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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

Epic Storm Brewing: US President Barack Obama and New Zealand Prime Minister (& ex-banker) John Key read about the suppression of Harry Potter’s interview following his stormy rendezvous with Snoopman News.

Harry Potter Breaks Hollywood Gag-clause, Stuns World Leaders into Unscheduled Epic Three Minutes of Silence

Harry Potter breaks Warner Brothers contractual gag-clauses. The wizard reveals What Must Not Be Spoken in the News Media Anywhere in the Muggle World. Here, for the first time, the shocking truth behind why one of the world’s most famous wizards was forced to live a double life as Daniel […]

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Snoop Monster’s Biggest Wish: “Humanity, Grow-up!”

Snoop Monster’s Biggest Wish: “Humanity, Grow-up!”

By Snoop Monster, 7 April 2014 (Last updated 17 April 2014).   MUCH OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN CONDITIONED through the news media, Hollywood movies and TV programs to believe over-simplified explanations regarding major world events. These over-simplifications extend to: why wars continue to happen a century after the commencement […]

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Media propaganda & the Global Media Complex

Grand Chessboard: A Game the Whole Brzezinski family can play! MSNBC TV news anchor plays her ‘Go to Ukraine’ Card (& fails)

Grand Chessboard: A Game the Whole Brzezinski family can play! MSNBC TV news anchor plays her ‘Go to Ukraine’ Card (& fails)

Daughter of One of the World’s Leading Psychopaths Bullied as She Tries to Anchor ‘the News’ with ‘Facts’ on Major US Network When MSNBC TV news anchor Mika Brzezinski attempted to cross to the Ukraine on Monday March 24, she was blocked by her male co-host and she became visibly […]

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Democracy & Counter Movements, Public Notice!

Rise up! Rise Up!

Rise up! Rise Up!

Global Wave of Civil Disobedience Coming to a Street Near You! A global non-violent grassroots civil disobedience initiative called a “Worldwide Wave of Action” is set to start this April 4 to coincide with the anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The idea of […]

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War, Terrorism & Propaganda

10 countries, 10 stars, 8 C-130 Hercules U.S. transport aircraft, 8 legs on America’s Spidery Empire

War Comic Script: Mainlandia Invaded in ‘Exercise Southern Katipo 2013’ – Timaru Liberated!

By Snoopman 11 November 2013 A spider that flies Imagine that the United States’ main military operations organization, Strategic Command (or StratCom), is the head of a heavily armoured spider, whose habitat is global.[i] Imagine also that its body is the US Department of Defense and its heart is the […]

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Democracy & Counter Movements

Combat Paxman’s propaganda revealed: How Russell Brand inadvertently provoked a confession from the combative vicar-like BBC broadcaster

By Snoopman 7 November 2013 Cracks in Combat Paxman’s propaganda model Since the BBC’s famously combative Newsnight host, Jeremy Paxman, interviewed the famously womanizing comedian Russell Brand, in which Paxman grilled Brand for not being “arsed to vote”, the senior broadcaster has admitted he did not vote in a recent […]

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