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Green-tweaks to Monopoly Capitalism?

Green-tweaks to Monopoly Capitalism?

Greenpeace’s climate action at New Zealand’s parliament failed to finger the blame at the primary cause of what is, in fact, planet-wide ecological collapse. Consequently their mono-causal presentation of the climate crisis, which is part of a much broader set of colliding crises, leads to oversimplified and dangerous solutions. Snoopman […]

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EDUCATING SISSY LEFTIES: Bridges explains that it's important to press ahead with destroying the Planet's ecology because it's good for economic growth.

Ecological Concerns are “Clap-trap”, Simple Simon says (again)

New Zealand Minister of Energy & Resources ‘Educates’ Green Movement in Response to Being Teased for Downplaying Petroleum Exploration Plans in Native Forest By Iggy Swind, 11 April 2014.   New Zealand Minister of Energy & Resources Simon Bridges’ stunned a full New Zealand House of Representatives on Friday morning […]

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