Liberty Occupation, New Zealand Parliament

Words by Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, photos by Snoopman

Wellington: Wednesday 2 March 20022: The siege of the peaceful Parliament Occupation in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, climaxed yesterday afternoon when an unruly minority set tents alight, threw cannisters into the fires and lobbed projectiles at police after the Constabulary beat up, tear-gassed and arrested protesters while tents were ripped down.

Shortly before 2pm, 600 police initiated the final phases of their siege strategy to re-take control of Parliament Grounds from the liberty occupiers whowere demanding the NZ Government end the Covid mandates.

Around 100 police guarded the forecourt to Parliament House and the entrance to the Beehive.

Meanwhile, about 150 police stood by at the northern end of Molesworth Street.

Inside Parliament Grounds, about 150 captured the high ground around parliament’s northern boundary, and moved down into flat lawn area, to advance forward to rip up tents, gazebos and educational displays.

Fifty paramilitary police from the Special Tactics Groups and the Armed Offenders Squads ran down the stairs and path from the Parliament Legislative Library onto the pavement by the northeastern Parliament Gates adjoining Molesworth Street, where the Freedom Village Security Tent was located.

Numerous arrests were made on what was day 23 of the Liberty Movement’s occupation of Parliament Grounds and surrounding streets.

Prior to dawn, New Zealand Police escalated their siege strategy shortly before 6am Wednesday 2 March, when approximately 200 police, located themselves at four points around the perimeter of the occupied zone that surrounds the beleagured nation’s Parliament.

In the afternoon, the Parliament Grounds’ frontline comprised a mixture of police in full gear riot gear that the paramilitary Special Tactics Group squads wear including batons, while others wore helmets with visors, and were armed with tasers, pepper spray cannisters and shields.

With each surge forward the police called for protesters to move away from the advancing line of the constabulary.

Amid each advance, the police ripped up tents, carried off mattresses, poles and pallets from the 23 day-old ‘Freedom Village’.

The reclaiming of more ‘Camp Freedom’ territory was part of the siege strategy that began with a meeting of the Officials Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination (ODESC) to end the occupation in the week following the failure of police to eject the occupiers on February 10.

The accredited media filmed from their lofty vantage point on the balconies of Parliament House, which meant their reporters were far away from the rich human moments of chaos, confusion and conflict that were initiated by the state officials’ refusal to meet with the occupiers.

Below the media, a police officer moved in a hi-definition camera with sound amplifier, which was used to warn people to leave and to screech high pitched noise.

The casualties of police pepper spraying on the lawn and the street outside mounted.

The police frontline advanced through the Kaumatua Speakers Tent, while a handful of protesters symbolically tried to ‘hold the line’.

The frontline advanced to the edge of the paved area in front of Parliament Steps, which had been covered over by a temporary stage constructed of timber.

The occupation group chanted “shame, shame, shame” to the police amid a lull of the police calling “move, move, move”. The advance of the police frontline paused for about five minutes.

Suddenly, a plume of black smoke appeared in the distance, beyond the statue of Premiere Richard Seddon (1893-1906), who famously conned New Zealanders into enlisting to fight the British Empire’s Boer War (1899-1902), that was in fact, the beginning of Western Civilization’s Third Hundred Years’ War — which is still ongoing.

Various objects were thrown into the tent fire, including gas cannisters, wooden pallets and a shopping trundler.

The police retreated as the gas cannisters exploded with unpredictable randomness. This retreat afforded me the opportunity to get more shots from various vantage points.

The rubber wheels of the shopping trundler that was hurled into the fire, added to the toxic mix of black smoke.

Meanwhile, the riot police kept their distance, and while NZ’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was nowhere to be seen — just like the Totalitarians’ most famous invisible variant bogeyman, Omicron.

The wreckage on the frontline of Parliament Grounds revealed the vulnerability of a peaceful non-violent occupation that lacks strategy, systems and a solutions to out-play both the state and the stupid.

Pfizer-shot firemen who were still employed amid numerous personnel being stood down arrived to shoot fluoridated water at the fire.

Pertinently, the wreckage on the parliament lawn also revealed the negative anarchy of the police and the reactionary idiots, whom together upended the positive anarchy that had thrived to construct an autonomous village of peaceful resistance.

Then another fire was started, between the Hare Krishna tent and the children’s playground.

Several aerosols were thrown into the fire.

Numerous explosions occurred with random timing.

The New Zealand flag flapped in the breeze at the top of the Beehive, while the smoke obscured the pōhutukawa trees.

A man threw a plastic container on to the playground fire.

An intelligent woman who is concerned about the government’s pivot to totalitarianism looked pensively at the chaotic scene below from a pōhutukawa.

The firemen, who were injected with Pfizer shots, advanced forward with the protection of the Special Tactics Group squads, to extinguish the playground fire.

More Pfizer-shot injected police stood by up Molesworth Street near the intersection, where riot police inflicted violence without provocation on Tuesday 22 February in order to emotionally hijack the nation with bad optics for the Liberty Occupation.

Meanwhile, a woman stood on her parked scooter at the intersection of Kate Sheppard Place, where hours before the Molesworth Street camp kitchens were hurriedly dismantled as the termination stage of the police siege strategy commenced.

At 4:10pm, free range humans watched on as a third scene of fire engulfed a pōhutukawa tree closer to the Beehive.

Free range humans from ‘Freedom Village’ watched on with sadness as smoke billowed upward, partially obscuring the Beehive. As I was taking shots, I remarked on the tragic plight of the pōhutukawa copping the flames.

A man said, “None of this would have happened if the Government had come out talk to us.”

I replied, “Imagine if Freedom Village had been able to present their views in one of the Select Committee rooms.”

And another man replied, “Then their narrative would have fallen apart.”

Firemen conversed while riot police standby.

Numerous objects were thrown the riot police including wooden pallets, plastic chairs, tent poles, water containers, steel, bricks and concrete paving stones for about 15 minutes.

Two men set fire to pallet timber to place next to the Musicians’ Tent by the southern gates to Parliament Grounds.

A burning cardboard box in thrown over the wall by the southern gate to Parliament Grounds to set fire to the Musicians’ Tent.

The Musicians’ Tent catches fire at the sad end of an occupation where so many were less concerned about ‘catching’ Omicron, than about the nation catching technocratic totalitarian tyranny.

A concrete paving stone sits where it slid to its resting spot on the awning of a tent, while a fireman begins to shoot fluoridated water toward the fires before they engulf the tents by the southern gate to Parliament Grounds.

The fire hosing extinguishes the flames.

The lobbing of objects, including concrete paving stones, continues while the riot police protect themselves with shields.

Meanwhile, a fire burns at the base of a tree on Bowen Street.

A man throws pieces of shelving steel toward the gate.

Fire hoses extinguish the fire on Bowen Street, amid the scramble of campers to evacuate.

Riot police stand vigilant at the Southern Gates to Parliament Grounds.

The smoke dissipates and humans with security passes can be seen watching from level nine and the roof of the Beehive, which had been dubbed the Hornets’ Nest, since hornets sting multiple times before they are done.

By 6pm, police reported they arrested 65 people. Rubber bullets were used to disperse the remaining crowd.

Clichéd Sanctimonious Deflection of Blame from Gaslighting Central to be Continued ….

Predictably, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sanctimoniously blamed the day’s violence, fires and arrests events on protesters whom she claimed were among a small portion of New Zealanders who had come to believe wild and dangerous conspiracy theories.

However, it is the New Zealand Government along with the United Nation’s other member states who have spread a contagion of propaganda while they refuse to supply open inquiries to hear the counter-evidence that would prove there is no pandemic.

The Great Corona Reset measures that were inflicted from 2020 onward have set in motion the conditions for an ongoing hybrid war that most do not yet comprehend as World War III. The inbuilt escalating crises were inflicted to accumulate more power, wealth and control for the global élite  as The Snoopman sketched his first dispatch of a series entitled Letters to the Future from the Time of The Crazy.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster sanctimoniously blamed a small number of protesters who were spoiling for a fight, rather than admit the planning underpinning the siege strategy involved the use of police provocations, police brutality and police propaganda to create bad optics for the Freedom Occupation.

The siege strategy was designed to diminish the growth and precipitate a decline in numbers as well as attack public sympathy in order to support the Government’s decision to refuse to talk with the Freedom Occupation, as I showed in my fourth Wellington dispatch, Police Incite Violence to Bait Protesters for Breakfast News Propaganda.

With more anti-mandate court cases in the pipeline, including one batting for teachers, following last week’s High Court decision that ruled the vaccine mandates imposed on New Zealand’s police and the armed forces were unlawful, the National Security State acting to de-escalate the risk of a continuing occupation at Parliament Grounds.

Chink in Ardern Government’s Armor: A New Zealand High Court Judge rules the vaccine mandates for NZ police and defense forces were unlawful, breached the Bill of Rights and were a coercive measure that infringed upon domestic and international law. [NewsTalkZB 24 Feb 2022]

In short, New Zealand has pivoted into a totalitarian police state in order to avoid a genuine review of the government’s implementation of the domestic version of a global biosecurity system under the rubric of the Great Corona Scamdemic.

Ardern also sanctimoniously inferred that if the occupation had been peaceful, the Government would have engaged in discussions with the Occupation Group. However, for New Zealanders old enough to recall that on Day 3, February 10, New Zealand’s Prime Minster had stated the protesters should move on.

After the state violence of February 10, the NZ Police not only failed to repel the Occupation, it surged in size as people travelled from all over New Zealand to support ‘Camp Freedom’ as I reported in my first Wellington dispatch, Rhythm and Crimes.

Following that failure to repel the occupiers, the Officials Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination (ODESC) convened to end the occupation. The last time such a meeting of cabinet ministers with the top officials across the government apparatus, including the police, military, SIS and GCSB occurred was in the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch Ides of March Mosques Massacre in 2019.

Ardern’s claims that ministers do not get involved in operational matters of the police is a semantic stance, as a posture to assert that New Zealand has checks to ensure it does not become a police state.

After all, Prime Minister Ardern is also the Minister of National Security and Intelligence.

The decision by the executive branch of Government to convene ODESC rather than meet with the Liberty Occupation is clear evidence that New Zealand has crossed the line to become a totalitarian police state.

Evidence Laundering: Assistant Police Commissioner Richard Chambers emotionally hijacks news audiences, claiming the actions of protesters were “disgraceful” on February 22 following the deployment of riot police to instigate violence.

New Zealand’s media missionaries whose role is to assimilate free range humans into the emergent Techno-Feudal World Order practice a convenient amnesia with inconvenient facts.

The media missionaries of the divided South Pacific archipelago could have skewered the nation’s highest representatives for avoiding growing the political balls and political ovaries required to hui with the Freedom Occupiers in front of Parliament House.

Moreover, in pre-history times before the Great Corona Scamdemic, Ardern also avoided visiting the land occupation on the Ihumātao Pennisula, despite the disputed land only being a four-minute drive from the Auckland International and Domestic Airport.

The primary reason that Ardern avoids being seen among thriving occupations whether on the front lawn of NZ’s Government, or on ancestral lands stolen during the New Zealand Masonic Revolutionary War of 1860-1872 is because such examples of vibrant civil disobedience are bad optics for the Government.

Such imagery would risk causing the Prime Minister’s political capital to plummet past zero. In such circumstances, New Zealand’s stealthy role as a test lab for the world could raise the stakes that Western Totalitarian Government’s might be faced with an awkward example.

If New Zealand Government were deemed to be ‘weak’, and re-positioned to actually serve the people, rather than the super-rich oligarchies, such an awkward example might inspire the world to peacefully resist and reinvigorate community with the kinds of autonomous solutions that were emerging at the Freedom Village.


Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and general programmes. He forged his ‘Thunk Evil Without Being Evil’ super-power while writing his ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), titled  “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid” — to figure out the means, modus operandi and motives of the Anglo-American Oligarchy.

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