Spy My Media: Pfizer’s top owners — Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street — are top shareholders of parent companies that own Annalect, hired by NZ’s Govt to spy Kiwis’ social media

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

In this exposé, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards shows the Blackrock-Vanguard-State Street Connection behind New Zealand Governments out-sourcing of social snooping to the same big three Monopoly Board Players that own Pfizer.

The company hired by the NZ Government to monitor New Zealanders’ social media accounts, produce data analytics and ‘social listening’ reports for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) is called Annalect New Zealand.

Annalect is part of the New York-based Omnicom Group whose top three owners are Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street and who are also the top three shareholders of Pfizer, the primary pharmaceutical company that has supplied the New Zealand Government with its Covid-19 mRNA-nano ‘vaccine’, Cominarty.

During the Corona Plandemic, one of Omnicom’s advertising agencies, Clemenger BBDO, created the NZ Government’s ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ campaign, which contained four functions of ideology that are essential for successful propaganda to brainwash a population.

Key Finding: Under the ‘corporate umbrella’ of Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the NZ Government has been able to manipulate the thoughts, feelings and understandings of the archipelago’s captive population by out-sourcing social snooping to Omnicom, whose top three owners reveal the Blackrock-Vanguard-State Street Connection’ to Pfizer.

State Out-sources Social Snooping to Monopoly Board Players

The top three shareholders of the parent companies that own a company hired by the Government to trove New Zealanders’ social media accounts since the beginning of the Covid lockdowns, are also owned by the top shareholders of the parent companies that are Pfizer’s top owners — Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street.

The company hired by the NZ Government to monitor social media accounts, produce data analytics and ‘social listening’ reports for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) is called Annalect New Zealand.

Records of NZ Companies Office state that Annalect New Zealand has been registered as Resolution New Zealand, since 27 May 2020.

Resolution New Zealand’s ultimate holding company is OMG New Zealand Limited,i and in turn OMG NZ Ltd’s ultimate holding company is Omnicom Group Inc, which is a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange.ii

OMG NZ is 50 percent owned by DDB Media Holding New Zealand and 50 percent owned by Clemenger Group.iii

DDB New Zealand is 84% owned by DDB Worldwide, whose total share allocation is registered with DDB Worldwide PTY Australia,iv and their ultimate holding company is Omnicom Group Inc, headquartered in Madison Avenue, New York.v

Clemenger Group Limited — which is the holding company of a group of companies involved in advertising and marketing communication services throughout Australia and New Zealand — is also 74% owned by BBDO Worldwide, which is owned by the Omnicom Group.vi

The Top 10 Owners of Omnicom Group Inc are The Vanguard Group Inc, Blackrock Fund Advisors and State Street.

Corona Monopoly — The NZ Edition: The Top 10 Owners of Omnicom Group Inc are Vanguard Group Inc, Blackrock Fund Advisors and State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), who are also the top three shareholders of Pfizer, the primary pharmaceutical company that has supplied the New Zealand Government with its Covid-19 mRNA-nano ‘vaccine’, Cominarty. [Data Source: CNN Business, 4 May 2022]

Therefore, the majority owners of Resolution New Zealand (formerly Annalect) is the Omnicom Group, whose top three owners are Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street, which have been shown to be at the core of institutional investors owning stakes across all major transnational corporations that dominate all industries across Western Civilization — as Professor Peter Phillips showed in Giants: The Global Power Elite.

Indeed, Professor Phillips names Omnicom as one of several propaganda firms specializing in advertising, public relations and marketing to serve the global power élite.

As Wellington-born advertising illustrator, Nick McFarlane, presented in his book, Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual, in order for the brainwashing of spinfluence to work, the target needs to be identified on two levels: with demographics and the heart — to engineer conformity, or group think, to produce desired behavorial modifications.

Because Vanguard, State Street and Blackrock are the top three shareholders of Pfizer, the primary pharmaceutical company that has supplied the New Zealand Government with its Covid-19 mRNA-nano ‘vaccine’, Cominarty, this means the family of companies owned by the Omnicom Group were well suited to produce, enhance, and mass disseminate Corona Cult propaganda.

Social Listening, Social Signalling and Social Steering

In a story headlined, “NZers’ social media comments scanned to inform Covid-19 response”, Radio New Zealand reported that OIA released documents showed Annalect surveilled public comments on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other sites, about current topics like ‘Covid response’, ‘virus’, ‘vaccine rollout’, ‘economy’, ‘business and consumers’, ‘contact tracing’ and ‘team of five million’, posted by New Zealanders.vii

My, What a Big Social Spying Apparatus you have Prime Minister: Annalect surveilled public comments on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other sites, with trigger words like ‘Covid response’, ‘virus’, ‘vaccine rollout’, ‘contact tracing’ and ‘team of five million’, posted by New Zealanders — in a similar way that intelligence agencies scrape data.

The website Annalect boasts that it uses Omni, an operating system owned by Omnicom Media Group (OMG), to “orchestrate better outcomes”.viii

The contract with Annalect (Resolution NZ) has been managed by the COVID-19 Group from 1 July 1st 2020 when it took-over from National Crisis Management Centre following the centre’s deactivation on 30 June 2020. The COVID-19 Group was established as a business unit of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC), and is headed by the COVID-19 Group deputy chief executive, Cheryl Barnes.ix

RNZ reported that Barnes said the reports were first commissioned in April 2020, via OMD, the media buying agency for the Covid-19 Response.

Clemenger Group lists OMD Worldwide as one of its family of companies and brags that it “is a leading media communications agency, with more than 10,000 employees across 100 countries serving some of the world’s highest profile brands.” OMD Worldwide is a unit of Omnicom Media Group, the media services division of Omnicom Group.xi

During the Corona Plandemic, advertising agency Clemenger BBDO created propaganda advertising campaign called ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ for the New Zealand Government.

Clemenger BBDO claimed the ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ campaign was both a collective story and a “design system centred around our people, not the virus, [that] helped interpret complex changes, established daily routines, and created a consistent source of truth.”

In reality, Clemenger BBO designed its ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ propaganda campaign to assist the Government’s plan to construct a new ideological hegemonic bloc, amid the contagion of fear-porn news that occurred as a consequence of an orchestrated emotional hijacking operation through the syndicated cartelized global news-chain.

Indeed, the four functions of ideology — that are essential for a successful propaganda campaign to brainwash a population — were detectable in the ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ explanatory graphic, supplied on Clemenger BBO’s website.

Weaponizing the Normalization of Medical Martial Law: Clemenger BBDO ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ campaign contained four functions of ideology that are essential for successful propaganda to brainwash a population.

The legitmation function is evident by the verb, “unite”, which served to “rally people around a unified truth, a unified message and a unified author in a world of uncertainty.” This unification element envisaged front-footing the ‘crisis’ biased ‘expert voices’, whom supported the narrative’s definitions, problems, and solutions, to the exclusion of counter-factuals, established early treatment protocols, and the views of dissenting scientists, doctors and nurses. In this way, the activation of the ideological legitimation function supported the power of authority by masking over the cracks in the narrative myth-making.

The preposition “against” served the ideological function of activation to face the threat of a common enemy. Quite consciously, Clemenger BBDO, deployed the language of conflict to galvanize a nation to fight the perceived common enemy.

This perceived common enemy — an apparent novel naturally evolved disease called “Covid-19” — served the ideological function of distortion, which is designed to create a warped copy of reality. By claiming to “call-out the enemy”, this “Covid-19” element linked back to the “Unite” element, as a circular argument that failed to present any evidence that could withstand criticism from dissident scientists, doctors and nurses who had not fallen for the scientism.

Packaged into the ‘Unite’ element, was the meme that “we are all in this together”, which performed the essential ideological function of social integration. By seeking to re-cast the rarefied celebrities as folksy mortals, the vox-pops of influencers shot in domestic locations with a ‘skype call’ filming style supply glimpses or vignettes of extraordinary people reduced to ordinary routines, amid ‘the new normal’ of ‘social distancing’, ‘isolation’, and ‘social bubbles’.

Normalizing the Institutionalization of Medical Martial Law: Clemenger BBDO’s ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ campaign disseminated messages across multiple platforms, recruited influencers, and updated the communications as the narrative developed in coordination with Annalect‘s data harvesting.

These unified message drops served the crucial project of identity re-codification for group integration amid a brazen destabilization, sabotage and re-engineering of Western Civilization.

In these deceptive ways, the New Zealand population was emotionally hijacked through the deployment of propagandist elements as described in Nick Farlane’s 2013 book, Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual. By taping into ‘the new normal’ zeitgeist amid a climate of fear designed for the subversion of household autonomy, free enterprise and nation state independence, Clemenger BBDO sought to manufacture consent of New Zealanders by constructing a new group consciousness. Without explicitly saying so, such propaganda campaigns are designed to produce a new social hierarchy through social conditioning.

The Black Art: Through puppet cut-outs, the super-rich social fault lines and hot-spots to open divides and conquer with performed ‘Penetration Spinfluence Rituals’ designed to insert and seed ideas into the farmed human Tax Herds’ collective psyche by subversive and non-consensual methods, to manipulate trust for the maintenance of their empires. – Nick Mcfarlane. (2013). Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual.

Thus, terminology such as ‘social listening’ used by Annalect was a euphemistic term in place of harvesting the feelings, thoughts and understandings of New Zealanders, who were thought farmed without their knowledge and therefore without their consent. This thought framing was essential in order to better brainwash Kiwis. As McFarlane pointed out, the core techniques of brainwashing include conditions that produce control, isolation, uncertainty, emotional manipulation, and repetition.

Therefore, the New Zealand Government’s hiring of Omnicom’s OMD Worldwide to harvest data of social media communications, while also contracting with Omnicom’s Clemenger BBDO to produce a propagandist advertising, communications and signage campaign was a shrewd chess move manufacture the consent of naïve Kiwis.

Thought Farming: The subversion of a society can be achieved with the skilled, coordinated deployment of the core brainwashing techniques, such as control, isolation, uncertainty, emotional manipulation, and repetition. [Source: Nick Mcfarlane. (2013). Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual]

Despite Clemenger BBDO claiming it was creative like children wise beyond their years, the advertising appears to have screened off performing any due diligence to check counter-factuals regarding the sudden hype of a global pandemic designated as such by the World Health Organization — when at the time — the world death toll was under 5000.

Clemenger BBDO failed to see that its client, the Government of New Zealand, worsened the real emergency, which involved the dismissal of known therapeutics, fostered a politicization of medicine, public health and personal health choices, and dismissed any counter-voices as conspiracy theorists — while brazenly claiming to be the “single source of truth”. This official state position was geared toward the eventual biased mass deployment of poorly-tested harmful experimental nano-gene injections as the silver bullet solution to an engineered health crisis.

Within this propaganda campaign, Clemenger BBDO also created advertising titled ‘Cover for Each Other’ to manipulate New Zealanders to wear masks to forge “social cohesion” with the brainwashing idea that “your daily sacrifice” overcomes a “selfish act” to abstain — essentially from such virtue-signalling.xii

The propagandist “I Love NZ” signs that continue to re-program humans to believe that by scanning the QR-Codes for entry into premises, they are helping to “protect the things [New Zealanders] love to do too” — were also created by ‘The Work’ creatures at Clemenger BBDO.

Thus, according to Clemenger BBDO “the act of scanning, becomes synonymous with the act of loving New Zealand”, rather than submission to the roll-out of a totalitarian technocratic bio-security system.

However, the act of scanning really became synonymous with being duped by a corporate syndicate comprising Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street (among others) who also are the ultimate owners of numerous New Zealand newsrooms, including The New Zealand Herald, Newshub and Newstalk ZB. Because Pfizer’s top owners — Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street — are top shareholders of parent companies that own numerous New Zealand newsrooms, their newspapers, bulletins and magazines became easy vectors for selling the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s merchandise to their news audiences, as I showed in Pimp My Shot.

Thus, the Government’s Covid-19 strategy was geared toward maximizing compliance to the lockstep Medical Martial Law measures to reset the nation on to a Techno-Feudalist trajectory. Such a strategy required a plan to maximize high uptake of Covid-19 nano-gene ‘vaccines’. In its selection of Omnicom, the Crown’s the All of Government Response was matched with an All of Agency Propaganda capacity.

In August 2020, Omnicom Media Group (OMG) and Resolution Digital launched ‘Resolution Kinetic’ in Australia and New Zealand Google Marketing Platform services to maximize the full functionality of the platforms, solving their business challenges to maximize client’s investments within their technology ‘stacks’.x

In other words, ‘Resolution Kinetic’ paid big money to leverage the Google algorithms to maximize penetration of message dissemination to impregnate minds with Corona Agent’s propaganda.

Therefore, under the ‘corporate umbrella’ of Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the ultimate holding company of OMD Worldwide, Clemenger Group, DDB Media Holding New Zealand, Resolution New Zealand and Annalect New Zealand, whose ultimate top three owners are Vanguard, State Street and Blackrock — the same as Pfizer’s top three shareholders — OMG has been gathering the social media communications of New Zealanders to assist the Government to better manipulate the thoughts, feelings and understandings of the archipelago’s captive population.

In effect, this work has assisted the Government’s bullying Corona Cult formation, with three key features: the suppression of free speech through mass supply of propaganda, manipulated algorithms, and emotional hijacking; the infliction of behavioral modifications such as nationwide house arrests, Covid testing, and QR Code scanning; and establishing group conformity with edicts to wear a new garment.

Given the experience, global presence, and expertise of Clemenger Group, OMD Worldwide and Omnicom Media Group (OMG), it would be remarkable if the three key signs of cult formation never occurred to their boards of directors during the Corona Plandemic.

Perhaps such an epiphany never happened in the minds of the creative creatures at Clemenger BBDO, who evidently adhere to the philosophy that the creativity, or ‘The Work’, is their biggest concern, which sounds like a term out of a satirically-toned dystopian novel.

Because, while their client — the Government of New Zealand — has brazenly bullied the population to establish a new normal that suppressed free speech, inflicted behavioral modifications and issued edicts to wear a new garment, it would seem the creative creatures at Clemenger BBDO have simply focused on ‘The Work’, without thinking critically about the noticeable lurch to totalitarian technocracy.

Identity Re-Codification in an Emergent Totalitarian Empire

The brutal truth is that New Zealanders have been cast as human monkeys whom are being re-coded with new language, images, and metaphors without our conscious consent. A crucial project of identity re-codification has been inflicted with subversive terminology such as herd immunity that likens humanity to livestock, amid a brazen re-engineering of Western Civilization occurs to extinguish liberal democracies, and replace their governance systems with technocracy.

This creeping displacement of democratic administrative systems with technocracy, is a looming threat to humanity because technocracy is a totalitarian form of government managed by technicians, engineers and scientists brainwashed to believe they are building unbiased equality-enhancing governance infrastructure, as the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, Patrick Wood, described. When, in fact, technocracy transforms imperfect mechanisms of social control into turn-key totalitarianism for the benefit of unseen, super-rich oligarchies.

The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben sees the implications of the unfolding biosecurity paradigm as so far-sweeping that this new operating system “will exceed that of all forms of government known thus far in the political history of the West”. Not least, because it has already achieved impositions on civic life by ministerial decree that fascism could only imagine. The political system that Agamben sees telegraphed includes an expansion of the ‘social distancing’ concept to the political realm, where the entire citizenry is recast as contagion suspects, and the bio-data driven solutions produces a permanent physical distancing.

The objective is to restrict freedom of movement, freedom of association, and freedom of livelihood as part of a broader over-arching agenda to forge a Techno-Feudal totalitarian super-structure complete with total surveillance, resource dominance and universal data control.

Therefore, the corporate ‘synergy’ between the advertising, brand and marketing data conglomerate Omnicom Media Group, and its ultimate top three owners Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street with the New Zealand Government’s primary Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ manufacturer, Pfizer — reinforces the counter-evidence that the Corona Plandemic was engineered as a trigger event to construct a totalitarian bio-security operating system.

Because — as New Zealand pivots deeper into medical martial law, most New Zealanders have yet to grasp the fact that the vaccine passports are the entry point to fuse a social credit scoring system, a carbon tax and credit transactions system and a new digital global monetary system interfacing with mobile phones.

The behavior modifications that have occurred so far — such as submitting to nationwide house arrest, social distancing, swab testing, QR-code mass surveillance, long queues for food, watching daily advisories and mass vaccinations — have presaged the objective to segregate society with a stealthy medical apartheid system.

Therefore, it is ironic that Clemenger BBDO claimed that scanning QR codes was an act synonymous with loving New Zealand. In the present so-called Corona Pandemic, the human body is the target in an undeclared bio-warfare heist complete with ransom notes that cast humanity as ‘Covid suspects’. In this epic extortion racket – privacy, free will, and true love are marked for extinction, while the world rushes headlong into a dystopian totalitarian Techno-Feudal World Order.

Techno-Feudalism is a form a totalitarianism. In The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt wrote, “Totalitarianism strives not to achieve despotic rule over men, but toward a system in which men are superfluous.”

In other words, this totalitarian system – technocracy – seeks to make humans pointless, unnecessary and worthless. This corporatized totalitarianism can be hard to detect, perceive or comprehend because the marketing is so slick, the rhetoric is manipulative and the imagery is alluring. 

A technocracy is an economic system that exploits technology as a means of social control through the allocation of energy and resources managed to service hidden monopolies, the privatization of government and the supreme control of unseen super-rich dynastic rulers.

This Bio-Security Techno-Feudalist technocracy has three aims.

The first is to make privacy extinct through total surveillance. Once privacy is extinct, the capacity to pursue, express and defend free-will is intended to become extinct, because the infrastructure of constant surveillance incursions upon on spontaneous behaviours, thoughts and imagination can be expected to transform free-will into regulated thought control.

If free-will becomes extinct, then bona fide human love will become severely threatened with extinction because love is an expression of free-will.


Coordinated Flying: Humanity in the Western Empire can be likened to disabled birds with clipped or broken wings unable to fly effectively due to conditioning to think with left or right wing political mindsets, fear-induced obedience and regulated doses of hopium — and unless we break the cycle of inter-class, inter-generational and inter-national violence caused by super-rich Oligarchs, then True Love will become extinct.

Absent the capacity to think freely, feel freely, and act, intuit and move freely — liberty becomes a husk marketed as commodified services. Upon this techno-tyranny trajectory, humanity is on course to be harvested as data commodities, targetted with individuated advertising mediated by social group algorithms, and automatically manipulated with bio-medical updates interfaced with the WiFi radio-wave networks.

In other words, the hyper-chip sensory world that we, the human monkeys, are being manipulated to construct, is presently on course to become a proxy for the bona fide unregulated, unmediated and un-surveilled experiences of thriving lives that are expressions of real love.


Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and general programmes. He forged his ‘Thunk Evil Without Being Evil’ super-power while writing his ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), titled  “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid” to figure out the means, modus operandi and motives of the Anglo-American Oligarchy.

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