This three-page letter calls out New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for her continuance of successive governments’ maintenance of a Neo-Feudal economic warfare paradigm inflicted on New Zealanders in 1984. Steve Edwards cites The Snoopman’s “Deep History of Ihumātao – The Fletcher-Rockefeller-Rothschild Dynasties Connection” — which reveals the links between Fletcher Building Limited’s corporate ancestor, Fletcher Challenge, and the Neo-Feudal Siege of New Zealand that occurred from 1984 to 1994. This economic warfare reset was inflicted to make New Zealand into a ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’ Utopia for centimillionaires, billionaires and transnational corporations to exploit, undermine Māori land reform and sovereignty aspirations and replace democratic governance with a high-tech Neo-Feudal technocratic jurisdiction, he argues.

Edwards sketches the links between the David Rockefeller-chaired Council on Foreign Relations, his Trilateral Commission brainchild and his Neo-Feudal cronies at the global policy shaping conclave, the Bilderberg Group, and their machinations to capitalize on the 1973-1974 Oil Price Shocks engineered by the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bilderberger Nexus to weaken resistance to the coming Neo-Feudal siege of entire economies. Ultimately, the ‘Unitary Plan’ which embroiled Ihumātao in the Auckland Council’s Special Housing Area zoning for Fletcher Building’s intensive residential housing project, was part of a long-range scheme dating back to the 1980’s to re-make Auckland as a World City. The forging of huge cities suits the exploitative business models of transnational corporations, whom require Neo-Feudal jurisdictions to facilitate high capital mobility, organize public debt-funded infrastructure, and accommodate large pools of excess labour.

Ardern’s attention is drawn to the subversive actions of a convicted vindictive white supremacist arsonist Pākehā farmer, Alan Titford, who was the primary catalyst for how private land buy-backs for Māori were taken off New Zealand’s sole ‘negotiating table’ in the mid-1990s. The prime minister’s attention is also drawn to the Clark Labour Coalition Government’s machinations to cast Tūhoe activist Tame Iti as a guerilla terrorist leader, which was essentially the same legend that had been used to frame Algerian asylum seeker, Ahmed Zaoui, whose case was dropped by the SIS exactly one month before the October 2007 Operation Eight Urewera Raids. Those raids were perpetrated by the National Security State to save the Crown from a catastrophic collapse of its sole sovereign power since Tūhoe had a strong case for the return of ancestral lands.

25 December 2019

Kia ora Jacinda Ardern (& the DPM&C Coding Staff),

Re: Ihumātao: The Fletcher-Rockefeller-Rothschild Connection & the Crown’s Crimes Act Breaches

My communiqué draws your attention to the political theatre performed by the Crown that places key state officials in an unsound, unsafe and unwise position because they have, including yourself, breached section 240 of the Crimes Act, which deals with crimes of deceit.

The contrived ignorance inherent to the attempts to control the narrative of the Ihumātao land dispute have meant that your government has avoided supplying full disclosure regarding the how and the who of why exactly private land buy-backs for Māori were taken off the ‘negotiating table’ during the Bolger National Government of the mid-1990s. And, why exactly such lands are not vested with Māori sovereign titles. It is not simply an indictment of your Government’s political instinct for self-preservation that it did not fess up with full disclosure to the country when the Ihumātao land dispute was a peaking news story in late-July to mid-September of 2019. It is also indicative of the Transnational Deep State’s penetration of the Public State.

Top Lawmaker ‘Elsewhere’: NZ Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern started out on MaiFM, July 24 2019, saying “my jobs [sic] is just to fix the ones that are squarely in my court”. Almost a month later, on August 20, at the Kiingtanga Kororeihana celebrations in Ngāruawāhia, Ardern said on hard issues “like Ihumātao … we will be there”.

For the record, your Government sought to ‘de-escalate’ the land dispute by offering a resolution mechanism only after thousands of supporters visited Ihumātao in the first few days following the Crown Constabulary-supported eviction of tangata whenua (and friends) cast as ‘squatters’ on July 23.1 Instead of visiting Ihumātao that first weekend, you rather symbolically flew to the Realm of New Zealand’s northern-most territory, Tokelau. This move, which meant you could run off to your father and simultaneously pass the political hygiene test by looking culturally-sensitive, also appeared to communicate that if the Ihumātao land dispute snowballed into a fully-fledged crisis, the Crown’s days as a sole sovereign power would be numbered. The calculus was to construct what is known in Hollywood as Act II blues, by softening ‘the Maoris’ like butter, leaving them waiting on a bench to ‘go off’, while the audience loses interest after a riveting Act I – just so we’re on the ‘same page’ about the ‘waiting game’.2 While you went everywhere but Ihumātao, there was talk in the public media about the precedent setting implications by members of your own government Willie Jackson and Winston Peters among others whom wear other institutional hats.

The precedent of land buy-backs off private owners by the Crown for return to Māori were sabotaged in a battle over farmed land in Northland that took place during the late 1980s to 1995 as I’m sure you know. Most pivotally, Northland farmer, Alan Titford, razed his own farmhouse to the ground, and immediately blamed Te Roroa iwi. With the inflammatory influence of former Police paramilitary squad officer and local National Party MP Ross Meurant – whose first thought was to ring The New Zealand Herald – the narrative was set in the minds of an easily manipulated population whom have been conditioned to be racist toward Māori – as The Snoopman showed in “Fraught Precedents for Land Buy-Backs”.3 In spite of Titford’s 2013 conviction for arson, among other crimes, and despite Judge Duncan Harvey’s statement that, “it [was] time for the people of New Zealand to learn the truth”, the Crown has avoided spelling out to New Zealanders the how, the whom and the why exactly it was that private land buy-backs were taken off the ‘negotiating table’. Your Government, including the 13 members of the Māori Labour Caucus, avoided clearly stating to the nation that this convicted vindictive white supremacist arsonist Pākehā farmer was the primary catalyst for how private land buy-backs for Māori were taken off New Zealand’s sole ‘negotiating table’.

Softening Māori like Butter in Sunlight: In his investigation, “Ihumātao | Fraught Precedents for Land Buy-Backs” – The Snoopman showed there are the relatively few examples of land-buybacks, and they are fraught with backlashes from Pākehā. This suits the self-preservation of the politely racist Pākehā Ruling Class, whom draw out the processes over many years to deter, frustrate and soften Māori, like butter, by leaving them sitting on the bench so they ‘go off’.

As bad as that is, the New Zealand Public State, or the visible government that we all recognize, continues to play a contrived ignorance game about the deep history of how and why the rural ancestral Māori land at Ihumātao became designated as a Special Housing Area, ostensibly as part of the Auckland ‘Unitary Plan’. In hidden deed and smoke-screened fact, it turns out that the ‘Unitary Plan’ was simply the final jigsaw puzzle piece to transform Auckland into a ‘Global City’, and is part of a World Cities Movement that itself is part of a New World Order Utopia Project, that comes packaged with a vicious global economic warfare paradigm. In this contrived ignorance game, the Auckland Council is as deep in the same stench-ridden rabbit hole as the New Zealand Crown and a bad deal of many ‘NZ’ corporations, including Fletchers.

Dynastic Octopi: In “Deep History of Ihumātao – The Fletcher-Rockefeller-Rothschild Dynasties Connection – The Snoopman climbed down into the ‘Fletcher-Rockefeller-Rothschild Dynasties Rabbit Hole’, and showed these dynasties were connected by linked elites, corporate memberships and political representatives to a global policy-shaping think-tankerati that included the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. These think-tanks, their members and their affiliated institutions engineered crises of national and global proportions, and formulated broad policies, influenced elites and captured governments. For their part, the Fletcher Dynasty actively participated in these machinations to inflict a destabilization of New Zealand economy, a sabotage of industry and a takeover of smaller firms.

In his fifth dispatch in the series “Deep History of Ihumātao – The Fletcher-Rockefeller-Rothschild Dynasties Connection” — The Snoopman reveals the links between Fletcher Building Limited’s corporate ancestor, Fletcher Challenge, and the Neo-Feudal Siege of New Zealand that occurred from mid-1984 to 1994.4 This economic warfare reset to make New Zealand into a ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’ Utopia for centimillionaires, billionaires and transnational corporations is shown to have been part of a broader reset called the ‘1980’s Project’, which was a blueprint to transform the world with Neo-Feudal ‘market economies’ designed at the New York-based think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, that was chaired by Chase Manhattan bank chairman, David Rockefeller, from 1970 to 1985.

Reflecting a Switzerland of the South Pacific Vision? Merchant bank Fay Richwhite talked in the mid-1980s of transforming NZ into a ‘foreign exchange capital’ Switzerland of the South Pacific. Roger Douglas boasted at a private dinner in December 1986 that NZ would have a top strata of wealthy people and in 25 years most New Zealanders would not be able to afford to live in NZ.

New Zealand’s Pākehā-dominated Ruling Élite – including those linked to the Fletcher Building cartel – have been unwilling to acknowledge that the ‘growth locomotive’ that they have actively constructed, was designed to create a crisis-ridden Neo-Feudal ‘market economy’ in which a super-rich oligarchy could materialize and thrive. In the process, the New Zealand economy, its companies and its strategic resources became more tightly teethered to the ‘Trilateral World’ of North America, Western Europe and Japan.

Neo-Feudal Corporate Takeover of NZ: ‘Trickle-Down economics’ was a wryly-encoded joke that signified the rich would control the ‘wealth tap’.

The un-mandated moves to make Greater Auckland into a huge city were an expression of a broader ‘World Cities Movement’ Project that has forged Global Cities. The purpose of forging Global Cities is to support the huge geographically dispersed transnational corporations, such as Fletcher Building Limited, that require jurisdictions to facilitate high capital mobility, organize public debt-funded infrastructure, and accommodate large pools of excess labour. The endgame is high-tech Neo-Feudal technocratic jurisdictions owned by the wealthy, regionalized Police super-states and a chipped world where privacy, indigeneity, and love is extinct.

This secret scheme is how Auckland eventually came to have a housing crisis, and explains how Ihumātao came to be selected as one of numerous locations across the city as a place of intensified housing designated as Special Housing Areas. The rail-roaded city-wide rezoning for intensive housing was another application of the blitzkrieg Shock Doctrine economic warfare strategy as identified more generally by Naomi Klein to push ahead Auckland as a Global City for the beneficial exploitation of transnational corporations.

Blitzkrieg Economics: Auckland University Law professor Jane Kelsey located the corporate takeover of NZ in Canadian journalist Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine economic warfare thesis.

To this end, the Neo-Feudal institutions and individuals behind the corporate siege of New Zealand rammed through policies, processes and protocols to create structural growth pressures so that Auckland City would eventually attain Global City status. By 2015, Auckland became ranked as a ‘Global City’ in 37th place in a Top 40 Global Cities Survey that cast the city as a safe-haven for 557 Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals with investible wealth of $30 million or more, as published in Frank Knight Capital Management’s Wealth Report. (This initiative got a series in The Herald, while land buybacks for Māori in 2019 did not).5

Global Cities Survey: Auckland is ranked in 37th place, with 557 UHNIs with investible assets of more than $30m. [Knight Frank Wealth Report 2015]

The result is that by the time the Protect Ihumātao campaign group, Save Our Unique Landscapes (SOUL) was headed to the Environment Court in 2018 to contest Fletcher Building’s planned housing development,6 New Zealand gained the crisis-indicating ranking of being the most unaffordable place to live in the world – as London-based Bilderberger Group mouth-piece, The Economist magazine, reported in March 2017. Indeed, the bottom 1% or 42,000, were so poor they were classified as homeless, while the top 10 percentile of the 1% were so rich, the National Business Review reported their wealth to be $55.84 billion.7

Shaking Sheiks Hands: Fletcher Dynasty’s James I & James II used to attend the secret International Industrial Conferences that discussed global issues, including petroleum prices before the first oil price shocks. This occurrence mirrored at the secretive Bilderberg Group May 1973 conference, five months before the first Oil Price Shocks were triggered by the October Yom Kippur War engineered by the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bilderberger Nexus.

The Crown’s complicity in maintaining the 35 year-old economic warfare paradigm that key members of the New Zealand Labour Party engineered, such as Roger Douglas, David Caygill and Richard Prebble, with such corporate luminaries as Fletcher Challenge, its Chairman Ron Trotter, and other members of the NZ Business Round-Table, including former Crown officials, such as Roger Kerr, Roderick Deane, and Bryce Wilkinson means that the Crown’s public stance about finding a ‘resolution’ at Ihumātao was theatre to control the crisis rituals. Notably, you announced a halt to construction while a resolution was found. You did not announce there would be no construction because the contrived ignorance game was over. The performance of this political theatre places the Crown in an unsound, unsafe and unwise position because the in-built contrived ignorance means that key state officials are vulnerable to charges for crimes of deceit.

Neo-Feudalist Mont Pèlerin Society attendees, Christchurch 1989: [Top L to bottom R] Sir Alan Gibbs, Sir Roger Kerr, Sir Douglas Myers, Sir Ron Trotter, Sir Peter Shirtcliffe, Sir Roderick Deane, Simon Upton, Sir Michael Friedlander, Rodney Hide, Sir David Richwhite & Sir Roger Douglas.
Racketeering Business Model: Fletcher Building’s corporate ancestor, Fletcher Challenge, was at the centre of the corporate takeover of the New Zealand economy. Today, the Fletcher Building consortium is 54%-owned by three transnational banks: HSBC, which owns a 26.48% stake; JP Morgan Chase Bank, controls 16.15%; CitiBank holds 11.46% of Fletcher stocks.

Successive New Zealand Government’s since the Lange-Labour Government have been recklessly complicit in protecting the racketeering interests of cartelized commerce. This cartelized commerce has advanced so far, that the three transnational banks JP Morgan Chase, HSBC and CitiBank that majority-own Fletcher Building Limited, are themselves implicated in structural racketeering inflicted upon whole economies since the 1970s and 1980s. The banking industry maintains a structural scarcity over cash – with the active participation of the New Zealand Crown through the Reserve Bank and the Treasury. This cartel practice coerces households, business and local and central government to borrow credit funds into existence as transaction specific credit, as The Snoopman found more generally in his ground-breaking A-grade thesis on the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008, titled “It’s the Financial Oligarchy, Stupid”.8

That cartelized commerce got a high octane boost with the 1973-74 Oil Price Shock orchestrated by what The Snoopman calls the ‘Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bilderberger Nexus’, as he shows in the “Deep History of Ihumātao – The Fletcher-Rockefeller-Rothschild Dynasties Connection”. This 1973-74 Oil Crisis not only meant that Wall Street banks, and most especially Rockefeller’s racketeering Chase Manhattan Bank, made enormous profits from ‘Petro-Dollars’. It also reinvigorated the US currency, which is owned by the Federal Reserve cartel and worked as an economic warfare mechanism to weaken governments, industries and households to submit to the sieges being planned concurrently by such think-tanks as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

Racketeering Puppetry: Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission framed the choices industrial nations faced amid the “energy crisis” as being between “chaotic national competition” or “a rational world order” – without admitting key members had engineered the 1973-74 Oil Price Shocks to coerce the world to submit to new governance systems imposed by a Trilateral World Order dominated by North America, Western Europe and Japan

The regulatory capture of the New Zealand Government by a Neo-Feudal Confederacy that occurred in 1984 persists today, despite a 13-‘strong’ Māori Labour Caucus working alongside your ‘Ardern Coalition Government’. The N.Z. Coalition Government and the Executive Council maintains a reckless contrived ignorance about the structural racketeering and regulatory capture inflicted upon New Zealand by Fletcher Challenge and Accomplices, including the memberships of the N.Z. Business Round Table, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group in the takeover of the economy.

Imperial Brain Complex: Global policy-shaping think-tanks such as Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the Mont Pèlerin Society were the inspiration for such NZ-based Neo-Feudal think-tanks as the Centre for Independent Studies, the N.Z. Business Round-Table, and its rebranded alter-ego, The New Zealand Institute.

As bad as that is, the political capture of the New Zealand Public State has a deeper layer than the Neo-Feudal siege investigated in the “Deep History of Ihumātao – The Fletcher-Rockefeller-Rothschild Dynasties Connection”. This deeper layer of political capture, perpetrated by the National Security State, can be seen in the recent passage of the Rua Kēnana Pardon Bill,9 because it is essentially window-dressing to hide the Deep State’s machinations in the Operation Eight Urewera Raids of October 15th 2007.10 Had such an inquiry of the calibre of Justice Peter Mahon QC been conducted, it would have found the scheme of Operation Eight was perpetrated to create a vindictive multi-season news special out of the Urewera Raids case. (To be super-clear, the Erebus inquiry was the last Royal Commission that worked). The primary objective was to save the Crown by undermining Tūhoe’s legitimate, strong case for the return of their ancestral lands. By casting activist-artist Tame Iti as a terrorist guerilla leader with a nationwide network, the National Security State essentially transposed the same legend that had been created by Algeria’s equivalent to the CIA, the Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité – or DRS – onto Tūhoe’s most visible face to scapegoat.11

B-Grade Terror Psy-op: The Operation Eight frame-up job of a nationwide terror militia supposedly led by Tūhoe activist, Tame Iti, was a rework of a false legend written to assassinate Muslim asylum-seeker Ahmed Zaoui’s character. That false legend was primarily authored by former-Algerian intelligence agent, Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Samraoui, of Algeria’s equivalent to the CIA, the Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité – or DRS; a critical fact covered up by NZ’s SIS when Zaoui was released one month before the 2007 Urewera Raids.

It turns out, N.Z.’s National Security State suppressed the mid-2007 testimony of former-DRS agent Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Samraoui, who supplied evidence to New Zealand’s Inspector General for Security & Intelligence, Justice Paul Neazor, that he had framed Algerian academic and asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui as a terrorist – as journalist Sewlyn Manning proved in his 2012 documentary, Behind the Shroud: Juxtapositioning Truth, Intelligence and Tradecraft.12 New Zealand’s Security Intelligence Service (SIS) had ‘relied’ on planted intelligence from Belgium, France and Switzerland. These were the same intelligence agencies involved in the 1985 Rainbow Warrior Bombing – which was inflicted five years before Operation Gladio was exposed (and ultimately was proven by Swiss historian Daniel Ganser to have been a three-decade reign of terror mete-out by every NATO country on their own civilian populations to shift the political centre of gravity away from socialist governments by blaming left-wing communists).13

Sanitized Disclosure: This 1988 CIA report reveals the lines of communication between the Lange Ministry, the US Embassy, and the CIA in regard to Māori aspirations for sovereignty and land reform aspirations. The CIA gleaned the thinking of the Lange Cabinet from the US Embassy’s conversations with the them. This included relaying Deputy PM Geoffrey Palmer’s ‘view’ that the Labour Government would accept the Waitangi Tribunal’s rulings on land claims, while a National Government would likely try to curb the Tribunal’s powers.

Instead of fessing up to the public, SIS Director Warren Tucker issued a deceptive communiqué on September 13th 2007 insinuating that Zaoui participated in and led terrorist networks in France and Belgium, and claimed he was deported from Switzerland for making statements to incite violence. With this deceitful, malicious communiqué spread over the news wires, the SIS director was telegraphing the direction where the National Security State was taking. The Crown faced a looming catastrophic collapse of its sole sovereign power because if Tūhoe had gained the sovereign Māori title to the Ureweras, the state would have likely been overwhelmed with demands from other iwi and hapu for the return of tracts of land, regardless of whether or not they had signed the 1840 Waitangi Treaty or had already settled. Therefore, because the collapse of the Clark Ministry’s efforts to bring the anti-Muslim Global War on Terror zeitgeist to New Zealand converged with a looming governance crisis, the New Zealand Crown fell back to its perennial default position: casting Māori as the enemy of the state since 1840.

‘Thirteen Ngāti Illuminati’? Will the Māori Labour Caucus lawmaker-politicians defect from this 35-year-old economic warfare game of Neo-Feudal Oligarchy, upend the block on private land buybacks and support Māori sovereign land titles?

During the decade that followed, the backlash to the Operation Eight Raids of 15 October 2007 through to the October 2017 election win for your Coalition Government, the political ground had shifted, such that the N.Z. State lost the capacity to be openly racist toward Māori – need I say?

The correct place to fully disclose these machinations to New Zealand is at Ihumātao.

People Power: Fletcher Building’s plans to develop the historic Ōruarangi Block for residential housing next to this volcano, Puketāpapatanga-a-Hape, at the edge of the Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve on the Ihumātao Peninsula – faltered when SOUL’s supporters converged from near and far following the 200-strong Police operation of July 23 2019 to evict 10 ‘squatters’.


Steve Edwards.

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