By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

This “Corona World Games” series proves the United Nations, including the World Health Organization, pursued a tiered, asymmetric information dissemination strategy to control the Covid narrative to coerce community capitulation, economic collusion, and political conspiracy — in coordinated moves.

The data of such parallel moves made prior, during and after false flag black operations can be arranged as clustered events to reveal the anatomy of a criminogenic environment, since élite criminal actors exploit the speed of the unfolding power crimes by controlling the crisis rituals.

In this part, “Four Horsemen of the Great Corona Apocalypse”, I show that Four Horsemen were, in effect, armed with ‘Starter Pistols’ to signal the commencement of the Corona World Games — as game theory predicts.

Game theory strategies such as ‘Hostage Exchanges’ are used by nation states, international syndicates and monopolistic cartels to stabilize power structures while aggressive rivals seek to construct new areas of market dominance by illegal, fraudulent and repugnant means that harm their more dynamic, innovative smaller and peaceful competitors.

Dark Side of Monopoly: Law scholarship on cartel collusion and political conspiracy model for how secret agreements can be made, why punishments for defections can give away a cartel, and who comprises a conspiracy can be detected from hostage exchanges between colluding players

Although Hostage Posting Rituals can take many forms, the underlying logic is always the same. ‘Posting a hostage’ is a mechanism to construct stability and is predicated on a provisional promise to cooperate if other players post hostages too.

The game requires an implied threat, which amounts to defection on the next move if the other player does not post a hostage. Since game theory requires colluding players to issue and respond to threats and rewards to maintain the motivation, discipline and purposes of the cartel (or cartels), their simultaneous actions are political and also betray economic evidence of an unfolding plot.

In Part 1, “Four Horsemen of the Great Corona Apocalypse & the U.N.’s 1st Global Pandemic Exercise”, I showed how four high profile leaders made synchronized moves in September and October of 2019 to commence, in what I identified as the ‘Corona World Games’. These synchronized moves were consistent with game theory, which was developed during the Cold War to stabilize the power structures of the Russia Empire and the Western Empire.

In coordinated moves, Four Horsemen of the Great Corona Apocalypse, in effect, performed the function of ‘Starter Pistol Men’ to signal everything was in place to commence the ‘World Pandemic Games’.

These Four Horsemen were: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the U.N.’s World Health Organization; Jamie Dimon, the Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase bank; Pope Francis I, the Vatican’s first acknowledged Jesuit pope, and Xi Jinping, President of the Chinese Communist Party.

On September 17th 2019, the Director-General of the U.N.’s World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, addressed a two-day scientific forum that occurred at the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The very next bat-day, a little-known U.N. board issued a directive for at least two global pandemic exercises to occur by September 2020. One of those exercises had to involve the deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen. The same bat-day, three more Horsemen of the Great Corona Apocalypse made their chess moves, that acted as the trigger events for a financial system reset under the cover of a pandemic.

Humanity Cast as an At-Risk Social Group: The September 2019 U.N.-sponsored report “A World at Risk”  which features a corona virus on the cover  was published the same bat-day as the Wuhan City Airport conducted an emergency exercise featuring a corona virus scenario ahead of the Military World Games in Wuhan, China, where the Covid-19 corona-virus outbreak was reported to have originated in bat-soup at the Huanan Seafood Market.

On this same bat-Wednesday of September 18th, in Gotham City, the privately-owned New York Federal Reserve Bank announced it would bail-out the Repo inter-bank market, which supplies overnight financing between banks to fund firms’ payments for payroll, bills and purchases. This ‘rescue’ occurred on the 11th anniversary of U.S. Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, announcing a $700 billion rescue package, on September 18th 2008, following the take-down of the Lehman’s Brothers, when $400 billion had exited the same Repo Market in four days.

In its 2018 annual report, JP Morgan Chase had signalled a financial reset was in the horizon with an anniversary brag-piece titled, “10 Years After The Financial Crisis”, Jamie Dimon stated it was time to “open up the rule book” because banking regulations imposed after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and Global Bank Bail-outs (GBB) had evidently hurt the U.S. economy. The following year, between late August and mid-September 2019, JP Morgan Chase, had pulled $130 billion out of the Repo Market, which caused interest rates in this market to jump from 2% to 10% per annum.

In short, the date of September 18th 2019 is bat-day that the Great Reset was triggered.

On this same bat-day  the Jesuit Papal Monarch, Pope Francis I delivered a symbol-laden speech at Vatican City. Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, bragged that Christianity had endured, where empires, dictatorships and other political projects had crumbled because they did not bear the signature of God, and therefore could not withstand ‘the test of time’.

Menawhile, the very same bat-day, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is also the chairman of the Central Military Commission, addressed a symposium on the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River in Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan Province. The Chinese President, who chaired the symposium said, “The protection of the Yellow River is critical to the great rejuvenation and sustainable development of the Chinese nation.”

During this same September 18th bat-day, an Emergency Response Exercise took place at Tianhe Airport, Wuhan City in preparation for the Military World Games that was due to open in the mega city of Wuhan exactly one month later. One of two scenarios involved a domestic traveller infected with a novel corona virus. (China’s Covid-19 “Patient Zero” in Wuhan is attributed to the date, November 17th 2019).

Thus, the exquisite bat-synchronicity continued into October 2019.

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Hostage Postings in Applied Game Theory: The Four Horsemen — who represented a cross section of over-lapping empires on the 2D geopolitical chess board — moved in unison like synchronized swimmers.

Exactly one month after the Yellow River symposium, Chinese President Xi Jinping, opened the Military World Games in Wuhan, a city which the Japanese Army invaded during the 1938 Battle of Wuhan. At that time, Wuhan was the temporary seat of the Chinese Government, meaning the Japanese Empire had made a bold move to wrest control strategic resources in the so-called ‘Inter-War Period’.

The same day as the opening of the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan City, the U.N.’s 1st Global Pandemic Game, Event 201, took place in Gotham City. This Event 201 table-top simulation of October 18th 2019, was the United Nations’ first global pandemic exercise.

The Wuhan-Gotham Connection: October 18th 2019, colluding players post themselves as hostages by hosting the Military World Games in Wuhan China, the same day that the U.N.’s first Pandemic Exercise, Event 201, takes place in Gotham City  as game theory predicts.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis I opened the Vatican’s first Ethnological Museum exhibition titled, Mater Amazonia, which translates to “the Breath of the World”.

The very same bat-day, at a conference hosted by the Institute of International Finance, in Washington,the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, and the CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank, James Gorman, figuratively strode in to the Magnificent 7 theme-tune. Poignantly, Dimon said America’s unfunded medical liabilities,as well as the debt of U.S. cities were like watching a train-wreck.

Hostage Postings in Applied Game Theory: The Four Horsemen — who represented a cross section of over-lapping empires on the 2D geopolitical chess board — moved in unison like synchronized swimmers.

In part 2, “Dropped Bag of Covid Illuminati – 33’s in U.N.’s 2nd Pandemic Exercise”, I showed that the ‘Great Corona Hostage Crisis’ was treated as a ‘live exercise’ by the United Nations, including the World Health Organization, and the world’s major and significant states. The meta-data of Covid cases, death tolls and key associated events of the Covid-19 Pandemic were encoded with numbers, especially 33, between January 22 and 30 August 30, 2020.

Officials deployed the number 33 to signal collusion in the U.N.’s Corona World Games by chalking up this milestone number  as weird as it sounds. The Covid meta-data points to a blueprint designed by a supranational deep state network, or synarchy. This centralized supreme group inflicted the ‘Covid PlanPanic Health Emergency’ as a covert form of bio-terrorism to reset the world with a bio-security system.

Wherein Part 1 of this “Corona World Games” series, Four Horsemen of the Great Corona Apocalypse, explores the synchronistic moves that led to and surrounded the U.N.’s 1st Pandemic Exercise, in this part, Dropped Bag of Covid Illuminati  I show how the recurrence of this number 33 was cast as a milestone figure to communicate advancement of the Corona World Games across multiple territories  as game theory modelling could predict.

In Part 3: All Techno-Feudalist Roads Lead to ‘Dark Winter’ Amid World’s Third Hundred Years’ War, I showed how the pandemic exercises designed by Johns Hopkins University as agenda-setting forums were staged to assist with forging a US-NATO Military Empire-led Techno-Feudal World Order.

Each pandemic exercise — Dark Winter of June 2001, Atlantic Storm of January 2005, Clade X of May 2018 and Event 201 of October 2019 — that had been designed, scripted and hosted by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, was supposedly geared toward better preparedness.

However, each pandemic exercise just happened to include players who were embedded in the American Deep State, and were either well-placed to take aspects of the scenarios ‘live’. Or, by their casting, signal the underlying intention to mobilize resources to inflict future bio-terrorist plots for the preservation of the US-NATO Military Empire.

The pandemic exercises of Johns Hopkins University, as well as its futuristic coronavirus SPARS pandemic scenario of 2025 to 2028, reveal an underlying plan to cement a totalitarian global health infrastructure by orchestrating over-hyped pandemics as a Trojan Horse to up-end nation states, destabilize households and destroy free enterprises.

The subversive theme of these pandemic scenarios was that they served as a staging ground for sowing new hybrid narrative seeds that penetrated the psyches of unwitting players, attendees, and observers.

The record shows that Johns Hopkins University lacked the capacity to be circumspect about its casting of players following it very first pandemic exercise, Dark Winter, when one of its players, a former CIA Director, took aspects of the pre-9/11 bio-terrorist scenario ‘live’.

Indeed, the linkages between this pandemic exercise and America’s subsequent invasion of Iraq and the hawkish calls of a ‘Wolfowitz Cabal’ to wage a Hundred Years’ War to rid the world of the virus of terrorism — suggest these subversive pandemic exercises were penetration rituals to capture public health, destabilize liberal democracies and weaponize ‘the news’.

Simulation to ‘Live Exercise’: Dark Winter participant, James Woolsey, who was former CIA Director from 1993 to 1995, flew to London to “firm up” the ‘evidence’ that Iraq was involved in 9/11, thereby mimicking the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security script that cast Saddam Hussein as a bad actor threatening the U.S. with anthrax attacks.

An imperial mindset underpins the casting in all four simulations reviewed, wherein the spectacle of a pandemic was work-shopped to streamline the designs of Trojan Horses to politically capture public health systems, destabilize liberal democracies and weaponize ‘the news’.

The pandemic exercises occurred simultaneous to developments in bio-engineering elements of the coronavirus to make it pathogenic to humans. Yet, the corny graphic novel-like pandemic scenarios of Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security either cast blame to hype the treat of rogue states, or fundamentalist jihadists or well-resourced doomsday cults, or magical evolutionary powers.

Deciphering the Morse Code: The pandemic exercise track record of Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in four simulations — Dark Winter of June 2001, Atlantic Storm of January 2005, Clade X of May 2018 and Event 201 of October 2019 — belies an over-arching strategy to transform newsrooms into vectorized environments to globally spread emotional contagions.

As such, the corny graphic novel-like pandemic scenarios of Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security — along with their inclusion of the American Deep State’s officials in four simulations — belied an over-arching strategy to transform newsrooms into vectorized environments to globally spread emotional contagions.

The subversive theme of these pandemic exercises was that they served as a staging ground for sowing new hybrid narrative seeds that penetrated the psyches of unwitting players, attendees, and observers.

The subversive pandemic scenarios were performed as penetration rituals to set-up the capture of public health, destabilize liberal democracies and weaponize ‘the news’. Some players’ extra-curricular activities implicates them in a Third Hundred Years’ War plot.

Escalating a Hundred Years’ War: In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, The Guardian newspaper reported 14 October 2001, that one of the ‘Wolfowitz cabal’  comprised of Bush Administration officials  likened the terrorism to a virus that would require a Hundred Years’ War to eradicate.

Therefore, in this three-part series, I show a transnational elite criminal group who forged the super-structure for a ‘pandemic’ cover-story to distract from a global heist of power featuring a financial reset made synchronistic moves. The trigger events for the so-called ‘Great Reset‘ occurred on September 18 2019, with the publication in Gotham of the World at Risk Report and the New York Fed’s rescue of the Repo Market. The first Corona World Games formally commenced one month later with the synchronized Event 201, the world’s first global ‘pandemic’ exercise, which was timed to occur with the opening of the the 7th World Military Games in Wuhan, China.

The track record of John Hopkins University for scripting, casting and hosting pandemic exercises is shown to be sketchy, since each simulation has included actors from the American deep state.

In part 3, the member states of the United Nations treated the ‘covid-19 pandemic‘ as a live exercise, and in essence, inflicted the Great Corona Hostage Crisis to achieve far-reaching geopolitical objectives amid the ongoing Third Hundred Years’ War. A reset of structural forces with favored solutions occurred.

Weaponized Ironic Humor: On the cover of their September 2020 edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the CDC featured the relief of Helios, sun god in the Greco-Roman mythology, who rode a chariot pulled by four horses.

These glimpses behind the ‘Covid-Curtain’ open an intriguing passage to a parallel universe.


Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and general programs. He graduated with First Class Honours in a Master in Communication Studies at AUT University after writing his ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), titled  “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid” — to figure out the means, modus operandi and motives of the Anglo-American Oligarchy.

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