Greenpeace’s climate action at New Zealand’s parliament failed to finger the blame at the primary cause of what is, in fact, planet-wide ecological collapse. Consequently their mono-causal presentation of the climate crisis, which is part of a much broader set of colliding crises, leads to oversimplified and dangerous solutions. Snoopman finds that Kermit the Puppet and his Muppet friends have empathized with a Woolly Mammoth that escaped from a climate camp, because nobody would listen to his warning that Monopoly Capitalism is the whammy cause of all human-made environmental catastrophes. It turns out that a Smart Green Economy is a cover-story that hides the construction of hi-tech dystopian super-states. (Contains satirical particulates. 20 minute read).

Framing Irony: Greenpeace abseilers say they will forgo diversion from prison, while the news media construct a diversionary argument with a trivial objection about the breach of security at the New Zealand economy's parliament.
Framing Irony: Greenpeace abseilers say they will forgo diversion from prison, while the news media construct a diversionary argument with a trivial objection about the breach of security at the New Zealand economy’s parliament.

By Snoopman

Mono-causal argument misleads membership

At dawn on Thursday 27 June 2015, four brave Greenpeace volunteers abseiled down the front of the New Zealand economy’s parliament buildings to focus attention on the climate change issue. They unfurled a banner, featuring an image of the many-hatted prime minister, John Key, and a caption that read: “Cut pollution, create jobs? Yeah nah.”

After initially being reasonably open-minded about the action, ‘at the end of the day’, the Extreme Media deflected from the climate issue to security. In the New Zealand economy’s two main six o’clock television broadcasts, known colloquially by the brainwashed population as ‘the news’, the reporters of OneNews’ and 3News’ emphasized the breach of security in their lead stories. By doing so, these media missionaries behaved like submissive school prefects armed with microphones. OneNews’ Katie Bradford described the abseiling feat as “a stunt”, “a chilly dawn raid”, and “an attack”, while 3News reporter Tova O’Brien adopted a similar affectation of neutrality to claim Greenpeace’s action went “sideways” because it was overtaken by the breach of security issue.

For this, the Extreme Media deserves to be ridiculed with satirical cartoons for presenting what is, in fact, the logical fallacy of diversionary argument by way of a trivial objection, as the author of Attacking Faulty Reasoning Professor T. Edward Damer might readily point out.

Furthermore, it was the New Zealand government that capitulated to the terror-sponsoring French state after it had sent 13 secret agents to New Zealand in Operation Satanique (Satanic) to attach two bombs to Greenpeace’s Pacific Ocean flagship, the Rainbow Warrior. Indeed, the United Nations brokered  a ‘compensation’ sum of $13 million for the French state’s terrorist attack after two of the terrorists were repatriated to France, and, in effect, this meant the world officially condoned terrorism. Therefore, the world’s political trajectory became less secure, safe and sound.

Because the world’s governments tacitly endorsed terrorism, five years before the exposure of NATO’s terrorism programs in Western Europe broadly called, Operation Gladio, and because NATO’s terrorist networks were not dismantled, the same three intelligence agencies from Belgium, France and Switzerland that were involved in the 1985 Rainbow Warrior Bombing, were complicit in accepting the planted false biography of  Algerian academic and asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui as a terrorist who was persecuted by the Clark Government in New Zealand for four and half years. When Zaoui’s detainment became untenable in mid-2007 due to the testimony of former-Algerian DRS agent Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Samraoui, Zaioi was released – but N.Z.’s National Security State suppressed the fact that Zaoui had been framed as terrorist guerilla leader, as journalist Sewlyn Manning proved in his 2012 documentary, Behind the Shroud: Juxtapositioning Truth, Intelligence and Tradecraft.

Just one month later – when the heavily-armed Police counter-terrorism Operation Eight Urewera Raids of October 15th 2007 inflicted on Rūātoki and Taneatua – this terrorist guerilla leader legend was transposed onto Tūhoe’s most visible face, Tame Iti, to scapegoat.

Iti’s Bay of Plenty iwi had a strong and legitimate case for the return of their ancestral Te Urewera wilderness that were confiscated in the Colonial Era. If Tūhoe had re-won large tracts of Te Urewera with full sovereign jurisdiction, it would have been a short few steps before every iwi and  hapū demanded return of sovereign jurisdiction of their mountains, rivers, lakes and confiscated parcels of fertile lands. The nebulous New Zealand Crown would have lost its sole sovereign power status. Thus, the US-NATO Military Empire’s white supremacist terrorism is about unending indigenous autonomy where such communities are either newly re-established, or where aspirations risk white Ruling Class power as well as where indigenous ancestral villages, lands and projects are deemed obstruct transnational corporate expansionism.

Historical Context Missed: Greenpeace failed to shoot-down the media and politicians who raised the trivial objection, security, in country where its own government capitulated to state-sponsored terror.
Historical Context Missed: Greenpeace failed to shoot-down the media and politicians who raised the trivial objection – security – in a country where its own government capitulated to state-sponsored terror.

Greenpeace also has itself to blame. For one thing, it took down it’s only post from its website.

Stage Fright: Greenpeace takes down it's own protest post from its website.
Stage Fright: Greenpeace takes down it’s own protest post from its website.

But, the main reason for the Extreme News Media’s diversion to the trivial breach of security objections is because, essentially, Greenpeace had nothing new to say. Greenpeace spokesman Nathan Argent stated that the action was intended to pressure the government “to put in place a real climate action plan now.” He claimed the government had not enacted a single piece of legislation to reduce emissions.

Argent also argued that a climate action plan could create many tens of thousands of jobs that would be a multi-billion dollar boost to the economy. He asserted this would take pollution out of the economy and build a smarter, safer, healthier New Zealand.

Here, we sketch why Greenpeace failed to present a new-inspiring narrative. We also outline a major flaw in Greenpeace’s argument from which springs solutions that will ironically result in the construction of a dystopian sci-fi-esque world – a project that is already underway.

Unfortunately, Greenpeace, like that of, Generation Zero, and many other non-government organizations that campaign on the climate crisis, promotes a mono-causal view of climate change. The mono-causal position holds that pollution from industrial emissions, ‘fossil’ fuel vehicle fumes and burning-off forests are the sole cause of climate change. While these factors are serious, this view is bunk.

The planet’s climate is changing due to many destructive human causes, including: deforestation (over millennia); desertification (massive soil erosion); species extinction (including ‘fisheries’ collapse); geo-engineering climate and weather modification programs; eco-colonialism and industrial agriculture, pollution and planned obsolescence; resource destruction caused by war; imperial and corporate driven migration to mega-cities, slums and refugee camps; the cult of industrial consumerism; psychological warfare to manufacture brainwashed consent; and the whammy of all human-causes, hierarchical patriarchies (foremost among them is Monopoly Capitalism).

Aiming to Low: Please Sir, may I have more Monopoly Capitalism?
Aiming too Low: Please Sir, may I have more Monopoly Capitalism?

Another way of stating these causes would be: greed and the cult of world domination, both related to dark-side ego gratification and cultivation of psychopaths in the planet’s ruling families (as is made clear in David Livingstone’s excellent book, Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History). A further cause is also solar activity and the planet’s trajectory in the galaxy, which we cannot do anything about, so we shall focus on the human causes. (See section below: The Woolly Mammoth in the Climate Changing Room).

Greenpeace presents its over-simplistic mono-causal climate change narrative because its membership and the people they are seeking to influence are middle class. A mono-causal presentation necessarily leads to over-simplistic, and we argue, dangerous ‘solutions’.

Mono-Causal Presentation: Globalizing an oversimplification leads Getty's to cash in on marketing the new pollution industry.
Mono-Causal Presentation: Globalizing an oversimplified cause to a complex crisis leads Getty’s to cash in on marketing the ready-made, over-simplified solution: an emerging pollution industry with a green-veneer.

It’s not all Greenpeace’s fault. Mass-hapless populaces are the witless victims of relentless psychological operations (Psy-Ops), or sophisticated propaganda, manufactured by highly networked institutions with vast resources. Particularly vulnerable are middle class people who have been subjected to multi-generational brainwashing by governments, corporations and universities who play on their susceptibility to believe authority figures. Furthermore,  key insiders that comprise the ‘Western Deep State’ manufacture a ‘myth of mistakes’ to hide their covert plots to trigger war, orchestrate coups and assassinate leaders if governments fail to submit to economic warfare identified as ‘the Shock Doctrine’ and other intrigues.

This ‘myth of mistakes’ has entire populations believing that governments are relatively benign, and that their policy choices are simply due to ignorance, rather than malice and submission to unseen coercion. This coincidence theory paradigm, which ignores the continued operation of ‘the Shock Doctrine’, sits comfortably with middle class people, because as a social group, they tend to be sissies addicted to sanitized ‘bedtime’ stories that they call ‘the news’.

Unfortunately, this mono-causal view permeates the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand (along with Green Party’s around the world). Indeed, while the protest was underway outside the New Zealand parliament, Green Party’s co-leader James Shaw, essentially, expressed the mono-causal view in a question from the floor of the parliamentary debating chamber to the governing National Party. Shaw asked why New Zealanders shouldn’t sue the government over an increase in net emissions of 13% during its time in power.

Shaw’s emissions argument is ironic because, as his bio-page on the Greens’ website brags, he evidently played a role in getting his former employer, accountancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers, to join the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and also apparently helped develop a sustainability business practices program. It’s ironic because PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the ‘big four’ anti-competitive accountancy cartels, which together have a presence in every major and significant tax haven.

Shaw Argument: Focused on emissions but the accountancy cartels secretive tax haven business was a key omission in his rhetoric. Shaw Argument: Focused on emissions but the accountancy cartels secretive tax haven business was a key omission in his rhetoric.
Shaw Thing: The Green’s co-leader focused on emissions but the big four accountancy cartels secretive tax haven business with the largest plunderers on Planet Earth was a key omission in his rhetoric.

As the world’s foremost experts on financial secrecy havens wrote in their book, Tax Havens: How Globalization Really Works, the big four accountancy cartels are the auditors and advisors of the world’s largest tax-evading companies, because they have written the legislation for tax haven jurisdictions, and gained favorable agreements with tax authorities to condone tax havenry. In other words, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu are not even trying to make their clients, the world biggest corporations, pay for the enormous environmental degradation of the planet that they have caused in the pursuit of capital accumulation and global transformation. Instead, an ‘Offshore Magic Circle’ of accountants, lawyers and bankers collude with regulators in a secret global infrastructure, as journalist Nicholas Shaxson makes clear in Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens.

It in the next section, it will become clear why the world’s biggest anti-competitive cartel corporations are protected by at least 60 secrecy jurisdictions, or tax havens (the largest being the continental European havens, the Fourth British Empire, the American Empire, and smaller ad hoc zones). In turn, it will become clear why it is that an over-simplistic presentation of causes and solutions to ‘climate change’ is dangerous.

The Woolly Mammoth in the Climate Changing Room

Because people are so myopically focused on their battles, their ambitions and their immediate needs, wants and desires, nobody notices the presence of the Woolly Mammoth in the Climate Changing Room. In the ongoing exchanges over climate change, people with institutional hats can’t (or won’t) see the big picture of Planet Earth’s troubles. Indeed, the Woolly Mammoth has tried to tell ‘climate activists’ that the whammy cause of all human-made environmental catastrophes – as well as economic, financial and military warfare – is Monopoly Capitalism.

Breaking! Mammoth escapes climate camp because nobody noticed him.
Breaking! Mammoth escapes climate camp because nobody listened to him.

Monopoly Capitalism is a private political system wherein the ownership or control of huge combinations of industrial, banking, and media corporations by highly networked, super-rich individuals (or oligarchs), is protected by tax-sheltered trusts and captured governments. Monopoly Capitalism’s core motive is social control by limiting as many people as possible from having access to land and other resources, as Frances Hutchinson argued in, What Everyone Wants to Know About Money and Jonathan Nitzan and Shimson Bichler presented in Capital as Power. This political control is primarily achieved through a deliberate scarcity of cash and an abundance of credit/debt, as English economist Michael Rowbotham showed in his book, The Grip of Death: A Study in Modern Money, Debt Slavery and Destructive Economics and Goodbye America! Globalisation, Debt and the Dollar Empire.

One of the world’s biggest cartels, the debt-producing United States Federal Reserve central bank, provides an excellent example of an institution that manufactures catastrophes and exacerbates the present environmental collapse. The Federal Reserve System is a privately owned-cartel corporation that has monopoly control over the manufacture of credit. This is significant because the major driver of the resource plundering growth-oriented world economy is debt-based money – or credit. The stockholders of the Federal Reserve are dynastic banking families, such as the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Schröders, the Schiffs, the Vanderbilts, the Stillmans, the Lazards, the Bakers, and the Harrimans, as journalist Eustace Mullins makes clear in his lifework, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Through their banking cartels, such as JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs; and along with other dynastic banking families, including the Rothschilds, the Browns, the Wallenbergs and the Meyers, dynastic bankers have come to control most of the world’s governments through war, capitulation to terrorism and economic coercion, so that virtually no government exercises the sovereign power to issue money debt-free, as Ellen Hodgson Brown makes clear in The Web of Debt and G. Edward Griffin shows in The Creature from Jekyll Island.

The dynastic banking families, that own the Fed’s stock, preside over a debt-based money system that is backed by the coercive power of the state, which leads a double-life as a financial-secrecy haven known as the United States of America. The bankers that own the Federal Reserve reap ‘dividends’ off the public credit that the US Treasury ‘borrows’ from the Federal Reserve. This public credit, or national debt, is now $18.3 trillion, a colossal figure that hapless American taxpayers cannot pay.

Credit Conjurer: Ex-Wall Street & London Banker, John Key has borrowed $300 million a week as New Zealand's prime minister to keep the economy 'solvent'.
Credit Conjurer: Ex-Wall Street & London banker and NZ’s PM John Key has borrowed $300 million a week from undisclosed ‘foreign pixies’ to keep the NZ Inc. economy ‘solvent’.

As former World Bank economist Herman Daly stated in a documentary, the Four Horseman, that investigated the causes of the Global Financial Crisis, commercial banks do not ‘lend’ other peoples’ savings, but actually manufacture credit. In other words, “money as credit is borrowed into existence”, as Michael Rowbotham states in The Grip of Death. It turns out that the term ‘borrowing’ is a euphemism for the ‘privilege’ to receive purchasing power in the present due to a structural alliance among ruling classes to maintain debt-based financial systems, which are characterized by scarce debt-free cash and abundant debt. Therefore, the ‘need’ for ordinary people to find the artificially scarce cash to ‘repay’ public and private ‘debt’ and the exponentially compounding interest (which is not created when public and private ‘loans’ are manufactured) are the major drivers of the growth-oriented, resource-plundering global economy.


Smart Green Economy, or Technocratic Nightmare?

Greenpeace, the Greens and other Greenwashed people believe in their enthusiasm that in order to address the impacts of human plunder, a Smart Green Economy is the only way to deliver a sustainable world. It’s a seriously dangerous belief because a Smart Green Economy would leave the same unseen super-rich people that have become so wealthy off Monopoly Capitalism still at-large, and will transform Monopoly Capitalism into a more awesome private political system of social control.

A carbon credits market, widely promoted to deal with carbon emissions as a crucial component to build-out a Smart Green Global Economy, is actually a means to establish carbon-based technocracy, as former financial analyst Patrick Wood argued in Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy? Under the rubric of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, every stage of the extraction-production-distribution-consumption-pollution chain is being quantified with complex algorithms to measure the resources consumed. These calculations are quantified into a single measure, known as carbon equivalence units that relate all compounds to an equivalent amount based on the carbon atom.

By gaining the means to measure every material, process and exchange with a single metric, the financial industry will be able to  combine these carbon equivalent values with financial derivatives, which can price risk into a single unit (of whatever currency is stipulated to settle transactions).  The major cartel banks intend to create carbon-backed currencies, that will become the means for the super-wealthy to commodify, monetize and financialize every process, every human relation and every stage of precious life. Under this planned carbon-based technocratic regime, the biosphere would become more vulnerable to the kinds of speculative, predatory and private strategies  exploited by dominant capitalist coalitions when they made complex bets to destabilize targeted firms, industries and governments and enabled them to engineer the Global Financial Crisis (as was shown in the Snoopman’s ground-breaking thesis entitled, “It’s the Financial Oligarchy, Stupid”).

A technocracy is an economic system that exploits technology as a means of social control through the allocation of energy and resources rather than the market price system of capitalism. This means that a carbon credit trading market is a mechanism for big corporate producers to pollute, extract, plunder and privatize not only the atmosphere, but also the entire planet.

To be super-clear, the rich and super-rich do not expect to foot the bill to ‘fix’ the planet. By their very design, Smart Green Economies would ensure that ordinary people are to be charged for the uniquely numbered micro-chipped products, services and resources they consume and dispose of, as Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre argued compellingly in their book Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move. This covert agenda is also made plain in the documentary Take Back Your Power, which shows that through smart meters, power companies and their ‘partners’ will gain the power to snoop into peoples’ lives with the next generation of chipped-appliances hooked up to ‘The Internet of Things’.

There is more bad news.

Hi-Tech Lure: The totalitarian future has slick marketing.
Hi-Tech Lure: The totalitarian present has slick marketing.

Although many radical-thinking people have come to terms with this bad news, those who wear institutional hats in the so-called Green Movement have yet to acknowledge it, publicly.

The transformations in the global economy, such as huge economic protective trade-blocs, under the slogan of ‘free trade’, are really about creating a worldwide technocratic superstructure.  As American journalist Chris Hedges has identified, corporate totalitarian super-states are being constructed that will thrive inside fictitious democratic shells. Technocracies are totalitarian systems of government that appear to be controlled by technocrats, engineers and scientists, but they are merely the administrators of the technological apparatus for unseen oligarchies, or super-rich people who steer the politics of whole societies.

Killing the Metaphorical Sacred Cow

With these challenges outlined briefly here, Kermit the Puppet’s lyric that ‘it’s not easy being Green’ has never been truer. It is essential that the Greenpeaces, the Green Party’s and the Amnesty Internationals of the world resolve to metaphorically kill off their sacred cows. These sacred cows are their middle class memberships. Because, while the middle class has spare cash, a conscience and compassion, they are – as a bunch – scaredy-cats who want to believe that the badness of the world is not too bad and can be fixed without upsetting their lifestyles.

Feeling Vulnerable: Kermit the Puppet left the swamp-life in the hope's of getting humanity to give a shit.
Feeling Vulnerable: Kermit the Puppet left the swamp-life in the hope of getting humanity to give a shit.

However, for any bold institution to succeed in its trailblazing vision or quest, it is essential that the object that it fears losing the most – its sacred cow – is risked. It is ironic, therefore, to recall that what all governments, even totalitarian ones, fear above all else, is losing the support of their middle-class base. For no government can withstand the sustained loss of legitimacy with its middle-class. In other words, the Greenpeaces, the Green Party’s, the 350.orgs and the Amnesty Internationals fear losing the same ‘sacred cow’ that their opponents fear losing.

So, if the Greenpeaces, the Green Party’s, the 350.orgs and the Amnesty Internationals of this beautiful but deeply troubled far-flung planet are serious about creating a peaceful, resilient and sustainable world, they need to resolve to dismantle Monopoly Capitalism before Kermit the Frog is captured and made to market the technocratic Smart Green Economy.

Ordinary people need to strategize, organize and mobilize grassroots radical actions to pursue mass land reform (or redistribution), community-controlled cooperative enterprises, and resilient permaculture communities. Concurrent to these positive solution-oriented projects, the damaging institutional constructs need to be dismantled. Corporate cartels (including debt-based banking and financial conglomerates) have to be broken up. Tax havenry needs to be confronted head-on. The Shock Doctrine of economic, financial and military warfare engineered by key insiders of Western banks and other major corporations, governments and think-tanks also needs to be challenged.

In other words, we need Kermit the Puppet and his Muppet friends to orchestrate a global-scale mutiny inside and outside our institutions.

Global scale-mutiny: Kermit and Friends appeal to their worldwide audience to join the rebellion before the Monopoly Capitalism gets a Smart Green make-up job.
Breaking! Global scale-mutiny theatre troupe: Kermit and Friends appeal to their worldwide audience to join the rebellion before the super-rich finish giving Monopoly Capitalism a Smart Green make-up job.


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The Snoopman is a New Zealand-born Pākehā (of European descent) who edits news and current affairs at the indigenous TV station, Māori Television. For his thesis entitled, “It’s the Financial Oligarchy, Stupid” he applied an event clustering technique originally designed for deciphering naval submarine intelligence reports, to news reportage on the Bank Bailouts of 2007 and 2008. He reasoned that élites are like submersibles who disappear in waters with unclear motives.