Dare Brainwashed Aotearoan Tax Herds: This Code Purple letter was nailed to the doors of 13 buildings in Auckland City in the dead of night.
Dare Brainwashed Aotearoan Tax Herds: This Code Purple letter was nailed to the doors of 13 buildings in Auckland City in the dead of night.


6 March 2018

Brainwashed Aotearoan Tax Herds

New Zealand Roman Tax Realm[1]

Dare Brainwashed Aotearoan Tax Herds,


Re: A Code-Purple Letter to New Zealand’s Debt-Enslaved Tax Cattle


Free Range is Captivity … in a secret ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’ Utopia


New Zealand is a Human Tax Farm currently being re-fenced with new technologies for social control.

This big-picture context regarding New Zealand’s trajectory is missing in newsrooms, school classes and academic discourses because knowledge of it would risk waking-up New Zealand’s Tax Herds. Outrageously, New Zealanders are farmed human stock harvested for profit. NZ’s Tax Herds are compelled to work witlessly to build-out the Tax Farms’ new ‘Smart’ hi-tech ‘fencing systems’, ‘toll-booths’ and ‘market’ myths that re-make the empire in exchange for currency to meet ‘sissy’ mortal needs, desires and aspirations. In fact, the world’s nation states are Human Tax Farms.

The rapid transformations underway around the planet to displace nation states with regionalized super-states are part of a New World Order Utopia Project.[2] This NWO Utopian Project would actually be plain vanilla funny if it were confined to a flashback scene in a Futurama episode. Before our very eyes, the architecture for regionalized super-states is being designed, fast-tracked and built around us. A dystopian ‘now’ and near-future nightmare is unfolding with corporatized technocratic totalitarian systems becoming operationalized.[3] To this dangerous dystopian end, the euphemistically titled Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CP-TPP)[4] – and other corporate bill of rights deals – are the vital super-structure for this world domination New World Order Utopia.[5]

Upon this trajectory, the great powers, coalitions of transnational corporations and dynastic families race to control new technologies, land and resources – including Tax Cattle. The New World Order Utopia is inherently a Deep State project, which requires collusion, conspiracy and corruption between governments, corporations and global-policy-shaping think-tanks. It originated in 1890 when a British Secret Elite discussed a world domination plot centred on making war against Germany, as Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War reveals.[6] The Western Alliance’s NWO Project exploits a strategy of tension to foment crises so that scared Tax Herds are coerced to trade away freedom for security, as the ‘Dr Zola scene’ in Captain America: The Winter Soldier exquisitely depicts.[7]

The New Zealand Deep State’s hidden role has been to re-cast this Roman-esque British Masonic Tax Realm as a ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’ Utopia.[8] This Utopia has three key features, and fits into the broader New World Order (NWO) Utopia Project. The New Zealand Tax Realm’s role is to be the world’s premiere test-lab for a hi-tech technocracy,[9] a financial secrecy private banking haven,[10] and a bolt-hole for billionaires.[11]

Nail Post: 13 purple painted envelopes containing 13 ‘Code Purple’ letters were nailed to 13 doors across Auckland in the wee hours of 8 March 2018.
See Photos: “Thirteen letters nailed to thirteen doors across Auckland ahead of CP-TPP signing rituals in Chile


In 2017, New Zealand was ranked as the most unaffordable place to live in the world,[12] and the country’s total debt also topped half a trillion dollars. Furthermore, New Zealand is a crisis-ridden society, beset with a housing affordability crisis,[13] a poverty crisis[14] and a debt crisis[15] – among many others. The ‘failures’ of the so-called ‘market economy’ reforms of the last three decades were deliberate and therefore the ‘failures’ were by design.[16]

Indeed, in December 1986, then-Finance Minister Roger Owen Douglas (1984-1988) stated in a private conversation that the intention behind the ‘free market’ reforms was to create a ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’ where a top strata of wealthy families would make New Zealand an unaffordable place to live for most within 25 years’ time. Meanwhile, in public, Douglas said that all New Zealanders could expect a raised standard of living after a few years of ‘reforms’. Therefore, Douglas presented a fraudulent gloss in breach of section 240 of the 1961 Crimes Act, which deals with deceit.[17] Douglas’s deceptions were well known to key insiders. Many of New Zealand’s neo-colonial vampire snakes inhabited the undead corporate think tanks – including the New Zealand Business Roundtable, the New Zealand Centre for Political Studies and the Tasman Institute, whose members and associates were at the forefront of a hostile corporate takeover of NZ.[18] This hostile corporate takeover was part of broader plot to re-set the planet on a trajectory toward a world super-government endgame by using engineered crises as subversive mechanisms of change.

Positive Spin Ritual: The Neo-Colonial Sect’s Prime Minister David Lange and Finance Minister Roger Douglas pose in 1987 to publicize Douglas’s brainwashing book, Toward Prosperity.


A ‘free market’ Shock Doctrine plot was designed by foreign-based global policy-shaping think-tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Mont Pèlerin Society, the International Democratic Union, the American Enterprise Institute, and the pan-Atlantic Bilderberg Group. In this political conspiracy to mete out economic warfare – a Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bilderberger Nexus of conspirators orchestrated the 1970s Oil Price Shocks by plotting the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The Oil Price Shocks would establish a new “world price for oil”, to re-invigorate the privately-owned US Federal Reserve’s military-backed Petro-Dollar cartel, and to create a world economic crisis that would ensnare ‘independent’ Roman Tax Governments to make huge ‘borrowings’ – thereby coercing their submission to the coming ‘free market’ paradigm.[19] On the home front, NZ Prime Minister Robert Muldoon (1975-1984) led a virtual double-life as chairman of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in 1979 and1980,[20] a move that positioned the future Knight to ‘borrow’. In this way, NZ was gamed with large industrial development ‘loans’.21] Muldoon’s dual role symbolically signaled NZ was about to become the First World’s pre-eminent Shock Therapy test lab – without him necessarily knowing it.

A Rockefeller Man? The stealthily rapid corporate takeover of NZ by Council on Foreign Relations-Mont Pèlerin Society front groups, firms and their white collared partners in crime begs the question – did key Ministers of the Crown ever take bribes, Sir?


The Sacred Cow Big Picture: Neo-Colonial Vampire Super-States Under Construction

The impetus for this re-set of the New Zealand Realm and the rest of the world came from the then-North Atlantic Capitalist Class, who faced several major crises in the mid-to-late 1960s. These calamities were a structural crisis of Declining Profit Rates for undead transnational corporations, a Crisis of Democracy presented by the numerous captive 1960s Peoples’ Movements and demands from an insubordinate Developmentalist Movement in ‘Third’ and ‘Second World’ countries for Western technologies in weird fair return for the resources supplied to rebuild Western Europe and Japan following WWII. To counter these crises, the North Atlantic Capitalist Class developed a ‘free market’ economic warfare framework to transform the world, as the documentary Requiem for an American Dream shows.[22] This ‘imperial brain trust’ blueprint – dubbed the ‘1980s Project’ – was first formulated between 1971-1973 at a New York-based global policy-shaping think-tank, the Council on Foreign Relations.[23] Key insiders at the Council on Foreign Relations planned the spread of ‘free markets’ by exploiting Chicago University professor Milton Friedman’s modus operandi of ‘speed, suddenness and scope’. These shock therapies were field-tested on Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina using US-backed military violence to destroy the Developmentalist Movement.[24]

Strategic sabotage of industries ensued, while Tax Cattle were ‘disappeared’, terrorized and disenfranchized.[25]

World Super-Government Specialists: A multi-year study group dubbed the ‘1980s Project’ stealthily designed a blueprint for the incremental privatization of government at the Council on Foreign Relations think-thank.


Since then, the North Atlantic capitalist class (now transnational in scope) pursued a Global Neo-Colonial Project, by stealth. Neo-Colonialism is the hidden construction of vast monopolistic transnational consortiums owned by super-wealthy Tax Farmers who are positioned atop the Transnational Capitalist Class to control whole economies.[26] The ‘free market’ economic shock framework included: (1) a rapid corporatization of the public sector in stealthy preparation for privatization of state services, infrastructure and trading entities; (2) an implementation of fees, fines and fiefdoms; (3) a new universalized personal tax – GST; (3) a facilitation of Tax Havenry while retaining Roman income taxes; (4) a covert pursuit of a malicious, hidden structural unemployment policy; and (5) a liberalization of financial systems, an expansion of the debt-enslavement system, and a fastening of capital mobility to quicken the upward transfer of wealth. Therefore, ‘free market’ economic shock therapies were themselves mechanisms of coercion, because all sectors of society were thrown into crisis.[27]

Under this project, ‘free markets’ were promoted with propaganda that promised freedom and prosperity for all, or that wealth would ‘Trickle-Down’. The intention all along was to increase the wealth and power of the super-rich Tax Farmers, by waging economic warfare. Therefore, ‘Trickle-Down economics’ was a wryly-encoded joke that signified the rich Tax Farmers would control the ‘wealth tap’. Canadian journalist Naomi Klein later identified this globalized ‘free market’ economic warfare framework as the Shock Doctrine.[28] To ensure the durability of the Global Neo-Colonial Project, élite vampire planners used a strategy known as new constitutionalism, which would lock-in changes and take them beyond the reach of indigenous and nation state populations.[29] Under a new constitutionalism framework, nation state sovereignty is transformed into a commercialized form of sovereign rule-making that occurs in an international arena, such as through so-called free-trade agreements. The intention is to favour the property rights of super-rich Neo-Colonial vampire snakes, whose wealth is protected in a state-sponsored, worldwide Financial Secrecy Haven Complex.[30] Ironically, within such secret spaces, the politically and economically powerful were conferred with commercialized sovereignty to create shadow vampire selves beyond the reach of authorities, as the authors of Tax Havens: How Globalization Really Works compellingly showed. In short, globalization is the accumulation of sovereignty.

In his 1965 book – Neo-Colonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism – former President of Ghana and friend of President John F. Kennedy, Kwame Nkrumah, wrote that a Neo-Colonial state has the outward appearance of international sovereignty, but because its economic resources and financial systems are controlled from the outside, the political apparatus takes external directions. Once a country is captured by Neo-Colonialists, a dynamic is set in motion that compels neighbouring ‘countries’ to adopt the Neo-Colonial framework.[31]

Since Neo-Colonial Vampire Capitalism’s hidden purpose is to make land scarce to as many Tax Cattle as possible,[32] it is super-crucial that brainwashed C.O.W.S. (or Corporate Owned Wage Slaves, for long) remain unconscious about how and why Smart-tech corporatized Global Tax Farms lock in tyranny – lest this grand conspiracy collapses.[33] In such a dystopian scenario, where a fully corporatized, privatized technocratic totalitarianism is set to rule the planet, life systems would be vulnerable to the perfect techno-authoritarian fusion of economic, military, environmental, health, religious and psychological warfare. A technorati of scientists, engineers and technicians are witlessly guided by a world domination philosophy,[34] or oligarchism.[35] Therefore, it is difficult for such technocrats to see they ultimately work for unseen super-rich vampiric oligarchies whose undead corporate cartels practice structural racketeering in an epic ‘live-stream’ theatrical release of the Make Believe World marketed as the sissy Make Real World.[36] In other words, the sissy Neo-Colonial Deep States are up to their vampire glow-in-the-dark eyeballs in racketeering schemes. Since racketeering is the fraudulent practice of covertly creating problems and then offering ready-made solutions for extortionate fees, the profits booked by undead dominant capitalist ‘Coalitions of the Colluding’ are not so much a fair return on investment. Rather, when we are talking about marauding undead vampiric transnational cartels whose fangs reach into multiple franchized jurisdictions to control finance, oil, minerals, food, water, electricity, transport, telecommunications, media propaganda, and wildernesses, tax havenry profit is really a fee charged for not withdrawing supply, as the book, Capital as Power compelling shows. Therefore, technocracy is the privatization of government.


Code Purple Emergency: Who You Gonna Call?

Every empire needs an instrument of expansion.[37] In the classical age, the primary instrument of expansion was slavery. During the last 500 years of Colonial Empire building, the credit revolution rose as the primary instrument of expansion to usurp classic slavery, by financing wage-labour, the rise of the machines and the exploitation of oil. European maritime empires severed customary rights of access to the means of life – as intended. After the epic horrors of World War II, super-wealthy dynasties and aspirants constructed an even more stealthy system of control because nation-state empires became repugnant. Vast monopolistic transnational consortiums were built to control indigenous economic resources, compel working class Tax Herds to re-fence the Tax Farms, and run national financial systems for super wealthy Tax Farmers. In the New Zealand Realm, this system of Neo-Colonialism entrenched debt-enslavement, which was first formalized during the Masonic New Zealand Wars by the Crown-chartered BNZ.[38]

Today the chip revolution is poised to ‘collect’ all other instruments of expansion. Essentially, the NWO Utopian script says, ‘Whoever controls the chip, controls the future course of Earth.’ In Neo-Colonial Vampire Capitalism, structural pressures are intensified to construct huge world cities – where high capital mobility and systemic unemployment are in-built. Such structural pressures serve the aggressive logic of yield-seeking capital that drives wealth accumulators to keep vampire capital ‘alive’ with new growth opportunities amid structural racketeering.

Dominant capitalist coalitions are only able to extract high profits through a strategic sabotage of industry. This is because large enterprises can only maximize profits by maintaining artificial scarcities. The world’s largely unseen dynastic banker-vampires ensure that actual cash is scarce. This scarcity compels the Roman Tax Governments, Tax Cattle Enterprises and Tax Herd Barn-Homes to ‘borrow’ into existence the bankers’ manufactured credit and compete to ‘repay’ the magically conjured credit.[39] Thus, interest represents both a rent on the amount of funds fraudulently marketed as ‘loans’ since no money that previously existed is ‘lent’ and a cartel fee paid to banking consortiums to not withdraw the supply of manufactured credit. Therefore, strategic sabotages of industry inflict a discretionary idleness, which includes a hidden 33 year-old structural unemployment policy, whereby NZ’s Neo-Colonial Crown maintains joblessness at around six percent of the workforce to weaken Tax Cattle pay-bargaining power via the structural coercion of visible poverty, as the documentary, In a Land of Plenty: The Story of Unemployment in New Zealand proves.

Corporate Takeover of NZ: ‘Trickle-Down economics’ was a wryly-encoded joke that signified the rich would control the ‘wealth tap’.


The Deep State networks driving the world’s Neo-Colonial system seek to construct a slickly marketed Smart Green Economy through resource plunder. This hi-tech scheme – which is both structurally driven by the chip revolution and guided by subversive mechanisms such as climate geo-engineering,[40] false flag terrorism[41] and Shock Doctrine economic warfare[42] – is part of a broader operational matrix that manufactures binary dynamics between privacy and secrecy, safety and security, convenience and accumulation, and freedom and power. The NWO Utopia Project deepens its incursion into the daily lives of the Human Tax Stock. The extinction of’ Tax Herd privacy is accelerated. Meanwhile, vested interests that stealthily pursue the incessant accumulation of wealth, concentration of power and enlargement of security – ‘buy’ more secrecy, threaten the safety of societies and rob the liberty of the world.

Therefore, the vision of a ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’ was about creating an unequal society. This utopia required smashing the value of egalitarianism, countering the renaissance of indigenous Māori – who were down to 3.74 million acres out of New Zealand’s 66.4 million acres in 1996 – and about forging a super-rich plutocracy of Tax Farmers. The plan was that billionaires would pay premium prices for bolt-holes in a stealthy wealth-secrecy haven that would lead a double-life as a ‘breeding-ground-thing’ for future All Blacks – while also serving as the world’s premiere Tax Farm Smart Grid Test Lab – regardless of whether it was Labour Cola or Pepsi National in sissy power.[43] Crucially, the Crown has pursued a deceptive strategy to avoid admitting that it has no legitimate claim to sovereign authority, following the Waitangi Tribunal’s October 2014 finding that Māori did not sign away sovereignty when 512 chiefs, or rangatira, signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi of 1840.[44] Moreover, the NZ Crown’s ongoing failure to acknowledge that the British Crown did not gain sovereignty over New Zealand in 1840 is a breach of section 240 of the Crimes Act, for this deceit. This deception was publicized on Waitangi Day 2018.[45]

Reflecting a ‘New World Order’ Utopian Vision? Rich-Listers Sir Michael Fay and Sir David Richwhite talked up the ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’ Utopia in the mid-1980s.


Because the world’s major and significant governments – including the New Zealand Crown – are involved in this racketeering project to royalize the Transnational Capitalist Class, the Brainwashed Tax Herds cannot call the authorities for help. Ironically, for emergency services, Code Purple signals the need to call in reinforcements. But, ‘who you gonna call’ when you find that not only is your ‘country’ a Neo-Colonial Vampiric Tax Farm? ‘Who you gonna call’ when you also find that the entire world’s ‘nations’ are Human Tax Farms, and the traumatized planet is riddled with slithering Neo-Colonial vampire snakes? Therefore, this Code Purple letter is a call for creative mutiny to confront at-large power crimes.[46]


The Snoopman

P.S. This Code Purple letter has been nailed to the doors of 13 buildings: a university, a church, an art school, a boat club, a RSA club, a theatre, a hotel, a crèche, a town hall, a museum, a library, a memorial, and a marae.

See Photos: “Thirteen letters nailed to thirteen doors across Auckland ahead of CP-TPP signing rituals in Chile” at: https://snoopman.net.nz/2018/03/09/thirteen-letters/
Nail Post: 13 purple painted envelopes containing 13 ‘Code Purple’ letters were nailed to 13 doors across Auckland in the wee hours of 8 March 2018.

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