Decoding a Possible False Flag Attack and Coup D’état in Slow Motion Behind the Christchurch Mosques Massacre

Secret City: Was the Christchurch Mosques Massacre a U.S. Deep State-sponsored terrorist event designed with a ‘Black Mirror’ reset to pull New Zealand back into the Empire’s orbit?

What potential hidden objectives might be behind a possible false flag black op in Christchurch 15 March 2019? What meta-data in the week of the event, the event itself and in the aftermath are consistent with signs of a false flag attack and a Coup D’état in Slow in Motion? Is the post-Christchurch attack Great Policy Collapse of the Ardern Labour Coalition Government one of the hidden objectives of a transnational Deep State network? Was the targeting of Muslims at two Christchurch mosques simply a horrific attack by a working class white supremacist? Or was the Christchurch Mosques Massacre the work of Deep State network of white supremacist super-rich oligarchs, national security state operatives and political élites – foreign and domestic – to construct a new state enemy to replace the New Zealand state’s traditional enemy since 1840: Māori?


By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

Uncanny Timing

The timing of the accused terrorist lone gunman attack at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15 2019 was exquisitely potent – for reasons that were not immediately apparent. It was felt with a sharp intensity in New Zealand – a relatively peaceful country where the population is used to racism being inflicted by state, council and corporate institutions on the indigenous Māori people more subtly – usually by means of a thousand systemic cuts.

‘The Christchurch mosques shooter-accused ‘Brenton Harrison Tarrant’ is alleged to have shot 100 Muslim worshippers at two mosques, the Masjid Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre, killing 51 and injuring 49, on Friday March 15 2019.[1] It is also alleged the accused-gunman used two AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles, two shotguns and a hand-gun loaded with hollow-nosed ammunition designed to shred flesh to maximize shock, injury and lethality.[2] This civilian mass shooting was the world’s first live-streamed and New Zealand’s largest peace-time massacre.[3]

The timing was exquisitely potent because it converged with a numerous events occurring simultaneously that when taken together add up to what is known in the U.S. military parlance as a clusterfuck, normally associated with an unpredictable set of circumstances that converge to overwhelm a seemingly well-planned military operation. The clusterfuck of events in the week of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre sketched here are consistent with a false flag attack designed to look like it was unrelated to the horrendous plot of a ‘lone wolf terrorist’ – as the official narrative accepted quickly and uncritically by the Establishment Media would have New Zealanders and the world believe. That the massacre was possibly inflicted by a ‘lone gunman’ may turn out to be the case. The supposition explored here is that ‘Tarrant’ may have been identified as a suicidal, psychopathic white supremacist and chosen for hits on the mosques due to his killer prowess, his capacity to fool people and his lack of empathy – along with ‘flattering’ appeals to his narcissistic European Superiority Complex.

The post-Christchurch Mosques Massacre policy changes of the New Zealand Government – led by Ceremonial Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – are examined for the possibility that a coalition of dominant capitalists, national security state insiders and a transnational deep state network may have benefited from the mayhem.

Conspicuously, N.Z.’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was away from the capital city, Wellington when the Christchurch mosques shooter-accused ‘Brenton Harrison Tarrant’ – who described himself as an anti-immigration fascist – sent his email warning of an imminent attack, subject-lined “On the attack in New Zealand today”. At that moment, Ardern was opening the multicultural WOMAD festival in New Plymouth, a city whose founders forged their long term viability plotting the escalation of the New Zealand Wars, and whose dynamism today is fuelled by the oil and gas industry. The potency of a multicultural festival primarily sponsored by the oil and gas consortium, Todd Energy, owned by N.Z.’s richest dynastic ruling family, the Todd’s – coinciding with Ardern’s public appearance at the same festival just as the gunman’s email arrived in the inbox at the Prime Minister’s office, together with the Ardern Labour Coalition Government’s moratorium on issuing new off-shore oil and gas exploration licenses – make these linkages to the timing of the attack hugely symbolic.

Incoming Policy Platform Collapse: NZ PM Jacinda Ardern speaks at a H2 Taranaki Roadmap energy conference, followed by a brief appearance at WOMAD, among whose principal sponsors are Todd Energy, an exploration partner with oil and gas company, OMV.

The surface symbolism embedded in the Christchurch Mosques Massacre event colliding with the WOMAD festival could not have been missed by N.Z.’s political élite and foreign state actors observing this extraordinary mass shooting. It must have triggered their internal radars to read to meta-data of the event itself, as well as the clustered events prior to the massacre to see if there were an élite criminal group signalling they were advancing a coup d’état by means of a false flag attack and to keep watching to detect who benefited in the after-math – in keeping with game theory.

Recall that during the ‘inauguration period’ following the establishment of the Police counter-terrorism squad in 1977, that the Anti-Terrorist Squad was given a secret tour as ‘guests’ of the Shell BP Todd consortium whom were invested strategic oil and gas assets, including the Maui Platform off the Taranaki coast?[4] You wouldn’t, unless you were in the know, or had read the book, Zero-Alpha: The NZ Police Armed Offenders Squad Official History published in 1998. Recall that in recent years, the N.Z. Defence Force has lead multi-national, multi-agency exercises based in the South Island, called Exercise Southern Katipo, involving scenarios that included capturing environmental protestors harassing off-shore oil rigs, amid a more general rebellion, and forcing a prime minister out of office who won’t accept an election defeat?[5] You have got to wonder if the scenarios that appeared to be outward looking at the Pacific, had a long-range eye on New Zealand.

At the time of the mosques attacks, there just happened to be three multi-national, multi-agency training exercises occurring in, around and above Christchurch. The coincidence of drills, exercises and war-games finishing just prior to or as an attack occurs is a key sign of a false flag black operation. Such drills, exercises and war-games provide the cover for deep state actors to take the training scenarios live, exploiting the confusion about whether the phenomena is an exercise or a real world situation. These are the key sign of a false flag black op – as Jon Rappoport’s article, “Training Exercises Dovetail with Mass Shootings, What are the Odds?” points out.[6]

The ‘lone’ gunman’s uncanny timing meant that when the nation’s entire paramilitary police were training in a hospital in the southern suburb of Cashmere – they were drawn away from the CBD Police Stations, located dead centre between the targeted mosques. Meanwhile, the country’s other top snipers in the Special Air Service (SAS) were also engaged in a multi-national training exercise, while the N.Z. and U.S. air forces trained above.

The Police training exercise involved the Armed Offenders Squads (AOSs) working in conjunction with the counter-terrorism Special Tactics Groups or STGs, and Australian and Hong Kong Police and was focused on aggressive ‘room clearances’ using shot-guns, semi-automatics and smoke bombs.[7] Meanwhile, snipers from the N.Z. Defence Force, the Australian military and Asian countries including Hong Kong, were participating in the Defence Force shooting range exercise when the alleged ‘lone gunman’ inflicted mayhem. The Royal New Zealand Air Force were also conducting a 10-day joint military low-flying training exercise with the United States Air Force called Exercise Nocturnal Reach and included low-flying training in a simulated hostile environment, day and night, with drop zones involving the Hercules C-130 transport aircraft from the 40th Squadron and included a flight path intersecting with Christchurch.[8]

Were these training exercises held to demonstrate that the supply of security was being withheld? And then, once mayhem was inflicted, was the intention to supply a sudden show of force that would work as a mass psychological mechanism of manipulation to manufacture gratitude for the national security state amid the shock?

Uncanny Timing? When the ‘lone’ gunman struck, the nation’s entire paramilitary police were training in a hospital – and therefore drawn away the CBD Police Stations, located dead-centre between the targeted mosques. Meanwhile, the country’s other top snipers were also engaged in a multi-national training exercise, while the NZ and US air forces trained above.

After-all, just prior to Christmas 2018, the State Services Commission’s “Inquiry into the Use of External Security Consultants by Government Agencies” found that the national security state have been too busy committing resources to spy on activists, independent journalists and earthquake insurance claimants.[9] Moreover, the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s report on high-speed Police chases was published the day of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre too. The pursuit and capture of the accused gunman – ‘Brenton Tarrant’ – restored the public image of the Police,[10] not least because Commissioner Mike Bush deflected attention from Parliament’s squandered nine minutes,[11] the training exercises that drew Police Special Squads away from the CBD[12] and the uncanny timing of the Independent Police Conduct Authority report, “Fleeing Drivers in New Zealand”.[13]

The accused-Christchurch mosques shooter’s email was sent to 71 recipients nine minutes before the attacks commenced and contained the attached ‘manifesto’ – “The Great Replacement”.

Deceptively, Jacinda Ardern performed public statements on Sunday 17 March 2019 claiming the manifesto contained no specific details, and there was not enough time to stop the impending attacks on two mosques. Yet, the manifesto did contain location details that any nine year-old with a lap-top and internet connection could have been found in one minute flat by using the active noun ‘attack’ from the email’s subject-line as a search term.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ManifestoNZPM9MinutesBeforeChristchurchAttackNewsCollage-11-1024x718.jpg
Emergency Failure Cover-Up: Statements made by N.Z. Police Commissioner Mike Bush on April 17th 2019 conflict with N.Z. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s statements of Sunday March 17. Ardern falsely claimed the manifesto, which was received nine minutes before the attack, did not include a location or specific details. Bush claimed the Parliamentary Services Security Team received the email at 1:40PM, which contradicted Ardern’s claim one month prior. The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has oversight of national security and the Prime Minister is also the Minister of National Security and Intelligence.

A quick search for the word “attack” – as used in the email’s subject line revealed its use spiked at 14 times on page 11 – including the questions, “Why did you choose New Zealand as a place to attack” and “Was there any reason you attacked that(those) mosque(s) in particular?” – in bold type. On the following page, ‘Tarrant’ mentions – twice – carrying out attacks on the “Christchurch and Linwood mosques” and a “mosque in Ashburton” – if he made it there before being caught.[14]

As I have shown in my article “Christchurch Decoded?” with screen shots of the ‘manifesto’, maps of Christchurch, and the fraudulent timeline produced by the N.Z. Police a month after the massacre, the alleged ‘lone wolf terrorist’ not only exploited a security flaw in New Zealand’s Parliament that resulted in nine minutes being squandered. The Parliament’s security protocol stipulated forwarding threatening emails to the Security Team, rather than also ringing the Police. By sending his email to 71 recipients including the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, other politicians including National Party opposition leader Simon Bridges and several news media outlets nine minutes before he inflicted his carnage, the accused ‘lone wolf gunman’ created a potent mechanism of coercion because all concerned have participated in covering up a terrible truth: no one need have died.

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The Great Policy Collapse

In 2017, the N.Z. Labour Party campaigned to limit immigration, end homelessness and child poverty, bring in an across-the-board capital gains tax regime – especially on speculative house flipping – to reform the intelligence and security services, and implement a zero-carbon based economy framework, ostensibly to address climate change. All of these policy platforms have collapsed spectacularly in the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre.

Labour’s limits on immigration policy has been eliminated, especially since Ardern’s line – “They are us” – about Muslim immigrants being New Zealanders, quickly became a cultural meme. Jacinda Ardern signed up to the United Nation’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration on Immigration on December 17th 2018. The same day, the UN signings deadline rituals, the New Zealand’s Executive Council signed an Order in Council allowing police to process online applications for people wanting to become a gun dealer, get a firearms license, import a restricted weapon, or get a permit to buy a military-style semi-automatic. The Arms (Electronic Transactions) Amendment Regulations 2018 removed the restriction to present such applications physically at their nearest police station and allowed, for instance, a buyer of a restricted weapon to show that weapon to police by video call.

Because the Ardern Coalition Government includes NZ First, the Ardern Coalition Government’s signing up to the Global Migration Compact is intriguing because it occurred with little public debate, and without any apparent mandate. Ironically, Ardern’s Labour Party needed the support of NZ First, who formed originally to preference policies that placed New Zealanders ‘first’ in response to the National Party’s policy of using immigration to fuel economic growth. This pre-Christchurch shooting policy collapse on immigration gets more intriguing given that the signing of the UN’s Global Migration Compact occurred the same day as the Order in Council to ease restrictions on buying guns, ammunition and accessories online. Regardless of whether or not this easing of gun regulations helped the accused gunman ‘Brenton Tarrant’, Prime Minister Ardern was placed in a position that would become embarrassing if ever someone obtained restricted weapons, accessories, or ammunition – such as the hollowed-nosed flesh shredding bullets used by Tarrant and the Police Special tactics Groups and Armed Offenders Squads – via an online application.

Blunt Message: The Christchurch shooter’s Twitter account @brentontarrant showed pictures of an AR-15 that appeared to match that shown in the Facebook Live feed. The rifle butt carried the message “Here’s your Migration Compact”.

In other words, New Zealand’s Deep State appears to have been signalling the direction it was taking in possible conspiracy with the Deep States of the US-NATO military empire.

Intriguing, the Daily Shabah reported March 15 2019 on the symbols, numbers and words drawn on Tarrant’s AR-15 that appeared on the Facebook Live feed and seemed to match those taken from images that the Twitter account handle @brentontarrant posted on Wednesday March 13th. In the article, “New Zealand mosque shooter names his ‘idols’ on weapons he used in massacre”, the Daily Shabah reported the writing included the message, “Here’s [your] Migration Compact!”, in reference to a United Nations Global Compact for Migration.

And after the fortnight of remembrance vigils, services and private visits to console traumatized Muslims, Ardern toured through some of Auckland’s commercial construction and infrastructure projects, which was timed exquisitely with the N.Z. Herald’s ‘The Big Build’ series’. As fortune would have it – this six-part ‘Big Build’ series coincided with a well-orchestrated public relations campaign to attack the Ardern Labour Coalition Government’s presentation of the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) policy review report. Dramatically, Ardern’s Coalition Cabinet capitulated, and the Prime Minister scape-goated Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, who doubles as the leader of the New Zealand First Party.[15] Given that the Coalition Government signed up to the Global Migration Compact with little public debate, and without any apparent mandate the same day it relaxed restrictions on guns, accessories and ammunition, the excuse that NZ First would not support a Capital Gains Tax regime is deeply ironic.

This Capital Gains Tax (CGT) obstacle was signposted in early February, when right-wing political commentator John Armstrong outlined the massive difficulty that the Ardern Labour Coalition Government would have in getting any measure of a capital gains tax introduced into law.

In his February 9 piece “Labour’s capital gains tax push is political Russian roulette”, Armstrong wrote the Ardern-Labour Government was, in essence, trying to “eradicate that long-held shibboleth”, or customary practice, that New Zealand was a special place exempt from capital gains taxes. The mission to persuade the public to accept even a weak capital gains tax provision in legislation, said Armstrong, was “pretty much mission impossible”. Yet, Labour’s Finance Minister Matt Robertson’s was “sojourning into … politics version of the Valley of Death” and absent the impending PR counter-attack, Armstrong expected to see “Labour crash and burn.” Pertinently, Armstrong asked, “why is Labour playing the political equivalent of Russian roulette with a pistol whose every chamber is seemingly loaded with a bullet?” Peters apparent unwillingness to accommodate any capital gains tax measures was also signposted by Armstrong when he said, “Mr Peters has to work out … whether he can secure more kudos from being seen to soften the legislation which Mr Robertson puts on the table instead of imposing a blanket veto.” Armstrong also noted that the Labour’s other coalition partner, the Green Party, had “long included a capital gains tax amongst its manifesto commitments.” He finished his piece writing, “One thing is for sure though. Should Mr Robertson’s ‘national conversation’ be supplanted by National’s Conversation, then Mr Robertson might as well wave the white flag right here and now.” That ‘National Conversation’ was a coordinated pro-corporate counter-attack that came from the National Party, pro-corporate lobbyists and other well-healed interest groups and was driven through media coverage, including the The NZ Herald‘s “Big Build” series.

Because the Ardern Labour Coalition Government folded on reigning in speculative house-flipping – the prime minister has lost credibility to champion ending homelessness, poverty and inequality – as right-wing political columnist John Roughan gloated.[16] A targeted capital gains tax on housing speculation – particularly in the third-most expensive city in the world relative to income, Auckland – would likely have caused the overheated housing market bubble to pop, and in turn, would have triggered the commercial property boom to implode and thrown the government’s capacity to sustain the infrastructure projects into crisis. I can say this with confidence because I comprehend the fragility of the N.Z.’s debt-based financial system,[17] in a world awash with over $200 trillion in liquid debt.[18] I studied the root causes of the Global Financial Crisis and Bank Bailouts of 2007 and 2008 for my masters thesis, “It’s the Financial Oligarchy, Stupid”, in which I proved that once the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) started, the financial authorities of the U.S. and the U.K. colluded with the global banks to advance the crisis along to a point where their respective governments would think they had no choice but to bailout the banks.[19] Indeed, the financial system is dancing on a pin-head, because the fragile, debt-laden New Zealand economy would collapse with simply a quarterly sales drop of 200 residential properties in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Westmere and Herne Bay, Auckland.

To be super-clear, I am not saying that Armstrong knew a mass shooting was coming. What I am saying is the ‘National Conversation’ coordinated as a pro-corporate counter-attack that he signposted and then occurred in the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre were not enough in itself to gain a capitulation on the capital gains tax. Before the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, the main opposition party, National, was not regarded as having a hope of winning the 2020 election – except by those, perhaps, who deserve to go to Hell, if it were to exist. According to the gloating John Roughan – who typed an autobiographical sanitized account of John Key’s life, Portrait of a Prime Minister – Ardern’s capitulation on a capital gains tax regime meant the Prime Minister of the Labour-led Coalition Government has lost credibility to press for measures to deal with inequality through fair taxation.[20] And everyone will think she is soft, Roughan said in his opinion article, “Political capital needs to be spent”. It is crucial to point out that neither Roughan or Armstrong mentioned the wealthy ruling Rich-Listers who dominate the New Zealand economy and its political trajectory through their control over strategic resources, technologies and institutions in alliances with their overseas counterparts.

The super-wealthy were well motivated to exercise oligarchic wealth defence and offence over a planned capital gains tax regime. In every crisis, at least one oligarch is betrayed. How far the most aggressive oligarchs would go to protect their strategic control over resources may be detectable by later defections in the form of betrayals, fall-outs and humiliations. A coalition of super-rich dynastic families and individuals, can only exist in societies of extreme wealth inequality – as Jeffrey Winters points out in his book, Oligarchy. It turns out that oligarchs actually thrive in crisis-ridden societies, as Webster Griffin Tarpley stated in his “Against Oligarchy” lecture series. Therefore, the Ardern Government’s publicized goals to address poverty, homelessness and inequality through measures such as a capital gains tax regime was a threat to the very existence of New Zealand’s white supremacist Rich-Listers and the Pākehā-dominated ruling class ‘One Percenters’ whom loyally serve them.

Not surprisingly, then, the metadata the day prior to the mosque attacks shows that Green Party co-leader James Shaw was punched in his face by a man yelling about the United Nations. When it is recalled that in 2017, Shaw posed with Ardern campaigning to stop new oil and gas exploration permits being issued as part of a cross-party platform to develop a ‘zero-carbon economy’, you have to wonder if the face punch was a codified communication signalling to those attuned to metaphor that Ardern’s Coalition Government environmental policy platforms threatened domestic and transnational energy interests – and were going to be made to take a hike. Was this face punch signalling that N.Z.’s Deep State was advancing the game in reply to the TV3 News appearance of former Clinton White House Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta, who warned the N.Z. Government of a cyber-attack election hack in 2020 – a few days prior to the attacks? Podesta’s warning may have been a codified communication calling ‘showtime’ for the Police Special Squad and SAS training drills occurring at the time of the mass shooting in Christchurch to ‘Go Live’ – as I outlined in the first article, Christchurch Decoded?

Either way, it was an unfortunate line-up of Labour Party prime ministers that Ardern and Shaw stood in front of on the election trail in 2017, given that some long-time Labour Party members suspect the highly popular Norman Kirk was poisoned. The fair-minded Kirk, like his Australian counter-part Gough Whitlam (1972-75) was pro-indigenous land rights, and therefore an affront to white supremacist super-rich oligarchs, foreign and domestic. For his sins, Whitlam was fired by the Australian Governor-General John Kerr, on orders of the CIA and MI6, as journalist John Pilger reported in his piece, “The forgotten coup – how America and Britain crushed the government of their ‘ally’, Australia”. Kirk’s other secular sins included his opposition to de-regulating the financial system and media ownership – both ‘necessary’ precursors for a stealthy corporate takeover of the economy.

The next Labour Party prime minister in the line-up, David Lange, who capitulated to the terror-sponsoring French state when, in July 1986, he released two of France’s DGSE agents for their part in the 1985 Rainbow Warrior bomb plot in which 13 agents had infiltrated Greenpeace. Next to Lange in the 2017 election trail photo is former anti-Vietnam War protestor Helen Clark who as prime minister sent the Special Air Service (SAS) to Afghanistan on the basis of undisclosed ‘compelling’ evidence that the Taliban Government were harbouring Al Qaeda terrorists blamed for planning the 9/11 attacks. Clark’s Government failed to conduct a counter-investigation to test the official narrative, question why no forensic testing of steel, concrete and dust at the World Trade Center occurred in the aftermath of 9/11, and how it was that there was a resurgence in opium production in Afghanistan after the U.S. invaded – despite the Taliban outlawing the production of the drug that the CIA actually relies to fund its black ops – as Professor Peter Dale Scott shows in his book, Drugs, Oil and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Columbia and Indochina.

Thus, while Ardern was hugging, listening and saying the right things to traumatized, grieving Muslims – and her image was projected onto the iconic 829-metre skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai – all of her party’s policy platforms were either collapsing or in some cases, were soon to plummet with free-fall speed, kinda like three buildings on September 11 2001 when the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center imploded, exploded, pulverized, dustified or fried, as a result of just two planes, strange financial dealings, and technological inventions, and symbolic proximity to the World Financial Center which remained remained intact, alomng with the obelisk domino-shpaed Millenium Hotel – as any nine-year old with a laptop and an internet connection could now work out in 30 minutes to 30 hours depending on the degree of brainwshing.

Even the policy platform of a zero carbon-based economy has collapsed. On the eve of the one year anniversary of Jacinda Ardern’s announcement that New Zealand would not issue any new oil and gas exploration permits,[21] Australian oil company OMV, announced its plan to drill in the Great South Basin off the south east-coast of the South Island as soon as the Southern summer of 2019-2020.[22]

Because this zero carbon-based economy is tethered to a Smart Grid, which is already partially plugged into the private-public surveillance state – whose illegal machinations were so under the scrutiny of the State Services inquiry in 2018 – it is possible to detect a coalition of commercial interests whom might have believed they could no longer ‘do gentleman’s cartel business’ in an old boys’ network way with the Ardern Labour Coalition Government. It would appear, then, that such cartelized big business interests found it mutually beneficial to orchestrate a reset with the national security state and their international Deep State counterparts.

Constructing a New State Enemy

During the 2017 election year, the N.Z. Labour Party colonized the Māori vote in a strategic response to the political ground shifting, wherein the capacity had been lost to overtly – and to some degree, covertly – continue casting Māori as scape-goats to resolve the frequent crises of N.Z.’s Pākehā-dominated Ruling Class.

Since February 6 1840 – when the 1840 Waitangi Treaty was first signed between a few dozen indigenous chiefs of New Zealand Māori and the British Crown – and until recently, Māori were cast as New Zealand’s perennial scapegoat.

The capacity of the N.Z. state to inflict overt racist attacks upon iwi (tribes) and hapū (family groups) for resolving the frequent crises of the various incarnations of the Crown, as well as the Pākehā-dominated ruling class and their public and private institutions, including the news media – ended – on February 6 2018.

Three major developments shattered the Neo-Colonial myth of excellent race relations that had been constructed by Pākehā-dominated ruling class to promote the idea that N.Z.’s institutions were not actively undermining Māori. This occurred in response to the indigenous people of New Zealand mounting a land and sovereignty rights resistance from the late 1960s that has culminated in the Māori Renaissance from the 1980s onward.

The first development that lead to the N.Z. Crown’s loss of capacity to overtly cast Māori as N.Z.’s perennial scapegoat was due to the backlash that occurred in the aftermath of the paramilitary Operation Eight ‘Urewera Raids’ of October 15 2007 – that became the multi-season news psy-op through to 2012. Crucially, the vicious intention that underpinned the Operation Eight ‘Urewera Raids’ was to undermine the Bay of Plenty tribe, Tūhoe, from gaining substantive sovereignty through the return of the Urewera native estate, by casting the Tūhoe tribe’s most visible face, Tame Iti, with a guerilla terrorist leader legend.[23] Maliciously, N.Z.’s spooks transposed this guerilla terrorist leader legend onto Iti from one that had been used to frame an Algerian asylum-seeker, Ahmed Zaoui, for character assassination – as journalist Selwyn Manning showed in his documentary, Behind the Shroud: Truth, Intelligence and Tradecraft.[24]

Next Poster Boy Frame-up: NZ’s Deep State scapegoated Tame Iti by casting him as a terrorist guerilla leader to avert looming crises by riffing off movies such as Sleeping Dogs.

It turns out that N.Z’s SIS relied upon a false biography, which had been inserted into the French, Belgium, and Swiss intelligence agencies by Algeria’s equivalent to the CIA, the DRS, (or the Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité). By activating the scapegoat mechanism to primarily target Tame Iti, the New Zealand Crown was saved from a looming crisis.[25] If one tribe were to regain substantial tracts of lands lost through swindle, struggle or stealth, it would have set a precedent for other iwi and hapū to regain lands beyond the jurisdiction of Crown statute law, titles and neo-feudal tributes, regardless of prior Waitangi Treaty settlements. Because the national security state and the Clark Labour Coalition Government avoided disclosing to New Zealanders that Zaoui, a Muslim academic and former politician, had been framed as a guerilla terrorist leader, New Zealand’s spooks and their Deep State counterparts in the N.Z. Police were able to inflict the paramilitary raids of mid-October 2007 to save themselves, the Clark Labour Coalition Government and career Crown officials – particularly at the Crown Law Office – from deep scrutiny into what they considered as a mechanism of ‘national security’ state-craft: institutional racism.

The symbolism of terrorism focused on Māori worked to produce fear of ‘Otherness’ among the dominant Pākehā culture, as Brendan Hokowhitu wrote in his chapter “The Logic of Terror” for a book about the Operation Eight raids called, Terror in our Midst: Searching for Terror in Aotearoa New Zealand. Hokowhitu, among others, located the paramilitary raids on Māori communities within the context of the so-called War on Terror, and argued this global war was really aimed at undermining native sovereignty everywhere to consolidate the American Empire.

This backlash to overt targeting Māori was concurrent to numerous sustained studies – that have grown in number since – proving Māori were/are targeted for special treatment known broadly as institutional racism. These included findings that Māori would receive harsher treatment from law enforcement for offences, crimes and misdemeanors than Pākehā, as well as systemic racism in the public health system and over-representation in poverty statistics.

The third development was my strategic efforts in the background through complaint mechanisms to the Press Council, the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Human Rights Commission in the winter of 2017, which highlighted examples of institutional racism. The Press Council complaint was in response to a January 2017 opinion piece “English right to snub Waitangi’s wreckers and hotheads” typed by MediaWork’s breakfast show host, Duncan Garner, which was published in Fairfax’s Dominion Post newspaper,[26] to scapegoat the Waitangi host community at Te Tii Marae – a focal point for protest. The Broadcasting Standards Authority complaint was about biased reportage in MediaWorksNewshub newsroom about its Waitangi Anniversary 2017 coverage because the broadcast omitted how Bill English had benefited from a deceptive Wedge of Time stratagem set in motion by the Key Ministry ahead of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty signing rituals in the Sky City Casino complex the previous year.[27] Newshub could have acknowledged its biased reporting had it not been culpable for covering up Te Tii Marae’s offer of a one-hour speaking slot to then-Prime Minister John Key in a political forum tent facilitated by Ngāpuhi political figure, Hone Harawira, at Waitangi 2016.[28] Together, these examples of institutional racism practiced by key MediaWorks personnel along with buy-in from Fairfax’s Dominion Post, worked to support Key’s dog-whistling racist propaganda and how the English Ministry benefited from the provocative move to host the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty signing the previous year just two days ahead of the 2016 Waitangi Treaty Anniversary Day.

These complaints highlighting institutional racism targeting Māori culminated in my two-year study tracking the machinations of the Key and English Governments, whom deployed antagonistic tactics in order to divide and coerce the far north iwi of Ngāpuhi to drop its stance that it never ceded sovereignty to the British in 1840, take a cash settlement from the Crown and submit to its sole-sovereign status. Because that piece was published on the popular conservative liberal website, The Daily Blog, on Waitangi Anniversary Day in 2018, N.Z.’s political élite would have seen it and realized the game of overtly casting Māori as N.Z.’s perennial scapegoat to resolve the recurring crisis of the Pākehā-dominated Ruling Class – was up. In other words, my February 6 2018 piece – “Waitangi Investigation: Steve Edwards – Harnessing the Herd to Hide a Historical Heist: The Crown’s breach of the Crimes Act” – was the moment when the National Party and the rest of N.Z’s political and corporate élite had to resign themselves to the Labour Party’s ’embracement’ or political corralling of Māori.[29] To be super-clear, this was the fall-back position of the Pākehā-dominated Ruling Class as they conceded some political gain to conservative liberal Māori and liberal conservative Māori.

The loss of Māori as the enemy of the Neo-Colonial New Zealand state cannot be overstated. In losing the capacity to overtly blame, target and distance Māori – the Pākehā-dominated Ruling Class not only lost a scapegoat mechanism it had been exercising since 1840. The Neo-Colonial State lost its staple internal enemy that the national security state needed to justify its participation in the resourcing-consuming ‘Five Eyes’ Echelon surveillance apparatus, the U.S.-NATO military empire and the global imperialist regime change projects that serve the West’s white supremacist super-rich capitalist coalitions’ perceived need for rampant capital accumulation to stay ahead of their oligarchic rivals from Russia, Asia, Africa and South America. For a time, Kim Dotcom became the state’s new enemy. In that episode, N.Z.’s Police noted in their Operation Debut planning document that they lacked a Trojan Horse mechanism to gain entry into the Dotcom’s Coatesville mansion for a raid timed to coincide with the passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) through the U.S. Congress in early 2012, as I showed in “Hollywood’s make-believe villain, Kim Dotcom (alias Kim Kimble).” But the multi-season news psy-op that was packaged into the paramilitary style raid of the MegaUpload founder’s country mansion is drawing to a close.[30] This is because Dotcom and his MegaUpload business partners will either get extradited to the United States, or the N.Z. Crown will be forced to capitulate under the weight of evidence showing a conspiracy to construct a legal precedent of trans-national extraditions, among other political objectives.

Trojan Horse Data WMD: The FBI convinced N.Z. Taskforce DEBUT Police to perform a paramilitary raid with a make-believe idea that Dotcom possessed a ‘doomsday’ data destruction device with a ‘mastercode’ to delete servers.

Therefore, it may be that the National Memorial Services to mark ‘Our fallen Muslim whanau’ were not simply a public grieving process, space to rethink community and an opportunity for non-Muslim New Zealanders to express sympathy. If the Christchurch Mosques Massacre were a false flag black op, then it would mean the National Memorial Services were part of a psy-op – that might transpire into a National Remembrance Day in 2020. That would be just two years after Māori finally got a Remembrance Day for the New Zealand Wars in 2018. Regardless of whether the Christchurch attacks were the horrendous carnage of a ‘lone wolf terrorist’ or a transnational Deep State false flag project, a National Remembrance Day for ‘Our fallen Muslim whanau’ would thereby work to slyly displace the special place of Māori because the recent memory of a ‘dark day’ would gain more emotional buy-in, rather than the many dark days for the ancestors of Māori.

The massacre in Christchurch has raised the status of immigrant ethnic populations, or ‘Others’ – particularly Muslims – and even caused the Prime Minister to declare New Zealand had zero tolerance for racism, as well as violent, hateful racial attacks. But, making a declaration does not change the fact that the Crown, Councils and Corporate boards still practice stealthy racism, since they continue a covert war to take more Māori ancestral land for development than they return. Therefore, the Deep State network operating within the national security state, the corporate apparatus and among their foreign-based counterparts had every reason to construct a new common enemy: the working class white supremacist.

Perhaps Tarrant’s cover required a low-rent approach, a white supremacist mass shooter persona and a script that didn’t make it too hard for the world’s national security blankets – ‘the news’ – to amplify, without having to explain difficult devilish details. For instance, the mass shooter’s timing was very ‘coincidental’ because it occurred when the Police, the SAS and the Air Force were all involved in multi-national training exercises. And perhaps his training at the Bruce Rifle Club in Milburn, near Milton in South Otago were part of the cover to hide a possible military-intelligence background. And the uncanny timing live-fed massacre that went viral on social media ahead of the March 27 passage in the European Parliament’s Strasbourg session of ACTA2, a legislative move which has paved the way for a Europe-wide upload filter on internet content.[42] The European Union is now obliged to fund an AI super infrastructure that will automatically censor online content before it is posted”. Moreover, the Christchurch mass shooting resulted in a meet-up between Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, French President Emmanuel Macron – who faces sustained dissent from the Yellow Vests movement – with tech giants such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at a summit, dubbed ‘Christchurch Call’, on May 15 in Paris. There at Elysee Palace, an accord to address internet ‘extremism’ including terrorist content was initiated between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Daily Motion and Qwant, as well as 17 governments – Australia, Canada, the European Commission, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Notably, the United States did not sign the accord, evidently due to issues that endorsing algorithm regimes would raise with 1st Amendment free speech rights. Therefore, under the cover of stopping the distribution of extremism and terrorist content online, the working class white supremacist’s terrorism video and extremist ‘manifesto’ have paved the way for internet censorship measures that the governments and transnationals whom comprise the US/NATO military empire have struggled for years to justify, get passed or agree to implement.

The so-called white supremacist’s censored ‘manifesto’, therefore, reads like a try-hard booklet written by deep state script-writers desperate to make it look like it was written by a ‘lone wolf terrorist’. For instance, the manifesto attributed to ‘Tarrant’ claims he is a Navy Seal graduate, trained in “gorilla [sic] warfare” and the U.S. armed forces top sniper, with over 300 confirmed kills. These are big claims to make. Threateningly, ‘he’ claimed to be in contact with his “secret network of spies across the USA” who were tracking everyone’s IP addresses who dared to describe him as a “bigot, racist, xenophobe, islamaphobe, nazi, fascist!” Curiously, these claims, threats and the spectre of a U.S.-based national fascist network do not appear to have been reported in New Zealand’s news media. Indeed, his selection of N.Z. for a mass shooting may also be a ‘tell’ of a black propaganda psy-op, since the gunman’s ‘manifesto’ had geopolitical aims that suggest it might have been authored by Deep State scriptwriters.

‘Tarrant’ – who hates white Muslim coverts most – envisaged a balkanization of the United States along racial, cultural and political lines through the issue of firearms ownership that he hoped would spark a second American civil war to reduce the capacity of the superpower to project power globally. (It may result in the construction of a regional super-state that super-cedes the United States, or ‘A New World Order’)[31]. Therefore, the manifesto’s geo-strategic dark ambitions may be a ‘tell’ that ‘Brenton Harrison Tarrant’ is a phantom identity and behind that identity is a Deep State team,[32] who encoded the ‘manifesto’ with a revolutionary vision to trigger a violent consolidation to a multi-decade ‘strategy of tension’ in play since the JFK Assassination.[33]

It is, therefore, fascinating to note that in the metadata post-Christchurch attacks, the media coverage of white supremacists has avoided focusing on the most cohesive, well-resourced and dangerous minority cohort of white supremacists – the Pākehā Rich Lister oligarchy. In other words, the top 10th percentile of the ‘One Percent’ cohort of New Zealand’s Neo-Colonial Ruling Class whom exercise oligarchic wealth defense through their professional army of lawyers, accountants, bankers, politicians and friends in the national security state – whom together ensure that Māori do not rival their stealthy Neo-Colonial power structure. The Pākehā Rich Lister oligarchy’s control over strategic resources of New Zealand belies an economic and political oligarchic system that screams of institutional racism, wherein their huge economic wealth is translated into political power that ensures Māori do not regain ancestral lands that are either large in size, or symbolically important enough to be an affront to the Ruling Pākehā cultural psyche, or would prove strategically catastrophic to their cartelized big business interests.

New Zealand’s big tech business interests are fused with the U.S. military-industrial-Smart-tech complex. For instance, the big clients of Rocket Lab, whose space launch pad is located on the Mahia Peninsula, are the U.S. Department of Defence, NASA and the U.S. military industrial complex’s primary R&D organization, DARPA. Rocket Lab, who started with much fanfare that it was launching rockets to advance scientific knowledge, has subsequently been exposed for supporting the US/NATO military empire, since its satellites upgrade the Empire’s weapons tracking systems. Meanwhile, the New Zealand clients of Peter Thiel’s California-based big data company, Palantir, include the N.Z. Department of Defence, the GCSB, and the SIS. Palantir, which received $2 million in 2005 from the CIA’s venture company In-Q-Tel, developed a system called Analytical Framework for Intelligence to track immigrants for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agency, which draws on the Bush-era Muslim registry known as the Entry-Exit Registration System. In 2013, Palantir filed a patent application for an Interactive Vehicle Information Map system that can trove disparate geospatial data sources to search for and track vehicles, view captured images, vehicle-owner data, event history, export the data and create search alerts – as I mentioned in Christchurch Decoded? It’s like Palantir is the spy’s brain. As the author of the Done: The Secret Deals That Are Changing Our World – Jacques Peretti said of Thiel’s company, “Palantir operates so far under the radar, it is special ops.” Peretti sketched Palantir’s worked with Los Angeles Police Departments’ predictive policing work, Operation Laser that enabled the LAPD to deter pre-crime suspects from committing crimes – like in the movie, Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise. It would seem that the N.Z. security state’s cautions to Parliament in February 2019 for greater resources to counter election-time cyber attacks may have been more about presaging Podesta’s rhetoric about the threat of an election hack from Russia and China, which may have been the ‘show-time’ start signal for an exhibition of spectacular power to execute a stealthy coup.

American Influence: NZ’s role in the Five Eyes intelligence network came under closer scrutiny as an unintended consequence of the 2012 MegaUpload Raids.

Curiously, among the many claims made by ‘Tarrant’ about his alleged worldview, he alleged he was an “ethno-nationalist eco-fascist” who admired the Chinese state’s political and social values. Was Tarrant’s white supremacist persona overlaid with a pseudo commando character to simultaneously signify the New Zealand state’s new enemy is working class white supremacists and its codified re-alignment with the American Deep State to create greater distance with China?

In the aftermath of the Christchurch atrocity, Ardern’s scheduled one-week visit to China was at first postponed and then cut short to a day – April Fool’s Day. Inside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, New Zealand’s Prime Minister sat opposite President Xi Jinping around a table after performing a Power Walk Ritual with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang past a guard of troops. The President of China expressed condolences for the Christchurch mosques shooting, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand expressed sympathy for the loss of life in a factory explosion at the Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical plant that killed 78 workers.

Power Walk Ritual: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang walks with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern along a red carpet inside the Great Hall of the People on April Fool’s Day.

The Prime Minister’s visit was timed to open New Zealand’s newly built $50 million embassy in Beijing. Ironically, this new embassy features a whare replete with tukutuku panels carved by a Māori carver, while New Zealand has a homeless population of 42,000, among whom include landless Māori. There, the New Zealand delegation offered to advise on the New Silk Road project, that envisages transcontinental railway and highway infrastructure passing through Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This New Silk Road would generate a land-based economic dynamism that would rival the maritime trade of the Ocean Powers and potentially up-end the US-NATO military empire’s containment strategy of China and Russia through military bases that encircle those great rivals powers. This dynamism between China and Russia is backed by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, which is an economic, political and security bloc that was forged in 2001 by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ubekistan,Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and now includes India, and Pakistan. In 2010, in reaction to the economic, political and military rise of China, the Obama Administration announced a ‘Pivot to Asia’ strategy to commit military resources to the Pacific Ocean, and in particular to the South China Sea, to set-up choke points to cut off sea-lanes should tensions escalate to war. As Australian-born journalist John Pilger showed in his documentary, The Coming War with China, the United States has been encircling China with military bases since World War II, after ignoring communications from the leader of the Peoples’ Republic of China, Mao Zedong, for cooperation between the two nations. Historian Alfred McCloy stated in a recent interview with American journalist Chris Hedges, the United States pursued a strategy of encirclement of the entire Eurasian Continent following the Second World War to contain both Russia and China. There are historical parallels to the US-NATO military empire’s view that China’s plans to construct a New Silk Road is a threat. Indeed, the Obama Administration’s use of the term ‘Pivot to Asia’ was a potent term steeped in the language of the military build-up that led to two horrific global wars in the first half of the 20th Century.

The gambit of a British ‘Secret Elite’ to construct a universal empire was discussed on 15 February 1890 when Cecil John Rhodes presented his plan at Lord Nathaniel Rothschild’s country estate. There, Rhodes imparted to Rothschild and other very senior members of the British Establishment – including Arthur Balfour Balfour, Reginald Baliol Brett (later Lord Esher), Albert Grey (later Earl Grey), Alfred Lyttelton and Sir William Harcourt – the diabolical idea of setting up a Jesuit-like secret society to expand the British Empire into a world empire, as Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor  reveal in their book, Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War. The British Oligarchy saw the potential threat of an industrializing Russia allying with the most advanced industrial power on continental Europe, Germany, as tantamount to a death-knell to the primacy of the British Masonic Empire. The British ‘Secret Elite’ were intent on preventing Germany completing a railroad from Berlin to Baghdad, and thus, gaining a trans-continental link to a major source of oil that would rival the British and French-controlled Suez Canal route. In reality, Britain sought favourable concessions for oil through conquest, in order to revive the power and reach of the British Empire. Threats to the British Establishment’s desire of permanent supremacy were made emphatically clear in 1904, when a British geographer Halford Mackinder presented a paper titled ‘The Geographical Pivot of History’ to London’s Royal Geography Society. Now regarded as the ‘father of geopolitics’, the geographer viewed Russia as the‘pivot state’ on the ‘World Island’. Mackinder argued that whatever power came to control the resource-rich central Eurasian region of the Caspian Basin down to Mesopotamia (now war-torn Iran and Iraq) would come to control the ‘World Island’, and whoever controlled the ‘World Island’ would dominate the world. Mackinder pointed out that if Russia were to develop industrially to the extent that Germany had, Russia would be free to exploit its huge resources. Because Russia is so geographically vast and populous, the British Oligarchy worried that it could construct a dynamic internal economy – linked by rail – and would not need to trade with other powers, and could eventually build a navy, and then the British Empire would lose its naval supremacy.

The World Island: Halford’s Mackinder’s 1904 paper captured the British Establishment’s attention by illustrating that whomever came to control the central Pivot region from the Caspian Basin to Mesopotamia would come to control the ‘World Island’ and rule the world.

The British Secret Elite actually schemed a horrific two-global war strategy, figuring that it would take a fully-mechanized German war machine to smash Russia, as Guido Giacomo Preparata stated in, Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich. To this end, the British oligarchy or ‘Secret Elite’ constructed what I call a ‘wedge of war’, a series of Deep State hidden agreements, covert black operations and a military buildup around the empire that would lead inevitably to war, as William Engdahl sketches in A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order. To bind the empire tighter, the ‘Secret Elite’ formed Roundtable Groups throughout the empire, including New Zealand, from 1910 and had a very secret Roundtable Group in New York – as Quigley details in The Anglo-American Establishment, John Kendle explicates in The Roundtable Movement and Imperial Union, and Docherty and Macgregor outlines in Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War.

Because New Zealand has never gained financial, economic and political independence, and is geographically isolated, with a small population and a modest industrial base, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) seeks to be an influence multiplier. This means MFAT attempts to foster its limited worldview of what it thinks are positive trade, political and cultural and security relations with other countries – without publicly acknowledging the deeper machinations that it must surely to some extent be privy to – along with the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS), the Government Communications Secuiry Bureau (GCSB) and the Police counter-terrorism Special Tactics Groups. These Deep State machinations between the United States and China vying for influence and control over New Zealand and Australia are reminiscent of the TV series Secret City, set in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. Journalist Harriet Dunkley discovers the dark underbelly of the Australian Deep State where Chinese and American-alligned political factions vie for dominance, while rendering the Prime Minister oblivious to a secret military program and results in the puzzling cover-up of a 13-minute long cyber-attack involving Air New Zealand Flight 101 set on a collision course with another plane.

Table Talk: Chinese President Xi Jinping and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern exchanged condolences over the Christchurch Mosques Massacre and the China’s most recent factory explosion at the Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical plant, respectively.

Therefore, it is fascinating to note that in mid-May 2018, a former CIA analyst, Peter Mattis, was reported in the New Zealand media to have said in testimony to a U.S. Congressional committee that the Chinese Communist Party’s influence on the two major political parties in New Zealand – Labour and National – was concerning. Mattis evidently told the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission that Australia had had a similar problem of penetration of its “political core”, and Australia’s political elite had taken the problem seriously, while New Zealand’s political elite had not. In effect, Mattis issued a warning when he said that the Five Eyes intelligence partners should discuss New Zealand’s continued status in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, and presented the threat that the intelligence network might devolve into a Four Eyes alliance. Then New Zealand’s media followed up with a report titled “China and the Age of Strategic Rivalry”, which was published on May 2 2018 and was based on a workshop with academics hosted by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. This “China and the Age of Strategic Rivalry” report stated that “New Zealand provides a vivid case study of China’s willingness to use economic ties to interfere with the political life of a partner country. New Zealand is valuable to China, as well as to other states such as Russia, as a soft underbelly through which to access Five Eyes intelligence.” The report claimed it would be a “major coup” if China were to separate New Zealand from its long-standing defence and security partners, and gain greater political influence in the Pacific Region, access to Antarctica and penetration to exploit the country’s farmed lands. In a public talk in New Zealand on May 7 2018, Hillary Clinton also warned that China was waging a foreign power grab that was “a new global battle”. In response to this event cluster of China’s influence, Ardern was reported by Radio NZ on May 30 2018 to have said, “I take my steer on these matters from official channels, not opinions expressed at a workshop”.

Gaming New Zealand? Was N.Z.’s PM being played for a fool when Hillary Clinton visited New Zealand in May 2018?

These concerns about China’s influence over N.Z. politics followed a study titled “Magic Weapons: China’s political influence activities under Xi Jinping” by Professor Anne-Marie Brady from the University of Canterbury who found extensive political penetration by China into New Zealand. Fascinatingly, on February 13th 2019, or one month prior to the Christchurch mosques shooting, the N.Z. Police announced it could not detect links between burglaries of Brady’s home and office, tampering with her car and a death threat letter – to any possible culprits. The Professor – whom travelled to Ottawa, Washington, London and Canberra to report her findings – had described New Zealand as a “soft underbelly of the Five Eyes Alliance”, and said the small South Pacific nation was “very vulnerable to the shifts to global balance in economic and political power. Professor Brady’s work was detectable in the “China and the Age of Strategic Rivalry” report published by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, despite the Crown copyrighted material stating the workshop was conducted under Chatham House rules, meaning statements were not attributed to any particular person.

Given the forgoing, was the Christchurch Mosques Massacre an American Deep State-sponsored terrorism event designed to produce a reset in New Zealand’s political trajectory by binding N.Z.’s national security state closer to the U.S. and nudging it a comfortable distance away from China, while helping New Zealand’s Deep State forge a new state enemy – working class white supremacists – after losing its perennial enemy of the state since 1840?

After all, in the post-World War II order, journalists such as John Pilger and Naomi Klein, and documentary filmmaker Eugene Jarecki along with US foreign policy critic Noam Chomsky have shown that the US-NATO Alliance has routinely conducted acts of terror. These Black Operations have occurred in over 50 countries and were often conducted to topple democratic socialist governments or communist states in Europe, Central and South America, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. After World War II, the Atlantic Alliance covertly formed a secret ‘stay behind’ army by recruiting fascists, including former Nazis, to conduct terrorism operations  codenamed ‘Gladio’ (Latin for Roman sword). Operation Gladio was a low-grade war that exploited a “Strategy of Tension” designed to frighten the mass populaces of Western Europe and thereby shift the political gravity to the ‘right’ and away from socialism by blaming left-wing communist groups and associating freedom and democracy with capitalism. These clandestine ‘false flag’ operations were carried out by all NATO countries through their intelligence services, military forces, and paramilitary squads, with dominant participation from the Anglo-American membership of NATO, between the early 1960s and 1990 as Madhi Darius Nazemroaya reports in his book The Globalization of NATO.

Conspicuously, the Ardern Labour Coalition Government’s capitulations have occurred despite the main opposition political party not appearing to have a chance of re-election because they have been in disarray since their leader, Bill English, punched a whole in a wall on news that his National Party had lost the coalition negotiations in October 2017. Therefore, the Great Policy Collapse of the Ardern Labour Government is a remarkable achievement for a fascist ‘lone gunman’ who appeared to do the ‘okay’ handle signal while handcuffed in the dock, like ‘boaties’ do when passing one another on the water in the ‘City of Sails’.

White Supremacist Hand Signal? During his first court appearance in the ‘dock’, ‘Brenton Tarrant’ made a hand gesture that could have been the ‘okay’ sign that boaties do.

In The Dominion Post’s first edition following the Christchurch shooting, it reported N.Z. PM Jacinda Ardern statements of condemnation of the attacks, appealed to the public to desist from sharing the video and urged everyone to avoid “giving any oxygen” to the message behind the violence. But curiously, The Dominion Post noted that the Prime Minister appeared to frame her remarks “in the intelligence of the attackers’ motives” when the Ardern said:

“We, New Zealand, were not a target because we are a safe harbour for those who hate. We were not chosen for this act of violence because we condone racism, because we are an enclave for extremism. We were chosen for the very fact that we are none those things.”

Did N.Z.’s Prime Minister Ardern sense a bigger game in play, involving a multilayered stratagem that cast the country, and Christchurch in particular, as an ‘policy amplifier’ location to coerce other governments to pass internet censorship legislation? Did she sense that N.Z was chosen as a ‘soft target’ to test new geo-political stratagems, from which to glean crisis ‘lessons’? After all, in the scale of terrorist mass shootings, the Christchurch Mosques massacre is up there some of the deadliest, exceeding the death toll of 48 Japanese prisoners of war shot during a riot at an internment camp in Featherston in 1943.[34]

To sum up, if the Christchurch Mosques Massacre were simply the result of a horrendous scheme of terrorist-accused ‘Brenton Tarrant’ – New Zealand’s dominant corporate coalitions have certainly exploited the vulnerability of the Ardern Government over the nine squandered minutes.

The Government’s official censorship regime meant a shut-down in scrutiny of the ‘manifesto’, the livestream video and its alterations and other footage that were alleged to have captured evidence of multiple shooters. The capitulation of New Zealand’s news media in the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch mosques shootings to this official censorship, the official solidifying narrative and deflection of media resources away from on-the-ground investigating, meant the country was subjected to two weeks of vigils that culminated in National Remembrance Services throughout N.Z. The Mass Mourning Rituals – that worked on one level as a platform for discourse to rise above hate, violence and division – were primarily a staged psy-op to emotionally hijack the nation so that a reset could be rammed through by the national security state, the political élite and corporate New Zealand capitalizing on the emotional credit – regardless of whether or not the mosques attacks were the horrific plot of a ‘lone wolf terrorist’ or not. With messaging such as ‘Our Muslim whanau’, ‘They are us’ and ‘Love will win’, the psy-op displaced the far more critical discourse on who else might have had the means, the motive and meanness to inflict carnage while casting a patsy for the starring role.

Weaponized time and space? International state actors could not have helped notice that N.Z.’s ‘thin red line’ of counter-terrorism was compromised by multiple training exercises.

The world’s media praised Ardern’s response with headlines such as, “New Zealand’s Prime Minister Receives Worldwide Praise for Her Response to the Mosque Shootings’ in The Washington Post,  “America Deserves a Leader as Good as Jacinda Ardern” in The New York Times and “The Left should Look Again at New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern” in The News Statesman. It is intriguing, therefore, to find in the metadata prior to the shooting, that during the whistle-stop N.Z. visit of former Clinton White House deputy chief of staff John Podesta, he “hailed” N.Z.’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as a “superstar”.

This superstar claim worked to presage Ardern’s sky-rocket ascent to fame on the world’s syndicated news psy-op political stage.[35] Indeed, Podesta’s appearance on Newshub’s six o’clock bulletin on the Monday prior to the shooting may have been a codified communication calling showtime to ‘go live’ with the possible false flag black op – as I outline in my article, “Christchurch Decoded? A ‘Lone Gunman’ – or a Stealthy Coup D’état in Slow Motion?”

A Trojan Horse Mechanism? Was the terrorist shooter’s email and manifesto a sophisticated Trojan Horse mechanism to capture the New Zealand Government?

Because inflicting overt attacks on Māori aspirations for sovereignty have proved tricky since the Operation Eight Urewera Raids of October 2007, it may turn out to be a major reason for staging a false flag attack – if that is what occurred on March 15 2019 in Christchurch. It is certainly true that a deep state network inflicted those paramilitary raids of 2007 to save the Neo-Colonial State from a looming crisis over indigenous Māori sovereignty and the return of large tracts of native lands lost by swindle, struggle and stealth. Prior to the Urewera Raids and since, N.Z.’s Deep State has been subjecting the country to multi-season news psy-ops that targeted Ahmed Zaoui, Tame Iti and Kim Dotcom to resolve crises of the N.Z. Neo-Colonial State’s own making.

It may also turn out that a thin red line drawn from N.Z.’s earnest, decent and ballsy law enforcement personnel might discover that N.Z.’s Deep State conspired with their international counterparts to reset New Zealand.

Absent the Great Policy Collapse – the Ardern Labour Coalition Government would have crashed the fragile, debt-laden New Zealand economy with its planned capital gains tax regime. John Armstrong’s opinion piece of 09.02.2019 that the Ardern Labour-Coalition Government was playing Russian roulette by heading into a political Valley of Death with all chambers of a gun loaded, was intended to presage a coordinated counter-campaign to subsume the left-wing faction of the Labour Party’s political élite that had become dominant since the 2017 election. It is my contention that a coordinated counter-campaign of public relations would not have been enough in itself to shift the course that the Ardern Labour-Coalition Government was on – even with Winston Peter’s his New Zealand First Party supposedly threatening a veto vote.

The Ardern Labour-Coalition Government was, in essence, doing everything with its policy platforms to threaten the N.Z. oligarchy’s economic base, as well as its place in the US-NATO military empire-aligned national security state and the legitimacy of N.Z.’s own national security state – whom had lost the capacity to overtly attack the enemy it had targeted since its formation in 1840: Māori.

A Black Mirror Reset? Was the Christchurch Mosques Massacre an American Deep State-sponsored terrorism event designed to nudge New Zealand a comfortable distance away from China, while helping N.Z.’s Deep State forge a new state enemy – working class white supremacists – after losing Māori as its perennial enemy of the state since 1840?

Therefore, those deep state forces had every reason to avert the looming economic, political and security crises posed by Ardern’s Government. To be super-clear, I am not justifying a possible pre-planned deep state reset as a result of a repugnant mass shooting, or a reset that simply exploited the vulnerability of the Ardern Government due to the squandered nine minutes between the gunman sending his email and commencing his carnage. I am simply analyzing the situation as I see it – in the absence of skeptical reportage of the official story – which is supposed to be the guiding rule of journalism.

In keeping with oligarchic wealth defence and offence, it would appear domestic and international deep state forces constructed a new enemy image to scapegoat, in order to resolve those looming crises. If N.Z.’s white supremacist Rich-Listers, the national security state, and a selected network of their foreign counterparts were not involved in a plot to massacre Muslims in Christchurch – they have certainly benefited from the Labour-led Coalition Government’s Great Policy Collapse. The exploitable security protocol – to simply forward any threatening emails arriving in the inboxes at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet onto the Parliamentary Services Security Team – is deeply suspicious. Telephones are inventions of immediacy appropriate for emergencies. Emails are not immediate enough and the Police needed to be in the loop straight away – most especially since time had been weaponized. To any international Police counter-terrorism squads, anti-terrorist Army units and political élite examining the details of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, they could not have helped but notice that all of the terrorist shooter’s 71 email recipients would rue the nine squandered minutes of the ‘Gift Horse head-start’ to stop his mayhem. If the exploitable email security protocol were not a Trojan Horse mechanism to gain the capitulation of the Government, the political opposition and the news media – it may as well have been. Therefore, the Ardern Government’s policy capitulations are another key ‘tell’ of a false flag coup d’état – albeit a possibly highly stealthy one occurring in slow motion.


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Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a New Zealand-born Pākehā (of European descent) who edited news and current affairs for fourteen years at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television. For his thesis entitled, “It’s the Financial Oligarchy, Stupid” he applied an event clustering technique originally designed for deciphering naval submarine intelligence reports, to news reportage on the Bank Bailouts of 2007 and 2008, since he reasoned that élites are like submersibles who disappear in waters with unclear motives.

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