In a Land of Shock Therapies

In this three-part series – In a Land of Shock Therapies – the New Zealand Realm is located as a crisis-ridden society.

Part 1: New Zealand as a Crisis-Ridden Theme Park explores the curious recurring appearances of the number Thirteen in Auckland’s housing crisis, and uncovers the dark underbelly of the banking industry’s debt enslavement system, and the bankers’ plans to bail-in savers’ deposits in the next Global Financial Crisis. 


Part 2: New Zealand as an Economic War Zone
exposes the New Zealand Crown’s 
Shock Doctrine economic warfare framework, finding a strategic sabotage of industry, families and communities by a Neo-Colonial Brotherhood. The Fraternity’s moves are signaled by embedding the number Thirteen and its multiples in events.



Part 3: A Secret Brotherhood in GodZone 13 deepens the exploration of the mystery number 13 as it conspicuously advances the game of Neo-Colonial Capitalism in 
political intrigues, the Christchurch Rebuild and state asset sales.

[Editor’s Note:  The appearances of number 13 in institutional data does not necessarily mean that the nominal head of the institution is a member of the Fraternity, or that everyone who reproduces such data belong to the Brotherhood].

Dispatches from Carrot Land series produced by Meddling Kids.



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