Detecting Key & Associates Richly Racist, Rort-filled Propagandist Power Crimes Behind Hosting the TPP Treaty Signing Rituals at Sky City Casino


By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, 31 January 2017

In a Casino Far, Far Away …


On the day of the Trans-Pacific Rim super treaty signing at Sky City in Auckland two provocative days before the 2016 commemoration of the country’s founding Waitangi Anniversary Day, New Zealand’s Neo-Colonial Government had to manage a crisis of legitimacy.

Brazenly underpinning this crisis of legitimacy was a calculated gamble.

Acting Prime Minister: Political actor John Key stands next to the treaty stack (inserted for effect).
Acting Prime Minister: Political actor John Key stands next to the treaty stack (inserted for effect).

The Neo-Colonial Government had bet that they would win the battle of ideas by crafting a propaganda strategy to manage perceptions as a set of clustered events unfolded. The then-prime minister John Phillip Key expected to exploit the speed of those clustered events to create a copy reality. The intention underpinning the Key Ministry’s racist stratagem was to frame TPPA protesters – and Māori in particular – as enemies in the public mind.

The risk taken by the Key Ministry was calculated because it was predictable that a large protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership signing ritual would take place and would be seen by tens of thousands of office workers. Indeed, the whole country heard about the Auckland protest, the CBD blockades and the other protests happening nationwide the same day. News site recorded high traffic volumes.[1]

To illustrate this crisis of legitimacy, one of the most searched terms on Google Trends data showed “TPPA” starting on February 4 and all the following Waitangi long weekend, higher than the weather “metservice” and google “maps” for New Zealand. Blogger Peter W found that “the protest piqued the public’s curiosity” and peoples’ searches for “tppa facts”, “what is tppa” and “what does tppa mean” indicated that they did not know much about it and therefore that the government had done a “fairly poor job” informing the people.[2]


Another metaphorical spanner in the works occurred between the TPP Treaty signing day of 4 February and Waitangi Day, two days later, in the form of a low-velocity flying rubber dick slung by nurse Josie Butler at New Zealand’s Minister of Economic Development. Ttrickledownwealthlimo01his event went viral on news websites and social media and became rich material for comedian John Oliver, and dented the ruling classes’ overly stretched limousine-monopoly over ideas.

The question still begging to be answered one year later is: Why would John Key take the risk to host the signing of the biggest economic bloc super-treaty and do it just two days before the annual commemoration of the Treaty of Waitangi?

tppamarch4feb2016hws01In the course of answering this research question, I have found the TPP Treaty signing ceremony was designed to game anti-TPP protesters and the guardian-challengers of the Treaty of Waitangi – Te Tii Marae and Ngāpuhi – by framing the groups as enemies to be scape-goated, so that the casino economy could be gambled. While Key & Associates got away with racially framing Te Tii Marae (and Ngāpuhi by association) as Mickey Mouse Maoris – as I shall show – their carefully crafted propaganda stratagem took a spectacular dent with a spirited 15,000-strong protest organised at short notice, the inspired CBD blockade, and nurse Butler’s news-crashing sex toy. My analysis shows that John Key deceived New Zealand about his plans to attend Waitangi being thwarted by a fake riot threat and feigned sincerity that his status as prime minister was undermined by a ‘gagging order’. Key & Associates trumped-up deception and avoidance to attend Waitangi amounted to political conspiracy to construct an enemy image, in breach of section 240 of the Crimes Act, which deals with fraud – including deceptions for political and economic gain – through the exploitation of deceptive stratagems, tricks and devices.

In this essay, I locate the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty signing ceremony as a propaganda-laden event to advance a ruling class project of political control by deepening the connectivity between mechanisms of capital accumulation across geographical space and tspinfluenceherd01ime. I trace four ideological functions that needed to be met for the New Zealand Government’s hosting to be a perfect success, in the event itself, and with four other closely related events. I do this by applying French philosopher Paul Ricoeur’s framework to theorize ideology that he developed in his “Lectures on Ideology and Utopia”. Ricoeur’s four ideological functions – distortion, legitimation, integration and control – are defined and identified as they come up in the event cluster explored. The five related occasions were: (1) the day of the propaganda-laden signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty in Auckland on February 4;[3] (2) the protests opposed to the signing; (3) nurse Josie Butler’s sex toy throw at the Minister of Economic Development Steven Joyce at Waitangi on February 5;[4] Prime Minister John Key’s public appearance on Waitangi Day; and (5) and when comedian John Oliver made a scathing video of the sex toy story in response to Joyce tweeting,[5] “Someone send the gif over to John Oliver so we can get it over with”.[6] This event cluster yields patterns. In mathematics, it can be shown that three related events create a pattern, from which subsequent related events can be predicted. By way of example, the number sequence – 3, 6, 9 – yields the predictable next number, 12 and so forth. I show how Team Key ‘failed’ to promote the scroogy-tight time-window for a public submissions intake on the TPP Treaty that took place between February 10 and March 11 2016. Key’s no-show at Waitangi to debate the Trans-Pacific Rim super-treaty fits this pattern to undermine democratic participation, exploit dirty attack politics and perpetrate a political fraud while brazenly attempting to transfer sovereignty into a supranational arena.

Behind the events touched upon here, I detect the hidden hand of the New Zealand Neo-Colonial Government’s ‘advisors’ such as the world’s leading political tacticians, CrosbyITextor Group.[7] I interrogate these events within a Neo-Colonial setting with the help of Nick McFarlane’s book, Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual, the Propaganda Model as developed by media scholars Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, and studies by Nicky Hager and Gregory Stephens on the National Party – who have been in political power since 2008.

In the next section, I show how the news media coverage of 4 February 2016 – and 3News/Newshub in particular – let John Key off-the-hook as he scape-goated Māori to resolve a political crises, thereby constructing an enemy image to fulfill the necessary control mechanism ideological function.

Marketing a ‘Biggering’ in an ‘Ideology-Free’ Tax Farm

The symbolic signing of the 12 ‘country’ Trans-Pacific Rim Treaty signing ceremony held in the South Pacific city of Auckland New Zealand on 4 February 2016 was to have been a carefully crafted propaganda event, down to the choice of location, timing and rituals.

Treaty Stack: This is what the six thousand page super-treaty looks like.
Treaty Stack: This is what the six thousand page super-treaty looks like.


By hosting the signing in an isolated moated-location 8,619 miles from Washington D.C. – far, far away from where it would have been politically potent amid America’s election campaigning, the security-vetted Sky City Casino Complex provided a safe-haven.[8] New Zealand has long been exploited as a location to conduct social and political experiments, and is viewed as an ideal laboratory to test new technologies, as The Economist magazine recently stated. If something goes wrong, the risk is low and can more easily be contained because New Zealand’s isolated location, with a small conformist English-speaking Tax Herd of 4.7 million, makes the developed South Pacific moated-lab an ideal control for world experiments.

That, I contend, is the logic that Key’s political advisors ran with.


The intent had been to keep the 6,000-page text of the 12-country Pacific Rim economic super-bloc treaty classified for four years after signing, but the global groundswell of opposition created a crisis of legitimacy for completing the deal. This oppositional groundswell was helped by WikiLeaks’ release of four chapters in October 2013, which led to further media coverage and more public backlash.[9] At this thin end of the wedge, the TPP Treaty Deal-Doers changed from a stratagem of stealthy secrecy to sudden spectacle, or ‘speed politics’. Speed politics is designed to ‘manage the optics’, or appearance, of fast-moving clustered events, so that a copy of reality is created. It is in this way, that “politics ‘disappears into aesthetics’ ” – as Monash University lecturer in international law Eric Wilson has identified more generally in his critiques of Deep State power crimes perpetrated by elite criminal groups that have captured the government apparatus.[10] This deeper context introduced here sketches the stealthy governance, administrative and coercive system that is replacing the democratic administrative system, even as the TPP Treaty was sped to ratification: technocracy.

Hi-Tech Lure: The totalitarian future has slick marketing.
Hi-Tech Lure: The totalitarian future has slick marketing.

A technocracy is a totalitarian system of government administered by a technorati that includes scientists, engineers and technicians.[11] Key insiders manage the technocratic system in service of super-rich people, or oligarchs,[12] who use their vast economic resources to steer the trajectory of whole societies. Under the now-shelved Trans-Pacific Partnership framework, an extensive process was undertaken to standardize the laws of partnering countries to align with the TPP Treaty.[13] The intention was to outsource state-based policy-making to the supranational arena. The standardization of state-based laws attempts to submerge democracy, to a Transnational Neo-Colonial Technorati that captures governance roles over large and larger political-economic blocs of the planet on behalf of an unseen Neo-Colonial Global Oligarchy, who in turn are positioned by their super-wealth at the apex of a Transnational Capitalist Class.

Like all plots, the carefully crafted propaganda detected here did not all go according to the script.

When Neo-Colonialists Hongi: New Zealand’s and Australia’s Trade Ministers did their best to 'manage the optics' amid Māori absenteeism at Sky City.
When Neo-Colonialists Hongi: New Zealand’s and Australia’s Trade Ministers did their best to ‘manage the optics’ amid Māori absenteeism at Sky City.

The Key Ministry had – along with all the other partnering countries – planned to keep the timing (and place) of the TPP Treaty signing a secret, to minimize any opposition and game Māori at Waitangi. However, the Chilean and Mexican trade ministers had let slip in online communications that New Zealand was to host the TPP Treaty signing ceremony,[14] a development that anti-TPPA activists spotted in early January 2016, the New Zealand Government was forced to admit on January 13 that it was hosting the symbolic signing ritual. But, the Neo-Colonial Government would not say where the event would take place, a clear move to mitigate the build-up of a groundswell opposition coalition.

On this score, the TPP Treaty signing ceremony was marked by a 15,000-strong protest group,[15] which included motorway off-ramp blockades that together shut down the CBD streets of Auckland City.

But how would New Zealand’s Neo-Colonial Government have the confidence to poorly inform citizens concerning the TPP mega treaty and even dare to manipulate ‘Kiwis’ with a racist frame-up job?

spinfluencehardcoreHardcore propaganda.

In societies that have the appearance of formal democracy, yet are afflicted with great disparities in wealth, rulers ‘need’ a propagandist system of communication because the state cannot openly intimidate and suppress ‘free’ populations without losing the legitimacy to rule. Such societies will be crisis-ridden and are termed Civil Oligarchies.[17] Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky argued in their book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media that the news media’s construction of the world served to protect ruling class power. Herman and Chomsky observed that because mass media systems are owned privately and that there is an absence of obvious state censorship in a commercial media environment, it was hard to detect a propaganda system, even though economic wealth was highly concentrated. Propaganda here means the mass deployment of persuasive techniques by dominant coalitions in order to gain society’s submission.  The mass media system is designed to “create the perception that though a profit-driven economy has its flaws, it is the only possible course of action for a free people”, as US media scholar Robert McChesney has argued.[18] New Zealand is one such Civil Oligarchy with a shelled-out democracy, and has five market-dominating media cartels – MediaWorks, Fairfax Media, NZME, Sky TV, and the state-owned corporatized TVNZ, dubbed the ‘Death Star’ by industry squirrels.[19]


The primary targets of Government and Corporate propaganda are the business community and civil servants, comprised of mostly earnest high-earning COWS – or Corporate Owned Wage Slaves – that have a poor understanding of how ideology functions through propaganda. It is not without irony that many business and civil service people have been indoctrinated to believe that ‘free-market’ commerce is free of ideology. Ideology here means a set of beliefs or ideas that are fused together by symbols into a formalized coherent framework or world picture, whose design frames boundaries of acceptable thought that reflect the prejudices and preferences of the dominant ruling groups, in order to mask systemic contradictions.[20]

But what does it matter if large segments of the captive Tax Herd believes ‘the market’ is ideology-free and could not even name it in a pub quiz?


It turns out that the un-mandated deployment of ‘free markets’ were shock treatments designed to match the megalomaniacal imaginations of the planet’s super-wealthy dynastic families. The global deployment of ‘free markets’ was schemed up under a secretive blueprint to transform the world called the “1980s Project”, as Laurence Shoup and William Minter showed in their book, Imperial Brain Trust.[21] It was an inherently class-based project invented to counter the ‘disobedient’ peoples’ movements that had emerged in the 1960s, as well as the developmental demands of ‘Third World’ countries that sought to be decolonized, and to address a crisis of declining profits for American and British capitalists, stealthy moves that even Noam Chomsky, the co-author of Manufacturing Consent, underestimated.[22]


This “1980s Project” was first formulated between 1971-1973 at a New York-based global policy-shaping think-tank called the Council on Foreign Relations. There, in the 1980s Project Study Groups, the spread of ‘free markets’ was planned as an economic warfare framework under the rubric of ‘free market reforms’, later identified by Canadian journalist Naomi Klein as the ‘Shock Doctrine’.[23] Central to this project was the deployment of so-called Neo-Liberal ideology, which emphasized individual responsibility, spread systemic apathy and valourized markets as the most efficient means to price and allocate resources – all without brainwashed populations being aware of the underlying ideological framework.[24 The dominant capitalist coalitions from North America and Europe joined forces with oligarchs from Japan, and formed a new global policy-shaping think tank called the Trilateral Commission that was given the technical task to drive the roll-out of the “1980’s Project”.[25]

Bad Feeling: Control of the choices is the supreme definition of power. Bad Feeling: Control of the choices is the supreme definition of power.
Bad Feeling: Control of the choices is the supreme instrument of power.

Their ‘free market economic shock therapy’ prescriptions included the transfer of state assets funded, built and managed by Tax Herds, into private control. Such asset sales were predicated on a corporatization of state trading entities, infrastructure and services, mass lay-offs of public and private sector workers and the introduction of ‘user pays’ fees, exorbitant private sector monopoly prices and widespread compliance fines – all the while maintainshockdoctrinedocumentarying a universal tax collection system backed by state coercion.[26] The resultant widespread job destruction created structural unemployment and was a strategic sabotage of industry pursued to create private monopolies with ownership hidden through vast consortiums.[27] Monopolies restrict access to resources, thereby creating artificial scarcities that allow them to maximize profits by coercively extracting extortionist prices. The deployment of ‘free market’ economic shock treatments in New Zealand started proper in 1984, moves that facilitated the monopolization of the economy, its integration with other Pacific Rim economies and the incremental privatization of government, as intended.[28]

Therefore, ideology works to trick captive populations into believing the myths they receive through propagandist communications systems, while ignoring, downplaying or attacking inconvenient facts.

The four ideological functions – distortion, legitimation, integration and control – were present as events linked to the TPP Treaty signing ceremony unfolded.


For these four functions of ideology to work effectively, Key & Associates relied upon the activation of game theory, which in turns requires players to post hostages advance the game. In game theory, hostage postings can take many forms, the underlying logic is to function as a mechanism “for producing and stabilizing cooperation” in social circumstances that require “collective action”. The act of posting a hostage signifies a provisional “promise to cooperate if the other actor also posts a hostage.” The game requires an implied threat, which amounts to defection on the next move if the other player does not post a hostage too. In their paper, “Resolving social conflicts through hostage posting: theoretical and empirical considerations,” psychologists Gideon Keren and Werner Raub noted that “tacit communications of threats and promises are two major message strategies used to influence the behaviours of others”.[29] Therefore, during a crisis, it is these threats and promises that can be expected to occur regularly as key players manoeuvre to advance their positions in the transforming power structure.

Because New Zealand’s hosting of the TPP Treaty signing took place a mere two days before the annual commemorations of the initial signings of the Treaty of Waitangi of 1840 between Māori rangatira and flag-obsessed British Crown agents, a large proportion of TPPA protesters viewed the ceremonial signing at Sky City on 4 February 2016 as provocative.treatyrodentsratify01

The choice of location was provocative for several reasons.

The symbolism inherent to signing a mega-economic bloc treaty in a complex that houses a casino in Auckland City, or Tāmaki Makaurau, two days before Te Tiriti o Waitangi commemorations, signified Neo-Colonial players were advancing the game together. Shooting upward from the Sky City Casino Complex is the Sky Tower, which, when lit up at night looks like a giant hypodermic needle that would surely warm the chilled bones of the ghost of heroin-addicted beat poet William Burroughs. Above the revolving restaurant is the telecommunications ‘needle’.


Symbolically, the provocative hosting of the Treaty of Tāmaki Makaurau at the Sky City Casino and Corporate Cartel Complex was designed as a hardcore act of non-consensual penetration into the psyches of New Zealand’s Tax Cattle Stock or COWS, and their debt-enslaved tax-farmed counterparts in the other 11 partnering ‘countries’. Indeed, during a morning press conference the then-super-rich Prime Minister John Key stated the symbolic line, “As a country, we won’t get rich selling to ourselves,” which served the distortion function of ideology as this sugar-coated promise was widely reproduced through the news media with little direct criticism. Thus, New Zealand’s Tax Cattle Stock were injected and contaminated with toxic ‘Done Deal’, and ‘Get Rich’ zombie viral memes. A meme is to a culture what a gene is to an organism, it is a code imprinted with instructions to direct behaviour.[30] This outrageous brainwashing, packaged with a vague enticement slyly sought passive and active submission to the unfolding new economic world order, as I shall show.tppdonedeal800mtv301

As zombie viral memes that worked like offering the prospect of finding a golden ticket to win Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, they were vital components of a pro-corporate news frame. A news frame is the reconstruction of an event according to a particular focus, and what constitutes acceptable social discussion as opposed to politically dangerous lines of investigation, thought or ideas.[31] News frames work by creating meaning out of easily recognised storylines or narratives, concepts and symbolic images that exist in a culture’s social memory.[32]


The TPP Treaty signing ceremony was, in essence, a Bandwagon spinfluence ritual designed “to create the illusion that everyone is backing a particular movement” and “appeals to the common desire to follow the herd, whilst reinforcing the fear of being left behind”, as New Zealand-born Nick McFarlane defined it in Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual.[33]

The second prong of John Key’s morning presser required him to convey contempt for protesting New Zealanders by referring to “some” anti-TPP Treaty marchers as a ‘rent-a-protest’ crowd via the news media.[34]

Key said to reporters that Aucklanders would be “pretty disappointed and a little bit confused” about why people were protesting an economic deal that would provide New Zealand with more market access. Key said manipulatively:


keymcclaytppmediaefeb2016“I think a whole lot of Aucklanders will just see that in the category of ‘rent a protest’”.[35]

Here, Key repeatedly performed ‘rituals of animosity’ to construct the ‘rent-a-protest’ stigmatizing label as an enemy image in the public mind in his news media press conference. Stigmatizing treatments produce scapegoats – whether they are persons, groups or organizations – that become targets on which to project blame, animosity and fear.[36] In the drama of the telling, stigmatizing treatments tend to be very effective at obscuring the causes of news events[37].

But Camp Key was not done yet dealing out cards from the Animosity Deck. The Neo-Colonial Government’s choice of timing was provocative too.

Always Go to Waitangi… [Pause] Not.

In the prime minister’s February 4 afternoon press conference, Key delivered another manipulative two-pronged communications stratagem. The Rich-Lister acting as a prime minister announced he would not be going to Waitangi. Key claimed that Te Tii Marae at Waitangi had, in effect, subjected him to a ‘gagging order’ and that Ngāpuhi iwi leader Kingi Taurua had threatened violence and a riot if Key showed up.[38]

The news media outlets ‘failed’ to see a wedge tactic aimed at Māori. This wedge tactic relied on seizing control of the one dimension at Waitangi open to Camp Key to warp – Time.

The other three dimensions – Space – were under Te Tii Marae and Ngāpuhi iwi jurisdiction.

keynowaitangistuff4feb2016tppkeyriotEarlier, on January 26, Key had said:

“Every year, there’s always been a call for me not to be able to go, or some sort of protest. But I’m not going to gatecrash the place, in the end, if the governing body of the marae say they don’t want me there, then I won’t be there.”[39]

In essence, Key had acknowledged Waitangi was a hotspot, which in propaganda terms means a place that is known to arouse intolerance in people along fault lines, or cultural divides, such as race, religion and social status. According to the Hardcore faultlinehotspotspinfluence-1Propaganda Manual, a wolf’s job is to:

“identify a hot spot of intolerance and fan the flames of bias to ignite radicalization. Intolerance toward the other group’s differences turns fault lines into open divides. Once divided, the Tax Herd is easily conquered.”[40]

Waitangi becomes an easy target because most New Zealanders’ experience of it is filtered through the mass media, where institutional racism is rife and white privilege is as common as homogenized milk.[41] Key’s repetition of this Kiwi slang for attending a party uninvited was intended to cement a falsity as universal truth, a staple to propagandist media diets like fries are to fast food franchises supplying industrial food-like substances to captive Tax Herds cast as brainwashed consumers.[42]

TV3’s ‘Dirty Paddy’ Posts Himself as a Hostage

While the media’s coverage of the TPP Treaty signing and protests on 4 February 2016 was extensive, the content ‘accidentally’ lacked a big picture context. Here, I focus on TV3’s Newshub 6 p.m. coverage because it offered the most biased, inaccurate reproduction of events and, in effect, posted a hostage – the Right-Enthusiastical Political Editor Patrick Gower – to advance the Trans-Pacific Cartel Treaty and resolve the crisis of legitimacy for the Aotearoan Neo-Colonial Government. I will contrast Newshub’s coverage with the slightly-deeper-than-surface context other media outlets offered.

At the top of their bulletin, TV3’s Newshub news anchors Mike McRoberts and Hillary Barry announced that it had been a day of deal-making and deal-breaking. Viewers were told that after the TPP agreement was signed in the morning, John Key announced, in the afternoon, he would not be going to Waitangi. Newshub’s studio played a video-clip of John Key explaining his decision to the news media. Key stated:

I can’t go as the prime minister of New Zealand onto a marae with a gagging order. And if I go onto that marae and I speak … then as [Ngāpuhi kaumatua] Kingi [Taurua] says he would incite a riot”.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key hongis with Ngapuhi. Elder Kingi Taurua, during the welcoming at Te Tii Waitangi Marae in preparation for Waitangi Day celebrations. 05 February 2009 New Zealand Herald photograph by Brett Phibbs
Better Optics in 2009: Hongi between Ngapuhi elder Kingi Taurua and then-prime minister John Key, during the welcoming at Te Tii Waitangi Marae in preparation for Waitangi Day celebrations, back when Key had a full stash of fake ‘political capital’. (New Zealand Herald, 5 Feb 2009).

Together, these developments meant a deal-breaker to Key, said TV3’s Hillary Barry.

In her story on John Key pulling out of Waitangi, Ttpptv3jennalynchV3’s Newshub reporter Jenna Lynch covered the apparent change of stance from the marae over the prime minister’s speaking rights for the upcoming Waitangi Day commemorations. To clarify what happened, Lynch focused on exchanges of letters and email communications between Te Tii Marae at Waitangi and the Office of the then-Prime Minister. A letter from Te Tii Marae to the prime minister’s office, dated on Tuesday February 2 2016, stated that Key’s address on the marae would be a speech “without any political korero”, as the graphic in the TV3 Newshub story emphasized. This letter was evidently sent by email on Wednesday evening February 3. Key claimed he received a different invitation on Tuesday 2 February that conferred full speaking rights on the marae. Earlier in the day of February 4, Key said he sent a letter to Te Tii Marae asking for clarification on his speaking rights and had given the trustees a 4 p.m. deadline. When Key’s imposed deadline passed without a reply, Key claimed he decided he would not go to Waitangi. Jenna Lynch finished her piece saying directly to camera that due to the gagging order, John Key was “forced” to abandon going to Waitangi.

However, what Lynch did not point out is that rule number 4 in the letter states, “Your political address to the people will take place in the political forum tent adjacent to the marae”. This omission was crucial because it not only created the perception that the marae at Waitangi and Ngāpuhi tribe were providing no remedy and that the so-called gagging order was total. Essentially, Lynch let the then-Prime Minister off-her-noose, even though Key was asked in her story if he was “running scared” and he denied this point. The task to facilitate the political forum tent was allocated to activist-politician Hone Harawira,[43] a prospect that would have made the Key Ministry’s Political Risk Meter ‘blink red’. Harawira could colourfully facilitate rigorous speeches, with highly news-worthy lines in between, capable of slicing the Smiling Assassin into flailing slithers like the silicon cyborg cop in Terminator II: Judgment Day.


Back in the studio, Mike McRoberts asked political editor Patrick Gower, “Patrick, has John Key made the right decision?” Gower responded:

“Absolutely. He had no choice but to do this. He essentially went to the marae, ‘Make my day. Make my day.’ And they did. And now they look very foolish. There’s also a safety issue potentially tomorrow. It would have been the roughest Waitangi ever. And furthermore, coming into the calculations, as always, is politics. This decision will be popular with many people. The prime minister will probably receive a boost in the polls for it as well.”


Gower’s ‘Make my day. Make my day’ refrain invoked the cultural reference to Clint Eastwood’s role as tough cop Dirty Harry, who ritually provoked criminals to a dual, saying the now-famous line, “Feeling lucky punk? Go ahead. Make my day.” After all, one of Key’s nick-names is the ‘Smiling Assassin’. Gower followed the ‘Make my day. Make my day’ phrasing with the phrase “And they did”. He was suggesting Te Tii Marae had fallen for a strategic trap, wherein the Waitangi marae, under the antagonizing pressure of having an expansionist mega-economic treaty signed two days prior, would appear to struggle with reaching a decision due to their own fault. This outrageous Dirty Paddy phrasing, which went unchallenged by Hillary Barry and Mike McRoberts, was a signature deployment of savvy journalism by Patrick Gower. It is crucial for news audiences to know that a Cult of Savviness has infected a wing of the news media wherein the Savvy Political Press that comprise the Parliamentary Press Corp position the audience along with them, as detached ‘neutral’ insiders.[44] It is a political technique to undermine the news audiences’ solidarity with one another (and works even better if the reporters don’t understand the impact). The persistence of this Cult of Savviness has meant that reporters lack the drive to develop the investigative skills necessary to brave the evolutionary jump over the Pit of Propaganda POOH to become journalists.


Meanwhile, OneNews at 6 p.m. provided the nuance that was missing in Newshub’s 6 p.m. newscast, stating that Te Tii Marae offered the opportunity for John Key to speak in a tent set up for political speeches.[45] A video posted on OneNews website on February 4 shows Ngāpuhi elder Kingi Taurua said he was going to encourage protest to prevent John Key from entering the marae at Waitangi, which is not the same thing as a riot.[46] Conspicuously, Newshub did not play this OneNews’ interview with Kingi Taurua. Doing so would have undermined Key & Associates’s constructed character assassination regarding a fake riot threat, a brazen act of negative spin and political fraud that is a clear breach of section 240 of the Crimes Act. Instead, Lynch’s story played a sound-bite of Taurua saying he was pissed off John Key was not coming because he wanted debate. Ironically, it had become public on January 22 2016 that New Zealand Police had undergone riot training focused on TPPA protest scenarios, under a directive from Police National Headquarters.[47] It would seem the Police National Headquarters’ directive to conduct riot training was more about anchoring a new norm to serve Team Key’s propaganda stratagem. TPPA protest organizer Auckland Law professor Jane Kelsey said the riot training and as well police home visiting activists at their homes added up to a “political strategy to try to redefine the issue from being one of ethics and justice, and democracy and sovereignty to a law and order issue.”[48]

Credit where credit is due: Jane Kelsey promoting TPP free zones [Photo: Snoopman]
Credit where credit is due: Jane Kelsey promoting TPP free zones [Photo: Snoopman]
In a February 4 interview with the New Zealand Herald’s political reporter Claire Trevett, John Key conveyed less certitude about his claim that Kingi Taurua was inciting a riot.

“I can’t go and I won’t go to Waitangi with a gagging order on me and I won’t go when there is a position where senior elders of that marae are actively encouraging I think violence actually, and that is what Kingi [Taurua] is putting out there.”[49]ˆjohnkeykingitauruatvnz02

The New Zealand Herald included Kingi Taurua’s counter view, in which he said, “I’m hurt by that. I’m not inciting violence, I’m only encouraging people to protest about the policies.”

Rather tellingly, during its midday newscast, Newshub allowed for more subtly into the controversy, with reporter Alex Baird noting Te Tii Marae did offer Key the opportunity to speak in the political forum tent.[50] But, the six o’clock news bulletin is the one that really counted because that has the biggest news audience. This treatment is in keeping with what a TV3 staffer told me in the lead-up to the 2014 election, specifically that the broadcaster uses the 6pm bulletin to blow up minor controversies into scandals. Then, TV3 meets its broadcasting criteria for ‘balance’, ‘accuracy’ and ‘fairness’ by commandeering the lower rating news and current affairs programs like the weekend show, The Nation, to explore more nuance, thereby exploiting its claims to free speech rights to reinforce state and corporate power. Because the dirty political attack environment was not routed out of New Zealand’s Neo-Colonial Government, the privatised advisory wolf attack apparatus and the news media, the Key Ministry knew it could leverage an easily resolved issue of communication, and make it look like it was all the fault of stroppy Maoris – again.

Mickey Mouse Maoris in Airship Johnny

Key audaciously made three other claims that also worked to cast Ngāpuhi and Māori in general as scapegoats to resolve a political crisis for New Zealand’s ruling Civil Oligarchy. First, Key said the deliberation that took place at Te Tii Marae “looked Mickey Mouse”, implying that they were amateurish or disorganized.[51] Key’s Mickey Mouse accusation occurred hours before the 4pm deadline, not a gracious thing to say to provoke a peaceful powhiri, especially as noises coming from the mouth of a representative of the New Zealand Crown. Here, Key brazenly dog-whistled to stigmatize Māori individuals and groups. Dog-whistling is a public relations industry tactic to produce messages that work like a high-pitched whistle that will only be fully-audible to those directly targeted for persuasion, while others will not be offended. The tactic is deployed to amplify peoples’ fears, frustrations, or prejudices, and transform them into anger, as investigative journalist Nicky Hager reported in his book: The Hollow Men: A Study in the Politics of Deception.


The pre-Waitangi discussions were about whether Key could speak on the marae, or even come, given that Ngāpuhi elders, including Kingi Taurua, had concerns about the escalation in protest if Key attended. Furthermore, Kingi Taurua had initially stated his view was that Key and his Ministry should not come to Waitangi – on January 17!

As Irena Smith on TVNZ’s Te Karere news reported on January 17, Taurua’s to block the Neo-Colonial government from attending the Waitangi Day commemoration was because he said the Government was undermining the Treaty that Māori had with the Crown. Taurua’s call at this time followed the Key Ministry’s January 13 admission – forced upon them by anti-TPPA activists – that New Zealand was hosting the symbolic signing of the TPP Treaty in Auckland just ahead of Waitangi Day.[52] In other words, the Key Ministry had three weeks to liaise with Te Tii Marae – and longer – if Key & Associates had been upfront about hosting the TPP Treaty signing ceremony.

The news media made much of Key breaking a promise that he would ‘always go to Waitangi’ after his predecessor Helen Clark had stayed away for three years. The controversy in the late 1990s and early 2000s involved speaking rights for women on marae.[53] Ngāpuhi kuia Titewhai Harawira had argued that a female prime minister should not get preferential speaking rights before any other women – including Clark – during the formality of the powhiri.[54] Indeed, one woman who supported Titewhai Harawira at that time said, “We are not going there for a confrontation or to start a riot. We are going because we support Titewhai and her right to speak on the marae before Pakeha women can.”[55]


It turns out that Kingi Taurua had said earlier in the day of February 4 that the decision to restrict Key from making a political speech in the wharenui at Te Tii Marae was for his own safety. If a political speech were delivered by Key in the wharenui, it could have easily turned into a screaming match, said Taurua, who was also not allowed to make a speech in the Treaty grounds meeting house.[56]

But, it was not only Newshub’s newsroom that stuck the boot into TPP protesters, including Māori.

TVNZ and TV3 aired dirty political hit-pieces on their 7 o’clock ‘current affairs’ programs of February 4 that were designed to ridicule protesters, distort the event and make it seem like hardly anyone in attendance at the protests knew much about the Trans-Pacific Rim deal. They were also more concerned about the inconvenience to the Kiwis-as-motorists social group.

Indeed, Road Transport Expert Toni Street on TVNZ’s Seven Sharp and Human Rights Expert Heather du Plessis-Allan on TV3’s Story delivered condescending performances about why blocking intersections is either inconvenient or harmful. For example, Heather du Plessis-Allan threw down some paper-work, which we can presume had nothing intelligent to say, flayed her arms open like a colonial missionary saying a mass to ‘the natives’ while holding the God-Force in the palms of her hands, to implore, “It just makes the traffic worse guys!”

Feigning Infuriation: TV3's Human Rights Expert Heather Du Plessis-Allan performs a 'ritual of animosity' on Story, 4 February 2016.
Fake Infuriation & Moronic Lecturing: TV3’s Human Rights Expert Heather Du Plessis-Allan performs a ‘ritual of animosity’ on Story. Meanwhile, TVNZ‘s Road Transport Expert Toni Street lectured about traffic inconvenience. 4 February 2016.

The Maiden Flight of the Dildo

The day after the February 4 TPP Treaty signing, protests and blockades, nurse Josie Butler famously threw the rubber dick at Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce, with the words, “That’s for raping our sovereignty”.[57] Predictably, Key gave a limp rebuttal to Butler’s inspired ‘news crashing’ moment. The un-Smiling Assassin flaccidly remarked that he was appalled because, he claimed, what Butler did had hurt New Zealand’s reputation, saying the world would think we celebrate our national day by throwing dildos at government ministers. Here, Key & Associates were seeking to emotionally hijack gullible New Zealanders.



In the Q+A with Josie Butler a week prior to John Oliver’s nuclear sex toy video treatment, Mana News asked the nurse to comment on the Neo-Colonial Prime Minister’s condemnation of her dildo-throwing sling.[58] Butler rebutted:

I’m appalled that our taxes paid for the Prime Minister to watch sports and talk about a sex toy on our National Day instead of doing his job and representing the Crown at Waitangi.[59] 

Butler also explained that she and others had engaged in democratic processes on the TPPA issue.[60]


In his interview with Kingi Taurua on February 5, media missionary Paul Henry conflated the idea of a prime minister having a mandate to do things like seal the TPP Treaty deal, with his failure to consult extensively with Māori before ‘the horse has bolted’ – as the Ngāpuhi elder stressed.[61] Kingi Taurua had claimed that the government treats Ngāpuhi like children, and that Key has no mandate to sign away Māori sovereignty. Henry, who once ran as a National Party candidate, responded that Ngāpuhi do behave “like children” and claimed that the government does have a mandate to do what it does because it is elected to govern. The Newshub broadcaster finished his point, condescendingly remarking, “It’s called democracy.”

It is, therefore, telling that nurse Josie Butler resorted to “throwing a dildo at a politician to open up [the TPP Treaty] debate” the same day as Paul Henry’s condescendingly loaded interview with Kingi Taurua.

Key’s Trump Card: ‘Go-to-a-Coliseum’

Instead of attending the Waitangi Day commemoration of the initial signing of the Treaty of Waitangi between the British Crown and the misled Māori chief signers on February 6, super-rich John Key opted to attend a NRL Rugby League Nines match.[62]


After being booed by some rugby league fans, the Rich-Lister performed as the Brand-Key character, ‘Mr Nice Guy’, or for an interview with One News reporter Corin Dann. In this recasting from the suited Prime Minister into an ‘Everyman’ persona, Key explained why people ‘booed’ him. With his characteristic Squinchy Face that he pulls when is downplaying the gap between his manufactured blokey image and the underlying political game, Rich-Lister oligarch Key said:

“Look there’s always going to be a mixture, mixture of vibes, but, um, yeah, people just out enjoying themselves I think.”[63]

Meanwhile, TV3’s media missionary Patrick Gower also filed a Waitangi Day adventure story that comprised of following the political action figure – ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Key – as he performed the integration ideological function, around a sports stadium in Auckland. The integration function works to assimilate the individual and collective identity of persons and groups through symbols mediating social action.[64] Ideology does this by providing the signs, values and imagery, but because ideology’s purpose is to dogmatically defend dominating hierarchical power structures, it is inherently resistant to change.[65]



Newshub’s political editor asked the relaxed political actor who pretended to be a prime minister, “Bit of a different than your normal Waitangi isn’t it?” John Key replied, casually raising his fist, “It is. If I get in trouble I’ve got [boxer] Joseph Parker to sort everyone out for me.”[66] Gower reinforced his own biased support for super-rich John Key by conducting scientifically flawed vox-pops which ‘showed’ most of the Tax Herd at the coliseum thought the political actor who pretended to be a prime minister made the “right call” by staying away from Waitangi.

Despite more nuanced treatments produced by other media missionaries about Key’s stigmatizing framing of Māori and TPP protesters,[67] Dirty Paddy stuck to his ‘star struck’ narrow viewpoint that ‘Nice Guy’ Key had made the right choice two days later on Waitangi Day, February 6, when he was back in the studio.[68] In essence, Key had played a ‘Go-to-a-Coliseum Card’. It was another provocative symbolic move. It was a ridiculing move that mixed politics with sports, since mass sport events work to distract people from important political and economic developments, as media scholar Noam Chomsky argued in the 1992 documentary, Manufacturing Consent.


The moment when the worst possible thing that could happen to nurse Josie Butler occurred when Key announced his decision to flag going to Waitangi. Butler was set on throwing a replica dick at the then-prime minister over the symbolic signing of the TPP Treaty.[69] This setback would turn out in her favour and create a sense of victory.

Videos and news articles of the replica dick immediately went viral worldwide. It is ironic therefore that Butler grabbed her moment to ‘crash the news’ – as media scholars term the tactic – following the news media’s derailing of the TTP Treaty debate when the most conformist media missionaries feigned concern for disruption to traffic flows. It was ironic because while the media’s digital platforms gained high traffic volumes on the TPPA protest news on February 4, Butler’s well-slung dildo action out-performed all the carefully planned experiments in Internet discourse.


New Zealand Herald reporter Claire Trevett observed half-astutely that the Serious-Face-Prime-Minister had played a ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ in claiming his affectation of displeasure with Butler-the-Stoked-Face-Nurse, because her sling appeared to vindicate his ‘no show’ at Waitangi. In keeping with the Cult of Savviness, Trevett surmised that it had taken Key a full day to respond to the pink flying object because that is how long it took him to wipe the grin off his face.[70] More likely, Key & Associates were re-strategizing to deal with this set-back. After-all, Camp Key’s attempt to dodge a bullet at Waitangi had resulted in multiples videos of a moderately hard rubber sex toy going super-viral.


Following Butler’s dildo slinging and widespread public mocking, Minister of Economic Development Steven Joyce tweeted, “Someone send the gif over to John Oliver so we can get it over with”.[71] Next, comedian John Oliver lampooned the former CEO of RadioWorks, Steven Joyce. Oliver’s video, which included filmmaker Peter Jackson waving a mocked up New Zealand flag with the dildo impact moment, went viral in mid February 2016.[72] It included several clever word plays that evoked national mythologies regarding New Zealand’s nuclear-free policy. (New Zealand’s nuclear-free stance meant U.S. vessels could no longer visit legally, a stance the Lange’s Labour Government took to sure up support as it simultaneously inflicted ‘free market’ economic warfare to accumulate resources for Civil Oligarchies, foreign and domestic).[73]

Peter Jackson waved the mocked up flag saying the country “has spoken” and was “punching above its weight”, while Oliver chimed in to say his production team went for the “nuclear option” due to Joyce’s careless “wish”. The nuclear option was the climax scene in which an American evangelical choir sung the refrain – “It’s a dildo! It’s a dildo!” – while dildos flew stiff and fell limp around the set as though caught in a bipolar-like exhibitionist/shy spectacle of opening night excitement-cum-stage-fright.


The Oliver’s Dildo Baggins broadcast was the moment when the Key Ministry’s Flag Deception literally collided with the very ‘thing’ it was supposed to distract from: the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty. Ever since New Zealand’s super-wealthy then-Prime Minister drew his ‘silver fern’ flag on TVNZ’s ‘Breakfast’ show in 2010,[74] as a way to initiate the South Pacific tax haven’s[75] Flag Change Campaign, John Key steadily morphed into the country’s premiere ‘Matador’.

Amid numerous crises that beset New Zealand, the then-Prime Minister John Key covertly recast himself as ‘The Matador’ to distract the citizenry with the prospect of a new flag whenever an inconvenient issue threatened a crisis of legitimacy for the Civil Oligarchy’s Neo-Colonial Government. The whammy of all these crises of legitimacy turned out to be the Trans-Pacific Rim Super-Treaty, which all partnering states faced when beset by a global groundswell of opposition to the secrecy of the deal-making. (The Flag Change was also meant to construct national unity).[76]


Manufacturing Hype, Provocation & Character Assassination


By what hidden alliances would the Key Ministry be constructing such a manipulative propaganda strategy?

Back in early 2007, CrosbyITextor had the task of re-modelling the ex-London and Wall Street Banker – John Key – who had gained the nickname the ‘Smiling Assassin’ because he maintained a smile while firing hundreds of staff. [77] CrosbyITextor had worked with former National Party leader Don Brash when he shot to popularity by scape-goating Māori, beneficiaries and immigrants.

However, when journalist Nicky Hager’s book The Hollow Men exposed the manipulation of New Zealanders through the use of sophisticated PR techniques such as dog-whistling, Don Brash’s replacement – the Smiling Assassin – promised he would sever all ties with Brash-era strategists.[78] Key’s promise was a brazen deception and he signed on the Brash’s political advisors, CrosbylTextor, in early December 2006 in Australia’s capital city, Canberra.[79]


It is fascinating to note, therefore, that on 4 February 2015, exactly one year before the TPP Treaty signing, boutique public affairs, government relations and campaign consultancy, Hannifin de Joux (HdJ), announced a strategic partnership with the New Zealand chapter of CrosbyITextor Group.[80] Jo de Joux, of Hannifin de Joux (HdJ), has worked in various roles for the National Party since 1999, and has three non-genuine election victories under her campaign manager black belt, including the September 2014 general election amid the Dirty Politics scandal.[81]

That scandal, exposed by journalist Nicky Hager’s book, Dirty Politics: How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand’s political environment, revealed Team Key’s deceptive two-track communication stratagem to undermine democratic participation, a stratagem going back to the CrosbylTextor contract signing with the Smiling Assassin in late 2006. The key to their political conspiracy involved outsourcing dirty political attacks to right-wing blog-sites, such as Cameron Slater’s Whale Oil and David Farrar’s Kiwiblog. Farrar’s company, Curia Market Research, has conducted political polling for National since 2004, placing him in a pivotal position to write blogs to attack National’s opponents.


A Picture Tells Tales of 10,000 Blogs: John Key flanked by his right-wing blogger attack dogs, David Farrar (left) and Cameron Slater (right).
A Picture Tells Tales of 10,000 Blogs: John Key (center) flanked by his wing-wolve bloggers, David Farrar (left) and Cameron Slater (right).

Meanwhile, Key was cast as ‘Mr Nice Guy’ so that New Zealanders would not think for a moment that the minor scandals, embarrassing smears, and gaffs – that were blown out of proportion by a compliant propagandist news media system – had anything to do with Brand Key. The intent behind the imported political stratagem was that dirty attack politics benefits right wing parties such as National’s, while it hurts left-wing ones more, because it is known to turn off left-wing citizens from voting first, as Key admitted in a pre-recorded interview on Campbell Live two days after re-winning power on 22 September 2014.[82]

Brazenly, Key had maintained the fiction that Nicky Hager was a ‘left-wing conspiracy theorist’ for the last six weeks of the 2014 election campaign. This fraudulent dirty political conspiracy was also a breach of section 240 of the Crimes Act. Since it is rare to gain evidence of secret deals such as this evidence gained by journalist Nicky Hager when exposed the Dirty Politics scandal in August 2014, I have commandeered circumstantial evidence to show that power crimes were committed by this criminal group to underpin the clustered events examined in this essay. My research shows a “meeting of the minds” or “conscious parallel business behaviour”, which can be used to support other evidence.[83] Indeed, as Tony Molloy QC said to the New Zealand Herald in 1999, “you can often prove criminal intent from people’s actions and the circumstances”.[84]

Brazen Victory: John Key admitted two days after his election win that dirty political attacks helped his party gain and stay-in power.
Brazen Victory: John Key admitted two days after his election win that dirty political attacks helped his party gain and stay-in power.

It is therefore crucial to keep in mind that attack wolves CrosbyITextor have a track record of devising such attacks against their clients’ so-called enemies. And Jo de Joux of Hannifin de Joux (HdJ) has been in Key’s orbit for his three fraudulent election wins.


It turns out that Key’s ‘rent-a-protest’ mass character assassination line has a historical precedent that provides excellent circumstantial evidence that the speed politics detected here was designed to defend the Neo-Colonial Civil Oligarchy.

In the late 1980s days of consumer VHS and broadcast Beta SP tapes, Associate Finance Minister in Lange’s Labour Government, Richard Prebble, labelled protesters on parliament grounds as a “Rent-a-Mob”. With exquisite poetic timing that the Josie Butler’s of this Deep State-controlled-world can most appreciate, Prebble was egged moments later.[85] The Lange Labour Government had pursued a hidden stratagem of structural unemployment to drive down wages and salaries and, therefore, cut labour costs to make big business beneficiaries (or BBBs) smile from hairy waxy ear to hairy waxy ear.[86] Prebble’s contemptuous “Rent-a-Mob” label was featured in the beginning of the 2008 documentary titled, The Hollow Men, about former National Party leader Don Brash’s use of dirty attack politics at a time when the Party’s leadership was guided by professional political manipulators, CrosbyITextor. It can be reasonably assumed that Key’s political strategists, as well as the Smiling Assassin, watched The Hollow Men for pulp to feed their Anglo-Saxon propaganda mill.[87]

Key's Tell Face: The ex-London & Wall Street banker feigns a ''nothing to see hear' expression.
Key’s Tell Face: The ex-London & Wall Street banker feigns looking peeved.

New Zealanders would find it particularly galling to learn Key’s contemptuous ‘Rent-a-Crowd’ is a rephrasing of former Labour Party Associate Finance Minister Richard Prebble’s contemptuous “Rent-a-Mob” label. Because the logic of the dog-whistling in-built into the ‘rent-a-protest’ crowd slur is that because some among the protest are at many protests, such people are serial complainers with nothing better to do than to organize demonstrations.

However, many New Zealanders do not understand that every Labour and National Government since 1984 has pursued a Deep State secret policy of structural unemployment that benefits corporations by keeping wages and salaries low, through the visible threat of joblessness that weakens the bargaining power of workers. Consequently, many New Zealanders, often described as ‘Kiwis’ for purposes of manipulation, are misled to believe that ‘serial protesters’ are just angry lazy moaners too stubborn to take responsibility for issues evidently of their own making.[88]


On the day of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty signing day, Key had slyly and repetitively delivered his dog-whistling memes – ‘Rent-a-Protest’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ – knowing it would construct a fear-ridden, racist-laden news frame. Mr. Nice Guy Key knew that what he said would be it taken as true, or at least be insufficiently challenged. This phenomena of taking official lies as truth is termed presumptive accuracy, as media scholars Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman pointed out in 1988 in the first edition of Manufacturing Consent.

In the language of spinfluence, the technique is called negative spin and in this instance, the Smiling Assassin was inflicting a character assassin action. In the language of psychology, the technique is projection, whereby a psychopath blames the victim when confronted in an attempt confuse ‘the host community’ whose confidence he needs to survive and thrive.[89]manufacturingconsentmovieposter

As the Civil Oligarchy’s Rich-Lister political puppet, the Smiling Assassin’s ‘Rent-a-Protest’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ mass character assassinations were a sly act of oligarchic wealth defence intended to protect the Global Neo-Colonial Project. This epic Neo-Colonial Project, first planned by the 1980s Project study group at the Council on Foreign Relations in the early 1970s and implemented by other global-policy groups such as the Trilateral Commission, has reached its endgame stage. The prime target were big corporate prime-time advertisers who fund ‘the news’, and the tens of thousands of Corporate-Owned Wage Slaves who witnessed the protest.

All the Matador’s Men

To sum up, the symbolically encoded messages designed into the security-vetted signing ceremony at the Sky City Casino were intended to construct consent, undermine oppositional voices and signal a biggering of the Global Neo-Colonial Casino Economy – to those smart enough to understand the game in play.

As a propaganda spectacle, specifically a Bandwagon spinfluence ritual – the Treaty of Tāmaki Makaurau signing at Sky City Casino fulfilled the first function of ideology – distortion – to create warped positive images. This distortion was constructed to hide the gap between the hyped economic benefits offered and the underlying political conspiracy of economic warfare, Deep State geo-political rivalries and the construction of regionalized Neo-Colonial super-states to be administered by a transnational technorati.


The large protest against the ceremonial signing two days prior to the Treaty of Waitangi commemorations provided the Key Ministry with an ideal opportunity to create an enemy image out of the TPPA movement that included Māori – who featured prominently at the large Auckland protest. By distorting TPPA demonstrations as a ‘rent-a-protest’ crowd, New Zealand’s oligarchic prime minister and his associates constructed an atmosphere of hostility, contempt and ridicule toward the Māori and the TPPA movement as ‘groups of national origin’. Key’s repetition of the ‘rent-a-protest’ ritual of animosity produced animosity pulp to stick the boot into the anti-TPPA movement, thereby fulfilling the fourth ideological function, the control mechanism. This was message discipline that showed Key’s advisors had trained him well to ‘stay on message’.

By doing so, the Smiling Assassin’s provided the news media with the opportunity to post TPPA Protesters as hostages on their online news feeds, newspapers and broadcasts, where they did not sufficiently counter Key’s propaganda. The two big news networks, TVNZ and TV3, obliged by producing ridiculing hit-pieces on the TPPA protest in their 7pm programs, transmissions that signalled the networks’ submission in the transforming power structure.

A Picture Tells Tales of 10,000 Blogs: John Key flanked by his right-wing blogger attack dogs, David Farrar (left) and Cameron Slater (right).bambootripodstppprotestsakl4feb2016-3


Further evidence that there was either no threat of a riot comes from the Office of the Prime Minister. The letter of February 4 2016 asking Te Tii Marae to clarify speaking arrangements stipulated a 4pm deadline for the same day. Either there was no riot threat, or the Key Ministry was not worried about it. Despite this discrepancy, Key emphasized Kingi Taurua’s alleged threat as though it were fact, set-up Te Tii Marae and Kingi Taurua, Ngāpuhi, and other TPPA protesters as violent, for the news media to construct a fear frame and to justify his hidden trump card. Furthermore, Key pre-empted Camp Key’s own ‘at the end of the day’ deadline, telling the media he wouldn’t attend Waitangi if he didn’t get the special privilege of making a political speech in the marae wharenui, where he would not be countered. Given this fake sincerity, specifically that if Te Tii Marae had responded by the 4pm deadline with an answer saying Key could speak in the marae wharenui, Key inferred he would have been happy to attend. With his next brazen breath ‘Mr Nice Guy’ bemoaned he was subject to a ‘gagging order’, when in fact Te Tii Marae had offered for him to speak in the political forum tent, a practice that goes back to at least the mid-1990s, when a prior National Government was in power!

Camp Key cannot have it both ways.


Key and Associates have deployed an exquisite example of inverted doublethink in a sloppy attempt to hide their power crimes, calculating that they would get away it. Doublethink is the act of holding, simultaneously, two opposite, individually exclusive ideas or opinions and believing it, as George Orwell defined it in his dystopian novel Nineteen-Eighty-four, set in a world where … Oceania is in perpetual war with either one of its two rival super-states. Here, Key & Associates did not believe for a minute that they were concerned about threats of riots, nor did they truly believe that Te Tii Marae were incompetent, disorganized and incapable of hosting the Waitangi celebrations at which he well knew he was able to give a political speech like everyone else – in the political forum tent!

Thus to activate this plot, the Key Ministry’s two-track communications stratagem that involved ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Key hyping the TPP Treaty and deploying contemptuous negative spin at the TPPA movement, in one set of interviews, then deploying contemptuous negative spin at Ngāpuhi, Te Tii Marae and Kingi Taurua ahead of the February 6th Waitangi Day in another set. All of the Key Ministry’s activities in this deceptive stratagem were geared toward one crucial omission of action – attending Waitangi Day Commemorations at Waitangi – to deliberately undermine democracy, since Māori are in fact a major bulwark against further dismantling of democratic participation. I contend that the constructed ‘danger’ of a riot at Waitangi appeared to be used to justify non-attendance on the grounds of reasonable limits to action in a free and democratic society, as outlined by Section 5 of the Bill of Rights Act.[90]monopoly_c1937_chance_getoutofjail

This provision allows public officials to utilize a ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ for justified limitation on the right to not be discriminated against, specifically an omission of action in breach of the right to Freedom from Discrimination, as provided for in sections 19 and 20 of Human Rights Act.[91] Thus, I find that Team Key had constructed circumstances to ‘legally’ avoid Waitangi by exploiting it as an annual hotspot, knowing there would be a predictable call for heightened protest. These constructed circumstances required a distortion to the meaning of the likely heightened protest – of the Neo-Colonial Government’s own making – by producing a fake copy of reality, that Ngāpuhi leaders were threatening a riot.


Therefore, any ‘confusion’ around the decision and communications at Te Tii Marae was the result of Government’s exploitation of ‘speed politics’, where the speed of scripted fast-moving clustered events are designed to overwhelm opponents and obscure the underlying power crimes. In his “I’m not going to gatecrash the place” statement, Key was, in essence, ‘anchored a new norm’, wherein he deployed a party-imbued metaphor in place of a truthful, clear explanation. This new norm was to withhold playing his politically constructed ‘Always Go to Waitangi Card’. Key repeated the provocative ‘gate-crashing’ phrase on February 2.[92] In keeping with the behavioural traits of functional psychopaths who are skilled at winning the confidence of their intended victims,[93] Key & Associates appeared to enter into ‘good faith’ communications with Te Tii Marae, while gaming the trustees with the one dimension the tangata whenua o Waitangi were now fast skating thin on: ticking time.


It is ironic that a major component used to construct the ‘Mr Nice Guy’ political action figure was Key’s promise to always be willing to go to Waitangi, given that there were fears in the past about rioting. Where Helen Clark was asserting the right to speak before Māori women could in a powhiri on Te Tii Marae, Key was asserting the right to speak before the ink was dry on the newly signed super-treaty in the racist Queen of New Zealand’s South Pacific Realm. That’s because Key was holding his ‘Always Go to Waitangi Card’ close to his chest, a card designed as an encoded promise, but with an encoded threat that would explode when the time-locked pin was pulled – as intended.

mickeymousesteampoweredairshipTo this criminal plot end, Key slyly deployed a psychological projection by pointing his finger of blame at Te Tii Marae, misconstrued their February 2 letter as a total ‘gagging order’, claimed there were threats of riots, and performed the dog-whistling ‘Mickey Mouse’ phrase.

By building in the control of time, Ngāpuhi, Te Tii Marae and King Taurua had been gamed to appear ‘Mickey Mouse’, violent, and unreasonable – simultaneously. The failure by all news outlets to call Key out on this blatant wedge tactic meant that the news audiences were deprived of an opportunity to see Key answering an obvious question: What evidence do you have that Kingi Taurua actually threatened violence and riots?airshipjohnny01

Te Tii Marae trustees’, Ngāpuhi and Kingi Taurua were posted as hostages in order to execute a mass character assassination to resolve the crisis for the Neo-Colonial Civil Oligarchy. That crisis was the spectacle of John Key having to appear at Waitangi amid the likely terse debate on the Trans-Pacific super-treaty, spirited protest and the risk that someone would toss something at the Smiling Assassin. Given this activation of the scapegoat mechanism, the Police National Headquarters directives for TPPA protest focused riot-training and cold-call visits to protest organizers, essentially performed the function of passive-aggressive political hostage postings. In other words, New Zealand’s Police anchored the new norm for Key & Associates to successfully execute the scapegoat mechanism.


All of the forgoing is particularly galling because Ngāti Whātua were expected to be ‘good natives’ by showing up in numbers at the powhiri at Sky City on the morning of signing of the Treaty of Tāmaki Makaurau.

Butler’s direct hit on Steven Joyce’s nose resulted in millions of cyberspace-hits as the videos, news stories and images went viral and successfully engaged millions of people who have been switched off politics through the stratagems devised in the 1980s Project, the Shock Doctrine and Dirty Politics to intense widespread dissent to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Butler’s claim that New Zealander’s sovereignty was being ‘raped’ was not sufficiently rebutted.


Key’s brazen emotional hijacking of New Zealanders when he expressed disgust with Butler’s sex toy sling belied a psychological projection to deflect attention from his own outrageously racist, criminal and unsafe behavior.


Key’s propagandist move to attend the footy game as the CrosbylTextor constructed ‘Mr Nice Guy’ activated the third ideological integration function, to dodge a bullet that turned out to be a moderately hard flying dildo. By attending a working class man’s game, played predominately by Māori and Pacific Island men, the super-rich oligarch could spin a positive ‘Everyman’ image to derail the debate, while ttppmaoritvfasttrackpiripitalorhe Trans-Pacific Treaty juggernaut was being shunted in the background to a ‘Kiwi Rail fast-track’ for ratification. For the cluster of events to be successful, Key needed to perform the role of an extraordinary person doing an ordinary thing – with a positive image – while achieving another sly political stratagem to re-assert national unity against a common enemyMāorithe perennial scapegoat of this isolated, moat-laboratory. This fourth function of ideology, the control mechanism function works to manipulate to minds of mass populaces through fear, hate and prejudice. In this way, the propagandist seeks to gain their active participation (in this case, to become opinion influencers to adopt the Trans-Pacific Partnership), or their submission to the incremental enclosures of rights (in this case, by attending a footy game instead of discussions at Waitangi).

By his attendance at the NRL rugby league tournament, the then-Acting Prime Minister in effect mocked New Zealanders for being gullible.

Because New Zealanders have been conditioned to absorb mass commercialised sports, and this cultural training creates a corporate-mediated sense of national unity, most ‘Kiwis’ are unaware of its role to brainwash targeted audiences into conformist behaviours that do not bother the Neo-Colonial Civil Oligarchy.gowersfelineaudience

Thus, TV3’s Newshub account of Key’s Mickey Mouse Marae treatment was contemptuous of Te Tii Marae, Ngāpuhi iwi and Māori in general. Furthermore, TV3’s Newshub committed the logical fallacy of Drawing the Wrong Conclusion, which is “drawing a conclusion other than the one supported by the evidence presented in the argument” as it is defined in Attacking Faulty Reasoning,[94] in order to sensationalize their bulletin, appear savvy and protect ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Key’s image, as created by political tacticians CrosbyITextor. In effect, TV3 were doing the dirty political attack
work for ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Key’ by sticking the boot into Māori.

By failing to articulate the public relations phenomena, such as when John Key dog at his February 4 presser when he traded the tailor-made ‘Always Go to Waitangi Card’ for its belly-laughing Joker Race Card replacement, a political reporter can look very foolish. Especially, when in the next move, the super-rich ex-banker pulls out his ideologically-infused ‘Go-to-a-Coliseum Card’, thereby showing how public relations stratagems will trump savvy journalism every-time, that is, until the PR is laid bare.


John Oliver’s Dildo Baggins video event served as a perfect unexpected ‘control’ in the ‘test’ that three related events create a pattern, from which subsequent related events can be predicted. The Key Ministry had remained steadfast through the TPP Treaty signing day, Butler’s successful Dildo sling, and Key’s NRL Coliseum appearance, to stay as quiet as a Conductor-in-Chief of Caucasian Church Mice by avoiding telling the public that they had only a short time-window to make submissions on the economic super-treaty. Therefore, it could be mathematically predicted that Key’s Neo-Colonial Government would ‘stay mum’ on the TPP Treaty Examination Select Committee proceedings when John Oliver’s Dildo Baggins video made the connection between the TPP Treaty and the very thing that was designed to be a mechanism of distraction: the flag referendum.


Thus, even when Oliver’s Dildo Baggins video made national news, the Key Ministry ‘stayed the course’ yet again to ensure the vast majority of New Zealanders did not know the intake for public submissions on the TPP Treaty would end three and half weeks later. It showed a post-TPP Treaty signing pattern of omission had been set.

The Key Ministry relied upon the passive and active assistance of Aotearoan media missionaries to advance a hostage posting game they had stealthily set in motion. To make the evolutionary jump over the Pit of Propaganda POOH to become actual journalists, the Savvy Political Press would have to reign-in their narcissistic egos by finding the resolve, perhaps in the Gone-to-Ground Cave where New Zealand elites hide during a crisis. Otherwise, they will be incapable of revealing manipulative public relations techniques, as described in chapter 10 of  Nicky Hager’s book The Hollow Men (that the media themselves use).


Key’s actions belied a political conspiracy with his Associates that were not simply unjust power crimes. Key’s fraudulent racist actions were those of a Civil Oligarch that revealed his true colours as a gambling political actor aligned with the Neo-Colonial Project to construct Regional Neo-Colonial Super-States. Fraudulent actions that are rich coming from a New Zealander that the National Business Review reports is worth is $55 million in its annual wealth porn magazine, but Metro magazine says his wealth is rumoured to be in the hundreds of millions.[95]


Poignantly, in George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-four there is a passage from an imagined non-fiction book titled The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein. He is the official enemy of Oceania, one of three super-states that the novel’s protagonist, Winston Smith, is a citizen of.  In The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, the character Goldstein ‘wrote’ that “[i]n the long-run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance”. In other words, the extremes between the wealthy and the poor are sustained by hierarchical power structures that have an interest in maintaining widespread ignorance about the purpose of ruling institutions.

Key’s rituals of animosity were also contemptuous of all New Zealanders because in his role as Rich-Lister prime minister he was simultaneously a covert member-servant of the Civil Oligarchy. As the country’s acting Prime Minister at the time, John Key’s criminal behaviour was corrosive to the wheels of democracy and sprockets of a free society, and dangerously deleterious to the rights, needs and aspirations of the indigenous people of Aotearoa to construct self-autonomous, sovereign and sustainable communities.


Because this criminal group was not routed out when journalist Nicky Hager exposed the Dirty Politics scandal in August 2014,  Key & Associates’ were able to go on to scheme bigger plots.

Furthermore, Team Key’s  fraudulent deployment of dirty political stratagems, tricks and devices were condoned by the Key Ministry, which implicates the Neo-Colonial Government in furtherance of conspiracy to undermine democratic participation, democratic institutions and the soundness of decision-making for New Zealand society.

The dirty political attacks against institutions, groups and individuals deemed as enemies of the Neo-Colonial Civil Oligarchy will continue until New Zealanders deem such scapegoating as intolerable and instead resolve to dismantle the Civil Oligarchy.

All of these criminal acts bind the Crown.


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