On Tuesday 8 February at lunchtime, a convoy of approximately 2000 thousand vehicles arrived in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, to block the streets around the Parliament House and the Beehive, and to occupy grounds. The core demand to the Government from the outset has been to end the mandates on vaccine passports, vaccines as a condition of employment and the mask-wearing compliance rules. The occupiers at Camp Freedom have made it clear from the beginning that they will occupy the grounds until the mandates are ended by the NZ Government.

In this account of the Parliament Occupation, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards contrasts what the NZ Police, Government, and Establishment Media claim with the documentary record, his own observations, and recollections of people who were on the front-line, or were close to action at Parliament Grounds, or watching the live-feed.

The NZ Police, Government, and Establishment Media have alleged the protesters became aggressive, violent and abusive, while Police were attempting to ‘hold a line’, thereby implying the occupation were attempting to storm Parliament. However, the photographic and video evidence shows that police pursued a strategy to bait protesters, pick-off the weakest links in the human chain and exaggerate the number of arrests to produce propaganda to fracture public support.

This report — which has been written from the same hotel hosting the out of town police for the operation — also provides context regarding why exactly the numbers swelled from 2000 at the peak on Thursday, to around 5000 on Friday afternoon and to around 7000 free range humans on Saturday afternoon. Despite the propaganda, I have met New Zealanders from all walks of life who have been impacted by the Government and business imposed measures, in various ways.

And generally speaking, they have a good grasp of the propaganda inflicted by the global élite, that included the gas-lighting idea that any skepticism about the unprecedented measures taken to confront a worldwide health emergency would be immediately marginalized as either misinformation, conspiracy theory or fake news.

The First Storm

Thursday 10 February 2022: New Zealand Police attempted to break through a ‘frontline’, which formed as a predictable and reasonable response to an escalation in police numbers shortly after 8am.

Police acted on a letter composed by Trevor Mallard who as a creature known as the Speaker of the House has powers over Parliament and especially precious ones while the debating chamber is not in session. Mallard claimed the Freedom Camp occupiers breached rules which amounted to trespassing.

Mallard justified the arrests because it was claimed school children were intimidated for wearing masks, and local businesses were harassed. No evidence, affidavits or attempts to police the streets to mitigate such alleged encounters, appeared to have occurred. In fact, the lack of a police presence during the first two days of the occupation seems to a belie a strategic withdrawal of security.

Ironically, in 1977 Mallard was arrested during the SIS Protests at Parliament.

The motives, means and modus operandi under-pinning the police brutality of 10.2.2022 at Parliament Grounds have been spun to cast blame on the pro-liberty/anti-mandate occupation protesters.

However, the New Zealand’s government, police and media missionaries have yet to explain the facts on the ground truthfully.

Wellington Superintendent Corrie Parnell claimed 120 arrests were made. He also asserted that the police actions were a measured proportionate and fair response to alleged offences of trespass and obstruction.

Proportionate and measured? The arrests at Parliament Grounds began at about 8:50am, continued in bursts and resumed after lunch.


Anti-mandate protesters claimed that police used brutal and unprovoked force to achieve the arrests, which numbered between 30 and 50 pro-freedom humans.

I was at the grounds at approximately 8.42am, which was just after the gates were locked at the north east entrance.

Nine-hour Stand-off Begins: The frontline forms just after 8am Thursday 10 February, when Police form a line along the pavement at the north-eastern end of Parliament grounds.

I ran back through the middle front gates, and up Bowen Street to get a viewpoint from the locked gates located at the north eastern end of the grounds, right by what became known as the protesters’ ‘frontline’.

Tension Bubbling: Some protesters remained standing, while others sat down, locked arms, which is a tactic to deter police from arrests – since a sitting person projects an image of peace.

Soon after, the police commenced making arrests, while some of the occupation group were sitting down on the pavement and grass with arms linked. The arrested were lead away to the northern end of the stone Parliament House.

There were many observers, including about 10 girls from a local school who were soon ushered away by a teacher or the principal. I took numerous shots through the spaces in the wrought iron gates, among numerous others videoing with phones.

A girl screamed hysterically and ran from the gate for the wall in the garden, because she had evidently just witnessed her mother being arrested.

The police surged forward more aggressively, at which point the protesters gave up on sitting because they were copping knees, boots and falling bodies as police forced their way deeper in the ‘frontline’.

Several arrests were made by sub-teams that picked off protesters from the ‘frontline’, while the other Police pushed forward.

Morning Arrests: Police made repeated assaults on occupiers, who attempted wrestle victims away from the grip of Police.

I noticed a spare space for me on the top of the wall by the gate. The wall had a fancy curved top surface which made it simultaneously look appealing, while being hazardous for a bipedal free range human to perch upon.

Especially, for a dissident journalist whose poor choice to wear tight jeans made bounding up walls an impossible stretch alone.

I was pulled up by a man senior in years to me who looked like he had lugged a fair bit of heavy machinery in his time. I looked across and saw independent journalist Chantelle Baker filming directly down the Police line at mayhem, and I thought:

“You go girl. Your arse is exactly where mine would be if I had a better camera and pants with a spandex crotch.”

— Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, Thought Bubble 8:50am, 10 February 2021

Baker’s live-feeds — along with hundreds of others filming, photographing and messaging, as well as the establishment media missionaries — caused the world to notice amid what seemed a lull in world news in the Corona Pushback Battles, and a predictable segue to the Ukraine.

The ‘frontline’ protesters were defending was the grassy ground, because behind them were 100 tents pitched across a sprawling lawn.

Demo or Battleground? After several arrests, and surges forward, the Police gain a few meters of grass at the north-eastern end of Parliament grounds, while Parliament’s debating chamber is empty.

The logic underpinning the escalation in police numbers was to inflict an aggressive series of tactics to get a high number of arrests, which would both serve as propaganda to attempt to marginalize the Parliament Occupation and also as a poorly judged attempt to intimidate the occupiers to give up. The operation appeared to be designed to cause the occupation to collapse, and forestall any more travellers joining amid an intended defeat inflicted by the state’s constabulary.

Frontline Pushed South: The frontline in the left picture shows some protesters will still sitting, but after Police pushed forward, and made numerous assaults, it became to unsafe to remain sitting.

Numerous eye witnesses noted there are several facts on the ground that undermine the narrative that police acted in a measured, proportionate and fair manner for the alleged offences of trespass and obstruction.  

Predatory Tactic: A Police assault and capture sub-team move in predate on protesters [left], and a protester is subsequently picked off and led away [right].

The police chose to pick off mostly easy targets such as old people, teenagers, women and the overweight, who were deemed to be weak links in the human-chain.

The New Zealand Herald reported that Supt Parnell stated that the charges made were for trespass and obstruction. It would appear that no protesters were arrested for assault. 

Constabulary Crimes: Several arrests show the Police sub-teams moving in to fight, snatch, and drag away their victims.

Curiously, neither Supt Parnell, nor the news media stated that any protesters were arrested for assault. This apparent anomally occurred despite Supt Parnell claiming two of his officers were assaulted and pepper spray was used because Police were dragged into the crowd. The statement that Police officers were dragged into the crowd and justified the use of pepper spray was misleading.

Supt Parnell neglected to mention that his officers attempted to steal tents as part of a diversion and had ventured on to the lawn of their own accord, and they were surrounded by occupiers defending their property on land that their taxes pay for the upkeep.

Police body snatchers attempt to break the human chain of linked arms to make arrests as they sat on ground.

The footage showing police shoving, pushing and grabbing protesters targeted for capture in surges — reveals a strategy of predatory police-instigated aggression, rather than the drama of violence originating from the occupation group.

Hair Pulling Bullies: Police dragged a naked woman by her hair across the grass.

Among the arrested was a 65 year old woman, who was recovering from a broken sternum. She later recounted that a Police officer called her a “drama queen”. A young naked woman, who had spread oil over her body to make herself difficult for Police to grab, was dragged out by her long ginger hair and pulled backward across the grass on her buttocks two metres by Police.

A 17 year old boy, Alexander, was held to the ground by a Police leaning his full body weight — as if doing a press-up — onto his skull.

Picking off the Easy: A young man is carried off by Police shortly after a Police officer said to him, “Told you I’d get you, you faggot” — according to an eye witness.

The next morning, a man “in his late 50s from Timaru told me he endured multiple punches to his back as he wrestled an elderly man away from four Police who were pounding his lower back. As the Timaru man fell to ground the four police men laid punches into his back.

After listening to his account the next morning, I quipped that the Freedom Campers needed massage therapists, in keeping with the Kiwi tradition of making a joke as we part.

I walked to the railway station — which was built by the Fletcher Construction Company and opened in 1937 — to shave and buy a proper expresso, which the Snoopman finds helps to thunk evil without being evil in order figure out what the snakes might be planning next. I bought the morning propaganda papers, The New Zealand Herald and The Dominion Post, to see how they were spinning the previous days’ deep state-borne machinations.

Shameless Propaganda: The tight framing of this front-page picture made it seem Police were preventing the occupiers were attempting to storm Parliament.

The misleading front-page headlines, images, and opening paragraphs of The New Zealand Herald and The Dominion Post were framed to make the situation seem like the NZ Freedom Convoy 2022 occupation group were attempting to storm the front-doors of Parliament House or the Beehive. 

For instance, The New Zealand Herald front-page stated:

“Ugly skirmishes broke out as protesters tried to breach a heavily manned police line, with officers dragging out individuals one by one, pinning them to the ground then leading them away in handcuffs.”

The Herald claimed that police were holding off protesters as they tried to break through the cordon.

A mid-wide photograph on pages 4 and 5 of the Herald shows the cordon at the edge of a footpath. But the location of this footpath is unclear to most readers, especially if they are unfamiliar with the grounds. A wrought iron gate in the background is really the only indication that the frontline was located toward at the northern end of the grounds.

Meanwhile, The Dominion claimed:


“The protest began relatively peacefully on Tuesday but, as the days rolled on, the anger started to swell, culminating in waves of protesters running at police, spitting at media and hurling abuse at commuters and workers in nearby businesses.

Neither major newspaper, nor 1News or Newshub described the aggressive police behaviours, including the grievous bodily assaults of protestors in the form of shoving, wrestling, yanking, pressing, punching, kicking and dragging on the ground.

Instead, any counter-views were left to protesters and therefore the news media adopted a neutral bystander posture. The news media could have called out the police for acting as a criminal group by inflicting the violence — since the mayhem unfolded clearly in front of their eyes or in the footage, while protesters attempted to block their advance on the tents.

After the initial burst of arrests of the morning, there was a de-escalation in the tensions while the Police processed their victims. By lunchtime, the number of people gather in the grounds had swelled to approximately 2000 people. Many who were sympathetic to the anti-mandate/pro-liberty cause came from work or from the suburbs of Wellington to offer support, move in and check out what had occurred.

This period of calm relative to the prior and subsequent violence emanating from the predatory police sub-groups had remained unexplained by New Zealand’s media missionaries, the NZ Police and the NZ Government.

Moreover, because the press were positioned from the vantage point of the balconies of Parliament — where they had been from Day 1, February 8 — this meant that the media could be relied upon to show tight shots of conflict, arrest and the ‘walk of shame’ as the criminal group of police led their victims away. Such predictable framing would obscure the location of the ‘frontline’, and therefore the audience could be misled to believe the occupation group were attempting break the Police line to breach the front doors of Parliament House.

After-all, Brett Power and a group 100 occupation protesters had breached the portable fence cordon the day prior, to peacefully attempt to serve a notice of claim on New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Finance Minister Grant Robertson. During that encounter, Brett Power — who had served a Notice of Claim against the Health Minister Andrew James Little the previous Friday 4 February with New Plymouth Police — was arrested.

During lunchtime I spoke to numerous clusters of protesters or visitors around the grounds on the lawn and footpaths. While speaking with a group of women near the frontline during this relative period of calm, one women offered the use of her home for me to shower, since I had pitched a tent with a front-row view of Parliament House and the Beehive — as an embedded dissident journalist.

Such generous offers to the ‘Freedom Campers’ have been heartwarmingly commonplace throughout the occupation.

I was asked to join the ‘frontline’ because several people needed a break. The ‘front-liners’ were chatting to regular Police who agreed that protesters were there for a peaceful occupation. Water bottles and sandwiches were brought around.

While my arms were locked, a Serbian women served me water and a Wellingtonian woman fed me a sandwich. The amusing scene of two gorgeous females feeding me drew laughter and I quipped that I was “beginning to like Cindy’s two classes of people.”

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards during a stint on the frontline, Thursday February 10.

When the petite Serbian woman — weighing 45 kilos, according to Camp Freedom intel — joined me — weighing 75 kilos, according to bathroom scales at an undisclosed location — for a time on the frontline, she showed me the Serbian flag she had draped over back. On finding out her heritage, I said,

“Oh man, those cops are going to be so f-u-c-k-ed. Never mess with a Serbian woman.”

I was asked to join the ‘frontline’ because several people needed a break.

Some wondered if the arrests would go into the night. The ‘front-liners’ were also chatting to regular Police who agreed that protesters were there for a peaceful occupation. Water bottles and sandwiches were brought around. While my arms were locked, a Serbian women served me water and a Wellingtonian woman fed me a sandwich.

The amusing scene of two gorgeous serving me food and water drew laughter and I quipped that I was “beginning to like Cindy’s two classes of people.”

The petite Serbian woman — weighing 45 kilos, according to Camp Freedom intel — joined me — weighing 75 kilos, according to bathroom scales at an undisclosed location — for a time on the frontline. She showed me the Serbian flag she had draped over back. On finding out her heritage, I said:

“Oh man, those cops are going to be so fucked. Never mess with a Serbian woman.

More laughter ensued amid a good vibe, tempered by the fact that we sensed the Police command would order another assault before the day was over. The discussion continued between front-liner protestors and the regular police. I stretched my neck around as near to an imitation of an owl as I could to speak to the police. I said:

We’re here on the frontline to de-escalate, and the occupation group’s intention is to peacefully protest, camp and occupy.

A police man said he agreed that was the occupiers’ intentions. He added that the protesters needed to refrain from shoving because that’s was what compels the police to shove back and make arrests.

More came to the frontline and I felt the pull to get a high vantage point to capture the police tactics if another assault ensued.

From the vantage point above the sloped rose gardens leading to the Parliamentary Library at the northern end of the Parliament Grounds, I could see that the Policeman who thought that the shoving originated with protesters, was completely wrong.

Calm before the Storm: The police re-enforce the frontline after a lunchtime break. One of two assault sub-teams waits behind the Police main frontline. [Approximately 1:10pm]

Tensions escalated in the early afternoon at around 1:15pm, when approximately 20 predatory Police strode from the northern end of the Parliament House along the paved forecourt area. This sub-group attempted to slip through the cordon fence and on to the lawn a short distance from the statue of Premier Richard John Seddon (1893-1906), who conned New Zealanders into fighting in the Boer War (1899-1902) for the British Empire.

A few sharp protesters read this Police diversionary tactic and rushed to the cordon, preventing most from breaching Parliamentary Security Services cordon, as the NZ Herald Focus Live footage shows from approximately 5 hours, 14 minutes and 15 seconds (Wellington Covid-19 convoy protest, 5:14:15).

A diversion team assemble at the Northern end of Parliament House, and then walk across the forecourt at around 1:15pm (Wellington Covid-19 convoy protest, 5:14:15, 10 February 2022).

Police tried to upend a red gazebo to distract the occupiers while the Police moved to arrest people at the frontline, after they failed to make it onto the lawn to steal tents. One officer pepper sprayed several protestors below him, while a constable’s pepper spraying went awry when the wind blew the stinging aerosol in his eyes.

Diversion Phase: The diversion team attempt to upend an gazebo after being prevented from making their way through the steel cordon fence at the edge of the steps.

This 6.2ft officer was fretting, sobbing, and wriggling according to injured-and-uninjured-eyewitnesses — including one builder who stopped more police slipping through by shoving the security fence against the concrete wall next to the steps.

One protester — who was the builder, and who had shoved the cordon fence against the concrete wall — pointed with his finger of blame to their commander and yelled:

“You thought could out-play us with your tactics. You can’t outsmart a mathematician!”

The builder — who has an undergraduate degree in mathematics — turned down job offers in banking and finance in an earlier version of himself. He said he was so mad, he thought he would “fuck with their heads” and play a Mad Mathematician Joker card, since the tactics in motion have likely been exercised.

His pretty and gentle girlfriend — who has a heart that I theorize is made of some ethereal substance finer than gold — had joined the frontline.

Once this diversionary tactic was set in motion, many protesters were drawn away from behind the ‘frontline’ — as intended.

Meanwhile, two sub-teams were standing by behind the main police frontline readied to make their assaults on their targets.

Before the Mayhem: The two assault sub-teams have stand ready, at a perpendicular position behind the main frontline Police, who are positioned at the northern end of the Parliament Grounds at approximately 1:15pm.

Next, the Police formation along the ‘frontline’ surged forward pushing their weight into one another’s lower back, to shove the protesters backward.

Surge to Break Weak Links: The Police frontline push forward to cause the occupiers to get off-balane.

Amid this great shove, the two sub-teams of Police assigned to the more aggressive task of breaching the ‘frontline’ pushed forward to pick off as many easy targets as they could.

While the Police frontline continue to push forward, the assault and capture sub-teams pick off their victims for a beating and arrest.

After several formerly free range humans were led, carried or dragged off to the north eastern corner of Parliament House — near where the diversion group had assembled — a long and uneasy lull in the Liberty Battle at Parliament Grounds commenced.

During this lull, I spoke to a middle-aged woman who told me she had left the Police force 10 years prior. She was disgusted with the Police’s predatory tactics, brutality, and subversion of a peaceful occupation.

Below us, I could see the Police readied for another assault, since there were now three sub-teams lined up perpendicular to the Police on the ‘frontline’.

Fist Pumps and the Wait: A Police officer fist pumps with members of one three assault and capture sub-teams [pictured left], assembled for a second afternoon raid [pictured right].

A retired gentlemen — who was encamped at Victoria University’s law faculty campus with his wife — filmed me giving me an explanation of the police tactics, including how the previous assault started with the diversionary manœuvre. While he stopped recording my explanation, I saw the diversionary manœuvre commencing below me.

This occurred at approximately 2:15pm, New Zealand time.

When he pressed record again, I gave a commentary of the unfolding diversionary manœuvre — which as I predicted — drew protestors supporting the ‘frontline’ to the far end of the Parliament Grounds. As I had just explained the ‘frontline’ Police surge forward in unison and the three sub-groups moved in to pick off more victims. During the unfolding mayhem, the gentlemen panned away from Police brutality in the distance and back to me as I finished my narration. The videographer asked me,So who are you? I replied:

“Steve Snoopman. Snoopman News”

The apparent former Police woman’s phone commentary for her live-feed became expletive with each brutal cluster of ‘Boys in Blue’ assaults to book another arrest. It was fascinating to watch and hear her shouting to the Police down below, yelling that they were disgusting a-holes, f-king mongrels and violent criminals.

Afternoon Assault No. 2: A cluster of arrests occur at approximately 2:20pm, once the diversion at the Beehive end of the ground is set in motion, while a man in the frontline looks at the camera, and a woman looks at the captured man on the ground.

A thought came to my brain-thing that I have said many times before over the years when I was news and current affairs at Māori Television.

My thought bubble said:

“Maintaining free and open societies can get messy at times.”

Later in the afternoon, approximately 5pm, the Police voluntarily fell back from the frontline and the crowd walked them backward to much cheering. The builder and his girlfriend with the heart made of an undefined ethereal substance were watching while holding their picnic chairs.

A gap opened up between the police and the protesters.

The could-have-been-mathematician-banker-turned-builder opened his picnic chair on the pavement and parked himself there to gloat. He bragged with his hands clasped behind his head and with his elbows extended out like the wings of a sting-ray:

“This is what freedom looks like boys!”

Knock-off Time Retreat: Hundreds of cellphones were used to film the Police brutality, which led to supporters protesting outside Police around the country the same day, and international attention drawn to the events in Wellington.

I spoke to many confused human mortals who wondered what all the Police aggression was all for.

Some said it’s not the Kiwi way, which is a refrain that Chantelle Baker, has spoken many times, along with former One Network News reader, Liz Gunn, among others.

While it’s true that New Zealanders pride themselves on non-violence in political disagreements, it is also true that the aggressive among the New Zealand Police do regularly inflict violence during protests, especially when the numbers are relatively low.

Some thought the Police commanders believed they could scare off the remaining protestors, if they went hard and early.

But, after two years of Corona Games propaganda, the liberty protesters were there because the economic warfare wrought by pandemic measures that were at best disproportionate to the over-hyped threat, have had huge impacts. The liberty protesters also held their ground because the ‘vaccine’ mandates have continued past the original two shots. And because the ‘vaccine’ mandate regime has been extended to children as young as five, amid growing concerns about the bioweapon injection’s long-term health impacts, amid commonplace stories of ‘vaccine’ injuries, illnesses and deaths.

And many liberty occupiers aren’t like the gullible news audiences who still believe there was even a pandemic.

As I showed in my first heretical Letter to the Future from the Time of ‘The Crazy’, entitled How the World is going to Hell in a Corona Hand-Basket there is plenty of counter-evidence to prove there was no pandemic, because the the deaths were achieved by the government actions, in conspiracy with key health officials, Big Pharma and a transnational syndicate acting as a criminal group.

It would appear the Wellington Political Elite, the Police Commanders, and other elements of the National Security State believed that with a high number of arrests, they could deter more people from joining. They may have also believed most protesters would get scared and leave.

Perhaps, Trevor Mallard had had wet-dreams of retreating protesters packing up their tents.

Mallard who would later display the behaviours of a bullying sociopath satisfying a narcissist ego made a few appearances on a balcony. According to one injured eyewitness the builder who copped two punches to his right eye for preventing police stealing the gazebo a woman called out to Mallard.

Apparently she yelled, “Trevor Mallard, I was a student at your school when you were a teacher.” Mallard tilted his head to listen. The woman continued, “You were a bully then and you are a bully now.” Mallard evidently scurried back inside Parliament House.

In subsequent days, Mallard ordered the sprinklers be turned to wet the ground, tents and occupiers, as well floodlights and repeat loop plays of the song Macarena, inter-spersed with Covid-19 ads, which appeared to be intended as a low-grade form of torture.

Since Parliament’s debating chamber resumed on Tuesday 15th February, the operation may have factored in the objective to eject the protesters before the rather flaccid opposition became excited about having a cause celebre in their front-yard with which emotionally hijack New Zealanders as voters.

While these reasons are the most likely, they do however miss their roll in meta-narrative.

The occupation protest at Parliament is a bigger threat to the Political Elite than the protesters realize. The longer it continues, the more organized in infrastructure, consumable resources and community networks Camp Freedom will become unless it is de-stabilized.

And the longevity of Camp Freedom produces bad optics for the Political Elite, particularly the Ardern Government, as well as the rest of ruling class New Zealand that have supported what is actually a cultural war on humanity.

As I described in How the World is going to Hell in a Corona Hand-Basket most people do not recognize we are in the early of World War III, in which all of humanity except the global elite have been cast as covid suspects. This epic global war seeks to destroy household autonomy, wreck free enterprise and construct a totalitarian universal empire through domination of the Chip Revolution

Between the Storms

Ironically, the day visitors and new campers swelled the numbers on Friday to 5000 and on Saturday to 7000, on the grounds and surrounding streets despite a cyclone.

On Saturday afternoon, the festival vibe that had flourished on Friday — in stark contrast to the peace-breaking predatory Police violence of the day prior — was booming in a most hilariously ironic Kiwi summer festival way.

As I walked around capturing photos on my cheap Canon pocket spy camera of sub-groups of free range humans chatting in the light rain, I quipped numerous times to my fellow country folk, who had been maligned as the great unwashed, ignorant conspiracy theorists, Neo-Nazis and as an aggressive breed of activist who didn’t know how to protest peacefully.

I joked that:

“This is the first festival I’ve been to where it’s so easy to strike up a political conversation with complete strangers and everyone’s up for a discussion about the global élite.

Between Storms: On Friday 11 February the numbers swelled to 5000 on the grounds and surrounding streets, after Thursday’s police violence, and prior to the cyclone hitting Wellington Saturday night.

Amidst the laughter, this quip has turned into a great conversation starter.

The organic pathways between tents on the lawn had been transformed with straw to mitigate the production of mud. Amidst taking shots at the long end of the lenses of people in gazebos, under trees or under umbrellas, I trudging around in my gumboots. Numerous times I quipped loudly:

“Welcome to the Wellington Agricultural Field Day.”

A gentlemen wag walking by replied as he pointed to the straw on the ground:

And when all of this over, there will be plenty of food for Cindy to eat.

I walked to a hotel where the Snoopman had the use of a room to file this dispatch, and found Brett Power in the lobby.

We got talking about the Great Corona Reset as a cover-story capitalize on a plan to inflict a global heist of power, wherein in was intended that unprecedented, swift and far-reaching ‘pandemic’ measures would wreck economic havoc to accumulate wealth, power and control upward. And we agreed that a new paradigm, or worldview, is needed with which to forge new institutions, for bona fide systems, structures and solutions that facilitate autonomous communities to displace the power of the global elite.

Not Budging: Police have threatened to tow away vehicles, numbering approximately 500 parked in the surrounding streets to the Parliament Grounds, after making occupiers an ‘offer’, in effect, to contract with them by relocating vehicles to a stadium at the Police Department’s expense.

As I made my way to the lift, out-of-town Police, who are stationed in Wellington, filed out of both lifts.

Police assemble in a hotel foyer at 1025pm Sunday 13 February for a night shift at Parliament Grounds.

I thought, ‘Only in New Zealand— where there is 2 degrees of separation or less between everyone — would the man who just had papers filed with Police to investigate the Health Minister over the matter ‘vaccine’ injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

1 Freedom Hill: The NZ Parliament Liberty Occupation at Camp Freedom has an address, a letter box and mail-sorting tents ready to receive postcards, letters and care packages.

On Sunday, when some wags — who called themselves Rhythm and Crimes Entertainment — posted a mock festival poster titled Rhythm and Parliament, that featured a sunset shot of the Beehive, which was foregrounded by tents, I laughed my arse off.

I posted the image on Facebook, stating:

“I’ve been saying this is the 1st festival I’ve been 2 where it’s so easy 2 strike up a political conversation with complete strangers and everyone’s up for a discussion about the global élite.”

The real objective of the Police operation appeared to be an attempt to provoke the protesters to retaliate in order to justify open use of the paramilitary Armed Offenders Squads and Special Tactics Groups. Numerous protesters suspect that the Special Tactics Groups were in the sub-teams doing the aggressive assaults and body snatching.

To anyone on the grounds in Wellington, it is clear the free range humans gathered at Parliament have been impacted by the ‘vaccine’ mandates, the lockdowns, and the ‘vaccine’ passport regime, as well as some with stories of ‘vaccine’ adverse reactions, injuries and deaths of loved ones.

The negative accusations are the typical over-blown flak that is both commonplace with any large scale political movement, as well as consistent with distortions that function to maintain an ideological dogma.

Many at the Wellington Parliament Occupation are aware of the pandemic of PCR tests, as well as the government measures to produce high death tolls attributed to Covid-19, such as shoving mass of patients out of hospitals into nursing homes, and the use of Remdesivir, Midazolam and Morphine to boost the death tolls.

There are broader conversations occurring about the need for new institutions, systems and structures with a new paradigm or worldview, because it is clear that global elite control vast resources, wealth and networks of puppets who are rapidly implementing a turn-key totalitarianism.

In an interview with independent journalist James Corbett, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said a pattern of over-hyped or fabricated pandemic scares has become a core strategy of Dr Anthony Fauci, who he describes as “the J. Edgar Hoover of public health” for his dominating, conniving and deceiving role as Director of the U.S. National Institutes of Infectious Diseases.

Kennedy  who was being interviewed about his book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health  said Fauci’s playbook has been to over-hype or fabricate pandemics in order to accelerate implementation of militarized response measures, boost Big Pharma profits and set a system of totalitarian control.

Despite the counter-evidence, the New Zealand state has shown itself unwilling to investigate the counter-factuals to determine whether or not New Zealand has been played in a geo-political chess game.

Instead, at this juncture, the New Zealand Government have doubled down to send in the Police to inflict violence in a gambit that such confrontational measures will succeed in maintaining control of the narrative.

However, the restraint exercised by the occupation group was amazing to witness, despite the incessant provocation amid the politicized predatory Police operation.

It is therefore, difficult not to conclude that Police objective was entrapment by provoking the protesters to retaliate, to cause the occupation group to lose control of the narrative.

The Constabulary’s breach of peace operation seemed to be intended to flatten the curve of a groundswell, by gaining imaging of the occupiers fighting back, with high numbers of Police injuries and triggering the call-out of the riot police before the occupation group settled in and became strategically organized.

Instead, the resolve of the occupiers to remain peaceful amid the extended provocations, served the Liberty Movement well.

The groundswell of free range humans arriving to either camp, visit or send donations in great numbers, was predominately the result of this stupid, arrogant strategic error ordered by the Police Command which doubtless occurred with the approval of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who is also the Minister of Intelligence and National Security.



Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and general programmes. He forged his ‘Thunk Evil Without Being Evil’ super-power while writing his ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), titled  “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid” — to figure out the means, modus operandi and motives of the Anglo-American Oligarchy.

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