The Perfect Deep State Cover Story: A Great American Black-out to mask a looming epic financial crisis? [Image by Snoopman]
Part I – The Doomsday Project

The scenario of a deep state-engineered Great American Blackout crisis is explored here as the perfect cover story to cast Wall Street bankers as victims in the ensuing financial collapse. In this speculative heretical article, Steve Edwards outlines the predicament of America’s bankers, who cannot afford ‘truth out’ disclosure moments amidst the next financial crisis. If the America Republic finds out about the bankers’ latest stealthy scheme – a bail-ins regime devised to save America’s privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank and its debt enslavement financial system – the risk would heighten that the American Deep State would loose control of the financial collapse. “The Big Short” sketches how power grid crisis drills, that envision combined cyber and physical attacks, could be used as a transmission mechanism for false flag terrorism, that triggers the American Deep State’s Doomsday Project to ‘go live’, as it did on 9/11. A prolonged power outage – either citywide or nationwide – would enable a strategic sabotage of industry, thereby unifying a disenfranchised public with a disconnected political elite to fund the American Deep State’s corporatized totalitarian hi-tech police state utopia.

By Steve Edwards

Picture of a Blackout scenario

In a world where the biggest credit expansion in history has surely reached the theoretical limits of credibility,[1] is it heretical to think that the contingency planning for the looming global financial crisis would envisage a cunning cover story involving power outages citywide or nationwide?

Imagine prolonged and severe cyber attacks, or some form of geo-physical warfare where directed energy weapons knock out power to major American cities for weeks. Or picture a scenario where space weather gets fingered for blame.

Under the cover of darkness, the spectacle of the Great American Blackout spreads. As the electricity stops in major city-after-major city, transactions freeze, cash gets scarce and with a contagious foil of engineered fear – food, fuel and freight are taken over by the state.[2] The constructed threat is earnestly categorized in crisis rituals as a ‘catastrophic emergency’, and the mangled First Republic is placed under Continuity of Government Presidential Executive Orders already enabled by numerous presidents since Truman.[3]

If the electricity vanishes for a few weeks, the ‘free market’ music would stop. The Skyrockets of Interest that were launched out of the $70 trillion Great American Debt Mountain Ranges would likely explode in flight.[4] Governments, businesses and households would default on the payments because their role as type-cast ‘borrowers’ subservient to credit manufacturing bankers[5] – becomes impossible.

This consequence of contagious debt defaults is a mathematical certainty, even without the ‘Great American Blackout Crisis’ speculated upon here.

Black Sky Hazards – the Doomsday Project’s next ‘Go Live’ event?

All major crises, including nuclear war, trigger the operation of contingency plans of the U.S. Department of ‘Defense’ to maintain the White House and Pentagon. These ‘Continuity of Government’ plans are known inside the U.S. Government as the Doomsday Project.[6] These contingency plans include the capacity for America’s elite to bunker-down in underground cities across the continental United States connected by a hi-speed rail-network, where the three branches of the military and the nuclear armed Department of Energy, have their own bases.[7] In his book, The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy, Professor Peter Dale Scott describes the deep state network as a private parallel government, who can be observed on the surface, in the background and the subsequent cover-ups of structural deep events spanning the JFK assassination, Watergate, the October Surprise, the Iran-Contra scandal, BCCI, the Oklahoma City bombing, and 9/11. The University of California professor, who popularized the term deep state, says the Doomsday Project comprises secret lists of more than a million people deemed ‘domestic threats’ including dissidents, the provision for preventive detention of civilian ‘security risks’ in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA camps), and control of the U.S. economy. Therefore, Scott warns that the Continuity of Government contingency planning has been helped along by Presidential Orders accumulating powers into the executive branch of government, often as a consequence of structural deep events from JFK to 9/11.

Doomsday Plane: The National Airborne Center’s E-4B command post super-imposed here flying over the White House, as it had on 9/11.

One such executive order, National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (NSPD 51/HSPD 20), which was passed by Bush II on May 4 2007, authorizes succession powers, martial law, and the takeover of vital resources, facilities and records in the event of a catastrophic emergency occurring anywhere on the planet deemed to threaten the U.S. economy or national security.[8] (This NSPD 51/HSPD 20 directive contained classified annexes that the White House blocked the Homeland Security Committee from reading – even in a super-secure ‘bubble room’).[9] Another executive order entitled, “Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events” which was signed by President Barack Obama on 13 October 2016, just before Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, authorizes preparedness for space weather events, including solar flares, solar energetic particles and geomagnetic disturbances. This un-numbered space weather executive order states such events could damage, “critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid.” As part of its Doomsday emergency preparedness, the U.S. Department of Defense has re-opened Cheyenne Mountain.[10] The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which provides the U.S. military with reliable aerospace defense warnings – except for a couple of crucial hours on the morning of September 11 2001 amid numerous terror drills and war games – has relocated back into the Cold War era installation. The Department of ‘Defense’ says the relocation is because Cheyenne Mountain is EMP-hardened – meaning it electronics can withstand Electro-Magnetic Pulses during EMP attacks or a nuclear strike.

While this may all be well intended for ‘defense’ – it is wise to take heed of what a member of President Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee said in 1968 about the future of warfare. The Science Advisory Committee found that nation states could be fighting secret geophysical wars using weaponized electromagnetic technologies. In 1968, a book titled Unless Peace Comes: A Scientific Forecast of New Weapons carried an ominous chapter, “Geophysical warfare: how to wreck the environment”, written by a member of President Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee. The author, Professor Gordon J.F. MacDonald, who was also an associate director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles, outlined the case for nation states fighting secret geophysical wars. However, Professor MacDonald did not envisage that Deep State actors in the United States would exploit new technologies and scientific knowledge to wage such covert wars against Americans, when he stated:

The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of the environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy. Such a ‘secret war’ need never be declared or even known by the affected populations. It could go on for years with only the security forces involved being aware of it. The years of drought and storm would be attributed to unkindly nature and only after a nation were thoroughly drained would an armed take-over be attempted.

In recent years, Blackout drills have provided training for such catastrophic emergencies.[11] These drills include a bi-annual National-level exercise called ‘GridEx’ coordinated by the electricity industry with state and federal government participation, and Wisconsin state’s ‘Dark Sky’ program. In January 2017, the Royal Society of London hosted a conference called ‘Black Sky Infrastructure and Societal Resilience Workshop’ to influence ‘stakeholder’ participation in preparedness for “existential threats” organized by Electric Infrastructure Security Council (EIS) in association with the International Centre for Infrastructure Futures and the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge University. Speakers enumerated possible threats such as natural disasters, solar weather events, earthquakes, and hurricanes, electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attacks triggered by high-altitude nuclear warheads, cyber-attacks and coordinated physical attacks. In August 2017, the EIS Council conducted its first exercise, Earth EX, billed as the first all-sector transnational ‘Black Sky’ hazard exercise, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, FEMA and the EIS Council.

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council (EIS) defines Black Sky Hazards as:

a catastrophic complex event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of critical infrastructures in multiple regions for a long duration. These low frequency, but high impact events, pose a direct threat to civilization due to the impact of cascading infrastructure failures that will follow a prolonged power outage.

Black Sky Hazard Resilience? The multi institutional, sector and country participation in the Battle Rhythm Grid webinar may be a back-door route to the American Deep State’s endgame phases.

As you might expect from an organization that has a Black Sky hazards exercise called Earth Ex, the members roster for the executive steering committee of the EIS Council reveals a fascinating concentration of institutions, especially its ‘transnational partners’ that curiously only included the U.S., Israel and the United Kingdom. The EIS Council steering committee’s numerous federal and state government organizations include: the United States Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, California Public Utility Commission, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Washington Public Utility Commission, Wisconsin Public Service Commission, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israel National Emergency Management Association, and the UK House of Lords. Other members of EIS executive steering committee include utilities and universities such as: US Army Corps of Engineers Fuel Resources, TMR Engineering, Hitachi Data Systems Sprint, American Water Company, Las Vegas Valley Water District, EMAG Associates Storm Analysis Consultants, University of Colorado, University of Illinois; and trade associations and think tanks such as: the North American Transmission Forum, North American Generator Forum, Wisconsin Public Service Commission, California Public Utility Commission Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Washington Public Utility Commission, Grid Protection, Electric Power Research Institute Alliance and US National Laboratories.

Earth Ex Battle Rhythm Manager: The Earth Ex table top webinair exercise does not anticipate participants might hijack the exercise, take it live & orchestrate a coup d’état.

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council conducted its Black Sky hazards exercise, Earth Ex, in association with the National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC). The exercise tool, Battle Rhythm Manager, envisages three phases of power outage escalation, with multiple “exercises lanes” across multiple sectors, scenario “injects” for each sector, and a fourth phase of ‘moving the community forward’.

Preparedness for disaster, attacks and system failure-induced calamities is sensible. However, such exercises, war-games, and drills also provide potential opportunities for deep state actors to study and gain access to critical infrastructure across the United States.

As Webster Griffin Tarpley found while researching his book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in America, there were 45 exercises, war-games and drills prior to or occurring on September 11 2001 that envisaged aspects of what occurred on 9/11 and some of them went live. Tarpley says the exercises, war-games and drills provide the cover for deep state actors to take the scenarios live and exploit the national security state’s compartmentalized operation classifications.

Because Earth Ex, Grid Ex and other exercises, drills and war-games fail to openly model for the possibility that participant organizations might insert deep state actors to hijack the exercises, hack the computer systems and take the scenarios live by mirroring the ‘playbooks’ – they lack bona fide resilience, robustness and radical root responses.

Black Sky Hazards – with a Bail-ins Twist?

A deep state engineered blackout would provide a needed cover-story for a strategic sabotage of the finance and banking industries, whose institutions would otherwise face catastrophic insolvency in the next global financial crisis – without colluding state support. Indeed, it is a given that the next financial collapse will be more horrendous than the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007 and 2008.[12] The imperial-scale electronic expansion of Federal Reserve cartel credit at near-zero rates, euphemistically referred to as ‘money printing’, sparked a currency war in 2010, as James Rickards revealed in his 2011 book, Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.  The world’s $250 trillion debt garbage mountain[13] – which grew larger following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) when it was re-inflated by bail-outs[14] – is now more fragile than a Pacific volcano ripe to explode.[15] This is partly because bail-outs are far less politically or practically feasible as a rescue remedy for the Western banking system because the planet’s Tax Herds have a hardened ‘Won’t, Can’t or Don’t Donate’ policy. To keep the Debt Enslavement ‘Financial’ System afloat,[16] bail-out programs morphed with the cover name, ‘Quantitative Easing’, to make ‘printing money’ – a euphemism for manufacturing electronic credit – seem legitimate. Meanwhile, the assets claimed by the super-rich were kept safe and buoyant in the ‘offshore’ Worldwide Tax Haven Complex.[17]

To prevent this binary system from sinking like a legendary Atlantis landmass, the Western Alliance’s financial authorities stealthily gained ‘Bail-ins Supervision Powers’ from their complicit governments.[18] With such Bail-ins powers,[19] big banks and other financial institutions are ‘legally’ able to recapitalize their balance sheets with savers’ deposits in the event of financial collapse.

Web of Debt: In March 2009, the first financial war-game was played in the Warfare Analysis Laboratory, a war room inside the Applied Physics Laboratory located halfway between Baltimore and the Federal Reserve’s 13th District (Columbia).

However, doing so in plain sight would also tear apart the propagandist fabric,[20] used by Establishment Media outlets for yarn to spin fake reasons for engineered crises,[21] since most investors and savers do not know about the bail-ins plans.[22] It would be an ‘Emperor has No Clothes Moment’ if all eyes were focused on the new devious financial wizardry of bail-ins[23] and saw how this new racketeering regime was stitched together behind an emerald-coloured Credit Curtain[24] – that stretches from Washington[25] to New York,[26] and over the Atlantic to London and Basel.[27] Imagine if the world saw that the super-wealthy credit-manufacturing bankers couldn’t afford an epic ‘truth-out’ moment that showed how they have hidden their plan to switch savers’ deposits for troubled bank stocks. Moreover, a huge capital flight by savers would likely occur once bail-ins processes were triggered – without some convenient media black-out to get ahead of the contagion of fear.

Preparedness for the next global financial crisis is detectable in the scholarly ‘Bail-ins’ literature that has ballooned in the background. Papers written by experts in finance, banking, economics, law and politics have explored problems on how to efficiently manage various ‘bank resolution’ regimes.[28] None, however, have asked why exactly ordinary savers should stump up. Saying ‘depositors are creditors’ is an obtuse reason that does not get to the roots of the epic rort. None have investigated who exactly are the richest banking families and financiers, and why exactly the new bail-ins regimes have not been legislated to specifically compel them to re-capitalize their own banks and financial houses in the event of catastrophic insolvency.

Lining up Scrooge’s Ducks: Deployment of the Great Bail-in Wrecking Ball. [Graphic: Global Precious Metals.]
The problem comes sharper into focus when it is viewed from another angle.

Imagine the anger if the American Tax Herds learned one purpose behind re-inflating the biggest credit bubble in history was to lure Tax Cattle to work witlessly to re-fence the United Tax Farm States of America with new technologies. This was one purpose behind the first Quantitative Easing program in early 2009. With cheap Federal Reserve credit, new technologies including Smart Meters were rolled out, so that the power companies’ new Wifi metering systems could become stealthy data-gathering surveillance devices.[29] The telecommunications infrastructure for social control, such as 5G Wireless systems, that are now in deployment, are designed to entrench America’s super-rich in power[30] – with inbuilt capacity for the construction of a regionalized super-state.[31] It fits the world domination vision of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Full Spectrum Dominance, to control land, sea, air, space and cyberspace by the year 2020, permanently.[32] This world domination vision, was re-set after the American Deep State-sponsored terror exhibition of September 11 2001, to rapidly develop Directed Energy Weapons, with all-electric platforms and wireless communications.[33] Therefore, as taxpayers and consumers, the good people of the mangled First American Republic have unwittingly been funding the stealthy construction of a corporatized totalitarian state.

A re-vamping of the vampiric American Empire at its core is well underway.

A Black-out to reset the New World Order Utopia Project?

During the last 500 years of Colonial Empire building by the European Maritime Powers, the credit revolution rose as the primary instrument of expansion, as Professor Carroll Quigley sketched in The Evolution of Civilization: An Introduction to Historical Analysis.[34] Credit was harnessed to rework slavery by funding wage and salary Tax Slaves, and also financing the rise of the machines. Now, the chip revolution is poised to ‘collect’ all other instruments of expansion that have been exploited throughout history.[35] Whoever controls the chip controls the future course of Earth. It follows that the control of the chip is bound to entail deep state events that seek to re-set the trajectory of whole societies.

Therefore, a looming, brazen engineered transfer of wealth upward in the next financial crisis is screaming for a cunning cover story to be baked in.

The perfect mechanism to cover-up such a brazen crime of catastrophic scale is a malicious ‘Black-out’ scenario, because major power outages across major cities or nationwide, would likely trigger a financial collapse that is – by the numbers[36] – inevitable.

Absent a catastrophic national emergency to accompany the looming financial crisis, there’s a heightened risk that the American Tax Herds would otherwise learn the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned cartel – whose colluding vampiric owners have made windfall profits from dividends since World War I.[37]

The American Deep State, along with their international criminal partners, has the capacity to trigger brazen, prolonged nationwide or citywide power outages to switch the United States on a trajectory to tyranny with directed energy weapons. Possible trigger events, likely bogeymen, and a post-crisis hi-tech Smart Grid matrix – would be the tell-tale story elements in an unfolding crisis narrative. Crisis rituals can also be expected to exploit ‘fear porn’, where the spectacle of crisis becomes the evidence for favoured solutions. Such solutions would be framed with tightly regulated ‘hope porn’, to mask the corporatized totalitarian technocracy of a New World Order Utopia, or fascism by stealth.

As conspiracy theory as it sounds, a corporatized totalitarian technocracy is in-built into the Federal Reserve-Wall Street-Washington Matrix.

Remember that following the gargantuan Federal Reserve bailouts – which amounted to $29 trillion by the end of 2011[38] – the monopolistic global banks were shown to be colluding as a cartel by rigging interest rates, laundering drug money, and fixing currency prices,[39] and are now even excluding new market entrants?[40] These were such outrageous, outstandingly bad, shockingly egregious abuses, that if you find yourself redundantly screaming of racketeering case law, Sherman Act statute law and scholarly conspiracy theory law papers you’ve read,[41] you could be forgiven for thinking the Federal Reserve is a cartel, privately-owned by dynastic banking families! [42] Recall that the Federal Reserve is comprised of 12 privately owned cartelized consortia,[43] and its member banks[44] – such as JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of NY Mellon – are stock holders that ‘earn’ windfall annual dividends of six percent?[45] The stockholders of the Federal Reserve are dynastic banking families, such as the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Schröders, the Schiffs, the Vanderbilts, the Stillmans, the Lazards, the Bakers, the Harrimans, the Rothschilds, the Browns, the Wallenbergs and the Meyers, through their tax haven-sheltered banking holding companies, private banks, multi-family organizations and trusts. Such inconvenient facts get snuck away in ‘deep state dark rooms’ lest the vampiric corporatized totalitarian system burns in the sunlight. Along with Eustace Mullins’ book, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve: The London Connection – the only book burned in Germany since World War II on orders of the High Commissioner to Germany, James B. Conant – in 1955!

With this structural racketeering between the banks that own the Federal Reserve, they operate as a cartel restraining trade by keeping cash scarce to 3% of the currency supply, while the remaining 97% is credit manufactured by the commercial banks (who share ownership of the Fed, among the 12 Federal Reserve ‘districts’ and its monopoly Governors’ Board headquartered in ‘Emerald City’ or Washington in the District of Columbia, essentially District 13 – as Bill Still shows in his The Secret of Oz documentary). In other words, the Treasury bonds and securities that are swapped for ‘Federal Reserve’ currency notes and electronic credit are actually I.O.U.s bought from the U.S. Government and traded at auction by the private banks that own the ‘Federal Reserve’. In short, the national debt is based on private credit, as Mike Maloney’s documentary The Biggest Scam in the History Mankind graphically illustrates.[46] This is another ‘truth-out’ moment that the world’s super-rich credit manufacturing bankers can ill afford to see eventuate.

Biggest Scam: 92-96% of currency is created as commercial bank credit. [Source: The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind].
In addition to re-securitizing debt, the cheap federal credit from the Federal Reserve’s bailouts and Quantitative Easing programs have been used for stock buybacks, wherein corporations have bought their own shares to make their stock values soar and reap higher dividends for executives, rich investors and Wall Street.[47] Instead of using the cheap Federal credit for productive investment, which would have reduced the real unemployment rate of 21%[48] and mitigated the inflationary pressure of rising costs now at 10% per annum,[49] Wall Street’s ‘Buyback Economy’ financial engineering has served to make America’s super-rich oligarchy wealthier. Through this callous strategic sabotage of industry, a widespread debt default will ensue, particularly as the Federal Reserve cartel has been steadily ratcheting up interest rates since December 2016.[50]

Amidst a broad debt default, the cash-rich and credit-equipped American oligarchy will be positioned to buy-up federal and state assets, asset strip failed enterprises and become aristocratic landlords over a vast landless peasantry. The super wealthy dominant capitalist coalitions have used a decade of super-cheap credit to buy-up much of the world’s hard assets as possible. During this rivalrous end-game, the global wealth of the world’s high net-worthers has doubled in a decade from a low of $33 trillion in 2008 during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), to $70 trillion in 2018.[51] Those Crony Capitalist coalitions controlling the most dynamic combinations of resources, technology and infrastructure that are networked to strong states, will seek the best access to the intended world super-government, and the rivalrous super-states.

Mutually Assured Destruction: If all scarce currency were used to ‘repay’ credit ‘loaned’ simultaneously, the global debt bubble would be destroyed. [The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind]
Meanwhile, brain-washed Tax Slaves who have paid too much for ‘assets’ like houses that will perform poorly in a crash, will find themselves scrambling for the very same cash kept scarce by bankers, who will have shifted to foreclosure mode on defaulting ‘loans’. Bankers know all their manufactured debt cannot be ‘repaid’, because they have ensured there was never enough cash to match the manufactured credit expansion, let alone to cover the interest payments. The end-game of the world’s banking fraternity is to collect on the collateral. In the case of national debt defaults, the collateral that bankers will covet are state assets, such as ports, utilities, railways, highways, stations, schools, libraries, universities and hospitals. In the case of corporate debt defaults, the ownership of industries will concentrate into fewer hands at fire sale prices, and larger vampiric cartels will become engorged with the lifeblood of hapless hosts – especially those owned by naïve baby-boomers, whether directly or indirectly through investment funds and savings accounts.

It is upon this dangerous trajectory that the competing Great Powers have colluded with coalitions of transnational corporations, dynastic families and secrecy haven trusts in an epic race to control new technologies, land and resources – including Tax Cattle. As banking and intelligence insider James Rickards revealed in his 2011 book, Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, the U.S. Department of Defense began sponsoring financial war game scenarios after the GFC, with participants from the Federal Reserve, Treasury, CIA, think-tanks such as RAND Corporation and the Peterson Institute, physics labs including Applied Physics Laboratory and Los Alamos, several major universities including the Naval War College, the Joint Chief’s senior military officers, and Wall Street. Such contingency planning in itself may seem laudable.[52] However, because most financial advisors naïvely or stubbornly fail to model for Oligarchism,[53] which is the diabolical philosophy to engineer and rule a crisis-ridden world, the planet’s Tax Herds remain vulnerable to the schemes plotted by rivalrous coalitions of super-rich oligarchs and their professional armies.[54] The currency wars are ongoing, working in parallel with the trade wars, with the United States focused on circumventing China’s vision to dominate 70% of world trade by 2025,[55] while America attempts to control 60%.[56] While these financial war-games implicitly theorize for Oligarchism, they fail to model for a take-down of the U.S. economy by U.S. Deep State actors, as if explicitly envisaging such a gambit were an imperial heresy. Perhaps James Rickards was picked to participate, betting that he would publish an account and thereby act as a vector for constructing external state-based enemies such as China or Russia in the American mind,[57] while neglecting the possibility of homegrown attacks from the core of the U.S. Deep State. After all, James Rickards does state in Currency Wars that the Federal Reserve intends to be the last central bank standing in an epic game of financial tug-of-war, where rope is the currencies and on the United States’s side, it is the Fed’s private dollar. Except, that is, the Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of central banks that is at the apex of the financial capitalism – as ‘A Class’ historian Carroll Quigley put it in his seminal tome, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time.[58] The massive electronic ‘printing’ of Federal credit dollars of 2007-2014 was an attempt to stave off deflation that inevitably follows a financial crash. To this end, the gargantuac Bailouts and Quantitative Easing programs were engineered as a calculated inflationary measure to raise hard asset values, commodities prices and consumer products’ sales revenues.

Worldwide Financial Warfare: Against a background of war-games, financial wars, and a system blinking red with sovereign debt crises, the Federal Reserve’s insolvency is looming.

Implicit in this financial tug-of-war is a strategic sabotage of the U.S. financial industry, and asset values of everyone below the professional and capitalist class and the ruling oligarchy, who essentially work in collusion with the Fed, an aggressive vampiric cartel privately owned by America’s and Europe’s ruling families.[59] While in his follow-up book, The Death of Money, the Fed and Treasury are cast as naïve state actors who cannot fathom why a state would wage a financial war because in crashing the markets of a rival state, a retaliatory strike would ensue. This position, Rickards points out, fails to envisage relative losses, similar to military warfare, in the gambit of making larger relative gains. This apparent naïve stance held by the U.S. Fed, in particular, contradicts its own history in financial warfare – as readers of Guido Giacomo Preparata’s book, Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich will know.[60] In the inter-war period, the Bank of England’s governor, Montagu Norman, managed the collapse of the Germany economy, in conspiracy with Wall Street and the US Federal Reserve, by masterminding an unstable web of debt, speculation and international trade between 1925 and 1931. Their intention was to gain control over Germany’s industry, re-arm the German War Machine, and make the Third Reich the center of Western Civilization for long enough to smash Russia – again. This diabolical plot was part of a broader, longer gambit of a British ‘Secret Elite’ to construct a universal empire – as historians Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor recount in Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War.[61] In our time, in early 2013 – during the U.S.-Iran Financial War (2012-2013) – the Fed pressured the Belgium-based SWIFT payments system to deny Iran the capacity to settle oil transactions in euros.[62]

This fake naïve bankers’ view also fails to acknowledge the Fed’s own history as a spidery mechanism for the transfer of wealth upwards to the American Oligarchy and its international owners, as Eustace Mullins’ book, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve shows best.[63]

Following the huge bailouts 2008, the banksters’ mission creep shifted from thieving the financial resources of human resources cast as taxpayers, to human resources cast as consumers. This mission creep occurred at the 2009 G-20 Summit in Pittsburg, USA America. There, government representatives of the leading 20 industrialized nations evidently ‘asked’ the Financial Stability Board, which coordinates the world’s financial authorities and is based at the central bank of central banks, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), to address systemic risks to the global financial system. While failing to confront the causes of the Global Financial Crisis, which has to do with the rapacious power of super-rich dynastic banking families, the Financial Stability Board came up with the bail-in regime to recapitalize the bankers’ banks as one of the ‘solutions’. The following year, at the 2010 Seoul G20 Summit, the G20 leaders re-endorsed a binding bail-in regime, and in 2011 the Financial Stability Board set out a blueprint requiring each jurisdiction to set-up a bail-in framework, euphemistically termed: ‘resolution authority’.[64]

This bail-in regime was tested in the Cypriot banking crisis of 2013. In mid-2012, two of the largest local banks on the island of Cyprus became insolvent. The government of Cyprus began negotiating a bailout with the ‘troika’ institutions, the European Union, the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund on June 25 2012. The public did not know about a bail-in provision, also known euphemistically as a ‘haircut’.  On March 16 2013, Cypriots were told that 6.75% would be confiscated from savings accounts of less than €100.000 and 9.9% for accounts over €100.000. An unexpected and extended ‘bank holiday’ was announced. Widespread protests ensued while the Cypriots government held an emergency session to vote on the bail-out/bail-in bill. On March 25 2013, the government of Cyprus capitulated to the troika’s bail-in and depositors with over €100,000 in the Bank of Cyprus lost 40% of their money, while Laiki Bank savers with over €100,000 lost 60%. Institutional investors such as financial institutions, the government, municipalities, municipal councils and other public entities, insurance companies were protected. In other words, it was middle class people whose savings were targeted.

Harmony in Banking: The Neo-Colonial Western Banking System deploys the Bail-in Program – by stealth.

Leading the regime change was Canada, the United States and its fraternal twin, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus and the world’s most famous financial-secrecy haven state, Switzerland. The rest of the fragile super-state known as the European Union sucked-up the bail-in regime by mid-2016. Evidently, the world’s financial elites, the Fed, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are playing for time amid the currency wars, the run on gold and the looming insolvency of the Federal Reserve. Bleakly, Rickards finishes his ‘Maelstrom’ analysis saying that, “[a]s the dollar’s 9/11 moment approaches, the system is blinking red.”

A partial, controlled financial collapse in the United States, orchestrated by the American Deep State – in perhaps a Blackout scenario – that simultaneously destroys incriminating financial records of insolvency, embezzlement or conspiracy – would imperil the citizenry. It would also strengthen the grip of Banksters to gain assets as collateral amid widespread home foreclosures, business bankruptcies and county, state and federal debt defaults. And, if successfully blamed on a rival state, such as Russia, China or Iran – such a false flag event would galvanize justification for retaliatory financial warfare strikes – backed by brazenly looted baby-boomers’ wealth. In telling his readers in The Death of Money, that “[f]inancial warfare is the future of warfare”, Rickards states, “[o]ne purpose of war is to degrade an enemy’s will and economic capacity.”  Except, Rickards is strategically obtuse in coming around to ‘figuring out’ that the Federal Reserve is privately-owned by cartelized banking corporations ultimately owned by North American and Western European banking dynasties. After-all, he has appeared on Glenn Beck’s Mercury One show, the same Glenn Beck who dedicated an entire Fox TV live show to exposing the Federal Reserve as a cartel in mid-2011 (as I discuss in part II of The Big Short). Calculatingly, the American Deep State’s enemy remains unwritten is his accounts of financial warfare: the now-mangled First American Republic.

Doomsday to Go Live by the end of 2020? Black-out exercises would be a perfect cover-story for another Wall Street bail-out, to fund a hi-tech New World Order Utopia and to deflect blame from the usual suspects, while serving as the second ‘narrative column’, or ACT II climax upon the 3-Act story bridge, as foreshadowed by the first narrative column at the climax in Act I – the 9/11 Blockbuster Live Terror Theatre.

In his classy tome, Treason in America: From Aaron Burr to Averrill Harriman, that tells the story of British and Swiss subversion of America spanning the American Revolution to World II, Anthony Chaitkin makes a compelling argument that British and Swiss oligarchic, intelligence and military families have never given up on regaining control of America. The British and Swiss cast of characters, and the Eastern Establishment include: the Astors, Forbes’s, Burrs, Peabodys, Wirts, Walkers, Bushes, Russells, Morgans, Coopers, Mallets, Prevosts, Cushings, Owens, Oliphants, Smiths, Cabots, Lodges, Lows, Cobb’s, Rothschilds, Roosevelts, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Higginsons, Cobdens, Coolidges, Sturgis’s, Perkins’s, Bullochs, Barings, Browns, Goodalls,  Warburgs, Vanderbilts, Stillmans, Lehmans, Dulles’s, Gallatins, de Saussures, von Thurn und Taxis’s, Du Pans and Vassals. It turns out that beneath the Christian British Empire was a hidden British Masonic Empire hell-bent on world domination, as Nicholas Hagger found in his epic study, The Secret History of the West. This British Masonic Empire which embodied Sionist Rosicrucian Freemasonry, a revolutionary force committed to forging a universal empire under the rule of one monarch  competed with a rival Brotherhood, French Templar Freemasonry, who established the United States as a Templar Masonic State. French Templar Freemasonry, on the other hand, developed into a revolutionary republican force committed to forge a universal empire under the rule of one federal republic. In 1815, and with the fall of Napoleon I, the Sionist Congress of Vienna established Switzerland as a neutral state under the protection other European countries. British Masonic Bankers, now dominated by the House of Rothschild, that controlled the private-owned Bank of England, would only back the plan if they gained control of Swiss banking. Zurich was established as a Sionist financial headquarters and an enduring hidden Anglo-Swiss Banking Alliance began. Chaitkin wrote that the British and Swiss subversion of America was ongoing in 1985, when he published Treason in America. Because this subversion is hardly known, the true purpose of the Federal Reserve as a cartelized consortia privately owned by American and European undead feudalists is lost in the transmission of its structurally gargantuan imperial debt super-cycle.

It would, therefore, be an audaciously brave act of heresy for someone so close to the American Deep State as James Rickards to spell out the Fed’s vampiric secret. Rickards is genuine in his efforts to warn the American Tax Herds of the impending doom, as can been seen from his appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio show, where they touch upon possible catastrophic scenarios such as the state controlling access to cash, citizen acquiescence to formation of super states and America’s preparedness to enforce authority with militarized police forces.[65] Rickards’ books are like those of an embedded travel writer, signposting the way to journey into the apocalyptic Hell-ish financial vortex, like Dante Alighieri’s Easter Special – Inferno. Except – without the sarcastic wit, a complete cast of characters and the fun ride on the back of Geryon, the winged bestial reptilian Monster of Fraud with an honest face, down into the Venetian Deep State’s Eighth Circle of Hell and beyond – at Easter, 1300 A.D.  Where Dante’s cast in his first book of the epic Divine Comedy is the Venetian Oligarchy and the vampire snakes in their orbit, who are recognizable by their deeds, characterizations and institutions – Rickards’ delicate casting only names some key institutions, financial elites, and the like, leaving out the names of the dynastic American and European oligarchies, who are rendered as ‘creditors’. It appears, therefore, that Rickards is focused on warning his readers knowing if he goes full Monty, all Hell would break loose, because he couldn’t be written off as a conspiracy theorist.

Meanwhile, it would appear the American Deep State is using Jim Rickards to anchor a cover-story that they ‘don’t know what to do’, to hide their true nature, intentions, and capabilities, including its capacity to wage geo-physical warfare, while the super-hyper rich – whom are too embarrassingly wealthy to make the rich-lists – remain invisible (as if protected by some kind of cloaking device devised by Applied Physics Laboratories). When we locate the financial warfare that Rickards signposts, as the liquid mechanisms to instigate and amplify the existing economic warfare framework  – as identified by Naomi Klein in her 2007 book, The Shock Doctrine – that were field-tested on Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina with the use of CIA-backed military violence to destroy the burgeoning Developmentalist Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, the callous engineering becomes obvious. Indeed, a viewing of Requiem for the American Dream: Noam Chomsky and the Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power followed by a reading of Laurence Shoup’s  Wall Street’s Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relation Relations and the Empire of Neo-liberal Geopolitics, 1976-2014  – will make it clear that the American Deep State has Overlords.


In the next part, I explore the sophisticated logic of power that the American Deep State – including the privately owned Federal Reserve cartel and its Overlord Oligarchy – are unwilling to discuss publicly. It shows the American Deep State’s gambit for world domination, included a hidden plot to engineer 9/11 as Live Terror Theater to hijack emotions to re-forge the American Empire with already planned military transformations using new technologies, concepts and networks. It is gleaned from a study of past deep state intrigues  – as traced in  “Part II: History Rhymes in Deep State Rabbit Holes – 9/11 to a Great American Black-out?” [coming soon].”Part III – False Flags Events in Association with Manufactured Hope – Operation Gladio to 9/11″ traces the roots of 9/11 to the JFK Assassination, an American Deep State-sponsored false flag event that was the opening salvo of Operation Gladio – a low-grade war in the NATO countries – brought to the United States. “The Big Short Part III” locates 9/11 as the climatic event of Act I in a three-act story structure to demonstrate the American Deep State is willing, capable and callous enough to orchestrate another complex structural deep event, such as a Blackout scenario, to be the climatic event of Act II to close out the decade and forge a New World Order Utopia [coming soon].


In his masters thesis – “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid: A study of Anglo-American news coverage during the 2007-2008 financial crisis and bank bailouts” – Steve Edwards proved that once the Global Financial Crisis started, the US and UK financial authorities conspired/colluded with the major banks to steer the crisis along to a point where it would get so severe that their respective governments would believe they had no choice but to approve system-wide, tax-payer funded bailouts. He applied the classic three-Act story structure to trace key moments of a financial crisis narrative arc, used an event clustering technique originally designed to decipher submarine intelligence reports, and reworked a Propaganda Model developed by American media scholars Noam Chomsky and Edwards S. Herman, to theorize for collusion and conspiracy in news media outlets.

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