the stages.

Circuit Breakers to De-Construct the 1st Republic

Such resets occur every decade to alter the political trajectory of America. Each big deep event is bigger and bolder than the last. The last big one was 9/11 at the beginning of the 2000s – as Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup shows. The major one in the 1990s was the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing of the Federal Alfred P. Murrah Building, which ex-CIA black-ops contractor Cody Snodgres says was blown-up to destroy the FBI’s records of the Gulf War Syndrome during an interview, “Cody Snodgres – Black Ops, Oklahoma City and the CIA“.

Spectacular Power: False flag deep events are designed to emotionally hijack mass populaces, politically capture Public State authorities and reset the trajectory of a society onto a fully-fledged Police State path and beyond.

George Floyd may have been set-up by being given counterfeit Fed cash.

Did the photograph of Mr Floyd in front of a Corona Beer symbolically mark out the restaurant security guard to unwittingly act as a circuit-breaker mechanism during the looming economic warfare embedded into the Covid-19 ‘lock-down’? And is the Covid-19 pandemic a pLandemic, with a deliberately released bio-engineered pathogen – as many have claimed?

After-all, the term ‘lock-down’ originates in the U.S. penitentiary system for locking prisoners in their cells when riots periodically break-out.

This step is referred to by insiders as the “IMF riot[s],” which ensue after “Step Three: market-based pricing,” or price hikes on essential goods and services, has been implemented. After a period of “social unrest” or coercion, “Step Four” is implemented, ‘free trade’ or open markets for transnational corporations, which journalist Naomi Klein identified more generally as The Shock Doctrine.

Furthermore, the ‘lock-downs’ of whole states that were justified by the Covid-19 crisis were austerity measures in disguise. As journalist Greg Palast reported for The Observer in an article headlined “IMF’s four steps to damnation” in 2001, the International Monetary Fund has a four-step programme of implementation for inflicting an economic takeover, that includes an unofficial “step three-and-a-half.”

Psychological, Economic & Military Warfare: A documentary of epic power crimes against societies worldwide, skillfully articulated by Naomi Klein.

Klein pointed out in a video, Coronavirus Capitalism, the Global Corona Crisis was being exploited as an opportunity to bailout the billionaire class, while workers, small businesses and ordinary families were being economically wiped out.

In his 2015 book, The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy, Professor Peter Dale Scott describes the deep state network as a private parallel government, who can be observed on the surface, in the background and the subsequent cover-ups of structural deep events spanning the JFK assassination, Watergate, the October Surprise, the Iran-Contra scandal, BCCI, the Oklahoma City bombing, and 9/11.

This time, it’s a reset of the world onto a Techno-Feudal World Order, with the intention to roll-out hi-tech Police State solutions, Smart Mega-Cities, and tracked, vaccinated citizens whom will have to etch out a living working for the billionaire class – unless we, the people, wake up and out-strategize the New World Order-ites.

Engineered Riots Preparing Ground for Pandemic 2.0?

Because, the violence, looting and vandalism plays into the hands of the globalists to enforce martial law, introduce new permanent measures of social control and transform ‘free societies’ into Police States.

Creepy Cartel Capitalist: Billionaire Bill Gates forebodingly envisaged a Pandemic 2.0 manifesting with a weaponized pathogen when interviewed by Stephen Colbert.

Especially, since philanthro-capitalists are working as a network to steer the world onto a Techno-Feudal World Order trajectory. Indeed, billionaire Bill Gates forebodingly envisaged a Pandemic 2.0 manifesting with a weaponized pathogen – as he stated when he was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show recently.

Gates’ anticipated Pandemic 2.0 is spooky given that on January 10 2017 or 10 days before President Donald Trump was inaugurated, National Institute of Health Director Dr Anthony Fauci stated that during the Trump Administration there would definitely be a “surprise outbreak”. As citizen journalist Amazing Polly pointed out, it is a contradiction to foreshadow a calamitous event characterized by uncertainty while simultaneously being certain such an outbreak would occur.

Prescient Scientist? In a speech delivered at Georgetown University on January 10 2017, National Institute of Health Director Dr Anthony Fauci stated that during the Trump Administration there would definitely be a “surprise outbreak”.

The decade-ending year – 2020 – gets spookier and spookier.

On 20 March 2020, ex-CIA Director Mike Pompeo said at a White House Press Conference, “we’re in a live exercise here”. US Secretary of State Pompeo made this curious remark toward the end of questions and answers with the press corp media missionaries in the context that China needed to share its data, and he made the point that the Trump Administration’s stance was that it was not about retribution, but about the need for data sharing so that the Pandemic could be analyzed.

Covid-19 a United Nations Exercise? Ex-CIA Director Mike Pompeo said at a White House Press Conference, “we’re in a live exercise here” on 20 March 2020.

What could Mr Pompeo have meant by ‘live exercise’?

On 18 September 2019, a so-called ‘independent body’ of the United Nations called the Global Policy Monitoring Board (GPMB) – which was convened by the World Health Organization and the World Bank Group – published a report titled, “A World at Risk”.

This report directed the world’s governments to participate in two system-wide pandemic exercises by September 2020. Among its policy process indicators, the Global Policy Monitoring Board stated that:

the United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.”

System-wide Pandemic Simulations: In September 2019, a United Nations ‘independent body’ called the Global Policy Monitoring Board (GPMB) called for the world’s governments to participate in two system-wide pandemic exercises by September 2020.

The members of the Global Policy Monitoring Board include Dr Anthony Fauci, who is the Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA, and member of the White House COVID-19 Task Force; Dr George Gao, the Director-General of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Dr Chris Elias, the President of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program; Dr Jeremy Farrar, the Director of Wellcome Trust; and Dr Victor Dzau, the President at the National Academy of Medicine, which is funded by three non-government organizations (NGOs), the Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the World Economic Forum.

Snooping on the Health Mafia: Citizen journalists such as – Amazing Polly, James Corbett, Really Graceful and Cory Morningstar – reveal a network of billionaire-funded NGOs that control global health.

Citizen journalists such as – Amazing Polly, James Corbett, Really Graceful and Cory Morningstar – have shown in their investigations that a network of billionaire-funded NGO’s control global health as a racketeering medical mafia, plotting in collusion with a broader supranational deep state to forge new Techno-Feudalist enclosures to permanently enslave the ‘human resources’ of the planet. As Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton of Truthstream Media anticipated in We’re Living in 12 Monkeys, this experiment on the whole planet is a brazen gambit to pivot the world into a dystopian totalitarian technocracy, or scientific dictatorship, ruled over by an invisible international billionaire class of oligarchs.

Their 12 Monkeys documentary featured Neil deGrasse Tyson, who said on The Late Show that the Corona Virus pandemic was “an interesting experiment we’re in the middle of”. The experiment was to see if people would “obey scientists”, the African-American planetary scientist said smugly.

Cast to say “Obey Scientists”? Planetary scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson said on The Late Show that the Corona Virus pandemic was “an interesting experiment we’re in the middle of”.

Is 2020 a Respiratory-Themed Year?

George Perry Floyd was murdered by asphyxiation by 3rd Precinct Police Officer Derick Chauvin, who held the African American hip hopper, security guard and father down with his left knee in a Minneapolis Street on Monday 25th May 2020.

Mr Floyd’s slow death by asphyxiation occurred as his face was planted to the concrete by the rear-end of a squad car, near the exhaust pipe. As the life was smothered out of him, Floyd lay motionless – exhausted as intended. Prior to his murder, the two most well-known photographs of Mr Floyd have backgrounds that appear symbolic in the current context.

Posing for one picture, Mr Floyd stood with a Corona Beer poster on the wall behind him. For another photo, George Floyd stood in front of a Houston church, with its brick wall prominent in the background.

Uncanny News Contagions: The murder by asphyxiation of George Floyd by Minneapolis 3rd Precinct Police Officer Derick Chauvin led to nationwide protests, looting and rioting, and toppled the number one news-story about a lethal respiratory pathogen that became a world health crisis.

Before the month of May ended, the horrifically tragic image of Mr Floyd being murdered by Police Officer Chauvin became infamous around the world. Mr Floyd’s death by asphyxiation toppled the Global Corona Virus Pandemic as the number one news story for three months straight – as protests, looting and rioting broke-out across America.

In other words, the murder by asphyxiation of George Floyd led to nationwide protests, looting and rioting, and toppled the number one news-story about a lethal respiratory pathogen that became a world health crisis.

Exhausted by Asphyxiation: Three Minneapolis officers, who appear to be holding George Floyd to the ground on Monday 25 May 2020, were filmed by bystanders as they snuffed the life out of the hip-hopper-turned security guard near the squad car’s exhaust pipe.

In a twisty variation of American Police brutality, the white police officer cruelly killed the African-American security guard by slow asphyxiation, rather than the usual ‘double-tap’ of two gunshots.

Predictably, this provocative street homicide scene drew bystanders, some of whom whipped out their phones to record the Police brutality in progress.

Predictably, the video footage went viral, and predictably mass protests ensued not simply in disgust, rage and solidarity to seek justice for Floyd’s distressed family.

The protests predictably snowballed into nationwide and global demonstrations precisely because the coroner essentially claimed that Mr Floyd died with asphyxiation, not of asphyxiation. Thus, George Floyd’s death certificate would read just like the Covid-19 deaths that were attributed to humans dying with Covid-19 as being counted essentially the same as dying of Covid-19, thereby fixing a higher corona-virus death-toll in the U.S., and elsewhere, where colluding jurisdictions played ‘Covid-1984’.

But the George Floyd protests also snowballed, and escalated into looting and riots – partly because the Governor Tim Waltz was slow to prosecute the other three police whom ignored the pleas of Mr Floyd and several bystanders to stop Derek Chauvin killing him. The snowballing protests, riots and looting also escalated because America and much of the world had been placed under house arrest, and with their jobs, businesses and education trashed – mass civilian unrest was entirely predictable. The tin-ears of America’s leadership is part of the Police State Divide and Conquer Endgame in play.

Strangely, Police Departments, news outlets and fact-checking websites appear to have a severe cerebral memory disability because they seem unable to remember that before George Floyd was murdered by slow asphyxiation on a city street, the number one news-story for three straight months had been about a lethal respiratory pathogen that became a world health crisis. [Just repeating in case you forgot].

The murder of George Floyd and the civil unrest sparked by the American Police State’s structural entrapment of the citizenry gets spookier when it is learned that the United Nations’ called for two system-wide pandemic exercises to be conducted by September 2020. Member states of the United Nations were required to participate in the global pandemic exercises, including one scenario that simulated the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

Meet 2020a Respiratory-Themed Year? In September 2019, the UN’s Global Policy Monitoring Board (GPMB) called for the world’s governments to participate in two system-wide pandemic exercises by September 2020, including one scenario that simulated the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

Spookily, ex-CIA Director Mike Pompeo said at a March 20 White House Press Conference, “we’re in a live exercise here”. Billionaire Bill Gates forebodingly envisaged a Pandemic 2.0 manifesting with a weaponized pathogen when interviewed by Stephen Colbert.

This expectation by Gates was creepy because his Gates Foundation had co-sponsored a global pandemic exercise called Event 201, which involved a coronavirus that made the species jump from pigs to humans and killed 65 million in 18 months.

In light of what has transpired, 2020’s top news story contagion made the viral transmission jump from the pig-born coronavirus to the pig-born racial police brutality viral video contagion. The encoded subtext to both news contagions is that the two viral contagions sprung from ‘pigs’.

From Covid-1984 to Police State America 2020: Predictably, the horrifically tragic slow death by asphyxiation videos went viral. Both news contagions had ‘pigs’ in the subtext – in keeping with occult elite humour.

And creepily, ten days before President Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Jesuit-trained National Institute of Health Director Dr Anthony Fauci stated at the Jesuit Georgetown University that during the Trump Administration there would definitely be a “surprise outbreak”.

While the machinations touch upon here may seem either too overwhelming and too far-out to contemplate, this is only the case if we think our fight is either impossible or that such conspiracies are impossible. Neither are impossible.

Potato Brain Epiphany Moment: Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington says they have applied the Covid contact tracing technologies to those arrested during the riots, looting and protests.

To be super-clear, I’m not suggesting that the restaurant owner of Congo Latino Bistro, the owners of Cup Foods or the Houston Ministrie Church had anything to do with a possible set-up of Mr Floyd. Also, I feel I need to make clear that Police have a difficult job, many are decent people and do amazing work. The derisive term ‘pigs’ is fitting for Police whom abuse their power. The roles of Police everywhere are made more difficult by the scheming Brotherhoods that dominate the supranational deep state networks.

Having the super-power to Thunk Evil Without Being Evil as I do – I can see how such global protests, riots and mass civil unrest might conveniently supply the cover-story for a Supranational Deep State health mafia network to spread a weaponized lethal respiratory pathogen and lay blame for a Pandemic 2.0 on ‘criminal citizens groups’.

But – as citizen journalist Really Graceful said in a sarcastically video report titled “The Coup D’état – Are You Not Entertained?” – “never discount the impact of the truly unpredictable”. She perceives a coup of sorts is taking place in the United States that threatens to escalate into civil war.

Corona Lies-2020? Gal Gadot’s character Diana Prince says, “Nothing good is born of lies” in Wonder Woman 1984, a Warner Bros’ super-heroine movie due for US release two weeks before the United Nations’ second pandemic exercise deadline of September 2020.

If only ordinary mortals in the United States of America, and elsewhere, had listened to Wonder Woman in 1984 when she said, “Nothing good is born of lies, instead of bumbling along as zoned-out consumers like they were living on Planet Dumb-Dee-Doo. Especially since Wonder Woman wasn’t the only one warning about the New World Order during the Reagan Administration.

In his classy 1985 tome, Treason in America: From Aaron Burr to Averrill Harriman, that tells the story of British and Swiss subversion of America spanning the American Revolution to World II, Anthony Chaitkin makes a compelling argument that British and Swiss oligarchic, intelligence and military families have never given up on regaining control of America. It turns out that beneath the Christian British Empire was a hidden British Masonic Empire hell-bent on world domination, as Nicholas Hagger found in his epic study, The Secret History of the West. This British Masonic Empire which embodied Sionist Rosicrucian Freemasonry, a revolutionary force committed to forging a universal empire under the rule of one monarch  competed with a rival Brotherhood, French Templar Freemasonry, who established the United States as a Templar Masonic State. French Templar Freemasonry, on the other hand, developed into a revolutionary republican force committed to forge a universal empire under the rule of one federal republic. Chaitkin wrote that the British and Swiss subversion of America was ongoing in 1985, when he published Treason in America.

‘Deep’ Victory: The spectacular power of a false flag deep event is used to emotionally hijack mass populaces, politically capture Public State authorities and reset the trajectory of a society onto a fully-fledged Police State path and beyond.

In his book, The Spectacle of the False Flag: Parapolitics from JFK to Watergate, Monash University senior lecturer of public international law Eric Wilson emphasized the need to identify the battling factions, whom wage civil battles beyond the public state’s legal boundaries.

Deep State factions in a Dual State seek to slice up the administrative apparatus, and redirect the accumulated resources in preparation for a looming “season of escalating hostilities”, as the author of Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich, Guido Giamomo Preparata explained in his foreword to Wilson’s The Spectacle of the False Flag. Preparata stated:

“The fictionalizing beauty of the set-up is that while the fight among the clans unfolds ‘deeply’, i.e. entirely hidden from public scrutiny, there concomitantly ‘forms’ on the media stage, as if inevitably bubbling over, a game of theatrics for mass consumption. The game is designed to sway ‘public opinion’ with the final objective topping off the ‘deep’ victory with popular acclaim.”

Thus, the covert power of the spectacle exists within this perpetually unstable migratory contest, or double movement, between the visible public state political decision-making and the covert deep state factions. The spectacle of a false flag is unifying, yet totalitarian in nature. The coup d’état that took place in Dallas on November 22 1963 was a fusion of the exiled Nazis that were embedded in the core of the CIA. In effect, the American Deep State merged to become the Nazi-American Empire. The coup d’état that took place on 9/11 was a fusion of the Zionist faction of the American Deep State and this merger resulted in the Nazi-Zionist American Empire.

Coup D’état: Francis Richard Conolly’s epic 2014 documentary – JFK to 911 – Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick – shows a confluence of Western bankers, industrialists and monarchs doubled down from the killing they made in World War I to build up the Nazi War Machine, and how President Kennedy was assassinated by a closet Nazi network embedded in the CIA, the FBI the Secret Service, the US Armed Forces, Wall Street, Big Oil and the White House.

Eric Wilson has found elite criminals exploit the speed of high-velocity engineered events to distort perceptions about the facts of events that overtake “low velocity political deliberation and public accountability”. Therefore, a possible false flag black operation as a crime of spectacular power is theorized as a necessary ‘step-change’, or leap, to forge a fully-fledged Police State.

In other words, the Minneapolis Police Officers Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao may be the cut-outs for a false flag event scripted by a supranational deep state network.

The deployment of codified communications signifies unity, caution and authorship as deep state actors advance the endgame. By staging Brotherhood Bonding Rituals, the players signal promises and threats, telegraph caution and cues for scape-goating to resolve the inevitable scandals – while exploiting the disaster. The codified communications in government, corporate and media reports – as well as at public and private events – work as hostage posting mechanisms to stabilize the shifting power structures for those seeking to capitalize on the crisis. If other players are not seen to be posting themselves as ‘hostages’ – defections could be expected on the next moves, as game theory predicts.

Cui Bono? Who Benefits? The mural and makeshift memorial outside Cup Foods near where George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We need evolution, not revolution.

We need to cultivate an unshakeable resolve in the human spirit within our communities, and the wisdom to discern the incessant brain-washing and the will to embody Love and other positive acts of anarchy to forge resilient societies that contact-trace creepy paradigms.

Or else, True Love will become extinct.


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