1st Anniversary of the Parliament Occupation Eviction, 2 Mar 2022

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

Today, is the first anniversary of the violent riotous end to the Canadian Truckers Convoy-inspired Parliament Occupation on the New Zealand Government’s front-lawn.

The Freedom Occupation on Parliament Grounds and the surrounding street was upended by 600 police because the thriving village was an affront the over-bearing government of World Economic Forum marionette puppet, Jacinda Ardern.

Despite the occupation ending in a violent mess, the Convoy and Freedom Occupation, and the restraint of the protestors, made me feel proud to be a New Zealander for the first time in my life (as I shall recap here).

During the course of the February 10th day of arrests when the police attempted to eject the fledgling occupation, I realised the best thing I could do was take photographs, bear witness and report what unfolded. I wroteight Wellington Dispatches on Snoopman News about the occupation, and showed that on four key days it was the police that instigated the violence.

The first, “Rhythm and Crimes” was written from a hotel room that I had access to, having made friends with a dude who was arrested on February 10th for the ‘crime’ of holding the line to saves the tents.

Ironically, I realized the out-of-town Constabulary were staying in the same hotel when they piled out of a lift while I was sitting in the lobby talking with another so-called ‘anti-vaxxer’, who had been arrested.

Those among the Occupiers who hadn’t deluded themselves knew the cops would come back hard after they lost ’round one’ on Thursday February 10. Some occupiers — including those who were leading some groups — had convinced themselves they were going to get to negotiate with the government.

They were confident — despite the obvious siege plan in play with the arrival of concrete blocks.

I was amazed at the naivety, some of it egotistical. Such people didn’t comprehend the nature of power.

The Parliament Occupation had presented bad optics for the Government, since the Freedom Convoy had essentially displayed open rebellion on the front-lawn of Government HQ.

I wrote as much at the time.

Such defiance would have ‘stuck in the craw’ of those creatures of state, whose egotistical narcissistic identities are immersed in authoritarianism.

Narcissists hate being called out. They take blunt criticism as an insult. And narcissistic functional sociopaths (or psychopaths) in power saw such open rebellion as a visible threat to the facade that New Zealand has a functioning democratic system.

Primed to Provoke: Riot-shield wielding police standing by, at the back end of the Archives New Zealand building on Molesworth Street [in red ring]. February 22, 2022

The Occupation was an affront to the authoritarian totalitarian lurch the country had been ‘taken in’, literally. The autonomous, vibrant village was an insult to the state-corporate power fusion taking place — with mandates managed by companies — as an insidious medical form of public-private partnership.

So, the peaceful occupation, with its can-do Kiwi attitude, was turned into made-for-media scenes of conflict. The news media complied — corrupting their central principle to tell at least two sides of the story — by failing to point out that the Police brought the aggression.

The retaliation with idiots throwing things at police, burning tents and shouting abuse was primarily done by outsiders who came on the last day for a rumble. While there were some in the occupation who could be relied upon to react with abuse at the cops, each time they came to arrest, deliver bollards and provoke a reaction, for the part, the protesters displayed incredible restraint.

The Freedom Village comprised a constant population of 3000, which swelled over the weekends, with tens of thousands visiting over the three week-long occupation. By the end, there were 750 tents inside Parliament Grounds, and the streets around three side of the Beehive were occupied by vehicles.

Indeed, the occupied zone was an embarrassment for the government since the protesters were a constant reminder to the many government departments, ministries and agencies in the vicinity that the Great Corona Hostage Crisis mandates were viewed by a third of the population as an an over-reach of state and corporate power.

The success of the Freedom Occupation is that it opened the necessary conversation over those three weeks. The nation had been walking around on egg shells, not least because Jacinda ‘Cindy’ Ardern had gleefully admitted that the mandates were creating a two-class society.

Ironically, one third of the people at the occupation had taken the injecticide and subsequently regretted the decision either because they became ill, injured or had loved ones who’d died. Or because they realized they’d been duped, and that the injecticide was not safe, and that there was indeed bigger agendas afoot.

Ironically, it’s a breach of medical/health practitioner ethics/codes/conduct to divulge patient/client confidentially. And yet so many were pressured by their workplaces, schools and clubs to get injecticided.

Indeed, so many gullible mortals fell for the weaponized ironic black humor in-built into the confusing moral quagmire of the Great Corona Hostage Crisis, donning surgery masks, asking about the health status of ‘customers’, ‘clients’, and ‘citizens’.

I wrote a dispatch from under an awning, running off power split from a camper-van, that was in turn drawing electricity from the Vic Law School faculty. I also wrote dispatches from Paekākāriki, where friends’ live, and I could recuperate and go back for another ‘tour’.

And two days before the March 2nd state-sponsored siege, I started writing what became my final dispatch, where I called out the NZ media for their complicity in the obvious siege plan in play.

I planned to send it to the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the NZ Media Council to express my observations of three key days where the biases of the NZ Media favored the Police-instigated violence. The NZ Media’s continued inaccurate reporting gave the Police the confidence to pursue their siege plan.

But I didn’t get to finish the complaint piece — which I was writing from a tent in the ground of the Vic Law Faculty — until after the March 2nd police siege. The pace of events took-over and became the 4th and most egregious key day of police-instigated violence.

By mid-afternoon of March 2nd, when the Police paramilitary groups ripped out tents — and after pepper spraying, punching, and kicking their way through hundreds of front-liners — gangs retaliated with objects thrown at the cops. They weren’t part of the occupation. The Police Brass got the images they came for.

The bad optics for the Government had been turned on the Parliament Occupiers, knowing the media would repeat the imagery of burning, tents, lobbed objects and fire hoses dousing flaming trees on Parliament Grounds — ad finitum and without critical context.

For the most part, the media didn’t care about the stories of carnage that those who camped, visited or who otherwise supported the three week long occupation had to tell.

The standout journalist who cared enough to report the counter-points of th occupiers was ex-TV reporter, Melanie Reid, who interviewed the co-founders of Voices For Freedom, among others, to convey of sense of Freedom Village. And that the police were aggressively agitating for a rumble.

The media were literally handed the opportunity on a platter to re-introduce balanced reporting, which had been suspended for two years. NZ’s newsrooms could have interviewed the people in the Health Forum NZ tent, which was shared with NZ Doctor Speaking Out with Science.

There, the media had the opportunity to gather stories of people who had been injured, or become ill or who had died from the clot-shots. Journalists could have easily found people who had either lost their businesses, jobs, homes, partners or friends if not because they refused to comply with the mandates, it was because of the damage done by the lock-downs, and the stresses that ensued.

Such people, who either spoke on stage, were also highly approachable if you dropped the social bullshit which is what pretty much every one did — except anyone else with an agenda, including many among the media, the police and spooks scoping out the Occupation.

As I showed in my piece “How the World is Going to Hell in a Corona Hand-Basket” posted February 2nd 2022, the Great Corona Hostage Crisis was an over-hyped crisis set-in motion as a cover-story to reset the structural forces of the world onto a totalitarian trajectory.

While we still don’t know how exactly the Totalitarians started the pandemic, the data sets not only show the massive money printing by the New York Federal Reserve began on precisely the 11th Anniversary of the Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson coercing Congress to bailing out Wall Street (as planned).

The data sets also show that amid the $8 trillion expansion in US public debt since September 18th 2019 to the present, health authorities across the UN system worked in unison to suppress the use of existing safe and effective anti-viral drugs such as a ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, while they promoted lethal drugs remdesivir and midazolam to kill off the elderly, the sick and otherwise immuno-compromised.

Having shoved patients out of hospitals and into nursing homes, hospices and aged-care facilities, and by maintaining a theatrical spectacle of crisis with death spikes caused by these lockdown policies, the Global Medical Mafia Syndicate could proceed to stage two of the biowarfare operation: mass injecticide deployment.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for humanity three years after this global psychological warfare was inflicted is facing the fact we were caught with our proverbial pants down. Even for those of us who could see early on that a reset had been pulled, we were unable to get so many to re-appraise the naive ways they perceive the world.

Nevertheless, we had some successes. And among them was making the mandates a nationwide news story for weeks full weeks. By doing so, we provided the opportunity for conversations to happen, where before everyone was walking around on egg-shells because the clot-shot mandates had become so vexatious.

Many conversations were had about how the village was an example of a ‘parallel structure’ that proved society could thrive inside a totalitarian regime, and it was possible to make the Totalitarians irrelevant.

And the because the media failed to report accurately what unfolded, and for the most part, ignored the positive peaceful features of the village, the police knew they could pursue a siege plan, which I pointed out was in motion with the pre-dawn deployment of the concrete blocks on February 21.

We, the Freedom Convoyers, and the 30% of the nation who supported the Parliament Occupation, confronted the political lawmakers with their many sacred cows. We transformed those sacred cow issues into political matters to be openly discussed — like growned-ups are supposed to.

And that is why I say New Zealand’s media, for the most part, corrupted their principles when all the sacred cow issues were handed to them on a platter at Parliament. At that point, they all made conscious decisions to continue practicing biased unbalanced, unfair and inaccurate journalism — when the counter-evidence was starring them in the face.

I am proud of my contribution. And I am proud of the many who did the hard yards making meals, kitchen shelves, running education tents, being the security especially on night vigils. And I’m particularly proud of those who maintained a cool head on the frontlines despite the police provocations, while remaining firm.

It was during the Convoy and at Wellington that I felt proud to be a New Zealander for the first time in my life.

When I travelled with the convoy from Silverdale, seeing (almost) every over-pass bridge (except the ones where human mortals couldn’t stand) through Auckland (and deep into the Waikato) — I said to a mate, who was driving, that I’d never seen a groundswell like it.

I got dust in my eyes, as I took photos through the windscreen.

I met so many Kiwis who even came from the far-flung corners of the country. They were jabbed, the unjabbed, all with anecdotes from ‘the time of the crazy’. I got a sense of the impacts, as well as the compassion, the humor, and the human spirit.

I made new friends with Kiwis that I wouldn’t have otherwise made connections with.

Indeed, we opened the one door that every regime wishes to remain shut (as former NBR journalist Nathan Smith hoped we would).

There were many conversations about creating parallel structures to forge a parallel society that eventually makes the Totalitarians irrelevant.

So, we exchanged contact details. And we’ve been networking, talking, planning, working together to figure out solutions while staying abreast with the draconian developments.

No maské, no mandaté, no medical tyranné.

Steve Snoopman Edwards

See my account: NZ Newsrooms Cover-up Police Breaches of Peace at Parliament Occupation — Wellington Dispatch No. 008 — https://snoopman.net.nz/2022/03/09/nz-newsrooms-cover-up-police-breaches-of-peace-at-parliament-occupation-wellington-dispatch-no-006/

The Failed Siege: Dissident journalist Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards describes the police scrum tactics to shove and snatch protesters on day three of the NZ Parliament Grounds, Feb 10 2022. [River of Freedom]