Nail Post: 13 purple painted envelopes containing 13 'Code Purple' letters were nailed to 13 doors across Auckland in the wee hours of 8 March 2018.
Nail Post: 13 purple painted envelopes containing 13 ‘Code Purple’ letters were nailed to 13 doors across Auckland in the wee hours of 8 March 2018.


Thirteen Nails. Thirteen Doors. Thirteen Letters.

In the dead of night on the morning of 8 March 2018, thirteen letters were nailed to thirteen doors around Auckland City ahead of the revamped Trans-Pacific Partnership signing in Chile.

The thirteen letters, which summarized New Zealand’s role as a ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’ Utopia within a broader totalitarian New World Order Utopia Project, made use of the doors as a medium to convey an urgent public notice.

Specifically, the letters dared “Brainwashed Aotearoan Tax Herds” of the “New Zealand Roman Tax Realm” to engage in “creative mutiny” to avoid being trapped in a corporatized form of totalitarianism. The thirteen ‘Code Purple’ letters argued that the revamped Trans-Pacific Partnership – the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership – is the architecture for the construction of regional super-states, wherein democratic rule-making frameworks are being incrementally and stealthily transferred to technocratic supranational institutions, transnational corporations and global policy-shaping think-tanks.

The letters’ recipients were addressed as follows:

“Dare Brainwashed Aotearoan Tax Herds,

Re: A Code-Purple Letter to New Zealand’s Debt-Enslaved Tax Cattle”


The ‘Code Purple’ letters, which stated that the “Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CP-TPP)[1] – and other corporate bill of rights deals – are the vital super-structure for this world domination New World Order Utopia”, were affixed with copper nails between 1.30am and 4:30am at thirteen locations chosen for their symbolic value.

The 13 Code Purple letters, which were evidently written by ‘The Snoopman’, ended by saying they had been “nailed to the doors of 13 buildings: a university, a church, an art school, a boat club, a RSA club, a theatre, a hotel, a crèche, a town hall, a museum, a library, a memorial, and a marae.”

Indeed, the brass door of the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial at Bastion Point, a short 500 yards from Orakei Marae, was the first door to have a copper nail driven into a round skeleton key hole of the empty crypt. The other twelve doors were either completely wooden, or had wood frames.


Letter to Labour: The first copy of the Code Purple letters was nailed to this brass door of the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial crypt.

The next door was the Remuera Library, followed by the War Memorial Museum, St Paul’s Church on Symonds Street, then the Auckland University Clock Tower building and the Auckland University Crèche – both on Princess Street.

Letter to the Monarch: St Paul’s Church on Symonds Street captures the British Monarchy, since it is the Monarch that is the head of the Church of England, the sovereign head of the Order of the Garter and the Patron of Freemasonry.


Next, Snoopman nailed the seventh copy onto the front door of the Civic Theatre on Queen Street, and then the front door of the Auckland Town Hall.

Nail Post: The Civic Theatre on Queen Street received a copy at about 3AM on 8 March 2018 (NZ Time).


The Empire Hotel opposite TVNZ also received a copy, followed by the Royal NZ Yacht Club, then the Studio 5 Art Station building (or the Old Ponsonby Police Station), followed by the Grey Lynn Returned Serviceman Club, and finally Nohu Kotahitanga Marae at Unitec Campus.

In this way, The Snoopman’s public notices captured numerous locations, institutions and social groups as symbolic sites to provoke examination of the structural violences outlined in the letters. In this way, the historic communist site commemorating the first Labour Party prime minister and location of the Bastion Point land occupation battle of the late 1970s was captured. Meanwhile, a museum commemorating two global wars plotted by key insiders of the British Masonic Empire – including Queen Elizabeth’s conniving great grandfather and sovereign forebear of the Order of the Garter, King Edward VII – also received ‘dead of night’ knocks with a hammer and a nail. Likewise, a Church of England church – St Paul’s – whose history is entwined with New Zealand’s first Masonic Lodge – the Ara Lodge, whose colonial era Freemason members conspired with their brethren in Taranaki who had plotted an escalation of the Masonic New Zealand Wars –  received night mail. Furthermore, the two locations of Princess Street received loud knocks at around 2:30am. These were the clock tower building, which symbolically captures time, at a higher place of learning – Auckland University – while the crèche neatly symbolized the necessity of Tax Cattle mothers, or Tax Cows, to develop their political ovaries to fight for the bona fide emancipation of otherwise destined-to-be Tax Herd Calves.

Exhibit No. 13: The War Memorial Museum captures the NZ Arm Forces, whose sovereign head is the Monarch, as well as the Returned Servicemen”s Association.

Moreover, the two locations on Queen Street neatly captured the political theatre of the situation, wherein states, transnational corporations and global policy-shaping think-tanks create copies of reality through brainwashing narratives, with help of political Tax Farmers and distracting Hollywood propaganda. The Empire Hotel is symbolic because it has long been a drinking hole of Television New Zealand newsroom staff, who seem uninterested in critiquing the New Zealand Realm’s role in a revamped empire. The Royal NZ Yacht Club is symbolic because the name invokes the British Monarchy, the British Masonic Maritime Empire and a city located between two harbours. Art Station is also a symbolic site because the building used to house the Ponsonby-Grey Lynn Police, which was the site of the last Tax Slave to be hung and because an artist’s role is to explain. The RSA was chosen because its members need to have conversations about how New Zealand’s Tax Herds have been gamed over the last 40 years and beyond, grow the political balls necessary to call-out the Neo-Colonial Crown, NZ’s Rich-Listers and the top brass of NZ’s military and play documentaries that educate about the Deep State. Finally, Te
Noho Kotahitanga Marae at Unitec Campus was chosen because The Snoopman felt it was crucial to draw the attention of a Maori audience to how and why exactly the corporate takeover of New Zealand occurred, and the Crown’s counter-move to corporatize iwi in response to the Maori renaissance.

The significance of the number thirteen is that elites encode events with this occult number because it signals unity and fraternal love among a brotherhood (and sisterhood), as has been made clear in the three-part investigative series, “In a Land Shock Therapies“. Therefore, ‘The Snoopman’s 13 Code Purple letters were outing the Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) that rules the ‘New Zealand Roman Tax Realm’.

The thirteen copies of the Code Purple letters, which were enclosed in envelopes painted purple, were also sealed in plastic sleeves to endure the rainy night. The Snoopman, who was dressed in his Sunday best, wore a black ‘Zoro’-like mask, and evaded a police car as it rushed toward the Civic Theatre, by using the Auckland Council’s Town Hall as a three-dimensional cloaking device.

In effect, Snoopman’s public notices undo the Neo-Colonial Crown’s attempt to legitimate its participation in the bandwagon signing rituals in Chile. These public notice Code Purple letters set out why and how New Zealand’s Neo-Colonial Crown operates a stealthy Shock Doctrine economic warfare framework, including the vicious 33 year-old hidden state policy of structural unemployment.

The current occupiers of the Neo-Colonial Crown machine cannot claim they are unaware of the economic warfare framework it operates. Nor can Crown Ministers claim they were not advised that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is part of the architecture for the construction of regional super-states. Moreover, the Neo-Colonial Crown, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Treaty Examination Committee on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement were consulted on the Western Alliances’ epic conspiracies to destroy nation-state autonomy in the 20th Century through two global wars, the North Atlantic Capitalist Class act to transform the world through ‘free market’ economic warfare frameworks, and their gambit to shoot for a Global Neo-Colonial New World Order Utopia – or stealthy world domination – based on the engineering of crises by racketeering vampire snakes. These matters were tabled in both a written and oral presentation of objections entitled “Code Purple Empire Alert: Objections to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty to the NZ Government”, by a person who uses the name ‘Steve Edwards’ in commerce.


Crown’s Cunning Construction of Controversy

Attorney General David Parker invited Anti-TPP organizer Jane Kelsey to attend the Bandwagon Signing Ritual in Chile on March 8. In response, the Auckland Law Professor wrote an open letter saying that she was unable to attend and sarcastically added that he might like to invite former Trade Minister Todd McClay, who it appeared had been miffed that he was not invited.

On the surface, Attorney General David Parker’s letter may have seemed like a gesture of inclusiveness and tolerance of political dissent. On the other hand, it could be taken as a ‘little birdie’ hand gesture to Kelsey and the anti-TPP movement. Kelsey had after all appeared in Alister Barry’s 2002 documentary, In a Land of Plenty which tells the story of unemployment on New Zealand, by laying out how the Crown maintains joblessness at around six per cent of the workforce in order to undermine workers’ pay bargaining power through the structural coercion of visible poverty. When it is recalled that In a Land of Plenty was Barry’s follow-up documentary to his 1996 film, Someone Else’s Country, about the corporate takeover of New Zealand, which includes footage of a sequence of the 1973 military coup in Chile to bring in a Shock Doctrine economic warfare framework, the CP-TPP signing in Chile is both provocative and an encoded threat to all states to comply with the rulers of the world. However, Attorney General Parker’s letter was very sly. In essence, the Labour-led Neo-Colonial Crown was seeking to draw Kelsey into the controversy, betting she would bite.

Kelsey did. This is how.

Creative Mutiny: The Snoopman’s Code Purple letter nailed here to the Auckland University Crèche, in essence, invokes Tax Cows to grow political ovaries to fight for the emancipation of Tax Calves.

Kelsey, like most mortals mistake themselves with the identities attached birth names, and responded to Parker’s letter without separating herself from the name affixed to her at birth. When parents name children and register those names on a birth certificate, a child’s identity becomes the property of the state. In effect, childrens’ names are unwittingly on-sold to the state for the future consideration of ‘benefits’ for their offspring such as health care, education and commerce. By identifying with the names that mortals were given, the vampire state feeds off the host Tax Cattle population, and seeks to bind its subjects through controversy – as weird as it sounds.

Therefore, when communicating with a state, it is prudent to avoid getting entangled in its jurisdiction by making it clear that you are led to believe that you do not have a name, possess a name, or own a name and that the name you use for commerce is  ‘such and such’ (whatever the name your parents mistakenly affixed to the birth certificate attributed to you). It is also prudent to frame what you need to say as beliefs, such as “I believe …”, or as questions, thereby avoiding making statements, which draw you into controversy. In other words, the only way that states can gain jurisdiction over the Tax Herds is by entrapping Tax Cattle into claims against them.

Not surprisingly, there is an epic historical precedent for this sly entrapment regarding how and why states construct controversy. This slyness is embedded in New Zealand’s history.

Copper on Wooden Door::A copper nail was said to help the spiritual atoms in this door evolve, moments before the Snoopman hammered the 13th letter into the wharenui front-door at Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae, Unitec.

With the 1840 signings of the Treaty of Waitangi, the British Crown gained jurisdiction over those 500-odd rangatira who signed by drawing them into deliberate controversy. This was done by getting the rangatira to identify themselves with a mark or their signature and by creating two distinct language versions that conflicted with each other. In the Maori Language version rangatira retained their chiefly sovereignty while conferring the right of Queen Victoria to appoint a governor to rule over Pakeha. In the English language version, Maori ceded sovereignty over their territories. This is why the Crown will not willingly fess up to the historical fraud of the 1840 signing rituals.

Therefore, by drawing Jane Kelsey, into controversy ahead of its signing in Chile on March 8 2018, the Neo—Colonial Crown’s Attorney General sought to entangle the anti-TPP movement into future battles it anticipates the state will win. I believe the anti-TPP movement was drawn within Crown’s jurisdiction through this exchange between the legal head of the sitting government and the  law professor who is the most symbolically recognized anti-TPP movement leader.

In other words, the Attorney General’s Inclusive Gesture Ritual was the kind of encoded prick behaviour that the English aristocracy are famous for. This outrageously disrespectful, disceitful and disgusting entrapment is all the more galling when one contemplates the care, tenacity and intellect that Jane Kelsey has applied to teaching so many New Zealanders who were willing to learn from her research into the schemes, impacts and trajectories of the Shock Doctrine economic warfare frameworks embedded in what is commonly termed ‘free market globalization’. To put it another way, David Parker was rubbing Kelsey’s nose, the noses of the anti-TPP movement and every other New Zealander’s nose that is impacted by Crown-sponsored economic warfare – in Fat Cat shit.

That said, the Snoopman learned of the Attorney General’s sly ‘political chess’ move. The Snoopman’s 13 Code Purple letters, in effect, called out the Neo-Colonial Crown’s economic warfare conspiracies against New Zealanders, including Maori. I believe these 13 Code Purple Letters – which in essence were public notices clarifying the Neo-Colonial Crown’s primary role as a deep state criminal enterprise within a transnational empire – went unanswered by the state.

Because the Code Purple letters also made clear that the Crown’s active participation in the corporate takeover of New Zealand from the mid-1980s was a conspiracy by well-connected looters, New Zealand’s brainwashed Tax Cattle are encouraged to pursue creative mutiny. Furthermore, because the Neo-Colonial Deep State seeks to permanently enslave New Zealanders as hapless Tax Herds, in an outrageous conspiracy with their international counterparts, readers are asked to think about ‘who you gonna call?’

Night Reading: The Remuera Library’s door-mounted dissident journalism literature seen here in the dead of night.

Indeed, the Snoopman states that a ‘Code Purple’ situation in the emergency services is jargon for the need to call in reinforcements. Therefore, ‘The Snoopman’ asks rhetorically,

“But, ‘who you gonna call’ when you find that not only is your ‘country’ a Neo-Colonial Vampiric Tax Farm? ‘Who you gonna call’ when you also find that the entire world’s ‘nations’ are Human Tax Farms, and the traumatized planet is riddled with slithering Neo-Colonial vampire snakes?”


In other words, New Zealand’s Neo-Colonial Crown is actively participating in the construction of corporatized regional super-states and is up to its Neo-Colonial vampire snake glow-in-the-dark eyeballs in power crimes.



See: A Code-Purple Letter to New Zealand’s Debt-Enslaved Tax Cattle


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