A ‘Lone Gunman’ – or a Stealthy Coup D’état in Slow Motion?

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

Was the terrorist shooter’s timing so uncanny that he was able to freely carry out his mayhem while there just happened to be three multi-national, multi-agency training exercises occurring in, around and above Christchurch? How did multiple bomb scares occur at two New Zealand airports, a train station and a CBD bus shelter near the Auckland City Council – all happen while he was in custody?

Why did the ‘lone gunman’ give the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and 70 other recipients – including politicians and the news media – a nine-minute head-start by sending them an email subject-lined “On the Attack in New Zealand today” and include a ‘manifesto’ with the locations that could be quickly found with the search term “attack”? Was the attack simply the horrendous scheme of an ideologically driven ‘lone gunman’? Or was the Christchurch Mosques Massacre a stealthy coup d’état set in motion by a ‘Global Terror Tour’ team?

New Zealand: a Target Rich Environment

‘Brenton Harrison Tarrant’ is alleged to have shot 100 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand, killing 51 and injuring 49, on Friday March 15 2019.[1]  ‘Tarrant’ is reported to be 28-years old, a white male Australian national and an ex-gym-trainer who had traveled extensively.[2]

Following Tarrant’s apprehension at 1:59PM or 19 minutes after he began his mayhem,[3] there were reports of multiple shooters,[4] gunshots at Christchurch Hospital,[5] several bomb scares,[6] and three additional armed people in custody.[7] Taken together, this cluster of ‘messy aftermath’ events not only tied up emergency resources, but they may also be a ‘tell’ of an orchestrated Deep State operation.

This civilian mass shooting was the world’s first live-streamed and New Zealand’s largest peace-time massacre.[8] It came with a twist that has the hallmarks of a darkly innovative training drill scenario. Nine minutes before the first mosque in Christchurch was attacked – the Prime Minister’s staff at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Wellington received an email from the accused terrorist shooter. The email – which was sent to 70 others and was subject-lined “On the attack in New Zealand today” – contained the gunman’s attached ‘manifesto’ titled “The Great Replacement” and included several links to mirrors of the amateur booklet. The email has not been released and N.Z.’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has suppressed it.[9]

The 74-page ‘manifesto’ spoke of carrying out an attack – forebodingly in the past tense – in Christchurch New Zealand using firearms. Since the word “attack” was mentioned in the email’s subject line, its use can be instantly seen in the ‘manifesto’ by using the search word “attack” with a spike of 14 repetitions on page 11, including the questions, “Why did you choose New Zealand as a place to attack” and “Was there any reason you attacked that(those) mosque(s) in particular?” – in bold type.

On the following page, ‘Tarrant’ mentions – twice – carrying out attacks on the “Christchurch and Linwood mosques” and a “mosque in Ashburton” – if he made it there before being caught.[10]

Emergency Failure Cover-Up: Statements made by N.Z. Police Commissioner Mike Bush on April 17th 2019 conflict with N.Z. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s statements of Sunday March 17. Ardern falsely claimed the manifesto, which was received nine minutes before the attack, did not include a location or specific details. Bush claimed the Parliamentary Services Security Team received the email at 1:40PM, which contradicted Ardern’s claim one month prior. The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has oversight of national security and the Prime Minister is also the Minister of National Security and Intelligence.

The “Linwood” mosque in the terrorist’s manifesto is readily identified on Google Maps with the Islamic crescent moon and star symbol signposting the Linwood Islamic Centre at 223 Linwood Ave, Linwood. There are two Islamic Centres in Christchurch, which like the mosques are also identified on Google Maps with the Islamic crescent moon and star symbol. One is called the Linwood Islamic Centre. And therefore, the Rasol-O-Allah Islamic Center in the outer suburb of Bishopdale was likely not to be the “Christchurch mosque” that the accused-terrorist’s ‘manifesto’ was referring to. By quick deduction, it can be seen the Muslim Association of Canterbury is located at the same site as what soon became known to the world as the Masjid Al Noor Mosque at 101 Deans Ave. The Masjid Al Noor Mosque is the closest one to the Christchurch CBD, or five minutes cruising drive by the fastest route from the two Christchurch CBD Police stations. Therefore, the Al Noor Mosque is the “Christchurch” mosque referred to twice in the ‘manifesto’ that was attached to the accused-terrorist’s email, and was Tarrant’s first target.

Any nine year-old with a laptop and an internet connection could have worked out one minute flat where Tarrant was headed. In another minute, those precise locations could have been worked out using Google Maps. This is crucial, because most New Zealanders do not realize that Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPM&C), which received the gunman’s email and mainfesto nine minutes before the attack, is actually responsible for coordinating national security. At the time of the Christchurch mosque attacks, the DPM&C was headed by two experienced intelligence and security men, Chief Executive Andrew Kibblewhite, appointed during the Key Ministry era, and former Police Commissioner, Howard Broad, of Operation Eight infamy.

This email was forwarded to the Parliamentary Services Security Team in accordance with security policy, which occurred within two minutes of receipt, the Prime Minister said.[11] However, the N.Z. Police claimed a month after the attacks that the email and manifesto were forwarded to Parliament’s Security Team at 1:40PM, in their “Christchurch Mosque Shootings Timeline”.[12] This alteration – after the world’s attention has moved on – constitutes evidence laundering to cover-up the weakness of a poor security protocol, which means the Police time-line is a work of parallel construction. Once the Police were called 44 seconds after the attack commenced at 1:40PM, the first responders were at the scene in six minutes, meaning the Police could have stopped the gunman before any shots were fired.[13] That this exploitable security weakness existed under Ardern’s watch is odd, because when she worked in London in the Blair Administration, she was seconded to the Home Office to help with a review of policing in England and Wales.[14]

The tradition of a gunman leaving a ‘manifesto’ is one sign of a false flag black operation.[15] In conventional warfare, a belligerent state conducting a ‘false flag’ terror operation uses another country’s ‘flag’ to carry out an attack with the intention to frame the enemy as the perpetrator. In asymmetric warfare, a state-sponsored terrorist attack is carried out by security services, intelligence agents or special force units, or ex-personnel from such units, and is blamed on a terrorist group or patsies, as historian Daniele Ganser showed in his book, NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe.[16] Because the world’s intelligence agencies, secret services and special force units play a contrived ignorance game about one another’s deep state machinations, the visible Public State is largely clueless about the prevalence of Deep State-sponsored terrorism and the codified communications embedded into such events. This clueless-ness means that the earnest, decent citizens who work in the visible government can be blind to how exactly a stealthy coup d’état can be set in motion. The spectacle of a false flag is unifying, yet totalitarian in nature, as Monash University lecturer in international public law Dr. Eric Wilson explained in his book, The Spectacle of the False Flag: Parapolitics from JFK to Watergate. In other words, the spectacular power of a false flag deep event is used to emotionally hijack mass populaces, politically capture Public State authorities and reset the trajectory of a society onto a fully-fledged Police State path and beyond. Crucially, a manifesto usually fixes the assailant’s worldview, like cement for the official story.

Spectacular Power: False flag deep events are designed to emotionally hijack mass populaces, politically capture Public State authorities and reset the trajectory of a society onto a fully-fledged Police State path and beyond.

A false flag black op does not need to involve several thousand people across the state-corporate apparatus of a country. The less in the compartmentalized loop the better the chances such an orchestrated conspiracy can be successfully covered-up – particularly in a small country with a population of five million, such as New Zealand. The professor who popularized the term deep state, Peter Dale Scott, found in his four decades of studying the American ‘Shadow Government’ network – that there were three levels underpinning these power crimes: the operational showing a “common modus operandi”, institutional displaying an inter-linked “agency of implementation”; and financial where the funding has “common sources”. His studies – that have spanned the JFK assassination, Watergate, the October Surprise, the Iran-Contra scandal, the BBCI scandal, the Oklahoma City bombing, and 9/11 – reveal such structural deep events were plotted to reset the trajectory of the United States every decade, while the scandals were controlled to prevent them snowballing into crises. These deep events had inbuilt contrived ignorance practices packaged with a cover-story, that presaged official inquiries that were an integral part of cover-up processes to ensure that the construction of official history relegated deep history to deep state rabbit holes.  

The terrorist shooter’s ‘manifesto’ described New Zealand as a “target rich environment”, meaning it has sizeable diasporas of non-white immigrants, including Muslims, whom he deemed as high fertility ‘invaders’ occupying white ‘European’ Christian lands. His attack, he wrote, would amplify the message that nowhere was safe from mass immigration. But, the violent attack also sent a message that nowhere is safe from terrorism.[17] Therefore, the ‘manifesto’ implied that a mass shooting of scale in a peaceful country would make world news, especially as he planned to make his epic slaughter the world’s first live-streamed civilian mass shooting.

Disturbingly, three anomalous pre-shooting clustered events fit neatly with the resultant reset of N.Z.’s political trajectory in the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre. These patterned phenomena typically presage a Deep State network orchestrating a false flag black operation like Shakespearean omens.

Event 1: Police Squad, SAS sniper and Air Force Exercises

The three pre-scheduled multi-international police and military exercises occurred in Christchurch, at a base just outside the city and a low-flying exercise that crossed over the city while the ‘lone gunman’ inflicted mayhem. These exercises were a national Police training exercise that took place in a disused floor of the Princess Margaret Hospital in Cashmere, a military exercise at a Defence Force shooting range in West Melton, 25 kilometres west of the city, and a joint Air Force exercise out of RNZAF Base Woodbourne, near Blenheim.[18]

The Police training exercise involved the Armed Offenders Squads (AOSs) working in conjunction with the counter-terrorism Special Tactics Groups or STGs, and Australian and Hong Kong Police and was focused on ‘room clearances’ using shot-guns, semi-automatics and smoke bombs.[19] Unlike previous special squad training exercises, the N.Z. Police did not publicize this national-level exercise that coincided with the March 15 attacks.[20] Meanwhile, snipers from the N.Z. Defence Force, the Australian military and Asian countries including Hong Kong, were participating in the Defence Force shooting range exercise when the alleged ‘lone gunman’ inflicted mayhem. The Royal New Zealand Air Force were also conducting a 10-day joint military day and night low-flying training exercise with the United States Air Force called Exercise Nocturnal Reach and included a flight path intersecting with Christchurch.[21]

Such drills, exercises and war-games provide the cover for deep state actors to take the training scenarios live, exploiting the confusion about whether the phenomena is an exercise or a real world situation. These are the key sign of a false flag black op – as Jon Rappoport’s article, “Training Exercises Dovetail with Mass Shootings, What are the Odds?” points out.[22]

If the mosques shootings were a false flag black op, it would mean time and distance had been weaponized by the deployment – for instance – of the Police Special Squads for the training exercise at Princess Margaret Hospital. Because the distance from Princess Margaret Hospital to the first target, the Masjid Al Noor Mosque, is three times greater than the distance between the CBD Police Station and this mosque on Deans Ave, the travel time increased relatively. The first Armed Offenders Squad team, whom were already kitted-up, arrived at the Masjid Al Noor Mosque 9-10 minutes after Police were called.

It is, therefore, revealing that ‘Tarrant’ sat calmly in his car waiting before he drove to his first target – despite the nine-minute lead the gunman gave the N.Z. Government by email. Facing his GoPro camera, the accused ‘lone’ gunman ‘Brenton Tarrant’ turned the camera on himself and appeared to use the acronym for the Police’s Armed Offenders Squads when he said, “This is [for] some AOSs” in the now censored video, as N.Z.’s capital city newspaper The Dominion Post reported Saturday 16 March 2019.[23]

But, Tarrant was not the only one to speak of New Zealand as a target that week.

Event 2: Podesta ‘Showtime’ – Dark Poetic Timing?

Five days before the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, John Podesta ‘warned’ that New Zealand’s next election could be hacked by Russian or Chinese state actors – in an exclusive interview on TV3’s Newshub 6 o’clock bulletin. Podesta, who attended a ‘global Progressives conference’ in New Zealand, said N.Z.’s political conversations were not secure.[24]

Podesta cut an odd image in his Newshub appearance. His grey trainers were incongruous with his suit jacket and tie. The interview ‘set’ was strange too because the cheap scene made the encounter appear that training journalism students filmed it. Podesta’s fang-grinning, ruby-ring rubbing messaging on cyber attacks, fake news and how N.Z.’s membership in the ‘Five Eyes’ echelon spy network makes the South Pacific country a “juicier target” – appears to add up to an encoded metaphor-laden performance. Did the ringmaster give the ‘start signal’ to take the training exercises live? In Coup de’tat in Slow Motion – about the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986 – Ole Dammegård stated that a local Stockholm radio station ran a radio play that he believes was a “starting signal” for all participants that the assassination plot was to ‘go live’ that night.[25] Dammegård has followed many mass shootings and terrorist bombings and claims he has found that a traveling ‘Global Terror Tour’ team embeds the events with codified communications to signal authorship, caution and the next event’s location.

As a former Deputy-Chief of Staff in the Clinton White House, Podesta had a poisonous proximity to President Bill Clinton who oversaw the cover-up of numerous scandals related to his ‘Machine’ when he was Governor of Arkansas, that were either under investigation, shut-down or otherwise derailed – often through key witnesses, investigators and collaborators dying so frequently the state earned the nickname – Arkanside. One of the most epic of these scandals involved gun-running out of Mena Airport, Arkansas, to Columbia and Nicaragua and drug trafficking back into Mena Airport, Arkansas, and money laundering out of a Clinton project – the Arkansas Development Finance Authority – along with banks connected to the Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI), which was a conduit for CIA black-ops, and the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary Clinton worked. These deep state machinations were exposed by the local news outlets and covered-up by the national media during the Iran-Contra scandal and subsequent probes – as the documentaries The Mena Connection, The Clinton Chronicles and The Clinton Body Count show.[26]

Crucially, the implied solution packaged with the alleged cyber-attack threat story was for N.Z. to spend more on its commitment to the ‘Five Eyes’ Echelon spy apparatus, a network comprising surveillance agencies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. This warning echoed N.Z.’s top spies from the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) and the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) cautioning Parliament in February that the 2020 election is also vulnerable to attack, due to electronic voting.[27]

Event 3: A Takedown of Two Fangs and other Tech-Teeth?

The third jarring phenomenon was the consecutive global outages of Facebook, Google, Instagram, and WhatsApp three to four days days before the Christchurch mass shooting, prompting rapper ICE T to tweet “that some Black Mirror shit” referring to the dystopian sci-fi Netflix series, Black Mirror.[28]

Codified communications were embedded in the prolonged outages suffered by two of the internet’s giant ‘fangs’ just a few days before the gunman’s livestream video went viral on Facebook, Google’s Youtube and other social media platforms. Google users found slow traffic flow on Google Drive, while Google Maps dropped off the planet, and G Suite dashboard did not confirm any issue with its Street View mode, which rendered the screen black, and its Hangouts service was limited. It’s like the world’s largest search engine, Google, was signposting the ‘Government Suite’ would simply pass on the issue of Tarrant’s communications, while his livestream, driving, and mayhem unfolded, and appeared to be foreshadowing a new norm of Algorithms that restrict internet ‘hangouts’.

As for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, its ‘server reconfiguration’ outage seems to signify a reset too. For a global social media corporation that  received ten of millions in seed money from several people linked to the CIA’s venture company In-Q-Tel, including Peter Thiel – who became a New Zealand citizen in 12 days – it’s fascinating to note that this Facebook founding investor in turn received $2 million from In-Q-Tel in 2005, for his big data start-up, Palantir.[29] Crucially, a 2013 patent application filed by Palantir for an Interactive Vehicle Information Map system makes the big data company’s early connection to Facebook intriguing, given the Facebook outage occurred a few days before Tarrant’s livestream journey of carnage by station wagon. With this patented technology, Palantir’s Gotham computer can trove disparate geospatial data sources to search for and track vehicles and create search alerts.[30] It gets more intriguing when it is remembered that Palantir’s New Zealand clients include the N.Z. Department of Defence, the GCSB, and the SIS.[31] It’s like Palantir is the spy’s brain. The brain gets spookier when it is recalled that in 2004, Google acquired a start-up called Keyhole EarthViewer – that received seed money in 2001 from the same CIA venture capital company, In-Q-Tel, that Peter Thiel received start-up funds to help build Gotham. Google renamed Keyhole EarthViewerGoogle Earth,[32] the ubiquitous map viewer that news networks used to zoom-in from a high satellite view of Australia and New Zealand in the South Pacific into Christchurch, down to street level to show the world the location of the two attacked mosques.

Therefore, it appears these clustered outages may have been about the technology companies signaling they were ‘advancing the game’ by anchoring a new norm – restricted service over a free internet highway populated by dangerous drivers with extreme attitudes and excessive firepower that they will soon lose, along with their freedom and the freedom of expression of everyone else.

As a result of the mayhem attributed to a ‘lone gunman’, three major moves by the New Zealand Government are in play that are consistent with a ‘reset’ that could be expected from a false flag black operation. Pertinently, it is in the violence of a false-flag black op that the Deep State emerges, stated California University Professor Peter Dale Scott in his book, The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War.[33]

Reset 1: Ardern – ‘Hand In Your Weapons’

The gunman used two AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles, two shotguns and a hand-gun loaded with hollow-nosed ammunition designed to shred flesh to maximize shock, injury and lethality.[34] The horror of the mass shooting resulted in a predictable rush to reform gun laws.[35] More restrictions were set on semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15’s – which evidently are a mass shooter’s ‘weapon of choice’[36]– and accessories that can make rifles semi-automatic or otherwise more lethal. A six-month gun amnesty is in place. In the pipeline, is a ‘Gun Buy-back’ scheme similar to that rolled out in Australia in the aftermath of the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre, Tasmania.

Importantly, ‘Tarrant’ anticipated that his slaughter would trigger a contest over gun law reform. Indeed, his selection of N.Z. for a mass shooting may be a ‘tell’ of a black propaganda psy-op, since the gunman’s ‘manifesto’ had geopolitical aims that suggest it might have been authored by Deep State scriptwriters. Behind the decision to target N.Z. for a live-streamed mass shooting was the shock value of the high carnage in a relatively peaceful country used by big tech firms to test technological innovations. And, a focus on influencing the political landscapes abroad.

‘Tarrant’ envisaged a balkanization of the United States along racial, cultural and political lines through the issue of firearms ownership that he hoped would spark a second American civil war to reduce the capacity of the superpower to project power globally. (It may result in the construction of a regional super-state that super-cedes the United States as part of ‘A New World Order’ Utopia)[37]. Therefore, the manifesto’s geo-strategic dark ambitions may be a ‘tell’ that ‘Brenton Harrison Tarrant’ is a phantom identity and behind that identity is a Deep State team,[38] who encoded the manifesto with a revolutionary vision to trigger a violent consolidation to a multi-decade ‘strategy of tension’ in play since the JFK Assassination.[39]

Reset 2: A Cause Célèbre to Take-down Free Speech?

In the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, the N.Z. Government and Police made direct announcements banning copies of the accused-gunman’s Facebook livestream video and the ‘manifesto’.[40] Understandably – amid an atmosphere of emotions raw with grief, fear and trauma – Brenton Tarrant’s ‘manifesto’ was deemed hate speech, his ideology extreme and the social media forum 8–Chan was viewed as an Alt-Right hangout for bigotry, racism and fascism. Many companies, including Facebook, Google and Twitter removed links to the video and manifesto, or engineered algorithms to block their upload.[41]

Conspicuously, the Christchurch mosques shooting occurred a fortnight prior to March 27 passage in the European Parliament’s Strasbourg session of ACTA2, a legislative move which has paved the way for a Europe-wide upload filter on internet content.[42] The European Union is now obliged to fund an AI super infrastructure that will automatically censor online content before it is posted”.[43] New Zealand has been used as a scene for international political coercion before. The multi-jurisdiction MegaUpload Raids of January 20 2012 that saw the N.Z. Police carry out a paramilitary-style mansion assault to capture internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom coincided with the passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) as it faltered through the U.S. Congress, amid a massive online ‘blackout’ protest.[44]

Ironically, in the same week as World Press Freedom Day, five N.Z. news outlets – Radio NZ, TVNZ, Newshub owner MediaWorks, NZ Herald owner NZME and Fairfax’s Stuff newspapers – openly formed a press cartel called NZ Media Freedom Committee when they agreed to trial coverage ‘protocols’ in the upcoming mosque shooting court case.[45] This contractual agreement includes omitting the accused gunman’s ‘manifesto’, any signals, symbols or imagery used by the accused or his associates promoting or supporting white supremacist ideology or terrorist views. This means the news media has voluntarily traded away its free speech rights by limiting the content of the impending criminal trial with the catch-all phrase – ‘hate speech’.* Poignantly, this self-censorship is to occur in a criminal case about a self-described fascist gunman’s slaughter, his extreme views and a horrendous vision to trigger a second American civil war – among other schemes. Therefore, this ‘press cartel’ agreement to restrict supply of news on the trial – as Politico magazine put it in “Why New Zealand’s Press Just Put on Blinders for Its Biggest Story”[46] is a weird twist because is it not fascists that like censorship, propaganda and coercing people who don’t agree with them?

In another ironic move, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron are scheduled to host a summit, dubbed ‘Christchurch Call’, for May 15 in Paris, where political leaders will converse with tech giant owners to agree on an accord to address internet ‘extremism’.[47] Therefore, the brazen New Zealand reset is also a global phenomenon, since the Christchurch Mosques Massacre has been used as a justification for a ‘new world order’ in technological censorship.

Reset 3: A Star Chamber Trial to Protect the Deep State?

Conspicuously, Tarrant’ has been charged with 50 counts of murder and 39 counts of attempted-murder, but he has not been charged with terrorism under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002. By limiting the trial evidence to proofs that the accused was the sole perpetrator, that he was not aided by poor security protocols and his intention was to murder, the trial risks failing to catch other possible players in the background that may have wittingly aided and abetted him. The audible rhetoric since the mass shooting has been the refrain of ‘not giving the gunman a platform for his extreme ideology’ – misses the crucial point. Censorship invoked on the grounds of ‘hate-speech’ can simultaneously work as a cover-up mechanism.

Since the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, several articles have appeared in N.Z. newspapers reporting the possibility that the trial of ‘Brenton Tarrant’ may involve restrictions of access, recordings and publication of materials, and potentially a trial with no jury.[48] A judge can justify clearing a court if matters are construed to be sensitive to ‘national security’ by invoking provisions of the Criminal Procedures Act.

It appears to be exquisite timing that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced N.Z.’s 13th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Helen Winkelmann, on Monday 10 March, after being made a Dame Grand Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit the week prior to the Christchurch Mosques Massacre. On the morning of the mass shooting and the morning after, the newspapers reported her appointment by secret proceedings with uncritical comment.[49] Like the others, The NZ Herald’s Canvas feature article was packaged with a back-story that emphasized her apparent social justice credentials. But, “Judgment Day: From Poverty to Power” finished by pointedly using metaphors to understand Winkelmann’s appointment. Evidently, the Chief Justice is “less like a thrower of smoke bombs and more like a parent” in a nation where “the most important are not necessarily the ones getting all the attention,” and “[h]er job was not to change the country, but make sure everyone gets a fair shot.”[50] The public relations spin in this coverage omitted her corrupt courtroom decision of December 9 2010 to censor the news media from reporting her attempted move to introduce judge-only ‘Star Chamber’ style court proceedings for the ‘Urewera Trial’.[51] Star Chamber Trials took place in the Palace of Westminster between the late 15th to mid-17th century and were supposedly established to hear proceedings of high profile people to ensure a fair trial. But, the Star Chamber devolved into a den for enabling political and social suppression.

Crucially, Justice Winkelmann also sought to delay ‘Urewera Trial’ while the Key-National Government had time to pass retrospective legislation to make the illegally gathered surveillance evidence of Operation Eight – legal.[52] The vicious intention that underpinned the Operation Eight Urewera Raids was to undermine the Bay of Plenty tribe, Tūhoe, from gaining substantive sovereignty through the return of the Urewera native estate (without any Crown jurisdiction), by casting the Tūhoe tribe’s most visible face, Tame Iti,[53] with a guerilla terrorist leader legend.[54]

Thus, Dame Winkelmann’s timely elevation, or helicoptering in, as the new Supreme Court Justice – takes on critical significance given the news coverage prepping for Star Chamber-esque Trial proceedings in the upcoming Christchurch Mosques Massacre case. Since Chief Justice Winkelmann was cast as a Chief Justice who is less like a thrower of smoke bombs than the nation’s parent making important decisions while the ones getting all the attention appear to be VIPs, then the presumptive accuracy exercised by the press cartel is simultaneously comprehensible and reprehensible. The puzzle pieces presented by the Public State are consistent with the Shock Doctrine identified by Naomi Klein,[55] wherein resets are railroaded through while the mass populace is still in a disoriented state of shock – whether the crisis was unexpected or engineered. The news media has failed to scrutinize those who were throwing smoke bombs on a training day while a gunman got a ‘fair shot’ that resulted in the PM saying New Zealand is an “inclusive” society. This avoidance smells like journalism has truly embraced its role as “a machinery of power” and “an arm of the state” – as National Business Review reporter Nathan Smith warned in 2016.[56]

Harvesting Crisis ‘Lessons Learned’ from ‘LabNZ’

New Zealand’s perennial role as a location to field-test political strategies, social engineering pilot studies and technology innovations has not simply been predicated on the idea that the ‘Kiwis as guinea pigs’ will not find out they are test subjects – as the Bilderberg Group metaphor-laden mouthpiece magazine, The Economist, reported in 2015.[57] The assumption in-built into the experiments is that the South Pacific test-lab’s isolated location affords the experimenters the capacity to shutdown any contagion of truth from spreading around the world – should an experiment go wrong, or if its dark secrets are decoded. If a Deep State network were behind the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, it would mean they altered this long-held in-built assumption because as the world’s first live-streamed civilian mass shooting, ‘the experimenters’ connected N.Z. to the world. However, the subsequent moves to censor the trial are suggestive of dark forces that seek to quarantine the experiment’s apparent weakness from contaminating the world: Deep State-sponsored terrorism in LabNZ.

The accused terrorist lone gunman’s timing was so exquisitely potent, not only because the Prime Minister was away from the capital city, Wellington. Remember ‘Tarrant’ – who described himself as an anti-immigration fascist – sent his email warning of an imminent attack just as Jacinda Ardern was opening the multicultural World of Music and Dance (WOMAD) festival? This is another vital piece of circumstantial evidence. Recall that the Ardern-Labour Government placed a moratorium on issuing new off-shore oil and gas exploration licenses? The potency of a multicultural festival sponsored by the oil and gas consortium, Todd Energy, owned by N.Z.’s richest dynastic ruling family, the Todd’s – make these linkages to the timing of the attack hugely symbolic. The surface symbolism embedded in the Christchurch Mosques Massacre event colliding with the WOMAD festival could not have been missed by N.Z.’s political elite and foreign state actors observing this extraordinary mass shooting.

For a terrorist ‘lone gunman’ he has achieved some stunning policy changes, nationally and globally. Not only has New Zealand’s news media volunteered to permanently self-censor the ‘manifesto’ – containing the attack locations – that would otherwise expose the Ardern Government, opposition politicians and the security, defence and intelligence services to awkward questions about the nine minutes frittered away before anyone rang the Police. N.Z.’s news media have been coerced to avoid investigating the official narrative that the Christchurch Mosques Massacre was the work of a ‘lone-gunman’. The N.Z. press cartel’s contrived ignorance about the significance of the nine squandered minutes in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has everything to do with their ‘failure’ to forestall the nation’s biggest terrorist story through swift action to avert an atrocity on receiving the gunman’s email. By sending this email prior to his attacks, the terrorist ‘lone’ gunman’s brazen gambit was that all recipients would be too pedestrian to stop him inflicting mayhem. Consequently, he has achieved a remarkable uniformity of news coverage in New Zealand through coercion, emotional hijacking and capitulation. The nation’s news media has avoided deep investigation. The messy aftermath of multiple shooter reports, multiple bomb scares and the restrained admission that the Police and Army were conducting aggressive room clearances and sniper-training exercises while an active shooter was rampaging in the vicinity – are evidently ‘stuff’ beyond newsworthiness.

To see who benefits from the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, as well as the national and global resets, and the harvested ‘lessons learned’ from LabNZ – may not only yield ‘tells’ that the Christchurch attacks was a brutal stealthy coup d’état in slow motion. The ‘tells’ may show who exactly sought to benefit from the mass shooting.

(Last updated 12 May 2019)*

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at: https://snoopman.net.nz/2019/05/21/the-thin-red-line-of-n-z-counter-terrorism/

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a New Zealand-born Pākehā (of European descent) who edited news and current affairs for fourteen years at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television. For his thesis entitled, “It’s the Financial Oligarchy, Stupid” he applied an event clustering technique originally designed for deciphering naval submarine intelligence reports, to news reportage on the Bank Bailouts of 2007 and 2008, since he reasoned that élites are like submersibles who disappear in waters with unclear motives.

* Significantly, the trial protocols agreement proves that the
Government’s attempt to ban publication of the ‘manifesto’ and copies of the livestream video under the Videos & Publications Classification Act 1993 are not enforceable because they impinge on free speech rights. 

Indeed, section 14 – “Freedom of expression” – of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 unequivocally states that, “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.” To be super-clear, I am not saying I agree with the accused-shooter’s alleged views, methods, and malicious scheme – as anyone who knows me would realize. Nor am I saying violence is a valid form of expression to promote a discourse. I am saying it is extremely dangerous for the maintenance of a ‘free and open society’ when the machinery arm of the state – the Establishment Media – reach a press cartel agreement to restrict news worthy material to save a Government, avoid unpalatable facts and suppress evidence.

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