Origins of Institutionalized Abortion Linked to Eugenics Movement’s Repugnant ‘Hereditary Hygiene’ Ideology & Continues the Age-Old Quest to Control the World’s Most Coveted ‘Resource’ — Vagina

The world’s leading cause of death throughout the ‘Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic’, is terminated pregnancies. According to World-o-Meter data, an estimated 90 million unborn babies died in the womb between November 17 2019 — when Patient Zero was attributed to Wuhan City, China — and December 31st 2021. However, the global abortion death toll may be as much as 155 million during the time of the Corona Pandemic, since the World Health Organization estimates the annual abortion rate is 73 million per year worldwide.

By comparison, the global estimate for abortions was 16 to 33 times greater than the World Corona Death Toll, which was 5.4 million as at December 31st 2021. This finding reveals the propaganda meme, ‘save the grandmothers’ — that was repeated like a mantra worldwide to justify Medical Martial Law restrictions following the World Health Organization’s pandemic declaration of March 11th 2020 was weaponized ironic gaslighting.

In this heretical investigation, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards locates the ‘Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic’ as an epic élite criminal case of Medical Democide inflicted to achieve far-reaching geopolitical objectives, that includes constructing a global biosecurity system, while the cartels that dominate banking, life insurance and medicine received massive cronyist support. The horrific and brazen Medical Democide taking place is consistent with a two-pronged population control agenda, which seeks to limit population growth and deploy hi-tech biosecurity police state surveillance systems.

The Medical Democide at the center of the ‘Corona Pandemic’ has individual, institutional, and ideological continuities with the élite Eugenics Movement — which openly flourished in the United States in the late nineteenth century and early to mid-twentieth centuries, before being adopted by the Nazi Regime — and gave rise to the modern institutionalization of abortion clinics. Eugenicists advanced the degenerate idea of ‘hereditary hygiene’, meaning that the human race could be improved by eliminating groups of people considered genetically inferior, while encouraging the growth of groups judged to be genetically superior.

It turns out that the enduring objective that pervades the arrangements of hierarchical civilizations from dusty antiquity to the present day was, and remains: controlling access to the world’s most coveted ‘resource’ — Vagina.

The relentless doubling down to restrict access to vaginas is really about controlling breeding within and between the classes, as well as controlling the produce of the female body, and exploiting what spawns from Vagina and the womb as pawns in order to limit access to the world’s valuable resources.

Such resources including land, dominant institutions and strategic technologies underpin structural forces that both bind civilizations, and have the potential to free humanity. If ruling élites lose control over the componentry that comprise the structural forces, then humanity gains autonomy or independence and the rulers’ hierarchical systems become irrelevant.

This targetting of the planet’s vaginas and the produce of the womb emerges as the striking theme that reveals the meta-pattern of the deep world history.

Therefore, the rhetoric that emerged in June 2020 from the billionaire-funded World Economic Forum about Covid-19 opening up an opportunity for a ‘Great Reset’ to accelerate the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is really about a Techno-Feudalist conquest of Vagina. Key players in the World Economic Forum, which is a front-group for the degenerate global élite, seek nothing less than to re-purpose the bio-functionality of all life including humans.

As such, the quest to reforge Western Civilization with a totalitarian bio-security matrix aims to supplant the free-will of humans by creating a totalizing planetary police state surveillance system that is intended to extinguish privacy, and therefore led to the domination of human behavior.

The ultimate objective underpinning this totalitarian utopia is the extinction of bona fide love, which cannot survive an inter-generational absence of spontaneity. However, the formidable cosmic forces of True Love resist regulation, find creative solutions to overcome peril and inspire the evolutionary rejuvenation of thriving culture.

Key Finding: The world’s abortion death toll during the corona pandemic reveals the global power élites’ population control agenda, since no extra resources, remedies or re-weighting of priorities were directed to save the precious lives of the unborn during the time of the Great Corona Planpanic. This anomaly persisted despite the fact that abortions are categorized as the number one cause of death each year by several orders of magnitude. Western Civilization has been reset onto a totalitarian trajectory.

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

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Save the Grandmothers to Gaslight Humanity Amid UN-Sponsored Democide

The propagandist meme — ‘save the grandmothers’ — that was repeated like a mantra worldwide to justify Medical Martial Law restrictions following the World Health Organization’s pandemic declaration of March 11th 2020, reveals weaponized ironic gaslighting, when compared to global abortions data.

Ironically, throughout the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic, terminated pregnancies were by far the leading cause of death.

According to World-o-Meter data, an estimated 90.42 million unborn babies died in the womb since the Corona Pandemic was attributed to Patient Zero, in Wuhan City, China, on November 17 2019.

In 2021, terminated pregnancies were the leading cause of death with 42.6 million unborn babies killed. By comparison, 3.6 million deaths were attributed to Covid-19 in 2021, while deaths caused by cancer were 8.2 million, and communicable diseases were 12.9 million, according to World-o-Meter data.

In 2020, the number one cause of death was abortions with a record 42.65 million lives of human embryos and foetuses terminated. By comparison, 1.8 million deaths were attributed to Covid-19.

However, the World Health Organization estimates that 73 million induced abortions take place worldwide each year. This estimate is based on a study entitled “Unintended pregnancy and abortion by income, region, and the legal status of abortion”, published in The Lancet on July 22 2020.

This means that 155 million pregnancies were terminated in the time that 5.4 million deaths were attributed to the alleged disease, Covid-19, as of December 31th 2021.

Extrapolating out the pregnancy termination estimates, by December 31st 2022, between 132 million and 228 million foetuses were aborted, compared to 6.72 million deaths attributed to Covid-19.

The primary drivers of abortions are economic, political and cultural factors, which stem from the legacy of hierarchical power structures designed to control the reproduction of the human species by various means of conformity to class, culture and craft — as I explore in the sub-section, Controlling the World’s Most Coveted ‘Resource’.

At the beginning of the Corona Pandemic, and with unseemly unity, key insiders of the global power élite recast themselves as saviours of humanity while skillfully weaponizing the news with a pre-planned communications strategy designed to ‘flood the zone’ to drown-out counter-voices. The ostracization of dissenting scientists, doctors and nurses who warned that pandemic mitigation measures would cause more deaths, demolish livelihoods and transfer more wealth to the billionaire class — was a critical component to gaslight the world with fear-porn news.

And yet, the looming mega-poverty wrought by the callously inflicted nationwide house arrests, closed borders, and economic shutdowns will likely become a major driver for an escalation in abortions in the coming months and years.

The weird ‘lock step’ group-think by which the world’s visible political, military, corporate and religious leaders imposed or complied with Medical Martial Law restrictions — such as nationwide house arrests, closed borders, and economic shutdowns — during the Covid-19 pandemic revealed an unprecedented and unseemly unity.

Masking over Ideological Cracks: The sudden pivot across the globe to a totalitarian bio-security operating system belies a geopolitical agenda that originated from a pay-grade well above the level of the presidents, prime ministers, premiers, governors and mayors.

Indeed, many hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages became mechanisms of state-sanctioned mass murder, or democide, from the beginning of the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. Across numerous jurisdictions of the UN member state system, the disproportionate lockdown measures included the shutting down of hospital services for all but those in critical care, the curtailment of clinic visits and the widespread shutdown of economic activity.

Predictably, these malicious measures resulted in the mass deaths of the elderly, the sick and the most economically vulnerable. An initial Covid-Deaths Peak in April and May of 2020 has been identified as ‘lockdown deaths’, as Dr Denis Rancourt found. The former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, interrogated All Cause Mortality data, which measures the total number of deaths by place, time and demographic, across numerous jurisdictions. Rancourt discovered that there was a striking peak in deaths that occurred in places where central, state or county governments had imposed draconian ‘pandemic’ measures immediately after the World Health Organization’s pandemic declaration.

As Rancourt et al showed in a comprehensive study, published in October 2021, that focussed on the United States, entitled, “Nature of the COVID Era Public Health Disaster in the USA: From All-cause Mortality and Socio-geo-economic and Climatic Data”, such measures continue to impact society’s most vulnerable, in a global program of democide.

Democide is defined by R.J Rummel in his 1994 book, Death by Government, as state-sanctioned murder of any domestic person or civilian people by government officials, who act with the approval of the highest officials or state policy, whether explicitly or implicitly, and includes genocide, politicide and mass murder.

Rancourt et al concluded there was no pandemic and blamed “large-scale medical and government responses” for causing one million excess deaths in most vulnerable and underprivileged residents of the USA in the COVID‑era.

This program of democide to elevate the Covid Deaths statistics was also achieved in the United States by the state-sanctioned deployment of Gilead Bioscience’s newly branded Remdesivir drug, Veklury. Dr Bryan Ardis found that Remdesivir was used to mass murder vulnerable Americans from May 2020. Remdesivir causes multiple organ failure, including kidney (renal) failure, which results in the body’s waste water flooding the lungs, causing pulmonary edema.

This degenerate program of medical democide was also achieved in the United Kingdom, where health authorities used a drug called Midazolam in combination with Morphine to kill the elderly of Britain from the beginning of the so-called global pandemic. Because the drugs suppress breathing, patients are unable to respire air and water vapor, causing a build-up of water vapor on the lungs. Hence, the symptoms of pneumonia were attributed to Covid, which is described as a highly transmissible coronavirus respiratory disease that mostly affects the elderly with co-morbidities.

Medical Democide: With the deployment of Remdesivir across the United States of America and Midazolam in combination with Morphine, in the United Kingdom — many hospitals became mechanisms of state-sanctioned mass murder, or democide.

Thus, both the UK and US Health authorities have maliciously implemented health protocols using the medicines — Midazolam and Remedesivir — respectively, as lethal toxins, knowing that many doctors would misdiagnose the phenomena that has become known as ‘Covid Pneumonia’.

Therefore, this ‘grandmothers in peril’ narrative was a manipulative propaganda tactic known as emotional hijacking — which is widely used by the public relations industry — and was deployed to pass the political hygiene test, and thereby to bypass critical thinking processes. As such, the ‘save the grandmothers’ meme was an early example of weaponized ironic humor that only narcissistic ruling class functional psychopaths would conjure as an idea to inflict on humanity.

This weaponization of language is a central component to the so-called Global Corona Pandemic, which turns out be cover-story for a reset of the world’s structural forces to achieve the global élites’ desired solutions to re-assert dominance over the planet.

Indeed, this global reset bears the hallmarks of a sophisticated bio-terrorism plot authorized by a ‘supreme group’ at the head of a supranational deep state network operating at a level well above the pay-grades of the world’s visible political, military, corporate and religious leaders.

As such, this investigation’s comparison between world abortion statistical estimates and the global corona death toll is a means to interrogate of the underlying objectives of the global power élite, most especially of the Western Synarchy who rule the Anglo-American Empire. To be super-clear, this report is not intended to pass judgement on women and girls who either make the grim choice to opt for abortion, or have the pregnancy termination forced or coerced upon them.

For one thing, rape is a commonplace form of structural violence tolerated in many countries by authorities. On the other hand, abortions have become institutionalized as a means of population control by compliant élites working on behalf of oligarchic dynastic families who have come to control vast economic resources. Such domination over structural economic inequalities are a major factor in decisions to opt for abortions.

Moreover, I’m not saying that there was no corona spike protein pathogen making people sick.

The Medical Democide at the center of the ‘Corona Pandemic’ has individual, institutional, and ideological continuities with the élite Eugenics Movement — which advanced the degenerate idea of ‘hereditary hygiene’, or eliminating groups of people considered genetically inferior.

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Modern Institutionalized Birth Control – The Eugenics Connection

The institutionalization of abortions was borne out of the Eugenics Movement, which openly flourished in the United States in the late nineteenth century and early to mid-twentieth centuries, before being adopted by the Nazi Regime.

The term eugenics was coined by British scholar Sir Francis Galton, in his 1883 book, Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development, and was regarded as cutting edge science to improve the breeding of humanity. Eugenicists — whom regarded themselves, and those that funded them, as thoroughbred humans — believed that through ‘hereditary hygiene’, the human race could be improved by eliminating groups of people considered genetically inferior, while encouraging the growth of groups judged to be genetically superior.

To this repugnant end, the Rockefeller Foundation, Mrs E. H. Harriman, widow of railroad baron E. H. Harriman, and George Eastman of Eastman Kodak, were among the wealthy who bankrolled the Eugenics Records Office in 1910. The Eugenics Record Office — which was a department of the Carnegie Institute of Washington Station for Experimental Evolution at Cold Spring Harbor New York — came into disrepute in the 1930s for its superintendent’s sterilization laws. These Eugenics sterilization laws were adopted by 33 states across the United States, and were used as the model for Germany’s 1933 sterilization law.

The Vice Chairman of the Eugenics Record Office, William W. Welch, was also the founding director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

The American Birth Control League in 1921, which had been founded by the rabid eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, was merged in 1939 with the Clinical Research Bureau to form the Birth Control Federation of America (BCFA), which changed its named to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942.

It is therefore deeply ironic that amid a depression which had been inflicted upon the United States by an Anglo-American oligarchy, that a year before Eastman joined the undead in 1932, he would receive a letter from eugenicist movement leader, Margaret Sanger.

Amid the Great Depression, and following a mass demonstration of unemployed workers in Washington, D.C. in 1931, Sanger wrote with palpable disdain to Eastman. Sanger stated:

“The army of the unemployed massed before the Capitol yesterday morning – reminded one very forcibly that birth control in practice is the only thing that is going to help solve this economic and current problem.”

In 1932, Sanger had called for a Population Congress, to put the “choice of segregation or sterilization” to groups she regarded as degenerate “morons, mental defectives, epileptics, illiterates, paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, dope-fiends” that together evidently numbered between fifteen and twenty million Americans that she felt could be segregated.

Parenthood Licenses: In this newspaper advertisement, Marget Sanger proposed that couples apply for breeding permits, but this eugenicist idea failed to gain traction.

Later, Sanger chose Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, of the soap-manufacturing company Procter and Gamble, to be the BCFA regional director of the South. In a November 1939 memorandum entitled “Suggestions for the Negro Project,” Gamble stated “black leaders might regard birth control as an extermination plot.”

In a December 1939 response letter to Doctor C.J. Gamble, Sanger made suggestions regarding the “Negro Project” for which she advised it was critical to employ a full-time Negro physician because “they can get closer to their own members and more or less lay their cards on the table, which means their ignorance, superstitions and doubts.” In other words, white doctors would not be as successful as gleaning the “ignorance, superstitions and doubts” of colored people for the ‘Negro Project’.

Eugenicist Pen-Pals: Margaret Sanger, who founded the Birth Control Federation of America in 1921, conceived the Negro Project, whose eventual objective was the extermination of African Americans.

With this attitude, it is clear that Sanger’s ‘Negro Project’ was to eradicate African Americans. Sanger’ went on to pitch to Dr Gamble the persuasive power of ministers to dissuade:

“The minister’s work is also important and he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Upper Class ‘Racial Hygiene’ Correspondence: In December 1939 letter to Doctor C.J. Gamble, Margaret Sanger wrote that ministers would be crucial to persuade African Americans that the Birth Control Federation of America meant no harm if ever it occurred to their more rebellious members that we want to exterminate the Negro population.

In a 1957 interview with Mike Wallace, Sanger claimed she was a humanitarian. Sanger’s name is now infamous among the Black Lives Matter movement for conceiving of the ‘Negro Project’, whose objective was the eventual extermination of African Americans through family planning birth control technologies, techniques and tactics.

Psychopathic Eugenicist: Margaret Sanger’s pro-abortion vision was driven by the eugenicist utopian vision to improve the human race through planned breeding based on genetic traits, or ‘hereditary hygiene’ [The Mike Wallace Interview, 1957].

The Eugenics sterilization laws that were spearheaded by William W. Welch — the founding director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and the Vice Chairman of the Eugenics Record Office, and that were adopted by 33 U.S. states — were also used as the model for Germany’s 1933 sterilization law. The horrific scale of the Hitler’s Nazi Regime’s cruel eugenics experiments, sterilizations and murders led to the Nuremberg Code of 1947 which set out a set of principles designed to require informed consent of human subjects for medical research.

Nazi Nexus: American industrial corporations that had contracts with German corporations prior to and during World War II were: The Ford Motor Company, General Motors, International Business Machines (IBM), Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon-Mobil), DuPont, Dow Chemical, Alcoa Aluminum Company, American I.G. Chemical Corporation (later renamed General Aniline and Film), American International Telephone and Telegraph (IT&T), Radio Corporation of America (RCA), General Electric; Ozalid, and Agfa-Ansco.

It turns that the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil cartel were among approximately a dozen American industrial corporations that had contracts with German corporations prior to and during World War II. For instance, Rockefellers’ Standard Oil purchased significant stakes in General Electric, General Motors and IBM, whom supplied the Nazis war machine with patents, technologies, and parts.

Cunningly, the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil invested in American I.G. Farben as a means to transfer technologies, patents and investment to Nazi Germany to build up the Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie (I.G. Farben) chemical hemical and pharmaceutical cartel that would manufacture chemicals for explosives, engines to run in freezing temperatures, and the Zyclon B gas to poison spent slave labour. With such material help, the I.G. Farben comprising six companies BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, and Chemische Fabrik vorm were supplied with the most advanced fuels, anti-knocking products, and oil additives vital for Germany to run a viable mechanized air force, army and navy.

As Francis Conolly shows in JFK to 9/11, America’s industrial and banking dynastic families conspired with the wealthy of Europe, including the British and Dutch Royal Families to build up the Nazi War Machine.

The American ‘Fraternity’ as Charles Higham dubbed them in his seminal book Trading with the Enemy: The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949 — conspired to head the world’s dominant military and financial empire, centered on the control of oil. In his documentary, Why Big Oil Conquered the World, James Corbett shows that the ‘Oilygarchs’, whom also control banking, forged an empire to control humanity with eugenics, pharmaceuticals and genetic engineering.

In Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Professor Anthony Sutton argued compellingly the Nazi-financing Wall Street banks included: the Manhattan Bank which merged in 1955 with the Rockefeller owned-Chase National Bank (later Chase Manhattan, now JP Morgan Chase); the Schroeder-Rockefeller Company; the National City Bank of New York (now Citibank); the New York Trust Company; V. A. Harriman & Co., and Dillon & Read (which was acquired in 1991 by Barings Bank, which was acquired in 1997 by Swiss Bank Corporation, which was in turn acquired by UBS in 1998). These banks were all among the original stock-holders of privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as Eustace Mullins’ seminal book, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve shows. In Conjuring Hitler, Guido Preparata called this fraternity of bankers, ‘the Grid’. This conspiracy also involved the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Additionally, the New York-based Union Banking Corporation acted as a conduit for securities and bonds between Germany and the United States, that were owned by Fritz Thyssen, who funded Hitler’s rise and bailed-out his Nazi Party.

Dark Imperial Vision: A network of Western bankers, industrialists and spies conjured Hitler in the pursuit of a diabolical vision to forge a New World Order, by making Nazi Germany the core of the Western Empire – as Francis Conolly shows in JFK to 9/11.

IBM, for its part, not only supplied their computing machines and punch card systems to the Nazis, so that Jewish, gypsy and gay people could be efficiently rounded up, transported across Europe and worked to death in hundreds of concentration camps.

The Solutions Company: IBM’s German subsidiary Dehomag used Hollerith mechanical punch card technology to automate population demograghics, resources and geography with logistics that helped make the Nazi war machine efficient. IBM CEO Thomas J Watson met with Adolf Hitler.

As Edwin Black proves compellingly in his book, IBM and the Holocaust, the solutions company also maintained its own leased machines, constantly redesigned the punch cards in full knowledge of their customers’ purposes, and collected on the profits, as per arrangement, after World War II and the Final Solution. In other words, IBM’s punch card machines were an efficient data collecting mass surveillance tool for storing, organizing and communicating metadata to prosecute the Holocaust.

Meta-Data for Empire: To this day, IBM refuses to apologize to the world for its witting and critical role in assisting the 12-year Vatican-endorsed Teutonic Nazi Empire’s horrifically efficient war machine of infamy.

In 1952, and after the horrific scale of the Nazi Empire’s cruel eugenics experiments, sterilizations and murders became known, the long-time director of America Eugenics Society Frederick Osborn and John D. Rockefeller III together founded the Population Council. The Population Council pursued a stealthy modus operandi of building a network through grants and fellowships in ex-colonial nations, to spread birth control without foreign populations realizing it was an American effort, lest an imperial design was detected.

Such repugnant sterilizations continued in America under the radar in the post-war period. For instance, between 1970 and 1976 alone, between 25 and 50 percent of Native American women were sterilized.

The American Eugenics Society — which was founded in 1926 and produced the Eugenics Quarterly — was renamed the Journal of Social Biology in 1969, was directed by Alan Frank Guttmacher, who also simultaneously served as head of Planned Parenthood, before William Gates Sr became the chairman in 1974.

In his 2010 book, titled with weaponized irony, Showing up for Life, Bill Gates Senior bragged, “Every corner we turned in the field of global health, we’ve found the Rockefellers were already there and had been there for years.”

Eugenics of the Well-Healed: Margaret Sanger founded the Birth Control Federation of America in 1921, that became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942. The founding director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, William W. Welch, was also the Vice Chairman of the Eugenics Record Office, which was founded in 1910 by Mrs E. H. Harriman, and co-funded by the Rockefellers. In 1952, John D. Rockefeller III founded the Population Council with Frederick Osborn, the long-time director of American Eugenics Society. William Gates Sr succeeded Alan Frank Guttmacher as chairman of Planned Parenthood, who had simultaneously served as director of the American Eugenics Society.

The dark history of Planned Parenthood and its horrific institutionalization of genocide on America’s African and/or Hispanic communities was laid bare in a 2017 report “The Effects of Abortion on the Black Community”. The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) noted in this report that almost 80% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities were strategically located within walking distance of African and/or Hispanic communities. CURE estimated that more than 19 million black babies had been aborted since 1973.

In that year, the US Supreme Court ruled in case called Roe v. Wade that laws banning abortion violated the US Constitution. Since that decision, the lives of nearly 57 million pre-born babies have been extinguished in the United States to the year 2020.

Who’s Who of Predatory Philanthropy: At the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Philanthrophy Medals ceremony in 2002, William Gates II, Antony Fauci, George Soros, Ted Turner and Bill Moyers rub shoulders with David Rockefeller of the banking and oil dynasty; and in 2005 Bill Gates is made a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2020, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America publicly apologized for the racist legacy of its founder Margaret Sanger, amid the attention brought by Black Lives Matter to the impact that mass abortions have wrought on African-Americans. However, Planned Parenthood did not explain exactly the nature of the eugenicist legacy.

Therefore, how Bill Gates Senior’s son made his fortune with the computing software company Microsoft is critical to comprehending the hidden eugenics agenda that underpins why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation came to be at the center of a Global Health Syndicate between 2010 and 2020.

Bio-security Syndicate Front-Group: Over a period of two decades, the Gates Foundation rose to orbit at the center of a Global Health Syndicate consisting of Big Pharma, billionaire-funded foundations, centers for public health, regulatory institutions and non-profits advocacy groups.

Microsoft’s ‘big break’ to supply IBM with software to assist its move into the personal computer market occurred as a result of Bill Gates’ mother (nee Mary Ann Maxwell) who asked IBM Chairman and CEO, John Opel, to arrange help for her son. Mary Maxwell Gates and John Opel were directors on the board of United Way America. In 1959, Opel had been executive assistant to IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson Jr., son of IBM’s founder Thomas J. Watson, whose analogue punch card computing system was instrumental in helping the Vatican-endorsed 12-year Teutonic Nazi Empire become an efficient war machine.

Moreover, IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson Jr. was on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation in 1968, which is significant because at this time the Rockefeller’s used their Foundation to recommit to their eugenicist utopian vision.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s 1968 annual report spoke about the ‘need’ for research to produce vaccines with an infertility function as a solution for population control, claimed the poor for perpetuating their problems by breeding too much, and signalled its commitment to birth control strategies as a necessary condition to improve the conditions of the destitute. According to the Rockefeller Foundation:

❝The unchecked fertility of the indigent (or destitute), does much to perpetuate poverty, undereducation and underemployment, not only in urban slums, but also in depressed rural areas. Social and economic development of this group is impeded — even prevented — by early and uncontrolled fertility, just as economic improvement in many developing countries is hindered by population growth. Although birth control is obviously not a sufficient condition for improvement in either situation, it is a necessary condition. The Foundation is giving continuing consideration to methods by which it can assist with further extension of family planning services.❞

Given such brazen projection of blame on the victims of economic warfare strategies inflicted by America’s oligarchic dynastic families, it’s not surprising to find that John D Rockefeller III and IV were also on the Rockefeller Foundation Board in 1968.

Therefore, by these moves to support birth control technologies, including funding vaccine sterilization research, the Rockefeller’s recommitment to their multi-generational eugenicist vision was also consistent with their machinations to structurally assist the Nazis. The Rockefellers’ central role in an epic program to cull populations, embroil the United States in World War II and wreck Europe after investing in war technologies for Nazi Germany and the Allies — belies a repugnant culture of dynastic families. Such dynastic families that have ruled the Western Empire throughout the present Third Hundred Years’ War, which began with the Boer War in 1899, and have accumulated colossal power, wealth and control.

Tracing the ‘Supreme Group’: The hidden objective underlying the horrors of the 20th Century was to destroy nation state autonomy, or independence, in an occult rivarly to forge a universal empire.

In 1972, the World Health Organization teamed-up with the Rockefeller Foundation to establish a task-force on vaccines for fertility regulation. By 1976, WHO researchers had developed a conjugated tetanus toxoid (TT) with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to produced a “birth-control” vaccine. The anti-HGC vaccine prevents women carrying babies to term by stimulating an immune reaction during early pregnancy causing would-be mothers to produce antibodies to attack a hormone that is secreted on the surface of the embryo to assist it to remain in the womb.

Twenty years after the Rockefeller Foundation expressed the idea that vaccines could be produced with an infertility function as a solution for population control, the Rockefeller Foundation skited that a contraceptive vaccine called Norplant which had been developed with funding from the Rockefeller-sponsored Population Council, had been approved for marketing in 12 countries in 1988.

In 1993, WHO announced a “birth-control vaccine” for “family planning”. Since the 1993, numerous scandals broke out in developing countries over WHO-sponsored tetanus vaccination programs. The World Health Organization was accused of distributing vaccines laced with HCG to reduce population growth in such places as Mexico in 1993, the Philippines and Nicaragua in 1994, and Peru in 1995.

That same bat-year of 1995, the Journal of Social Science & Medicine published an article titled, “Social Science & Medicine Immunization to regulate fertility: Biological and cultural frameworks”, in which Angeline FayeSchrater observed the disturbing shift in thinking that pathologized pregnancy. Angeline Faye Schrater foresaw the fight that humanity would face when she wrote:

“Many scholars and government officials subscribe to the following logic: the global environmental crisis is due to over-population which necessitates population control programs; thus pregnancy can be considered a disease subject to state control. But pregnancy is not a disease nor is over-population the single major cause of environmental degradation. However, as governments grapple with the economic, social, and ecological consequences of population growth, draconian measures to control fertility will be ever more tempting. The resistance or compliance of individuals (and of populations) will depend greatly upon their social, cultural, economic, and gendered places in society.”

In bat-year of 2012 in London, and on the 100th anniversary of the First International Eugenics Congress that took place in London, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a Family Planning Summit, and recommitted to Third World population control. This includes programs to mass distribution contraceptives such as injectables and implants and IUDs in additions to condoms.l This can sound benign.

Except, when it is realized that controlling Third World population is consistent with the population control policy written by David Rockefeller’s friend and fellow schemer, Henry Kissinger, when he was U.S. Secretary of State. In the once-secret National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) of 1974, the logic for controlling Third World population growth was to produce social stability because rising populations would lead to civil disturbances, changes in the world order balance of power, and complicate access to resources that were deemed necessary to sustain the growth of the U.S. economy. ‘The Kissinger Report’ stated:

“The US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the US enhanced interest in the political, economic and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to economic interests of the United States.”

‘The Dark Prince’: Henry Kissinger’s infamous 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) identified ‘Third World’ population growth as a threat to U.S. based transnationals seeking to exploit minerals deposits.

NSSM named 13 “key countries” that were of “special political and strategic interest” to the United States: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. Kissinger viewed population growth in those nations as problematic, because their rapid growth would translate into pressures on their relative political, economic, and military power. The National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), also asked “Would food be considered an instrument of national power?” and whether the United States would be willing to restrict food aid “to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?”

Therefore, the meddling of eugenicist-minded Western oligarchs in Third World counties expected to supply resources becomes apparent by seeing what predatory philanthro-capitalists can’t or won’t fund. For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates did not fund programs to dismantle market dominating cartels that control the world’s food, energy, chemicals, medicines, construction, transport, manufacturing, media, money, telecommunications and information technology supplies. Predatory philanthropy is designed to fund research, projects, causes that serve the core of philosophy of the super-rich: Oligarchism.

The documentary MONOPOLY shows that Vanguard and Blackrock owns the biggest stakes not only in Pfizer, but other Big Pharma companies such as AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and Pfizer’s vaccine development partner, BioNTech.
The Global Power Elite: The world’s super-rich have accumulated so much wealth, that their needs for maintaining faster than average capital accumulation are immense, and require regime changes through war, coup d’état and juntas.

Oligarchism is the belief in the right of super-rich people to rule over humanity through the structural domination of resources, including institutions, covert networks and the exploitation of secret mechanisms. Dominant capitalist coalitions act as aggressive oligarchies wielding their enormous control over economic resources to capture governments, forge empires, and periodically inflict resets through financial, economic, military and psychological warfare.

As such, oligarchies — which cannot exist without massive disparities in wealth — are the root cause of the key problems that beset humanity.

In the documentary — “MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?” — Tim Gielen presents his thesis that Vanguard and Blackrock are at the zenith of ownership stakes across every major industry that dominate the Western Empire. Earlier, a 2018 book, Giants: The Global Power Elite, by Peter Phillips, a professor of political sociology at Sonoma State University in the USA, identified twenty asset management firms and banks at the center of global capital: BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, J.P Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Bank of NY Mellon, Bank of America, Barclays, Allianz, Capital Group, Morgan Stanley, AXA, Prudential, Amundi, FMR, Wellington Capital Management, Northern Trust and BNP Paribas.

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Controlling the World’s Most Coveted ‘Resource’

In an animated film entitled, Mass Psychosis – How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill, the phenomena of societal menticide is explored as a manifestation of an epidemic of madness. The groups, Academy of Ideas and After Skool, collaborated to present the threat of totalitarianism to civilization in the context of the Corona Pandemic.

Mass Psychosis shows how fear spread through propaganda amid a crisis, whether natural, engineered or imagined, can be exploited by the rulers of a totalitarian regime, to curb liberties, imprison, torture and cull targetted scapegoats and enslave mass populaces. Amid such fear, totalitarians enjoy a cult-like status among segments of mass populations who are gripped by irrationality and are persuaded to act against their own best interests to sacrifice the freedom of their offspring, their morality and their economic independence.

In his 1978 essay, “The Power of the Powerless Citizens Against the State in Central-Eastern Europe”, political dissident Václav Havel wrote that ‘parallel structures’ emerged to forge social self-organization to cope and rid itself amid totalitarian regimes.

Havel — who later became the 1st President of the Czech Republic — observed that such parallel structures as businesses, institutions, groups, technologies or creative pursuits groups that existed morally outside the totalitarian regime were more effective at combating totalitarianism than political action.

Furthermore, when enough parallel structures form, a parallel culture or society spontaneously forms as enclaves of sanity within the totalitarian regime.

In his book, Beyond Civilization – Humanity’s Next Great Adventure, Daniel Quinn stated “memes are to cultures what genes are to bodies” and proposed the idea that culture is a meme pool. Crucially, Quinn stated that hierarchical civilization, at its core, is an idea that has us believe there is only one right way to live.

Many hierarchical systems of civilization have innovated, copied or repackaged social control mechanisms that impose this idea with rules, norms and artificial scarcity over resources.

One common objective, however, pervades the arrangements of hierarchical civilizations from dusty antiquity to the present day, including those with city state cults that ostensibly attempted to venerate the beauty of the feminine and masculine by honouring the perfection and fallibility in every human. That enduring objective, was, and remains: controlling access to the world’s most coveted ‘resource’ — Vagina.

Many of the great cultural heroes of the past, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, and Jesus. But, the virgin descriptor did not carry the connotations to sexual chastity that it does today.

Rather, figures such as Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were described as virgins to convey their sexual independence, according to Monica Sjöö and Barbara Mor in their 1987 book, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth. Evidently, later Christian translators distorted the meaning into “sexually pure, chaste, never touched” to construct the Cult of a ‘Virgin Mary’.

Christainity was a highly competitive free enterprise market of small and medium-sized churches before Rome established the Catholic monopoly franchise in 380 A.D.. The symbol-laden myth propagating religion of Catholicism was, in fact, founded on plagiarisms of mythological elements from prior city state cults.

The trailblazing scholar of world religions, Joseph Campbell stated in, Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor, the Virgin Birth metaphor, along with the Salvation and Resurrection metaphors, were commonplace elements in creation myths and religious cults across all major cultures. The Salvation and Resurrection metaphors were state endorsed in 325 A.D., when Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea, ostensibly to decide whether God incarnated as a man, or if Christ simply lived virtuously.

Of the 1600 Christian Bishops invited to Council of Nicaea, only 300 attended, because ‘the Hunger Games’ of the Roman Empire — the horrific sport of feeding scapegoated Christians to hungry, provoked lions — was only outlawed in 313 A.D., or so the popular culture mythology would have us believe.

Evidently, amidst fighting in the eastern cities over which of the hundreds of Christian churches were preaching the ‘correct’ version of Christ’s life, Emperor Constantine hit upon the idea of a united church as the ideological glue to unite the Roman Empire.

After two months of what must have involved a great deal of sycophantic circle-jerking, the Council of Nicaea ratified the Nicene Creed — by vote.

Christ had not simply lived virtuously. A monotheistic God had incarnated as a man, apparently. If the world’s most famous legendary messianic figure had been an exemplary human who lived virtuously, who would need a church?

Market demand could be created by selling the idea that this messianic figure was an extremely, extremely rare occurrence. The Council of Nicaea had simply re-worked the monotheistic innovation of the Hebrew prophets Amos, Hosea, Isiah and Micah whom transformed the cult of Yahweh into the worship of the Earth’s first universal A-Lister God — who evidently directed the universe.

Moses is credited with introducing the covenant idea that eventually led to the creation of the world’s first monotheistic cult.

The mythological figure Yahweh, evidently regarded humans as a companion, not a slave and evidently made a covenant with the Israelites that if they followed his rules something favourable would follow and by their loyalty, he would restore them to ‘the promised land’. This mythological figure Yahweh had already led Abraham out of Ur to Canaan.

Moses allegedly led the Israelites from a miserable life of bondage in the Nile Delta region of Egypt, forged a confederation (that included other nomadic tribes), and that would become instrumental in the occupation of the land of Canaan or Palestine, to etch out a living as pastoralists. The confederation’s settlement in Palestine was a militaristic invasion. The Philistines, who arrived with iron weapons, overran the Hebrews, who lost much of the territory they had gained through conquest. To meet this crisis, the Hebrew Monarchy was founded about 1025 B.C. along with ‘The Prophets’ as an institution.

Their monotheistic innovation matched the political vision of Hebrew monarchy, which had forged the Kingdom of Israel. King David planned a temple, which his son King Solomon built in Jerusalem, thus fused political consolidation with the new religion.

In these convoluted layered ways, complete with deception upon deception, the two Abrahamic monotheistic religions — Judaism and Christianity — are entwined with plagiarisms regarding their mythological elements that were lifted from prior city state cult franchises. These moves were made to resolve political crises of ruling class power rivalries.

Indeed, the defining feature of a franchise — whether it be ecclesiastical, political, commercial, cultural, or martial — is its reproduction of scarcity. Ironically, all such hierarchical franchises have sought to control the reproduction of humans, and therefore have targetted females and males for conditioning against their innate human nature.

Today, the ‘immaculate conception’ is conflated with the idea that celibate clergy are ‘married to God’. This belief is crucial to the Vatican’s deceptive power. Beginning with Pope Benedict VIII, who banned priests from marrying in 1022 A.D., a succession of medieval popes repressed clergy sexuality in order to control staff positions and end offspring inheriting church property.

It took five popes and three centuries to elevate the myth of the Virgin Birth across the Christian World during the medieval period. The Cult of Mary was closely associated with a general rise in hopefulness and optimism in the twelfth-century West, according to Western Civilizations: Their History and Their Culture.

This train of historical and mythical events means Emperor Constantine’s defining legacy was forging a new mythology in a failed attempt to unite the Roman Empire. Starting from Moses’ elevation of a minor Yahweh Cult god into an exclusive deity for the Hebrew people, to the legendary Christ figure’s mythologized birth in a Bethlehem hotel’s stable, and onto the Vatican’s machinations to consolidate its power by marketing the Virgin Birth metaphor with the Cult of Mary — two of the world’s major religions have played key roles in stymieing humanity’s evolution.

The myriad resource-consuming social control mechanisms, such as religious cults, economic systems, political regimes and military complexes that have been invented all seek to transform the vaginas of sexually active women and girls into a scarce ‘resource’. Boys and men are indoctrinated to conform to the system of social order — whether it requires adhering to a religiously imposed-dowry system, a political system with a highly attenuated class system, or the acquirement status symbols marketed with sexual psychological manipulation — to gain access to pussy.

This pressure retards the expression of real love, human creativity and ultimately humanity’s evolution because most boys, girls, men and women make so many choices that are a consequence of civilizational systems that subtly regulate love and other acts of positive anarchy.

The heterosexual male’s desire for pussy — as well as awe of the female form and need for intimate female love — is exploited by ruling class élites, whom oversee highly resource-consuming systems that attempt to make social control as sustainable as possible, by limiting access to such a ‘resource’.

The relentless attempts to control access to Vagina and exploit what spawns from Vagina and the womb as pawns, have manifested as proxy wars to conquer real love, by limiting spontaneity, since the formidable cosmic forces of True Love are expressive acts of positive anarchy that resist regulation.

From Where We All Spawn: Pussy Riot mocks the planet’s ruling class males for devaluing females while subtly reminding the world of Vagina’s magical power, and why Vagina remains like a contested jurisdiction that Pussy Riot inspires women and girls to reclaim.

In other words, the relentless doubling down to restrict access to vaginas is really about controlling breeding within and between the classes, as well as controlling the produce of the female body, and exploiting what spawns from Vagina and the womb as pawns, in order to restrict access to the world’s valued resources. Such resources — including land, dominant institutions and strategic technological innovations — underpin structural forces that both bind civilizations and have the potential to free humanity.

If ruling élites lose control over the componentry that comprise the structural forces, then humanity gains autonomy or independence, while the rulers’ hierarchical systems become irrelevant.

All of this means the strategic structural ambushes targetting the planet’s plentiful provisions of pussy emerges as the striking theme that reveals the meta-pattern of the deep world history.

In the present so-called Corona Pandemic, the human body is the target in an undeclared bio-warfare heist complete with ransom notes that cast humanity as ‘Covid suspects’. In this epic extortion racket – privacy, free will, and true love are marked for extinction, while the world rushes headlong into a dystopian totalitarian Techno-Feudal World Order.

Techno-Feudalism is a form a totalitarianism. In The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt wrote, “Totalitarianism strives not to achieve despotic rule over men, but toward a system in which men are superfluous.”

In other words, this totalitarian system – technocracy – seeks to make humans pointless, unnecessary and worthless. This corporatized totalitarianism can be hard to detect, perceive or comprehend because the marketing is so slick, the rhetoric is manipulative and the imagery is alluring. 

A technocracy is an economic system that exploits technology as a means of social control through the allocation of energy and resources managed to service hidden monopolies, the privatization of government and the supreme control of unseen super-rich dynastic rulers.

This Bio-Security Techno-Feudalist technocracy has three aims.

The first is to make privacy extinct through total surveillance. Once privacy is extinct, the capacity to pursue, express and defend free-will is intended to become extinct, because the infrastructure of constant surveillance incursions upon on spontaneous behaviours, thoughts and imagination can be expected to transform free-will into regulated thought control.

If free-will becomes extinct, then bona fide human love will become severely threatened with extinction because love is an expression of free-will.

Absent the capacity to think freely, feel freely, and act, intuit and move freely — liberty becomes a husk marketed as commodified services. Upon this techno-tyranny trajectory, humanity is on course to be harvested as data commodities, targetted with individuated advertising mediated by social group algorithms, and automatically manipulated with bio-medical updates interfaced with the WiFi radio-wave networks.

In other words, the hyper-chip sensory world that we, the human monkeys, are being manipulated to construct, is presently on course to become a proxy for the bona fide unregulated, unmediated and un-surveilled experiences of thriving lives that are expressions of real love.

In short, humanity is getting screwed by the degenerate global élite whom have worked out a hi-tech way to distract, divide and defeat human communities of all walks of life, with the cover-story of a global pandemic.

Coordinated Flying: Humanity in the Western Empire can be likened to disabled birds with clipped or broken wings unable to fly effectively due to conditioning to think with left or right wing political mindsets, fear-induced obedience and regulated doses of hopium — and unless we break the cycle of inter-class, inter-generational and inter-national violence caused by super-rich Oligarchs, then True Love will become extinct.

The spooky spectre of such a dystopian future is that there will be no opt-out, short of suicide and that grim choice – which is typically made when humans can see no ‘up‘ or no end to suffering – also may become impossible in a world of total surveillance.

The gaslighting trickery seeks to re-program the majority of humanity with a combination of fear and hope, since fear scares humans with the perceived cause of the problem, while hope steers us toward the desired solutions of the global élites. It turns out that hope is the only emotion more powerful than fear. While fear is a powerful emotion to activate to control people, hope is a formidible motivator for the long haul, to endure hardship.

However, hope is hazardous for the hierarchical rulers because if hope is abundant, such rulers will lose control of their system. In other words, all civilizations peddle fear and regulate hope in convoluted ways to restrict access to Vagina, to control the produce of the womb and debase the value of precious human life.

Yet, because the cosmic forces of True Love are expressive acts of positive anarchy, True Love resists regulation, fights when necessary, and creates bona fide solutions for the evolutionary rejuvenation of thriving culture.

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➼ Sabotage of Free Enterprise & Households in Gambit for Universal Empire

Numerous dissenting voices — such as Dr David Martin, Catherine Austin Fitts, Whitney Webb, James Corbett, Cory Morningstar, Denis Rancourt, Iain Davis, Alison Hawver McDowell, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Vandana Shiva, Derrick Broze and Corey Lynn — have provided evidence that is contrary to the Covid narrative, which holds that the world was unprepared for a global pandemic.

Since the ‘Great Corona Reset’ appears to have been driven by an imperial Western Empire Syndicate in conjunction with factional oligarchic coalitions across the world, historian Carroll Quigley’s model for studying civilizations is crucial for comprehending to rivalries, dynamics and mechanisms for forging, sustaining and collapsing a civilization. In his 1961 book, The Evolution of Civilization – An Introduction to Historical Analysis, Quigley stated, civilizations only become empires when they turn aggressively expansionist and engage in imperial wars.

Quigley — who moved in the circles of the Anglo-American Establishment primarily responsible for engineering two global wars — theorized that every civilization has a supreme ruling group to control the fighting factions, while ensuring that the masses do not gain enough surplus to forge their independence. At such times, institutions that manage the surplus of a civilization become vested interest institutions accumulating the wealth of the surplus production, and stymie reform, promote irrationalism, oppress scapegoated groups and pursue imperialist wars as empires.

What makes Western Civilization unique, stated historian Carroll Quigley, is that it has transitioned from “Stage 3: Expansion” to “Stage 4: Age of Conflict” three times. These three Ages of Conflict have been the Hundred Years’ War (1300-1430), the Second Hundred Years’ War (1650-1815) and the Third Hundred Years’ War 1899-present.

The first Hundred Years’ War was ostensibly fought over the Kingdom of France, and marked the decline of feudalism, the rise of nationalism and the commercial revolution which was enabled by the credit revolution innovated by the Knights Templars. The core of Western Civilization was conquered by an imperialist state: by Henry V’s England around 1420 resulting in chivalry being circumvented with commercial capitalism. In the Second Hundred Years’ War, France under Napoleon conquered the core area in 1810 establishing mercantilism that was later circumvented with industrial capitalism. During the Third Hundred Years’ War, Hitler’s Western-backed Germany conquered the core area, and monopoly capitalism was supplanted with finance capitalism that was later circumvented by neo-feudalist globalism, which over-rode nation-state autonomy.

One legacy of the attempts to sustain civilizations since 3600 B.C. is that there have been over 14,500 major wars, which have abruptly ended the lives of nearly four billion people, as the The New Internationalist reported in April 1999. In other words, the planet’s populations are the survivors of a horrific legacy of warfare, which has shaped “the historic relationships of the world’s nations and in the creation and destruction of states”, as Field-Marshal Lord Carver wrote in the 1995 edition of Collins Dictionary of Wars.

In short, humanity’s evolutionary development has been retarded because we are a war traumatized species.

As I mentioned above, the root cause of the problems that beset humanity is the philosophy of oligarchism, which is the perceived narcissistic sociopathic right to rule over humanity, and its most virulent strain manifests as the psychopathic vision of world domination.

The susceptibility of liberal societies across Western Civilization falling prey to mass psychosis or an epidemic of menticide during the ‘Corona Pandemic’ — has laid bear a multi-decade indoctrination project that have harnessed CIA-sponsored mind-control techniques to brainwash mass populaces into trusting authority figures.

In the school night length-documentary, Plandemic InDoctorNation, by Mikki Willis, the founder of Mosaic Technologies, Dr David E. Martin said the World Health Organization was captured by a ‘Global Health Syndicate’. Dr Martin traced the patents on the coronavirus since 2002 — and believes that life insurers are the dominant group among the Covid Pirates, Privateers and Orchestra. In a recent lecture, Dr Martin pointed out that the mass killing of the elderly under the cover of a pandemic serves to save life insurers from huge payouts on policies by shortening their lives.

Additionally, a mass cull of the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable saves the state the burden of finding tax revenues to meet unfunded liabilities of public healthcare, veteran and old-age pensions and other welfare services, as journalist Jacqui Deevoy’s documentary A Good Death? presents in the context of the United Kingdom’s treatment of the elderly during the ‘Corona Pandemic’.

This systemic program of medical democide occurring in the United Kingdom under the rubric of a global Covid-19 pandemic supports the argument of Dr Bryan Ardis, that a similar mass murder program was inflicted on unwitting patients in the United States by a stealthy transnational network of eugenicists. Indeed, I proved in Pharmageddon — Part 1: How masked bandits in the US FDA, NIH & CDC used Gilead’s Remdesivir to democide ‘Covid-19 patients’ that US health officials and the drug’s manufacturer, Gilead Pharmaceuticals, knew that remdesivir caused multiple organ failure, including impairing kidney function, before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization of May 1 2020.

The background of the Covid bandit, Bill Gates, his family and their ties to the Eugenics Movement shows that the Western Empire Syndicate has a stealthy agenda to control the world’s population with a two pronged approach. One prong of this eugenicist vision is limiting general population growth through vaccines, compounds in foods and nanotechnology with stealthy sterility functions — as their track record indicates.

The second prong of population control is about maintaining social control on a permanent basis through investment in a technological super-structure of global governance, SMART-Grid infrastructure and mega-cities. These projects, which are hardly on the public’s radar as looming threats to the liberty of open and free societies, are marketed to appear to be apolitical because the ‘sustainable development’ rhetoric seems to have buy-in from all walks of life, age groups and political segments. The roll-out of a Techno-Feudal system with chipped immunity passports, mass biometric data collection and the deployment of 5G telecommunications technologies are crucial infrastructure to trace, track and ticket everyone on the planet.

The technological superstructure needed to make the development of a Techno-Feudalists’ utopia sustainable, is actually being fast-tracked amid the ‘Great Corona Reset’, as The New Normal documentary made clear.

Worst Case Scenarios Governance: Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben sees the “symptoms and signs of a broader experiment” to forge a new biosecurity operating system that “will exceed that of all forms of government known thus far in the political history of the West”.

The Techno-Feudalist trajectory that humanity is presently travelling upon is very much a consequence of the accumulation of power that has resulted from the ongoing Third Hundred Years’ War. This epic global war now seeks to destroy household autonomy, wreck free enterprise and construct a universal totalitarian empire through domination of the Chip Revolution, which began in 1959.

Under the rubric of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, the development of computing technologies are drawing all processes, transactions and relationships into digitally-mediated protocols.

The rhetoric that emerged in June 2020 from the billionaire-funded World Economic Forum — about Covid-19 opening up an opportunity for a ‘Great Reset’ to accelerate this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ — is really about a Techno-Feudalist conquest of Vagina.

Key players in the World Economic Forum, which is a front-group for the degenerate global élite, seek nothing less than to re-purpose the bio-functionality of all life — including humans. Therefore, the global élites’ plans to debase humanity even further, literally involves subsuming the beautiful life-giving capacity of the human female to a future techno-dependency treadmill.

Hence, my sarcastic rhetoric about ‘vagina’ being the world’s most ‘coveted resource’ actually ridicules the repugnant recasting of women and girls as superfluous sites of permanent entertainment, exploitation and enslavement in a possible dystopian future — perhaps within a mere dozen trips around the sun.

This Empire and Pussy thesis is, therefore, a call to boys and men everywhere to ‘grow a pair’, and step into the grounded principle of Grace. For it is my observation that so many males of this world lack solid principles, because they avoid political puberty since they have been conditioned for millennia to arrange their lives to secure access to pussy — as crass it sounds.

Meanwhile, girls and women also need to undergo a political puberty to overcome a conditioned avoidance to learning about the deep state machinations of empires.

Nut Gathering Prowess: Boys and men have been competitively conditioned by hierarchical systems for millennia to conform to a class, culture and craft to create a surplus to better the odds of securing access to Vagina. However, women and girls the world-over often cut a track to ‘gather nuts’ because boys and men procrastinate.

This conditioning of humanity has become more attentuated since the rise of the Global Media Cartel, which in the West act as the propaganda arm of the US-NATO Military Empire. It is critical that humanity does go through a political puberty, or mass paradigm shift, because we are being goaded into fighting one another.

Indeed, German journalist Ernst Wolff recently told New Zealand liberty movement group, Voices for Freedom, the global elite have caused widespread destabilization of societies by inflicting economic warfare under the cover of Pandemic Response measures. Wolff said the global elites’ intention is to provoke civil wars across the world, in order to justify full Martial Law and accelerate the deployment of totalitarian rule.

Citizen journalist Polly St George makes the case for confronting totalitarianism with the ethos of Grace in her podcast, Living Under Grace Will Stop Totalitarianism.

Grace is not merely about being a great dinner party host.

Grace is the principled wise ethos that trumps authority when leaders are undeserving of respect. With Grace, humans can stand firm when fear and hope are operationalized for emotional hijacking. The quality of Grace is also fierce when the land, community and household are threatened by tricksters, whether they be travelling puppet governors, psychopathic predatory philanthropists or plane-loads of jet-setting technocratic totalitarians.

The Global Health Syndicate’s target market for uptake of its bio-security operating system is ‘Western Civilization’, or the liberal democracies of the world, and their prize is America.

Technocracy’s Cover-Stories: At Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting at the Forum’s headquarters in Cologny, near Geneva, January 13, 2016, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, shows a copy of his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Four years on, June 2020, Schwab launches his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, and the World Economic Forum doubles down for the hi-tech Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the fusion of computing chip technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, and telecommunications — with brain research and biological life — and aims to alter biological functionality of all life-forms to fit the new ‘economic model’. Proponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution seek the eventual fusion of humans with machine as an enslaved workforce, data-mined, mind-controlled and shelled-out to perform tasks in vast hi-tech mega-cities ruled by the system of technocracy, or a scientific dictatorship on behalf of unseen super-rich oligarchs.

The World Economic Forum has been placed front and center to promote this so-called ‘Great Reset’ under the auspices of the Covid-19 Transformation, which has been inserted as the cause célèbre into a platform for implementing a super-structure for global governance that was actually launched in 2017. When the Corona Pandemic magically manifested, this global governance platform was given a Great Reset makeover.

In his 2020 book, Covid-19: The Great Reset, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, who sounds like a wannabe charisma-less dictator, he stipulates that returning to “business as usual … won’t happen because it can’t happen.” To advance his circular argument, that admits no counter-factuals about the machinations of the global élites to periodically inflict, Schwab wrote:

“If no one power can can enforce order, our world will suffer from a “global order deficit.” Unless individual nations and international organizations succeed in finding solutions to better collaborate at the global level, we risk entering an age of entropy” in which retrenchment, fragmentation, anger and parochialism will increasingly define our global landscape, making it less intelligible and more disorderly”.

In his brief critique of the Corona Pandemic measures, “Biosecurity and Politics”, Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben offered a squint at the “symptoms and signs of a broader experiment”. Amid the unfolding narrative in health security that he saw being constructed out of health terror, which was used as a mechanism for governing by “worst case scenarios”, Agamben observed in early May 2020.

Agamben saw the implications of the unfolding biosecurity paradigm as so far-sweeping that this new operating system “will exceed that of all forms of government known thus far in the political history of the West”.

Not least, because it has already achieved impositions on civic life by ministerial decree that fascism could only imagine. The political system that Agamben sees telegraphed includes an expansion of the ‘social distancing’ concept to the political realm, where the entire citizenry is recast as contagion suspects, and the bio-data driven solutions produces a permanent physical distancing.

The casting of blame for upsurges in Covid ‘cases’ on outcast groups slandered as the ‘unvaccinated’ has historical precedence in the Eugenics Era.

Nazi Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav relates the similarities between the casting of Jewish population as disease carriers and today’s targetting of the unvaccinated as dangers to public health. Sharav also mentions the overturning of moral norms by eugenicists and erosion of social conscience by fear spread through all-pervasive propaganda in the Nazi era, as a way to compare the present machinations to gas-light the world in Medical Martial Law. Sharav also sketches the continuity of corporations, banking interests and dynastic families embroiled in the buildup of the Nazi war machine, and the present industrial-philanthropy-media complex that has planned the Corona Reset for decades.

Seeing History Riffed: Nazi holocaust child survivor, Vera Sharav, emphasized to German attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich that member countries of the United Nations cannot lawfully overturn the post-World War II settlement of the Nuremberg Code.

Indeed, amid the ‘Covid-19 PlanPanic Health Emergency’, the brutal shut-downs of states took on a warped logic belying a planet under siege by mysterious forces skilled in casting spells.

Because there was a pre-planned military-grade psychological warfare operation deployed to construct a hegemonic block that would bias the official Corona narrative — it shaped public discourses, institutional responses and a professional malaise throughout the United Nations member countries.

Under the guise of the coronavirus outbreak, an expansion of U.S. debt by $4 trillion has been used to bail-out the global banks, top-tier financial institutions, and U.S.-based transnational corporations. Without this Tax Slave-backed ‘Federal’ Monopoly Money, the huge transnational cartels that dominate every industry of the Western Empire would fall behind in the technological race with the Chinese and Russian empires.

Brazenly, the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Jerome Powell, blamed the coronavirus for the strategic sabotage of whole industries. On May 13th 2020, Jerome Powell said:

“The current downturn is unique in that it is attributable the virus and the steps to limit its fallout. This time, high inflation was not a problem. There was no economy threatening bubble to pop, and no unsustainable boom to bust. The virus is the cause, not the usual suspects. Something worth keeping in mind as we respond.”

Swallow & Gulp on a Big Lie: Board Chairman of the Federal Reserve Cartel, Jerome Powell, claims the virus is the cause of the economic downturn, not the usual suspects.

Mr Powell finished with a Shakespearean gulp as he swallowed the sound of his lying voice, as John Titus of Best Evidence amusingly pointed out. Thus, Powell’s claim essentially to blame the virus to deflect responsibility away from the Federal Reserve Cartel’s decision to – once again – strategically sabotage the U.S. economy.

The transnational banking syndicate – which is a part of the Western Synarchy that controls the privately-owned Federal Reserve Cartel – exploited the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’ to get a massive stealthy tax-funded stimulus. Titus shows how the New York Federal Reserve rescued the JP Morgan Chase-led Repo Market shock, which was an engineered mini-crisis following the Fed’s selloff of junk assets (represented by the blue line) from its balance sheet. The Repo Market shock was reflected in the stock markets meta-data (depicted by green curve) that dropped relative to the Fed reducing the size of its balance sheet. Then, between February 26th and March 18th 2020, the stock market crashed following the sell-off by key insiders, such as Blue Origin and Amazon ‘founder’ Jeff Bezos, and did not climb again until it was apparent the U.S. Congress would moved to authorize a $2 trillion bailout under the guise of a ‘coronavirus relief package’.

Most of humanity has yet to grasp the fact that the coming vaccine passports are the entry point to fuse a social credit scoring system — like totalitarian China — with a carbon tax transactions system and a new digital global monetary system interfacing with mobile phones.

Extinction of Autonomous Households or Outwitting Tyranny? Catherine Austin-Fitts states that free enterprise is essential to maintaining free and open societies.

The behavior modifications that have occurred so far — such as submitting to QR-code mass surveillance, swab testing, nationwide house arrest, social distancing, long queues for food, watching daily advisories and mass vaccinations — have presaged the objective to segregate society with a stealthy medical apartheid system.

The carbon credit system implies a global carbon tax transactions system, which if unchecked will fuse with global biosecurity system and global central bank digital currencies.

While the crucial project of identity re-codification occurs with subversive terminology such as herd immunity that likens humanity to livestock,
a brazen re-engineering of Western Civilization occurs to extinguish liberal democracies, and replace their governance systems with technocracy.

By the beginning of October 2020, total U.S. national debt reached a colossal $27 trillion. This imperial scale expansion of the manufactured credit was a required action to finance the overhaul of the U.S. economy, reforge the Western Civilization with a bio-security matrix and invest in the development of mega-cities to sustainably manage Carbon Tax Herds stripped of their humanity.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is USNationalDebtPasses27Trillion2Oct2020PetersonFoundation02-1024x538.jpg

Reading the runes, to achieve this brazen plan, the prize — the United States — has to be destabilized.

This dystopian Techno-Feudal future envisages a hi-tech overhaul of the U.S. economy under the rubric of a bio-security operating matrix with 10 mega-regions and mega-cities, and with Western Civilization transformed to be more like totalitarian China.

The10 mega-regions planned for the transformation of the United States, would be governed by mega-cities, and would be built out by the dystopian year of 2050, as envisaged in 2006, by the Rockefeller Foundation project called “America 2050”.

The “America 250” project naturalized the formation process of 10 mega-regions as “emergent”, as if state ethnographers, federal geographers and city biographers just happened to observe this spontaneously organic phenomenon and studiously reported the patterns to one of the Rockefeller dynasty’s social engineering foundations – in case they might be interested. The idea of hi-tech mega-cities sprawling across USA America implies a demise of the mangled Remnant 1st Republic — despite the rhetoric.

Glimpsing the Robocop Future: The “America 2050” envisages 10 mega-regions with hi-tech mega-cities, a technocratic plan that has no mandate from the American people.

Yet, the planning for these mega-regions feature exists in the U.S. Federal Highways Administration’s plans. They correspond to the state-gobbling regional jurisdictions concept used by the privately-owned Federal Reserve banking cartel since 1913, and by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose power accumulation accelerated under the Neo-Con/Zionist Bush II Regime following the 9/11 Coup D’état.

The build-out of Smart-chipped mega-cities under the rubric of sustainable development, including the America 2050 Project, implies epic-scale plunder, mass dislocation and wars. The United Nations says that there is a $100 trillion financing gap to supposedly achieve the 2030 ‘sustainable development goals’ worldwide. The Rockefeller’s “America 2050” project envisaged trillions of dollars in investments would be needed for infrastructure, urban development and new energy systems — with environmental protection.

It turns out, sustainable development is a euphemism for investment in infrastructure, hi-tech systems, and governance structures to achieve permanent social control.

As Cory Morningstar has shown on her website, The Wrong Kind of Green, the legitimate concerns, aspirations and paradigms that inform how we could address the state of the planet, have for the most part, been steered in a direction that suits the global power élite.

America’s Voters Flying Blind: This stealthy plan, first published in 2006, has had little scrutiny outside the élite circles, envisages hi-tech mega-cities, that are really designed for the permanent control of tracked citizens.

In reviewing the massive allocation of manufactured credit resources to sustain the development of the global banking architecture into a totalizing digital currency system at a time when the world was duped with rhetoric about ‘saving the grandmothers’, it’s hard not to identify the elephant present in every newsroom since the beginning of the so-called Corona Pandemic: aborted babies.

Especially, since abortions are the leading cause of deaths and outstrip mortality attributed to Covid-19 by a ratio of 16 to 1 or 33 to 1, depending on whose estimates are employed.

And particularly, because concerted efforts to inflict democide on the elderly, including grandmothers, with the use of Remdesivir and Midazolam, respectively, were taken by two of the leading nations of the Western Empire, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the spikes in lockdown deaths showing up in the All Cause Mortality data identified by Dr Denis Rancourt shows this program of democide occurred in many jurisdictions across the UN system of nations.

In a recent interview with the author of a new book, Pseudopandemic: New Normal Technocracy, Iain Davis told journalist James Corbett, that a totalitarian technocratic architecture has been built over the past two decades to consolidate power amid an engineered bio-terrorist crisis deployed with the cover-story of a planetary threatening pandemic.

Given this dark recent history, the codified communications embedded in the moves made by the élites of the Western Empire Syndicate are especially potent for the Russia and Chinese civilizations — amid an epic game of 3D geopolitical planetary chess to control the whole board.

‘The West’ has been a vehicle to forge an expansionist Universal Empire that has been remarkably resilient at staving off its total collapse by invading the territories of other Empires.

In any case, the gambit of the Universal Empire Syndicate is to re-forge ‘Western Civilization’, while pretending to maintain belligerence with the Chinese and Russian empires. This pivot to global totalitarianism occurs at a time when world’s debt-laden financial systems are on the precipice of controlled collapse.

Behind the scenes, global digital transactions systems are being developed to replace currencies. But, in this transition, there is a contest for the direction that humanity’s money systems will take.

One paradigm seeks to personalize the monetary linkages to behavioural modification indices and therefore supply banking corporations with centralized control over humanity’s lives. Another paradigm seeks to advance the evolution of an emancipated humanity with decentralized, diverse and decoupled systems to sustain self-determining communities that control their resources and can trade without coercion, collusion and conspiracy of psychopaths.

Amid this context of possible futures, Techno-Feudalist trajectory that humanity is presently travelling upon is very much a consequence of the accumulation of power that resulted from the Third Hundred Years’ War.

Therefore, the rhetoric that emerged in June 2020 from the billionaire-funded World Economic Forum — about Covid-19 opening up an opportunity for a ‘Great Reset’ to accelerate the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ — is indeed a Techno-Feudalist attempt to conquer Vagina. Key players in the World Economic Forum, which is a front-group for the degenerate global power élite, do actually seek nothing less than to re-purpose the bio-functionality of all life — including humans.

Technocracys Cover-Story: At Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting at the Forum’s headquarters in Cologny, near Geneva, January 13, 2016, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, shows a copy of his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

At the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, historian Yuval Noah Harari argued that since data was replacing machinery as the world’s most valuable asset, there is a looming danger if data becomes concentrated into too few hands. Where in ancient times, humanity split into aristocrats and commoners because land became owned by too few, in modern age over the last two centuries, machines became concentrated into too few hands and humanity split into capitalists and proletariats, Harari said.

Now, Harari warns, humanity will split into separate species if data becomes owned by too few hands.

In short, those who control the data control the future, including perhaps the way humans reproduce, whether by natural breeding, or by in vitro fertilization or by bio-engineering.

Harari said the developments of computing power and biometric data have meant that humans have become hackable animals. The merger between the info-tech revolutions and bio-tech revolutions gives rise to the power to manipulate human emotions, human health and human desires. Harari predicts that the dominant products of the 21st Century will be bioengineered brains, minds and bodies.

At the 2020 World Economic Forum, historian Yuval Noah Harari presented the spectre of digital dictatorships or data colonialism, whereby by a power élite control data while those who fail in the struggle against irrelevance will be cast as a global useless class. He argued that it was crucial to forge global cooperation to this global problem, because if digital dictatorships arose, it would be those who were higher up in the hierarchy who were most closely watched.

He warned the élite at Davos that unless they worked out how to forge global rules to solve such global scale problems, civilization may revert to the jungle of war and the ‘rats’ might eventually “learn from our mistakes”, and rebuild civilization.

Given the implausibility of the proposition that rats might eventually learn from ‘our mistakes’, takeover, rebuild civilization, it would appear Harari was being sarcastic about the global élite neglecting to maintain the ‘house’ of the liberal global order. It would seem Harari switched the term ‘global useless class’ with the coded label ‘rats’, in keeping the narcissistic humor of the psychopathic global élite to drive his point home.

In other words, he was warning that the power of 21st Century technology poses a danger to the global élite unless they control its development, distribution and dynamism. Naturally, Harari was careful to avoid referring to his audience as a technocratic élite working for Western Techno-Feudalists to develop a sustainable global system of totalitarian technocracy for permanent social control of the rats and the subsequent underclass species.

As such, the quest to reforge Western Civilization with a totalitarian bio-security matrix aims to supplant the free-will of humans by creating a totalizing planetary police state surveillance system that will extinguish privacy, and therefore led to the domination of human behavior. The ultimate objective underpinning this totalitarian utopia is the extinction of bona fide love, which cannot survive an inter-generational absence of spontaneity, coercion-free privacy to express free-will and the liberty to move freely.

However, the formidable cosmic forces of True Love resist regulation, find creative bona fide solutions to overcome peril and inspire the evolutionary rejuvenation of thriving culture.

The gambit for universal empire has been inflicted on a largely unsuspecting humanity, whom have been cast like human monkeys in an epic live MK-ULTRA-esque mind control experiment.

Given that vast resources, attention and sacrifice was directed at supposedly preserving the lives of the elderly — whom were deemed most at risk of Covid-19 — the wanton abandonment of the lives unborn babies belies a dark geo-political agenda.

The evil underpinning the ruse of the ‘Corona Pandemic’ has been directed to achieve population control in a death by numbers game and by the rapid deployment of a global biosecurity system with total surveillance.

In addition to the now obvious cull taking place, the Covid Orchestra behind the ruse of the ‘Corona Pandemic’ also seeks to reduce world life expectancy through the mass deployment of injectible bioweapons marketed as vaccines. This repugnant conspiracy seeks to create global market for hi-tech medical dependency, while simultaneously commandeering epic-scale tax funded finance to advance totalitarian Techno-Feudalism.

The architecture for Techno-Feudalism involves fusing a global biosecurity system with carbon tax transaction system with digital central bank currencies. Such infrastructure is intended to extinguish privacy, free-will and ultimately — true love — since real love cannot exist without free-will, spontaneity and privacy.

Therefore, the ruse of the ‘Global Corona Pseudodemic’ is a cover-story that reworks and extends the meta-objective that underpins world history, which is the diabolical quest to restrict access to the world’s most coveted ‘resource’ — Vagina — and to control the produce of the uterus, permanently.

Key Finding: The world’s abortion death toll during the corona pandemic reveals the global power élites’ population control agenda, since no extra resources, remedies or re-weighting of priorities were directed to save the precious lives of the unborn during the time of the Great Corona Planpanic. This anomaly persisted despite the fact that abortions are categorized as the number one cause of death each year by several orders of magnitude. Western Civilization has been reset onto a totalitarian trajectory.

The world’s abortion death toll during the corona pandemic reveals global élites’ population control agenda since the vast resources that were requisitioned by reason of mitigation measures attributed to the alleged threat of Covid-19 were really about an engineered sabotage of free enterprise and households in a gambit for Universal Empire.

In the claimed quest to save the elderly, the sick and vulnerable from the scourges of a so-called novel corona disease, sound medical treatments protocols were upended, effective existing drugs were banned, and vast swathes of healthy humans were quarantined under nationwide house arrest — as the documentary Planet Lockdown showed.

All the while, the lockstep Medical Martial Law tyranny unfolded with predictably cruel deaths inflicted upon the world’s most vulnerable — and with the evil escalation by medical democide measures such as Remdesivir, Midazolam and Morphine — the global abortion toll remained constant. In short, no extra resources, remedies or re-weighting of priorities were directed to save the precious lives of the unborn during the time of the Great Corona Planpanic.

The epic scale propaganda to hoodwink the world with this Corona Bio-Terror Theater — particularly the nations of Western Civilization — has resulted in an intended ‘mass formation’ group-think. This ‘epidemic of madness’ is one major obstacle to overcome if humanity is to avoid permanent enslavement in a technological totalitarian dystopia.

One key conceptual solution is for the awake and aware to step up with the principle of Grace to face the challenges, having identified the root causes to the problems that beset humanity, and match those issues with bona fide solutions. One pathway to humanity’s emancipation is to triple purpose existing institutions, resources and networks, to create the ‘parallel structures‘ that resist, out-compete and out-smart the narcissistic sociopathic totalitarians.

Unless humanity confronts and defeats the degenerate vision of the global élite, humanity will be destined to become a husk of the human spirit, as true love becomes extinct as a consequence of the intended long-term loss of spontaneity, which is essential to love and other acts of unregulated, positive anarchy.

Humanity in the Western Empire can be likened to disabled birds with clipped or broken wings unable to fly, unless we develop our superpowers to overcome conditioning to think with left or right wing political mindsets, fear-induced obedience and regulated doses of hopium.

And unless we break the cycle of inter-class, inter-generational and inter-national violence caused by super-rich Oligarchs, then True Love will become extinct.


Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

See the source image

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and shows. He forged his ‘Thunk Evil Without Being Evil’ super-power while writing his ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), titled – “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid”– to figure out the means, modus operandi and motives of the Anglo-American Oligarchy. Long before he evolved into Snoopman, his Catholic mother fired the family doctor for suggesting terminating the life of Snoopybaby prior to his emergence — with the umbilical cord twisted around his neck — from her Vaticanruled Vagina.

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