In this exposé, the New Zealand news brand, Newshub, is shown to share the same ultimate owners as the pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pfizer. The two biggest owners of AT&T, which owns Discovery Inc., are the massive institutional investors, Vanguard Group and Blackrock, who also are among the top three biggest shareholders of Pfizer.

This discovery sheds light on why it is that the TV3 network, which comprises the channel Three brand, as Newshub and The Nation will be broadcasting live
‘Vaxathon’ coverage of a nationwide Pfizer vaccination drive on October 16 2021.

The Snoopman shows powerful corporate interests, predatory philanthropists, and captured regulatory institutions were well prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic. The key finding is that the Global Media Cartel have ignored, downplayed and hidden evidence showing that a ‘Western Empire Syndicate’ likely took Covid-19 outbreak ‘live’ to fulfil the U.N.’s call for at least two global pandemic exercises to occur by September 2020.

By Snoopman, 15 October 2021

Who Owns Newshub also Owns Pfizer

It turns out that the parent company of New Zealand’s TV3 network, Discovery New Zealand, has links through its corporate hierarchy to the same corporate owners of pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pfizer.

The New York-based pharmaceutical conglomerate partnered with German drug manufacturer, BioNTech, to produce its exprimental nano-gene Covid-19 vaccine.

Subsequently, Pfizer’s has marketed its mRNA nanogene therapy as a vaccine with the brand name, Cominarty – worldwide.

Cominarty continues to be mass administered to the good people of New Zealand amid unwisely dismissed calls from highly experienced dissenting scientists, doctors and nurses to recall the poorly tested, unsafe experimental gene therapy drug.

But, because TV3’s network — that includes its flagship newsroom brand, Newshub, as well as The Project, The Nation, and Three — is itself part of a New Zealand media cartel comprised of seven media corporations, the majority of New Zealand’s news audiences have been served biased pandemic perspectives.

Indeed, the seven media corporationsNZME, Stuff, MediaWorks, Discovery, SKY TV, TVNZ, and Radio NZ — have failed to meet their required criteria for balanced, unbiased and fair reporting. Instead, NZ’s media cartel have adhered, whether wittingly or not, to a pre-planned transnational media strategy – as I show in the sub-section, ❝The Blackrock-Vanguard-World Economic Forum Connection❞.

In December 2020, the media corporation, Discovery Inc., bought MediaWorks’ television properties, including Newshub, as well as The Project, The Nation, and Three. Discovery and Warner Media were merged by their parent corporation, AT&T in May 2021. The two biggest owners of AT&T are the massive institutional investors, Vanguard Group and Blackrock, who are the same institutional investors that are among the top three biggest shareholders of Pfizer.

This asquisition is consistent with the corporate chess moves observed in the scholarly literature on interlocking corporate board directorships, transnational capitalist class formation and the influence of global elite think-tanks, such as Wall Streets Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Geopolitics, 1976-2014, by Laurence H. Shoup.

The Discovery Connection: New Zealand news brand, Newshub, is shown to share the same ultimate owners as the pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pfizer. The two biggest owners of AT&T, which owns Discovery Inc., are the massive institutional investors, Vanguard Group and Blackrock, who also are among the top three biggest shareholders of Pfizer.

Likewise, the two biggest owners of Discovery Inc., are also Vanguard and Blackrock.

The Vanguard Group owns a 10 percent stake in Discovery Inc., while Blackrock owns 5 percent. Vanguard Group control a 7.72 percent of Pfizer’s shares, while Blackrock holds 4.67 percent.

Pimp My Jab: It turns out Newshub’s parent company, Discovery Inc., is owned by institutional investment giants, Blackrock and Vanguard, who also own top stakes in Pfizer.

As the world’s largest instiutional investors, it is perhaps not surprising to find that Vanguard and Blackrock are among the top owners of each other’s corporate empires. Vanguard has the biggest stake in Blackrock, controlling a 7.57% shareholding, while Blackrock is the largest shareholder in American Vanguard Group, controlling a 13.45% stake.

Who’s the Boss? The world’s largest instiutional investors, Vanguard and Blackrock are among the top owners of each other’s corporate empires.

This discovery adds potency to the object failure within TV3 to investigate the credible counter-voices in New Zealand and around the world that challenge the core tenets of the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’.

Many learned professionals have, for instance, spoken out on the need to recall the vaccines, the counter-productive mass vaccination programmes amid a pandemic, and to end the harmful measures such as lockdowns, socials distancing and mask wearing, such as the Covid Pandemic Panel in San Juan, Puerto Rico; The UK Column’s Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium; and the Planet Lockdown film interviews. Some, such as Steve Kirsch, the Executive Director of COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, have gone further claiming the Pfizer Cominarty vaccine kills more than its saves.

Others, such as Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Peter Breggin, Vandana Shiva, Dr David E. Martin, James Corbett, Whitney Webb, Alison Hawver McDowell, Cory Morningstar and Ernst Wolff have enlightened their audiences about the tectonic geopolitical chess moves underpinning a viscious plot to engineer the ‘pandemic’ with a weaponized coronavirus, to deflect attention from the reset of the global world order – particularly amid the coming economic collapse.

Especially, the NZ Government’s vaccine drive, dubbed Super Saturday Vaxanation, is to be broadcast on one of Discovery New Zealand’s media properties, Three, which is part of the TV3 station, whose head-quarters is in Auckland City, which s currently under partial house arrest at Alert Level 3.

Because media firms are unique among all industries for their dependence on advertising revenues advertising works as an ever present influence over media outlets to filter the news.

The reasons for the lack of critical counter-voices in news coverage are described by five news filtering mechanisms presented in the Propaganda Model by Professor Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman — who theorized for news censorship in free societies in their 1988 book, Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. The Propaganda Model is comprised of five news filters through which news is processed for mass consumption: [1] size, ownership and profit orientation; [2] advertising; [3] expert sources; [4] flak and the enforcers; and [5] ideology.

Manufacturing Consent: The Propaganda Model describes five news filters that act as structural forms of censorship through which mass-media news content must pass before distribution.

The wealth, reach and power of Blackrock and Vanguard are immense.

In the documentary — “MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?” — Tim Gielen shows that Vanguard and Blackrock are at the zenith of ownership stakes across every major industry that dominate the Western Empire.

MONOPOLY shows that Vanguard and Blackrock owns the biggest stakes not only in Pfizer, but other Big Pharma companies such as AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson, Bayer and Pfizer’s vaccine development partner, BioNTech.

Therefore the Propaganda Model’s first two news filters [1] size, ownership and profit orientation and [2] advertising appear to be exerting powerful influence over Discovery NZ’s TV3 television network. Particularly, since its Newshub Covid-19 vaccine reportage and Three’s upcoming ‘Vaxathon’ coverage seem to be oriented toward selling Pfizer’s merch.

Vanguard and Blackrock are among the top owners of industries across the Western Empire, including: Big Tech, Big Oil, Big Energy, Big Engineering, Big Electronics, Big Telcos, Big Retail, Big Cosmetics, Big Restaurants, Big Payments, Big Mining, Big Auto, Big Food, Big Travel, Big Tourism, Big Textile, Big Tobacco, Big Insurance, Big Banks, Big Armaments, and Big Media.

In other words, behind the big brands is one vast ‘monopoly board’ game wherein every industry ‘square’ is cartel-controlled by syndicated investors, who are interlocked through corporate board directorships that together comprise what I call the ‘Western Empire Syndicate’.

The Global Power Elite: The world’s super-rich have accumulated so much wealth, that their needs for maintaining faster than average capital accumulation are immense, and require regime changes through wars, coups d’état and juntas.

Institutional investors are able to leverage their collective interests as a transnational investment class through their shareholding stakes, board presence, and networked power in media cartels. This enables the monitoring of political, legal and technological developments, issues and oligarchic-elite networks.

The Gates Foundation orbits at the center of a Global Health Syndicate consisting of Big Pharma, billionaire-funded foundations, centers for public health, regulatory institutions and non-profits advocacy groups.

In 2018, Gates ‘warned’ that in the next pandemic, 33 million people could die worldwide after six months. This insertion of a 33 million projected death toll into the public psyche was made at the widely reported 2018 Shattuck Lecture at the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center, Boston.

Bio-security Syndicate Front-man: This slice of the funding streams from the Bill and Melinda Foundation to numerous institutions for ‘Global Health’ projects, supplies a snapshot of the extensive coercion, control and collusion wielded by the centi-billionaire.

The centi-billionaire predatory philanthropist had already projected this 33 million toll death threat during his 2015 TedTalk, titled, “The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready”. Gates was, in fact, signalling he was advancing the Global Health Syndicate’s plans to take their germ games ‘live’ — and which eventuated with Covid-19.

Wolf in a Sheep’s Fleece: To key insiders familiar with the elites cynical, evil and barbaric geopolitical practice to ‘murder by numbers’, this animated counter clocking up a 33 million death toll during this 2015 TedTalk, signalled the sinister direction the ‘Western Empire Syndicate’ was headed.

On March 26th 2020, Bill Gates warned on that coronavirus cases would grow exponentially at 33% per day, as a persuasive way to communicate to political élite to submit to a ‘6 to 10 week shutdown’ of the entire United States.

CNN’s host Anderson Cooper merely blinked.

Cooper’s obvious lack of skepticism, and failure to call out such a blatant ‘Covid Bag of Illuminati’ number drop is not only because of the fact that he is son of oligarch, Gloria Vanderbilt, of the Vanderbilt Dynasty, meaning Cooper’s great-great-great grandfather was Cornelius Vanderbilt, the railroad tycoon.

With this pedigree, Anderson Cooper’s two summer stint working at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, while he studied political science at Yale University – makes the phrase ‘serving my country’ take on a ‘Great American Novel’ meaning.

The CNN host’s lack of scepticism also has to do with the fact that the CNN news corporation is owned by AT&T’s WarnerMedia.

AT&T’s Concentrated Media Ownserhip: The syndicated news company, CNN, is owned by WarnerMedia, that is – like Discovery Inc. – owned by AT&T, whose two biggest owners are Vanguard Group and Blackrock.

The staging of Gates’ March 26th ‘Town Hall’ performance on CNN occurred at a time when the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 in the U.S. had reached 1,194.

As a highly functional psychopathic predatory philanthropist, Bill Gates, is one of the front-men leading corporate takeover of public health. Gallingly, Gates bragged at the billionaire-funded World Economic Forum in January 2020, that his tax-exempt foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, had made a return of $200 billion on a $10 billion investment in Global Health.

Asymmetric Pandemic Preparedness: The pro-vaccine Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation used their tax-exempt predatory philanthropy investment vehicle to inject billions into projects under the rubric of ‘Global Health’, while increasing the wealth, power and control for the Western Empire Syndicate.

Therefore, the Gates Foundation orbits at the center of a Global Health Syndicate consisting of Big Pharma, billionaire-funded foundations, centers for public health, regulatory institutions and non-profits advocacy groups.

➼ ‘No Jab, No Job’ Employment Coercion

These discoveries are crucial amid the current events of New Zealand’s teachers facing the ‘No Jab, No Job’ employment coercion. Particularly, given that children are the least likely group to die from Covid-19.

On October 11 2021, Prime Minister Ardern and her long-time friend, Covid-19 Response Minister, Chris Hipkins, announced that Cabinet had mandated health sector workers as well as teachers and other education workers to be fully vaccinated.

Moreover, given that doctors, nurses, and paramedics are among the best qualified in the field of public health, it would appear to be an outrageous over-reach in state compulsion powers to threaten the employment of those who want to decline.

Pandemic Political Backpeddling: N.Z. Covid-19 Response Minister, Chris Hipkins, announced 11 October 2021 a ‘No Jab, No Job’ employment coercion policy for health and education workers, despite his assurances of 3 September 2020 stating unequivocally that the N.Z. Government would not make vaccinations compulsory.

Particularly, given that this October 11 edict from the NZ Government appears to have an inbuilt subtextual codified communication, since it was announced precisely nineteen months after the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic on March 11 2020.

Especially, since the N.Z. Government’s compulsion mandate was not simply targetting health sector workers, but also the education sector, who teach the young and who are known to be the least vulnerable group to dying of Covid-19. It would appear, then, the Government’s codified communication was symbolically signaling to health professionals that they were being taught a lesson that public health had become a politically captured sector.

Yet, despite the Government’s pre-election assurances to the public in September 2020 that there were no plans for compulsion to be vaccinated, Newshub’s story of October 11 contained no counter-voices, despite the government’s subsequent ‘No jab No Job’ edict.

On September 3 2020, Chris Hipkins said the NZ Government would not make vaccinations compulsory.

❝The Government is not making COVID-19 or any other vaccinations compulsory. We will … when we have a vaccination available, we will be encouraging people to take the vaccination because it will be helping to keep everybody safe. But, the Goverment is not going to be makng the vaccination compulsory. ❞

— Chris Hipkins, N.Z. Covid-19 Response Minister, 3 September 2020

Covid-19 Political Bicyclist: N.Z. Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins spoke in the present and future tense when he made assurances, before the 2020 national election, that the NZ Government is not and will not be making vaccinations compulsory.

Therefore, N.Z. Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins spoke in the present and future tense when he made assurances that the NZ Government is not and will not be making vaccinations compulsory.

Those assurances were made before the 2020 election to mandate a Government to make sound, lawful and wise decisions collapsed in 2021, first with borders workers involved in Managed Isolation Facilities, the ports, and other ‘frontline’ staff.

Reporter Zane Small’s story merely conveyed that pushback took the form of a petition that had been launched the previous Thursday against mandating vaccinations. Small noted the petition had more than 5900 signatures, including one from a pregnant educator who said she felt “absolutely terrified about the prospect.”

This lack of flak occurred in spite of the fact that Newshub had been gifted information to report on the impending development four days ahead of the Cabinet’s decision.

When Amelia Wade filed her story, “Government plans to require all teachers and support staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19” on 7 October, the report only had one counter-voice she interviewed. Early Childhood Reform advocate Mike Bedford warned that the early childhood education sector likely crash because too many would refuse to be vaccinated.

What is presented as a scoop, objective reporting, and a salient matter for general public and elite attention, is usually a carefully orchestrated story passed along the news production-distribution chain.

The limited criticism of élite sources that newsrooms allow in their reportage actually occurs within tighly constained boundaries, or news frames, that demarcate the limits of acceptable discussion.

If newsrooms stray beyond the observance of such boundaries, which is described by the Propaganda Model’s fourth filter — Flak & the Enforcers — media outlets can expect the draw stiff rebuke, pressure and punishments from élite organizations.

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➼ Did NZ’s PM Rule Out Vaccine Mandates Last September?

Since the Government’s mandatory vaccine announcement of Monday October 11 2021 for health and education sector workers, screenshots carrying an alleged quote of NZ’s Prime Minister from TV3’s AM Show have gone viral on Big Tech media platforms, such as Facebook.

In the interview of September 22nd 2020, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern downplayed the fears — or as it turns out — wise foresight of sanctions, or penalties to coerce people to submit to planned mass vaccination programmes.

Many New Zealanders who predicted the Government would resort to coercion, have felt vindicated that Ardern appeared to have reneged on her word. The viral screenshots claimed that Ardern said, “not only will there be no forced vaccinations, but those who choose to opt-out won’t face any penalties at all.”

This so-called ‘quote’ is text lifted from the Newshub website and attributed to reporter Dan Satherley, whose accompanying article omitted a specific question posed by a viewer on Channel Three’s morning news and current affairs programme, The AM Show.

Fourth Estate Saves First Estate: When NZ PM Jacinda Ardern made a studio appearance on September 22 2020, just under a month before the 2020 general election, then-Newshub media missionary Duncan Garner failed to press the nations top political lawmaker to explicitly state on the record whether or not she would rule out mandating vaccinations for classes of citizens or residents, or introduce or support any kinds of coercion.

Host of the The AM Show, Duncan Garner, read out a question from a viewer, who asked whether or not people would be banned from travelling internationally or face tax penalities.

Ardern’s replied:

“No, No, And we haven’t for any vaccination in New Zealand applied penalties in that way. But I would say … for anyone who doesn’t take up an effective and tested and safe vaccine when it’s available, that will come at a risk to them.”

Performative Political Puppetry: When NZ PM Jacinda Ardern made a studio appearance on September 22 2020, Newshub mislead its news audience when it editorialized to claim that, “those who choose to opt-out won’t face any penalties at all”. A closer scrutiny of the interview reveals that Ardern did not promise to rule out all possible sanctions.

In this way, Newshub made it seem the Prime Minister had ruled out “tax penalties or other sanctions for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine”. When, in fact, she had only said “No” to state-mandated international travel bans and tax penalties, and had answered in the past tense.

When pressed for comment about whether there would any form of sanctions by then-media missionary host of The AM Show, Duncan Garner, Ardern astutely answered in past-tense. Ardern referred to the levels of vaccination that she claimed had been high prior to Covid-19, and asserted that such vaccine uptake had been consistently well over 90%.

Ardern then deflected away from talk of possible plans to mandate vaccines and claimed that ‘vaccine hesitancy’ was the bigger issue, rather than concerns about so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ or any strong moral opposition.

In this way, Ardern signalled the Government’s objective to reach a 90% vaccination target through persuasion, rather than exercising the state’s edict-making coercion powers.

Political Puppetry: As the most visible head of the New Zealand Realm’s First Estate legislature, which is the Realm’s immune system, the Prime Minister avoided ruling out vaccine mandates, to ensure she could remain vigorous to stealthily assist the expansion of wealth, power and control of transnationals that are re-shaping the world before the 2020 election. [Newshub, Sept. 22 2020].

While the Prime Minister was skillful in her communications to avoid making any assurances regarding actually ruling out coercive vaccination measures, it was her Covid-19 Response Minister, Chris Hipkins, who explicitly stated the Government was not making vaccinations compulsory.

Hipkins had found it necessary to combat alarm that the political party of the Prime Minister, was alleged to have had a hidden agenda to force vaccinations on the public. This occurred in response to the Public Party’s video, which was titled, “Say No to Labour’s Forced Vaccinations Agenda”.

On September 3 2020, Hipkins said “The Government is not making COVID-19 or any other vaccinations compulsory”, at a press conference in Auckland.

Subsequently, as the headline records — “Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern confident enough Kiwis will get COVID-19 vaccine for herd immunity without being forced to” — New Zealand’s Prime Minister claimed she expected 90% of the nation to willingly consent to the planned vaccination programme.

Because Duncan Garner left the topic of Covid-19 vaccinations until near the end of the interview, he left himself and Newshub, The Am Show, and Channel Three off the hook to grill the Prime Minister on the issue of body autonomy, the right to make a living without coercion and the threat to human freedom wrought by the planned vaccine passports.

Therefore, it’s clear that TV3’s Newshub pulled its punches from challenging Prime Minister Jacinda to categorically rule out state coercion against New Zealanders to submit to jabs of the experimental Covid-19 nano-gene fluids.

In this way, Garner failed to press the nation’s top political lawmaker to be on record explicitly stating whether or not she would rule out mandating vaccinations for classes of citizens or residents, or introduce or support any kinds of coercion. Garner, therefore, had treated Prime Minister Ardern like Anerson Cooper had treated Bill Gates — with kids gloves instead of with Muhammad Ali boxing gloves.

Because this AM Show interview with Ardern occurred just under one month prior to New Zealand 2020 Election of 17 October, Newshub and media missionary Duncan Garner, in effect, performed their Fourth Estate media role as the Realm of New Zealand’s peripheral nervous system.

Smooth Operator: On September 22nd 2020, NZ’s PM was skillful in her communications to avoid making any assurances to rule out coercive vaccination mandate measures. Newshub’s newsroom performed their Fourth Estate media role as part of the New Zealand Realm’s peripheral nervous system to contrain the interview within the boundaries of the official Covid Narrative, to ensure that the First Estate legislature — as the Realm’s immune system — did not face catastrophic collapse.

By failing to go for the jugular, Newshub’s newsroom helped ensure that the First Estate legislature, or the New Zealand Realm’s immune system remained vigorous to assist the expansion of wealth, power and control of Blackrock, Vanguard and other Western Empire Syndicate transnationals that are re-shaping the world, including New Zealand — while so many are distracted by pandemic fear-porn news.

Especially since in early June of 2020, the billionaire-funded World Economic Forum, had loudly claimed that Covid-19 had opened up an opportunity for a ‘Great Reset’.

➼ The Blackrock-Vanguard-World Economic Forum Connection

Indeed, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset propaganda revealed that key players seek nothing less than to re-purpose the bio-functionality of all life – including humans.

The founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, has said: “the Great Reset will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”.

Technocracy’s Cover-Stories: At Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting at the Forum’s headquarters in Cologny, near Geneva, January 13, 2016, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, shows a copy of his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Four years on, June 2020, Schwab launches his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, and the World Economic Forum doubles down for the hi-tech Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In June 2020, Schwab launched his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, in which he asserted that returning to “business as usual … won’t happen because it can’t happen.” Schwab wrote:

“If no one power can can enforce order, our world will suffer from a “global order deficit.” Unless individual nations and international organizations succeed in finding solutions to better collaborate at the global level, we risk entering an age of entropy” in which retrenchment, fragmentation, anger and parochialism will increasingly define our global landscape, making it less intelligible and more disorderly”.

The World Economic Forum has been placed front and center to promote this so-called ‘Great Reset’ under the auspices of the Covid-19 Transformation, which has been inserted as the cause célèbre into a platform for implementing a super-structure for global governance that was launched in 2017.

The World Economic Forum doubled down by repackaging its propagamda about the hi-tech Fourth Industrial Revolution that the billionaire funded foundation had promoted in 2016.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the fusion of computing chip technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, and telecommunications – with brain research and biological life and aims to alter biological functionality of all life-forms to fit the new ‘economic model’.

Proponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution seek the eventual fusion of humans with machine with most cast as an enslaved workforce, data-mined, mind-controlled and shelled-out to perform tasks in vast hi-tech mega-cities ruled by the system of technocracy, or a scientific dictatorship on behalf of unseen super-rich oligarchs.

This technological upgrade was already in the pipeline and needed a crisis to market the products as ‘solutions’. The deployment of a novel cover-story presents a ‘common enemy’ image to all of humanity, including our overlords, to mask over the marketing.

In 2014, Jacinda Ardern was selected to speak at the ‘Young Global Leaders’ conference sponsored by the billionaire-funded World Economic Forum (WEF). Earlier, Ardern’s communications degree at Waikato University was funded by the Freemasons New Zealand.

Three years after the WEF’s Young Global Leaders conference, Ardern skyrocketed to win power as New Zealand’s Prime Minister, after just seven weeks as leader of the Labour Party.

Ardern’s participation in the World Economic Forum’s events is significant because as Prime Minister, she is also the Minister of Intellgence and National Security.

As I have shown in — Lying by Numbers, Hyped Fear-Porn News and the U.N.’s 2nd Global Pandemic Exercise, starring ❛Covid-19❜ — pandemic preparedness was consistent with an asymmetric bio-warfare apparatus wielded by a Bio-Industrial Covid Cartel or Global Health Syndicate.

One month prior to the outbreak of the Wuhan virus SARS-Cov-2, the World Economic Forum co-sponsored the UN’s first global pandemic exercise, called Event 201, featured a natural outbreak of a novel variant of the corona-virus.

Conformity to a ‘flood the zone’ media strategy was drilled into the participants and audience at Event 201. This media flooding strategy emphasized control over the uniformity of communications to out-supply and discriminate against counter-narratives that would be deemed as misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, or fake news.

Banker Drills to Scape-Goat Dissidents: Lavan Thiru of Singapore’s Monetary Authority suggested “bad actors” deemed to be producing “fake news” could be placed before the courts.

The rhetoric at Event 201 also favoured rapid surges of capacity for vaccine development and the pandemic, the financing mechanisms to fund World War II-scale vaccine manufacturing and the merits of various ways to coordinate supply chains.

Omniscient Ownership: The two top shareholders of Discovery Inc., which owns Newshub, is itself owned by Vanguard Group and Blackrock, who are also the top two owners of AT&T, while the top three shareholders of Pfizer are also Vanguard and Blackrock.

And exactly one month prior to the U.N.’s first global pandemic exercise, a new U.N. body issued a directive on September 18th 2019, a requiring all member nations to participate in at least two global ‘pandemic exercises’.

Crucially, one of those global pandemic exercises had to include the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen. The deadline for these pandemic exercises to be ‘conducted’ by was September 2020, and was stipulated in the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s report, “A World at Risk”, whose title cast the world’s population as an at risk social group.

Humanity Cast as an At-Risk Social Group: The September 2019 U.N.-sponsored report “A World at Risk” — which features a corona virus on the cover — was published the same bat-day as the Wuhan City Airport conducted an emergency exercise featuring a corona virus scenario ahead of the Military World Games in Wuhan, China, where the Covid-19 corona-virus outbreak was reported to have originated in bat-soup at the Huanan Seafood Market.

Because Event 201 involved a natural outbreak of a species jumping, jet-setting zoonotic bat-pig coronavirus, it could not be counted as a pandemic exercise involving the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

Jet-setting Bat-Pig Virus: Event 201 was the U.N.’s First Global Pandemic Exercise, which occurred one month after the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s directive for global pandemic exercises and involved a natural outbreak of a coronavirus.

While this pandemic exercise was acknowledged in the public media after the onset of Covid-19 — and often with disparaging headlines about conspiracy theories — news reportage omitted the fact that Event 201 was the U.N.’s first global pandemic exercise.

This omission is crucial, because if the world’s public had become widely aware that the U.N. had issued a directive for a global pandemic exercise, and it had taken place prior to Covid-19 – the narrative about a lack of preparedness would have become shaky.

Signalling Tele-Politics as the ‘New normal’? WHO’s Health Emergencies Executive Director, Mike Ryan, read an address via a tele-promptor that was replayed to the Event 201 players.

If such an admission had occurred, the shakiness of this narrative would have quickly intensified because the U.N. had actually called for at least two pandemic exercises to occur by September 2020. Intense questions might have been leveled at the U.N. because the pandemic preparedness appears to have been asymmetric.

In 2016, at a ‘workshop’ — “Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases” — the CEO of EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, talked about how the media hype in the next ‘disease outbreak’ could be used to convince the public of the need for a pan-global vaccine. Such media hype, Daszak added, would create the market that would attract investors to fund the mass development of vaccines, as the favoured medical counter-measure (MCM).

Foreshadowing Bio-Terrorism? At this 2016 ‘workshop’ – “Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases”– the CEO of EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, talked about how the media hype could be exploited to drive public demand for a pan-global vaccine amid the next disease outbreak.

EcoHealth Alliance’s extensive partners include: the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, the United Nations (FAO) Food and Agriculture Organization and Johnson & Johnson. Among the science advisors to the EcoHealth Alliance are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Deputy Director for Surveillance and Epidemiology, Dr. Scott Dowell, and Biosurveillance Coordinator, Captain Jason Thomas at the CDC’s Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (CSELS).

John Hopkins moderated and supplied expertise to 15 participants representing: the UN Foundation, the World Bank Group, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Marriott International, ANZ Bank Group, Johnson & Johnson, Henry Schein, Inc., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The UPS Foundation, NBC Universal, Edelman, Lufthansa Group Airlines, a former Central Intelligence Agency-US National Security Advisor official and conspicuously, the US Center for Disease Control (US CDC) and the Chinese Center for Disease Control (China CDC). No public health representative from Brazil was present despite the fictional novel Corona Virus outbreak starting in the world’s sixth most populous country, and nor were there any public health representatives from the rest of the South American Continent.

At the time of this 2016 workshop, Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance – had become the funding conduit for ‘gain of function’ research for biological pathogens between Dr Anthony Fauci’s NAIID and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China’s first level 4 biological military lab.

This ‘gain of function’ research could be dual purposed, to make vaccines or to weaponize pathogens, as Dr David Martin pointed out in the documentary, Plandemic InDoctorNation.

In 2014, this gain of function research suffered a set-back.

President Barack Hussein Obama banned ‘Gain of Function’ research on potential pandemic viruses such as avian flu, SARS and MERS amid concerns from scientists.

Out-Source Bat Virus Engineering: The NIH developed a policy to facilitate a single ‘Institutional Review Board for Multi-Site Research’ to outsource the approval processes when public debate over the riskiness of engineered coronaviruses got hot in 2014 and 2015, and the research was off-shored to Wuhan China.

EcoHealth Alliance was awarded $3.3 million for the project, called – “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence” between 2014 and 2019 – according to data supplied by the U.S.

Dr Fauci funded this ‘Gain of Function’ research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in two installments of $3.7 million for three-year terms, the first beginning in 2014 under Obama’s watch, and the second in 2017 under Trump’s watch.

Fauci Funding Funnel: The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Federal Drug Agency (FDA), twice awarded $3.3 million to the Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance for the project, “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence” between 2014 and 2019 through Dr Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Thus, in 2014 and 2015, when public debate over the riskiness of the engineered coronavirus, more of this research was off-shored to Wuhan China.

It turns out, Dr Anthony Fauci and his team of scientists had partnered with a team of Chinese scientists to study bat coronaviruses and their effects on human cells after the SARS outbreak in 2002. They not only created pandemic ‘superbugs’ more virulent than the strains found in nature.

Dr David E. Martin, states that Professor Ralph S. Baric of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was at the forefront of patenting the coronavirus. On 19th April 2002, Baric was among three inventors who patented techniques for producing recombinant coronavirus, and was awarded Patent US 7279327, which recognized that with the creation of helper RNA cells, the replicon RNA becomes infectious because it is able to complete viral replication.

Corona Replicon Professor: Ralph S. Baric of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was at the forefront of patenting the coronavirus, being among three inventors who patented techniques for producing recombinant coronavirus, and was awarded Patent US 7279327 in November 2004.

In the documenatry Plandemic, Dr David E Martin contends that deep state actors from both China and U.S. deliberately inflicted the release of SARS-Cov-2. If this is correct, the ‘pandemic would a novel false flag attack, since it was officially blamed on human’s impact on nature.

Cartel Detection: In the documentary, ‘Plandemic InDoctorNation’, Dr David Martin stated his company viewed the WHO’s September 2018 report, “A World at Risk”, as a red-flag, including it’s language about a “deliberate release” of a lethal respiratory.

The subversive media hype idea suggested by EcoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak at the 2016 ‘workshop’ – “Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases” – clearly penetrated the Global Health Security ‘community’. Daszak’s subversive penetration ritual became the ‘flood the zone’ media strategy three years later at the UN’s first global pandemic exercise, Event 201, which took place in Gotham, one month before the coronavirus outbreak was attributed to Wuhan City.

Asymmetric Warfare Preparedness? The UN’s first global pandemic exercise, Event 201, which took place in Gotham, one month before the coronavirus outbreak was attributed to Wuhan City, was sponsored by the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation and was hosted by John University Center for Health Security.

The central irony was that simulated newscasts were played at Event 201 that prepared participants to shut-down whole economies.

The Event 201 tabletop exercise attributed blame for financial market crashes, widespread business failures and mass unemployment, to the coronavirus pandemic called Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome (CAPS).

Meanwhile, the Pandemic Emergency Board discussed the need to get vaccine stockpiles, supply chains and other medical infrastructure financed, built and pandemic ready to mitigate economic mayhem!

Jet-setting Bat-Pig Virus: Event 201 was the U.N.’s First Global Pandemic Exercise, which occurred one month after the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s directive for global pandemic exercises and involved a natural outbreak of a coronavirus.

In a recent pod-cast – Session 3: First Do No Harm at the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium – hosted by the independent news platform, UK Column, Professor of Communication at the University of Munich, Michael Meyen, observed that governments have gained the support of the establishment media as powerful allies.

Meanwhile, the key news media outlets have regained audiences they lost to the ‘independent media’. Professor Meyen stated that if the establishment media did their jobs properly, there would be no pandemic since it has been state and corporate owned media around the planet that has determined the over-hyped reality of the pandemic.

A coordinated global policy, propaganda and de-platforming has occurred with a weaponisation of institutional resources to marginalize political dissent on an epic unprecedented scale, according to Patrick Henningsen of 21Century Wire said in the same pod-cast symposium.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-e1630196026960.png

The United Nations–New Zealand Connection

Not surprisingly, the media capture by the Global Health Syndicate is apparent in the South Pacific archipelago of New Zealand too.

The ‘flood the zone’ media strategy was also detectable in the public communications of the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 Advisory Group, One Health Aotearoa, and NZ Doctors. These three groups avoided pointing out that the Event 201 corona-virus outbreak simulation of October 2019 in Gotham was the first such global pandemic exercise. 

In mid-November 2019, Otago University professors Michael Baker and Nick Wilson and Dr Matt Boyd emphasized a new Global Health Security Index, on their Public Health Expert blog.

Meanwhile, they failed to point out that U.N’s new Global Preparedness Monitoring Boards’ seventh recommendation included the directive for at least two global pandemic exercises to be conducted by September 2020.

Sowing the Narrative Seeds? Three medical experts from Otago University’s Department of Public Health failed to report the U.N.’s directive for at least two global pandemic exercises, with one to include a “deliberate release” of a lethal respiratory pathogen – by September 2020 – and instead drew focus to the Global Health Security Index.

In this article, they mentioned the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s “A World at Risk” report.

Curiously, the three academics pointed out that this U.N. board was set up in response to the Ebola out-break of 2014-16, and that it urged political action in seven recommendations because the world was deemed to be at risk.

It would appear that the failure of Baker, Wilson and Boyd failure to spell out the recommendations, including the crucial last recommendation in their blog on November 11 2019, has continued throughout the Covid-19. 

Professor Michael Baker, who has been a member of the N.Z. Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 Expert Advisory Group throughout the ‘pandemic’.

Germination of Cultivated Narrative Seeds after Incubation: Despite his numerous public appearances, and his membership role with New Zealand’s Ministry of Health Covid-19 Expert Advisory Group, Professor Michael Baker did not spell-out the pandemic’s central anomaly: the U.N.’s directive for two system-wide pandemic exercises to take place by September 2020.

Despite his failure to communicate to New Zealanders that this little known United Nations’ body called for at least one of these global pandemic exercises to include the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, Professor Michael Baker was awarded the Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize in April of 2021.

This failure is crucial, because level-headed New Zealanders might have asked as the pandemic alert levels were rising in March of 2020 whether Covid-19 was treated being as a live exercise for fulfil the pre-Wuhan outbreak directive issued by the United Nations.

Crucially, in 2020, the public health association, One Health Aotearoa, became the leading conduit for supplying its members from various disciplines of science to contributed expert opinion in news media coronavirus pandemic coverage.

Mono Voice Aotearoa: This alliance of expert voices has achieved market domination of the discourse in New Zealand about the Covid-psy-op.

One Health Aotearoa displays a long-list across 2020 of Covid-19 news coverage that bragged that its science experts had been highly sought after as opinion leaders on the COVID-19 pandemic by various authorities and the media.

Among the members of One Health Aotearoa is Professor Michael Baker, who has been a member of the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 Expert Advisory Group throughout the ‘pandemic’.

Since New Zealand’s leading health experts appear to have dominated the decisions about pandemic measures such as lockdowns, mask-wearing and mas vaccinations, it is critical to revisit the U.N.’s call for at least two global pandemic exercises by September 2020.

Anatomy of an Ultra Unhealthy Cartel: In the Mikki Willis documentary
Plandemic Indoctornation, Dr David E. Martin says key U.S. public health officials, corporate executives and philanthropists have breached anti-trust laws designed to prevent cartel syndicates forming combinations to control markets.

The crucial seventh recommendation, titled “The United Nations must strengthen coordination mechanisms” was the one that outlined four “Progress indicator(s) by September 2020” that evidently needed to occur. The seventh recommendation of this Global Health Syndicate-aligned board called for: 

(1) The Secretary-General of the United Nations, with the Director-General of WHO and Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs “identify … timely triggers for a coordinated United Nations systemwide response for health emergencies”; 

(2) The United Nations (including WHO) to conduct at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen; 

(3) WHO to develop intermediate triggers to mobilize national, international and multilateral action early in outbreaks, to compliment existing mechanisms developed under the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) of 2005; and 

(4) The Secretary General of the United Nations to convene a high-level dialogue with health, security and foreign affairs officials to meet the threat of a lethal respiratory pathogen pandemic, among other disease outbreaks in complex, insecure contexts.

Directors Behind the Covid Curtain: During the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’, Members of the U.N.’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board have avoided making public announcements about their directive for a system-wide exercise involving the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen to occur by September 2020.

This key omission regarding the seventh recommendation for at least two global pandemic exercises to occur by September 2020 is crucial and cannot be over-emphasized.

Particularly since New Zealand’s media-scape is dominated by a cartel of seven dominate media entities — NZME, Stuff, MediaWorks, Discovery, SKY TV, TVNZ, and Radio NZ — have essentially acted as a Fourth Estate peripheral nervous system to alert the immune system of realm, the Legislature, by uncritically reproducing the state-corporate propaganda that justifies draconian pandemic measures.

Especially, since Newshub and Channel Three are actively promoting a vaxathon, which essentally helps market Pfizer’s merchandise to the good of people of New Zealand.

Pimp My Vax: Ironically, the appearance of New Zealand’s PM on Channel Three’s Super Saturday Vaxathon, broadcast October 16 2021, meant Jacinda Ardern was helping to market Pfizer’s merchandise. Blackrock and Vangaurd are the among the top owners of the pharmaceutical manufacturer, and also Channel Three’s owner, Discovery, and are set to own controlling ‘monopoly board’ stakes over West’s major transnational corporations across every industry by 2028.

Live coverage of the Vaxathon is also being broadcast by Māori Television, Stuff and TVNZ’s Channel Two. Initially, the Vaxathon was going to be broadcast on Discovery New Zealand’s Channel Three and on the Crown-owned Māori Television. This meant Pfizer had marketing access for its merchandise on a foreign-owned TV network whose ultimate top owners were the same as the vaccine manufacturer, and whose big New Zealand customer, the Government had network coverage on the Crown-owned indigenous broadcaster.

This devotion of resources and and expansion of coverage to Stuff and TVNZ, demonstrates a wide, uncritical acceptance of the Covid-19 Pandemic narrative as a propagandist sales effort. This situation of mass societal psychosis -— the psychic epidemic of madness -— reflects the fact that New Zealand’s mediascape has actively promoted the official Covid Pandemic narrative, which has been maliciously driven by the Global Health Syndicate and unwisely adopted by most of the member states of the United Nations.

This psychic epidemic of madness also refects the successful contagion of scientism that has been spread via the global newschain, and has formed a hegemonic ideological block. This ideology of scientism, which exlcudes criitcal countervoices including dissenting scientists, doctors and nurses, as well as other experts who could also supplying counter-evidence. Such groups, forums and symposiums that have been ignored, stigmatized or slandered, include — Doctors for COVID Ethics, America’s Frontline Doctors, Covid Medical Network, Great Barrington Declaration, Vaccine Choice Canada, Children’s Health Defense, Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, Voices for Freedom, and New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science.

In this way, the Global Media Cartel has constructed an irrational adherence to scientism, whch means the news’ has been weaponized to act as a vector for the transmission of this form of ideological belief. Therefore, the fifth news filtering mechanism of the Propaganda Model — ideology — has worked as a powerful arbitrator for censorship across so-called Western ‘liberal democracies’.

Given that the the huge transnational media and communications conglomerate AT&T owns Discovery Inc. which is the parent company of the Channel Three’s network properties, including Newshub, The AM Show, and The Nation -— it would appear that the conspiracy theorists claims that a ‘cabal’ directs the world, now requires a second look.

After all, the fact that Blackrock and Vanguard are on course to own controlling stakes in the major corporations across all industries of the Western Empire, this discovery begins to explain why there was a complete lack of public stouches from corporate CEOs regarding the sudden shutdowns across the Western world in late March, April, and May of 2020.

Indeed, the ‘lock step’ march by which the world’s visible political, military, and corporate leaders imposed Medical Martial Law restrictions such as nationwide house arrests, closed borders, and economic shutdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic – is unprecedented.

Such unity is weird and has played out with such implausible plot holes that it would not have made a corny Hollywood B-Grade dystopian movie.

Masking over Ideological Cracks: The sudden pivot across the globe to a totalitarian bio-security operating system belies a geopolitical agenda that originated from a pay-grade well above the level of the presidents, prime ministers, premiers, governors and mayors.

Meanwhile, an architecture of asymmetric pandemic preparededness was sponsored by a Global Health Syndicate that included the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and many other billionaire funded foundations, as well as corporations, think-tanks, unversities and governments playing their parts.

It would appear that the planning for this epic reset to re-assert dominance over the world was workshopped as the ‘pandemic exercises’. The track record of John Hopkins’ Center for Health Security for scripting, casting, and hosting pandemic exercises reveals a pattern of ties to the American Deep State, conflicts of interest and intrigue.

And it would seem that the U.N.’s second global pandemic exercise was taken live with a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, with a scenario relying on an epic, brazen contagion of fear-porn news to gas-light the world into loosing their liberties.

Because — as New Zealand pivots deeper into medical martial law, most New Zealanders have yet to grasp the coming vaccine passports are the entry point into a social credit scoring system. The behaviour modifications that have occurred so far — such as submitting to nationwide house arrest, social distancing, swab testing, QR-code mass surveillance, long queuing for food, watching daily advisories and mass vaccinations — have presaged the objective to segregate society with a stealthy medical apartheid system.

Cooking a New Crisis? Many critics of WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ rhetoric, marketed since June 2020, have pointed out that the World Economic Forum is a front-group for the Global Elite.

Therefore, the ‘Build Back Better’ rhetoric of ‘the Great Reset’ is elite code for the displacement of liberal democracies with totalitarian technocracies that fuse a global biosecurity system with a global digital monetary system and a global carbon credit scoring system.

Despite the inherent implausible narrative flaws, this B-Grade multi-season news special continues to work its magic because mass populaces around the world, have been programmed to disbelieve counter-voices as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

This is not to say that everyone who works in such institutions are witting participants in this epic Great Corona Reset.

Indeed, the control of humanity’s collective comprehension about the big picture, means there are many obstacles hiding who really is the ‘supreme group’ strategically sabotaging enterprises, households and nations.

The implausible plot lines that wouldn’t make B-Grade Hollywood movie sign-off, become credible when they are presented by news anchors whose research amounts to checking how the BBC, CNN and The Washington Post reported the story.

And particualarly when official sources subsidise the news by making themselves the single source of truth, thereby activating the third and fifth news filters, by performing authoritative sourcing presented as sound science and creating hegemonic brainwashed belief in ideological scientism, respectively.

And especially when so many news outlets are owned by huge media corporations that are, in turn, owned by interlocking institutional investors who own the dominant stakes in every cartelized industry across the Western Empire.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-e1630196026960.png


Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards  is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and general programmes. He forged his ‘Thunk Evil Without Being Evil’ super-power while writing his ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), titled – “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid”– to figure out the means, modus operandi and motives of the Anglo-American Oligarchy.

Editor’s Note: If we have made any errors, please contact our administrator, Steve Edwards, with your counter-evidence. e: steveedwards108[at]


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