The Family Who Must Not Be Named: Lawyer Sue Grey speaks to MSM reporters — whose filed stories suppressed the family’s names  while Samantha Savage-Reeves [holding her son Will], and Cole Reeves, and founder of FreeNZ Media, Liz Gunn, who broke their story, listen intently. [Auckland High Court, 30 Nov 2022]

Starship Petitions His Majesty’s Court to take Guardianship over Baby Will — surgeon of hearts says parents “believe in science fiction”

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

New Zealand Blood Battle: A custody fight between the state and parents involving a baby boy, a hospital and a blood bank over the right to elect for donor blood free of covid-vax contamination hit Auckland’s High Court this week.  The Snoopman Files

To Be Jab-Free Blood, or Not to Be

In His Majesty’s Auckland High Court theatre, Wednesday morning 30 November, hearings commenced over a dispute between the Crown-owned Starship Childrens’ Hospital, Health New Zealand/Te Whatu Ora and New Zealand Blood Service — on one side and on the other  the strong-willed parents of a cute baby boy, Will Savage-Reeves.

The respective sides tabled their administrative needs over the question of whether or not transfusion blood from Covid-19 ‘vaccinated’ donors should be used in a heart operation for a four month-old boy. Justice Layne Harvey noted with appreciation that each side behaved with decorum.

Lawyer Sue Grey, who is representing the parents of Will Savage-Reeves, stated to Justice Harvey that the case differed from previous medical guardianship cases where parents typically refused medical treatments for their children. In this case, Grey said, the parents want better care than what the state is offering.

Representing the Ministry formerly known as Health, lawyer Paul White claimed the petition to the court is advanced in the best interests of the child and what they view as medically safe.

Will Savage-Reeves sat quietly in the arms of his father, Cole Reeves, while his mother, Samantha Savage-Reeves, sat with his twin brother, Jethro, who lay in a pram. The condition Will has is severe pulmonary valve stenosis, meaning he has an obstruction in his heart.

Court Contest: Lawyer Sue Grey, who is representing the parents of Will Savage-Reeves, said she was concerned that the affidavit submitted to the Auckland High Court by lawyer Paul White, representing the Ministry formerly known as Health, framed her clients as “conspiracy theorists”.

The recently rebranded, hyper-corporatized state-owned Health New Zealand/Te Whatu Ora is seeking Crown’s Court to exercise a provision in the Care of Children Act 2004, to acquire guardianship over the four-month-old. Such an order would over-ride the withheld parental consent so that Starship Hospital’s surgeons can use un-separated donated blood in the paediatric open-heart surgery, the New Zealand Herald reported.

In the corridor of the Auckland High Court theatre, Mr Reeves recounted to me how the surgeons, Dr Annabel Kirsten Finucane and Dr Alan Magee, from Auckland’s Starship Childrens’ Hospital were visibly angry with them during a consultation meeting Friday 25 November. Mr Reeves said the doctors’ lips and hands were trembling as they spoke. Chief Surgeon Finucane called them conspiracy theorists and said they “believe in science fiction”, the Cambridge painter said.

Honoured by the Realm: Dr Annabel Kirsten Finucane was awarded the Companion Order of New Zealand in 2021 for services to public health.

I sniggered at hearing the emotive framing from the chief surgeon at Starship.

Somehow a virus with unseemly amounts of ‘gain of function’ funding, developmental patents and pandemic exercise representation, had caused medical experts to believe that public health was immune from corruption, collusion and conspiracy in the space of one month in early 2020. And yet far too many health specialists, without a slither of embarrassment, know nothing about applying the academic theories of conspiracy law, power crimes and aggressive oligarchic-controlled empires to model, identify and prove real world plots of cunning cooperating and competing élite syndicates.

It occurred to me that the global contagion of fear-porn news inflicted during the Great Corona Hostage Crisis  packaged as it was with potent scape-goating labels — had a direct effect on the Starship surgeons’ sense of reality.

As I showed in my investigation “All Techno-Feudalist Roads Lead to ‘Dark Winter’ Amid World’s Third Hundred Years’ War”, the planet was subjected to a military grade psychological operation that had been work-shopped for two decades. In this devious way, populations became vulnerable to the emotional contagions of fear, anxiety and anger-programmed neuropeptides via their hypothalamus organs, which is located deep in the human brain above the pituitary gland and links the hormonal endocrine system to the nervous system.

Even highly intelligent specialized people, such as surgeons, are vulnerable to mass formation of an ideologically-driven propaganda campaign, as Belgium psychiatrist Mattias Desmet has spoken extensively about.

I asked Mr Reeves what he thought about being told that Sam and himself believe in science fiction.

Star Trek is science fiction. This is reality,” Mr Reeves said.

Starship’s Chief Paediatric Heart Surgeon, Dr Finucane appears to be unaware of the warnings from some of the world’s top doctors in their respective fields.

Voldemort Treatment: New Zealand’s jab-free blood rights story goes global, but mention of the family’s name and even the boy’s first name is metaphorically and universally consigned to newsroom trash-cans. [Collage by Snoopman News]

For example, the inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr Robert Malone, said precisely one month prior to Will’s case, that the logic of people electing to take blood product that is not contaminated with toxic spike proteins is “real and well-grounded in scientific reality and is not a conspiracy theory.”

In an October 28 interview with former Fox News producer, Alison Morrow, Dr Malone said:

“The various [US] blood product organizations were absolutely resistant to the idea that they should arrange blood products in a way that allow patients to elect to take a blood product that is not contaminated with spike protein.”

Once Duped, Now Appalled: Inventor of mRNA technology, Dr Robert Malone, says the Covid pandemic response measures were not about public health.

Moreover, the world’s foremost published cardiologist, Dr Peter McCullough has stated that while the Covid-19 pandemic took a small percentage of the overall death toll, much of the carnage was due to pernicious measures inflicted as part of a bioterrorism plot. In June 2021 webanairDr McCullough stated that:

“The suppression of early treatment was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine. And this entire program of bioterrorism, phase one was rolled out, it was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation.”

Sounding the Alarm: Dr Peter McCullough said the Covid ‘vaccine’ was phase two of a bioterrorism operation.

Dr McCullough added that so many doctors appear to be in a trance and will be shocked when they wake up to the fact they have been duped into inflicting a bioweapon on populations.

Recall, McCullough’s warning was in mid-2021, four months before the New Zealand Government announced vaccination mandates for the health and education sectors.

Domestically, leading health professionals across New Zealand’s health system still seem to be tragically unaware that the Covid-19 vaccines really were experimental, since the mRNA nano-technology had never been trialed on humans before 2020, as New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science have been at pains to point out.

Furthermore, when Dr Anthony Fauci, the Director of US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), spoke at Future of Health Summit on October 29, 2019, he said testing and regulatory hurdles for a universal mRNA flu vaccine would take 10 years to get approved, absent a disruptive and innovative way to change those perceptions about influenza.

Signalling the Syndicate’s Stealthy Swifty: Director of US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr Anthony Fauci, says testing and regulatory hurdles for a universal mRNA flu vaccine would take 10 years to get approved, absent a disruptive and innovative way to change those perceptions about influenza. [Future of Health Summit, Oct 29 2019, Milkin Institute, Washington D.C.

Dr Robert Malone — who’s public profile exploded when he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast in December 2021 for speaking about the phenomenon of mass ideological formation that had gripped the world in 2020 — said he had recoiled from the data proving a weaponization of public health had occurred.

However, Dr Malone said it makes him sick to the stomach to conclude that those that control the world’s dominant institutions have — at best— used the convenient onset of a health event to exploit an expected global financial crisis, connected to the end of paper currencies, in order to steer the planet to adopt central bank digital currencies, biometric identity systems and a new economic system.

Yet, despite these machinations being common knowledge among ‘disinformation communities’, the two surgeons from Starship Hospital refused to support their parental right to only grant consent for the operation if the transfusion blood is sourced from donors who abstained from receiving the experimental Covid-19 mRNA nano-shots.

Science Fiction or Reality? Mr Cole Reeves says two surgeons from Starship Children’s Hospital, Dr Annabel Kirsten Finucane and Dr Alan Magee, were visibly angry with the Cambridge couple during a consultation meeting on 25 November.

Because Will’s parents were viewed as conspiracy theorists, their correct view that the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ were a global experiment imposed on populations — was dismissed out of hand, by Starship’s surgeons.

Mr Reeves said the doctors believe un-vaxxed blood is dangerous, while vaccinated blood is safe and provides immunity to Covid-19.

Ironically, NZ Blood Service accepts blood from both cohorts and mixes them.

Thin Red Line in the Battle of Blood

In 2002, Dr Annabel Kirsten Finucane was embroiled in a controversy over hearts taken by Greenlane Hospital without consent from babies who died during surgery. At the time, Dr Finucane told The New Zealand Herald that in the earlier days of the hospital’s heart collection, doctors had a more patronising and distant relationship with parents of sick children, which played a part in the lack of consent.

Evidently, there weren’t proper processes in place to ensure consent for the hearts had been given. It would appear, however, that the ‘Heart Library’ had contributed to Dr Finucane becoming a better surgeon, since they were able to examine the hearts of those who did not survive surgery and figure out how to improve their procedures.

Heart Library Consent Issues: In 2002, Dr Annabel Kirsten Finucane was embroiled in a controversy over hearts taken by Greenlane Hospital without consent from babies who died during surgery.

Thus, twenty years later, another controversy surrounds the gifted Remuera paediatric heart surgeon about the failure to develop processes over the issue of consent.

I asked Mr Reeves what he and his wife want for their son.

Cole Reeves replied, “We want the operation for Will to go well. We want to know the blood is 100% safe. We can’t have compromised blood in a damaged heart.”

He added, “We’re not against vaccinated people.”

Center of Attention: Will Savage-Reeves was diagnosed with severe pulmonary valve stenosis, meaning he has an obstruction in his heart and is currently stable.

And he also said they want the surgeons they’ve met, despite the dispute, to do the operation because they are the most experienced in the country at doing the paediatric surgery required.

Dr Finucane — who played bass guitar in a punk band called Thin Red Line, during her hospital internship in Palmerston North  was awarded a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2021 for her services to health, particularly paediatric heart surgery.

The expression ‘Thin Red Line’ represents a thinly spread military unit holding firm against an overwhelming attack. It derives from an episode during the Crimean War when a Russian cavalry force of 2,500 advanced upon the Scottish 93rd Regiment at the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854. The 93rd Regiment, numbering 500 and wearing red uniforms, were ordered to spread out, two deep, to protect Balaclava, a settlement comprising part of the city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula and hence the expression, the ‘Thin Red Line’.

In other words, Starship Hospitals’ lawyers moved to have the High Court in Auckland over-ride the will of the parents of baby Will, because the chief surgeon — formerly of a punk band called the Thin Red Line — refused to support the stand of believers in ‘science fiction’ to establish a ‘thin red line’ of jab-free blood in the far-flung realm of His Majesty’s South Pacific archipelago, New Zealand.

Meanwhile, this conflict plays out against the backdrop of a globally destabilizing proxy war between the world’s major powers fought, in part, for the control of Crimea.

Aside from weakening the Russian Empire, the Crimean War is best known for the strategic errors of both sides, the tactical use of the telegraph and the railways for communication and logistics, as well as being the first war to be documented extensively in written reports and photographs.

Poignantly, it is also famous for the work of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, who pioneered modern nursing practices while caring for wounded British soldiers.

Surgeon of Hearts: Starship Childrens Hospital chief paediatric heart surgeon, Dr Annabel Kirsten Finucane, is understandably held in high respect, yet the viewpoints of such experts are automatically assumed to be sound, accurate and beyond discussion by the media, academia and law enforcement academies.

Could the Shakespearean irony of this court theatre be more poetic?

Justice Harvey set down a half-day hearing for the substantive matters on Tuesday 6 December, after Ms Grey said the two hours Mr White considered long enough was too short to present counter-evidence.

With the skill of an emissary not wishing to escalate the touchy and uneven power relations between an over-bearing state and the newest family of its many recently marginalized inhabitants, Ms Grey diplomatically pointed out that the hearing for next Tuesday was gratefully accepted. However, she was concerned that unless the contingency for harvesting vaccine-free donor blood was prepared for, the window of opportunity would be missed.

Due to the urgency of the heart operation — which no one disputed  Grey said the court would likely decide that the operation take place at the soonest possible time. And, if the decision were in favour of the parent’s wishes, but no ‘vaccine free’ donor blood had been collected by NZ Blood Service, then the status quo position would still win out.

Prior to last Friday’s meeting with Starship surgeons, the Cambridge couple had organized over 20 screened donors with O-negative and O-positive blood. Since the publicity about their case by former TV One newsreader Liz Gunn on November 28, via her Free NZ platforms, they have been flooded with offers by un-vaccinated donors, Ms Grey said.

Members of the Control Group: This interview with parents, Sam Savage-Reeves and Cole Reeves, of Will Savage-Reeves, by TV One newsreader Liz Gunn on November 28, via her Free NZ platforms highlighted the issue of blood separation amid the live global experiment with mRNA Covid-jabs.

Justice Harvey put it to both lawyers whether they’d be willing to enter a mediation process. Ms Grey said that is what needed to occur this week.

Mr White said that the matter had reached “an impasse”, adding that while they anticipated a challenge, and they had already listened, talked and consulted  they were not adverse to mediation, since ultimately the best interests of the child were at stake.

It would appear that Ms Grey exploited the subtext of Mr White’s affectation that his side wanted to appear to be a good-faith bargainer, while subtly signalling to Justice Harvey that the best interests of the child was about over-riding the parents conditional consent.

Ms Grey — who wore a black lawyer’s robe over a black dress — expressed concern to Justice Harvey that the Starship Hospital surgeons had framed her clients, Mr Cole Reeves and Mrs Sam Savage-Reeves, as “conspiracy theorists”.

Grey said, “Because they label my clients as conspiracy theorists, [their position] is that anything my clients say can be ignored,” she told the court.

Mr White — who also wore the black lawyer’s costume — told the court that he had not given any consideration about such a label and he was hoping not to get into the issue.

Exterior of the Auckland High Court Theatre: A crowd of approximately 100 gathered to support or witness the first hearing a case about whether or not the parents of a baby boy have the right to expect blood from screened donors who abstained from submitting to the experimental Covid-19 mRNA nano products marketed as ‘vaccines’. [Photo by Snoopman News]

Countering her opponents attempt to stall or downplay the issue, Grey said to the High Court the term was “in the affidavit” from the hospital. Having won this rally, Grey pointed out to Justice Harvey, “There is compelling international evidence justifying the concern my clients have got”.

According to the Herald, the New Zealand Blood Service, which has statutory responsibility to ensure the supply of appropriate blood, blood products, tissues and related services, said it would not comment on the case as it was before the courts.

Outside court, amid a crowd of about 100 supporters, Ms Grey said to New Zealand’s mainstream media that she had never read such a dismissive, un-professionally-toned affidavit as she had from the doctors at Starship Children’s Hospital. Grey told the media that her clients were referred to as “conspiracy theorists”.

Ms Grey said the Starship doctors needed to read the evidence from the experts from around the world, as well as from Medsafe NZ and look at the evidence of the long term effects due to contamination of blood, instead of calling people names.

Mediation and the Missing Direct Donation Policy

Later the same day, the parents and Ms Grey met with the surgeons and the CEO of New Zealand Blood Service, Sam Cliffe. Stuff news reported that Ms Grey said NZ Blood refused to budge, even though the organisation had said on its own website that it sometimes allowed direct donors to be used.

Blood Blockage: Parents Sam Savage-Reeves and Cole Reeves and their lawyer, Ms Grey, met Wed 30 November with the Starship Hospital surgeons and the CEO of NZ Blood Service, Sam Cliffe, but Ms Grey said NZ Blood refused to budge.

According to Stuff, Grey said there were some obstacles. It was possible that blood plasma would be needed for the open-heart surgery. Since plasma is sent to Australia for processing, it would take too long if the family’s donors were used.

Stuff-Style Shit-Stirring: This condescendingly toned article written by the milk-and-toast variety reporters, Tony Wall and Nikki MacDonald, framed the unnamed “family” as conspiracy theorists.

In Stuff’s condescendingly toned article headlined, “Baby blood case: Parents accept that some blood products from vaccinated donors may have to be used”, Ms Grey said “They can do it, but they don’t want to do it. They don’t believe there’s any reason to. I think they’re afraid of a precedent effect.”

In an interview with Liz Gunn, Mr Cole said he pointed out to the CEO of NZ Blood Service, Sam Cliffe, that “your website says you do direct donor blood”. According to Mr Reeves, Ms Cliffe said, “Well, don’t you believe everything on the website.”

It was the first meeting out of four that Ms Cliffe had attended. Ms Cliffe, it seems, added that NZ Blood hadn’t provided a direct donor blood service for 20 years.

On this matter, the NZ Blood website currently directs people to discuss the exceptional circumstances with the treating doctor, since it discourages such practice.

However, it would appear that until recently, NZ Blood’s website did have a Directed Donation policy. The blood bank’s policy is archived on the Wayback Machine.

Previously, NZ Blood Service’s website stated:

“A directed donation is any blood donation collected from a person who has been identified by the intended recipient or a close family relative.”

Computer Says No: The Directed Donation policy for health professionals has been removed from NZ Blood Service’s website, but is recorded on the Wayback Machine.

NZ Blood’s “Directed Donation” policy document of 20 July 2020, stated the “directed donations are to be distinguished from selected donations where, for medical reasons donors are selected to provide blood components for a specific patient.” In other words, the directed donations policy refers to situations where an attempt is made to direct a donation on the “grounds of personal preference”.

The updated policy of 20 July 2020 included “instructions for arbitration in the decision making for directed donations.”

The policy document states, that where discussion fails to satisfy either the patient or doctor that directed donation is not necessary, an arbitration process involving NZ Blood Services doctors was required. NZ Blood’s policy point 4 states:

“If initial discussions fail to convince the patient and / or the treating doctor, the matter must be brought up for arbitration by a team of NZBS doctors including the Chief Medical Officer. In the unlikely event that such a donation is collected; collection, manufacture, testing, storage and transfusion procedures will be the same as for allogeneic blood donations.”

Wayback Machine Saves Blood Bank Documents: NZ Blood’s webpage containing its “Directed Donation” policy document has been removed, along with the donor application form and agreement form between the donor and patient, or family.

Sam Savage-Reeves said Ms Cliffe was cold and condescending, and it wasn’t a mediation meeting.

Cole Reeves said they gathered from the ‘mediation’ meeting that Dr Annabelle Kirsten Finucane’s hands were tied from making a decision, despite being the head of her unit at Starship.

Evidently, being admitted into the Companion Order of New Zealand has limits.

It would appear that the Cambridge couple is caught in a ‘discursive loop’ where the medical-health establishment refuses to interview international and domestic doctors, scientists and nurses who dissent from the prevailing Covid-Vax orthodoxy  and the personal preference pathway  which NZ Blood not only discourages.

The webpage for filing the directed donation paperwork has also been deleted from the blood bank’s website. Ironically, the webpage’s documents are downloadable from one the internet’s popular archive sites, called the Wayback Machine.

Who’s the Boss of Baby Will?

To the news media, Samantha Savage-Reeves said, “We’re desperate for an operation, but we need safe blood. That is our right, and as a mother, and as a voice for my baby.”

Transfusion News: Outside the Auckland High Court, Samantha Savage-Reeves tells the news media her baby needs safe blood for the heart operation. [Snoopman]

On the question of the right the choose, and the baby’s life, Ms Grey said:

Well, it’s both the same side. This is a really unusual case. The other medical guardianship cases have been where the parents don’t want medical treatment for their child. This a case where the parents want better treatment than the state is offering. And it’s gone down this path, because we have a government and a blood bank that is not prepared to make available services that they can offer and that they offer in other situations, yet they are not willing to offer those services to this baby.”

Ms Grey went on to say that Starship Hospital, Health New Zealand and the NZ Blood Service had, in effect, ganged up on the parents to show them “who’s the boss”. Due to this attempt to ignore the parents concerns and their right to assert informed consent, the case had wide implications for New Zealanders, the Nelson-based lawyer said.

This over-riding of the right to informed consent has taken place over the past two years, she said.

Battle of Wills: Sam Savage-Reeves, who was mandated out of her midwifery role at Waikato Hospital, emphasized vaccinated blood wasn’t the option. [Snoopman]

Ms Grey added that they had 30 suitable donors ready, but the willingness was not presently there on the part of New Zealand Blood Service, Starship Hospital, and Health New Zealand to facilitate the transfusion of un-vaccinated donor blood.

Through the mediation endorsed by Justice Harvey, the parents are seeking New Zealand Blood Service to take the blood from the donors they have organized for the operation.

While speaking to the media, Ms Grey also cited the extensive list of possible adverse effects associated with Pfizer’s Cominarty Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ that is available on Medsafe New Zealand’s website. The risk factors for vulnerable persons, such as those with heart issues, are noted on Medsafe’s website, she said.

Ms Grey said:

“If the parents are wrong, there’s no risk. If there’s nothing wrong with this (vaccinated donor) blood, it doesn’t cause any harm. But if the family are right, and there are elements in the blood that cause inflammation, myocarditis, or anything else, there’s huge huge risk that the baby’s living with a time bomb.”

Unofficial Censorship in Plain Site: NZ’s two major television networks, the Crown-owned 1News and the AT&T-owned Newshub, blurred the faces of Samantha and Will Savage-Reeves, and Mr Cole Reeves, and their names were given the Voldemort treatment, as if they were an evil force from the Harry Potter Universe.

Former TV One news reader, Liz Gunn, appealed to the assembled media contingent that they had the opportunity to stand up and say we must have un-jabbed blood in New Zealand as a contingency in case it turns out the blood supply is adversely contaminated by donors who took the Covid-19 shots. Gunn, who also studied law, added:

New Zealand, and to the journalist listening, we were once a great nation who stood up to America on nuclear ships. We stood up to France on Mururoa [Atoll]. What happened to our courage and guts? We must send a message to the world. This case will be an absolute touchstone for the world, if this judge gets it right and makes sure we have un-jabbed blood in New Zealand. This will reverberate through every country.”

Curiously, New Zealand’s two major television networks, the Crown-owned 1News and the AT&T-owned Newshub, blurred the faces of Samantha and Will Savage-Reeves, and Mr Cole Reeves, and their names were given the Voldemort treatment.

Indeed, their names have been scrubbed from mainstream public news coverage, both domestically and internationally, in keeping with the ‘new normal’ media censorship regime to deny those deemed to hold extremist views ‘a platform’, or public profile.

Ms Grey asked rhetorically, “What is it to be a human, to be a parent? What sort of a society would that be if the government can over-ride the right to informed consent and take parents to court.”

Pep Talk for a Pacified Nation: Former TV One news reader, Liz Gunn, tells New zealand and news media the case will be an absolute touchstone for the world, if this judge gets it right and it could reverberate through every country. [Snoopman]

Grey said the course taken against her clients was “not the New Zealand way”, and she implied it was an authoritarian tilt to be expected of China.

As the couple walked away with their twin boys from the courthouse, the crowd cheered and clapped noisily. Samantha Savage-Reeves had tears welling up in her eyes.

Earlier, outside the courtroom, when I asked Will’s mother why she was at the Auckland High Court, I expected to hear a summary of the dispute’s facts.

We Will Be Heard: Samantha Savage-Reeves said she was in court because she loves her boy, and she was standing for everyone and New Zealand. [Snoopman]

With Will in a sling watching me, Mrs Savage-Reeves answered, “I’m here for him because I love him. And I’m here because I’m standing for everyone and New Zealand.”

I got dust in my eyes as I looked at the emotion welling up in her eyes, while Will’s blue eyes watched me, and I absorbed what she just said. I didn’t feel the need to prompt any further elaboration.

Witnessing the powerful simplicity of her remarkable feminine strength, grace and clarity amid the hubbub of the courthouse corridor, I blurted I needed to scribble in my notebook what she said, so that it would not be forgotten.

Samantha Savage-Reeves giggled.

And, so in this dissident journalist’s 75 cent notebook, her words remain a record of her will, shared with Cole Reeves, for a baby boy called, Will.

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and general programmes. He encourages humanity to develop their ‘superpowers’ to overcome conditioning to think with left or right wing political mindsets, fear-induced obedience and regulated doses of hopium.

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