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Democracy & Counter Movements, Public Notice!

Stop the Corporate Boot: Snoopman News reports the Trans-Pacfic Partnership Agreement is part of a broader global neo-colonial project.

Secret TPPA? (‘fraid so). No Way!!!

Join the Nationwide Rally to oppose secret negotiations on investor rights, March 29 Update: New A5-size flyers here! Click links below to open, ready to print. (IF YOU FIND THE TEXT IS CORRUPTED [IRONIC, WE KNOW] USING THE SPYNET BROWSER FIREFOX, OPEN WITH INTERNET EXPLORER). Easy-peezy, stick up on flat […]

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Public Notice!

Stand-up to the Corporate Boot!

Stand-up to the Corporate Boot!

  Urgent Action to Stop the TPPA: Nationwide rallies, Saturday March 29,  New Zealand For rally locations and updates see GPJA’s Blog  (Global Peace and Justice Auckland) at The  March 29 anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership Rally is sponsored by: The New Council of Trade Unions, Oxfam New Zealand, Greenpeace, Maritime New Zealand, […]

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