‘Bad Man’ Dotcom cast as cause célèbre for B-Grade raid re-runs; featuring courtroom news specials; co-starring movie mouth-puppet Chris Dodd, NZ political puppet John Key, police puppet Grant Wormald & Crown prosecutor puppet Christine Gordon; plus special agent judge extras; in Hollywood-Fed-White House Studio-scripted multi-season production.


The F.B.I. dupes N.Z. Police into performing a B-Grade South American dictator-style raid on ‘criminal mastermind’ KIM DOTCOM’s cow-less country estate by convincing them that the Mega Media Group founder possesses a ‘doomsday device’ with a ‘master code’ capable of instantly deleting all of MegaUpload’s data.

This ‘doomsday’ comic book make-believe element is a Trojan Horse narrative device gifted to the gullible guys and gals of N.Z.’s law enforcement, inducing them to open up the jurisdictional gates of New Zealand – a realm moated by the Pacific Ocean – to debut a Joint Deep State-scripted psy-op co-production for worldwide news specials.

Brazenly, New Zealand Prime Minister and B-Grade political actor JOHN KEY and his Deep State CHARACTER ACTOR HENCHMEN & HENCHWOMEN cast themselves as hostages by codifying their communications with the number 13 and its multiples, to demonstrate they are advancing the élite deep state network’s plot – in accordance with cartel game theory.

In this criminal way, the alleged 130 kilogram ‘criminal mastermind’ is cast as the 21st Century’s greatest pirate busted for 13 indictment counts in a B-Grade co-production raid that results in the seizure of over 130 computers. New Zealand’s Crown Law Office enthusiastically takes on the extradition court cases on behalf of the ‘United States of America’, inflicting vexatious criminal proceedings against DOTCOM in bad faith, to supply multi-season fear-packaged news specials as subterfuge.

DOTCOM finds he is cast as a cause célèbre scapegoat to resolve convergent crises – of innovation confronting the dinosaur Hollywood media cartels, of legitimacy for the White House bailing-out the Federal Reserve-Wall Street cartel and of resolve for the F.B.I. to scare Silicon Valley into supporting the American Empire’s plan to dominate cyberspace. The codified threat of the raid on the alleged cloud storage copyright-infringing Mega Media Group is aimed at the world’s HI-TECH TAX BULLS and TAX COWS to stay within the fenced perimeters of the transnational corporate cartel-protecting ‘law’.

SNOOPMAN concludes that DOTCOM’s Mega Media business was sunk because their ideas, skills and capacity to up-end the cartelized copyright business model were a defection from the permissible behaviours codified in Roman Federal Law for domesticated super-rich Tax Farmers.

Nearly seven years after the raid on his Coatesville mansion in the then-Prime Minister’s Helensville electorate, north of Auckland City, DOTCOM and his co-accused await a supreme court case in New Zealand’s capital city, ‘Hobbiton’, and a decision of the Crown Minister of Justice, MR A. LITTLE. Pirating a Hollywood phrase – N.Z. law enforcement’s grand tradition of flagrant law-breaking, scape-goating and cover-ups are to be continued


By The Snoopman, 17 November 2018


In the post-9/11 Deep State universe, an expansion of New Zealand’s national-security state occurred during the Clark-Labour and Key-National government ministries.

This N.Z. Deep State expansion developed upon the Crown’s grand tradition of flagrant law-breaking, scape-goating and cover-ups dating back to 1840 when the piracy enterprise – the British Masonic Empire – swindled paper sovereignty from ‘the natives’ – Māori.

Prior to the Dotcom raid of January 20 2102, N.Z.’s Deep State machinations had been maliciously demonstrated by the character assassination cases of asylum-seeking Algerian academic Ahmed Zaoui (2002-2007), and Tūhoe sovereignty-seeking theatrical activist, Tame Iti (2007-2013). They were both cast as terrorist guerilla leaders in multi-season news specials that worked as mechanisms for brainwashing psychological operations or psy-ops, as I have shown in part 1 and part 2 of this series.

The public state’s embroilment in such Deep State machinations meant that when the F.B.I. called on New Zealand’s law enforcement to target internet tycoon KIM DOTCOM for alleged piracy, they were only too eager to please. In effect, the U.S. Justice Department, the FBI and the Hollywood media cartels had DOTCOM – and his core workers – on their ‘wanted list’. On NZ Prime Minister JOHN KEY’s watch, his Ministry were also eager to ease the Realm’s jurisdictional boundaries to co-produce a B-Grade raid script in association with the FBI’s Multi-Agency Command Center in Washington D.C.

Nearly seven years after the raid on his leased Coatesville mansion north of Auckland City in New Zealand, DOTCOM and his co-accused await a B-Grade supreme court case and a decision of the Minister of Justice of the Neo-Colonial Crown.

In this vexatious way, N.Z.’s grand tradition of flagrant law-breaking, scape-goating and cover-ups are – to pirate a Hollywood phrase – to be continued.



The raid at MegaUpload founder KIM DOTCOM’s mansion on January 20 2012, was a Deep State-scripted event packaged with Hollywood B-Grade movie elements.

In effect, the New Zealand Police were cast as over eager bit-part characters and extras champing at the bit to perform the Hollywood-style raid in a ‘big league’ joint-op with the FBI. Due to their ‘star-struck’ profile, N.Z.’s Police were also naïve enough to believe that ‘criminal mastermind’ DOTCOM carried a ‘doomsday device’ with a ‘master code’ capable of destroying evidence around the planet.

Indeed, the Dotcom raid – dubbed Operation DEBUT – riffed off the MegaUpload indictments’ focus on alleged copyright infringements for media uploaded to the internet on Mega Media Group’s websites.

Ironically, because the New Zealand Police’s operation riffed off debut as a theatrical term – to describe a person’s first appearance or performance in a particular role or capacity – the cops thought they were smart. After-all, 72 of New Zealand’s armed Constabulary outwitted a ‘criminal mastermind’ by exploiting the element of surprise to ruin his birthday when they made incursions into his private country estate on the basis of a 72-page ‘grand jury’ indictment – with four-wheeled horses, low flying bugs, and a live transnational transmission of five-eyed circuit-cast surveillance, courtesy of GCSB-TV.

But, it is simultaneously hilarious and spooky to find in their Boys’ Own Adventure adventurism – to perform a raid that was ‘a first’ as a joint-op with the FBI’s Multi-Agency Command Centre in Washington D.C. – that N.Z.’s Police were unwittingly played by the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Motion Picture Association of America.

Boys’ Own Adventurism: N.Z.’s Swat squads breach the cow-less country estate by helicopters at 13 minutes to seven in a joint-op called Operation DEBUT.

When it is recalled that ‘debut’ also signifies the first issue of a comic book, introducing a character to an audience for the first time, the embarrassment New Zealand’s law enforcement should feel becomes apparent.

Sometime in early 2011, the FBI contacted NZ Police to request assistance in their ‘Mega Conspiracy’ investigation.

In embroiling themselves with the FBI, New Zealand’s Crown Constabulary, in effect, unwittingly bought the rights to a B-Grade script that cast the MegaUpload founder in the role of a criminal mastermind.

The B-Grade script may as well have been titled, “MEGAVILLAIN“.

Because, in framing DOTCOM as Hollywood’s scapegoat cliché villain, the FBI forgot about how it overlooked the former role of Hollywood’s newest chief lobbyist – CHRIS DODD – who never quite got around to busting the privately-owned Federal Reserve-Wall Street cartel when he was helicoptered in for the part of Chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, during the Global Financial Crisis and Bank Bail-outs.

Epic Rort: Former Democrat Senator Chris Dodd plays an instrumental role in the Obama Administration’s bail-out of the Federal Reserve-Wall Street cartel, then moves on to become the Hollywood cartel’s lobbyist.

In Annie Goldson’s 2017 documentary, Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, the Motion Picture Association of America were shown to be clearly affronted by Kim Dotcom’s business model. This Motion Picture cartel, comprised of six media conglomerates – Paramount Pictures, Universal City Studios, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, and Sony Pictures – viewed Dotcom as a modern day criminal pirate.

Indeed, this Hollywood industry association had their chief lobbyist, the former Congressional Senator and B-Grade political actor Chris Dodd, apply pressure to the Washington Political Elite – to crack down on alleged copyright abusers.

While Operation DEBUT was heading toward termination phase, the top lobbyist for the Motion Picture Association of America said that the Washington elite should not expect financial support for re-election if they did not take action to stop online piracy.

At this time, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was faltering in its passage through the U.S. Congress due to a massive online ‘blackout’ protest on January 18 2012 orchestrated by Google, Wikipedia and popular internet genius, Aaron Swartz. A day later, the Anonymous legion escalated the protests into denial of service attacks on pro-SOPA bill websites because the hackers’ network saw the proposed legislation as a mechanism for corporate America to suppress dissent and to protest to the shutdown of MegaUpload on January 19. Anonymous also took down the website of U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

The SOPA bill, which was only introduced in the House on October 26 2011, included provisions to force web search engines to remove links to websites deemed to be infringing copyright laws, internet service providers to block access to such websites, and bar advertisers and payment mechanisms to conduct business with such alleged breaching websites. In other words, infringements and powers not yet explicitly set out by the supreme lawmaking body of the United States of America – Congress.

On January 20 2012, this SOPA bill was suspended because the huge backlash showed lawmakers there were problems with the proposed legislation.

Amid this politically-charged background, it came to pass that New Zealand’s law enforcement were duped into performing the B-Grade South American dictator-style raid with a comic book make-believe element, that ‘criminal mastermind’ KIM DOTCOM possessed the ‘doomsday device’ with the ‘master code’ capable of instantly deleting all of MegaUpload’s data.

This ‘doomsday device’ script element was not simply “bullshit”, as the MegaUpload founder said in the documentary, Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web. In the first Auckland High Court MegaUpload Raid case of 2012, Dotcom voiced his anger at the Police Special Tactics Group’s claim that the reason Operation DEBUT was terminated with the swift show of force was because the Police feared Dotcom and his staff could destroy evidence. Dotcom pointed out that prior to the raid, the FBI had disabled servers located elsewhere, meaning it would not have been possible for the Mega Media Group founder to destroy evidence – even if he could.

But, it was worse than Dotcom and his legal counsel thought.

Incredibly, this comic book make-believe element was a Trojan Horse narrative device gifted to the gullible guys and gals of N.Z.’s law enforcement, so that they would open up the jurisdictional gates of New Zealand to debut the deep state-scripted psy-op for Hollywood’s benefit, to influence Congress and to coerce U.S. and foreign tech industries to submit to the American Police State. Because the F.B.I. had convinced the N.Z. Police that Kim Dotcom possessed a device capable of deleting data all around the world, the Auckland Police Special Tactics Group and Armed Offenders Squads planned for a paramilitary style raid that would ultimately serve up the justification, operational data, and imagery for the Hollywood B-Grade psy-op narrative of a criminal mastermind busted for 21st century piracy.

This joint agency psychological operation was then immediately sold to the planet’s syndicated news networks as the world’s biggest multi-agency, transnational piracy raid – in a realm moated by the Pacific Ocean.

Trojan Horse Data WMD: The FBI convinced Taskforce DEBUT police to perform a paramilitary raid with a make-believe idea that Dotcom possessed a ‘doomsday’ data destruction device with a ‘mastercode’ to delete servers.

You have to marvel at the FBI agents’ acting ability to maintain straight faces in order to gain the suspension of disbelief of their NZ counterparts – with whom they had an audience in Wellington.


The Operation DEBUT raid, involving a 72-strong force, was justified on the basis of a 72-page ‘grand jury’ indictment signed of by a U.S. District Court on January 5 2012.

It would appear the Crown Police simply took the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department’s narrative as gospel.

On October 12 2012 on his current affairs program Campbell Live, John Campbell reported he was told by a Washington official that New Zealand was chosen as the location to go after a case of internet piracy because, “New Zealand is easy.” The seasoned journalist – whose multi-season show was killed off in April 2015 when a friend of B-Grade political actor John Key’s, Mark Weldon, was helicoptered in for the role of CEO at the MediaWorks cartel – said he was told Crown officials in the Key Administration were “eager to please”.

The timing of Operation DEBUT’s termination phase meant that N.Z. Police relied on U.S. produced evidence and therefore opened themselves up to being played for political ends – which they were aware of, as their Taskforce DEBUT documents show.

In effect, the DEBUT Taskforces, which included the N.Z. Police Organised Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand (OFCANZ), the Crown Law Office, the NZ SIS, the GCSB and two Police Swat squads, embroiled themselves in an operation that prejudiced the claims to ownership to copyrighted material owned by market-monopolizing transnational corporate cartels, over the rights of those who had used the Mega Media Group to store business files, academic research, archive history and provide a file-sharing platform that was essentially no different to Google, Youtube, and hundreds of other companies.

Several web-hosting companies that supplied servers to ‘The Enterprise’ of the ‘Mega Conspiracy’ were cited in the indictment. These web-hosting companies included Carpathia Hosting, located in Ashburn, Virginia; Cogent Communications with data centres in Washington D.C. and France; and Leaseweb in the Netherlands. ‘The Enterprise’ used Paypal and Moneybookers to receive subscription payments.

In the immediate aftermath of the Operation DEBUT raid, the FBI acted pre-emptively by taking cloned copies of the computer hard drives seized from the Coatesville mansion back to the United States. The FBI used the  window of opportunity afforded by the Crown Police and Crown Law Office, whom had locked Kim Dotcom up for a full month – as could be predicted by power crime law theory. In an article hilariously titled “Police Court Order Dot Wrong”, NZ Herald journalist David Fisher reported the raids were illegal, the surveillance was unlawful and the FBI’s brazen uplifting of evidence was in defiance of a court ruling. Fisher said FBI’s willful removal of evidence to the United States were “extraordinary”. In effect, the FBI engaged in trans-jurisdictional evidence laundering.

N.Z. Police, GCSB and SIS internal documents effectively cast Dotcom in boys’ comic book language as a “fatty po-po”, “Billy Big Steps” and a “criminal mastermind”. This immature attitude, which FBI-DOJ profiling exploited, worked as a transmission mechanism for the Hollywood B-Grade accusations of industrial-scale copyright infringement, money laundering, racketeering and wire fraud, wherein throughout the original indictment and the super-ceding indictment – with 13 counts – the accused are described as operating a ‘Mega Conspiracy’ and Media Media Group is referred to as ‘The Enterprise’.

Coatesville Four: Originally, the F.B.I. sought extradition on 13 counts, but when Justice Murray Gilbert agreed that copyrighted works can be legally communicated online in N.Z. without permissions – the Auckland High Court settled to extradite Dotcom on the count of fraud, and then the Court of Appeal re-instated the 13 indictments.

As Fenwick & West LLP Internet Law Litigator Andrew Bridges said in the documentary Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, the raid was, in effect, a psy-op to communicate the rationale of ‘don’t mess with the U.S. on copyright issues’ – to the world. The raid was akin to a take-down of a South American dictator to symbolically signal that the MegaUpload shut-down was perpetrated to gain – what on paper looked like – an easy extradition test case for setting a new legal precedent, in a Neo-Colonial jurisdiction, New Zealand (alias Aotearoa), a South Pacific state with a history of its élites letting it be deceptively used as a test lab for empire – since 1840.

Tellingly, five years later, on 20 February 2017,  the Auckland High Court ruled that out of the 13 counts that Dotcom and his MegaUpload staff were wanted for, the ‘Coatesville Four’ could only be extradited for fraud – but not copyright and the other charges upon which they hung. In that case, Justice Murray Gilbert claimed that MegaUpload business model was deceptive because “willful infringement of copyright can properly be characterized as a dishonest act.”

Cut and Paste: Estimates of criminal proceeds that appear in the N.Z. Police’s Taskforce DEBUT planning document were cut and pasted from U.S. Prosecutors’ indictment rap sheets, showing N.Z. Police relied on FBI intelligence to exercise the alleged legal authority of the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT).

In September 2015, Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig stated in an affadavit, filed with the jurisdiction entity known as the NORTH SHORE DISTRICT COURT, that the evidence provided did not meet the threshold necessary to extradite Kim Dotcom and co-defendants, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato. Professor Lessig wrote:

“There is … serious lack of evidence of communications between [Megaupload] and such alleged users needed to prove an agreement that is subject to laws of conspiracy.”

“The United States Constitution prohibits the United States Department of Justice from prosecuting, as they apparently want to here, a new kind of criminal conspiracy based on defendants providing an ‘environment of infringement’ or their failing to disable all links to an allegedly infringing copy.”

In Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, Mr. Dotcom said he and his legal team had been ignored, rebuffed and re-scheduled for five years despite their repeated attempts to get the New Zealand judicial system, the Crown Law Office and its Crown Prosecutors to acknowledge the N.Z.-U.S. extradition agreement did not cover copyright. Kim Dotcom’s lead legal counsel IRA P. ROTHKEN predicted in Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, if the copyright infringements fall over, the other charges will collapse because they all hang on the copyright issue, for which he also said the extradition treaty did not cover.

However, that ruling was overturned in the Court of Appeal, and all thirteen indictment counts were back on the rap sheet.

DOTCOM stated:

“Every time we win, they appeal. It’s a default. We win. They appeal. And every time they appeal, they win.”

In their July 5 2018 decision, the NZ Court of Appeal Justices Stephen Kós, Christine French and Forrie Miller all claimed that High Court Justice Murray Gilbert applied an interpretation of a copyright ‘object’ that was too narrow to capture online copyrighted content such as movies, games and music. In this way, the Court of Appeal justices agreed with the Crown Law Office, who are representing the appellant – the ‘United States of America’ – that the 13 indictment counts still stand as a case to answer in U.S.A. America. Extraordinarily, an an unsigned affidavit from High Court Justice Murray Gilbert attached to the end of Court of Appeal’s judgment read like a homework assignment corrected to align with his judicial superiors.

The career paths of Justice Gilbert and Justice Miller are entwined with Chapman Tripp, a law firm that brags that it has advised on the Kim Dotcom case, and frames the file-sharing entrepreneur as “notorious”. Elsewhere on its website, Chapman Trip boasts it is one of the ‘big three’ N.Z. full-service law firms.

Conflicts of Interest? The past links of NZ Court of Appeal judge Forrie Miller and High Court judge Murray Gilbert to law firm Chapman Tripp, that boasts it has advised on the litigation case against the ‘notorious’ Kim Dotcom went unmentioned in HM courts.

Not surprisingly, DOTCOM’s lawyer, PAUL DAVISON QC – who had embarrassed Police Detective Inspector WORMALD in August 2012 because he gullibly fell for FBI’s Trojan Horse narrative that the criminal mastermind possessed a data WMD with a ‘master code’ – was ‘helicoptered out’ of reach of the MEGA LEGAL TEAM by Attorney General Chris Finlayson just prior to the 23 December 2015 Takapuna District Court judgement that ruled DOTCOM was eligible for extradition on copyright infringements and other related counts. With this move, Attorney General Finlayson shifted the gifted Queen’s Counsel from a position where he could be re-hired to damage the Crown’s vexatious criminal proceedings, to a place where his bread would be buttered by the shitty little South Pacific Neo-Colonial corporate state character: NEW ZEALAND.

Multi-season Frame-up Job: Almost seven years ago, the ‘Coatesville Four’ first appeared in the North Shore Neo-Colonial District Court, cast in an Aotearoan-American Deep State B-Grade script with Kim Dotcom in the lead role as ‘criminal mastermind’ of a criminal group in a con-job piracy conspiracy against squeaky-clean Hollywood cartels.


Fascinatingly, Operation DEBUT that came packaged with Easter Bunnies who planted ‘Easter Eggs’, and deployed a shiny, brightly-coloured tin-foil conspiracy wrapping that became more crinkled as the facts and evidence were scrutinized. These packaged elements were embedded into the event. When justifications, scale and legality for the comic book production unravelled, KEY’s Deep State actors posted themselves again as hostages to signal they were stabilizing the game together – in accordance with game theory.

One such recurring Easter Egg is the curious prime number ‘THIRTEEN’ that masquerades in mundane data in dates, quantities and locations like a recidivist character, as I stated in the introduction to this three-part series. The planting of THIRTEEN and its multiples into the mundane data of events codifies the presence of an oligarchic Brotherhood that are advancing a game together in unity and with Fraternal Love – as weird as it sounds. It also signals to key insiders to steer investigations in the intended conspiratorial direction through restricted terms of reference, rather than penetrating the Deep State’s subterfuge. In this fascinating case, the FBI-instigated raid targeted KIM DOTCOM who was said to weigh 130 kilograms resulted in the illegal seizure of over 130 computers, and embroiled the public state in an almost seven-year long extradition court battle to the United States for Kim Dotcom and three MegaUpload employees on 13 counts involving alleged copyright infringement, money laundering, wire fraud and racketeering, fought between DOTCOM’s legal team and New Zealand’s Crown Law Office, who unwisely represent their client, known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Thirteen in the Numbers: Deep State Easter Bunnies, such as NZ PM John Key, codified their communications with the recidivist prime number 13, and its multiples, signalling to insiders the conspiratorial game – their ‘130kg’ target, Kim Dotcom, indicted with 13 counts, lost over 130 computers.

The original January 5 2012 indictment contained five counts against the Mega-Conspiracy co-accused. A further eight charges were included in a ‘superceding indictment’ dated February 16 2012, meaning the charges against the Mega Media Group now stood at 13 counts. Therefore, once the other countries had advanced the scape-goating game, the indictments numbered thirteen to signal all players in various jurisdictions were on board in a transnational jurisdiction bust seeking to set a legal precedent. Curiously, The alleged 130 computers and other digital devices initially reported, actually numbered 135. Curious also, Kim Dotcom’s weight was more in the vicinity of 165 kilograms, rather than the 130 kilograms that Detective Inspector Grant Wormald naïvely wrote in his diary during a briefing with FBI officials and was subsequently copied into the Police’s Subject Profile sheet.

To get an idea of how New Zealand’s law enforcement have been equal parts inadequate, gullible and conniving in their duty to protect its own citizens, residents and indigenous tribes from Deep State machinations, the ‘Mission Impossible-James Bond’ fantasies of the New Zealand Police, SIS and GCSB in the MegaUpload case are worth retelling briefly.

The DOJ-FBI played on their gullibility, willingness and embarrassing ‘big-shot’ self-image to dupe New Zealand’s national security state into believing that the raid needed to be swift – lest a doomsday device was triggered, instantly destroying all incriminating MegaUpload data throughout the entire planet!

As Annie Goldson’s 2017 documentary Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web hilariously shows, it became apparent from reluctant releases of the ‘Operation DEDUT’ planning documents that the Crown Police believed the ‘criminal mastermind’ – or any of his staff – could hit ‘delete’ on such a ‘doomsday device’ and all would be lost. Detective Inspector Grant Wormald (and other Police) believed the doomsday device could have been on “[t]he laptop, an i-Phone, or the PDA, or whatever it was”.

What’s truly remarkable is that Wormald’s petulance toward Dotcom’s defence lawyer’s line of questioning about the Crown Police’s understanding of the ‘doomsday device’ did not draw guffaws from the courtroom on 7 August 2012. Irritated, the Crown Detective Inspector Wormald replied to Paul Davison QC:

“What did you expect – a box with a big red button?”

Framing a ‘Criminal Mastermind’: NZ Police, including Detective Inspector Grant Wormald, committed perjury by fraudulently claiming Kim Dotcom had locked himself in the safe-room and was armed with a sawn-off shotgun.

Evidently, Dotcom’s legal defence team hit a raw Police State nerve.

And evidently, New Zealanders have yet to develop the sense of theatre, sharp wit and gift for story telling that Americans have. Such a moment in a stateside courtroom would have caused the Crown’s credibility to migrate southward past the big white chilly bottom of the planet.

But – the DOJ-FBI’s subterfuge didn’t stop there.

In one of the trials, Crown Prosecutor Christine Gordon presented FBI ‘evidence’ that Kim Dotcom spoke in German to Ortmann in a Skype call on August 16 2010:

“At some point a judge will be convinced about we are evil and then we’re in trouble.”  – Inaccurate FBI-sponsored translation

There was no name attribution to the translation, perhaps because the FBI’s ‘translator’ did not want to be in the spotlight, because the translation was inaccurate. The correct translation was:

“Because at some stage a judge will be talked into how bad we allegedly are, then it will be a mess.” – Peer-reviewed translation

Standing Corrected: NZ Crown Prosecutor Christine Gordon QC quotes an inaccurate anonymous FBI translation & is soon rebuffed for presenting a dodgy translation in bad faith.


Immediately after the raid, the psychological operation of the Aotearoan-American Deep State state-sponsored propaganda machine framed the ‘Coatesville Four’ as the key players in the ‘Mega Conspiracy’.  Kim Dotcom was also locked up for a month for being the ‘criminal mastermind’ of a copyright cloud conspiracy. This lunar length lock-up provided those with the means, motive and maliciousness, the opportunity to feed the Establishment Media with poisoned serial seeds of what would become another multi-season syndicated psy-op.

The 31 day-lock-up of KIM DOTCOM meant that more property could be seized, the FBI could illegally make off with cloned copies of computer hard-drives and other digital devices, and the NZ Police could supply the news media were pictures of seized property to construct an enemy image.

To this sordid end, the N.Z. Police-produced propaganda claimed that DOTCOM locked himself in a ‘panic room’, clutching a loaded sawn-off shotgun. Brazenly, Crown Police Detective Inspector GRANT WORMALD, who took command of the advancing investigation on 21 September 2011,  presented a picture of this ‘sawn-off’ shotgun in Auckland High Court in August 2012.

Amid the numerous court hearings and trials, the Crown Police admitted that they had lied, and that DOTCOM had neither locked himself in, nor was he armed. In contrast, DOTCOM related in court his claims of unprovoked Police violence:

“I had a punch to the face, I had boots kicking me down to the floor, I had a knee into the ribs, then my hands were on the floor, one man was standing on my hand.”

Gullible Financial Crime Agency: Det. Insp. Wormald and Special Tactics Group police believed Dotcom had a ‘doomsday device’ that could instantly delete all of MegaUpload’s data.

It was in the post-arrest phase, while DOTCOM was locked up for 31 days, that New Zealand Police and Crown Law Office furthered the conspiracy to frame DOTCOM and his associates as the baddest, greatest pirates of the 21st Century. They entered into a parallel construction of evidence of the Operation DEBUT raid, framing Dotcom as a dangerous gangster pirate, to match the DOJ-FBI B-Grade character assassination and thereby justify seizing all property for forfeiture proceedings – which breached New Zealand law, because the search warrants were too broad.

Police Perjury: The fabrication of evidence by the Crown Constabulary did not result in the Auckland High Court jailing NZ law enforcement in 2017.

The multi-season news special game broke soon after the box was opened.

Following DOTCOM’s MEGA LEGAL TEAM convincing the Auckland High Court on February 20 2017 that New Zealand and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA had no agreement on copyright for extradition purposes to cover online communications, the Crown Law Office doubled-down on its vexatious courtroom activities. CROWN LAW re-litigated in the Court of Appeal, which found in favour of its litigious client, the ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’.


Fascinatingly, New Zealand’s Court of Appeal Justices Stephen Kós, Christine French and Forrie Miller failed to consider whether or not the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and the White House were facilitating the racketeering practices of Hollywood’s entertainment cartels. When it is recalled that racketeering is the deceptive practice of offering solutions to problems created through concealed means to extort money, then the handful of Hollywood media consortia had every reason to identify a scape-goat to coerce Congress, scare Silicon Valley, and wag the police state dog.

The six member companies that comprise Motion Picture Association of America are tied to the world’s ‘big 6’ Tier One media conglomerates that control most of America’s media. These  ‘big 6’ are: Time Warner, owner of Warner Brothers, CNN, HBO and Time; Disney, owner of Walt Disney, LucasFilm, ABC, and Marvel; NewsCorp, owner of Twentieth Century Fox, Fox News, and Dow Jones Newswires; NBC Universal, owner of Universal City Studios, Comcast, and NBC; Sony, owner of Columbia Pictures, TriStar, Sony Pictures and Sony Music; and National Amusements, owner of Paramount Pictures, CBS, MTV, and Viacom.

In this way, media conglomerates centralize control by dispersing their content across multiple platforms simultaneously. The logic of owning numerous kinds of media for a major conglomerate is that their brand power is enhanced when it is “cross-promoted” through marketing. This cross-promotion extends to the media as brands in themselves and results in self-referentialized news coverage. This occurs when news reports reference stories produced by news outlets owned by the same parent company. It is a communications strategy to mask the lack of “product differentiation” in the news organization’s coverage from their ‘competitors’ and represents a manipulation of news content. Self-referential communications strategies include ‘live coverage’ of events, ‘exclusive rights’ for scoops or exposés and the subsequent repackaging of ‘hard’ news into feature articles over several issues, or current affairs stories and TV documentaries. Media outlets aggressively promote this extended coverage on their newspaper front-pages, magazines covers and during news bulletins.

The Tier One media corporations’ dominance over supply means that they deliver the appearance of diversity, while maintaining an actual uniformity – as New York University media scholar Mark Crispin Miller stated in the 2004 documentary, Orwell Rolls in his Grave. It is through such collusive market dominance that Hollywood’s media corporations gain the submission of each generation of artists, authors and actors who ‘agree’ to their restrictive solutions for plying their intellectual, creative and industrious wares through coercive comprehensive contracts. Therefore, the media conglomerates stifle free speech, political dissent and challenges to established power while appearing to be vanguards of freedom. In this way, the corporate media conglomerates operate an effective propaganda system to maintain the state power of the American Empire, as MIT scholar Noam Chomsky had argued in the 1992 documentary Manufacturing Consent. However, what Chomsky had not reckoned on, was just how effective, networked and organized the American capitalist oligarchy were at addressing threats to their power from below, as he stated in the 2015 documentary, Requiem for an American Dream.

Through this cartel media system, the Hollywood media oligarchy can influence strategies, monitor rivals, and enforce tacit agreements that would not be legally enforceable via courts or legislation – or, so you would think. Powerful economic interests have the capacity to collude and conspire, especially when the corporations they control dominate markets, as cartel theory and anti-trust law predicts. A common definition of conspiracy is “a combination of two or more persons by some concerted action to accomplish a criminal or unlawful purpose” – as A.S. Ward wrote in his 1969, entitled “Contract, combination and conspiracy” published in the Antitrust Law Journal.  Conspiracy law developed out of a recognition that groups of people can inflict more harm on society when they act collectively, as opposed to a person acting alone. Oligarchs can use their wealth resources to gain favourable legislation and judicial decisions. Yet, what is permissible in law may harm society. Thus, a conspiracy is a secret agreement to augment political power by harming society.

As I stated in the introduction to this series,  Neal Katyal argued in his 2002 Yale Law Journal paper “Conspiracy Theory”, that a “sunk cost trap” dynamic is created when conspirators commit to a specific course of action that binds them and “escalates previous behaviour”. Consequently, corrective action by colluding players to serve their secret goals, or “enjoinable conduct,” can be expected to surface in the news. Enjoinable conduct can take the form of direct communications such as meetings and conference calls, confidentiality agreements between political parties or players, out-sourced political assets and encoded messaging to communicate threats and promises to stabilize a crisis. It is in the fusion between the commissioning of a conspiracy that furthers an elite criminal group’s identify and the omission of facts and avoidance of un-sanitized evidence that produces the social harm – that public institutions need to focus on. Elite groups construct criminogenic environments to orchestrate power crimes by exploiting the speed of fast-moving constructed events they are to develop their investigative modelling tools, information extraction strategies and disruptive mechanisms to mitigate their power criminal group formation, visibly prosecute and contain in facilities, as Monash University senior lecturer of international law Eric Wilson has found.

The Brotherhood’s Hand: NZ’s ‘Fraternity’ advance the cartel game by adding 8 counts to 5 count indictment, thereby embedding the raid with 13 indictments, since thirteen signals unity and fraternal love.

Therefore, the fight waged by the media corporations – Paramount, Walt Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney, Universal Studios and Sony – through the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the White House against Dotcom & Associates was and is about maintaining the outrageous right to practice racketeering on a global scale through market domination over movies, television, music, games, toys, books, magazines, news stories and internet content. At rock bottom, the NZ Crown Law Office’s position in representing the case of United States of America vs Kim Dotcom & Associates is fraudulent, vexatious and a bad faith criminal proceeding to advance a psy-war on behalf of the American Empire.

Their cross-ownership ties means they can brainwash the world’s Tax Herds with sanitized, uniform content and deliver the world cliche villain characters, stereotyped criminal mastermind plots and evil lair settings in cow-less country estates featuring, say, Kim Dotcom, the Coatesville mansion raid and seized assets as a spectacle of self-evident proof of the ‘Mega Conspiracy’.

Because the corporate Hollywood media groups operate a cartel system, the noun ‘cartel’ is evidently a Voldemort C-word in Her Majesty’s courtrooms.

Hollywood Protection Racket Chess: Senator Chris Dodd becomes America’s top movie lobbyist after the Obama signs off on Wall Street bail-outs. The White House’s crisis of legitimacy converged with Hollywood’s legislative loss to control the internet through the euphemistically titled Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Kim Dotcom & the New Zealand institutions which broke the law. [Campbell Live, 12 October 2012, TV3].

Therefore, the former Senator’s roll as Hollywood lobbyist preaching about piracy is deeply ironic because he had previously been part of the Obama Administration that signed on the epic Wall Street bail-outs that saved the privately-owned insolvent Federal Reserve cartel from going bankrupt. The epic bail-outs came to a cumulative value of $29 trillion, meaning that the dynastic banking families that own the global banks that in turn own the Federal Reserve cartel were stealing income from the American Tax Herds on the basis of a brazen deception that the Federal Reserve is a government owned and controlled institution. The Federal Reserve-Wall Street cartel financed the concentration of media platforms and telecommunication carriers with the collusion of federal and state governments, regulatory authorities and international rule-setting institutions. This concentration of media ownership was the result of the American Oligarchy and their professional army planning the re-set of  the trajectory of the world in the 1970s under the auspices of the ‘1980s Project’ to exploit the 3 C’s – the chip, credit and cartels. Control over narratives were deemed ‘necessary’ to pull-off this re-set onto a Neo-Colonial trajectory. Institutional investors were helicoptered in to influence the media conglomerates to leverage the collective interests of the Neo-Colonial Capitalist Class through their shareholding stakes, board presence and networked power. Such helicoptering enables monitoring of political, legal, and technological developments, issues, and oligarchic-elite networks.


The timeline of events reveals N.Z.’s Deep State Easter Bunnies advancing the game to over-ride New Zealand’s laws, treaties, and liberties.

In October 2010, Key Ministry officials sent Crown limousines to collect Warner Brothers executives from Wellington Airport. Afterwards, the Key Government gave the Hollywood studio a tax break concession, relaxed immigration and employment law to assist Sir Peter Jackson’s production of The Hobbit.

Around this time, and prior to Dotcom’s residency status being granted, NZ Immigration officials became aware of ‘political pressure’ to approve Dotcom’s application. On Halloween of 2010, NZ Immigration Official, Chris Biggs messaged his superior Nigel Bickle that he had informed Kim Dotcom of the “good news” that he had been granted residency status, and this was officially on 18 November 2010. To celebrate the Finnish-born German national threw a fireworks display over Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour, an event that NZ Immigration Officials were aware of prior to his residency being approved. (NZ PM John Key would later claim he was unaware of internet tycoon’s presence in New Zealand until the day prior to the raid). Sometime in early 2011, the FBI contacted NZ Police to request assistance in the ‘Mega Conspiracy’ investigation.

Drip-fed Disclosure: The bad wealthy man’s legal team have accessed NZ’s Deep State’s rabbit hole with a civilian-issue caver’s flashlight to glimpse that there was “political pressure” holding up Kim Dotcom’s residency application with Immigration New Zealand, and discussion about a FBI-NZ Police “joint Op”.

On the Fraternity’s favourite date of any month, July 13th 2011, NZ PM John Key’s announced in a video blog, that he would be visiting the U.S. White House the following week. On 15 July 2011, NZ Attorney General Chris Finlayson meet with his Anglo-Saxon counterparts and like brainwashed international exchange students, New Zealand presented on the topic of extradition – thereby signalling the direction that NZ’s Deep State was headed. In that very same July, B-Grade political actor John Key also had dinner with Warner Bros executives in Los Angeles and met with his golfing buddy, US President Barack Obama. On July 18 2011, Associate Finance Minister Simon Power declined consent for Kim Dotcom to buy the Coatesville mansion he had been leasing despite the Overseas Investment Office and Land Information Service approving the purchase in April 2011.

Brotherhood’s Hand: In his video blog dated July 13th 2011, NZ PM John Key announces his visit the U.S. White House, signalling the NZ Fraternity is advancing the Hollywood cartel game by encoding the event with recidivist prime number – 13.

Annie Goldson’s 2017 documentary, Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, shows that on November 4 2011, the Crown Law Office met with representatives of the Police, OFCANZ, and the GCSB – the ‘government organization’ – that Detective Inspector Grant Wormald avoided naming in the Auckland High Court in August 2012. The participants discussed hosting representatives of the FBI and U.S. Justice Department as part of Operation DEBUT, who were due to stay the Pullman Hotel.

Debut of N.Z. on American Empire Map: Taskforce Debut consider subterfuge as a raid element without realizing the the operation is subterfuge to gain case law precedent for multi-jurisdictional joint-ops.

On 16 December 2011, Crown Police Detective Inspector Wormald received documents from Immigration NZ confirming that Kim Dotcom was a New Zealand resident. This fact was confirmed on January 11 2012 when Police received an Immigration NZ file showing that Dotcom had been granted residency status on 18 November 2010. Wormald did not care to inform the GCSB of Dotcom’s residency status, thereby demonstrating a lack of good faith as a high-ranking Crown official. (Ironically, it was this granting of residency status that was cause for Dotcom to ostentatiously celebrate by funding a half million dollar fireworks show on New Year’s Eve that marked the beginning of 2011!)

Unfolding Timeline: Everything was going smoothly for Kim Dotcom until mid-July 2011, when he was declined for the first time to buy the Coatesville mansion, which coincided with Attorney General Chris Finlayson’s 15 July 2011 talk on extradition, two days after PM John Key announced he was meeting golf chum Barack Obama.

After the Dotcom raid, John Key’s old chum, Ian Fletcher, was helicoptered in to head the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). On the Brotherhoood’s favourite day of any month – September 13th – of 2012, the GCSB finally admitted it was aware spying was illegal prior to the raid. Belatedly, the GCSB claimed on September 26th 2012 that it had only become aware that it had illegally spied on Dotcom – since the Echelon spook bureau had no authority to snoop NZ residents and citizens – on September 13th – or thirteen days prior.

When then-Prime Minister ‘apologized’ to Kim Dotcom over the GCSB’s illegal bugging, Key also emotionally hijacked the public saying his apology was to every New Zealander as well because “they were all protected from the matter of – mistake and human error. Not one of a great conspiracy”



The 4 November meeting between the Crown Law Office met with representatives of the Police, OFCANZ, and the GCSB occurred one full week ahead of John Key’s pre-election ‘cup of tea’ meet-up with former Police Minister, ACT Party candidate and Freemason Bro. John Banks at Urban Café on 11.11.11, in the midst of a ‘political winter’ for the ACT party.

Taskforce Debut Meet-up: A full week prior to John Key’s meeting former Police Minister Bro. John Banks in the Urban Café on 11.11.11, the Crown Constabulary’s Taskforce Debut discuss the planned Dotcom raid.

The date of 11 November 2011 is significant because it was St Martin’s Feast Day in Europe, which was traditionally a time for holding farm labour ‘hiring fairs’, completing wheat-seeding and the slaughter of fattened cattle which produced Martinaas Beef. In the legend of St Martin, the 4th century ‘Saint’ cuts his cloak in half, when he was a soldier posted in Gaul, now France, and gave one half to a beggar in the freezing winter. In this deeply codified event, the the prime minister was metaphorically offering one half of his political cloak to John Banks to save the small political party from freezing in the political winter, by signalling to voters that the ACT Party was a viable coalition partner for Key’s National Party.

With this event, N.Z.’s Deep State Bunnies’ were signalling the dark direction they were headed. Former Police Minister John Banks’ proximity to Dotcom was known to the Key Administration’s Immigration officials and the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), because then-Auckland Mayor Banks had asked Dotcom to help him throw a $600,000 fireworks display for 2011 New Years Eve over the Waitemata Harbour. Dotcom, used the fireworks event as a means to celebrate getting New Zealand residency status. With darkly satirical humour, the Deep State was, in effect, communicating that Kim Dotcom was being targeted as ‘Martinaas Beef’ for slaughter, by meeting with the former Police Minister on St Marton’s Day, 11.11.11, in Newmarket. (It turned out, Dotcom had made secret donations for Banks’ 2010 Auckland Mayoralty re-election bid). The date 11.11.11 also riffed off the emergency telephone number in New Zealand, 111.

Play Punch Journalism: Journalists from the NZ Herald and TV3, along with the NZ Police and Crown judiciary, saved NZ PM John Key from losing the 2011 election when a symbolic meet-up with former Police Minister, John Banks, went awry on 11 November 2011, or St Martin’s Feast Day. This symbolic meet-up signalled the deep state’s next psy-op was going to be Kim Dotcom, who was effectively cast as a St Martinaas Bull ready for roasting.

Moreover, Key’s meeting with the former Police Minister symbolically signaled the Deep State Easter Bunnies had their ducks lined up. Back when Banks was Police Minister, the Air Force refused to fly him, the Police commissioner and the anti-terrorist squad the night of 13 November 1990 as the Aramoana Massacre was still unfolding, in which David Gray killed 13 including Armed Offenders Squad Sgt Stewart Guthrie. Banks – along with machine-gun totting police – had to get a commercial flight the next morning where they joined the 13 member anti-terrorist squad, which was subsequently named the Special Tactics Group. Therefore, through this St Martin’s Feast Day deep state-sponsored event, New Zealand’s Deep State rabbits were signaling that they were lining up the fattened Martinaas Beef bull – Kim Dotcom – since the five-member task force for the Organised and Financial Crime Agency (OFCANZ) began planning the Operation Debut raid on Dotcom’s Coatesville Mansion back in September 2011 (if not sooner).

Billy Big Steps: New Zealand’s spooks described Kim Dotcom as ‘Billy Big-Steps’, ‘fatty po-po’ and a ‘criminal mastermind’.

In this metaphor-laden meet-up, Key & Associates were posting themselves as hostages to advance their dirty political game. The game was so ‘next level’ its deeper meaning would fly over heads of the news media, Bro. John Banks – and even Kim Dotcom – who would eventually see he had been gamed. Indeed, Kim Dotcom would also fail to realize how deeply, darkly and dastardly satirical New Zealand’s Deep State Bunnies’ Operation Debut script was, along with many in the Police who had been gamed by the U.S. DOJ-FBI, the White House-Wall Street wrecking crew and the Hollywood mafia’s latest mouth-puppet, Chris Dodd. The encoded Dotcom Easter Egg was deeply hidden.


On June 15 June 2012, Auckland High Court Chief Judge Helen Winkelmann attempted to mitigate the incursion into Dotcom’s private business when she ordered the FBI to begin making cloned copies of an estimated 150 terrabytes of data gained through the shutdown of Dotcom’s MegaUpload website business, which included a seizure of over 130 computers and devices. The Crown Law Office put up resistance to Winnkelmann’s ruling. Just two weeks later, Justice Winkelmann ruled that the Crown Police search warrants were invalid because they were too broad, and that the removal of cloned copies was illegal. However, rather than throw the case out – which is what would happen in the United States if law enforcement illegally seized property, Justice Winkelmann provided the opportunity for the Crown to continue its game ‘fishing expeditions’ – as such search warrants had been called out in Operation Eight raids of October 15 2007 that targeted the alleged guerilla terrorist Tame Iti and the ‘Urewera 18’.

Unscrupulous Judge: Then-Auckland High Court Chief Justice Helen Winkelmann built a case history of bias rulings that favour the Neo-Colonial Crown.

Then, on 16 June 2014, Justice Winkelmann ruled in favour of the Crown who outrageously sought ‘discovery’ of materials from journalist David Fisher gathered while writing, The Secret Life of Kim Dotcom: Spies, Lies and the War for the Internet. Fisher, rightly, had refused to had over his notes, sources, and recordings and the Crown sought a judgment on the exercise of the Privacy Act, and Justice Winkelmann ruled that non-fiction investigative books were not “news activity” and were substantially different from newspaper and magazine articles.

Justice Winkelmann did not show an even handedness by ordering full disclosure of all the on-the-record, classified and private communications as they pertained to MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom & Associates from the cast of characters.

During the Key Ministry, Justice Winkelmann built up a case history of saving the Neo-Colonial Crown.

On 9 December 2010, or more than three years after the Operation Eight raids, Justice Helen Winkelmann denied a trial by jury for 15 of the ‘Urewera 18’ defendants. Outrageously, Judge Winkelmann placed a suppression order over this move for a judge-only trial denying the Establishment News or independent media and others to report that a three-month trial by judge in Auckland was set to start in May 31 2011 – brought forward so that the multi-season news special psy-op did not clash with the Rugby World Cup. The delay also occurred while “patches” to law could be passed to authorize the Crown to retrospectively exploit Police evidence gained through illegal search and surveillance of private property, especially video and audio recordings. The Crown’s violations of human rights, standards of established law practice and breaches of international law agreements drew scathing criticism from Dr. Rodney Harrison QC and liberal conservative business reporter Fran O’Sullivan. In another B-Grade judgment – this time on 23 November 2011 and just prior to the election – Justice Winkelmann avoided listening to the secret ‘Teapot Tape’ recordings, failed to establish with the news media that they knew the tape’s contents revealed hypocrisy in the Prime Minister’s public posturing and codified her decision by subtly casting John Key as a patient with a neurological disorder called Gullain-Barre syndrome. The Auckland High Court judge cited this Auckland Area Health Board vs Attorney General case to subtly signal that Key required the judiciary, police and media to save his National Party from certain election defeat. The ‘Teapot Tape’ touched upon the hypocrisy of Key’s Mr Nice Guy politician image, which was known to key news media journalists, editors and producers involved in covering its relevance when they also knew of the anatomy of Key’s dirty political attack machine. If those key news media people, such as Duncan Garner and Mark Jennings at 3News, David Fisher, Jonathan Milne and Bryce Johns at The Herald on Sunday and Patrick Gower at The New Zealand Herald had exposed Key’s dirty political attack machine along with Key claiming on tape he was above dirty political campaigning, Key’s political career would have been shot. And the planned raid on Kim Dotcom would have been in jeopardy.

Pre-scripted Deflections: NZ PM John Key claimed there was no great conspiracy, but ‘the facts of life’ were that Kim Dotcom was someone the FBI wanted and that was where the case started and finished.

Ironically, B-Grade political actor John Key was never called to testify under oath at any of the numerous MegaUpload trials. Key was, after-all, the head of the SIS and GCSB right up until the month following the 2014 election. The then-prime minister acknowledged on the now defunct-Campbell Live current affairs program that numerous person’s and institutions knew about the impending N.Z. Police-FBI joint Operation DEBUT. These officials and institutions included: Minister of Justice and Executive Member of the New Zealand Council, Simon Power and assorted officials; Deputy Chief Executive of Immigration New Zealand Nigel Bickle and Immigration officials; the Minister of Defence, Jonathan Coleman; the Solicitor’s General’s Office; the Attorney General; the Crown Law Office; the New Zealand Police; and the Organized Financial Crime Agency of NZ (OFCANZ). Also in the loop were the then-U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Rodham Clinton; the U.S. Department of Justice; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the U.S. Attorney General’s Office U.S. Police and senior U.S. police officials. And most intriguingly of all, John Key’s Helensville electorate office also knew about the impending raid on Dotcom’s Coatesville mansion, which is within the Helensville electorate.

Even with this list, John Key continued to claim he didn’t know about Kim Dotcom until the day before the raid of January 20 2012. Knowing he could get a rise out of John Campbell by pressing his conservative liberal button (since conservative liberals can be relied upon react to the suggestion that they are a ‘conspiracy theorist’, Key said glibly:

“There’s no conspiracy. The facts of life are that Dotcom is someone the United States thinks has broken the law. He’s somebody they are trying to extradite to the United States. That’s where it starts and finishes”.

Notwithstanding Key’s logically flawed circular argument, Prime Minister Key was also the minister in charge of the SIS and GCSB. Key had often bragged that he had a ‘no surprises policy’- meaning all officials were required to give him notice of significant developments.

Moreover, the New Zealand Crown Law Office’s remarkable tenacity to stick to a vexatious exclusionary blackballing stratagem to literally throw a New Zealand resident under one of Uncle Sam’s Greyhound buses is worthy of an award, for say, ‘Best Activation of the Scapegoat Mechanism of the Year’.

Anglo-Saxon Attorney Generals: When NZ Attorney General Chris Finlayson meet with his counterparts on 15 July 2011, New Zealand presented on the topic of extradition – thereby signalling the direction that NZ’s Deep State was headed.

This all leads to the intriguing question: why was Kim Dotcom singled out?


Dotcom’s major mistake was he made poor material for a good oligarch.

The internet entreprenuer – who had made most of his wealth well before the launch of Mega Media Group through tech-security consulting, developing MegaCar conference calling, and speculating on IT companies – flaunted his wealth before founding the fast-growing file-sharing company on the web. Dotcom’s file-sharing company offered the capacity to make the uploading of copyrighted content such as movies, music and TV shows easy, and supplied file encryption services that could have easily gone mainstream – all at a time when the NSA’s Global Alliance of 80 tech companies supplied secret backdoor snooping routes for the Echelon Surveillance Network. In effect, Kim Dotcom was like a buffalo bull on the Great Plains to the cyber-war cowboys of the American Deep State, whom were hungry for a target.

Kim Dotcom was also scape-goated for developing a business model that threatened to upturn the Hollywood media conglomerate cartel business model by offering a copyright royalty regime that rewarded the creators’ prowess for their craft.

Prior to the raid on the Coatesville mansion, Dotcom was in the midst of launching a new business model for recording artists that would have been a game-changer to the established recording industry cartels. This particular business was called Megabox, for which Dotcom recruited many high profile African American rappers to sing the commercial’s catchy jingle and which attracted much attention when it played. Through Megabox, Dotcom was proposing to provide a studio, record artists and sell their wares in a deal where the creators would get to keep 90% of the royalties. Dotcom said he wanted to “reinvent copyright”, to make it fairer to the artists because the recording industry kept most of the royalties, and evidently often does not pay what artists are contractually due. According to Dotcom, whose Mega Media Group accounted for a whopping 4% of all internet traffic, he was also intending for its MegaMovie website to compete with Netflix by entering into content contracts with the movie studios.

Poignantly, the Vice President of the Motion Picture Association of America, Steve Fabrizio, emphasized that Mega Media Group was the fastest growing of the file-sharing ‘pirates’. In other words, Mega Media Group was dominant among the new market entrants and represented the greatest threat to the capital accumulation of the big six U.S. media conglomerates. As political economists Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler have shown in the field of capital as power theory, the United States goes to war when America’s dominant capitalist coalitions that comprise the Fortune 500 companies earnings fall below the average. Their ‘Capital as Power’ findings show that oligarchs are very sensitive to maintaining their dominance over capital accumulation, because their enormous control over economic resources provides the capacity to steer the political trajectory of whole societies in their favour. In short, America launched a psy-war to re-assert dominance over the internet.

Essentially, Dotcom had defected from playing the game of how super-rich people, or oligarchs, are supposed to behave.

Oligarchs are super-rich people who use their control over enormous economic wealth to steer the political trajectory of societies in directions that reinforces the oligarchy’s wealth accumulation, empire building, and the defence of treasure. In other words, the tangible business model that Dotcom was spearheading was also a template that was viewed as a threat to the power of not only the American entertainment oligarchy.

The Coatesville raid needs to be seen as an exercise in oligarchic wealth defence that aligned with the perceived needs of the U.S. national security state to stay in control of the internet, as infrastructure deemed vital to supremacy of the American Empire, and the oligarchic coalitions that comprise that empire.

Dotcom was also an outsider who made the mistake of falling for the marketing of this shitty little Neo-Colonial state. Whereas the tech-billionaire Peter Thiel, who provided seed-money for Facebook, co-founded Paypal and eBay, and gained NZ citizenship in just 10 days 2011 – is inextricably connected the U.S. Deep State. After-all, the architecture for e-Bay had been designed by the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA and Sony. But also, Thiel’s web of control over strategic resources is entwined with N.Z.’s Deep State, since the clients of his company, Palantir, include the N.Z. Department of Defence, the GCSB, and the SIS.

Surveillance State Formation: John Key’s GCSB spy bill was passed in 2013, in part, to legalize an undersea mass interception apparatus, code-named Project Speargun, connected to a 13,000 kilometre Hawaiki Submarine Cable project, spearheaded by Forsyth Barr chairman, Sir Eion Edgar through capital vehicle, Sinclair Investment Group.

As Dotcom himself pointed out in a March 2012 interview with John Campbell, approximately 100 companies were providing file-sharing platforms, such as MediaFire, FileShare, RapidShare, FileSonic, while Microsoft was developing SkyDrive and Google was developing GoogleDrive. Indeed, Dotcom’s legal counsel cited Google‘s Youtube for making money off copyrighted material to argue that Dotcom was being scapegoated to create a test-case to coerce companies into submitting to the United States’ transnational corporate empires, the Five Eyes Echelon Alliance and America’s 17 Police State intelligence agencies.

Ironically, Dotcom stated his lawyers had checked the legality of their business model long before the Coatesville raid, saying all online file-sharing companies believed they were protected by laws, their terms of service, and compliance with specific requests to remove material claimed to be copyright infringing. And in MegaUpload’s case, Dotcom said they even had a feature that companies could use to delete files that they deemed infringed on their copyright claims. The FBI claims that MegaUpload would only delete a link to a movie, a game or a song, while the media file itself would remain accessible on the server to other web-links.

Furthermore, the Caught in the Web documentary stated MegaUpload did not offer rewards for files larger that 200MB, which meant the FBI’s claim that Dotcom was offering financial incentives for copying movies and television shows was fraudulent because such files are too small to carry lengthy video plots.

Indeed, the medium that was the carrier for lengthy video plots was U.S. and N.Z. law enforcement. As co-joined Deep State’s, they sponsored a Hollywood B-Grade script complete with racketeering criminal proceedings to solve a crisis that Hollywood’s own dinosaur market monopolizing cartel business model was struggling to compete with: the internet.

In journalist David Fisher’s view, the United States has a war on for the control of the Internet. This is what Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Glen Greenwald were saying at ‘The Moment of Truth’ Auckland Town Hall event on September 15 2014, just prior to the election.

Kim Dotcom said in Caught in the Web, that the day after the 2014 election, NZ’s Solicitor General Michael Heron rang his lawyer to say that if Dotcom would sign a statement he could promise safe passage out of the country and it could all be over. The NZ Solicitor General’s offer, if true, could not guarantee that the US law enforcement would forgo pursuing Dotcom to the ends of the earth. This anecdote is an echo of the jail scene in the 1997 Roger Donaldson movie, Sleeping Dogs, where Police Commissioner Jesperson promises Smith safe passage out of the country to avert certain conviction and execution by firing squad. Like Kim Dotcom on the ‘Moment of Truth’ night – whose audience was the resistance to the surveillance state as journalist David Fisher observed in Caught in the Web – Smith knows little about the resistance to the Police State in the Sleeping Dogs universe. (The ‘moment of truth’ in a three-act story structure is the scene where the protagonist works out what is really going on. Dotcom said on election night that he didn’t realize until a few weeks prior that his ”brand’ – meaning his overt presence – got in the way of the Internet-Mana Party election campaign that he bankrolled). A frustrated Dotcom clashed with 3News political ‘editor’ Patrick Gower at ‘The Moment of Truth’ presser because Dotcom wanted the news media to focus on the disclosures from Greenwald, Snowden, and Assange about the Echelon spy network, New Zealand’s GCSB spy bill that was ‘needed’ to legalize the attachment of mass surveillance devices to the 13,000 kilometre Hawaiki Submarine Cable project which was passed the previous year, and the American Deep State’s drive to extinguish privacy forever. Whereas, Gower and other journalists wanted to focus on Dotcom’s failure to prove that John Key knew about the Operation DEBUT Coatesville raid long before its termination phase. To be fair to Dotcom, Gower could have filed two stories the next day, one that satisfied Gower’s myopic savvy journalism style, and the other that supplied the news audience with context – which Gower and most of the rest of the news media failed to do. In other words, Gower could have made the most of his overnight stay at the Quest Apartments on Queen Street and worked hard, instead of turning in his usual mediocre effort to support John Key and the National Party, along with the rest of his newsroom.

Fascist Coercion: Commissioner of the Police Special Force, Jesperson attempts to frighten Smith into confessing he is an anti-democratic revolutionary.

As I showed with a two part series, Armed with Microphones,  published on September 11 2014, two political reporters from One News and 3News conspired to upset the Internet Mana Party election campaign launch in Auckland by focusing on Kim Dotcom, to repeatedly ask him if he was behind the hacks that led to Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics: How Attack Politics is Poisoning New Zealand’s Political Environment. In the two-part investigtaion, Armed with Microphones: Part I – How and Why Two Political Hit-men from Two Major TV News Outlets Ambushed Kim Dotcom at the Internet Mana Party Election Launch and ARMED WITH MICROPHONES: Part II – How Two ‘Good News Cops’ from Two Major TV News Got the Show Back on the Road-Track for the Beleaguered National Party – I showed the two reporters, Michael Parkin and Brook Sabin, were well aware that Dotcom was unlikely to be the source. For one thing, Hager categorically said Dotcom wasn’t. But the news media were more interested in creating subterfuge through innuendo and Parkin and Sabin had an agenda to draw a reaction, which they got when a frustrated Pam Corkery, Internet-Mana’s media person, lashed out at the pair for deflecting attention from their policies – three weeks before the election.

Poignantly, Ars Technica IT Editor Sean Gallagher told filmmaker Annie Goldson that the mechanisms to enforce copyright protection are mechanisms for censorship and oppression of freedom of thought and that such a state of affairs is a slippery slope. Hilariously, a tech reporter Greg Sandoval suggested a smart move for the New Zealand government would be to apply a Godfather movie solution, wherein keep your enemies closer than your friends, find out what Dotcom knows about high-tech technologies and make a partnership with him. Not so funnily enough, N.Z.’s Establishment Media had edited out crucial parts of Dotcom’s backstory, which he retold throughout the 2014 election campaign.

Crucially, then-Internet Party leader Laila Harré said on OneNews Breakfast the morning after Parkin and Sabin sabotaged the Internet-Mana campaign launch in Auckland, that when Dotcom was before a judge in Germany on hacking charges in the 1990s,

“the judge said, ‘you’ve obviously got some smarts here why don’t you use those to help these companies to help the Government improve its computer security”.

The Internet Party leader stated Dotcom took the judge’s suggestion and arranged an interest-free $1 million dollar loan from the German government, created 50 jobs in the first year and paid the loan off in the second.

In other words, during the Key Ministry-era, Dotcom’s story had been misconstrued, his vision to support hi-tech innovation besmirched and his the smarts to help pull it off downgraded to a ‘F’.

Tiresomely, the Crown Security State failed to take heed of the clear, cutting, and constructive criticisms of their behaviours and performance in the ‘Operation Eight’ investigation, its ‘termination phase’, and the subsequent multi-season criminal proceedings. Crucially, former Crown Police Inspector Ross Meurant likened the Crown Police Force to a “forest” in the 2011 documentary Operation 8: Deep in the Forest directed by Wellington filmmakers’ Errol Wright and Abi King-Jones. Meurant said this ‘forest’ contained paranoid élite Police squads that frequently construct cases for prosecution based on “bullshit” deductions from deep in that forest. Meurant mockingly added the special investigation squads “think they are the CIA of New Zealand”. For one thing, the Operation Eight case suffered serious damage once Crown Solicitor General David Collins’ refusal to allow charges to proceed under the Terrorism Suppression Act. Moreover, the Operation 8 documentary was released in April 2011, which provided plenty of time for the N.Z. security state’s FBI counterparts, to formulate a strategy that played on their parochial adventurism. This dereliction of duty meant a sad desperation to be play with the ‘big shots’ overrode legal responsibilities to be judicious in the exercise of state power.


The backdrop to the Dotcom-MegaUpload case is the expansion of the American Deep State’s power, and the resultant incursion of mass surveillance technologies, creeping totalitarian police state laws, and silencing of dissent through court rulings since the American Empire-sponsored 9/11 B-Grade Blockbuster news special.

The intercepted Skype conversation in German between Dotcom and Ortmann on August 16 2010 was gained by the FBI through the NSA’s transnational alliance of over 80 global corporations. As revealed more generally from early June of 2013 by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, the world learned of the extensiveness of the Five Eyes network’s penetration into the planet’s digital communications. As a result of the Snowden leaks, the world also learned in early June 2013 that through the PRISM program, the NSA could directly access the systems of Skype, Apple, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Microsoft.[5] Additionally intelligence analysts around the world could access practically any digital communications through another program called X-KEYSCORE. According to the NSA’s leaked documents, this “widest reaching” program can access real-time communications, and digital histories of a person’s internet activity such as web searches, the content of emails and social media communications, and the metadata to help refine searches of people’s networks. All the operator needs is an email address or some other contact detail, said Edward Snowden. The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) is the a largest snooping institution of the Echelon global mass surveillance network, that is comprised of the ‘Five Eyes’ spy partners – the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Moment of Truth: Edward Snowden says New Zealanders are subject to mass surveillance.

Dotcom – who at one time was ranked as the world’s number one gamer – stated that Telecom investigated why his internet traffic had slowed by 30 milli-seconds, and the telco found his connection had been re-routed. Prior to the January 2012 raid, Dotcom had paid Telecom $1 million to install a high-speed internet cable to his Coatesville mansion. This re-routing of the Coatesville mansion’s digital traffic leads to the question of whether the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) – which is part of Five Eyes Echelon Spy network and is New Zealand’s cut-down version of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) – participated in this early re-routing of Dotcom’s internet traffic.

Furthermore, the GCSB’s known involvement in the raid effectively extinguished a New Zealand resident’s privacy, since the Five Eyes global surveillance system can snoop on people’s conversations, activities and movements by accessing cellphones and computer microphones, even when they are switched off! On this point, Dotcom complained that the law enforcement had snooped via his Apple i-Phone, meaning that “they were there when [he] was private with [his] wife”.

As journalist Glen Greenwald, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange stated at The Moment of Truth event, the American Deep State is using the Echelon Spy apparatus to shut down political dissent through control over the internet, telecommunications, and the chip. The mindset of the Echelon Spy network to construct a technocratic system of corporatized totalitarian surveillance apparatus becomes obvious from the names of their decryption programs, and their historical meanings.

The leaked NSA documents showed the US spy agency had even developed a decryption program called “BULLRUN”, that could “exploit” encrypted internet data. All Five Eyes spy partners use BULLRUN. Adding weight to this argument that the Echelon network is at least as much about undermining home-grown dissent as it is about playing geopolitical chess, the NSA’s codeword for its decryption program, “BULLRUN”, is taken from two major battles of the American civil war. BULLRUN is the successor program to a prior decryption program called “MANASSAS”, that refers to the more conventional name for the two battles at Bullrun. These are potent names for the American people, because the US government realized the war was going to be a long hard-fought one since their forces lost the first major battle between the two armies in Manassas in 1861. In a second major battle at nearby Bullrun, Union forces won a decisive victory against the Southern Confederate opponents in 1862. Its British decryption counterpart, “EDGEHILL”, is named after the first major engagement of the English civil war, the Battle of Edgehill, of 1642, that was a shock to the Royalists fighting for the monarchy against the landed oligarchy’s parliamentary forces. It ended as an inconclusive “bloody draw”. Thus, the names chosen for these decryption programs indicate that the top spooks of the Five Eyes’ global surveillance system had the stifling of domestic dissent in mind. Encoded as they are with symbolism of civil wars, these names used by both spy agencies also shows a commitment to advance ‘the game’ together, as cartel game theory predicts.

All the Better to See You With: The Echelon surveillance network are the snooping eyes (and ears) of the Anglo-Saxon Deep State.
All the Better to See You With: The Echelon surveillance network is the snooping eyes (and ears) of the Anglo-Saxon Deep State.

The NSA’s British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), also has a “collect it all” alliance with major companies under the code-name TARMAC. Through an alliance with corporate partners, code-named ASPHALT, the NSA also planned to gather everything. The symbolism inherent to the code-names, ASPHALT and TARMAC, is particularly potent when the adage ‘All roads lead to Rome’ is recalled. It becomes truly spooky when it’s remembered that the Roman Empire’s insatiable appetite for making war was facilitated by road building and it’s acknowledged that America and Britain head a transnational corporate empire.

The Five Eyes system is justified on the claim it is ‘targeted’ to catch suspected criminals. That is not all it can do. It is a lie is akin to the state saying it is only interested in catching snapper, while exploiting every trawling technology available, every waiver of marine reserve provisions and routinely flouting international treaties, charters and even ecological science. In the process, this metaphorical fishing fleet catches every other hapless species of fish, by surreptitiously transferring everyone to a virtual ‘privacy extinction list’. The intention is to mine data for commercial exploitation, not only of rival countries and their transnational corporations, in order to gain advantages in trade negotiations. But also, through the ASPHALT alliance with corporate partners, the NSA planned to gather everything. The purpose, was to ensure that the dominant capitalist coalitions, or oligarchies, that sit atop of the Five Eyes countries gain a decisive edge in a global game of economic warfare, military dominance and political intrigue.

Know It All Agency: NSA brags it drag-net mission.


The semantic name of ‘DEBUT’ for the taskforce and its subsequent operation warrants further inspection.

A lesser known semantic meaning of Taskforce DEBUT that was escalated into Operation DEBUT was its meaning ascribed to Dotcom’s Filipino wife, Mona. In the Philippines, a ‘debut’ refers to a coming-of-age celebration of a young woman on her 18th birthday, while in Western culture it signifies the introduction of a young woman to upper class society.

When it is recalled that Annie Goldson’s documentary Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web showed that the members of Motion Picture Association of America were displeased with Kim Dotcom’s business model, which included a call center in the Philippines, this Motion Picture cartel’s choice of targeting Mega Media Group filtered down into NZ Police’s operation name as a narrative element.


The N.Z. Police’s debut performance with the FBI ushered in multi-season trials focused on the effort extradite Kim Dotcom and his Mega Media Group associates. Ironically, those multi-season trials have failed to focus on the legitimacy of a case that essentially defends the perceived right of the big six American media transnationals to entrench their dominance as cartels around the world.

The Dotcom Raid was a B-Grade psy-op to send a message to the world ‘do not mess up the United States Empire with new anti-cartel business models’.

Ironically, the Crown’s embroilment in the United States of America’s case against MegaUpload and Kim Dotcom was one of facilitating vexatious criminal proceedings in bad faith, ultimately on behalf of market monopolizing Hollywood cartels, who operate in combination as the Motion Picture Association of America. In essence, the Crown’s position promoted the fiction of America’s big six media conglomerates as legitimate enterprises, rather than calling them out as monopolistic cartels that produce propaganda to reinforce the American Empire’s totalitarian Neo-Colonial New World Order Project.

The Neo-Colonial plantation of New Zealand was not simply being used an easy jurisdiction for the United States to gain law enforcement cooperation, an extradition, or to create a vexatious criminal proceedings to send a bullying message out to the world that said in essence said, ‘don’t come between America and its money’.

New Zealand was used as a location to scare the world into submitting to the American Empire’s plan to control the internet, digital communications and electronic forms of commerce, money and the free sharing of ideas.

This joint agency psychological operation was deceptively sold to the planet’s syndicated news networks as the world’s biggest multi-agency, transnational piracy raid and was deployed with a live-feed to the FBI’s Multi-Agency Command Centre in Washington D.C. – courtesy of NZ’s secure spook channel, GCSB-TV. The N.Z. Crown Law Office’s numerous cases on behalf of the ‘United States of America’ have played into an American Deep State plot to cast Kim Dotcom as a cause célèbre scapegoat. In effect, Dotcom was ‘fattened’ like a St Martinaas Feast Day beef bull, to resolve convergent crises confronting the dinosaur Hollywood media cartel, the U.S. Deep State’s totalitarian surveillance apparatus and the Wall Street-dominated American Neo-Colonial Oligarchy.

This B-Grade news special psy-op was, in effect, authorized as Deep State-sponsored news content scripted to reassert dominance over  propaganda narratives for the world’s Tax Herds’ brainwashing consumption in the emergent digital domain cloud storage era. The visible target was Kim ‘Bad Wealthy Man’ Dotcom located at his cow-less country estate lair. The primary news audience for this psychological operation, or psy-op, was an international corporate audience of hi-tech Tax Cattle innovators, while a secondary audience were comprised of naughty piracy-consuming Tax Herds who had strayed from movie theatres, networked TV and toy-game shops.

There’s nothing to suggest skepticism from the New Zealand law enforcement side about U.S. law enforcements’ motives. Also absent, was an institutional history of Hollywood cartel formation, FBI intrigues, and the American Deep State’s dark accumulation of imperial power over the 20th and early 21st Century.

Nor is there anything that demonstrates that any New Zealand government institutions – whether it’s the Crown Law Office, Crown Police, or even the Crown Crockery Department of Justice – actually modelled for an American oligarchy, cartel behaviours and an empire’s aggressive defence of its crisis-engineering oligarchs. Nor is there any questioning of the motives of the role played by New Zealand’s political puppets to serve U.S. interests. The theorizing for power crimes by the American Deep State is absent in the Taskforce DEBUT planning documents because – as the taskforce’s name suggests – New Zealand’s law enforcement were eager to play the role of Deep State Easter Bunnies for their U.S. counterparts.

When it is recalled what happened to tech-genius Aaron Swartz, the implications of Dotcom and his associates being extradited to the United States is spooky. As the documentary, The Internet’s Own Boy depicts, the creative algorithm-writer, who became a millionaire from the sale of Reddit Condé Nast in 2006, was leading an effort to transform the internet into a community tool for democratic participation by galvanizing much creative enthusiasm in the 200 projects he had spearheaded. In 2008, Swartz co-wrote the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto, which called for activists to “liberate” information locked up by corporations or publishers. His influential campaigning against the SOPA bill would have marked him as as an enemy of Corporate America, Hollywood, and the American Deep State. Swartz hacked into MIT’s servers to download J-Stor’s academic articles on cancer research so that he could make them freely available for people afflicted with cancer. He was caught in a FBI sting in 2011. US attorney Carmen Ortiz and Massachusetts assistant US attorney Stephen Heymann zealously pursued the case against Swartz, despite J-Stor dropping their complaint amid a publicity backlash due to Swartz’s popularity. The attorneys would not compromise over the jail time, which was potentially 35 years. Ahead of the trial, Swartz allegedly hung himself with his belt in his Brooklyn apartment on January 11 2013 – without writing a suicide note.

Given the spooky, sudden demise of Swartz – whose impending imprisonment would have galvanized more support as a political prisoner – it is ironic, unsafe and callous that the Crown Prosecutors and Constabulary had ‘failed’ to heed the lessons of the two prior multi-season news specials – the Ahmed Zaoui (2002-2007) and Tame Iti (2007-2013) psy-ops. Or, maybe the Crown Officials of this South Pacific Neo-Colonial Plantation did heed the lessons, and found that multi-season psy-ops work remarkably well, despite sustaining a bit of episodic flak.

Although the two men were each cast as terrorist guerilla leaders in separately packaged news specials, with entirely unrelated backstories, the real reasons about how and why Zaoui and Iti were scape-goated were suppressed by the Crown. Ahmed Zaoui’s case was suddenly dropped by the NZ Crown in mid-2007 following the secret testimony of former Algerian secret service agent Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Samraoui, who produced his evidence in classified hearings showing that he had framed the asylum seeker for character assassination. The Clark-Labour Government avoided disclosing to the good people of this shitty little Neo-Colonial plantation that Lt. Col. Samraoui, a former assassin, NZ’s Security Intelligence Service (SIS) had relied on false information maliciously planted with their NATO counterparts. This avoidance in disclosure occurred because NZ’s Deep State faced a major crisis of legitimacy at a time when amendments to the Terrorism Suppression Act was before the parliament, and the Clark-Government had stubbornly kept Zaoui in limbo for nearly five years. Maliciously, NZ’s Deep State Easter Bunnies then scapegoated Tūhoe sovereignty-seeking theatrical activist, Tame Iti (2007-2013) as a home-grown guerilla terrorist leader. The Police’s Operation Eight paramilitary raid of October 15 2007 targeted a so-called ‘criminal group’ whom became known as the Urewera 18, for attending or being linked to people who had attended camps in bush survival and Māori cultural practices. Since NZ’s public state became embroiled in the Deep State’s machinations, New Zealnd’s ruling elite fail to the lessons about how they get played or tripped up by foreign deep states. Consequently, New Zealanders remain vulnerable to the Deep State’s deceptive exclusionary blackballing strategems that periodically cast enemies of the state t resolve the frequent crises of the Neo-Colonial Oligarchy.

Just as Tūhoe sovereignty-seeking theatrical activist, Tame Iti, and many of his alleged co-conspirators had been locked up for a month amid the Crown’s character assassination script that cast them as a guerilla terrorist network, the locking up of Kim Dotcom for 31 days afforded the window of opportunity to seize property which in turn help set the narrative, by providing data, photos and more newscopy.

Framed Poster Boys: Three targets scapegoated by the NZ Crown to resolve crises in the Global War of Terror-era. [Pictured: Ahmed Zaoui, Tame Iti and Kim Dotcom]

As institutions of the New Zealand Crown, the Crown Constabulary, Crown Law Office and the Crown Security Intelligence Service (SIS) all failed in their duty to test the motives of the proponents of the MegaUpload case. They ‘failed’ to ensure that they were not giving up a New Zealand resident, destroying his business and ruining his marriage on the basis of an extradition plan that ultimately may be found to be vexatious, unlawful and serving the interests subversively seeking to undermine ‘nation state sovereignty’.

New Zealand’s law enforcement ‘failed’ to consider the ramifications in signing off an extradition test case for persons cast as residents, citizens and other subjects of the Realm. Instead, this South Pacific plantation’s law officials favoured the construction of a trans-jurisdictional ‘tunnel’, as a mechanism to construct a legal precedent for an emergent Global Police State of the Anglo-Saxon powers.

The disturbing ramifications for individuals, groups and institutions, about the intrusive capacity of the Five Eyes’ states to eavesdrop on private conversations, remotely attend private meetings, and analyze internal organizational communications,is a critical development that signals a major affront to the defence of free and open societies.


Poignant words: Caught in the Web finishes with the lyrics I know you don’t love me, but do you have to be so mean?” from the song ‘Don’t Love Me’ remixed by Moby.


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