A Big-Picture Perspective that provides the Missing Context on the TPP Treaty


Steve Edwards, 7 April 2016


The International Treaty Examination on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Parliamentary Select Committee

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
Holiday Inn, Ascot Ave,

Mangere, Tāmaki Makaurau,

New Zealand Tax Farm.




Superstructure for Regional Super-states


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP) Treaty is the legal, economic and political framework designed for the market dominating transnational corporations and the super-rich that own them, to coerce central and local governments to submit to their concentrated power. [1]

The TPP is, in essence, a collusive Mega Cartel Deal.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement excludes the industrial powerhouse China, as a means to undermine one of the world’s oldest civilizations from making the leap from regional power to a global military power, and thereby becoming a rival empire.[2]

But the Pacific-Rim TPP Mega Treaty also excludes the huge Russian Federation that sits atop the ‘World Island’ of the vast Eurasian continent.

The intention is to construct an empire of subservient vassal states. This imperial construct is purposed to discipline the BRICS economic bloc comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, since this rival alliance is constructing an alternate economic world order.

Ironically, this blackballing strategy seeks to integrate the partnering countries with the United States. Thus, the TPP-TTIP-TISA mega treaty trifecta is a gambit to draw Latin America away from Brazil, pull South East Asia away from China, and to tear Western Europe away from Eurasia, and in particular Russia and China.[3]


New Constitutionalism

Shadow Puppets: Secret tribunals are intended to be venues to decide whether billionaires or taxpayers get top priority.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty fits into a ‘New Constitutionalism’ framework whereby the nation-state apparatus is being aligned to fit into an emerging super-state framework under a coming world government.

The intention underpinning the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty is to permanently lock in the property rights of a Transnational Capitalist Class at an international (or supranational) level, so that ‘governance’ is taken beyond the reach of nation state-based citizens. This anti-democratic framework qualifies as a black-balling strategy known as new constitutionalism’, which was identified by law scholar Stephen Gill in 1989.

The ‘New Constitutionalism’ framework is conferring the Transnational Capitalist Class with a status that amounts to ‘commercialized sovereignty’ as the world’s leading scholars on tax havenry, Ronen Palan, Richard Murphy, and Christian Chavagneux argued more generally in their book, Tax Havens: How Globalization Really Works.[4]

By exploiting new constitutionalism as a black-balling strategy, unseen oligarchs (or super-rich people) and their submissive elite professionals seek to expand markets for the economic benefit of transnational cartels by locking in the changes within supranational jurisdictions, thereby closing off democratic participation of citizens fixed by place and indigenous peoples marginalized in their own ancestral lands.

Thus, this “New Constitutionalism’ framework, within which the TPP-TTIP-TISA mega treaties are set, is also a continuance of the ‘Shock Doctrine’, or ‘free market’ economic shock therapies, that were formally field-tested in the mid-1960s to mid-1970s to check the Developmentalist Movement. Global-policy-planners plotted in secret to deploy the Shock Doctrine worldwide in the early 1970s under the auspices of a ‘1980s Project’. The covert intent underpinning the deployment of ‘free markets’ was to discipline the disobedient ‘from below’, for insubordinately demanding ‘too much democracy’.

The continued application of the ‘Shock Doctrine’, or economic warfare framework, is designed into the TPP Treaty because this mega-cartel deal concentrates legal authority through the standardization of laws that favour market-dominating transnational corporations across the partnering jurisdictions. The TPP Treaty also transfers more coercive power to the transnational cartels to discipline governments to restrict impediments to free-wheeling capital accumulation, or looting, and therefore has been designed as an economic warfare construct.

Under the TPP, the private Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) tribunals would be empowered to sue governments, including New Zealand’s, or make them change laws to suit mining companies and oil exploration cartels, sweat-shop labour exploiting brands, and tax haven-addicted global banking cartels.[5]


The American Pivot

Shock Treatments: Military violence, economic warfare and propaganda spread the 'economic medicine' of 'free markets'.

Global policy-planners intend to re-invigorate the United States of America as the dominant ‘pivot state’ upon which the Permanent Global War Economy turns – a ‘driving seat’ status the U.S. has ‘enjoyed’ since the apparent demise of the Pax Britannica empire at end of the World War II.[6]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP), along with its Atlantic Ocean fraternal sibling, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, (or TIPP) and the all-encompassing stealthy sibling, Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), are envisaged to comprise a group of 77 countries that would become vassal states of this American-centric trans-corporate empire.

American journalist Chris Hedges has reported a corporate totalitarian core thrives inside a fictitious democratic shell.[7] Recent studies show that a Transnational Capitalist Class is steering Global Capitalism by means of highly-networked corporate board directorships and ownership.[8] This corporate totalitarian core, comprising just 147 corporations, is spreading outward from America.[9] In essence, a corporatized totalitarianism is driving the construction of a worldwide technocratic system. A technocracy is a totalitarian system of government administered by a technorati that includes scientists, engineers and technicians. Key insiders manage the technocratic system in service of super-rich people, or oligarchs, who use their vast economic resources to steer the trajectory of whole societies.[10]


Oligarchy, Empire and Cartels


This gambit for empire has long-historical continuities that date back to the pre-World War I period when the British oligarchy (a coalition of super-rich psychopaths)[11] and elites planned two global wars in order to knock out the industrial might of Germany. By rearming Germany in the Inter-War Period, in conspiracy with their American oligarchic accomplices, the British Deep State strategized to lure Germany once again into smashing Russia, the ‘pivot state’ on the Eurasian continent.[12] Having succeeded to some degree in their horrendous plot, this Anglo-American Deep State Alliance fomented more wars, false-flag terrorism and coups in the post-WWII era in order to steer the world along a trajectory to the formation of a Universal Empire.[13] The heirs to the original Anglo-American Deep State Alliance – an unseen oligarchy – intend to be the ‘governors’, pulling the strings of a looming World Government.[14]

In other words, the Anglo-American Deep State is up to its Octopi eyeballs in racketeering.

Racketeering is the fraudulent practice of covertly creating problems and then offering ready-made solutions for extortionate fees. When it comes to dominant capitalist ‘Coalitions of the Colluding’, profit is not so much a return on investment. Rather, when we are talking about massive transnational cartels that control finance, oil, minerals, food, water, electricity, transport, telecommunications and media propaganda, profit is the fee charged for not withdrawing supply, as political economists Jonathan Nitzan and Shimson Bichler argue in their book, Capital as Power.[15]

These huge corporate combinations – that dominate extraction, production, distribution, financing, marketing and indoctrination – undermine bona fide competition by fixing prices (both high and low), controlling supply (since ‘free trade’ agreements fix market access with quotas), and reduce diversity (by mass-producing similar soon-to-be obsolete products and services) through collusion. Their purpose is to make massive economic gains in order to accumulate political power and maintain the privileged lives of their super-rich owners on a permanent basis, as F. William Engdahl makes clear in his book, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order.

Therefore, cartels boil down to one feature. Cartels dominate markets by their scale. They get big through collusion and grow bigger through coercion, corruption, and capitulation, a pattern of corporate criminality proven in Naomi Klein’s book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.[16]


Insufficient Consent


The New Zealand government (or the Crown) acts in the absence of full disclosure about the intent behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty (TPP). The broader geo-political strategy to buttress an American-centric empire from the rising dynamism of a Russian-Chinese led-Alliance, as well as the New Constitutionalism framework to outsource democratic decision-making to rule-setting supranational tribunals, policy-shaping think-tanks and consensus-making secret clubs is a deal-breaker for New Zealand society.

New Zealand’s central government has failed to reach the threshold of sufficient consent over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty. The conspicuous absence of effort by John Key’s administration to promote the one month-long public submissions process into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, in effect, means that the government is deliberately attempting to railroad this treaty with the least possible resistance. Meanwhile, the flag change debate (and referendum), which the prime minister first ‘tabled’ in 2010 on TV One’s ‘Breakfast’ program, got plenty of news coverage because it was designed to be a fraudulent ‘mechanism of distraction’.[17] In short, in the proposed flag change, the Key ministry deployed a fraudulent device, trick, and stratagem. The Flag Change Campaign was, therefore, a breach of the Crimes Act.[18]

The New Zealand Government (or the Crown) cannot legitimately claim it has sufficient consent to forward the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty for legislative consideration because the majority of voting-age New Zealanders did not even know the one-month public submissions intake occurred.

To sum-up, the missing context provided here is vital to disseminate widely, for it gets to the essence of how and why an Anglo-American empire was forged in the 20th Century at horrific cost of human life, a tremendous waste of resources and with an outrageously mountainous alp of fraudulently conjured bankers’ credit.[19]

My statements and source references bind the Crown to severe itself immediately and permanently from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty, the New Constitutionalism framework, the Shock Doctrine and other oligarchic-imperial fraudulent devices, tricks and stratagems. The Crown is to disentangle itself from the Anglo-American Empire so that it can dis-establish itself and transfer full sovereignty to he tangata Māori hapu so that they can get on with the process of mass land-redistribution, a necessary component for creating self-determining communities.


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