‘Nice Guy’ Key: NZ’s Prime minister drafts of the smugly-toned ‘Missing Million’ voters letter in Cabinet Diary .
‘Nice Guy’ Key: NZ’s Prime minister drafts of the smugly-toned ‘Missing Million’ voters letter in Cabinet Diary .


By Sophia Bigg-Storm, 6 October 2014


Mr ‘Nice Guy’ Congratulates Losers

New Zealand’s prime minister John Key shocked the economy’s police, armed forces and intelligence services on the election night of September 20 following his party’s third-term win. The shock was not because Key and the National Party made it through a Dirty Politics scandal that erupted five weeks earlier, largely unscathed.[1]

Rather, it has emerged that the rich-lister prime minister mumbled in his smug excitement among a crowd of party faithful, “We need to find the Missing Million-”.[2] A nerdy aide took the remark as a directive. What ensued will go down in New Zealand folklore as one of biggest near misses in the Annals of Political Miscalculations History and will ultimately bring down Key’s government.

Soaking up the Suck-luckers: The smarmy Smiling Assassin's victory based on a perversion of democracy.
Soaking up the Suck-luckers: The smarmy Smiling Assassin’s victory a perversion of democracy.

John Key’s mumbled Mission Million comment actually referred to a letter he drafted the previous night to the ‘Missing Million’ people who the prime minister expected would  not cast a vote, to sarcastically thank them for helping him re-win power. (The actual number was slightly less than a million).[3] But when Key said to his geeky aide, “We need to find the Missing Million-” he did not finish his sentence because of the excited commotion. Key meant to say, “We need to find the Missing Million letter.”

Key, who was with one of his senior advisors and top P.R. man Jason Ede the night before when he wrote the letter, neglected to confide with his aide that he had written it. Evidently, this was because he had been half-cut (or half-drunk), and the prime minister allegedly has a poor memory problem. The well-meaning aide promptly alerted the police commissioner, the head of defence and assorted spooks. Bless.

Rocky Drive: John Key's senior advisor and top P.R. man Jason Ede likes to play hard and unfair.
Rocky Drive: John Key’s senior advisor and top P.R. man Jason Ede likes to play hard and unfair and hates to be the subject of publicity.

Despite the police, armed forces and intelligence services initially mobilizing to launch the largest search and rescue operation in the New Zealand economy’s history to find the ‘Missing Million’ people, John Key quietly located the letter that he intended to be mailed to each of the expected one million non-voters.

But, Key’s foray into congratulatory spam-letters for voting truants was officially censored by the Governor-General Sir Gerry Mataparae, who found out about the impending search and rescue operation when an unnamed advisor messaged him via his Facebook tip-line. This person emphasized that Key’s Mission Million letter would trigger a ‘constitutional crisis’.[4]

The Governor-General has the power to dissolve parliament if it loses the confidence of the House, or the population, to govern. Such a situation is known as a ‘constitutional crisis’, or time for the Queen of New Zealand to draw the ‘Veto Power’ card from her bra.

The suppressed letter, which was written in a slyly smug tone, spells out to the nearly one million eligible voters who did not cast a vote at the September 20 election, that key insiders of the National Party had pursued a two-track communications strategy. The two-track communications approach cast John Key as ‘Mr Nice Guy’, while dirty political attacks were outsourced to popular right-wing blog-sites, such as Whale Oil and Kiwiblog.[5]

Evidently, Key’s election night smugness set in, despite claiming on TV3’s Campbell Live following his party’s win, that he and National were keen not to be seen as arrogant, a common criticism of his government over the previous six years. “I was cast as ‘Mr Nice Guy’ so that the sucker-lucker public wouldn’t think for a moment that the minor scandals, embarrassing smears, and gaffs that were blown out of proportion by a compliant propagandist news media system had anything to do with me”, Key divulged to his intended audience of one million “losers”.[6]

Winning by Any Means Necessary: The ‘Smiling Assassin’ hand writes the official draft into the Cabinet Diary.
Winning by Any Means Necessary: The ‘Smiling Assassin’ hand writes the official draft into the Cabinet Diary.

The censored letter was obtained under the Official Information Act, and processed with unexpected speed, the kind thought only possible if you were right-wing attack blogger, Cameron Slater, who had been able to scoop mainstream news outlets due to his connections with corrupt key insiders of the NZ government. Incredibly, Key had drafted the letter at the suggestion of one of his senior advisors and top P.R. man Jason Ede, on the Friday before the election.

Chalk and Cheese: Right-wing Blogger Cameron Slater and Rich-lister Prime Minister John Key in happier nights.
Chalk and Cheese: Right-wing blogger Cameron Slater and rich-lister John Key in happier nights.

However, when Gerry Mateparae was informed about the congratulatory letter on Sunday September 21, the Governor-General immediately intervened. In the feud that followed, John Key said ‘Fuck’, and variants thereof a lot, according to a source familiar with the argument. Key blamed Jason Ede for the forthright letter and he was scape-goated to ‘resolve’ the crisis, the source said. This was the real reason that Ede resigned.

When I found Key flanked by his minders, he claimed it was the Office of the Prime Minster that signed the letter, not himself personally. Furthermore, Key, who earned the nickname the Smiling Assassin during his former life as a Dark Wizard banker said Jason Ede drafted the brazen letter.[7] “Look at the end of the day, New Zealanders are interested in what’s best for the economy, not what happens behind closed doors in government”, Key said with a Squinchy Nose Face, a character ‘tell’ when he is downplaying a matter to hide another lie.

Squinchy Key Nose: When NZ's PM John Key is lying, one of his 'tells' is his Squinchy Nose Face.
Squinchy Key Nose: When NZ’s PM John Key is lying, one of his ‘tells’ is his Squinchy Nose Face.

Professor Norman Dodd of Auckland University’s School of Government Psychological Operations stated the phrase “at the end of day” has been spread as a meme throughout the New Zealand economy to bypass the Fightless Kiwi population’s already compromised critical thinking processes. “New Zealanders who identify as Kiwis use the phrase “at the end of day” before they deliver their viewpoint as a way to assert authority over their audience. Most Kiwis say it in the way they use other clichéd phrases, where critical thinking is absent. But skilled manipulators such as John Key use it to trick people to agree with them.”

Jason Ede could not be found for comment, but left a note on the front-door of his house.[10] In the note, Ede threatened New Zealand’s news media claiming he had their metadata and that he would develop an App that combined Google Maps with lie detector technology. Ede said he would use the invention to show that they were “not as neutral in National’s third term win” as they were all pretending.

World's Shyest PR Man: Jason Ede's threatens NZ's media with a ye-to-be invented metadata hungry App.
World’s Slyest PR Man: Jason Ede threatens NZ’s news media with a yet-to-be invented metadata hungry App.

National Party president Peter Goodfellow, whose family is estimated to be worth $500 million, said he was relieved that no “vulnerable persons” in his party were exposed during the election campaign, especially when phrases such as “name suppression” and “prominent New Zealander” became news in mid-July.[11]

Safe Pair of Hands: National Party president Peter Goodfellow helped keep up the illusion that dynastic families such as his don't covertly influence New Zealand law.
Safe Pair of Hands: National Party president Peter Goodfellow helped keep up the illusion that dynastic families such as his don’t covertly influence New Zealand law.

“I was so relieved that my safe pair of hands helped get us through the election unscathed”, said Goodfellow, “especially since my good friend John Key had scornfully jeered at Labour’s leader, David Cunliffe, for saying ‘sorry for being a man’ at the Women’s Refuge Symposium.[12] Cunliffe is such a sissy.”[13]

I nodded slowly. It was like Goodfellow was used to women rooting for him.[14] “Like Key said”, Goodfellow continued, “there’s ‘actually a small group of men’ that are ‘violent’ and ‘abusive’ and ‘they need to be held to account’, but you know jailing that ‘small group of men’ is tricky when they are rich, powerful and vulnerable”.[15]

"Silly" Cunliffe: John Key said he'd love see to his Labour Party counterpart say "sorry for being a man" at rugby clubs.
“Silly” Cunliffe: John Key said he’d love see to his Labour Party counterpart say, “sorry for being a man” at rugby clubs.


At the End of the First 100 days

Key’s ‘Missing Million’ letter goes to heart of how the rich and powerful can prey upon people’s vulnerabilities, win their trust and then victimize them with multiple forms of structural violence.[16]

“My top PR-man and senior advisor, Jason Ede, led these dirty political attacks”, wrote Key, “while he was on the National Party payroll, which meant he could perform his covert activities outside pesky official information request processes. In other words, unless you had a fly on the wall inside his office, two doors down from mine, you couldn’t tell – as a naive New Zealander – what he was doing.”

Portrait of a Double Life: Attck dog blogger Daid Farrar was National's polling czar, while simultaneously he wrote dirty political attacks on Kiwiblog.
Portrait of an Attack Dog: Right-wing blogger David Farrar was National’s polling czar, while simultaneously he wrote dirty political attacks on Kiwiblog.

New Zealand’s prime minister went onto explain in the letter, that he now admitted was “unwise”, “The media focused mostly on right-wing attack dog blogger Cameron Slater, whose communications were hacked.[17] Slater did a great job attacking left-wing opponents. But, it was right-wing blogger David Farrar of Kiwiblog fame (Est. 2003) who, essentially, lived a double-life as National’s chief pollster since 2004. Farrar was well-placed to write ‘attack dog’ articles on his popular right-wing blog-site, Kiwiblog, utilizing insider information about issues that National and our opponents were either strong or weak on, according to population demographics across the country, tracked over time.”

A Picture Tells Tales of 10,000 Blogs: John Key flanked by his right-wing blogger attack dogs, David Farrar (left) and Cameron Slater (right).
A Picture Tells Tales of 10,000 Blogs: John Key flanked by his right-wing attack dog bloggers, David Farrar (left) and Cameron Slater (right).

Key was still in a candid mood two days after the election. The ex-London and Wall Street banker, who was first head-hunted to lead the National Party in 1998 by then-National Party president John Slater (father of Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater), admitted in a pre-recorded interview on Campbell Live that dirty attack politics benefits right wing parties such as National’s, while it hurts left-wing ones more.[18]

In other words, Key accepted the thrust of Hager’s book that the dirty political attacks had been occurring, that such attacks benefited his party, and yet he had stuck to his slanderous, logically flawed counter-attack argument that the author of Dirty Politics was a ‘left wing conspiracy theoristall the way through the election campaign.[19]

Brazen Victory: New Zealand's prime minister admitted two days after his election win that political political attacks help his party gain and stay-in power.
Brazen Victory: John Key admitted two days after his election win that dirty political attacks helped his party gain and stay-in power.[2o]
“At the end of the first 100 days – a media ritual where reporters can be counted on to be big softies on politicians, but you knew that Sophia – Kiwis want to know that they’ll have jobs to pay Santa’s huge bill after Xmas, because they’ve been trained-up through advertising to overspend. That’s why I timed the election to be held on September 20,” Key said, knowing that his psychopathic powers do not work on me.

Nor was Key trying to convince Snoopman News’ miniscule audience. Key was taunting us with candid answers that he calculated, incorrectly, hardly anyone would read this story. What he did not know was that we had obtained a copy of the Missing Million letter from a staff member within the Department of the Prime Minister who saw our official information request and leaked the letter before it got classified Top Secret.

After we interviewed everyone for this story, we took the precaution of counter-leaking the letter via a Twitter account called SpeedySnailMailDump, and because it keeps getting taken down, SpeedySnailMailDump2, SpeedySnailMailDump3 and counting. It has since gone viral on Facebook and can be found here and is mirrored here and archived here on Scoop News.[21]  We also consulted a Tarot card reader Tamzin Lucky-Luste, who confirmed this unfolding event is portentous, and wagered her landlord’s house that the Key Ministry would collapse within six months.

Still stranger things could happen. Christ could make his comeback as a Hollywood movie star upsetting the Vatican’s plans to fake the discovery of a messiah child for Christmas 2017, and Brad Pitt’s ambition to play the legendary figure better than Mel Gibson with a story to make the papal monarch kneel for mercy.[22]

Evidently, the Attorney-General for New Zealand and former Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Chris Finlayson, who it is said never blinks, was also in the same goading mood as John Key. Finlayson said, “It’s lucky for us that New Zealand’s ruling class has exploited the economy’s geographical isolation over many decades, to condition Kiwis to be passive, fightless and dim-witted. The New Zealand push-over population is an enduring legacy of our dynastic families’ cultural toanga (or gift) to the economy”, he remarked sternly. I can confirm New Zealand’s Attorney-General does not blink.

Toothless Inquiry: Finlayson's pre-election Dirty Politics inquiry was toothless without John Key giving testimony.
Toothless Inquiry: Chris Finlayson’s pre-election Dirty Politics inquiry had no bite without his boss John Key giving testimony.

Auckland University associate law professor Dr. Jane Kelsey wryly stated, “The fact that Attorney-General Finlayson hasn’t been roasted alive for failing to call the prime minister to answer tough questions under oath before the election can only be attributed to FKS, or Fightless Kiwi Syndrome, as we call it in scholarly research.”

Kelsey looked up at the four-storey law library building, where she was due to give a tour five minutes prior, “I mean, if Finlayson’s inaction doesn’t qualify as furtherance of conspiracy, we may as well burn the case law books or breed some very hungry silverfish, to keep our carbon footprint down”. With a single bound, the law professor jumped from the pavement up to a ledge on the fourth floor, broke open an aluminum window, said “Sorry I’m late” to the stunned students, and began her tour for next year’s excited intake.


Tracking the Missing Million

The search and rescue mobilization began in the wee hours of the morning following the general election. The Governor-General had called it off in time for elevensies.

According to sources within the state apparatus, the New Zealand Police planned to infiltrate left-wing groups in an effort to find the ‘Missing Million’ voters and raid known activist safe houses at dawn on Monday September 22. The Ministry of Defence intended to use the armed forces to scour the country by land, sea and air. The GCSB (or the Government Communication Security Bureau, for long), which is the only government agency that listens to the people, was frustrated that none of other state forces would hear-out their idea.[23]

John Key’s old school mate and current GCSB Director Ian Fletcher said, “Our idea was to hack into the Electoral Commission’s computer system.[24] We presented the business case to the heads of the police and armed forces via a conference call that took place at the witching hour of 13 o’clock, er, one a.m. They all pretended there was something wrong their lines and us GCSB spooks could hear them making fake crackling sounds.”

“They need to be counting their bloody lucky stars that we didn’t blow the lid on Key’s private joke at the expense of the public over the passage of the GCSB spy bill last year”, added Fletcher unable to contain himself as the anger of being made fun of returned. I raised an eyebrow. Evidently, Fletcher felt it was safe to talk frankly with a journalist from a media outlet run out of shoe-box with a shoe-string economy.

Gaming the Public: New Zealand's top spook was in on the trick to bait Kiwis reduced a reduced snapper quota, while the GCSB bill passed to make Project Speargun legal.
Gaming the Public: New Zealand’s top spook Ian Fletcher was in on the trick to bait Kiwis with a reduced snapper quota, while switching protections against mass surveillance with the passage of the GCSB bill, which made Project Speargun legal.

“You’ll recall at the time, Team Key distracted ‘No Nothing New Zealanders’ by threatening to reduce the snapper quota for recreational fishers? And remember that Dotcom henchman, the journalist Glenn Greenwald who revealed Edward Snowden’s NSA slides five days out from the election that showed we needed to get the GCSB spy bill passed, otherwise it would be legal for us to proceed to phase two of Project Speargun?”[25]

I nodded slowly, knowing where this was going because we at Snoopman News had worked this out the day after Greenwald and Snowden appeared at the Moment of Truth meeting held at Auckland’s Town Hall on September 15. I leaned closer, giving him an eye-full of cleavage to keep the spook talking.[26]

Moment of Truth: Edward Snowden says New Zealanders are subject to mass surveillance.
Moment of Truth: Edward Snowden says New Zealanders are subject to mass surveillance.

“We called the operation Project Speargun because attaching spy equipment to the underwater telecommunication cable that connects New Zealand’s rock-star economy to the world economy would have been useless without the legislative greenlight.[27] So, the snapper quota issue was used as a distraction to help implement a secret project that the GCSB bill would make legal, Project SPEARGUN!”, boomed Fletcher breaking into a broad grin.

“Get the insider’s joke? Snapper. Speargun”. I raised my other eyebrow. Obviously, New Zealand government insiders think the population is so dumb, they will not get their complex plots once they are clearly explained.

It was a classic bait and switch maneuver”, said Fletcher. My jaw dropped in pretend surprise. “Bait ‘em with threatening to reduce their snapper take and switch the civil liberties mandate with the entrenchment of a mass surveillance net.”

Bait and Switch Move: The Snapper quota issue was a distraction to get the GCSB spy bill to legalize Project SPEARGUN, a secret underwater cable-tapping operation.
Bait and Switch Move: The Snapper quota issue was a distraction to get the GCSB spy bill to legalize Project SPEARGUN, a secret underwater cable-tapping operation.

When Project Speargun became news Key downplayed the spy agency’s mass surveillance role, and instead emphasized its ‘cyber protection’ function. He cleverly offered up ‘just-in-time’ declassified documents about a programme called CORTEX.[28] “It was a red-herring argument”, chuckled the country’s top spook. “The prime minister’s statements are public relations narratives constructed by Jason Ede, who is one of the best propagandists this far-flung economy has produced”.

The GCSB boss said that Lorde’s homeland had lost the services of a great dark satirist, and believes that had Operation Missing Million By-Catch gone ahead, Ede could have spun a spectacularly savvy yarn for Fightless Kiwis to swallow hook, line and sinker.

It turns out that even the Westpac Rescue helicopter crews got in on the action first and spent much of night scouring New Zealand’s coastlines, including Auckland’s notorious west coast beaches, to look for one million missing people. They had got wind of the planned search and rescue operation, but failed to coordinate their efforts with the police, defence and intelligence apparatus.

When asked why Westpac Rescue were so independent-minded, chopper pilot ‘Skipper’ Richmond said that, “because the helicopter is sponsored by Westpac Banking Corporation, which is owned by Merrill Lynch, JPMorganChase, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong Shanghai Savings Bank, Deutsche Bank, and National Australia Bank, among others, we naturally made our move like our predatory owners.[29] They love to make enormous profits by acting stealthily in collusion with the authorities“, the chopper pilot said proudly. “In a nutshell, we thought were doing our bit to advance the neo-liberal ‘free-market’ project on behalf of dynastic families, both foreign and domestic”.[30]

I raised an eyebrow. “You know,” Richmond continued, “close the net incrementally, round-up free market capitalism’s missing stock, and keep a closer watch on their metadata in case they try escape across the moat undetected”, the helicopter pilot said cheerfully the way people who have developed Don’t-Give-a-Shit Syndrome (D-GASS) because they are financially comfortable and have dieted on TV dinners that are ideologically-infused with neo-liberalism.[31]

At the end of August, John Key claimed he knew the names of every New Zealander who had left for Australia in the prior two months.[32] Richmond said it was important that a million people did not “just up and leave” because they were needed to pay the extra billions the Key government had borrowed from “unnamed foreign pixies”.[33]

Searching for Missing Million: Westpac Rescue scoured New Zealand's coastlines to see if they could a million people trying to leave New Zealand before it turned completely blue.
Searching for the ‘Missing Million’: Westpac Rescue scoured New Zealand’s coastlines to see if they could find a million people trying to leave New Zealand before it turned completely blue.

In the pre-dawn light, Westpac Rescue found a couple skinny-dipping at a posh Herne Bay beach on the way back to base. When asked if they voted, the pair (whose families are behind the Colmar-Brunton polling company) said, “Team Key, fuck yeah”, they yelled in unison. “We’ve been rooting for Key all through the sporty bombardment of the polling heats”, said Brendan Brunton.

Collette Colmar chimed in cheerily, “We thought what better way to celebrate an election campaign win than skinny dip at dawn. Because, at the beginning of the day, it’s the best way to get the mix right between politics and sport, by having sex with someone of the same race, wealth and privileged class among a school of free-range GPS-tracked snapper.”


SEE: NZ PM John Key’s Suppressed ‘Missing Million’ Voters Letter


Amazonian-American journalist Sophia Bigg-Storm tried to break the story that World I and World II were conjured by an Anglo-American Brotherhood who conspired to dominate the world by controlling oil and finance, through a system enforced by military aggression, subversion and other intrigues.  Bigg-Storm’s investigations were suppressed by her former employer, The National Enquirer,  a newspaper that movie critics think is just make-believe because it was depicted in the film Citizen Kane. She was recently gifted Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth on a recent holiday to her ancestral home of Paradise Island, which is driving other reporters mad with envy. SEE: Snoopman News https://snoopman.net.nz



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