By Iggy Swind and Sophia Bigg-Storm.


High-stakes Bidding War with a Twist

The discovery of a secret interview filmed in 1971 with the real Yoda of Star Wars fame has stunned many in Hollywood. The industry-wide shock is not simply because nearly everyone has believed that the Star Wars ‘space opera’ was just an epic and entertaining work of make-believe science fiction.

It turns out the Star Wars movies were absorbed into a secret CIA scheme called Project Mockingbird, which was a media infiltration assignment started in the 1950s to warp naïve public opinion. The shock that Hollywood is now reeling from is that the cover-up has involved so many, “it’s audacious scale rivals the Manhattan Project”, said a stunt-woman who wished to remain nameless because she came from a disadvantaged Hollywood neighborhood where thousands of babies were taken to begin their classified training in poorly paid non-union stunt roles before they were even named.

Incredibly, the Star Wars movies opening line, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ….”, was a cryptic message in plain sight! The ‘sci-fi world’ of Star Wars that the Earth-bound world thought had been created from the imagination of A-List Hollywood filmmaker George Lucas was actually filmed on location in the past.

THX1138LoveStory01Furthermore, we have learned George Lucas is in big fact a time lord. After making his first feature film, THX 1138, a love story which was shot on location in a budget-obsessed, fun-less future – where robotic cops have laser-less pole weapons – Lucas time-traveled back to an undisclosed galaxy and an unspecified time to film the interview with the real Yoda. thx-1138-film-americain-george-lucas-1971-L-_1UP7v

These and other big facts are major omissions such as those in Michael Kaminski’s book The Secret History of Star Wars, which is considered by many to be a good source, though gruelling read about how the epic ‘space opera’ was ‘created’, occurred so the world could be sold a more palatable, sanitized and toy-filled version of universal history.

The suppressed Yoda interview was discovered by a cinetape assistant while he was transferring old Stars Wars negatives to digital format after the CIA-front company Lucas Films dumped the movie distribution cartel Twentieth Century Fox and sold the Stars Wars distribution franchise to rival Walt Disney media cartel.


The 13-minute video clip quickly went viral, with over 13.13 million views in seven hours, when it was posted on the Google-owned video sharing website as New York movie audiences were watching the latest Star Wars flick, The Force Awakens. However, the suppressed Yoda interview has been pulled from You Tube.

Cinetape assistant Max Wildhead stole the negative on 13 March 2013 and orchestrated a high-stakes bidding war between rival Zionist-controlled Hollywood studios, the White House-Pentagon-CIA Nexus and Hollywood’s Gay Mafia.

But, it seems Wildhead was playing a longer, subtler game. According to George Lucas, the ex-cinetape assistant-turned fugitive wasn’t after a huge collectors’ fee. After reaching an extortionist fee of $13 billion, which is rumoured to have made the real Austin Powers’ jaw drop, Wildhead bidded all 13 parties down to one cent apiece.

Evidently, Wildhead wanted plans to a secret Death Star that a mysterious fraternity known as The Order of the Illuminati, began buiding on the dark side of the moon in the 1980s. Lucas said he once saw the plans for this ultimate weapon, which is owned by a private Illuminati consortium called Mega Cartel Incorporated registered in the tax haven state of Delaware. We understand the Mega Cartel Death Star has a secured encrypted wireless line to the Bush clan’s secret lair on Jupiter Island and to the island resort of Saltsjöbaden, owned by the Swedish Wallenberg banking dynasty.


According to George Lucas, the Mega Cartel Death Star was actually commissioned under the auspices of former U.S. President’s ‘Stars Wars’ program, and funded with ‘loans’ from the privately-owned U.S. Federal Reserve cartel that American taxpayers are still servicing. The world famous film director said:

The now-stranded time lord said while he was stuck in his car on one of Los Angeles’ notoriously sticky bubble-gum ridden freeways, “If the FBI would just give me my time-machine back, I could film the plans for the Mega Cartel Death Star, because I know the space-time coordinates to go back to where I once glimpsed the designs”. It turns out that the FBI confiscated Lucas’ time-machine after the filmmaker finished filming all the Star Wars films on location in the laser-filled past.  The staggered release of the ‘movies’ were necessary to make it seem that the ‘characters’ were actors and cover-up the fact that time travel was used to film on location in different laser-filled pasts, Lucas admitted.


Forebodingly, Lucas says the Mega Cartel Death Star is more than just a planet-obliterating device. It is powered by sucking light from the sun and is one major reason the planet is cooling. [The other major reason is do with the sun’s trajectory in the galaxy – Ed]. It will eventually deplete the solar system’s only star, Lucas informed us, at which time the Illuminati Order plan to expand their Reich into other star systems.

Lucas explained via his satellite phone that the Mega Cartel Death Star is home to a huge hi-tech bureaucracy that is overseeing the incremental, yet increasingly rapid deployment of a stealthy form of planetary-scale government that would replace democracy in all but name.

“The Illuminati’s sly scheme is to establish a global technocracy, which is a government run by scientists, engineers and technocrats on behalf of an unseen oligarchy [A coalition of super-rich families – Ed.]. When I was filming on location in the dystopian future for THX 1138, I found that the year 2016 was the year of the last American election. After that, a long-planned civil war broke out amid widespread poverty and provocations from undercover-special forces and CIA-DOD [US Department of Defense] embedded assets trained at The School of the Americas. This civil war, sparked amid similar provocations in the Middle East and in Western Europe snow-balled into World War III. With that catastrophic shock, the fall of the final vestiges of the American republic was ushered in.”

In an attempt to steer Earth off the trajectory of the bleak four-dimensional future that Lucas saw with his own naked eyes, and that he captured on 2-D film in THX 1138, the time-traveling  documentary-maker journeyed into the laser-filled past. Lucas sought to glean wisdom so his films could educate the world about the dangers of Empire and the Illuminati Order.

Lucas explained that time lords are forbidden from interfering in conflicts and any action beyond observing and influencing through communication can result in unraveling the fabric of a star system or even an entire universe. During the course of his expeditions to the unspecified galaxy from a long time ago, Lucas became friends with Yoda. Although Jedis are forbidden from becoming time lords, Yoda time-travelled into the future when he was a youngling Jedi and became knowledgeable about the Illuminati Order on Earth.

Old Friends“When I was filming on location in the dystopian future for THX 1138, I found that the year 2016 was the year of the last American election.” – Lucas





Retrieved from R2D2

We were shown an edited version of the original film clip by Astromech droid R2-D2. These days, R2-D2 works undercover with C-3PO, who in turn disguises himself as a computer engineer who over-explains everything and BB-8 who fakes a miniature toy snowman and always carries a carrot in its tray, the droid claims, for this purpose. Together, they are working on a project for the rebellion to mainstream encryption as a way to counter secret plans to make the freedom to think, communicate, act and move privatelyextinct!

According to R2-D2 and to the surprise of C-3PO, Lucas intended to make a documentary to investigate “why exactly humanity sucked at world peace”. Evidently, the time lord-turned Hollywood director wanted the most authoritative sources he could find to explain humanity’s epic fails at being nice for the unfinished documentary project, Earth Wars: The Illuminati’s Stealthy Quest for World Domination.

But, when the executives at Universal Studios saw footage from Yoda’s world they “salivated” at the money-making potential of getting Lucas to go back and film more of the epic struggle between the Galactic Empire and the rebellion led by the mysterious Order of Jedi Knights, rather than just boring establishing shots showing traffic and council meetings. Twentieth Century Fox studio owners’ eyes also became illuminated with big dollar signs and bought the distribution rights from Universal Studios.


Yoda paw-fingered blame on a mysterious secret society known as the Illuminati.
Yoda paw-fingered blame on a mysterious secret society known as the Illuminati.

Yoda confided to Lucas, saying, “Earthlings preyed upon with fear, they are. Earth’s governments brainwash you all, they do.”

Industry sources close to Lucas say that there was a bigger concern that all Zionist Hollywood movie moguls held once they found out about the extent of Lucas’ documentary project. That bigger concern was that if Lucas made his documentary, the world would learn that Earth’s epic fails at achieving world peace were inextricably connected to the galactic-scale wars of an eon ago. This connection was not news to them, and goes a far, far way to explaining why Earth’s longest running serialized dark satire known universally as the news’ is now dominated in the Western world by just six media cartels entwined with Hollywood. In deep fact, some of these industry sources have taken to sleeping with news anchors in bedrooms specially built behind news sets as embedded entertainment contacts’ to help keep their stories straight.

More precisely, Earth’s epic fails at world peace were really to do with various factions that have fought for an entire eon to control the once-teeming-with-dinosaurs planet. Furthermore, these factions had learned their control-freak, stone-cold killing habits from those that once ruled the now famous, yet generically named Galactic Empire.

In the suppressed Yoda interview, which R2-D2 played as a holographic projection while impersonating a trashcan in a computer engineer’s workshop somewhere on an island very close to one of Britain’s many tax havens, Yoda paw-fingered blame on a the mysterious secret society known as The Illuminati. Yoda confided to Lucas, saying, “Earthlings preyed upon with fear, they are. Earth’s governments brainwash you all, they do.”

R2D2Fixing01The Jedi Knight, who R2-D2 confirmed had also time-traveled, revealed that, “Control of the Dark Side on Earth. Mmmmm. The Illuminati, it is with. A World Domination cult that infiltrates every important power institution, The Order of the Illuminati are.”

Indeed, the author of The Secret History of Stars Michael Kaminski fessed up that his 2007 book was part of a broader CIA-backed cover-up when confronted with the discovery of the suppressed interview with the real Yoda. Kaminski said that major news outlets were also deeply concerned about Lucas’ discovery of a galaxy far, far away. To help throw people off the authenticity of Lucas’ documentary material, a team of Hollywood spin-doctors concocted the fiction that Lucas wrote very bad dialogue.


kaminskisecrethistoryofstarwarsMichael Kaminski confided that the rumours grew so large that he once heard a gas-pump attendant say during the Illuminati-engineered oil price shock of 1979 that the dialogue Lucas wrote was, “so wooden, the lines didn’t ring true and were only fit as material to feed to Pinocchio’s nose”, recalled the author snorting. [Pinocchio, now grown-up, mentors bankers, politicians, and news anchors – Ed.] Kaminski stated the reason the major U.S. news outlets were concerned in 1971 was because at the time they all had CIA agents and CIA-paid journalists embedded in their newsrooms. These CIA operatives were manipulating public opinion on behalf of unseen Illuminati oligarchs [a secret society of super-rich families] who rule not only America, but also much of the western world.

UnderProject Mockingbird, the CIA’s presence in America’s newsrooms occurred with the full knowledge of media bosses and barons. The extent of this covert project was covered-up in Senator Frank Church’s investigation into the secret activities of the CIA, the FBI and the NSA in 1975. Indeed, according to the documentary, Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick, the CIA are the Illuminati’s thugs for getting jobs done that are illegal, in covert activities known generally as Black Operations. These clandestine operations include terrorism, coups, vicious revolutions, assassinations, and visiting wanted terrorists in hospital to give them ‘Get Well and Back-to-Work Soon’ cards.

When R2-D2 showed us the suppressed interview with the real Yoda, the famously mischievous robot – who these days switches between impersonating trashcans, empty water coolers, and acting like a vacuum cleaner with abandonment issues – replayed repeatedly a holographic piece where Yoda warned Lucas not to let his project be captured by the Dark Side. Eerily, Yoda turns his near-completely bald green head and looks directly into the camera, creating the effect of reaching out across deep space and stretchy-bent time to Lucas’ intended documentary audience. At this moment, Yoda spoke forebodingly:

YodaDoPeace01“Endorse the idea of a Chosen One, do attribute the meaning with caution, if you hear me.[i] Yes. A Chosen People superior to others, the ‘Chosen One’ term means not. Choosing to live a moral life often with extreme risk, a Chosen People means. The idea of a Chosen People, dangerous it is, if used to trample on others. A right conferred to a Chosen One by The Force to justify any injustice, believe not. Captured by the Dark Side of the Illuminati’s Zionist-controlled Hollywood, George, do not let your work be.”


Faking Galactic History

After R2-D2 eventually stopped playing this segment of the suppressed interview over and over, which caused C-3PO to wrongly conclude R2-D2 had developed robot epilepsy, the trashcan-impersonating robot confirmed what other Hollywood insiders had told us. By showing us comparisons between the live action scenes of the galactic wars that George Lucas and his time-traveling documentary crew shot a long time ago, and the faked studio sets that replaced real action backgrounds with blue and green screens, R2-D2 proved that the Stars Wars ‘space opera’ has been presented as science-fiction rather than as occult fact.

R2D2Other film tricks were also used such as the replacement of real ‘characters’ like Yoda with a puppet, or by claiming that computer-generated imaging (CGI) had been used to create them, as well as the brazenly delayed ‘introduction’ of 3D film technology, which has been around for a few eons.

But, what was left on the cutting room floor is perhaps the most shocking of all.


It turns out that before joining the epic galactic war, Darth Vader seduced Princess Leia Organa by tricking her into thinking his dark side was just the black humor of a Jedi double agent.

VaderLeia01Their “fling” occurred at a time when Vader actually unsuccessfully run for the Galactic Republic’s Senate and before Princess Leia joined the Rebel Alliance with all the fury of a jilted lover.  [To their credit, Darth Vader and Princess Leia did not realize they were father and daughter at the time. – Ed.] According to R2-D2, Darth Vader intended it to be his legacy that all planetary jurisdictions would cease to exercise sissy independence and would be amalgamated into the Galactic Empire’s ‘Federation of Stars’.

Lucas said that he was “leaned on” to leave Darth Vader’s dark political side and his love trysts with Princess Leia out of the sci-fi version of his Stars Wars space history, once 20th Century Fox bought the distribution rights from Universal Studios. “A Jedi pretending to be good who doubled as a political leader plotting the fall of the republic while having a fling with a royal military general, who didn’t realize Vader was her father”, recalled Lucas, “conjured up too many similarities with too many of the Earth realm’s gun-ho rulers”. Lucas stated he was told if he ever marketed his Star Wars material as a documentary he “probably wouldn’t live long”, by “two men in black, wearing gold-rimmed shades and the same Secret Service-issue ear pieces that news anchors use to hear instructions from their studio directors”.


Former head of the Los Angeles FBI Ted Gunderson, who oversaw the confiscation of George Lucas’ time machine once filming on location in the past was completed in in 1977, had stated before he died in 2011 that he regretted taking the time-travel device off the time-lord-turned Hollywood director. According to Empire magazine’s senior editor David Michael Brown, Gunderson said a short time before he died at the age of 82, “if I had known then that the FBI and CIA were really thugs for the Illuminati, I would have organized a rebellion.”

Like the threats to Lucas, Brown was touchingly told by two CIA agents that they were “concerned that my health would suffer” if Empire [magazine] ran a series of stories exposing the real secret history of Star Wars, back in 2011.

Most sentient creatures play the role that’s been handed to them. This means I have to waste those who will not work with me, and weed out those who will fail me.” – Darth Vader according to George Lucas


In the course of our sleuth work to uncover why and how Yoda’s interview had been suppressed for 44 years, our attempts to interview Lucas were hampered. The stranded time-lord’s satellite phone was electronically jammed 13 separate times, and his car stereo became locked on a fake LA ‘radio station’ that only played Santa songs. After a lengthy period of this low-grade torture, an exacerbated Lucas said testily, “If I was packing Yoda’s light-saber, my car stereo would resemble a smoldering toaster right now.”

From our newsroom in the Archipelago of New Zealand, which is Hollywood’s South Pacific location-filming tax shelter outpost, we asked Lucas what he thought was the Illuminati’s key secret to their success?

“Darth Vader once confided to me, when I didn’t have a camera, that to successfully run an Empire, ‘you have to remember one thing, George’, Vader said. ‘Most sentient creatures play the role that’s been handed to them. This means I have to waste those who will not work with me, and weed out those who will fail me’. I think that pretty much sums up the Illuminati philosophy”.

Not Beaten Yet: The Millennium Falcon gets sucked into the Mega Cartel Death Star.
Not Beaten Yet: The Millennium Falcon gets sucked into the Mega Cartel Death Star.

Lucas said Vader and others who worked on the Dark Side were so sure in their belief that they would achieve a permanent Galactic Empire, that they were happy to be filmed and interviewed. The stranded time lord added that while the Illuminati are quite brazen, they have learned that secrecy is crucial. “What I’ve learnt about the Illuminati is that they treat the planet like it’s their stage. That means that behind-the-scenes, there’s more scenes, but they’re for a secret society audience only”.

How would you sum up how the Illuminati sustains their power?

“Well, the Illuminati’s influence and impact is everywhere. I mean looking around me, I’m stuck here in traffic amid the smog of L.A., a city that became huge because it was decided long ago it would produce movies to distract America while its dynastic families pursued a gambit for world domination”, Lucas said looking into the distance at the HOLLYWOOD sign on Mount Lee.

“So, how can sissy Earthlings detect the Illuminati in the Make-Real World, George?”

“Look for A-List villains, with B-grade acting ability speaking wooden lines”.



See the Suppressed Interview with the Real Yoda –

Yoda says, “Give peace a chance, sissy Earthlings, you must! Mmmm.” at:



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