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Apocalyptic Infection: Hitting zombies hard and often is the only effective means to kill off the 'free market' contagion.

Satisfying TV Market Share Hoes: Sexing Up Current Affairs or Manufacturing Soap? Part I

CURRENT AFFAIRS SHOW TO BE CHOPPED? STOP BECAUSE “ZONED-OUT” TV AUDIENCES, SAYS PRIME MINISTER STOP “PLANNED SYSTEMIC APATHY” SAY INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS BIGG-STORM AND SNOOPMAN STOP   By Sophia Bigg-Storm and Snoopman   In this editorial, Sophia Bigg-Storm and Snoopman track the commentary on the possible canning of a current affairs […]

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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

‘Nice Guy’ Key: NZ’s Prime minister drafts of the smugly-toned ‘Missing Million’ voters letter in Cabinet Diary .

NZ PM Writes to ‘Missing Million’ Voters, “Thanks for not voting, loser”.

  By Sophia Bigg-Storm, 6 October 2014   Mr ‘Nice Guy’ Congratulates Losers New Zealand’s prime minister John Key shocked the economy’s police, armed forces and intelligence services on the election night of September 20 following his party’s third-term win. The shock was not because Key and the National Party […]

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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

NZ PM John Key’s Suppressed ‘Missing Million’ Voters Letter

NZ PM John Key’s Suppressed ‘Missing Million’ Voters Letter

  21 September 2014 [INSERT NON-VOTING LOSER’S ADDRESS HERE]   Dear [INSERT NON-VOTING LOSER’S NAME HERE], Congratulations for being one of the ‘Missing Million’ Voters who chose not to vote in the New Zealand economy’s 2014 general election. Your absenteeism was not only crucial for the National Party’s hat-trick win. It […]

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History, Propaganda & Cultural Memory

Chalk and Cheese: Right-wing Blogger Cameron Slater and Rich-lister Prime Minister John Key in happier nights.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire: Or How NZ’s PM John Phillip Key is Now Fucked!

Dirty Politics. It’s favoured by ‘right’-wing parties in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. It turns off ‘left’-wing voters. It’s negative tactics undermine political participation, voter turnout and grass-roots efforts to develop politically and economically self-determining communities. In mid-August 2014, journalist Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics: How Attack […]

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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

Epic Storm Brewing: US President Barack Obama and New Zealand Prime Minister (& ex-banker) John Key read about the suppression of Harry Potter’s interview following his stormy rendezvous with Snoopman News.

Harry Potter Breaks Hollywood Gag-clause, Stuns World Leaders into Unscheduled Epic Three Minutes of Silence

Harry Potter breaks Warner Brothers contractual gag-clauses. The wizard reveals What Must Not Be Spoken in the News Media Anywhere in the Muggle World. Here, for the first time, the shocking truth behind why one of the world’s most famous wizards was forced to live a double life as Daniel […]

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Media propaganda & the Global Media Complex

Launch-day Set Piece: Smirking biographer John Roughan downplayed the political bias behind the book project on TV One's "Breakfast" news show.


Denying the PR-Strategy Behind NZ PM’s ‘Unauthorised’ Bio During an interview with the biographer of an ‘unauthorized’ bio on New Zealand’s prime minister John Key, “Breakfast” programme (June 26, 2014) host Rawdon Christie inoculated the key weakness of the book project: its inherent bias. Inoculation is a public relations (PR) […]

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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

From Muggle to Wizard: Ex-Banker's Suppressed Lasso of Truth Interview.

Conjuring the Smiling Assassin

A Money Tree Wand. An ex-banker’s note book of spells. Objects of a double life. A financial wizard who was just a muggle with no magical ability. A wizard comedian willing to train the ex-banker in the Dark Arts of Wizard Bastardry. Now, the banker is running a country and the […]

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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

EDUCATING SISSY LEFTIES: Bridges explains that it's important to press ahead with destroying the Planet's ecology because it's good for economic growth.

Ecological Concerns are “Clap-trap”, Simple Simon says (again)

New Zealand Minister of Energy & Resources ‘Educates’ Green Movement in Response to Being Teased for Downplaying Petroleum Exploration Plans in Native Forest By Iggy Swind, 11 April 2014.   New Zealand Minister of Energy & Resources Simon Bridges’ stunned a full New Zealand House of Representatives on Friday morning […]

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