The Wuhan-Gotham-Washington Corona Connection ― How the Global Élite, the U.N. & Big Media Sold the Comic Book Tale of a Natural Outbreak Starring a Bat-Winged Pig Virus, to Trick Human Monkeys to Choose ❛Evolutionary Apartheid❜

The Wuhan-Gotham Connection: Colluding players post themselves as hostages by hosting the Military World Games in Wuhan China on the same day, October 18th 2019, as the U.N.’s first Pandemic Exercise, Event 201 takes place in Gotham City as game theory predicts

By Doctor Thunk Evil Without Being Evil, September 18th 2021

➼ The Gotham Connection

Precisely two years ago, a little known new body of the United Nations issued a directive for at least two global pandemic exercises to occur by September 2020. 

One of those exercises had to involve the deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen, as the U.N’s new Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) stipulated in its aptly titled report, “A World at Risk”.

Until this call by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), there had never been a system-wide health emergency exercise across the U.N.’s 195 member countries. 

Precisely one bat-month later, one of those global pandemic exercises took place in Gotham City on October 18th 2019. The U.N.’s first global pandemic exercises was a ‘tabletop’ simulation called ‘Event 201’ featuring a natural outbreak of a species jumping, jet-setting zoonotic bat-pig corona-virus that started on pig farms in Brazil.

The simulation included 15 players who convened a ‘Pandemic Emergency Board’ that ‘met’ three times as the fictional outbreak advanced. The players represented a network of banking interests, health and pharmaceutical professionals, airline and tourism industries, communications and media, and the United Nations. Strangely, none of the participants represented South America, despite the outbreak starting in Brazil.

The central irony was that simulated newscasts that were played at Event 201 prepared participants to shut-down whole economies. 

The Event 201 tabletop exercise attributed blame for financial market crashes, widespread business failures and mass unemployment, to the corona-virus pandemic called Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome (CAPS). 

Meanwhile, the fictional Pandemic Emergency Board discussed the need to get vaccine stockpiles, supply chains and other medical infrastructure financed, built and pandemic ready to mitigate economic mayhem!

Because Event 201 involved a natural outbreak of a species jumping, jet-setting zoonotic bat-pig coronavirus, it could not be counted as a pandemic exercise involving the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

While this pandemic exercise was acknowledged in the public media after the onset of Covid-19 – and often with disparaging headlines about conspiracy theories – news reportage omitted the fact that Event 201 was the U.N.’s first global pandemic exercise.

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