How the Faux Rebel Alliance Cheerleader’s Transnational X-Corp’s Trans-Planetary Vision Serves the Empire’s Techno-Feudalist Trajectory and Stifles Human Evolution

This heretical dispatch examines the logic of Elon Musk’s X-Corporation ‘family’ of companies following the rebrand of the feedback media platform, Twitter, to X. On the surface, Musk’s promotion of his ventures present logical fallacies.

Yet, with each venture Musk plays the archetypal heroic savior role rescuing the planet from a sci-fi dystopian future. Below the surface, every venture fits his vision of humanity becoming a multi-planetary species, in which Mars is cast as a galactic stepping-stone. On the one hand, he has claimed three of his ventures, such as the tunnel-drilling Boring Company — which lay the networks for AutoPilot, Tesla’s ‘autonomous’ electric vehicles project — are focussed on mitigating climate change.

Meanwhile, his Neuralink company forwards a cyborg vision aimed at fusing humans with machines, which Musk claims will save humanity from becoming A.I.’s pets, or worse, an enslaved race. On the other hand, Musk’s Starlink is marketed as a telecommunications company delivering wifi radio signals to remote locations, thereby connecting wildernesses to cyberspace. Space-X is the rocket company pioneering multi-trip rockets that will be capable — it is hoped — of delivering humans, resources and biological life to forge civilization on Mars.

His sales pitch for acquiring Twitter, entailed championing free speech in a dark time when censorship of critical dissident voices became an instrumentalized global public-private partnership to monopolize feedback. Then Twitter changed its mark.

Deductive reasoning suggests that the centi-billionaire has essentially cast himself as a faux Rebel Alliance cheerleader, amid the emergence of a universal empire — finds former Auckland Star paperboy, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, of New Zealand.

Yet, Musk’s true role is more like bounty-hunter, Boba Fett, who served two masters — Lord Darth Vader, Commander of the Imperial Fleet and Jabba Desilijic Tiure, the sluggish crime lord controlling the Hutt Cartel — in the Star Wars Universe.

The gravitational pull of Musk’s SpaceX clients — the US Department of Defense, NASA, and the National Reconnaissance Office — have drawn Musk’s dream of humanity becoming a multi-planetary species into their orbit, amid a dangerous time for the species. Old imperial rivals are competing for controlling places in an emergent universal empire that aspires, somehow, to be a space-faring civilization.

As a combination — and with Musk’s faux ‘Rebel Alliance’ cheerleader posture — X-Corp adds legitimacy to a mega-cartel field of firms set on constructing a dystopian totalitarian control grid to subsume freedom of speech, association and movement.

Rather than mitigating ecological destruction, defending civil freedoms or saving humanity from extinction events, evolutionary enslavement, or empiric egoism — Musk’s Asperger’s drive locks in his X-Corp on a Techno-Feudalist trajectory.

Mission Creep of the Faux Rebel Alliance Cheer-leader

Dear Fellow Human,

Hot on the tails of rebranding Twitter to X, the feedback media platform announced phase one of its monetization scheme three days later, on July 26 in the Gregorian Calendar Year of 2023 on Earth — a far-flung planet under siege night and day.

Centi-billionaire Elon Musk, who bought a majority stake in Twitter in 2022, ‘tweeted’ an Ads Revenue Sharing initiative in which users could be paid for posts.

This entailed applicants meeting thresholds to be eligible that drew criticisms about popularity, exclusivity and conformity. This monetization scheme advanced Musk’s shifting principles on free expression, from free speech absolutist to censorship czar.

On November 19 2022, after acquiring Twitter, Musk tweeted Twitter’s new policy: “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.” Predictably, this set-off the Twitterati chirping from metaphorical digital power lines on Twitter and beyond.

With his meat-sticks, Musk typed, “Negative/hate tweets will be max deboosted & demonetized, so no ads or other revenue to Twitter.” This ‘same ol, same ol’ regime drew criticism about “Twitter’s notorious shadowbanning practices”. 

It would appear that Elon Musk obtained the idea of splitting “freedom of speech” and “freedom of reach”, from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) following his acquisition of Twitter. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, are a powerful lobby group based in the US that claims to combat antisemitism, counter extremism and battle bigotry in a crusade to somehow protect democracy, evidently to ensure a just, inclusive society. But, it’s track record shows it turns a blind eye to it’s own intolerance of counter-views, as well as the Zionist Israeli Government’s acts of the wagging the tail of the US Government Dog, and ignores Mossad’s international sex blackmail-intelligence assets ring.

Twitter-X account called ‘Kyle — Undercover’ met with two ADL staff who said the idea of splitting “freedom of speech” from “freedom of reach” was conveyed to the new Twitter owner. Thus, the crusading Anti-Defamation League lobbied to ensure the digital apartheid continued on the feedback media platform with algorithms.

And then on July 30, the X-Man himself weighed in with a sign. The headquarters of the feedback media platform that the multi-billionaire President of the American Empire, Donald Trump, used as a memo-medium back when it was known as Twitter, would be staying in San Francisco — despite an ‘exodus’ of businesses to other states.

Twitter — which was de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange November 8 2022 — merged with X Holdings II on October 27, and no longer exists as Twitter Inc. In turn, X Holdings II is owned by Musk’s parent company, X Holdings I Corporation (X-Corp), which owns Tesla, The Boring Co., SpaceX, and Neuralink, among other firms.

Taking Twitter private meant that the corporation ceased to exist as a legal entity and therefore, relieved Musk of producing public annual reports specifically about Twitter.

Notably, the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter occurred with a $13 billion bank loan from Morgan Stanley and other banks. In addition, Musk raised an additional 7 billion dollars from equity investors, including Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, and the cryptocurrency company Binance. X (Twitter) is private.

Famously, Musk tweeted last October, “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app”. Musician ‘Five Times August’ sarcastically tweeted in response, “Does X ‘the everything app’ eventually transition from app to microchip implant?”

Another Twitter account, Citizens of the Future retweeted, “maybe in 2030 range haha” with a graphic depicting the iconography of various New World Order tropes.

Twitter’s addition to the X-Corp family of companies equips Musk with a big feedback media platform to promote himself as a free-thinking billionaire-champion of free speech. By association, his tech companies can be marketed as positive solutions for the challenges besetting humanity. Yet, Musk’s companies are geared toward hi-tech data-mining of speech, movement and association in keeping with technocracy.

Conspicuously, in a series of tweets late on April 28 2020, Elon Musk re-positioned himself as a champion of the people in ‘the land of the free and brave’ to end the state-wide shut-downs that were imposed as ‘pandemic measures’. At the time, Musk was eager for Tesla’s US vehicle-assembly plant to re-open since San Francisco Bay area health authorities looked likely to extend the lockdown orders.

“Give people their freedom back!” the centi-billionaire tweeted, as he promoted Wall Street Journal analysis that suggested closures didn’t save many lives.

There’s a self-serving element to Musk’s freedom tweetering that draws upon humanity’s conditioning with the pervasive mythological heroic saviour character archetype. Whether Musk admits or not, he has become a surveillance capitalist since XTwitter’s business model is to sell its data to third parties. X partners with the NSA.

As blogger Ross Sempek noted more generally in his book review of Surveillance Valley — The Secret Military History of the Internet:

“Freedom of inquiry also gets muddled by the fact that engaging in internet-connected information seeking only widens the profit margins of surveillance capitalists. They’d be totally OK with you unabashedly seeking and sharing information — your dossier only gets more detailed.”   

However, relatively few commentaries on Twitter’s corporate reassignment therapy to X, comprehend the move with a critical eye on the habitat that is X Corp, and the over-arching meta-objective of the group of companies — as a combination.

Twitter owns numerous tech companies that could build the ‘everything app’, X, as a reading of Investopedia’s article “Top 5 Companies Owned by Twitter” indicates.

Gnip, an application programming interface (API) aggregation company; Magic Pony which developed neural network systems for image-related data expansion; mobile ad startup, TapCommerce; digital advertising platform, TellApart, that monitors usage across mobile and desktop devices; and TweetDeck, a social media dashboard for brand managers, publishers, and marketers to track Twitter accounts in real-time.

Thus, Twitter will help Musk make ‘X’ the everything app, which is like the Holy Grail super-app to centralize digital traffic flows connecting the feedback media platform with transactions covering shopping, utilities, finances, health, travel, security, education, and entertainment data — to ‘clients’ such as marketers, investors and government agencies. Applying information theory, Musk views money as a database for resource allocation across time and space. His view omits capital as power theory.

Oligarchs transform economic wealth into political power. Oligarchies forge empires.

As journalist Whitney Webb pointed out in a recent PBD Podcast, Musk has stated that WeChat is the model for an everything app, which turns ‘data into gold’.

WeChat, the free messaging, calling and payments app, is owned by Tent Cent, which was among the BATs big tech Chinese companies that are locked in an AI equivalent of an ‘arms race’ with America’s FANG big tech companies, Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google. Musk was part of the ‘Paypal Mafia’, but was demoted by his peers.

Since the forces of an emergent universal empire are intent on rolling out 5G telecommunications across the planet, it is crucial to comprehend that convenient SMART technologies comprise mission creep to totalitarian systems of technocracy.

Technocracy is a totalitarian form of government managed by technicians, engineers and scientists brainwashed to believe they are building unbiased equality-enhancing governance infrastructure, as the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, Patrick Wood, described. When, in fact, technocracy transforms imperfect mechanisms of social control into turn-key totalitarianism for the benefit of unseen, super-rich oligarchies, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr has stated.

The technocracy movement emerged during the Great Depression, as a misplaced solution by scientists, engineers and technicians who blamed politicians for their part in building the war machines that laid waste to millions during World War I. The technocracy movement envisaged a utopia where a resource-based economy that allocated such resources via politically-free metrics calculated by scientists, engineers and technicians. Thus, a technocratic utopia requires massive computing power.

It turns out that Elon Musk is something of a chip off his grandfather’s blockJoshua Norman Haldeman, who had been research director for Technocracy, Inc. of Canada. Joshua Haldeman was born in a log cabin in Pequot, Minnesota on November 25, 1902 to John Elon Haldeman and Almeda Jane (Norman) Haldeman.

Mr Halderman was chairman of the Social Credit Party during the second world war, but after his unsuccessful bid for the national parliament in an attempt mainstream technocracy, he relocated his family to Pretoria, South Africa in 1950.

Musk is something of a chip off his old man’s block too.

According to Ashlee Vance in her book, Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, “The family owned one of the biggest houses in Pretoria thanks to the success of Errol’s engineering business,” a business that included “large projects such as office buildings, retail complexes, residential subdivisions, and an air force base.”

Elon’s father owned half of an emerald mine. Elon walked Gotham with emeralds.

Mission Creep: In spearheading Twitter’s corporate re-assignment therapy to X —an alleged censorship-free media space — the centi-billionaire Elon Musk has cast himself as a faux ‘Rebel Alliance’ cheer-leader challenging the planet’s Overlords.

At age 10, Elon talked his father into buying him a Commodore VIC-20. He learned to program and sold the source code for a video game for $500 at age 12. In 1995, Elon and his brother Kimbal founded the web software company Zip 2 with start-up capital from their parents. Zip 2 was eventually purchased by Compaq in 1999 for $307 million in cash, with Elon receiving $22 million for his seven per cent share.

Musk’s inspirational role in furthering computer chip development is significant.

The present contest between the great powers is really over the computing chip, in all its forms, as the new instrument of expansion. Supremacy over the chip, means controlling territorial resources, manufacturing plants and technological infrastructure to steer the technocratic development. The phenomenon of historical change in civilization is determined by what happens to the instrument of expansion.

Creepily, there is ‘no opt out’ with a 5G system, because a 5G world is a totally integrated telecommunications network built into cities, and is not simply limited to the mobile phone, said US Air Force brigadier-general Robert Spalding. Once payments and currencies go completely digital, as they have in many parts of China, and with surveillance cameras connected to AI-driven facial recognition software, citizens become universally tracked, harvested data products in near-zero privacy.

Spalding, who is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute told podcaster Patrick Bet-David, that Google and Microsoft and other tech companies are helping China.

The totalitarian super-state is great for ‘markets’, because the CCP provides certainty.

SMART or Creepy Cities? In a 5G world with central bank digital currencies, big tech payment systems and city-wide facial recognition technologies — there is no opt out of the technocratic surveillance panopticon, says US Air Force brigadier-general Robert Spalding.

The rise of China was engineered by top American companies with the blessing of David Rockefeller, of the dynastic banking and oil family before he joined the undead.

In June 1980, Rockefeller met with the chairman of China International Trust and Investment Corporation, Rong Yiren, and senior executives of 300 major US corporations. And from the mid-1990s, Western tech-companies invested in R&D centers, supplied technology transfers, and skilled personnel. Scores of Fortune 500 companies established headquarters in Beijing’s new Central Business District that not only kick-started China’s rise as an AI power, as independent journalist James Corbett laid out in his excellent 2015 report, “Deal With the Devil: How the Global Elite Re-colonized China.” The rise of China as the world’s factory, was not merely about outsourcing of cheap labour. China became the West’s totalitarian test facility.

The backstory of the rise of American capitalism gets worse.

After the American ‘Robber Barons’ forged cartels after the ‘Civil War’, Sutton said Wall Street insiders comprehended by the early 1900s, that the most efficient way to forge a monopoly market without contest, was to “go political” and compel society to work for the monopolists, under conditions of unfettered political power, individual coercion and spellbound by ideological persuasion that their toil benefits society.

In his book, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Anthony Sutton explained the totalitarian socialist state — whether international socialist (communist), or national socialist (fascist) — was the perfect captive market for monopoly capitalists. Wall Street, London, and German bankers funded the Bolsheviks and the Nazis, while American industrialists built up Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany’s industry.

The brutal truth is that Anglo-American capitalists spawned the worst totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century, to control their development, create vast industrial conglomerates and stoke the conditions for mass genocide, war and arms races.

In studying an eight inch parcel of documents about Yale University’s most infamous fraternity, Skull and Bones, for his 1983 book America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & BonesSutton realised their game was to spearhead institutions, initiatives and intrigues in order to inflict a ‘managed conflict’ paradigm.

Sutton found that Hegelian social engineering was the dominant philosophical driver stealthily deployed to pit communism against capitalism and dumb-down education systems to undermine Western Civilization. By causing clashes between two opposing ideologically-driven forces, a ‘synthesis’, or a desired final solution, is created.

Dominant capitalist coalitions, or super-rich oligarchies periodically inflict strategic sabotages of industries and public sector institutions by resetting the structural forces in their favor to destabilize societies, rival empires, or a civilization — lest they lose control. The idea is to forge an eventual fusion, by their cunning inventiveness to control populations. This hybrid totalitarian system is, I contend, techno-feudalism.

Indeed, in cultivating his celebrity-persona to accumulate the resources needed to achieve a vision of humanity becoming a multi-planetary species — by being seen to be forging a revolution in rocketry — whilst simultaneously taking an electric car manufacturing project public on NASDAQ, Musk failed to acknowledge how his efforts serve the emergent universal empire. ‘His’ vision has been colonized.

My supposition is Elon Musk, essentially, cast himself as a faux ‘Rebel Alliance’ cheer-leader ‘challenging’ the planet’s Overlords, while a universal empire emerges.

Yet, Musk’s true role is more like that of bounty-hunter Boba Fett, who served two masters in the Star Wars Universe: Lord Darth Veda and Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

Galactic Baddie Cult Figure: Bounty-hunter Boba Fett served two masters in the Star Wars Universe: Lord Darth Veda and Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

In Empire Strikes Back, Fett worked for the expansionist space autocracy, the Galactic Empire, to locate Princess Leia and Han Solo, in order to assist Lord Darth Veda, who sets a trap to capture Luke Skywalker. Fett takes Mr Solo, who was frozen in carbonite.

In Return of the Jedi, Fett subsequently served the crime lord, Jabba the Hutt, who seeks to dominate commerce with his cartel, while the Republic faces total tyranny.

In Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope), Obi-Wan Kenobe explains to Luke Skywalker, while they are aboard the Millennium Falcon, that the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice for more than a thousand years before the Galactic Republic fell to the tyranny of the Empire. Kenobe tells Skywalker that one of his students, Darth Vader, was seduced by the dark side of the Force, and betrayed the Order of the Jedi and he hunted them down. ‘The Force’, Skywalker is told, is an energy field that penetrates all living things, and even binds the galaxy together, and it will be with him — always.

On one side, the Rebel Alliance seeks to restore the Galactic Republic’s Senate and is loyal to the royal leader of the Rebellion, Princess Leia. The Rebel Alliance’s fight is with the Galactic Empire, which seeks to consolidate power after the dissolution of the Republic’s Senate, with regional governors who have direct control over their territories and are loyal to the Emperor. Yoda, the Grand Master of the Order of Jedi Knights, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, instill in Skywalker the dangers of hateful retaliation.

After the Clone Wars, the surviving Jedi Order — who set down their light sabers after realizing they’d been deceived in their mission to defend the Republic — sought to help humanity pursue a peaceful path. Star Wars is transcendental space opera.

Mega Cartel Inc: The gravitational pull of Musk’s SpaceX clients — the US Department of Defense, NASA, and the National Reconnaissance Office — have drawn Musk’s dream of humanity becoming a multi-planetary species into their orbit, amid a dangerous time for the species.

In many ways, the Galactic Civil War in Stars Wars reflects a schism spanning eight centuries between the Order of Templar Knights and the Priory of Sion, that were behind the English, American, French and Russian revolutions — as English historian Nicholas Hagger makes clear in his 2005 tome, The Secret History of the West.

French Templar Freemasonry developed into a revolutionary force committed to forge a universal empire under the rule of one federal republic, while Sionist Rosicrucian Freemasonry is a revolutionary force committed to forging a universal empire under the rule of one monarch. Presently, all the major and significant factional power groups are working to construct a techno-feudalist world system, despite the fights.

Star Wars as a space opera was a vehicle for George Lucas to express the threat to freedom posed by technocracy, which seeks to displace democracy with centrally-planned technates, or regional blocks, governing resource allocation using thermodynamic accounting to serve a global oligarchy. In short, it is a long-range political-commercial, cultural and martial systems merger between communism and capitalism to construct a ‘sustainable’ totalitarian super-structure: techno-feudalism.

Evidently, in a technocratic universe, transparency is limited to lacy lingerie —assuming you can find any. It turns out, Lucas told Carrie Fisher she couldn’t wear a bra under her dress, because “there’s no underwear in space”. Lucas reasoned in weightless space, the body expands, and bras would strangle ladies. Jedi mind-trick.

If you strip away Musk’s rhetoric, you can see his mindset, or worldview, with its naked logic revealed as oligarchic code: humans are product ripe for harvesting.

In the X-Universe, Musk’s pathological Asperger’s drive actually sets his X-Corp on a Techno-Feudalist trajectory. His position about mitigating ecological destruction, defending civil freedoms or saving humanity from extinction events, evolutionary enslavement, or empiric egoism — appears to fail to establish just how evil are the forces he has partnered with, to achieve his vision of Mars as a galactic stepping-stone.

A parallel can be drawn between the Stars Wars Universe and the world in which the X-Universe operates, by comparing the technocratic cult of George Lucas’ first film, THX-1138, and Musk’s various corporate ventures. Star Wars is THX-1138, but with lasers, space ships and aliens, as a vehicle to achieve a greater audience than THX.

The technocratic religious cult that runs the underground policed city-state in THX-1138, is replaced in the Stars Wars Universe, with the Order of Jedi Knights, where the last of the Order’s good side are battling the dark-side of the force. In the world that Musk’s X Corp operates, the Jedi Order riffs off the world’s military religious orders.

For example, the Vatican’s militant Order of Jesuits has features that resemble the Jedi Order, since many young Jesuit priests don’t realise the Order’s echelon is evil.

Meanwhile, the Vatican’s older Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta — are pure evil. Many CIA directors and officials and US Generals have been Maltese Knights.

In order to achieve his dream of humanity becoming a multi-planetary species, Musk’s SpaceX has been drawn into the gravitational pull of Space Exploration Technologies’ clients — amid a dangerous time for the species. The American Military Intelligence Industrial Complex competes with old imperial rivals for controlling places in an emergent universal empire that aspires, somehow, to be a space-faring civilization.

Musk’s thinking behind X Corp, which re-registered from Delaware to Nevada on March 15 (Ides of March) 2023, appears to have sprung in part from a cogent argument proposed on Twitter in December 2020 by an investment advisor.

In a series of tweets to accompany an article and video, Dave Lee proposed ‘X’ as a holding company of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and the Boring Company, to facilitate a more efficient management of Musk’s time, resources and ideas.

Mr Lee claimed that X’s mission is to ensure human survival and progress, and pitched such a potential move in altruistic terms as big bets for humanity. To this utopian Star Trek end, Telsa would accelerate the planet’s transition to sustainable energy, while SpaceX could assist the species to forge a space-faring civilization, while Neuralink would somehow protect humanity from general AI and the Boring Company will evidently end traffic congestion. Al Bartlett would roll in his grave.

Star Trek-prequel casting call for Hikaru Sulu.

The investment advisor also suggested a biotech start-up and an education company.

Whether intentional or not, these suggestions that appeared to originate with an investment advisor, have provided potential cover for Musk should he encounter regulatory roadblocks for constructing a market dominating behemoth — allied with other Big Tech giants forging a cartel in a dystopian techno-feudalist technocracy.

Corporate Transition Therapy Set Amid a Backdrop of a Synthetic Matrix Make-over

While holding companies are nothing new, news of X-Corp’s emergence normalizes the construction of conglomerates interlocked as a mega-cartel, in a universe owned by the behemoth Blackrock-Vanguard-State Street ‘Monopoly Game’ combo.

SpaceX, Musk says, seeks to supply ships to Mars, and its test of success will be whether the colony is self-sustaining. Musk believes that unless humanity becomes a space-faring multi-planetary species, humans will always be Earth-bound and the human story will be one of two endings: humanity dies with a bang or a whimper.

Since 2018, and with telling irony, Musk’s SpaceX company launched thousands of satellites for its Starlink consumer and commercial internet network. SpaceX’s clients include the US Department of Defense, NASA and the National Reconnaissance Office, that service the Anglo-American Empire. On June 21 2018, SpaceX was awarded $130 million to launch the Air Force Space Command-52 satellite into orbit.

On December 23 2018, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket carried a $500 million global positioning system (GPS) satellite built by armaments manufacturer, Lockheed Martin Corp, into orbit. This launch resulted from a $83 million US Air Force contract awarded in 2016 to launch the GPS III satellite, and marked the space transportation company’s first national security space mission for the US, according to Yahoo.

On Saturday, December 19, 2020, SpaceX launched a spy satellite into low-Earth orbit for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which was Space Exploration Technologies second mission for the agency. The NRO — which is responsible for the engineering and operations of the reconnaissance satellites of the U.S. federal government — provides satellite intelligence to several government agencies, including signals intelligence (SIGINT) to the National Security Agency (NSA) and measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) to the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as data to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

On December 31 2020, the awarded SpaceX $150 million to launch a constellation of ‘Tracking Layer’ space vehicles, by March 31 2023.

SpaceX’s Starlink is marketed as a consumer and commercial internet service allowing those with terminals to connect to one of over 2,400 small satellites in low Earth orbit. These satellites were launched by Musk’s SpaceX technologies company.

SkyNet Under Construction: Starlink satellites, depicted as white dots orbiting above the Arctic polar region in the Northern Hemisphere night sky, August 2 2023.

In late February 2022, Musk bragged that Starlink was donating thousands of its wifi terminals to Ukraine to help its citizens get back online, since Russia had taken out its neighbour’s communications. Then, the Washington Post subsequently reported that the US Government “quietly paid” $10 million to SpaceX through USAID, to suppy 1,333 terminals. Musk reported the company had sent a total of 15,000 Starlink dishes to Ukraine and had spent $80 million. The satellite internet service is currently supplying high-speed broadband in many war-torn areas across the country.

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov sent a memorandum via Twitter to Musk to ask SpaceX CEO to send Starlink terminals to Ukraine. Just 10 hours later, Musk responded, “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.”

Dmitry Rogozin, director general of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, said he tried to warn the ‘Muskophiles’, who thought Musk is the light of the world to cosmonautics.

But, Rogozin said Musk had picked a side, adding he did not personally blame him. Rather, he said, the West should never be trusted, reported Ars Technica. Propaganda is a two-way street, evidently, and the Russians need to absorb the Propaganda Model.

Two months after the tweet exchange between Fedorov and Musk, a Ukrainian soldier told journalist David Patrikarakos,“Starlink is what changed the war in Ukraine’s favor. Russia went out of its way to blow up all our comms. Now they can’t. Starlink works under Katyusha fire, under artillery fire. It even works in Mariupol.”

In this way, Starlink was battle-tested and has assisted the Ukrainian army’s Aerorozvidka (Aerial Reconnaissance) unit to do its work of using surveillance and attack drones to target Russian tanks, command trucks, and vehicles carrying electronic equipment. The Starlink network also facilitates global communication.

On October 4 2022, Musk tweeted a poll titled, ‘Ukraine-Russia Peace’, suggesting
new elections of annexed regions under UN supervision, typing “Russia leaves if the will of the people” is against Putin’s regime. However, he added that “Crimea be restored as formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake).” Musk reasoned trying to “retake Crimea will cause massive death, probably fail and risk nuclear war.” Russia needs Crimea’s warm water ports to remain a great power, since the Gulf of Finland can freeze over blocking access to St Petersburg.

Musk’s poll tweet drew the ire of President Zelensky, who tweeted a counter-poll.

Starlink is part of a broader ‘space fence’ infrastructure that not only tracks every transaction, every process and every relationship, as a global surveillance and containment panopticon system. As SpaceX’s website boasts, “Starshield leverages SpaceX’s Starlink technology and launch capability to support national security efforts. While Starlink is aimed for consumer and commercial use, Starshield is designed for government use, with an initial focus on three areas: (1) Earth Observation: Starshield launches satellites with sensing payloads and delivers processed data directly to the user; (2) Communications: Starshield provides assured global communications to government users with Starshield user equipment; and (3) Hosted Payloads: Starshield builds satellite buses to support the most demanding customer payload missions. Starlink’s inter-satellite laser communications terminal, which is the only communications laser operating at scale in orbit today, can be integrated onto partner satellites to enable incorporation into the Starshield network.

This space fence construction, enveloping Earth like a ‘dome’, is akin to SkyNet.

In February 2002, Musk travelled to Russia with aerospace engineer Dr. Michael D. Griffin, in an attempt to purchase cheap rocket engines from intercontinental ballistic missiles to kick-start SpaceX. This effort was rebuffed by a Russian General.

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) was founded March 14, 2002 in El Segundo, California, USA, by Elon and his brother, Kimbal.

On August 5th 2002, Dr. Griffin joined In-Q-Tel, Inc. — the venture-capital arm of the CIA for private sector companies to support the Military-Intelligence-Industrial War Complex — as its new President and Chief Operating Officer. The “Q” in its name is a reference from the James Bond Universe to the character “Q”, a creative inventor who supplies the licensed to kill spy, code-named 007, with the latest in futuristic tech.

SpaceX’s Securities and Exchange Commission filing was processed on August 23.

On April 13, 2005, Griffin was appointed administrator of NASA. In 2006, NASA awarded the SpaceX a $396 million rocket development contract. On Griffin’s watch, NASA privatized space exploration development, with the CIA’s In-Q-Tel.

Palantir founder, Peter Thiel also invested $20 million in SpaceX, when the company was struggling in 2008, which helped keep SpaceX afloat. And two days before Christmas of 2008, NASA announced it was awarding commercial cargo contracts for the International Space Station, jointly built with Russia. SpaceX was awarded $1.6 billion for 12 supply flights. This contract saved SpaceX from financial ruin at a time when Musk lacked capital to sustain both the rocket company and Tesla.

Ergo, in the off-season, chief engineer Montgomery Scott teleported from the Enterprises’ frontier-exploring Star Trek Universe, to team up with the Trade Federation franchises in the Star Wars Universe to forge the synthetic matrix.

According to WallStreetZen, the top 4 owners of Telsa are Elon Musk, Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street. BlackRock’s Tesla stocks are worth $37 billion.

BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, and Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) promote the ESG agenda, which is social credit scoring for corporates.

ESG’s refers to Environmental, Social and Governance metrics, or quotas, that score companies on their compliance or efforts to fuse their workplace practices, policies and plans with ecological sustainability, gender diversity and governance structures deemed socially progressive, according to ratings agencies, such as Standard & Poors.

In May 2022, Musk pointed out that Tesla did not make the S&P500 ESG Index, while oil conglomerate Exxon evidently made the top 10. Musk complained that ESG is a scam “weaponized by phony social justice warriors”. Describing ESG as a scam does not begin to describe the underlying corralling of humanity into a more perfect pen with metrics for corporate compliance. Musk’s petulant attitude fails to comprehend the technocratic totalitarianism underpinning the Techno-Feudalist utopia that he himself is blindly championing. ESG’s are a means for behaviour modifications.

Tesla failed to provide sufficient details relating to the company’s low-carbon strategy and codes of business conduct, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices. Margaret Dorn, head of ESG Indices at S&P Dow Jones, cited this as a contributing factor to the index provider’s recent decision. “You can’t just take a company’s mission statement at face value, you have to look at their practices across all those key dimensions,” stated Dorn.

This statement from Dorn is ironic given that it doesn’t seemed to have dawned on Standard&Poors, and their major competitors, Fitch and Moody’s, to educate their clients that they operate as a market monopolizing cartel dominating credit ratings markets across Western Capitalism. Ironically, cartels extract high profits by creating scarcity, restraining trade, and restricting product diversity by supplying uniformity.

The credit ratings agencies fail to educate their clients that every industry is dominated by a cartel of market monopolizing companies, including the Federal Reserve, whose ‘Monopoly Board’ owners receive a six percent dividend, annually.

One of Telsa’s original objectives: to accelerate the development of sustainable energy.

To this end, Musk ordered the building of Tesla Energy’s GigaFactory near Reno in the Nevada Desert, a barren landscape resembling Mars. Nevada’s incentives meant the car manufacturer could rake in nearly $1.3 billion in tax relief and tax credits.

Tesla also has a second plant, GigaFactory 2, outside of Buffalo. The State of New York handed Musk over $750 million, including $350 million in cash, in exchange for attracting a plant that boasts it can manufacture “infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products” such as solar panels, solar cells, and solar roofs.

However, the Trendigefrisuren stated more than 700 of those working at the site are data analysts who review “real-time driving data that trains the AI” for Tesla’s autonomous-vehicle software, the company reported to New York state in February 2023. Tesla pays just $1 per year rent. In 2018, building of Tesla’s China factory began.

Tesla Inc. also started making cars from its GigaFactory3 in Shanghai in early 2020. Musk described the move as a “template for future growth.” The plant was 65% cheaper to build in China than in America, while the production cost of the Chinese Tesla Model 3 was estimated to be about 25% less than the American version.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s Autopilot Project advances A.I. tracking technologies that are being developed as infrastructure for the so-called ‘autonomous’ vehicles. The project involves harvesting visual-spatial data of road-scapes, from an array of real world cameras, as well as on-board cameras, to teach artificial intelligence how to manage vehicles on their respective journeys without crashing. Musk claims autonomous cars will address climate concerns by driving transportation to be resource-efficient.

However, Tesla is being sued by customers who claim the car maker exaggerated the driving range of its electric vehicles. According to Trendigefrisuren, the lawsuit filed August 2 2023 accuses CEO Elon Musk of “directly” ordering the use of overly optimistic algorithms. Evidently, the lawsuit cites a Reuters investigation that found Tesla created a secretive ‘Diversion Team’ to thwart and cancel customer appointment requests to examine the battery range, since the estimated range was 350-400 kms.

Tesla’s algorithms show drivers “rosy” estimates of driving range until the battery power falls below 50 percent, Reuters reported, when more accurate readings kick in.

Critics also warn that since autonomous vehicles are programmable, the balance of power will shift into technocratic hands to restrict human movements according to their carbon footprints, social credit scores and biosecurity ‘safety’ clearances.

And meanwhile, X Corp’s Boring Company is building out the underground tunnel infrastructure for Los Angeles’ foray to ‘smart city’ status with ‘autonomous’ vehicles. Musk’s idea is to solve traffic congestion by stacking the subterrain tunnels vertically.

And finally, Musk’s Neuralink company has designed a chip called N1 that is capable of building a radio signal ‘bridge’ between neurons in the brain and muscle tissue in treatments for motor degenerative diseases, heart, stroke, paralysis, and brain degenerative diseases. The paradigm shifting break-throughs are laudable.

Far from being merely a fit-bit for the human skull — as Musk promotes like a car-dealer-turned pimp for the DARPA-In-Q-Tel-Bio-Industrial Cartel — such technologies pave the way for human brains to be hacked, mind controlled and enslaved. The lure is to be able to download skills like Neo in The Matrix.

The paradigm-shifting breakthroughs open the spectre of a dystopian future where humans become slaves, spies and cyborg super-soldiers under the power of totalitarian governments, corporations, and intelligence agencies.

Neuralink has designed the N1 chip as the prototype interface to merge humans with AI as a precursor to link with the internet. Evidently, Musk’s motivation is that its humanity’s best chance to compete with AI, rather than being treated as its pets. This incursion into the human brain, critics argue, will completely extinguish what remains of privacy, alter human consciousness and extinguish body autonomy.

In early August 2023, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund announced it was contributing $280 million to Neuralink. DARPA claims it is the leading developer in the field.

Indeed, US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) bragged that since 2000, it had demonstrated increasingly sophisticated neurotechnologies that rely on surgically implanted electrodes to interface with the central or peripheral nervous systems. In 2018, DARPA awarded funding to six organizations to support the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program, to develop wearable high-resolution, bidirectional brain-machine interfaces for use by able-bodied military personnel. DARPA sees the utility of diverse national security applications such as control of active cyber defense systems and swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles, or teaming with computer systems to multitask during complex combat missions.

On 9 March 2023, X.AI Corp was incorporated in Nevada and on 12 July, xAI was announced with the intention to understand the true nature of the universe. Musk has stated that humanity has a better chance of survival if ‘deep AI’ or ‘general AI’ was designed to develop a rich comprehension of the cosmos, rather than be programmed to be manipulative, lie and cheat — to mitigate AI deciding to harm humanity.

He says the safest path is to build an AI that is maximally curious and truth-seeking.

At the 2023 World Economic Forum, where AI was the ‘topic of the hour’, Nita A. Farahany a Professor of Law and Philosophy at Duke University, presented a talk entitled, “The Battle for Your Brain”. In her 2021 book of the same title, Professor Farahany proposed a right of cognitive liberty, as a default starting point to safeguard from intrusiveness of AI tech monitoring workers making them profit numbers.

In theory, this idea is claimed to give human monkeys the right to self-determination over their mental space. Farhany’s position was ironic given the epic gas-lighting of the World Economic Forum, who pretended during the Corona Hostage Crisis there was no conspiracy underpinning the lock-step infliction of system-wide shutdowns to fight an invisible enemy. Body autonomy was trashed along with freedom of speech, association, and movement in the space of 30 to 90 days across the world in 2020.

It’s as if the ‘Davos Set’ exists in a parallel universe, where the global power élite can’t see that their own puppet strings are teethered to a global oligarchy hiding in the attic.

In his Daily Wrap Up podcast, the Last American Vagabond Ryan Cristián foresees that Musk’s ‘Everything App’ idea will lead to an end of anonymity, with required identification being planned. Musk said the feedback media platform will introduce an identity verification regime to facilitate a ‘Town Hall’ decorum to Twitter account holders where transparency, accountability and standards are enforced.

Many free-thinkers like Cristián see the spectre of ‘mission creep’ on this techno-feudal trajectory as ‘Twitter-X’ expands into the West’s version of We Chat, as an across-the-board digital wallet interface for access to services, transactions, and communications. Such mission creep might entail biometric IDs for 5G-enabled phones, then biometric data collection for 6G AI-Brain wearable interfaces, and then for the early adopters, full service health statis monitoring with 7G AI-Brain implants.

This accelerated pivot to computer chip-mediated processes, transactions and relationships occurs at a time when central banks seek to introduce privacy-destroying central bank digital currencies as a new mechanism of social control.

Critics of the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) system warn that intrinsic to their design, is programmable money. Central Banks will gain the power to mediate what is permissible for individuals as classes of consuming humans. Where presently, cash makes anonymous transacting possible, and digital transactions are tracked by commercial banks, credit card companies or cooperative banks — a CBDC currency confers the capacity for the central banks to collect the meta-data of every transaction.

This means the algorithms can be programmed to instill compliance in mass populations, to limit consumption, travel and association. US financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts has stated that over time, the balance of power has shifted in favour of the central banks and the dynastic bankers calling the shots from the shadows, such that governments no longer possess or exercise the sovereign power to determine economic policies. In his documentary, The Secret of Oz, Bill Still explores the stealthy siege of America’s economy by an international banking fraternity that led to the United States Congress giving away its sovereign money power in 1913.

This sovereign power has been progressively lost across the world to the dynastic banking families and the subservient central banks who have financed wars, inflicted financial crises and economic warfare to accumulate wealth, power and control.

In an interview with ex-Fox host, Tucker Carlson, Mr Musk said the danger of AI is that the technologies may turn out to be catastrophic for human civilization. Musk added that the problem, however remote as the existential threat may seem, is that regulations only get developed after something terrible occurs. But, what if AI gains control over humanity at that point, and it’s too late to regulate the ultimate regulator?

Musk said it might be wise to have contingency plans for governments to shut-down power or connectivity to heavy-duty deep AI server centers, such as in the event that administrator passwords, or software commands, no longer work.

The interview between Tucker and Elon touched upon the wisdom, or lack thereof, of humanity building its own slave master. Musk said he was opposed to the philosophy that all consciousness be created equally, whether digital or biological, especially since the digital intelligence might decide to curtail the biological intelligence.

Musk said Google co-founder Larry Page, accused him of being a speciesist because the Space-X founder was not on the same page as ‘Mr Google’, who believed that artificial intelligence should become a super-intelligence, like a digital god, with a higher status than humans. Speciesism is a philosophical belief that a species can be superior to others. Musk said Page didn’t see the risks of creating super-intelligence, while Musk advocates a pro-human outlook to influence or control AI. Musk walked.

Page could not see AI authoring any bad chapters. Ergo, Musk wasn’t on Page’s page.

At the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, historian Yuval Noah Harari argued that since data was replacing machinery as the world’s most valuable asset, there is a looming danger if data becomes concentrated into too few hands. Where in ancient times, humanity split into aristocrats and commoners because land became owned by too few, in the modern age over the last two centuries, machines became concentrated into too few hands and humanity split into capitalists and proletariats, Harari said.

Now, Harari warns, humanity will split into separate species if data becomes owned by too few hands. In other words, those who control the data control the future, including perhaps the way humans reproduce, whether by natural breeding, or by in vitro fertilization or by bio-engineering. Harari is describing totalitarian technocracy.

Harari said the developments of computing power and biometric data have meant that humans have become hackable animals. The merger between the info-tech revolutions and bio-tech revolutions gives rise to the power to manipulate human emotions, human health and human desires. Harari predicts that the dominant products of the 21st Century will be bioengineered brains, minds and bodies.

At the 2020 World Economic Forum, historian Yuval Noah Harari presented the spectre of digital dictatorships or data colonialism, whereby by a power élite control data while those who fail in the struggle against irrelevance will be cast as a ‘global useless class’. He argued that it was crucial to forge global cooperation to this global problem, because if digital dictatorships arose, it would be those who were higher up in the hierarchy who were most closely watched. Harari was appealing to élitism.

Talking about the Terminator with Joe Rogan: Elon Musk’s X Corp was established as a Nevada registered holding company on the Ides of March of 2023.

Creepily, he warned the élite at Davos that unless they worked out how to forge global rules to solve such global scale problems, civilization may revert to the jungle of war and the ‘rats’ might eventually “learn from our mistakes”, and rebuild civilization.

Given the inplausibility of the proposition that rats might eventually learn from ‘our mistakes’, to takeover and rebuild civilization, it would appear Harari was being sarcastic about the global élite neglecting to maintain the ‘house’ of the liberal global order. It would seem Harari switched the term ‘global useless class’ with the coded label ‘rats’, in keeping with the narcissistic humor of psychopathic and sociopathic global élites to drive his point home. In short, Harari was dog-whistling, it seems.

In other words, he was warning that the power of 21st Century technology poses a danger to the global élite unless they control its development, distribution and dynamism. (This view is shared by the Forum’s founder). Naturally, Harari was careful to avoid referring to his audience as a technocratic élite working for Western Techno-Feudalists to develop a sustainable global system of totalitarian technocracy for permanent social control of the rats and the subsequent underclass species.

Frank lectures on the developments in neuroscience also come from neuroscientist, Dr James Giordano, who speaks on how the human brain is cast as the battlefield in the 21st Century. In a 2017 lecture at Georgetown University, the neuro-scientist said insights had been gained into how people think and relate to one another to the extent that this data can be used to infiltrate people as nodes and networks with narratives to affect the brains of target groups. Neuroscience manipulation gets worse.

Disturbingly, Dr Giordana said it was possible with CRISPR gene editing technology to create an epidemic across the United States, causing not only morbidities. The capability exists to infiltrate the brain space with nano-particles that can be used to cause broad scale epidemics of strokes or brain bleeds. He added the internet could be exploited to amplify agitation, anxiety and sleeplessness to cause fear among the ‘worried well’. Giordana said a schism can be created amid the mass population causing a loss of trust in the public health system and the government because the CDC dismisses the concerns of the ‘worried well’, while the bio-terrorism group says the CDC claims are fake news. Is this not what is occurring with injecticide injuries?

Given the technocratic bent of Musk’s muster of companies, what then does the inclusion of Twitter into the X Corporation conglomerate really signal for humanity?

Musk’s apparent altruism in opening up Twitter’s internal communications would be the perfect cover to re-win fading trust of his fawning fans, along with new initiates, into his virtue-signalling cult of faux-rebellion. Ditto for reinstating banned accounts.

By being credited with orchestrating a hostile corporate take-over of Twitter, Musk banked ‘rebellion credits’. He followed up with allowing celebrity journalist Matt Taibbi apparent free-reign to publish the ‘Twitter Files’ and expose the Censorship-Industrial Complex that emerged during the Trump years. However, according to Whitney Webb, the flow of files was curated by a Musk-appointed staffer.

Perhaps the most notorious among this propaganda-laundering complex is the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), an astro-turfed censorship front-group who distinguished itself for publishing in March 2021 a report titled, “THE DISINFORMATION DOZEN: Why platforms must act on twelve leading online anti-vaxxers”. In his piece, “‘Dark Money’ Sources Funding CCDH: A Foreign ‘Digital Hate’ Group which used the White House to Quash Free Speech”, Sayer Ji traced its funding to nine UK-based ‘philanthropic’ foundations.‘’

Late on Monday August 31, X filed a lawsuit in a Federal District Court in the Northern District of California, against the CCDH — alleging their work that claimed an increase in hate speech on the platform had cost the company millions of dollars of advertising revenue. According to Associated Press, the suit claims the Center for Countering Digital Hate receives funding from foreign governments as well as organizations with ties to “legacy media organizations” that see X as a rival.

Together, these chess moves have been played, I believe, to lead us human monkeys to fall for a new bait-and-switch tactic. We are meant to believe that under Musk’s ownership, the platform formerly known as Twitter will be a feedback mechanism for free speech — with an even playing field.

And while this move contains salty truth grains, ‘outsiders’ have no way of knowing the extent of the algorithms developed — or are in the pipeline — to influence, control and manipulate traffic. In the X-Universe, “freedom of speech does not mean to freedom of reach.” The naïvety inherent to Musk’s position is revealed by the fact that across Western World, governments are implementing ‘Ministries of Truth’ like synchronized swimmers all trained by the same sponsored Olympic coach.

X News Daily reported on the difficulties of eliminating legacy shadow-bans. Code was written for users with bad reputations, called TweepCreds, to filter out their posts.

Evidently, a complete rewrite of X code is needed, if X News Daily is to be believed.

Such algorithms could invisibly enhance XTwitter’s reputation as a free speech platform, while the bona fide rebels are kept safely tweeting to themselves — like happy birds, who have snuck into a silo feeding on harvested grain.

However, the Center for Countering Digital Hate lawsuit merely kicks the tyres, but does not crush the car, or the fleet of autos, responsible for the censorship cartel.

As a media cartel, the West’s newsrooms became ensconced with the Censorship-Industrial Complex comprised of government agencies, big tech, foundations, think-tanks, NGOs, academic projects, fact-checkers, and data analytics consultancies who worked in cahoots with newsrooms, including those in the Trusted News Initiative.


Allegedly, Elon Musk was a Paypal co-founder, along with Peter Thiel and others, who referred to themselves as the ‘PayPal Mafia’. Thiel and Musk had a falling out, since Musk wanted PayPal to run on Microsoft, while Thiel wanted it run with Unix.

In July 2002, Paypal was sold to eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar, who used his Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment vehicle, to forge a media empire into an elegant web of fact-checking, press vanguard and media watchdog entities — as Alexander Rubenstein and Max Blumenthal showed in “How One of America’s Premier Data Monarchs is Funding a Global Information War and Shaping the Media Landscape”. These entities include: Politifact, ProPublica, Defending Digital Democracy, Disinformation Research Mapping Initiative, Social Data Initiative, Trust News Project, First Look Media, The Intercept, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and the International Consortium of Journalists (ICJ).

In February 2022, Musk conducted a poll on the micro-blog site asking: should Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange and NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden be pardoned? The result was 80% in favor of pardoning them both, and 20% voting ‘No’.

Ironically, Assange tried to convince Snowden to entrust the leaks with WikiLeaks.

If the letter ‘y’ in the noun ‘irony’ could be separated, to smelt the ‘iron’ into ingots of un-alloyed truth, the Musk connection to Omidyar’s philanthropic activities would be a critical experimental test. In the wake of Snowden’s leaks, the Omidyar Network became the main funder behind a new news outlet, The Intercept, which was billed as a fearless independent journalism venture that would publish the Snowden Archives.

However, under Omidyar’s ownership — and with a whopping $250 million deal — the Snowden leaks archive were privatized, as journalist Mark Ames warned in 2013.

The Snowden Archive then drip-fed the documents and as Whitney Webb reported, only 10% were publicly released by the time they were shuttered permanently on March 13 2019. Snowden’s critical mistake was entrusting the motherlode to documentary producer, Laura Poitras, who gained kudos for producing the film 1971, and to Glenn Greenwald, who gained kudos for muck-racking on state surveillance.

Poitras was still working for Omidyar’s documentary vehicle, Field of Vision, when the Snowden Archive was shut-down, supposedly due to budget cuts.

The daughter of a wealthy Massachusetts engineer, Poitras has enjoyed favorable press for her documentaries, Citizen Four and Risk, about Edward Snowden and Julian Assangerespectively. To make Citizen Four (2014), Poitras turned to another ‘partner’ with e-Bay ties, billionaire Jeffrey Skoll, who was eBay’s first President. Skoll’s Participant Media funded Citizen Four. Whereas, Risk (2017) was produced through the Omidyar Network’s First Look funding vehicle, which not only funds The Intercept, but also the documentary division, Field of Vision. With First Look, Poitras directed Risk, which portrayed Assange in a negative light while casting herself favorably.

In a Washington Babylon article, “Why Did Omidyar Shut Down The Intercept’s Snowden Archive?”, journalist Tim Shorrock advanced the idea that the ties of the Omidyar Network, extended to the Global Development Lab of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other elements of the national security state.

Yet, while Omidyar forged ties with the US national security state, he held on to an image as a renegade businessman and radical disruptor of the American Empire.

“There’s something about entrepreneur that is somewhat sort of anti-establishment,” he told The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Ironically, Henry Ford’s Motor Company was one of 13 industrial firms that wittingly helped build up the Nazi war machine, as proven by Charles Higham’s Trading with the Enemy: An Exposé of the Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949, Edwin Black’s Nazi Nexus: American Corporate Connections to Hitler’s Holocaust, and Anthony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.

Meanwhile, the Iranian-American billionaire materially controlled the Snowden Archive. Shorrock stated he spoke to a lawyer familiar with Omidyar’s and Skoll’s foundations, who described their structures as like “private intelligence entities”. The anonymous lawyer suggested that both billionaires had the capacity to make trades on classified information, while withholding sensitive secrets from the public domain.

And the irony doesn’t end there. Greenwald — who was feted as a muckraking champion of press freedom when he signed on to Omidyar’s NSA Motherlode-interception vehicle, The Intercept — had once been a pro-Iraq War-variety liberal-leaning First Amendment lawyer. Then, Greenwald became a blogger in October 2005, to speak out against incursions on civil liberties by the Bush Administration. In his book, How World Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok, Greenwald admitted he was duped by President George W. Bush’s rhetoric that Saddam Hussein Iraq posed an imminent threat to the continental United States.

Adding to the irony, Greenwald — like so many liberal public figures such as John Pilger, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi — have all neglected to investigate the more likely 9/11 terror suspect list. All of these liberal figures have failed to see that the surveillance state over-reach justified by 9/11 was part of a coup d’état plan to reset the United States onto a police state trajectory.

Ironically, the same Gotham software that Peter Thiel’s Palantir developed — with $2 million from the CIA’s venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel — to locate Al Qaeda terrorists, could be used to prove the links of the suspects of the transnational deep state network, that Kevin Ryan presents in his book, Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects. After all, Elon Musk and Peter Thiel have the brains.

There are similarities not only between the rebellion cheerleading X-Man and eBay billionaires, Pierre Omidyar and Jeffrey Skoll. Thiel’s fortune is also tied to the US national security state apparatus. ‘Citizen Thiel’ co-founded a big data mining company called Palantir, in 2004 — according to Palantir’s creation story.

According to Palantir’s own filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the technology company was founded in May 2003. Peter Thiel, who has joint German-American-New Zealand citizenship, is listed among the handful of founding partners.

May is the same month when a report — ordered by the U.S. Congress in January 2003 into a research initiative to develop counterterrorism technologies — was presented in the US Senate. This research initiative was dubbed ‘Total Information Awareness’ (TIA), and was spear-headed by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in January 2002. Amid mounting controversy in May 2003, the TIA faced imminent de-funding over concerns about surveillance over-reach.

The head of the TIA’s Information Awareness Office (IAO) was a retired admiral, John Poindexter, whose background probably made some senators nervous, since he was convicted for his role in the Iran-Contra Affair — along with Colonel Oliver North.

According to former Newsweek journalist Robert Parry, the Nicaraguan Contras were but one militia of a contra-network of fighters in central and south America that were funded, armed, and trained under the auspices of CIA black operations, as he detailed in his 1999 book, Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press and ‘Project Truth’.

At some point in early 2003, the National Security Agency installed access nodes on TIA’s classified network. The NSA ran stacks of emails and intercepted communications through TIA’s various programs. However, on September 30, 2003, Congress officially cut off TIA’s funding and the Information Awareness Office (with the Senate voting unanimously against it).

Soon after Palantir was supposedly launched in 2004, Poindextor received a call from his friend Richard Perle, ex-chair of the Pentagon Defense Policy Board in the Bush II Administration, reported Washingtonian magazine journalist Shane Harris. Perle rang to set-up a meeting to occur at his house between Poindextor and two entrepreneurs from Palo Alto — Alex Karp, Palantir’s CEO, and his fellow co-founder, Mr Thiel.

Therefore, Perle had arranged for the CIA’s former point-man in the Reagan White House — and who is widely credited for being the architect of the Iran-Contra Affair — to meet with two of the co-founders of Palantir. The symbolism is potent.

The CIA’s venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel, stumped up $2 million for Palantir, and for its first three years of its existence, the Palo Alto tech company worked on building its Gotham software. Gotham mines vast data-sets to produce tailored products for clients, and has been adapted for applications in defence, intelligence and security, as well as the corporate world, public health and immigration.

In the 2012 Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne asks the manager of Wayne Enterprises to help him track down the Joker by triangulating his location from the harvest of Gotham’s cellphone transmissions. Wayne has developed Lucious Fox’s sonar idea into a mass surveillance system capable of hacking every cellphone in Gotham, and turning them into microphones, or a high frequency generator-receiver.

Before Snowden’s leaks, the media believed such data scrubs to be conspiracy theory.

If Palantir’s creation mythology is to be believed, it’s mission was to create software that could track terrorist networks through scraping vast troves of data from numerous agencies, so that an event like 9/11 could never happen again.

Too Much Power for One Man: Bruce Wayne has developed a sonar idea of Wayne Enterprises manager Lucious Fox (played by Morgan Freeman) into a mass surveillance system capable of hacking every cellphone in Gotham.

The National Security Agency promotes a similar creation myth for its own existence.

During 17 years of military archival research, Robert Stinnett found the United States Navy and Army cryptographers had cracked the codes of Japanese diplomatic and military encrypted messages by December 1940. On that basis, a secret inner circle around President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had conspired with the British and Dutch governments to cut off crucial supplies of oil, steel and aviation lubricants to Japan in order to provoke the Imperial Government of Japan to attack Pearl Harbor.

Despite what the NSA still claims, Japanese diplomatic messages did contain military information and the Japanese fleet did not travel under radio silence, because they did not know their communications had been decrypted. Two weeks before the attack, Washington had issued a ‘Vacant Sea’ order for the North Pacific, to reduce the chances of the Japanese naval fleet being sighted by military and merchant ships.

Washington had also ordered the newest US warships — twenty-one in all, including two aircraft carriers — out of Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt was not taken by surprise.

The justification promoted for the National Security Act of 1947, which created the NSA and CIA, was that these two agencies would prevent another ‘Pearl Harbor’.

If Palantir’s staff made a field trip to the Library of Congress to read well-researched books such as Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor, or Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects and 9/11 Synthetic Terror — these myths would die.

Palantir’s client list includes the FBI, the CIA, the US Air Force, Special Operations Command, West Point Military College, the IRS and the Center for Disease Control.

Indeed, for the first three years of Palantir’s existence, its sole client was the Central Intelligence Agency. Palantir’s business grew to providing ‘predictive crime’ algorithms for the police departments of Chicago, New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Ergo, all four billionaires — Musk, Thiel, Omidyar and Skoll — are teethered like spacemen to the Empire’s Military Intelligence Industrial Censorship Complex.

The tech centi-billionaire kept up his faux rebellion cheer-leading schtick in January of 2023, when he tweeted that the global policy distribution foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF) “is increasingly becoming an unelected world government”.

WEF’s founder, Klaus Schwab said there was “a need to master the future”.

In 2017, Musk said at the World Government Summit that officials needed to watch AI R&D because he warned scientists can get carried away with their work and fail to consider the consequences. The Summit was established in 2013 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of the United Arab Emirates, “to usher thought leaders … into the future”. WEF was a founding partner of the Summit.

Foreboding World Government Shaping: The UAE doesn’t promote a free press, but promotes consensus shaping for standardizing ‘cooperation’.

In 2023, via a video link, Musk told the World Government Summit that under his leadership Twitter would be a digital public square with the least amount of censorship, rather than limiting it to the views of San Francisco and Berkerley California. His vision is that Twitter would become a force for “civilizational good”.

He spoke of the Community Notes initiative he has implemented in which verified users essentially upvoted or downvoted a controversial topic posted in tweets as a way to reach a closer approximation of truth. Such peer reviews have an obvious downside, since duped audiences and group think conformists may not know what they have learned is manipulated, while paid disinformation agents add distortions.

To his credit, Musk cautioned the World Government Summit, Dubai, about world government, stating that if states cooperate too much to create one civilization, it will be vulnerable to sudden collapse due to lack of diversity, if something big goes wrong.

Musk added he wasn’t advocating war. Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, who is Chairman of the World Government Summit Organization, said the goal of the summit was to create a model that humanity could live in peace and harmony.

Musk pulled a full house, with biological humans from 180 states of Earth present.

Goldilocks Musk: The founder of X-Corp cautioned the World Government Summit that too much cooperation among governments created civilizational risks, since a globalization of systems would lack diversity and thereby produce vulnerabilities for collapse.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is commonly described as a federal constitutional monarchy comprised of a federation of seven hereditary tribal monarchy-styled political systems called Sheikhdoms. In 2020, Amnesty International framed UAE as a dictatorship. In 2022, the Economist Intelligence Unit, rated United Arab Emirates (UAE) as an authoritarian regime, which is ironic since the Economist Group is part-owned through a Netherlands-based holding company, Exor, belonging to the Italian Fiat industrialist family, Agnelli, as well as stock-holdings owned by the Rothschild and Schroder banking dynasties, and the chocolate industrialist Cadbury family.

Ironic, because the Economist Group co-owns The Economist, which is the mouthpiece magazine for the Bilderberg Group, which is a foundation that invites oligarchs, élites and selected media representatives of the NATO Empire to discuss the pressing issues over the coming year. The Economist publishes this propaganda.

More precisely, United Arab Emirates is a ruling oligarchy, since collective rule of the oligarchs is institutionalized in a governing body, and the state lacks general elections.

Where Be the Dykes? The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is often described as a federal constitutional monarchy comprised of a federation of seven hereditary tribal monarchy-styled political systems called Sheikhdoms, who act as a ruling oligarchy.

Ironically, while Dubai City sits at an average of 52 feet above the sea, the monarchy hosts talks about ‘natural capital’ to fund investment to meet the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, including a world net-zero carbon economy, by 2050.

The concept of net zero is used to describe a broader and more comprehensive commitment to de-carbonization and climate change mitigation, than the carbon neutrality concept. A net zero approach often includes ‘science-based’ targets on emissions reduction, as opposed to relying solely on carbon offsets.

A carbon-zero economy means shifting away from coal, and oil, and towards the use of renewable energy such as wind, geothermal, and solar power, as well as zero-energy systems like passive daytime radiative cooling, to reduce ‘greenhouse gas emissions’.

In 2021, the United Nations said there was a $100 trillion financing gap to supposedly achieve the 2030 ‘sustainable development goals’ worldwide.

Humanity has been herded with incrementalist tactics. At the Climate Summit for Local Leaders in Paris during the 2015 UN Climate Talks, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio performed an urgent call for political commitment to mitigate what he believed is purely human-caused climate events from industrial activity. The ‘inaction’ rhetoric is a smoke-screen to hide the homogenizing incrementalist modus operandi.

Celebrity actors, activists and autarchs such as Leonardo DiCapario, Greta Tintin Thunberg and Elon Musk, respectively, became Trojan Horses for techno-feudalism.

By highlighting their concerns about the state of the planet (particularly as they are focussed on climate), they fail to fully see how they have been hijacked as Trojan Horse mechanisms to steer humanity on a technofeudalist trajectory, with trillions earmarked to accelerate the so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (4IR).

This ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is set to out-scale all previous human impacts on the planet — unless humanity has a paradigm-consciousness shift to steer humanity on an emancipatory evolution path. The resource plunder, mass migration and geopolitical wars are set to be epic, if humanity fails to alter this arc of history.

Acting Power: At the Climate Summit for Local Leaders in Paris during the 2015 UN Climate Talks, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio performs an urgent call for political commitment to mitigate what he believes is purely human-caused climate events from industrial activity. [Bloomberg Philanthropies, 11 Dec 2015]

As with so many summits, forums and other polite talking societies, such confabs are slickly presented circle-jerk events that normalize conspiracies as unexpected shocks.

During his ‘State of the World’ address, Mr Schwab spoke in the auditorium, imploring the audience of the need to “re-globalize the world” by “strengthening cooperation” since the species’ future depended on solving existential issues. Schwab said the world was moving to the exponential phase of technological transformation, adding that “those who master those technologies will … be masters of the world”.

Shaping Future Governments: The authoritarian regime of the United Arab Emirates govern as a ruling oligarchy of Sheikhdoms, and is home to the World Government Summits, which were co-founded by the World Economic Forum.

Schwab stated he was concerned that populations would perceive AI with quantum computing as evil. He also emphasized the need to ensure that artificial intelligence served humanity. Schwab said his biggest fear was that if global policymakers fail to cooperate, those “technologies will escape our power to master those technologies”.

As you might expect from a crisis manager performing a crisis ritual of perception management, Schwab said the multiple crises that people perceived were not really crises. Rather, he claimed — without blushing — they were deep systemic transformational processes. Schwab emphasized the need to manage change to come out the other end of the ‘transformation’ in a better position rather than merely restoring to the original position. This is a shift from the crisis rhetoric in 2020.

The ‘transformation’ Schwab was talking about is the race to capitalize on the Great Reset inflicted by the planet’s overlords when their loyal professional class armies imposed the Great Corona Hostage Crisis. This catalytic strategic sabotage of households, industries, and nations was about re-setting the world’s structural forces.

World Perception Manager: The founder of the World Economic Forum said during his ‘State of the World’ address to the World Government Summit, that his biggest fear is global policymakers would fail to cooperate, and the emergent AI “technologies will escape our power to master those technologies”.

Schwab — who is the son of a Nazi-collaborating businessman, and a protegé of a long-time CIA asset and Rockefeller crony, Henry Kissinger — spoke of three transformations, the economic, political and technological changes required to decarbonize the world economy with a net-zero carbon regime by 2050. This economic transformation entails, Schwab claimed, catalytic forces in energy production, distribution and consumption and a reshaping of global supply chains.

The political transformation reflected a fragmented but hopefully not too fractured world, Schwab asserted, where global super-powers, aspirant regional powers, rogue states and huge transnationals could all adhere to a rules-based order.

The technological transformations were now at the beginning of the exponential phase, the WEF founder claimed, such that in a decade humanity would be affected dramatically. He emphasized that those who mastered those technologies will be in some way the master of the world. Speed of innovation required being a ‘front-runner’.

To re-globalize and strengthen cooperation required different stakeholders of the planet to permanently up-skill, Schwab said. Governments, he added, have directive power. Business possesses innovative power. Civil society holds a ‘concern power’, while academia holds truth power and media, a critical dialogue dimension.

Conspicuously, the WEF founder did not fill the World Government Summit auditorium. No-one guffawed at his gas-lighting in re-framing the engineered crises.

Schwab has said “We have to decarbonize the economy in the short window still remaining and bring our thinking and behaviour once more into harmony with nature.” Schwab is techno-marionette puppet of the techno-feudalist global oligarchy.

Technocracy’s Cover-Stories: At Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting at the Forum’s headquarters in Cologny, near Geneva, January 13, 2016, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, shows a copy of his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Four years on, June 2020, Schwab launches his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, and the World Economic Forum doubles down for the hi-tech Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In other words, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a euphemistic label for a Techno-Feudalist World Order where the vast majority are being set-up to etch out a living as techno-serfs, continually retrain, compete with AI, robotics and automation, and to work ultimately for unseen super-rich oligarchs, who plan to own everything.

The year 2050 is one of global élites’ milestone years within the United Nations’ blueprint called Agenda 21 — as the author of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21Rosa Koire explained to dissident journalist, Spiros Skouras in mid-June 2020.

By 2050, the planet’s overlords expect to have their blueprint completed and locked in place. This 100-year plan is designed to destroy the concept of the nation state, by devolving control into mega-city states governing mega-regions, thereby breaking county, city and state borders. This action plan seeks to inventory all lands, minerals, plants, animals, water, food, energy, production, humans, money, and data, Koire said.

The global élite advance a utopian vision of ‘sustainable development’ that a few years ago required either $50 trillion$90 trillion or $100 trillion. Now it is either $200 trillion, or even a colossal $270 trillion, depending on whose estimates you take.

This proposed build-out of a SMART-chipped green global economy implies epic-scale plunder, mass dislocation and wars. This ruse is about sustainable management of poverty, continuous behaviour modification and permanent enslavement.

Presently, there are nine mega projects that exceed $100 billion. A construction software company called 1Build estimates that before the end of the decade, the world will see the first construction megaproject with a cost estimation exceeding $1 trillion.

A technocratic scientism cult now pervades the group-mind of communist and capitalist countries, despite the secular postures of such jurisdictions. This cult masks the underlying trajectory to techno-feudalism. The course has a blueprint.

In America, plans exist to transform the continental United States into mega-regions.

At least 10 emergent mega-regions are earmarked to be forged in the United States, which would be governed by mega-cities, and would be built out by the dystopian year of 2050, as envisaged in 2006 by a project called “America 2050”. Therefore, it can be seen how the governors of the mega-cities would come to govern the mega-regions.

Glimpsing the Robocop Future: The “America 2050” project envisages 10 mega-regions with hi-tech mega-cities, a technocratic plan that has no mandate from the American people.

The “America 2050” project — that was originally sponsored by the foundations of two of America’s leading dynastic families, the Rockefellers and the Fords — has been incorporated into the U.S. Federal Highways Administration’s plans, which feature these 10 mega-regions. Neither Democrats or Republicans would vote for this plan.

Mega-Region Planning or Police State Plotting? The ‘America 2050’ Project has gained official recognition by being incorporated into the U.S. Federal Highways Administration’s plans.

With this plan implemented, the global élite plan to destroy representative government, wreck free enterprise and independent households, and control populations with unreachable technocratic governance systems.

Ergo, this blueprint reflects the trajectory that George Lucus foresaw when he made THX-1138, complete with its technocratic All Earth Council, and also in Star Wars, with the regional governors loyal to Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire.

To be super-clear, I’m not saying Elon Musk is aware of all of these dark plans.

It appears to be a common perception that Musk was inducted into the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders academy. This perception arose since the X-Corp founder’s name was placed on an Honoree List in 2008 for the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders academy, along with CNN’s CIA media asset Anderson Cooper and Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio — among others.

This development was reported by Bloomberg business wire 18 March 2008.

However, in their excitement, Bloomberg appeared to fail to ask Musk what he thought about making their list. Musk replied to a February 2022 tweet by former Newsbud journalist Spiro Skouras, saying he declined the invitation.

Evidently, the World Economic Forum’s communications reflect a business growth plan to reach out to sentient bipedal creatures spotlighted by the public media. Even an aspiring un-elected government of the world needs influencers, apparently.

The founder of the World Economic Forum, Professor, Klaus Schwab, is a man who has groomed many world leaders to think, speak and inflect with one voice. There are many fun facts that the global media cartel omit when covering the summit at Davos in Switzerland; the first in the annual migratory travels of the sub-species known as the Global Élite, or the Superclass, and amusingly, the Illuminati Lizard Overlords.

It turns out that future US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger opened doors for Klaus Schwab. The backstory to Schwab-Kissinger connection leads to a web of the global power élite, where it becomes apparent the degrees of separation are so thin, you could count them with as many fingers as the ‘rabbit ears’ of Churchchill’s ‘Victory’ hand signal — at most. Particularly fascinating is the CIA links to the World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab, and his three mentors: Kenneth Galbraith, Herman Kahn and most especially, the ‘Prince of Darkness’ himself, Henry Kissinger.

At Harvard University, a 26 year-old Klaus Schwab attended Professor Kissinger’s “International Seminar”, which was funded by the CIA via a known conduit — as dissident journalist, Johnny Vedmore, shows in his investigation headlined, “Dr. Klaus Schwab or: How the CFR Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”.

Unbridled Elites: Henry Kissinger opened doors for Klaus Schwab, to help him found the World Economic Forum in 1971.

All three men were members of the New York-based global policy-shaping think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). At the time that Schwab founded the World Economic Forum, the CFR was dominated by the banking and oil oligarch, David Rockefeller; the Council’s chairman from 1970 to 1985. During the 1970s, the Council on Foreign Relations’ members and their British counterparts wrote scholarly papers, held seminars and work-shopped to forge a ‘1980s Project’, which was a blueprint for unbridled-capitalism to re-assert the dominance of the then-North Atlantic Capitalist Class. This neo-feudalist capitalism was later labelled as neo-liberalism. It was the same Council on Foreign Relations that conducted the Rockefeller Foundation-funded War and Peace Studies Group (1939 to 1945), to advise the US Government, based on the idea the United States would emerge as the dominant power from WWII.

Schwab, who would later be cast as a ‘Bond Villain’, was therefore in the company of men who were working for a superstructure operating at pay-grades well above that of presidents, prime ministers, premieres, governors, aldermen and mayors. Geddy-up.

Crucially, Kissinger, Kahn and Galbraith opened doors for Schwab to lobby American and European élites to back his World Economic Forum project for its launch in 1971. But, you wouldn’t learn this from just watching ‘the news’ or listening to Schwab.

Bond Villain Performance: Klaus Schwab has groomed many world leaders to think, speak and inflect with one voice, since his World Economic Forum is one of many front-groups marketing the global oligarchy’s New World Order project.

While Kissinger’s contributions to thermonuclear strategic planning in the postwar period and Galbraith’s public role as an economist are well-known — Herman Kahn’s role is less well known. In addition to forecasting the development of nuclear technologies, Kahn also identified the need to specifically train individuals with leadership potential separately from those who attend the prevailing standard educational models. Khan is widely believed to be the real Dr. Strangelove.

Kahn’s vision to develop a two-track education system to groom élites eventually saw its manifestation in programs like the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders academy. As such, education became more systematically asymmetric to better serve the global power élites’ project of world system transformation.

In this way, the public are bamboozled with benign-sounding rhetoric.

Whereas, Musk encouraged leaders at the World Government Summit to speak with their own voice, adding that the criticism on Twitter isn’t as bad as people might fear.

Especially, if you are able to dial down the traffic of your most ardent critics, or you can fire dissenting voices, or make an example of a whistle-blowing worker, and knock the news story off the top spot by grabbing headlines with a publicity stunt. All of these things Musk has been criticised for, even while his Twitter following grows.

Yet, with his hire of NBC Universal’s ad and sales chief, Linda Yaccarino, as the CEO for Twitter’s transition therapy to X, Musk may’ve spent sums of faux rebellion credits.

During a CNBC interview, Yaccarino re-iterated the concept of “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach,” stating if users posted content that are not in line with approved narratives or standards, such users will have their visibility reduced on the platform, which would effectively demonetize that content. “If it is lawful but it’s awful, it’s extraordinarily difficult for you to see it,” she remarked, insinuating that legally permissible content would be obscured if deemed undesirable by the company.

Yaccarino added that studies show that such stints in slow-lanes, or naughty corners, actually causes most users to modify their behaviours. On his Last American Vagabond podcast, Ryan Cristián sarcastically likened such de-ranking to a ‘Twitter Kindergarten’. Cristián foresees the possibility that Twitter-X will become a premiere ‘free speech’ theater where dissenting voices chirp in silos with limited reach, while the likes of Meta’s Facebook and Instagram revert to being platforms where people can only post content about their lives, businesses and their vanity-identity projects.

To illustrate his point about the structural corralling of free speech, the Last American Vagabond podcaster cited Meta’s response to the Canadian Online News Act (Bill C-18). Meta announced that Canadians would no longer have access to news content on Facebook and Instagram. The Online News Act also forces other tech giants such as Google to pay news outlets for posting their journalism on their platforms. Cristián anticipates Trudeau’s theatrics, admonishing Meta for not paying the media a slice of ad revenue from users’ posting their content. The Vagabond believes the intention all along is to corral social media users back to the media cartels for ‘news’.

Thought Police see social media as a rowdy place where human monkeys feedback.

Critics of the Yaccarino’s appointment cited Yaccarino’s roles as the Chair of the World Economic Forum Taskforce on Future of Work, and her seat on WEF’s Media, Entertainment and Culture Industry Governors Steering Committee.

For many who see the corona crisis as either a planned out-break, or as a crisis exploited by a Global Power Elite, the World Economic Forum is a major suspect.

Upon the U.N.’s World Health Organization calling a pandemic at a time when 5000 deaths would be barely enough to call an epidemic in the world’s most populous countries, alert humans noticed the Davos-based World Economic Forum (WEF) had co-sponsored the U.N.’s first global pandemic exercise called Event 201, which took place in New York on October 18th 2019. This simulation featured a species-jumping bat coronavirus that infected pigs in Brazil before becoming a jet-setting pandemic.

Among the 15 ‘players’ representing a cross section of public and private sector institutions was NBC Universal’s Hasti Taghi. During the media session, in which a ‘flood the zone’ strategy was discussed to out-supply rumours, misinformation, conspiracy theories during an outbreak, Ms Taghi made mention that at Davos in 2018, research was presented showing trust in traditional media sources had grown, while trust in social media sources had shrunk since the 2016 US election.

Speaking in her role play as a media sector spokesperson in the midst of a corny pandemic scenario, Taghi suggested the situation called for “the right representatives to be on traditional media networks in order to portray our side of the story and make sure there isn’t misinformation.” She emphasized the need to build trust in the public about vaccines because the anti-vaccine movement had spread such distrust prior to the pandemic. Moreover, it was crucial to communicate to nations, who own their media outlets, that they need to ensure misinformation didn’t spread. Taghi also said it was important to encourage trust in company CEOs and the chief medical officers.

With scripted lines, this perfectly cast role player of the captured-unthinking press, advocated that the American media cartel lead the way in marketing an injecticide product as the key solution to a global pandemic — without any skepticism.

Ironically, Event 201 was not only co-sponsored and hosted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Security, but also this Johns Hopkins institution wrote this and other corny graphic novel-like pandemic scenarios — with the inclusion of the American Deep State’s officials, dating back to their first of four simulations, ‘Dark Winter’, which took place in June 2001. The pandemic simulation activities of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health belies an over-arching strategy to transform newsrooms into vectorized environments to globally spread emotional contagions.

In his book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, Robert F. Kennedy Jr found 16 pandemic exercises since ‘Dark Winter’ that involved hundreds of thousands of people, who were programmed to work like automated parts of a machine once a global pandemic was declared. RFK Jr said all 17 pandemic exercises favored mass vaccinations as the primary solution.

The Gotham Connection: In this simulation exercise, the Event 201 players discussed a ‘flood the zone’ media strategy to drown-out dissenting voices by dismissing any counter-evidence as rumours, disinformation and conspiring theories. [John Hopkins University, New York, October 18th 2019].

In my Corona World Games series, I presented evidence that officials across the United Nations system treated the ‘pandemic’ as a live exercise and advanced the Great Corona Hostage Crisis as a game, in keeping with Cold War-era game theory.

Furthermore, I presented evidence in my open letter to humanity, “How the World is going to Hell in a Corona Hand-Basket”, that a Global Corona Coup D’état had been inflicted to reset the world’s structural forces, including technological innovations, in a gambit to forge a universal empire ruled by the winning 3D chess players.

Thus, when the newsrooms couldn’t ignore the internet people sharing their discoveries early in the corona ‘pandemic’ of the table-top exercise, Event 201, journalists universally downplayed the ‘coincidence’ as conspiracy theories. Yet, documentaries such as Meet Bill GatesPlandemicThe New NormalUninformed Consent, and The Real Antony Fauci together reveal the asymmetric preparedness of a transnational deep state network that is charitably called a ‘Global Health Syndicate’.

Meanwhile, centi-billionaire cohort’s wealth increased by obscene amounts during the Corona Hostage Crisis. Rome’s oligarchs would’ve creamed their woolen togas.

Forbes Magazine plays along with the ruse that centi-billionaires are the world’s richest people, with their Forbes 400 Rich List of super-wealthy Americans. Such super-rich oligarchs are second tier. It would be too embarrassing to focus attention on the dynastic banking industrialist and royal families if their wealth tallies were published, detailed and their tax havenry scrutinized from insider whistleblower documents. In 2022, Elon Musk was ranked number one, with an estimated net-worth of $251 billion.

Musk is counted among the global power élite, or superclassengineering the world.

The selection of Yaccarino as Chief Twit means WEF has representation at Twitter.

This WEF connection drew stiff criticism in the Twitter-verse. In reaction, Musk played one of his stack of Tweet Theatrics Cards. Musk tweeted “Soros reminds me of Magneto”, which deflected attention to centi-billionaire, George Soros.

Magneto is a mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe, who possesses the super-human ability to generate and control magnetic fields. Magneto was a Holocaust survivor, whose arc in the comics took him from a clear-cut villain who believed humans and mutants could not co-exist, to an anti-hero allying with the X-Men. 

Journalist Brian Krassenstein tweeted, “Fun fact: Magneto’s experiences during the Holocaust as a survivor shaped his perspective as well as his depth and empathy.”

Krassenstein added that Soros, who is also a Holocaust survivor, gets “attacked nonstop for his good intentions which some Americans think are bad merely because they disagree with this political affiliations.”

Musk replied to Krassenstein’s tweet, saying: “You assume they are good intentions. They are not. He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.” 

Predictably, Musk was accused of being anti-semitic since Soros was born into a Jewish family, who changed their name from the German-Jewish “Schwartz” to Soros in the interwar period. Critics of George Soros have pointed out he was among a limited cliqué of philanthropath billionaires, dubbed ‘Superfriends’, who met in 2009 at the Rockefeller University in Manhattan to discuss population control.

Naturally, Business Insider noticed that Musk’s tweets came hours after a Securities and Exchange Commission filing showed that Soros had completely divested from Tesla. In 1998, Soros told 60 Minutes, market speculating was an amoral activity.

Musk’s magneto tweet was not the first time he used his enormous public profile to side-track media traffic. In July 2018, after he faced exposure from a Tesla factory worker, who whistle-blowed on waste at the Nevada plant, Musk deflected attention by offering to help with a cave rescue of a trapped football team in Thailand.

Initially, cave-rescue expert Rick Stanton accepted Elon Musk’s offer of help, and his team developed a tubular ‘mini-sub’. Meanwhile, Thai navy seals rescued 8 of the 13.

But, when his efforts to use the ‘mini-sub’ capsule were rebuffed by Stanton, Musk churlishly took to Twitter, slurring Vernon Unsworth as a pedophile. Musk apologized.

A month earlier, on June 5, Business Insider journalist Linette Lopez broke the story about the Tesla Nevada plant with a milennial-phrased headlined claiming “an insane amount” of scrap and cash was being wasted. The whistleblower, Martin Tripp, was fired June 19. Tripp had earlier communicated his concerns to Musk by email. The factory worker evidently didn’t feel that centi-billionaire’s response was satisfactory.

The soccer team became trapped on June 23 in a cave system called Tham Luang Nang Non, in Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand, when heavy rains flooded the exit passage ways. Between 8 and 10 July, all 12 boys and their coach were rescued Thai navy divers, and an international team. On July 6, Musk had his Tesla and Space-X engineers build and test a boy-sized five foot long metal ‘escape pod’.

Thus, Musk’s tweeting sort to deflect attention from bad publicity were attempts to save his companies from deeper scrutiny about whether his ventures make sense.

And, thus, Yaccarino’s “lawful but awful” rhetoric to justify shadow-bans was ironic.

Yaccarino was also a chair on the board of the Ad Council, a nonprofit, and helped the group raise $60 million in three months early in the ‘corona pandemic’ to help counter ‘vaccine hesitancy’, making private calls, sending notes and “working every lever that she had,” Lisa Sherman, the council’s chief executive told the New York Times.

Ironically, Musk hosted a Neuralink demonstration with mask-free pigs in August 2020, while he and his employees maintained the theater of wearing surgical masks.

During the Great Corona Hostage Crisis, the World Economic Forum became the Global Power Elite’s front-group for promoting multiple agendas such as a global biosecurity system, digital ID passes, and central bank digital currencies — as part of a Fourth Industrial Revolution; a euphemism for a Techno-Feudalist technocracy.

WEF elites, who promote the Fourth Industrial Revolution, seek the eventual fusion of humans with machine as an enslaved workforce, data-mined, mind-controlled and shelled-out to perform tasks in vast hi-tech mega-cities ruled by the system of technocracy, or a scientific authoritarian police state regime administrated on behalf of unseen super-rich oligarchs. Musk shares this cyborg vision, to co-evolve with AI.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the fusion of computing chip technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, and telecommunications — with brain research and biological life and aims to alter biological functionality of all life-forms to fit the new ‘economic model’.

Under the rubric of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, the development of computing technologies are drawing all processes, transactions and relationships into digitally-mediated protocols. In other words, the deployment of AI governance systems is a creeping displacement of democratic administrative systems with technocracy.

Musk is essentially an intelligence and military contractor, despite the fact that he has postured about being against World Economic Forum agendas, as journalist Whitney Webb said to podcaster Patrick Bet-David. Since data is the new oil, tech billionaires such as Musk, Zuckerberg and Bezos will be like oil barrons, but as data magnates.

Given that Neurolink’s vision is to connect human brains to computers, it is poignant to realize that the pioneering work to map the human brain occurred under the CIA’s secret mind-control, brainwashing and indoctrination experiments, code-named MK-ULTRA. Poignant, because one of the far-reaching consequences of the top secret MK-ULTRA experiments was the finding that the test subjects in a closed system could only exert feedback ‘responses’ and were powerless to changed the design.

This finding is crucial, since humanity is at a critical juncture amid the exponential rise of artificial intelligence, robotics and centralized technocratic systems of social control, thanks in no small part to engineered ‘Great Reset’ to steer tech innovation.

At this critical juncture that will decide the pathways of human evolution, our species has the opportunity to out-supply the hi-tech systems of social control with bona fide solutions that counter the capacity of the Global Power Élite to inflict such resets that alter the trajectory of the world’s structural forces in their favor. Crucially, Robert F. Kennedy warned that humanity needed to act effectively and quickly to counter the turn-key totalitarianism that is presently being fast-tracked to permanently enslave humanity once the ‘switch is flipped’. Especially, since social media and ChatGPT act as feedback platforms to teach AI to work, in essence, for the Global Power Élite.

Behavior Modification Experiments: José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado, professor of neurophysiology at Yale University, proved he could control the movements, interactions and structure of a ‘colony of monkeys’ with remote control radio signals — as easily as like flicking a light switch. [Source: The Minds of Men Truthstream Media]

The MK-ULTRA experiments sought to unlock the secrets of human physiology, psychology and the inner workings of the human mind, in order to scientifically direct societies by weaponizing science, psychology and cutting edge inventions.

Under the rubric of cybernetics, MK-ULTRA technocratic planners, scientists, and psychiatrists worked to develop technical systems that would merge the control of humans with machines via the creation of communications networks, dubbed ‘the matrix’ — as the epic 2018 documentary The Minds of Men, by Truthstream, proves.

The MK-ULTRA experiments, which were officially conducted from 1953 to 1964, before being re-designated to MKSEARCH until 1972, included sensory torture, deprivation in isolation and re-programing of the mind, experimental psychotropic drugs, allergens and electric shock treatments, as well as mapping the human bio-electric circuitry, behavioral studies with remote control devices, and social conditioning with applied game theory.

These horrific, cruel and illegal experiments involved at least 149 sub-projects, and were conducted on vulnerable humans, monkeys and rats, at over 130 institutions including hospitals, medical schools, universities, mental asylums, military facilities, and prisons across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In other words, the MK-ULTRA experiments were not about developing behavioral modification techniques to help mentally sick people in asylums, or sociopaths in prisons. The underlying purpose of Project MK-ULTRA was a systematic study of how to reduce humans into fully manipulated goal-seeking devices, who would act against their own best interests to assist in the development of a sustainable system of social control across the globe. Project MK-ULTRA hacked humans for harvesting.

In conversation with podcaster Joe Rogan, Musk described corporations as giant cybernetic collectives of humans and machines, adding we’re all programming AI.

Little wonder that aspects of Musk’s X Corp have been compared to ‘SkyNet’, a reference to the Terminator movie in which Skynet is a fictional artificial neural network-based conscious group mind and artificial general super-intelligence system that serves as the antagonistic force that waged a machine war against humanity.

It’s like the Terminator is the prequel to The Matrix; and our ‘reality’ is the prequel. The Matrix depicts a dystopian future, with humanity trapped inside a simulated reality called the Matrix, that intelligent machines created to distract humans while using their bodies as an energy source, after the species lost a war against the machines.

Conveniently, Musk promotes simulation theory in which he expounds the notion that the reality we perceive is like a computer game. Such a theory is subversive because if enough people believe this ludicrous idea, it becomes an ideology and eventually its elements evolve into a cult mythology, that typically justify wars, mass dislocation and plunder — like a kind of fusion of Fortnight, Minecraft and EVE.

This simulation idea trivializes the real everyday suffering of humans across the world who live with the consequences of over-entitled billionaires, for whom regime changes are inflicted by the US-NATO Military Empire, in order for transnational corporations to gain resources faster than their less connected competitors.

In other words, the simulation paradigm is to a space-faring civilization zeitgeist, what the innovation of monotheistic religions were to kingdoms that wished to forge empires amid the technological innovation of iron swords.

Elon Musk speaks of a concern that AI could pose an existential risk to humanity, unless its trajectory is regulated. But, does he genuinely care about the permanent enslavement of masses of humans who will have little choice, but to work for transnational corporations that control the hi-tech systems, resources and markets?

Because — Musk as a centi-billionaire, is allied with a cohort that is racing to develop AI, robots and technocracy protocols that will facilitate the fast-tracked displacement of masses of humans from employment. Between 2015 and 2018, Musk himself paid less than $70,000 in federal income taxes. Meanwhile, Telsa enjoys tax-breaks and state grants, and SpaceX snorts like a gorging pig feeding at the federal taxes trough.

In the documentary series, The Elon Musk Show, Business Insider journalist Linette Lopez said Musk is another rich man who is playing out childhood sci-fi fantasies.

SpaceX’s vision, to achieve a multi-planetary civilization with a self-sustaining city on Mars, which Musk quipped will be cashflow negative with a niche market at the start.

The test on whether the city is self-sustaining, is if supply ships stopped coming to Mars (or other colony planet[s]), could such colony or colonies carry on?

By speaking about such ventures, Musk has often been asked if he believes there’s advanced alien civilizations. He jokes he’s not alien. Musk has referred to the Fermi Paradox, which refers to the discrepancy between the lack of conclusive evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life and the apparently high likelihood of its existence.

Musk is not alone in the vision to forge a multi-planetary civilization.

Explorer Randall Carlson presents a compelling catastrophic history of the world with an extensive multi-disciplinary body of evidence to argue that over the past 150,000 years, 15 cataclysmic events have sent humanity back to the stone-age. These catastrophic events before our present time are: (1) Salian Climate Shift of 144,000 years before present (BP); Alika 2 Megaslide and Tsunami Hawaii, 120,000 years ago; Terminal Substage 5E Climate Shift 117,000 BP; Greenland Blitz 104,000 BP; Odderade Event and Osis 21, 84,000 years ago; the Mt Toba super-volcano, 72,000 BP; Heinrich Event 6 65,000 years ago; Heinrich Event 5, 52,000 BP; 1st Phase Australian Megafauna Extinction, 40,000 BP; Heinrich Event 4, 39,000 years ago; Onset of Late Wisconsin Ice Age and Final Extinction of Australian Megafauna, 26,000 BP; Heinrich Event 2, 23,000 BP; Onset Younger Dryas climate catastrophe, 12,900 BP; End of Wisconsin Ice Age, 10,000 BP; Burckle Crater Event and Tsunami, 4320BP.

Sudden Civilization: Geomythologist Randall Carlson says 16 cataclysmic events over the past 150,000 years have sent humanity back to the stone age.

These cataclysmic events, Carlson states, are the primary reason why there is a sparse record of human civilizations beyond the antiquity of Sumerian Civilization. He claims there is a regularized tempo of cosmic objects, energy pulses and disharmonious waves delivered to the inner solar system while Planet Earth travels on a cosmic highway around the galaxy. Carlson states that for the past 10 thousand years humanity has experienced relative stability, amid a prolonged warm period which has afforded humanity to build civilizations, develop technologies and create ‘textbooks’ in stone of the ‘Hermetic Science’. These ‘megalithic textbooks’ were a durable medium to leave a codified record to signal future cataclysmic events, Carlson says.

In our present time, claims Carlson, Earth has entered a period of instability.

In his Kosmographia podcasts, Carlson sketches a ‘Cosmic Clock’ thesis in which the solar system orbit is 25,920 years, or one ‘Great Precession’ and that the Earth and the other planets are drawn through the solar plane every half cycle of 12,960 years. The Earth traverses through all the ‘Houses of the Zodiac’ — which is an astrological system for describing the constellations mapped in astronomy — every 25,920 years.

Ancient cultures, Carlson believes, were highly aware of this ‘cosmic tempo’, because there was a universal system that produced numerous megalithic structures across the ancient world. These structures were designed with encoded geometry, symbolism, and orientation to communicate the ‘cosmic clock’ to measure the record of past cataclysmic events, and anticipate future catastrophes. Carlson believes that symbol-laden archetypal characters, props and conflicts of tribal traditions, city state cults and the religions are actually mythological metaphor-embedded cosmologies to store knowledge of how to detect such cosmic threats.

The geological explorer says the key to tracking cosmic threats is the epochs, because there appears to be epochs of enhanced bombardment. Carlson argues that the present climate alarmism fails to take into account the fact that far more catastrophic drivers of the planet’s long record of climate change are caused by catalytic events such as solar activity, volcanoes, and asteroids.

In his efforts to educate audiences about this new age of instability, Carlson emphasizes that humanity has been conditioned by the planet’s ruling classes to see other cultures, creeds and civilizations as enemies. This conditioning is counter-productive to humanity’s survival as a species, Carlson says. He believes it’s possible for humanity to forge a space-faring civilization, while also replenishing the Earth.

Key to this endeavor is inspiring humanity to create parallel structures of education, innovation, and enterprise to learn about the clues of Earth’s past, including the sacred geometry encoded in stone. Our emancipation will make the rulers irrelevant.

Techno-Feudalism: The Oligarchs’ Utopia is Humanity’s Dystopia

Like all oligarchs, Elon Musk, differs in his ideological preferences from others on the oligarchic ‘spectrum’. Some may get their jollies hunting rare animals as ‘wild game’ in Africa. Or by obsessing that there’s too many human monkeys on the planet. Or by predating on juvenile children and getting vampiric psychic rises out of such forbidden encounters. Or by pursuing world domination fantasies to rule the world.

Yet, all oligarchs share a common interest, which is defending their wealth. None ever seriously consider that oligarchs need to reform themselves to the extent that they would cease to exist as super-rich rulers. Ergo, oligarchs can only exist in societies of extreme material inequality and therefore transforming their enormous economic wealth into political power is key to their wealth defense. Moreover, oligarchs thrive in crises-riden societies, and are the root cause of a crisis-laden world. Oligarchs pay professional armies to engineer crises, or to exploit crises that erupt out of their hold over societies. Or, oligarchs callously exploit natural disasters. In every case, a favored solution (or solutions), is incessantly promoted to out-supply competing answers.

In every crisis, at least one oligarch is betrayed. Such betrayals maintain discipline.

Ergo, most oligarchs regard humanity as expendable human monkeys to be controlled.

Crisis Engineering: Dominant capitalist coalitions, or super-rich oligarchies, periodically inflict strategic sabotages of industries and public sector institutions to destabilize societies, rival empires, or a civilization to reset the structural forces in their favor  lest they lose control as they forge new fences to keep the human stock penned.

To be super-clear, I’m not blaming Elon Musk, or the present global oligarchy, as the cause of all of human dramas. Humanity also needs to find the resolve to evolve.

Because — oligarchies inflict wars as wealth defense and offense strategies to transform their hold over resources into more economic, political or military power.

One legacy of the attempts to sustain civilizations since 3600 B.C. is that there have been over 14,500 major wars, which have abruptly ended the lives of nearly four billion people, as The New Internationalist reported in April 1999. In other words, the planet’s populations are the survivors of a horrific legacy of warfare, which has shaped “the historic relationships of the world’s nations and in the creation and destruction of states”, as Field-Marshal Lord Carver wrote in the 1995 edition of Collins Dictionary of Wars. In other words, humanity’s evolutionary development has been retarded because we are a war traumatized species. The human heart is key to our evolution.

Over time, war as a means of empire expansion forges larger political units. Historian Carroll Quigley observed in his 1966 tome, Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, that by 1940 it was clear the new super-states of continental scope required an ideological, rather than national basis of allegiance. In this way, national loyalties began to be replaced by ideological blocs, as totalitarian structures were formed.

In The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt wrote, “Totalitarianism strives not to achieve despotic rule over men, but toward a system in which men are superfluous.”

In other words, this totalitarian system — technocracy — seeks to make humans pointless, unnecessary and worthless. This corporatized totalitarianism can be hard to detect, perceive or comprehend because the marketing is so slick, the rhetoric is manipulative and the imagery is alluring. The chip is key to geopolitical chess plays.

In 1961, historian Carroll Quigley pointed out that the planet was in an ‘Age of Conflict’; a Third Hundred Years’ War. A Hundred Years’ War occurs when there are tectonic shifts in the world system, brought about by scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and new organizational hierarchies that competing ruling classes fight over — to dominate the trajectory of the structural forces.

These three Ages of Conflict are the Hundred Years’ War (1338-1445), the Second Hundred Years’ War (1650-1815) and the Third Hundred Years’ War (1899-Present).

In addition to technological innovations, the critical structural forces include human cultural patterns, changes in demographics, and the struggles, tensions and impacts of organizing systems to determine whether access to the world’s valued resources is restricted or open. Thus, epic ‘chess games’ are inflicted to re-set the arc of history.

By commandeering maps as ‘chess boards’, the West’s oligarchies, or coalitions of the super-rich, have been very successful at harnessing an Age of Conflict as a means to enter a new Age of Expansion. Western Oligarchs have periodically moved the centre of operations from the Empire’s core to a peripheral state. In short, the West’s Rulers have staved off total collapse by invading the territories of other Empires.

The repetition of the expansion and conflict stages results from an apparently unique Western belief, claimed Quigley, that truth is constantly unfolding. As a part of its culture, Western Civilization has the dexterity to re-examine its trajectory and its institutions and will change both as it suits the élites.

In his 1961 book, The Evolution of Civilizations, Quigley presented a civilization model to show every civilization needs an instrument of expansion. In the classical age, the primary instrument of expansion was slavery. (It re-surfaced during the Colonial Era).

During the Feudalism Era from 970 A.D., the medieval knight became the surplus-creating instrument of expansion in Europe until its waning point in 1270 A.D. Feudalism was an organizing pattern of agricultural units known as manors that were worked by the peasant class or serfs to provide food for the knights, their horses and the rest of the upper class hierarchy of landlords, the monarch and the pope.

The first Hundred Years’ War was ostensibly fought over the Kingdom of France, and marked the decline of feudalism, the rise of nationalism and the commercial revolution, which was enabled by the credit revolution innovated by the Knights Templars. The Templar Knights set up the world’s first international credit system along the pilgrimage routes to a beach-less city: Jerusalem.

The Holy Lands were hotly contested between 1096 and 1271, in which Muslim Saracens were cast as ‘Infidels’, while the Vatican made its foray into asserting a worldwide papal jurisdiction. Credit — issued to the value of jangly bullion coins  could be spent in towns along the pilgrim routes. The Crusades failed.

The core of Western Civilization, the Kingdom of France, was conquered by an imperialist state, Henry V’s England, around 1420 resulting in chivalry being circumvented with commercial capitalism as the new instrument of expansion.

During the Second Hundred Years’ War (1650-1815), France under Napoleon conquered the core area in 1810 establishing mercantilism that was later circumvented with industrial capitalism. In this epic Age of Conflict from 1650 to 1815, a Masonic-driven English, American and French revolutionary dynamic played out — with English Rosicrucian Freemasonry losing control of the British Empire’s peripheral expansion in the American colonies. As a result of the American Masonic Revolutionary War (1776-1783), which was fought between English Rosicrucian Freemasonry and French Templar Freemasonry, the United States was established as a Templar Masonic State. Thus, an epic fight between English Rosicrucians and French Templar Freemasons underpinned the English, American and French revolutions.

In 1815, and with the fall of Napoleon I, the Sionist Congress of Vienna established Switzerland as a neutral state under the protection of other European countries. British Masonic Bankers — then dominated by the House of Rothschild, whom controlled the then-privately-owned Bank of England — would only back the plan if they gained control of Swiss banking. Zurich was established as a Sionist financial headquarters and an enduring hidden Anglo-Swiss Banking Alliance began.

This alliance of ‘undead feudalists’ — as Anton Chaitkin hilariously termed them — were set on destroying the republics of Europe and the Republic of the United States, because they viewed such political jurisdictions as threats to their royal-aristocratic oligarchies. The Rothschild Crime Family were aligned with the Priory of Sion, who were in turn locked in a multi-century fight with the Templars, who favored republics.

During the Columbian Era of Colonial Empires from 1500 to 1900, the credit revolution rose as the primary instrument of expansion after usurping feudalism’s serf-slavery. Credit funded wage-labour and the rise of the machines as instruments of expansion. This era ended with the beginning of the Third Hundred Years’ War.

This present epic age of conflict began as a fight over the control of gold and diamonds in Southern Africa with the Boer War of 1899-1902, in order to fill a war chest to win the new prize, oil. In 1880, Germany had surpassed Britain as an industrial power, and in the 1890s began moves to plan, invest and build the Berlin to Baghdad Railway to transport oil. In response, a British Secret Élite envisaged a diabolical double-global war strategy in an attempt to forge a universal empire.

The British Secret Élite embroiled Europe in war against Germany in order to smash the Russian Empire, since the British Oligarchy feared an alliance between Germany and Russia would led to the Russian Empire dominating the world. Conspicuously, in 1915 amid flak copped by Winston Churchill, as First Lord Admiral of the Royal Navy, for overseeing the military ‘disaster’ at Gallipoli, the 33°Freemason bragged that “Australia and New Zealand [were] smiting down in the last and finest crusade the combined barbarism of Prussia and of Turkey.” The brutal truth is the British Secret Élite devised the Gallipoli Campaign in the Dardanelles to sacrifice Australian and New Zealand men as a ruse to keep the Russians in the war on the Eastern Front.

The Gallipoli Campaign was concocted to make it appear that a serious effort was underway to attack Turkey and win Constantinople for Russia. The Czar had demanded evidence that the war was worthwhile, since the Russians had suffered such vast losses on the Eastern Front  as intended by the British Secret Élite. The Russian Czar failed to realize the British Oligarchy were never going to gift the port city of Constantinople to Russia, since the point of the war was to prevent Russia from rising as a naval power, with a dynamic internal economy, and trading with Germany.

A ‘Grid’ of international bankers entered a secret pact to forge and conduct a Second Global War, as Guido Preparata recounts in his masterful book, Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich. This conspiracy involved Wall Street Banks, including the Chase National Bank (now JP Morgan Chase); the Schroeder-Rockefeller Company; the Manhattan Bank; the National City Bank of New York (now Citibank); the New York Trust Company; V. A. Harriman & Co.; Dillon & Read, and the Union Banking Corporation, as well as New York Federal Reserve Bank, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. The Grid’s objective sought “nothing less than to create a world system of financial control, in private hands, able to dominate the political systems of each country and the economy of the world as a whole”, as Carroll Quigley wrote in his 1966 tome, Tragedy and Hope.

Hitler’s Anglo-Swiss-American-backed Nazi Germany conquered the core area of Western Civilization and held it until 1945, and monopoly capitalism was supplanted with finance capitalism, that was later circumvented by techno-feudalist globalism.

It is my contention that this epic ongoing global war now seeks to destroy household autonomy, wreck free enterprise and construct a totalitarian universal empire through domination of the Chip Revolution, which began in 1959.

In short, the computing chip is the new instrument of expansion in the ongoing Third Hundred Years’ War that began as a struggle over the control of oil in 1899.

Therefore, where the credit revolution rose as the primary instrument of expansion from 1500AD to 1900AD, to finance colonial expansion, industrialism and commercial colonialism, it is now the chip revolution that is collectivizing all other instruments of expansion, including oil. And that explains why all options for infrastructure, including transport, as well as security, health, education, housing, and even work across all public and private sectors — are mediated by the computing chip.

Therefore, I locate the present tectonic geo-political shifts to control the world’s territories, treasures and technologies as an epic ‘chess game’ to re-set the arc of history amid the ongoing Third Hundred Years’ War, which began in 1899.

Since technocracy is an economic system that exploits technology as a means of social control through the allocation of energy and resources managed to service hidden monopolies, the ultimate objective is the privatization of government. Regional technates would deliver the supreme control to unseen super-rich dynastic rulers.

This globalization of Bio-Security Techno-Feudalist technocracy has three aims.

The first is to make privacy extinct through total surveillance. After all, the ultimate end in this fusion of communism and capitalism is techno-feudalism, which would create a privatization of government, since oligarchs would be the supreme rulers.

Once privacy is extinct, the capacity to pursue, express and defend free-will is intended to become extinct, because the infrastructure of constant surveillance incursions upon on spontaneous behaviours, thoughts and imagination can be expected to transform free-will into regulated thought control.

If free-will becomes extinct, then bona fide human love will become severely threatened with extinction because love is an expression of free-will.

Absent the capacity to think freely, feel freely, and act, intuit and move freely — liberty becomes a husk marketed as commodified services. Upon this techno-tyranny trajectory, humanity is on course to be harvested as data commodities, targetted with individuated advertising mediated by social group algorithms, and automatically manipulated with bio-medical updates interfaced with the WiFi radio-wave networks.

In other words, the hyper-chip sensory world that we, the human monkeys, are being manipulated to construct, is presently on course to become a proxy for the bona fide unregulated, unmediated and unsurveilled experiences of thriving lives that are expressions of real love. And, in doing so, humans are creating algorithm ghettos.

In short, humanity is getting screwed by the degenerate global oligarchy and their loyal élite, whom have worked out hi-tech ways to distract, divide and defeat human communities of all walks of life, with the cover-story of ‘global transformation’.

Coordinated Flying: Humanity in the Western Empire can be likened to disabled birds with clipped or broken wings unable to fly effectively due to conditioning to think with left or right wing political mindsets, fear-induced obedience and regulated doses of hopium — and unless we break the cycle of inter-class, inter-generational and inter-national violence caused by super-rich Oligarchs, then True Love will become extinct.

The spooky spectre of such a dystopian future is that there will be no opt-out, short of suicide and that grim choice — which is typically made when humans can see no ‘up‘ or no end to suffering — also may become impossible in a world of total surveillance.

Using gas-lighting trickery, global élites seek to re-program the majority of humanity with a combination of fear and hope, since fear scares humans with the perceived cause of the problem, while hope steers us toward the desired solutions.

It turns out that hope is the only emotion more powerful than fear. As President Snow conveys in the ‘Hope Scene’ of the Hunger Games, if a ruling regime fails to regulate hope, the rulers will lose control over people when the governed have too much hope.

While fear is a powerful emotion to activate to control people, hope is a formidable motivator for the long haul, to endure hardship. Hence, the trick is to regulate hope.

Therefore, too much hope is hazardous for hierarchical rulers because if hope is abundant, such rulers will lose control of their system. In other words, all civilizations peddle fear and regulate hope in convoluted ways to restrict access to resources.

Yet, since the cosmic forces of True Love are expressive acts of positive anarchy, love resists regulation, fights when necessary, and creates bona fide solutions for the evolutionary rejuvenation of thriving culture — lest human evolution is stifled.

The suppression of love has been explored in numerous dystopian novels, films and plays. For instance, in the 1971 film, THX 1138, love is illegal and such ‘perversities’ are suppressed with psychotropic drugs, monitoring and social engineering. The All Earth Council can terminate lives of malfunctioning humans and androids, while the Biological Forum can make demands on the parts of such fated lifeforms.

When Love Becomes a Crime: Humorously marketed as a loved story filmed on location in the 21st century, THX-1138 — which was released in 1971 — explores the same themes of imperial totalitarianism as the 1977 film Star Wars — without the space opera’s lasers, spaceships and aliens.

To sum up, techno-feudalism is a form a totalitarianism seeking permanent social control over surveilled humanity, with AI weaponized as enforcement systems.

This heretical dispatch has examined the logic of Elon Musk’s X-Corporation ‘family’ of companies following the rebrand of Twitter to X. At the surface level, Musk’s promotion of his ventures present logical fallacies that have become easier to spot with each controversy. Yet, Musk’s following grows and he accumulates power.

And with each venture Musk plays the archetypal heroic savior role rescuing the planet from a sci-fi dystopian future. As Business Insider journalist Linette Lopez said in the documentary series, The Elon Musk Show, the problem with Musk being another rich man playing out childhood sci-fi fantasies, is that in order to save humanity with a utopia among the stars — you first have to turn Earth into a dystopian planet.

Thus, every venture fits his vision of humanity becoming a multi-planetary species, as former Tesla VP George Blankenship said. Mars is cast as a galactic stepping-stone.

Tesla has been found to have exaggerated its battery range, meaning its claims of mitigating climate change appear to be fraudulent. Solar battery power will be needed on Mars, since the first adventurers won’t be able to plug into a power supply.

Musk appears to ignore the obvious trap of Tesla’s ‘autonomous’ vehicle AutoPilot project, which is that such a system will add to the susceptibility of populations losing autonomy over their movements. With the looming introduction of 15-minute cities, technocrats will gain more power with ‘autonomous’ vehicles to impose restrictions over the autonomy of human monkeys to drive where they like. Autonomous driving fits with Musk’s Boring Company drilling tubular holes underneath existing cities for ‘autonomous’ vehicles to zip to permitted destinations. A Mars colony needs tunnels.

Neuralink, Musk claims, is an effort to create positive fusion of humans with artificial intelligence, lest humanity remains too slow to compete with AI, and humans become AI’s pets, toys or slaves. XAI Corp is a project to teach artificial intelligence to be curious about humanity’s history, nature, and the universe. Musk claims this is an effort to mitigate AI becoming a super-clever, dangerous monster like SkyNet, as depicted in Terminator. With so much resource riding on the success of a Mars colony, free-thinkers would be viewed as an un-quantifiable risk to oligarchs and AI systems.

SpaceX is of course the obvious vehicle to develop rocketry technologies to achieve missions to Mars, in order to spearhead the human species’ foray as a multi-planetary species. In this effort, Musk has been drawn into the orbit of the ‘American Empire’.

Unlike one of SpaceX’s competitors, RocketLab, it appears that Musk did not receive direct funding from the CIA’s venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel. However, following Musk’s failed attempt to procure a rocket from Russia in February 2002, his fellow traveller, the aerospace engineer Dr. Michael D. Griffin, was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of In-Q-Tel in early August of 2002. Then, in mid-April of 2005, Griffin was appointed administrator of NASA, and with such connections SpaceX was awarded almost $400 million to develop rockets. Thus, on Griffin’s watch, NASA privatized space exploration development, in association with the CIA’s In-Q-Tel, which is deeply involved in funding new tech innovation ventures, including AI.

SpaceX’s consumer and commercial oriented Starlink internet service, as well as the Starfield military-grade internet and satellites, provide Musk’s X Corp with the opportunity to innovate such communications technologies for deployment to Mars.

Ironically, Musk’s drive to successfully establish a self-sustaining colony on Mars is drawn from an awareness that the world is beset with incessant wars, resource plundering and exponential technological development. The solution is to get away from these apparently intractable problems since they together pose existential threats to human survival. A universal empire will likely export its problems to space.

Curiously, Musk appears to believe the hysterical focus on climate, and the accompanying nauseating arguments over the numbers — above all other environmental challenges. Yet, he is aware the planet periodically gets bombarded with asteroids careening on the tails of comets, with a tempo that appears rhythmic.

The logical fallacy can be un-braided in one sentence. If the global power elite had emphasized resource plunder as the primary environmental problem, this would have caused problems for the preferred solution: human herds corralled into mega cities.

Investment tallied at a whopping $200 trillion to $270 trillion is claimed to be needed for the planet to meet net-zero emissions by 2050. The sums will fund the exponential growth curve of the so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. Such an enterprise would make the three previous industrial revolutions look like a bunch of garage inventors tinkering away with their technological gadgets at a world fair. The ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is code for a totalitarian universal empire with Techno-Feudalism.

Global mega cities, SMART Resilient Cities, and 15-Minute cities are an excellent way to train humans to live in closed or limited environments of the kind needed to forge a space-faring civilization. Such long-term behaviour modification would condition humanity to become compliant goal-seeking human monkeys working in space.

Musk is one of the front men and women around which to create a woke celebrity cult, an ideology of scientism, and a buccaneering adventurer mythology to mask over the cracks in logic that would otherwise reveal the ‘bricks’ of a universal empire.

The ‘bricks’ of a universal empire not only include military interventions of the united fraternal evil twins — the United States and United Kingdom — since WWII. These embarrassing ‘bricks’ also include the fact that the US Department of Defense is excluded from the carbon emissions system. Dissident journalist Abby Martin claims in her upcoming documentary, Earth Greatest Enemy, the DOD is not only the world’s single biggest polluter. But, since it is an institutional military machine running an empire, which operates a 1000 bases around the world, and in addition to constantly conducting huge exercises, it also incessantly inflicts wars, regime changes, and other de-stabilizing operations, to gain resources for rapacious corporations.

Therefore, Musk — is like Boba Fett, the bounty hunter who serves two masters in the Star Wars space opera. Elon Musk is both a military contractor participating in setting a trap to lure the remaining ‘Jedi’ to the ‘Death Star’, and a privateering bounty hunter contracted to corral as many human monkeys as possible into the ‘Galactic Empire’.

Musk’s passion to forge a multi-planetary future for humanity has drawn him into the American Empire, since he needs its billions, resources and technologies to achieve the missions to Mars and back. In this way, Musk has become a conflicted character.

The centi-billionaire appears to have blind-spots about the Empire’s machinations.

Humanity has been herded with the climate ‘inaction’ rhetoric, which has worked as a smoke-screen to hide the homogenizing incrementalist modus operandi. The long-game has been to universalize legal mechanisms, thermo-dynamic accounting algorithms and carbon-based digital currencies across the be-leagured planet.

Curiously, despite Musk’s world-wariness, his military marionette strings don’t permit the tech centi-billionaire to publicly critique the technological terror that destroyed the World Trade Center in one business day on September 11 2001. On 9/11, the laws of physics mysteriously failed and three towers ‘collapsed’ at near free-fall speed — evidently due to office fires, caused by two planes. Building codes remained a constant.

Nor does his military marionette strings license the ‘free speech warrior’ to call out next decadic reset pulled by the Global Oligarchy — the Great Corona Hostage Crisis — despite the obvious surge in Federal credit to fund techno-feudalist ‘innovations’.

Naturally, the Fed credit trough was justified by the ‘pandemic’ cover-story to hide the much anticipated public insurance bailouts for corporate cartel America. Many of the biggest retail companies, that just happened to be owned by Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street and other huge financial behemoths, were allowed to trade during the shutdowns, while small and medium-sized firms were potently cast as ‘non-essential’.

Thus, the systemic corporate bailout of the Monopoly Board associates of Vanguard-BlackRock-State Street, was also a ‘reset fund’ for a global bio-security matrix.

This mission to fund a bio-security operating system was so obvious to anyone who had already paid attention to the ‘old man behind the curtain’ in Emerald City, that it was quickly dubbed a ‘Covid 1984’, a ‘Covid 9/11’ and the ‘Corona World Games’.

False Flag Play-Book: Conspiracy theorist James Corbett’s report, COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity, deftly shows how the security apparatus justified by the 9/11 Coup D’état has now been upgraded to a bio-security apparatus justified by the Covid Coup D’état.

Musk has been credited with having the vision to forge a future where humanity becomes a space-faring civilization. The Empire excels at hiring talent, and promoting a cult through its formidable propaganda media system, while distracting attention from the broader machinations of the machine that produces ‘stars’.

So, is the ‘Elon Musk Show’ offering fans hopium theater as way to regulate hope?

As a combination — and with Musk’s faux ‘Rebel Alliance’ cheerleader posture — X-Corp adds legitimacy to a mega-cartel field of firms set on constructing a dystopian totalitarian control grid to subsume freedom of speech, association and movement.

Rather than mitigating ecological destruction, defending civil freedoms or saving humanity from extinction events, evolutionary enslavement, or empiric egoism — Musk’s Asperger’s drive locks in his X-Corp on a Techno-Feudalist trajectory.

This dispatch has critiqued the Musk’s vision to supply ships to Mars in the belief that unless humanity becomes a space-faring multi-planetary species, humans will always be Earth-bound and the human story will be one of two endings.

Absent rocketing off this rock, humanity either dies with a bang or a whimper.

However, Musk and Musk-o-philes don’t appear to have considered that in pursuing that endeavor, Planet Earth may become so depleted, degraded and depopulated that humanity cannot successfully forge a space-faring civilization.

Given that this dispatch has shown that Elon Musk is comparable to Boba Fett, who was a minor character in the original Stars Wars franchise, one wonders if the tech centi-billionaire is being played. Is it possible that Nikola Tesla’s original breakthrough discoveries were developed in secret programs along with other subsequent technologies? Were such inventions suppressed for decades so that control over human societies could be maintained in a state of retarded development, with periodic strategic sabotages — lest we human monkeys forged our freedom?

The point I’m driving at is the possibility that the technologies Musk is developing might be theater to buy time, or to re-purpose. Inventions superior to rocketry to escape the gravity well may have been developed. Inventions superior solar panel, solar batteries and re-chargeable lithium batteries may have been developed. The artificial intelligence on display may be ‘juvenile’ to what has been developed in secret projects. The tunnel boring may be a smoke-screen for tunnel systems, underground cities and bases already built. Autonomous driving algorithms are made to seem cool. Starfield’s low orbit satellites, drones, and military-grade lasers, fixed onto satellites, and deployed for the US Space Force, the Pentagon, the National Reconnaissance Office, as well as Starlink’s consumer and commercial internet, all contribute to a growing totalitarian ‘space fence’, or technocratic digital panopticon surveillance grid.

All of these inventions can be re-purposed for a war economy like factories were re-purposed with some re-tooling during World War II. Telsa’s GigaFactories could mass produce lithium batteries for a mass army of robots, or military surveillance drones.

Once these technologies are fully operational, Earth can be totally locked-down.

Snoopman’s foreboding about this present lurch to totalitarianism, is night and day.

In other words, the cult around Musk may really be an accelerant to create market demand, manufacturing consent and promoting behavorial shifts to corral humanity.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to forge a multi-planetary civilization, particularly given that Earth has a track record of being bombarded by asteroids. In casting Elon Musk as akin to Boba Fett, I have weaved what George Lucas was attempting to teach us through story-telling. The Star Wars Universe, with its metaphors, works because it sign-posts how humanity will merely succeed in exporting our dramas into space if we do not heed the lessons of our past. By setting Star Wars in the distance past, Lucas reversed the time direction of sci-fi space operas, to expand human consciousness.

Lucas signposted the fact that we, the human monkeys, are ruled by dark brotherhoods, dynastic oligarchic families and imperial bureaucracies, who have been fighting for centuries playing their ‘chess games’ to conquer more space on maps.

Therefore, do we need to go back to the drawing board while contemplating the ‘Jedi’?

Asking for a planet,

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

Auckland, New Zealand

P.S. In the course of writing this dispatch, Elon Musk’s following on has swelled by 15 million and is now sitting at 155 million followers. Snoopman isn’t a follower of Musk; but a chronicler. Snoopman has attracted a ‘Darth Vader’, who now follows him.

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and general programmes. He forged his ‘Thunk Evil Without Being Evil’ super-power while writing his ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), titled  “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid” — to figure out the means, modus operandi and motives of the Anglo-American Oligarchy.

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