In this editorial, the election campaign is likened to an imagined New Zealand Edition of a House of Cards game  – with a zombie apocalypse theme. “Prescription Pills” suggests that this election is Labour’s to lose. But, to win it – a bold yet counter-intuitive move is needed. A meet-up at the bell-weather seat of Maungakiekie, a swing electorate that has a history of being won by the party that forms the government, is the decisive action that will ensure it forms New Zealand’s next government.A little known piece of MMP history is also revealed. Green Party member Rod Donald failed to heed a similar piece of advice prior to the first MMP election in 1996, which cost the ‘left block’ political power. Moreover, Winston Peters’ King-maker position has never looked sweeter for him to be New Zealand’s first Māori prime minister. This situation can only be mitigated if Jacinda Ardern rallies the ‘left block’ to meet her at the summit of Maungakiekie this Thursday morning – 48 hours out from the election. For its part, National has three Swords of Damocles hanging over the prime minister’s spot – thanks to Sir John Key.

Meanwhile, a Smart Tech zombie outbreak is infecting the captive host population in the world’s premiere live test-lab – New Zealand. Interventions taking the form of Stranger-Danger Workshops for ‘We, the Grown-up Guinea Pigs of the New Zealand Tax Farm Lab’ – are needed to prevent a fully-blown zombie outbreak.

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

Emotional Voting

Imagine there’s a New Zealand Edition of a House of Cards game. Imagine every game set comes with a Wild Card, Race Card, Get Out of Jail Free Card and a Trump Card.

All players are trading for the perception of credibility to accumulate political power.

But, there’s two in-built secrets to this game. One secret is that New Zealand is cast as the world’s pre-eminent laboratory.

In the New Zealand Edition, the population has been unwittingly cast as test subjects in psychological warfare experiments for decades by the ruling class elites.[1] Pilot studies test new political, social, economic and technology models for foreign jurisdictions.[2] The capitalist class and the professional political servants don’t spell out to the population that they are guinea pigs because such a declaration would break the spell.

And destroy the two main parties.

Curiously, Pepsi National and Labour Cola are co-dependent on the Establishment Media to help manipulate the population to vote with their emotions. Sacred cows are protected. Inconvenient truths are filtered. Elephantine room-mates are ignored.

For instance, to build the resurgence of Pepsi National under John Key, the public was brain-washed with a ‘rags-to-riches’ story. Key attained the hat-trick of three-election wins through the phenomena of aspirational voting.[3] Because the public did not know that Key’s ‘Mr Nice Guy’ image had been constructed by the same political strategists behind Don Brash’s sky-rocket ascent – Crosby|Textor – they were unaware that Key’s fake persona had an in-built dark side. Dirty political attacks were out-sourced to right-wing bloggers so that public would not think for a moment that the minor scandals, embarrassing smears, and gaffs that were blown out of proportion by a compliant propagandist news media system, had anything to do with Key & Associates.[4] Team Key’s vote harvesting strategy made NZ dumber.

Similarly, the resurgence of Labour Cola is due to an emotional appeal that glosses over the Labour Party’s deployment of the ‘free market’ Shock policies between 1984-1990.[5] Because the dirty politics practices were not dismantled following the Dirty Politics Scandal,[6] its kindergarten journalism accomplice accounts for much of the polling volatility and will amplify the effects of emotional voting. Consequently, Labour Cola is balancing a very delicate fairy on a very tiny pinhead.


‘Let’s Do This – Inclusively’?

For Labour Cola to win this game of House of Cards, leader Jacinda Ardern has to play a counter-intuitive move that few would expect – including most of their members.

Ardern’s team needs to make a very public appearance on Thursday morning at the bell-weather electorate of Maungakiekie, with Labour’s candidate Priyanca Radhakrishnan and the Greens candidate Chlöe Swarbrick. Since its formation in 1996, Maungakiekie – which is comprised of Penrose, Ellerslie, One Tree Hill, Panmure, Mt Wellington, Royal Oak, Onehunga, and Pt England – has been held by the party in government.[7] With this bold move, Labour would be signaling its intent to wrest the seat off National MP Denise Lee.

Ardern would do well to be flanked by her deputy Kelvin Davis,[8] as well as Nanaia Mahuta[9] Greens un-co-leader James Shaw[10] and Māori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell, Mana Party leader Hone Harawira[11] and TOP leader Gareth Morgan.[12] This symbolic move would show voters that all is forgiven in regard to the rollercoaster ride to the election, that Labour can form a viable coalition by being inclusive and can fix the problems it played a major part in creating and exacerbating when it deployed Shock Doctrine economic policies in the 1980s that mangled New Zealand.[13]


Maungakiekie Meet-up: A high profile appearance at the bell-weather electorate of Maungakiekie by the left-block would signal a critical development to voters 48 hours out – ‘Let’s Do This Inclusively’.

By assembling in this combination at the bell-weather seat of Maungakiekie, Ardern would be able to explain to the public through the news media that if they want to see a Labour-led coalition government and they are in marginal swing-voting electorates, they need to vote for the Labour candidate and give the party vote to the other party presented, in this case the Fizzy Feijoa Greens.

In those electorates where Labour has a strong Māori MP such as Nanaia Mahuta in the Hauraki-Waikato electorate, the presence of Māori candidates at the summit of te Maungakiekie volcano will signal to Māori to vote for the Labour candidate and party vote for the next strongest polling Māori candidate, whether it be the Mana Party or the Māori Party. Likewise, because Kelvin Davis is second in rank on the Labour List and an electorate seat candidate for Te Tai Tokerau, it would be wise for Labour to suggest to Māori voters to give their party vote to Labour and their candidate vote to Harawira.[14] Because the Māori Party made an agreement with the Mana Party not to stand a candidate against Harawira in the Northland Māori electorate seat, the Māori Party has shifted to the political ‘left’, and need to be rewarded for that bold move to strengthen the ‘left voter block’.[15] To ensure that the Māori Party is as strong as possible, Labour needs to indicate to voters in Waiariki to vote for the Māori Party candidate Te Ururoa Flavell, and in this trade, party vote for Labour, thereby edging out New Zealand First.[16]


Secret Seven Group – The Oligarch Connection

The 2017 election is Labour’s to lose. They would do well to heed the lesson that the so-called left-block failed to shoot for in the first MMP election.

Prior to the 1996 election, Green Party member and Alliance List candidate Rod Donald passed up the advice he was given to win the election. Donald was told to organize a very public event two days before polling day, at the marginal seat of Christchurch East with then-Labour Cola Party leader Helen Clark, Labour candidates Ruth Dyson and Lianne Dalziel and Alliance Party leader Jim Anderton. With himself lined up alongside Helen Clark, Anderton and the two Labour MPs Dyson and Dalziel, Donald was told such a move would signal to voters that all was forgiven about the political fall-out over the Labour-led ‘free market’ policy shocks and that with new leadership, the ‘left block’ parties can work together. It would have also communicated to lefties and swing voters how to vote strategically in an MMP environment at a time when it was so new. Specifically, by giving the candidate vote to Labour and the party vote to the Greens or Alliance in marginal seats, it would ensure a Labour-led coalition government.

Political Liquefactions: Amid the shifting sands, Pepsi National and Labour Cola readily give coalition partners the cold shoulder to protect their sacred cows. [Image: McDowall & Denee]


But, the left block’s attitude was and since is – ‘We’ve got this’. This position assumes the test subjects hold no wild cards. This is the second secret. We, the Guinea Pig People, are not meant to know we can go hunting for wild cards, collect them and even play them!

Two weeks after the 1996 election, Donald was told in Lyttleton that had he heeded the advice, his Green Party, Labour and the Alliance would be in power, instead of him being in parliament as an opposition Alliance List MP representing the Fizzy Feijoa Greens as a well-paid set of ears. Rod Donald was also told that the Greens were so arrogant and stupid because they failed to seek the advice of the German Green Party. The Greens member was puzzled about how it was known that this action was exactly the move he needed to make with the Labour and Alliance leadership to form a Labour-led coalition government.

Secret Seven Sponsor: NZ-born billionaire Stephen Jennings led a team to successfully predict the outcomes of seven MMP elections in 1996. Jennings backs  the party founded by Rich Lister Alan Gibbs.

Prior to the first MMP election of 1996, a Waitara-born ‘economic missionary’ Stephen Jennings based in Moscow privately sponsored a secret group of six people to study the political landscape of New Zealand across every electorate in order to predict the likely outcome. This secret group then traveled to Germany with local body voting records, census data, and electorate maps where the now-billionaire Jennings gleaned the expert opinion off a German Green Party member familiar with Mixed Member Proportional election systems, while the group watched the periodic conversations they could not hear from an adjoining room, through one-way glass. Although they did not always get the reasons or the margins right, Jennings’ secret group predicted accurately who would form the governments of New Zealand for seven elections, from 1996 to 2014.[17]

Subsequent to their loss in 1996, the Greens made it loud and clear prior to 1999 election that they had consulted the German Green party on the workings of the MMP system.


Winston Peters as King-maker during a Zombie Outbreak?

The name of the New Zealand First Party embodies Winston Peters’ vision to put New Zealanders before newcomers, foreign-owned transnationals and other nation states.

However, Winston Peters is a potential threat to Labour and National.

In a quick-fire quiz on TVNZ’s current affairs program, Marae, Peters hilariously compared Labour and National to sugar and cigarettes.[18] It is obvious that neither of the bigly parties have fully thought through their moves. Ironically, this relates to John Key leaving three Swords of Damocles hanging over Pepsi National. These swords are all well known to the Capital Political Elite, Establishment Media and Rich-Lister Civil Oligarchy.

The first precariously hanging sword is embodied as the Rich Lister National Party President Peter ‘safe pair of hands’ Goodfellow, who was bestowed with the outrageous privilege of Prominent New Zealander Name Suppression status while he was going through an acrimonious divorce with his wife of 24 years, Libby Black, in early 2014.[19] On 13 September 2016, Key announced a $130 million suite of new laws to tackle family violence that brazenly included non-lethal strangulation was a new domestic violence crime.[20] This move, which made the political actor look good to his fellow New Zealanders at a time when his popularity was waning, signaled he was advancing the game with ‘Statute Laws Only for Guinea Pigs’ while the courts enshrined ‘Uncommon Laws for Prominent New Zealanders’. The encoding of this ‘new domestic violence crime’ event with the number 13 in the date and monetary amount signified to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood that there would be 1800 new customers for National’s planned $1 billion expansion on prison facilities in Public-Private Partnership racketeering cahoots with the likes of Fletcher’s Construction – one of New Zealand’s Ruling Families responsible for creating this mangled shock-inflicted society.

To be super-clear, encoding events with 13 has an occult significance among a ‘Fraternity’, for whom it signals ‘unity and love’.[21]  Indeed, the Ruling Families’ occult-encoded divide and conquer stratagem is also evident when the $1 billion prison bed spend is divided by the 1800 new beds proposed, yielding exactly 555.555 recurring prison beds. If the darkly satirical humour of the Civil Oligarchy is not yet apparent to the reader, ponder that the number 555 is the Qabala cult’s equivalent of an ancient Hebrew term for ‘Darkness’, as Peter Levenda explains in his brilliant book, Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult. Prisoners will find no comfort reading by torchlight that Adolf Hitler’s membership number in the occult political Nazi Party (or National Socialist German Workers’ Party) – was 555.  Therefore, Key was communicating that the guinea pigs of the Tax Farm Lab would be paying for the Ruling Families’ Neo-Colonial Monopoly Game Prison Complex, while not confronting the root cause that produces the structural trauma of crisis-ridden societies would be avoided. Even if Key did not personally know the occult number 555 was embedded in the prison bed budget numbers, someone did. It wasn’t simply a ‘Mr Nobody’. The point is that the root cause of societies rife with crises is the philosophy of Oligarchism – which is an empire-creating worldview that aspires to smash self-determining communities, locally and globally.

The second hanging sword is the dirty politics attacks environment re-constructed by Key’s inner political circle, including his campaign manager Jo De Joux, CrosbyITextor, and an assortment of right-wing bloggers including Cameron Slater and David Farrar.[22] Most New Zealanders still do not know that the intent behind the imported political stratagem was that dirty attack politics benefits right wing parties such as the National Party, while it hurts left-wing ones more, because it is known to turn off left-wing citizens and young people from voting first. It is unfortunate that John Campbell gifted Key with a ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ when Key admitted this fact on the now-defunct Campbell Live two days after re-winning power in 2014, because Campbell failed to go for Key’s jugular. Key’s three fraudulent elections breached section 240 of the Crimes Act, which deals with fraud for economic gain and political privilege.

The third hanging sword is made from recycled defused ordnance. This time bomb, which began ticking prior to the last general election, ticked louder when TVNZ’s Sunday investigation was suppressed by a high court injunction in early 2015, and ticked even louder during Peters’ easy-licks victory for the formerly safe National seat of Northland because farmers were so disgusted with Key and National, as Radio NZ reported three weeks later. When this ‘Sabin Bomb’ was defused in the Whangarei High Court, political reporter Brook Sabin was no longer reporting.[23] The muffling of this children’s sized pink-coloured un-lawful pillow-case in the form of an anonymous court proceeding, meant Brook was unable to provide an insider’s viewpoint of why exactly another Prominent New Zealander with Name Suppression status deserved ‘A Law Only for National Party People’.[24]

These three Swords of Damocles provide Peters with the leverage to negotiate with Pepsi National for the prime minister spot. Peters is the only politician who can remove these three Swords of Damocles without getting fatally lacerated. Indeed, it is Peters who could spearhead the clean up of politics and do an entertaining job of it. For one thing, he has been on the receiving end of plenty of dirty political attacks, including the retribution of Owen Glenn’s poisoned chalice served on behalf of the Rich Lister Oligarchy for Peters spearheading the Cook Islands’ Winebox Tax Evasion scandal in the 1990s. This does not rule out Peters being prime minister in a centre left-block coalition, even though Ardern has told him he can’t be PM.

Both bigly parties have themselves to blame for avoiding airing all their dirty truths going back to the political-economic coup of 1984, that was designed to entrench the Shock Doctrine economic warfare framework. Both Labour Cola and Pepsi National are unwilling to even use the Voldermort word neo-liberalism to describe the engineered crisis scenarios, as described more generally by Canadian journalist Naomi Klein in her groundbreaking book, The Shock Doctrine and the documentary of the same title. Yet, it is Peters’ characteristic bluntness and gift of the gab that would make his presence useful, because we, the Guinea Pigs need a collective experience, to hear someone name the Shock Therapist Elephants in the New Zealand Triage Room.

The problem can be explained this way. Because most of us guinea pigs cannot see the Tax Forest for the Hi-Def Smart Trees – we, the test subjects cannot see we are being sold variants from the same system, a corporatized hi-tech technocracy. The stealthy deployment of ‘smart technology’ is one incremental strand wiring us all into corporatized totalitarian systems of government administered by a technorati that include technicians, engineers and scientists. This means that technocracy is replacing democracy, which is the franchised administrative system for the universal private political system – capitalism – that uses economic mechanisms for social control. Therefore, the ‘miracle’ of a chip revolution is vanquishing the 500 year-old credit revolution like it is a host species whose time is nigh. Due to this ‘Smart’ Wolf disguise, we, the Little Red Riding Hood test subjects of Aotearoa, suffer from a weird Zombie-viral mutation of Stockholm Syndrome that impairs our senses from detecting that our Loving Doting Grandmother has been eaten. This Zombie infection spread through the host population during the 1980s and 1990s when the New Zealand Tax Lab got mangled by ‘free market’ Shock Doctrine Therapies.

Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon first described in 1973 that occurs to people in a captive or hostage situation, who express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

As a group of USA and Canadian American mathematical and computer science students found in their study of zombie outbreaks, “When zombies attack! Mathematical modeling of an outbreak of zombie infection”, the best way to kill off zombies is to hit them hard and often. They also found that if victims were hit soon after they were bitten, and kept awake, these interventions could prevent the zombie infection from becoming a fully blown virus, and fresh victims could recover to full health.  [25] Their key finding had a practical application. Zombie interventions could be applied to political party support.

The solution is conceptually simple. We, the Guinea Pigs, need to fight for our freedom, by finding our resolve to drop the slave mentality, heal multi-milennia epic trauma and grow love. Just as growing soil will create abundant food forests to sustain resilient self-determining communities, growing love can produce grounded, confident and intelligent sovereign beings to express free will with compassion, intuition and wisdom. Interventions can take the form of ‘Stranger Danger Workshops for Grown-up Guinea Pigs’.

Because it is too late in the NZ Edition of the House of Cards election game to transition the public from emotional voting to critically thinking and participating in emancipatory actions that would otherwise shift the political gravity away from the current trajectory of slickly-marketed corporatized totalitarian technocracy,[26] New Zealanders as guinea pigs are left with slim choices to cast votes – or abstain.

Labour Cola has to convince the electorate that it can form a viable government, while Pepsi National will appear to be convincing that it deserves to crack the threshold of ruling beyond a hat-trick of three terms in a society rife with crises. Neither coalitions will be transformational in favour of the people because political parties always make moves that are safe. They play safe to keep their core support base un-alarmed by the inconvenient truths of their scared cows and elephantine room-mates. In Pepsi National’s case, their core voters are ‘Know Nothing New Zealanders’ who are constituted from three core groups: recent immigrants who know nothing about New Zealand’s history; conservative people who get their information only from the mainstream media; and young people who have zoned-out on popular culture. Labour Cola’s core support base of ‘Know Everything New Zealanders’ are afflicted with an ideological autism, which makes them very hard nuts to teach because they are addicted to safe solutions that do not appear too radical. For their part, the Fizzy Feijoa Greens will unwittingly help construct a dystopian future – a nightmare in filtered daylight brought to you by Weather Modification Inc. & Associates, corporate controlled science and the ubiquitous global banking consortiums that together will make fuck-tonnes of digital money out of weather derivatives, carbon tax securities and Smart Grid tolls – because their core support is afflicted with Planet First Autism, or a specially myopic form of being in love with being right.

Because we New Zealanders have not discovered the secret that we are guinea pigs in a quazi free-range Tax Farm Lab, we don’t know to hunt for emancipatory wild cards that can be played to shift political gravity in our favour. If we did in enough numbers, with a winning strategy and the resolve to never give up, we the guinea pigs could precipitate the dismantlement of these isles as a wealth secrecy haven, a billionaire’s bolt-hole and the world’s premiere the Test Lab and forge resilient self-determining communities.

For their part, both bigly parties will need to play their remaining cards deftly. If they don’t, it will be their own fault that Winston Peters will be handed the opportunity of his life – which is not only to be king-maker.

It is to be king.

But it is in a realm ruled by an oligarchy.

Because Rich-Lister oligarchs can only exist in societies of great economic disparity, they use their enormous wealth to steer the politics of whole societies to maintain their outsized privilege. An oligarchy actually thrives best in crisis-ridden societies.[27] Therefore, when Peters says ‘one law for all’ in regard to the abolition of Māori seats, he is playing the roll of a trotting jockey flogging a blinkered emotionally-voting bolting horse who can’t see the wealthy Rich Listers up in the corporate boxes that own the stadium, the betting office and the broadcast system.


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