MH17 vs Ukrainian SU-25? Russian Defense Ministry claims a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet was within 5-10 km of the Malaysian aircraft.
MH-17 vs Ukrainian SU-25? Russian Defense Ministry claims a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet was within 5-10 km of MH-17.

By Snoopman, 24 July 2014

No Brainer vs No Brainer

It’s fascinating to see TVNZ’s One News ask its viewers on Facebook about what they think of conspiracy theories concerning the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 in the Ukraine on July 17.

The One News article referred to conspiracy theories suggested by bit-part players in the Russian media, while failing to mention President Putin’s reasonable call for an international investigation. That is, Putin was asking for a norm that authorities are meant to adhere to all around the world: the methodical gathering and analysis of evidence.

It’s also fascinating that TVNZ ignores the conspiracy theories promoted by leading US political actors, since none have provided any substantive evidence, just claims made on social media and from YouTube videos and blogs.

Russia (or its affiliates) may be behind the downing of MH-17. America (or its affiliates) may be behind the tragedy.

The Russian government has essentially said it is a ‘no brainer’ that a thorough investigation by an international team occurs. Indeed evidence has emerged that Kiev air traffic controllers ordered Flight MH-17 to travel north of the usual flight corridor over the Ukraine, taking the Malaysian Airlines craft into the warzone over the Donesk oblast region.

Meanwhile, their American counterparts have essentially said it’s a ‘no brainer’ that Russia is behind it. That is, until US officials changed their stance to claim the Russian backed separatists may have accidentally shot down the passenger jet.

But when it comes to Anglo-American aligned media outlets such as the One News room, it’s as if the United States is incapable of conducting a false-flag Black Op. Have the One News crew not heard of Operation Gladio? If they have not, perhaps the One News audience might like to read an article on Deep State Power Crimes entitled, “When Black Propel Us”.


Meet the Anglo-American-NATO Elephant in the News Room: False Flag Op

Operation Gladio was a low-grade war  (circa 1945-1990) that exploited a “Strategy of Tension” designed to frighten the mass populaces of Europe and thereby shift the political gravity to the ‘right’. The bombings of trains, planes, automobiles, buses, and buildings conducted under Operation ‘Gladio’ were ‘false flag’ operations that evolved out of the secret ‘stay-behind armies’ conceived by Winston Churchill in 1940, and was adopted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), after its formation in 1949.

In conventional warfare, a belligerent state conducting a ‘false flag’ terror operation uses another country’s ‘flag’ with the intention to frame the enemy as the perpetrator (or overt acts of provocation to lure an enemy to make an overt attack, while denying the provocation).

By blaming ‘left’ wing groups for the carnage of Operation Gladio, key insiders that involved the CIA, MI6 and the Coordination and Planning Committee (CPC) of NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), could manipulate people with subtle propaganda that a ‘free world’ equated with capitalism.

All NATO countries were involved and the terrorism was carried out by their intelligence services, militaries, and paramilitaries, with dominant participation from the Anglo-American membership of NATO, as Madhi Darius Nazemroaya reports in his book The Globalization of NATO. (SEE full resolution version of Bureau d´Études “Administration of Terror” chart here: Terror Network Chart).

Terror Network: Operation Gladio was but one component of a globally-linked 'deep state' criminal web.
Terror Network: Operation Gladio was but one component of a globally-linked ‘deep state’ criminal web.

But, since 9/11 Western news outlets pretend false flag operations such as Operation Gladio never happened, because the subterfuge they provide is a vital ‘pillar’ to support the Anglo-American Brotherhood’s belligerence. The wars of aggression perpetrated by Britain and America go as far back as  World War I, when key insiders of their respective ruling classes set a course provoke war, as Guido Giacomo Preparata proves in Conjuring Hitler; and William Engdahl, shows in A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order;  and in Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century.

In mental health circles, this phenomenon of ignoring an obvious issue is known as ‘the elephant in the room’.

TVNZ, like many other major western media outlets, pretends that the ‘Anglo-American-NATO False Flag Op Elephant’ could not possibly be in their news room.

Such key omissions of context cannot be healthy for those in the One News crew when one considers that such cover-ups are high-risk ventures for all who participate, even those oblivious to such subterfuge.

Nor can it cannot be good for the mental and emotional development of TVNZ’s conservative news audience. They are an at-risk social group, maintained by the broadcaster in a ‘holding pattern’ with a 12 year-old’s Bubble Gum TV News understanding of the world.


By day, Snoopman works undercover as an ordinary mortal, editing news at a television station. By night, Snoopman researches the wicked deeds of the powerful, and is Editor-in-Chief at Snoopman News. (See Snoopman News for pictures and sourced references)




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