A False Flag Black Operation with a Trojan Horse Twist?

Since June 2017, warnings had been sounded about New Zealand being vulnerable to interference from state actors, particularly China, whom were viewed as threats to N.Z.’s partnership in the ‘Five Eyes’ military alliance with America, Australia, Canada and Britain. Since the United States is the dominant belligerent power in this alliance, the possibility that the Christchurch shootings may have been an American-led Deep State false flag is explored. By analyzing the meta-data of events prior to, during and in the aftermath of this horrendous mass shooting, their consistency with signs of a false flag attack and a coup d’état in slow motiontogether add weight to the possibility that the ‘lone gunman’ may have been profiled as a suicidal psychopath capable of performing the hit-job. The gunman’s role may have been scripted with a pseudo-commando character casting as a cover to achieve geo-political objectives. 

The striking key finding is that ‘Tarrant’ – whether wittingly or not – has actually gained the capitulation of the Government, the political opposition and the news media – since all of these email recipients have participated in the Police’s cover-up of the Christchurch attacks’ central terrible truth – no one need have died. This terrible truth was suppressed when the New Zealand’s National Security State perpetrated a cover-up through a parallel construction of facts – which is a deceptive law enforcement stratagem to build a corresponding body of evidence to hide how a criminal investigation started. The Labour-led Coalition Government are acutely aware they have suppressed the horrendous truth of the mosques massacre. In effect, the Ardern Coalition Government are a politically-captured puppet government, since the Prime Minister is also the Minister for National Security and Intelligence. These are incredible achievements for a working class white supremacist ‘lone gunman’ with a pseudo-commando character casting.


The Snoopman – 4 June [Updated November 13 2019]

Weaponizing Time, Space and Institutions

The Christchurch Mosques Massacre of Friday March 15 2019 was the world’s first live-streamed civilian mass shooting and New Zealand’s largest peace-time massacre.[1]

The accused-gunman, ‘Brenton Harrison Tarrant’, is alleged to have shot 100 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand, killing 51 and injuring 49.[2] ‘Tarrant’ is reported to be 28-years old, a white male Australian national and an ex-gym trainer who had traveled extensively.[3]

Following Tarrant’s apprehension at 1:59PM or 19 minutes after he began his mayhem,[4] there were reports of multiple shooters,[5] gunshots at Christchurch Hospital, several bomb scares,[6] and three additional armed people in custody.[7] Taken together, this cluster of ‘messy aftermath’ events not only tied up emergency resources, but they may also be a ‘tell’ of an orchestrated Deep State false flag operation.

A false flag is an attack carried out by a Deep State network that produces the evidence to lay blame either on an enemy state, or unwitting patsies, or witting suicidal psychopaths to construct a new state enemy or escalate a conflict. The purpose is to achieve hidden objectives that reset the political trajectory of a society, and sometimes, the world.[8] A false flag black op need not involve several thousand people across the state-corporate apparatus of a country. The less in the compartmentalized loop the better the chances that such an orchestrated conspiracy can be successfully covered-up – particularly in a small country with a population of five million, such as New Zealand.

The Christchurch Mosques Massacre also came with a twist that has the hallmarks of a darkly innovative training drill scenario that may have gone ‘live’. At 1:31PM, or nine minutes before the first mosque in Christchurch was attacked – the Prime Minister’s staff at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Wellington received an email from the accused terrorist shooter. The email – which was sent to 70 others and was subject-lined “On the attack in New Zealand today” – contained the gunman’s attached ‘manifesto’ titled “The Great Replacement”. This ‘manifesto’ was forwarded with the email to the Parliamentary Services Security Team, in accordance with security policy, within two minutes of receipt, the Prime Minister said.[9]

Deceptively, Jacinda Ardern performed public statements on Sunday 17 March 2019, claiming the manifesto contained no specific details, and there was not enough time to stop the impending attacks on two mosques. Yet, the manifesto did contain location details that any nine year-old with a lap-top and internet connection could have been found in one minute flat by using the active noun ‘attack’ from the email’s subject-line as a search term.

Emergency Failure Cover-Up: Statements made by N.Z. Police Commissioner Mike Bush on April 17th 2019 conflict with N.Z. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s statements of Sunday March 17. Ardern falsely claimed the manifesto, which was received nine minutes before the attack, did not include a location or specific details. Bush claimed the Parliamentary Services Security Team received the email at 1:40PM, which contradicted Ardern’s claim one month prior. The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has oversight of national security and the Prime Minister is also the Minister of National Security and Intelligence.

However, the N.Z. Police claimed in its ‘Timeline of Events’, published a month after the attacks, that the email and manifesto were forwarded to the Parliament’s Security Team at 1:40PM, which very neatly matched the time when the accused-gunman commenced his carnage.[10] This conflicts with Ardern’s statements of Sunday 17 March, when she claimed the manifesto was forwarded with the email within two minutes of receipt. The Police were called 44 seconds after the attack started at 1:40PM, according to the Police Timeline.

This timeline is vague about when exactly the first Armed Offender Squad entered the first mosque to be attacked, the Masjid Al Noor Mosque on Deans Ave. The timeline states that at 1:46:58PM, the shooter left Masjid Al Noor Mosque. Two seconds later, the first Armed Offender Squad car reached the intersection of Riccarton and Deans avenues – just 450 metres away. Police Commissioner Mike Bush stated that a parked bus obscured the view of the fleeing gunman. According to the Police Timeline, at 1:47:18PM, Armed Offender Squad members confirmed over the radio they were making an approach on Deans Avenue. The timeline is not only vague about what time precisely this AOS car reached Masjid Al Noor Mosque. It is also vague about how many armed Police were in the squad car and what they did, and how quickly they gleaned from witnesses what direction the gunman left. The only detail provided about this squad car is at 1:48:28 PM, when an Armed Offenders Squad member evidently administered first aid to a gunshot victim.

At 1:49PM a second AOS squad car left the Police Station and at 1:51PM, or 10 minutes after the first calls to Police, the first general Police arrive at Masjid Al Noor Mosque. Between 1:52PM and 1:55PM, the alleged sole shooter inflicted carnage at the Linwood Islamic Centre. At 1:56PM, gunfire at Linwood Islamic Centre was reported to Police. ‘Tarrant’ was chased away by Muslim worshippers before he could reload and was apprehended 19 minutes after he began his mayhem at 1:59PM.

These may seem like reasonable response times. However, the Police Timeline and associated map, labelled “Movement of the Alleged Offender” – omits crucial details, rendering the document released on April 17 2019, a piece of official state propaganda, censorship and fraud. These omissions include the route taken by police squad cars, the locations of Police Stations and the location of the Princess Margaret Hospital, where a multi-national paramilitary police training exercise was taking place. Because this Police Timeline either fakes the time that the Parliamentary Security Team received the email, or fails to explain why it took a snail-pace nine minutes for it to be forwarded from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, a cover-up with a parallel construction of evidence is apparent.

Trojan Horse Cyber Attack: The Minister of National Security and Intelligence, Jacinda Ardern, and multiple state agencies covered-up the Christchurch 15/3 emergency response failure – including the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPM&C), which is charged with overseeing New Zealand’s national security.

Crucially, the first AOS car took the Riccarton Ave route, and arrived at the corner of Riccarton and Deans avenues at 1:47PM, while the second AOS car route was not reported, and took until 1:49PM to leave an unspecified Police station. Commissioner Bush claimed the first Armed Offenders Squad team arrived ‘on the scene’ within six minutes of receiving the first emergency calls, despite there being two Police Stations in the Central Business District, approximately five cruising speed minutes away.[11]

Despite the rhetoric about fast and heroic Police work, the locations of where Brenton Tarrant intended to target could have been worked out much sooner – with quick thinking, speed reading and key word searches of the manifesto, instead of the pedestrian approach taken.

Because the N.Z. Parliament’s security protocol stipulated forwarding threatening emails to the Security Team, rather than also ringing and emailing the Police, the nine ticking minutes before the Police were called – essentially meant a deadly countdown had been set ticking. This deadly countdown looked like it could have been a Trojan-scripted measurement of an occult, dark Deep State coup d’état designed as a horror production that would ‘go live’ deploying ‘terror as theatre’ to reset the political trajectory of the Realm of New Zealand. The effect, was that the alleged white supremacist, with a clichéd pseudo commander character – had actually weaponized the dimension of time, as crazy and over-dramatic as that sounds.

Moreover, the three dimensions of space were also weaponized.

A quick search for the word “attack” – as used in the email’s subject line – revealed its use spiked at 14 times on page 11 of the ‘manifesto’, which included the questions, “Why did you choose New Zealand as a place to attack” and “Was there any reason you attacked that(those) mosque(s) in particular?” – in bold type. On the following page, ‘Tarrant’ mentions – twice – carrying out attacks on the “Christchurch and Linwood mosques” and a “mosque in Ashburton” – if he made it there before being caught.

The Sunday after the mosques attack, Prime Minister Ardern said the gunman’s email, “did not contain a location, it did not include specific details.”[12] N.Z.’s PM also claimed the email and the ‘manifesto’ did not supply “details that could have been acted upon immediately”. By her rhetoric, the Prime Minister was performing an Inoculation Ritual, which is a public relations (PR) tactic that acknowledges the weakness of the matter at hand, and then it is quickly brushed aside. The intention is that the news audience will think nothing more of it, satisfied that there is nothing under-handed to see.

The “Linwood” mosque mentioned twice in the terrorist’s manifesto is readily identified on Google Maps with an Islamic crescent moon and star symbol signposting the Linwood Islamic Centre at 223 Linwood Ave, Linwood. There are two Islamic Centres in Christchurch, which like the mosques are also identified on Google Maps with the Islamic crescent moon and star symbol. One is called the Linwood Islamic Centre. And therefore, the Rasol-O-Allah Islamic Center in the outer suburb of Bishopdale was likely not to be the “Christchurch mosque” that the accused-terrorist’s ‘manifesto’ was referring to. By quick deduction, it can be seen the Muslim Association of Canterbury is located at the same site as what soon became known to the world as the Masjid Al Noor Mosque at 101 Deans Ave. The Masjid Al Noor Mosque is the closest one to the Christchurch CBD, or five minutes cruising drive by the fastest route from the two Christchurch CBD Police stations. Therefore, the Masjid Al Noor Mosque is the “Christchurch” mosque referred to twice in the ‘manifesto’ that was attached to the accused-terrorist’s email, and was Tarrant’s first target.

To any international Police counter-terrorism squads, anti-terrorist Army units and political élites examining the details of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, they could not have helped but notice that all of the terrorist shooter’s 71 email recipients would rue the nine squandered minutes – since no one acted quick enough to stop his mayhem. Therefore, in addition to weaponizing time and space, this working class white supremacist appears to have also weaponized the VIPs in government and the political opposition, as well as the news media – whom together received his email and ‘manifesto’.

International observers may even have wondered if this head-start was a darkly innovative training drill that came packaged with a Trojan Horse scenario that went ‘live’. After all, the directors of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet are charged with overseeing national security, and the Prime Minister is the Minister for National Security and Intelligence, and the DPM&C has direct dial lines to various Police district command centres.

Police Special Squads, Army Snipers and Air Force Exercises

At the time of the mosques attacks, there just happened to be three multi-national, multi-agency training exercises occurring in, around and above Christchurch. The ‘lone’ gunman’s uncanny timing meant that when the nation’s entire paramilitary police were training in a hospital in the southern suburb of Cashmere – they were drawn away from the CBD Police Stations, located dead centre between the two targeted mosques. Meanwhile, the country’s other top snipers in the Army’s Special Air Service (SAS) were also engaged in a multi-national training exercise at a shooting range just outside Christchurch, while the N.Z. and U.S. air forces trained above.

The Police training exercise involved the Armed Offenders Squads (AOSs) working in conjunction with the counter-terrorism Special Tactics Groups or STGs, and Australian and Hong Kong Police and was focused on ‘room clearances’ using shot-guns, semi-automatics and smoke bombs.[13] Unlike previous special squad training exercises, the N.Z. Police did not publicize this national-level exercise that coincided with the March 15 attacks.[14] Meanwhile, snipers from the N.Z. Defence Force, the Australian military and Asian countries including Hong Kong, were participating in the Defence Force shooting range exercise when the alleged ‘lone gunman’ inflicted mayhem.[15] The Royal New Zealand Air Force were also conducting a 10-day joint military day and night training exercise, called Exercise Nocturnal Reach, that included low-flying in a simulated hostile environment, day and night, with drop zones and a flight path intersecting with Christchurch involving the Hercules C-130 transport aircraft from the 40th Squadron and support from the United States Air Force.[16]

The coincidence of training drills, exercises and war-games underway as an attack occurs or that finishes just prior to an attack – is not simply a sign of a false flag black operation. Such drills, exercises and war-games provide the cover for deep state actors to take the training scenarios live, exploiting the confusion about whether the phenomena is an exercise or a real world situation. The drills, exercises and war-games that coincide with a terrorist shooting, bombing or a hijacked plane smashing into a building are the key sign of a false flag black op – as Jon Rappoport’s article, “Training Exercises Dovetail with Mass Shootings, What are the Odds?” points out.[17]

The three major multi-national training exercises that occurred at the time of the Christchurch mosques shootings appeared to be embedded with metaphor. While the country’s entire paramilitary Police Squads were training in a hospital with Australian and Hong Kong special squads, the Army’s Special Air Service (SAS) sharp-shooters were out of range target practicing at a shooting range with the Australian military and Asian countries including Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the entire South Island had already been transformed into a simulated hostile environment under the watch of the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the U.S. Air Force, night and day. Were these training exercises that coincided with the Christchurch Mosques Massacre held to demonstrate that the supply of security had been withheld? And then, once the mayhem was inflicted, was the intention to supply a sudden show of force that would work as a mass psychological mechanism of manipulation to manufacture gratitude for the national security state amid the mass trauma? Since terrorism is theatre designed to induce shock, fear and submission on the watching audience[18] – were the attacks on the mosques also an act of psychological warfare perpetrated by a transnational Deep State network to achieve deep political objectives?

In other words, were N.Z.’s Deep State players – in conjunction with American and Australian Deep State counterparts – signalling that they could not only inflict mass carnage, trauma and fear, but also make incursions into the country’s triage life support systems, overwhelm them with collateral damaged ‘causalities’ and turn the other half of the country into real world hostile environments beyond the shooting ranges – if deemed necessary? Because the world’s intelligence agencies, secret services and special force units play a contrived ignorance game about one another’s deep state machinations, the visible Public State is largely clueless about the prevalence of Deep State-sponsored terrorism and the codified communications embedded into such events.[19] This clueless-ness means that the earnest, decent citizens who work in the visible government of the Public State can be blind to how exactly a stealthy coup d’état can be set in motion.

A Secret City Scenario with a Trojan Horse Twist?

Whether wittingly or not, the ‘lone wolf’ gunman effectively weaponized time, space and key institutions when he sent to his email containing the manifesto to 71 recipients, including the PM’s office. What are the odds that all 71 recipients would fail to think quick enough and call the Police before the alleged lone wolf terrorist shooter could inflict his mayhem? The accused shooter’s email may have been a Trojan Horse device to capture N.Z.’s political élite, establishment news media, Police and the security and intelligence agencies by transforming all computers and other digital devices that received the email, and its ‘manifesto’, into cyber-age siege engines. Indeed, the tradition of a gunman leaving a manifesto is one sign of a false flag black operation.[20] A manifesto usually fixes the assailant’s worldview, like cement for the official story and its roots can be traced back to the Greeks’ capture of Troy.

A Trojan Horse has come to mean a mythological metaphor element derived from the Trojan War that symbolizes subterfuge, or trickery. A Trojan Horse Mechanism works as a ruse of war, or military deception and sometimes exploits a force multiplier, or superior knowledge, to execute a creative, clever, unorthodox means to achieve a victory.

In the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the City of Troy ended when the Greek Army appeared to gift a wooden horse. According to popular mythology, the Trojan Horse was a huge construction that contained an élite force in the body and two spies in the mouth, and was left behind by the apparently retreating Greek Army, evidently as an atonement for the desecration of the temple of Athena, the Goddess of War. Foolishly, the Trojans pulled the ‘gift horse’ into the walled city and during the night the élite Greek force crept out of the wooden horse, opened the gates for the waiting Greek Army, whom had pretended to sail away, to successfully lay siege to Troy.

The metadata in the clustered events associated with the Christchurch Mosques Massacre contain elements that appear to riff off Trojan Horse mythology.

In the story of the final capture of Troy, the Trojan Horse plot called for one Greek soldier, Sinon, to voluntarily stay behind and pretend as though he had been abandoned, and sacrificed to the sea powers, in order to explain that the Greeks had given up on their siege of Troy. Helpfully, the Greeks had also left an explanatory note with their parting gift horse, which read, “For their return home, the Greeks dedicate this offering to Athena” [the Greek goddess of war, wisdom and handcrafts]. According to the epic poet Virgil, Sinon convinces the Trojans that the Greek Army has left, while Homer has it that Helen of Troy sees through the plot, as does King Piriam’s daughter Cassandra, but like Helen of Troy, she too is ignored by the ruling patriarchy. Sinon spins the lie that the Horse is an atonement offering to the goddess Athena as redress for the desecration of her temple at Troy by the Greeks, and to ensure the Greek fleet were un-harried on their homeward journey. Besides, the Trojan Horse was intentionally built to be too large for the Greeks to take it into their city and gain the favor of Athena for themselves, Sinon evidently said.

Did ‘Tarrant’ volunteer for an ‘assignment’ that required a ‘lone wolf gunman’, while the Army and Police Special Squads had pretended to ‘sail away’ and a ‘manifesto’ was sent to cement the official narrative – like the note left attached to the Trojan Horse by Greeks that fooled the patriarchy of Troy? In computing, a Trojan is any malware that misleads computer users about the true intent of, say, mail that arrives in the inbox. Trojans can exploit security flaws, especially if computer systems are not well protected to prevent hacking or if security protocols are detectable to external browsers.

The accused ‘lone gunman’– who used two AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles, two shotguns and a hand-gun, loaded with hollow-nosed ammunition designed to shred flesh to maximize shock, injury and lethality – came packaged with a pseudo-commando character casting. The working class white supremacist’s censored ‘manifesto’ reads like a try-hard booklet. For instance, the manifesto attributed to ‘Tarrant’ claims he is a Navy Seal graduate, trained in “gorilla [sic] warfare” and the U.S. armed forces top sniper with over 300 confirmed kills. Was the ‘manifesto’ made to look like it was typed by a ‘lone wolf terrorist’ while hiding a pseudo-commando character construction possibly written by deep state script-writers? ‘Tarrant’ even suggests a healthy degree of skepticism when he claimed he was neither a Fed or Mossad agent, nor a false flag patsy – and then signposts that the next mass shooter could be.[21]

Intriguingly, in recent years, ‘Tarrant’ is reported to have traveled extensively to countries such as Israel, Greece, North Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Iceland, Argentina, Afghanistan, China and the Ukraine.[22] ‘Tarrant’ may have been identified as a suicidal, psychopathic white supremacist and chosen for hits on the mosques due to his killer prowess, his capacity to fool people and his lack of empathy – along with ‘flattering’ appeals to his narcissistic European Superiority Complex. Or, ‘Tarrant’ may have been ‘MK-Ultra-ed’ – meaning a victim is subjected to mind-control programming, originally developed by the CIA and the London Tavistock Institute under the auspices of Project MK-Ultra,[23] to create alternative personalities or ‘alters’ designed to perform specific tasks such as assassinations, mass shootings or suicide bombings.

One of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifles used by ‘Tarrant’ had the motif of the number ‘14’, along with an Odal rune that was in use during the 3rd to 8th centuries among proto-Germanic languages, signifying heritage, inherited estate or inheritance. Intriguingly, surviving students of the Parklands mass shooting of Valentine’s Day 2018, or 14.02.2018, where 14 students were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, visited NZ in July 2018 to learn lessons from the Student Volunteer Army formed in response to the Christchurch Earthquake of 22.02.2011. This Parkland students initiative occurred with funding support from New Zealand’s Ambassador to the US, Tim Groser, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Key Government. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High returned again to Christchurch in July 2019 after the mass shooting.

Is it merely coincidental that the word ‘attack’ appeared 14 times on the page that its use spiked in the ‘manifesto’, The Great Replacement?

The day before the twin terror attacks at the Christchurch mosque there was a twin global take-down of Facebook and Google servers, on March 13th U.S. time, or March 14th New Zealand time, This server take-down created chaos for the tech-conglomerates. The dual cyber attacks on two the National Security Agency’s ‘Global Corporate Partners’ the day prior to the 15 March date of the Christchurch mosques attacks – which corresponded 14 March in the United States – was perhaps signaled by John Podesta’s ‘vampiric performance’ on a NZ 6 o’clock news bulletin, Newshub, on March 10th. John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Manager, attended a ‘global Progressives conference’ in New Zealand, ‘warned’ that the country’s next election could be hacked by Russian or Chinese state actors in an exclusive interview on TV3’s Newshub 6 o’clock bulletin.

Podesta cut an odd image in his Newshub appearance. His grey trainers were incongruous with his suit jacket and tie. The interview ‘set’ was strange too because the cheap scene made the encounter appear that training journalism students filmed it. Podesta’s fang-grinning, ruby-ring rubbing messaging on cyber attacks, fake news and how N.Z.’s membership in the ‘Five Eyes’ echelon spy network makes the South Pacific country a “juicier target” – appears to add up to an encoded metaphor-laden performance. Did the ringmaster give the ‘start signal’ to take the training exercises live? In Coup de’tat in Slow Motion – about the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986 – Ole Dammegård stated that a local Stockholm radio station ran a radio play that he believes was a “starting signal” for all participants that the assassination plot was to ‘go live’ that night. Dammegård has followed many mass shootings and terrorist bombings and claims he has found that a traveling ‘Global Terror Tour’ team embeds the events with codified communications to signal authorship, caution and the next event’s location.

Calling Showtime? Did a March 10 cyber attack warning about NZ’s 2020 election from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, act as a codified ‘start signal’ for the mosque attacks to ‘Go Live’?

Podesta said N.Z.’s political conversations were not secure. Oddly, the American political actor played with his ruby ring, which provided a kind of motif to edit imagery of a news globe graphic featuring ruby crystal light special effects to lead into a sequence of “one of the great conspiracy theories of the [2016 Presidential] election.” Podesta laughed off the ‘Pizzagate ‘conspiracy theory’ which included a downtown Washington pizza shop called Comet Ping Pong, suspected to be a front for child-sex trafficking ring alleged to have been overseen by Podesta. He spun this Pizza-gate episode as an example of the dangers of fake-news, warning about the “weaponisation … of social media to spread discord, lies, [and] dissatisfaction”. Notwithstanding that Bill Clinton’s name appeared 26 times on billionaire convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ flight manifests, Podesta’s claim about fake news was ironic given his links to the Clinton Crime Family, as outlined below. Podesta’s grin revealed his vampire-like fangs, which seemed to foreshadow the dual cyber attacks on two of the internet’s giant ‘fangs’ – Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

Given the foregoing, the censorship of “The Great Replacement” ‘manifesto’ by New Zealand Chief Censor David Shanks takes on a deeper significance. The meme-laden ‘manifesto’ may contain evidence of a false flag coup d’état – albeit a possibly highly stealthy one occurring in slow motion that appears to have already forced policy capitulations of the Ardern Coalition Government. If there was not a conspiracy involving the Deep State network embedded within N.Z’s national security state working in cahoots with the American Deep State, there may as well have been.[24] A reset of New Zealand’s political trajectory appears to have occurred, with the national security state pulled back into the orbit of the United States-dominated ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence, security and defense alliance comprising America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Moreover, New Zealand’s big tech business interests are fused with the U.S. Military-Industrial-Smart-Tech Complex. For instance, the big clients of California–based transnational space firm, Rocket Lab – whose New Zealand space launch pad is located on the Mahia Peninsula – are the U.S. Department of Defence, NASA and DARPA – the U.S. military industrial complex’s primary R&D organization. Meanwhile, the New Zealand clients of California-based big data company, Palantir, include the N.Z. Department of Defence, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), and the N.Z. Security Intelligence Service (SIS).[25]

The competition, tension and rivalry between the United States and China in the Asia-Pacific Region for influence and control, spilled over into friction about political penetration in New Zealand during the 2017 election campaign, following the publication of a study titled “Magic Weapons: China’s political influence activities under Xi Jinping” by University of Canterbury Professor Anne-Marie Brady. Curiously, just five days before the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, the former Deputy Chief of Staff in the Clinton White House, John Podesta, ‘warned’ that New Zealand’s next election could be hacked by Russian or Chinese state actors – in an exclusive interview on TV3’s Newshub 6 o’clock bulletin.[26]

Podesta’s rhetoric on cyber attacks, fake news and how N.Z.’s membership in the ‘Five Eyes’ echelon spy network making the South Pacific country a “juicier target” – appears to add up to an encoded metaphor-laden performance. After all, as a White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Podesta had a poisonous proximity to President Bill Clinton who oversaw the cover-up of numerous scandals related to his ‘Machine’ when he was Governor of Arkansas, that were either under investigation, shut-down or otherwise derailed – often through key witnesses, investigators and collaborators dying so frequently Clinton’s home-state earned the nickname – Arkanside.

The Mena Connection: Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton sits with Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush at Bush House, Kennebunkport, Maine, July 30 1983, while the Mena Airport gun and drug running operation brings in tens of millions every month.

One of the most epic of these scandals involved gun-running out of Mena Airport, Arkansas, to Columbia and Nicaragua and drug trafficking back into Mena Airport and money laundering out of a Clinton project – the Arkansas Development Finance Authority and the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary Clinton worked – and funnelling money through banks connected to the Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI), which was a conduit for CIA and Safari Club black-ops, which was an supranational terrorist network set-up when George Herbert Walker Bush was CIA Director (1976-177). These deep state machinations were exposed by the local news outlets and covered-up by the national media during the Iran-Contra scandal and subsequent probes – as the documentaries The Mena Connection, The New Clinton Chronicles and American Re-Made: The Real Story of Barry Seal show.[27] Crucially, the implied solution packaged with Podesta’s alleged cyber-attack threat story of 10 March 2019 was for N.Z. to spend more on its commitment to the ‘Five Eyes’ Echelon spy apparatus.

From Dallas to Mena: The thread of the Operation 40 assassination team runs through the Mena Airport drug and gun running operation – since George H W Bush set up the criminal syndicate which included Oliver North running the operation, Barry Seal who flew a get-a-way plane out of Dallas on November 22 1963, was hired as pilot for the Mena operation, which flushed $100 million month through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority set-up with Bill Clinton’s oversight.

It is, therefore, fascinating to note that in May 2018, there occurred a ‘China Influence’ event cluster. The first was a public talk in New Zealand on May 7 2018 given by Hillary Clinton, who warned that China was waging a foreign power grab that she dramatized as “a new global battle”. Then in mid-May, a former CIA analyst, Peter Mattis, was reported in the New Zealand media to have said in testimony to a U.S. Congressional committee that the influence of the Chinese Communist Party’s on New Zealand politics was concerning because the political élite did not take it seriously, he claimed. Mattis evidently told the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the U.S. Senate that Australia had had a similar problem of penetration of its “political core”, and asserted Australia’s political élite had seen the gravity of the situation. New Zealand’s media followed up revealing that a report titled “China and the Age of Strategic Rivalry”, had been published on May 2 2018 by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, whom had hosted a workshop with academics in March 2018. The report claimed it would be a “major coup” if China were to separate New Zealand from its long-standing defence and security partners, and gain greater political influence in the Pacific Region, access to Antarctica and penetration to exploit the country’s farmed lands. These concerns were drawn from Professor Brady’s 2017 study, “Magic Weapons: China’s political influence activities under Xi Jinping”, in which she found extensive political penetration by China into New Zealand and said the small South Pacific nation was “very vulnerable to the shifts to global balance in economic and political power.” At the end of this ‘China Influence’ event cluster, Prime Minister Ardern was reported by Radio NZ on May 30 2018 to have said, “I take my steer on these matters from official channels, not opinions expressed at a workshop.”[28]

Then in February 2019, N.Z.’s top spies from the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) and the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) cautioned Parliament that the 2020 election is also vulnerable to attack, due to electronic voting, and that cyber warfare was a rising threat. National Party Leader Simon Bridges joked with the spies about dodgy emails. This ‘official channels’ warning appeared to echo Hillary Clinton’s warning and, whether wittingly or not – présaged John Podesta’s warning.[29] Was Podesta giving the ‘start signal’ to take the multinational training exercises in Christchurch live?

Contrived Ignorance? New Zealand’s Security Intelligence Service (SIS) is either implausibly ignorant about the Clinton Crime Family or it wittingly exposes this Switzerland of the South Pacific to American criminal syndicates.

Hidden actors within N.Z.’s spy agencies may have manipulated the visible leadership to perform a Hostage Posting Ritual to advance the game. In game theory, ‘posting a hostage’ is a mechanism to construct stability and is predicated on a provisional promise to cooperate if other players post hostages too. In their paper, “Resolving social conflicts through hostage posting: theoretical and empirical considerations,” Gideon Keren and Werner Raub noted that “tacit communications of threats and promises are two major message strategies used to influence the behaviours of others”.  Therefore, ‘the game’ requires an implied threat, which signals a defection on the next move if the other player does not post a hostage too. As crisis management expert Paul ’t Hart observed in his paper, “Symbols, rituals and power: The lost dimensions of crisis management”, ‘crises’ can be contrived and manoeuvred by actors within and external to the state apparatus and provided they can control the ritualized symbolic actions, they can also constrain the meanings. It follows that in an atmosphere of calamity and urgency, those who control perceptions about what caused the crisis and what might resolve it, will tend to gain politically. Therefore, the construction of events under the rubric of a ‘crisis’ “creates a self-binding dynamic,” since the act of characterization is rhetorical and lends itself to semantic, or sanitized, descriptions.

The apparent Deep State machinations between the United States and China vying for influence and control over New Zealand and Australia are reminiscent of the Netflix series Secret City, set in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. In Secret City, journalist Harriet Dunkley discovers the dark underbelly of the Australian Deep State where American and Chinese political factions vie for dominance. Their machinations escalate into a 13-minute long cyber-attack involving Air New Zealand Flight 101 set on a collision course with another airliner, and is narrowly averted and covered-up.  The drama intensifies when Dunkley discovers a secret military program that the Prime Minister does not know about, which provokes the question – who is really running Australia?

In the aftermath of the Christchurch atrocity, New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern’s scheduled one-week visit to China was at first postponed and then cut short to a day – April Fool’s Day. Inside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, New Zealand’s Prime Minister sat opposite President Xi Jinping around a table. The Prime Minister’s visit was timed to open New Zealand’s newly built $50 million embassy in Beijing. The New Zealand delegation offered to advise on the New Silk Road project, that envisages transcontinental railway and highway infrastructure passing through Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.[30] This New Silk Road would generate a land-based economic dynamism to rival the maritime trade of the Ocean Powers and could potentially up-end the US-NATO military empire’s post-World War II containment strategy of China and Russia through military bases that encircle those great rivals powers.[31] 

Not surprisingly – given the forgoing – among the biggest winners in the first post-Christchurch Shooting budget,[32] the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Force gained a combined increase of $1 billion, or by almost a quarter, taking the annual appropriations to $4.1 billion.[33] Overall, the 2019 allocation for military spending increased by 19% to a record total of NZ$4.44 billion, accrding to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

The security, intelligence and surveillance budgets at the GCSB saw a gain of $33 million,[34] while $22 million more was allocated for the N.Z. SIS.[35] In addition to the N.Z. Police administering a guns buy-back scheme costing $163 million, $20.5 million will be spent on new Police radio and communications networks.[36] Meanwhile, at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet – where the accused-gunman’s email was sent nine minutes before the first attack – the overall budget allocation has dropped by $25.5 million.[37] However, $2 million has been appropriated for implementing the 2018 Cyber Security Strategy and over $12 million has been allocated for national security matters, including managing the National Cyber Policy Office. Is the overall budget cut at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet a mechanism for ‘dis-establishing’ roles occupied by staff who know too much about the nine squandered minutes before they are called to testify in various probes related to the Christchurch shootings?

Then on June 11, Defence Minister Ron Mark announced the N.Z. Defence Force’s Capability Plan for 2019 that includes a ‘Pacific Reset’, which commits the Ardern Coalition Government to a $20 billion military upgrade.[38] This Defence Force Capability Plan ties New Zealand closer to Australia and shifts the political centre of gravity away from China and draws the country’s orbit closer to the United States.[39] Although this $20 billion military upgrade was embarked upon in 2014 during the Key Coalition Government with $5.8 billion being spent to date,[40] it was under threat with the Ardern Coalition Government’s review of the National Security State Complex by the State Services Commission in 2018.

Conspicuously, Defence Minister Ron Mark does not define the Pacific Reset, although he did state in the report’s opening paragraph:

“the Defence Force Capability Plan … concludes a series of foundational reviews which align defence policy with the Coalition Government’s priorities, including the Pacific Reset, and its commitment to safeguarding and providing resilience for the nation’s wellbeing.”

The inclusion of the term ‘Pacific Reset’ in Ron Marks’ opening remarks appears to signal that elements in the Ardern Coalition Government have got the message – without the Prime Minister and others in the visible Public State necessarily fully comprehending that a coup d’état has occurred. This ‘Pacific Reset’ of New Zealand’s political trajectory has occurred with the national security state now pulled back into the orbit of the United States-dominated ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence, security and defense alliance comprising America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Pacific Reset: NZ’s Ministry of Defence described its $20 billion Capability Plan as a ‘Pacific Reset’ – language signaling a Deep State political event that caused the political trajectory of the visible Public State to alter course.

The phrase “nation’s wellbeing”, used by Ron Mark to justify a recommitment to the $20 billion military upgrade has layered meanings, because the publication of the Defence Force Capability Plan came a week after the House of Representatives voted for the ‘Wellbeing Budget’ which emphasized spending on housing upgrades, mental health and wealth gap mitigation measures. Moreover, the SIS’s national security mandate was expanded under the Key Coalition Government to include “economic wellbeing” as well as the traditional security mandate.

In other words, “wellbeing” is code for the sustainability and resilience of the super-wealthy oligarchy – that like all oligarchs – can only exist in societies of extreme economic inequality (as is stated more generally in his 2011 book, Oligarchy, by Jeffrey Winters whose PhD, Power in Motion, was about capitalist exploitation of the Indonesian economy following its carve-up by transnationals, including Chase Manhattan Bank, at the Indonesian Investment Conference in Geneva in early November 1967 following the CIA-backed coup of 1965, as he mentions in John Pilger’s documentary, The New Rulers of World).

Ironically, Ron Marks gained the Green Party’s support for the military upgrade by emphasizing the equipment spend would include climate-friendly war technologies. Marks told Radio New Zealand, “Our largest military deployment and always has been is Antartica [sic], where we work to support the science community to enable them to carry out they’re research to better understand what is happening with the planet, to mitigate and offset that [climate change],” he said.

In other words, where Ardern had claimed she had no mandate to get a comprehensive capital gains tax regime across the line – because NZ First would not support the Labour and Green-driven policy platform – the NZ First Defence Minister was able to gain support for a $20 billion military upgrade that was not discussed during the 2017 election campaign. The traditionally anti-war/pro-peace Green Party, therefore, appear to be comfortable with war-fighting technologies because they were persuaded the new military hardware and software were to be used for climate-related disaster rescue missions, climate-resilience capacity building in the Asia-Pacific Region and Antarctic science research into climate.

Who’s Pacific Reset?

It turns out that N.Z.’s Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters spoke of a “Pacific Reset” in a speech at the Australian think-tank, the Lowy Institute on March 1st 2018. He spoke of “a dizzying array of social and environmental problems, and one attracting an increasing number of external actors and interests”. Peters stated that “Australia and New Zealand … have never since 1945 needed each other more”.

Peters finished his speech at the Lowy Institute repeating his key point so that it was not lost on his audience: “There has never been a time since 1945 when Australia and New Zealand need to work together more closely in the Pacific.”

Six days after Peter’s speech the Lowy Institute published a follow-up opinion piece “New Zealand’s Pacific sea change”, noting that the Australian institute had published a white paper, without actually stating its title – “New Zealand’s pacific policies – time for a reset?” This begs the question – who is calling the shots on New Zealand’s political trajectory?

Following Peters speech, the Lowy Institute stated:

“we argued in the New Zealand International Review in March 2017, ‘changes and developments within the region’ – specifically, the growing influence of external actors, including China, resulting in an increasingly contested neighbourhood, and the emergence of a paradigm shift in Pacific diplomacy which is reshaping the regional order – ‘call for consideration of a New Zealand policy reset’.”

Perhaps, significantly, the Lowy Institute was founded by Slovakian-Hungarian billionaire Frank Lowy, who fought with the Haganah in 1948 Arab–Israeli War in the Galilee and Gaza in a ‘War of Independence’ establish the Zionist State of Israel, after surviving in a ghetto in Nazi-occupied Hungary in WWII. The Haganah, which was the forerunner Israel Defense Forces (IDF) or Tzva Haganah le-Yisraʾel, was a paramilitary organization of the Jewish Yishuv, whom were Jewish residents living in Mandatory Palestine between 1920 and 1948. Lowy, who went on to co-found the Westfield shopping mall empire, was an Zionist intelligence asset, was friends with NewsCorp owner Rupert Murdoch and together they were members of the American-Australian Association, which included Chase Manhattan banker David Rockefeller, his friend James Wolfensohn who was the president of the World Bank Group, and then-Chairman of AIG Maurice Greenberg who was a long-time business associate of Rockefeller – who all had connections to the WTC towers or the impacted floors.

Suspension of Disbelief or Failure of Physics Laws ? Westfield Group founder Frank Lowry parted ways with Larry Silverstein, who is the current holder of the world record for owning or leasing the only three steel reinforced concrete high rises to have ever collapsed due to office fires. WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 imploded, exploded or disintegrated on the same business day that the destruction of the other four buildings sharing the pre-fix – WTC.

Three months prior to 9/11, in July 2001, New York property magnate Larry Silverstein leased the World Trade Center for 99 years from the New York and New Jersey Port Authority, in a deal in which Westfield shopping center magnate Frank Lowy was a minor partner. Infamously, Silverstein related in a 2002 PBS documentary, America Rebuilds, that a fire department commander called him the afternoon of September 11 to tell him that he had doubts that “they were gonna be able to contain the fire” WTC7 or Building Seven. Silverstein claimed he said “maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.” The phrase “pull it” is demolition industry lingo for collapsing a building by controlled demolition.

Controlled Demolition: The Salomon Brothers Building, WT7 owner Larry Silverstein told a fire chief to “pull it”.

As Swiss historian Dr. Daniele Ganser relates in his talk, “WTC 7 was destroyed by Controlled Demolition” at 9/11 Perspectives Master Class, Zürich, Switzerland September 11, 2019, a BBC reporter Jane Standley announced the collapse of Building 7, 20 minutes prior to its failure, with the 47-storey tower still standing in the background of her live shot as she broke the news of its collapse! Ganser said, this is fake news, meaning that because the BBC reported the event too early, and its subsequent occurrence 20 minutes later means this news report is more evidence that the World Trade Center Building 7 was destroyed by pre-planted explosives before September 11 2001. All seven buildings owned or leased by Larry Silverstein collapsed, imploded, exploded or disintegrated by the end of the business day on 9/11, suggesting an American Coup many years in the making.

Prescient Journalism: Swiss historian Dr. Daniele Ganser relates in his talk – “WTC 7 was destroyed by Controlled Demolition” – that BBC reporter Jane Standley announced the collapse of WTC Building-7, the Salomon Brother Building, 20 minutes prior to its near free-fall collapse. The BBC has yet to explain how exactly the London based newsroom came to report the 47-storey tower had collapsed while it was still standing in shot behind Jane Standley.

The Lowy Institute appears to maintain a contrived ignorance to the Deep State-sponsored war crimes of the US-NATO Military Empire. For instance, one of its foreign policy expert fellows is Nicholas Burns, who was US ambassador to NATO for President George W Bush, who is an un-convicted war criminal for wittingly lying, along with the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, that Saddam Hussein posed an imminent threat to the world, as the documentary Why We Fight showed. Burns, who is also a Rothschild & Co Distinguished International Fellow and a foreign policy advisor in Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign, was also US ambassador to Greece for President Bill Clinton, and a State Department spokesman for Secretary Madeleine Albright, whom together maintained devastating economic sanctions imposed on Iraq following the Persian Gulf War of 1990-91. To convey an idea of the callousness of the US-NATO Military Empire, it’s worth recalling that on May 12, 1996, Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes asked Albright about the UN sanctions imposed on Iraq, “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” Albright replied, “We think the price is worth it.”

To be super-clear, I’m not saying the other two world super-powers, the Chinese Empire and the Russian Empire – are above deep state power crimes. Far from it. What I’m saying is, New Zealand appears to have become a ‘pivot state’ in the Pacific, and appears to have been cast with the role of an ‘influence multiplier’ to help transform ‘free’ Western Civilization into totalitarian Techno-Feudal police states, without ‘we, the Tax Herds’, fully grasping how this pivot to dystopia might have really occurred.

Media Hymn Sheets

The New Zealand Governments institutions may not be the only ones capitulating to a possible stealthy fascist agenda.

Ironically, in the same week as World Press Freedom Day, five N.Z. news outlets – Radio NZ, TVNZ, Newshub owner MediaWorks, NZ Herald owner NZME and Fairfax’s Stuff newspapers – openly formed a press cartel called the NZ Media Freedom Committee when they agreed to trial coverage ‘protocols’ in the upcoming mosque shooting court case.[41]

This commercial contractual agreement includes omitting the accused gunman’s ‘manifesto’, any signals, symbols or imagery used by the accused or his associates promoting or supporting white supremacist ideology or terrorist views. Poignantly, this self-censorship is to occur in a criminal case about the slaughter inflicted by a self-described fascist gunman, his extreme views and a horrendous vision to trigger a second American civil war – among other schemes.

Therefore, this ‘press cartel’ agreement to restrict supply of news on the trial – as Politico magazine put it in “Why New Zealand’s Press Just Put on Blinders for Its Biggest Story”[42] is a weird twist because is it not fascists whom desire censorship, propaganda and coercion over people who don’t agree with them? Did the accused-terrorist shooter send his email and ‘manifesto’ to these five news organizations nine minutes before the attacks?

Constructing a New State Enemy

Since February 6 1840 – when the 1840 Waitangi Treaty was first signed between a few dozen indigenous chiefs of New Zealand Māori and the British Crown – and until recently, Māori were cast as New Zealand’s perennial scapegoat.

However, during the 2017 election year, the N.Z. Labour Party colonized the Māori vote in a strategic response to the political ground shifting, wherein the capacity had been lost to overtly – and to some degree, covertly – continue casting Māori as scape-goats to resolve the frequent crises of N.Z.’s Pākehā-dominated Ruling Class.

Next Poster Boy Frame-up: NZ’s Deep State scapegoated Tame Iti by casting him as a terrorist guerilla leader to avert looming crises by riffing off movies such as Sleeping Dogs.

The loss of Māori as the enemy of the Neo-Colonial New Zealand state cannot be overstated. The Neo-Colonial New Zealand state lost the capacity to scapegoat Māori partly as a result of the backlash following the Operation Eight Raids of 15 October 2007 that included the lockdown of the Māori community of Rūātoki, that is comprised mostly of the Tūhoe tribe/iwi. The ‘Operation Eight’ police raids unleashed 300 masked, heavily armed members of the Police Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) and the Northern Special Tactics Group (STG), who broke into and searched 60 homes around New Zealand. Rūātoki bore the brunt of Police intimidation, yet only two people in Rūātoki were arrested with Terrorism charges. Those charges were later dropped.

The alleged nationwide terrorist network were supposed to be have been training in the mountain bush of the beautiful Urewera wilderness, and thus the police sting became known as the ‘Urewera Raids’. Crucially, the vicious intention that underpinned the Operation Eight ‘Urewera Raids’ was to undermine the Bay of Plenty tribe, Tūhoe, from gaining substantive sovereignty through the return of the Urewera native estate, by casting the Tūhoe tribe’s most visible face, Tame Iti, with a guerilla terrorist leader legend.[23]

Character Assassin: Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Samraoui testified in mid-2007 to New Zealand’s Inspector General for Security & Intelligence that he had framed Algerian academic and asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui as a terrorist.

It turns out that in committing to the Operation Eight ‘Urewera raids of October 2007, N.Z.’s spooks transposed the guerilla terrorist leader legend onto Tame Iti from one that had been used to frame an Algerian asylum-seeker, Ahmed Zaoui, for character assassination. Following his arrival at Auckland International Airport on December 4 2002, Zaoui was persecuted for nearly five years. N.Z’s Security Intelligence Service (SIS) had relied upon a false biography, which had been inserted into the French, Belgium, and Swiss intelligence agencies by Algeria’s equivalent to the CIA, the DRS, (or the Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité) to cast Zaoui with the legend of a guerilla terrorist leader – as journalist Selwyn Manning showed in his documentary, Behind the Shroud: Truth, Intelligence and Tradecraft.[24]

By activating the scapegoat mechanism to primarily target Tame Iti, the New Zealand Crown was saved from a looming crisis.[25] If one tribe were to regain substantial tracts of lands lost through swindle, struggle or stealth, it would have set a precedent for other iwi and hapū to regain lands beyond the jurisdiction of Crown statute law, titles and neo-feudal tributes, regardless of prior Waitangi Treaty settlements. Because the national security state and the Clark Labour Coalition Government avoided disclosing to New Zealanders that Zaoui, a Muslim academic and former politician, had been framed as a guerilla terrorist leader when he sought political asylum on arrival in December 2002, New Zealand’s spooks and their Deep State counterparts in the N.Z. Police were able to inflict the paramilitary raids of mid-October 2007 to save themselves, the Clark Labour Coalition Government and career Crown officials – particularly at the Crown Law Office – from deep scrutiny into what they considered as a mechanism of ‘national security’ state-craft: institutional racism.

Ruatoki Lockdown: Tūhoe regarded the roadblock on the historical Confiscation Line as a provocative signal of the Crown’s assertion over Tūhoe territory.

Therefore, the theatrical nature of the Operation Eight Raid location at Rūātoki takes on significance since the paramilitary-style lock down – complete with helicopters thwacking overhead – was where this B-Grade News Special psy-op had a Sleeping Dogs feel the most. In the 1977 movie Sleeping Dogs, the plot is propelled by a conspiracy of false flag terrorism, wherein masked gunmen shoot army soldiers from a building, a sinister act that is orchestrated by Prime Minister Volkner and Special Force Commissioner Jesperson to scare the duped population into unwittingly authorizing by referendum a fascist Police State.

False Flag Terrorism: Henchmen shoot the army as they clash with protesters, before being shot by an assassin who draws fire from army to cover his tracks [Sleeping Dogs, 1977].

The Sleeping Dogs audience is privy to who is behind the inciting incident of false flag terrorism, whereas the inciting incident in the ‘Operation Eight News Special’ relied on tricking the audience that the ‘Termination Phase’, or the paramilitary-style raids, were necessary to stop terrorism before it could happen,as if they were conducting a field trial of Minority Report-esque pre-crime. In his book, The Spectacle of the False Flag: Parapolitics from JFK to Watergate, Monash University senior lecturer of public international law Eric Wilson emphasizes the need to identify the battling factions, whom wage civil battles beyond the public state’s legal boundaries.

Follow the Money: In this sequence from Roger Donaldson’s 1977 political thriller, Sleeping Dogs, presents the golden rule of investigation – a common oversimplification in movies that fail to identify the feuding Deep State factions.

Deep State factions in a Dual State seek to slice up the administrative apparatus, and redirect the accumulated resources in preparation for a looming “season of escalating hostilities”, as the author of Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich, Guido Giamomo Preparata explained in his foreword to Wilson’s The Spectacle of the False Flag.i Preparata stated:

“The fictionalizing beauty of the set-up is that while the fight among the clans unfolds ‘deeply’, i.e. entirely hidden from public scrutiny, there concomitantly ‘forms’ on the media stage, as if inevitably bubbling over, a game of theatrics for mass consumption. The game is designed to sway ‘public opinion’ with the final objective topping off the ‘deep’ victory with popular acclaim.”

Thus, the covert power of the spectacle exists within this perpetually unstable migratory contest, or double movement, between the visible public state political decision-making and the covert deep state factions.i The reverberations of deeper machinations between the Public State and Deep State factions may be detectable in clustered events prior to, during and in the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre event. Eric Wilson has found elite criminals exploit the speed of high-velocity engineered events to distort perceptions about the facts of events that overtake “low velocity political deliberation and public accountability”. Therefore, a possible false flag black operation as a crime of spectacular power is theorized as a necessary ‘step-change’, or leap, to forge a fully-fledged Police State.

Spectacular Power: False flag deep events are designed to emotionally hijack mass populaces, politically capture Public State authorities and reset the trajectory of a society onto a fully-fledged Police State path and beyond.

The symbolism of terrorism focused on Māori worked to produce fear of ‘Otherness’ among the dominant Pākehā culture, as Brendan Hokowhitu wrote in his chapter “The Logic of Terror” for a book about the Operation Eight raids called, Terror in our Midst: Searching for Terror in Aotearoa New Zealand. Hokowhitu, among others, located the paramilitary raids on Māori communities within the context of the so-called War on Terror, and argued this global war was really aimed at undermining native sovereignty everywhere to consolidate the American Empire.

This backlash to overt targeting of Māori was concurrent to numerous sustained studies – that have grown in number since – proving Māori were/are targeted for the special treatment of institutional racism. These included findings that Māori would receive harsher treatment from law enforcement for offences, crimes and misdemeanors than Pākehā. Moreover, systemic racism in the public health system and over-representation in poverty statistics added to the inconvenient narrative that racism was widespread among Pākehā/Europeans. The implication was that this racism stemmed from, and was maintained by, racist Ruling Class Pākehā/Europeans, Rich-Listers and the Neo-Colonial Crown.

The Crown had also been keen to avoid admitting that the Waitangi Tribunal was correct in its 2014 finding that the biggest Northland tribe, Ngāpuhi never signed away sovereignty in the British Waitangi Treaty of 1840 with Māori. By implication, the Waitangi Tribunal’s finding – in effect – meant that none of Waitangi Treaty chiefs ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria. Instead, they thought they were conferring the right to appoint a governor to rule over Pākehā/European settlers.

In losing the capacity to overtly blame, target and distance Māori – the Pākehā-dominated Ruling Class not only lost a scapegoat mechanism it had been exercising since 1840. The Neo-Colonial State lost its staple internal enemy that the national security state needed to justify its budgets. This loss threatened its participation in the resourcing-consuming ‘Five Eyes’ Echelon surveillance apparatus, the U.S.-NATO military empire and the global imperialist regime change projects that serve the West’s white supremacist super-rich capitalist coalitions’ perceived need for rampant capital accumulation to stay ahead of their oligarchic rivals from Russia, Asia, Africa and South America. Because Neo-Colonialist system is really a track-laying vehicle for the construction of techno-feudal states that are intended to be governed by totalitarian super-states, those smaller units need to first be transformed into Police States. As Naomi Wolf pointed out in her 2007 book, The End of America, there are ten components required to construct a Police State. These include: (1) Invoking an external and internal threat; (2) Establishing secret prisons or a gulag; (3) Developing a paramilitary force; (4) Surveilling ordinary citizens; (5) Infiltrating citizen groups; (6) Arbitrarily detaining and releasing citizens; (7) Targeting key individuals; (8) Restricting the press; (9) Casting criticism as ‘espionage’ and dissent as ‘treason’; and (10) Subverting the rule of law.”

The massacre in Christchurch has raised the status of immigrant ethnic populations, or ‘Others’ – particularly Muslims – and even caused the Prime Minister to declare New Zealand had zero tolerance for racism, as well as violent, hateful racial attacks. But, making a declaration does not change the fact that the Crown, Councils and Corporate boards still practice stealthy racism, since they continue a covert war to take more Māori ancestral land for development than they return, or coerce Māori to sell by maintaining dominance over the cash scarce/credit abundant monetary system, the lions share of resources, technologies and institutions and a persistent cultural prejudice against indigenous autonomy. Therefore, the Deep State network operating within the national security state, the corporate apparatus and among their foreign-based counterparts had every reason to construct a new common enemy: the working class white supremacist.

Perhaps Tarrant’s cover required a low-rent approach, a white supremacist mass shooter persona and a script that didn’t make it too hard for the world’s national security blankets – ‘the news’ – to amplify, without having to explain difficult devilish details. For instance, the manifesto attributed to ‘Tarrant’ claims he is a Navy Seal graduate, trained in “gorilla [sic] warfare” and the U.S. armed forces top sniper, with over 300 confirmed kills. The accused gunman’s selection of N.Z. for a mass shooting may be a ‘tell’ or sign of a black propaganda psy-op, since the gunman’s ‘manifesto’ had geopolitical aims that suggest it might have been authored by Deep State scriptwriters. ‘Tarrant’ – who hates white Muslim coverts most – envisaged a balkanization of the United States along racial, cultural and political lines through the issue of firearms ownership that he hoped would spark a second American civil war to reduce the capacity of the superpower to project power globally. (It may result in the construction of a regional super-state that super-cedes the United States, or ‘A New World Order’)[31]. The manifesto’s geo-strategic dark ambitions may be a ‘tell’ that a legend was overlaid upon ‘Brenton Harrison Tarrant’ to create a phantom identity and behind that identity is a Deep State team,[32] who encoded the ‘manifesto’ with a revolutionary vision to trigger a violent consolidation to a multi-decade ‘strategy of tension’ in play since the JFK Assassination.[33]

The uncanny timing live-fed massacre that went viral on social media ahead of the March 27 passage in the European Parliament’s Strasbourg session of ACTA2, a legislative move which has paved the way for a Europe-wide upload filter on internet content.[42] The European Union is now obliged to fund an AI super infrastructure that will automatically censor online content before it is posted”. Moreover, the Christchurch mass shooting resulted in a meet-up between Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, French President Emmanuel Macron – who faces sustained dissent from the Yellow Vests movement – with tech giants such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at a summit, dubbed ‘Christchurch Call’, on May 15 in Paris. There at Elysee Palace, an accord to address internet ‘extremism’ including terrorist content was initiated between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Daily Motion and Qwant, as well as 17 governments – Australia, Canada, the European Commission, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Notably, the United States did not sign the accord, since issues would arise with endorsing algorithm regimes conflicting with 1st Amendment free speech rights. Therefore, under the cover of stopping the distribution of extremism and terrorist content online, the working class white supremacist’s terrorism video and extremist ‘manifesto’ have paved the way for internet censorship measures that the governments and transnationals whom comprise the US-NATO military empire have struggled for years to justify, get passed or agree to implement.

It is, therefore, fascinating to note that in the metadata post-Christchurch attacks, the media coverage of white supremacists has avoided focusing on the most cohesive, well-resourced and dangerous minority cohort of white supremacists – the Pākehā Rich Lister oligarchy. In other words, the top 10th percentile of the ‘One Percent’ cohort of New Zealand’s Neo-Colonial Ruling Class whom exercise oligarchic wealth defense through their professional army of lawyers, accountants, bankers, politicians and friends in the national security state – whom together ensure that Māori do not rival their stealthy Neo-Colonial power structure. The Pākehā Rich Lister oligarchy’s control over strategic resources of New Zealand belies an economic and political oligarchic system that screams of institutional racism, wherein their huge economic wealth is translated into political power that ensures Māori do not regain ancestral lands that are either large in size, or symbolically important enough to be an affront to the Ruling Pākehā cultural psyche, or would prove strategically catastrophic to their cartelized big business interests.

Deep State-Sponsored Shock Treatments: The story of financial, economic, military and psychological warfare against societies worldwide, made into a documentary.

In other words, the spread and maintenance of ‘free market’ cartelized capitalism and the use of military violence are inextricably linked, as Naomi Klein made clear in her book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. The Shock Doctrine is the denied part of the Global Neo-Colonial project that New Zealand was yanked into during the political-financial coup of mid-1984 with the election of Lange Labour Puppet Government. During the field-testing stage of ‘free markets’ in the mid-1960s to mid-1970s, US-backed terrorism was required to clear opposition for the ‘free market economic shock treatments’ that followed. Five countries – Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina – pursued a developmentalist economic framework and were all subjected to military juntas and/or CIA-backed coups. In the Chilean case, General Augusto Pinochet’s CIA-backed coup of September 11 1973 was ordered by US National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, who viewed president Salvador Allende’s socialist government as a “contagious example”, because he had nationalized key infrastructure and resources, owned by American and Chilean corporations.[42] But, these ‘developmentalist’ countries were not the only ones in need of ‘free market’ discipline.

Sweeping Facts Under a Parliamentary Carpet?

The Christchurch Mosques Massacre of 15 March 2019 may have been a U.S. Deep State-sponsored false flag reset to pull New Zealand back into the U.S.-NATO Empire’s orbit and away from China’s expansionism in the Pacific. Prior to the Christchurch attacks, there were numerous warnings sounded about New Zealand being vulnerable to interference from state actors, particularly China, whom were viewed as threats to N.Z.’s partnership in the ‘Five Eyes’ military alliance with America, Australia, Canada and Britain. The apparent Deep State machinations between the United States and China vying for influence and control over New Zealand are reminiscent of the Netflix series Secret City, set in Australia’s capital city, Canberra.

If the official story about shooter ‘Brenton Tarrant’ acting alone is to be believed, this Australian national uncannily caught the entire country’s Police Special Squads off-guard as they trained in a hospital in a southern Christchurch suburb, while the Army’s counter-terrorism snipers were effectively out of range – target practicing with their Australian and Asian counterparts outside the city. Meanwhile, a low-level flying training exercise involving the Royal N.Z. Air Force and U.S. Air Force had transformed the entire South Island of New Zealand into a “simulated hostile environment”. The coincidence of three training exercises occurring while the shooter inflicted his carnage may actually have been the modus operandi used by American-led Deep State actors to take the training exercises ‘live’, since training exercises ‘going live’ are a key sign of a false flag black operation. The training exercises appear to have been embedded with metaphor to symbolically signal that an American-led Anglo-Saxon Deep State network could turn the other half of the country – the North Island – into real world hostile environments beyond the shooting ranges to inflict mass carnage, trauma and fear, and overwhelm triage life support systems with collaterally damaged causalities – if ‘necessary’. Conspicuously, in the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, New Zealand’s defence budget has increased by $1 billion, or by almost a quarter, taking the annual appropriations to $4.1billion, while other security, intelligence and surveillance budgets have also increased.

In addition to weaponizing the dimension of space, the alleged ‘lone wolf’ shooter also weaponized time by sending his manifesto via email to the prime minister’s office, and 70 others recipients, nine minutes before he inflicted his carnage. No one rang the Police during those nine ticking countdown minutes – despite the fact that it was possible to quickly work out the targeted mosques’ locations from the manifesto. Because this darkly innovative head-start smells like the manifesto was a Trojan Horse scenario – since the signalled attack still went ‘live’ – its embedded message communicates the need to drill for terrorism readiness. The striking key finding is that ‘Tarrant’ – whether wittingly or not – has actually gained the capitulation of the Government, the political opposition and the news media – since all of these email recipients have participated in the Police’s cover-up of the Christchurch attack’s central terrible truth: no one need have died.

Crusades Irony: The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem was established in 1113AD as a Christian medical brethren following the First Crusade, when Jerusalem was wrested from Muslim control in 1099AD. In 1136AD, the Order was conferred with military duties, becoming a rival military order to the Knights Templar, whom were established in 1128AD, and inherited the Templars’ properties when their order was abolished by papal decree in 1312.

Yet, because this account of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre tallies up the inter-related events that snowballed from decisions, either made long before the mass shooting or as the horror unfolded – it’s hard not wonder if the mayhem was a Deep State-scripted false flag black op. Because, not only did March 15 2019 become another one of New Zealand’s ‘Darkest Days’. It also became one of most weirdest exemplars of a huge historical event producing at least two sets of facts. These factual data sets are not identical twins.

They are competing sets of facts.

One set is the official narrative of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre, which was propaganda produced to a cover-up. On closer scrutiny – an epic ‘ screw-up’ of the New Zealand National Security States’ first responses occurred, and perhaps in accordance with an Anglo-Saxon-NATO Deep State script of ritual sacrifice.

This is where the second set of facts emerges.

For instance, the alleged lone gunman could have been stopped either just before he started inflicting his carnage at Al Noor Mosque on Deans Ave, or in the first moments and definitely in the subsequent minutes while he was still terrorizing and killing Muslim worshippers at the first mosque to be attacked – if only the 70 recipients of the Trojan email, including the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, a few politicians and several newsrooms had applied quick thinking emergency protocols and called the Police. Moreover, Brenton Tarrant could have been caught by the AOS Police, had most of them not been tied up in a multi-national training exercise in the Southern suburb of Cashmere. If the horrifically ‘thin’ initial response from the New Zealand Police – when it mattered most – as well as the ridiculous security protocol within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the pedestrian reactions from the other 70 email recipients, were placed under closer scrutiny, the whole official narrative’s ‘structural support beams’ collapse like a bridge holding up the story’s narrative’s arc.

Complaint Missing in Action? Former NZ Defence Force member Pete Breidahl [pictured right] says he lodged a formal complaint with Dunedin Police in November 2017 after visiting the Bruce Rifle Club in Milburn near Milton, in South Otago where the mosque terror suspect trained. The Police evidently had no record of the complaint.

Indeed, the official set of facts contains numerous faulty bolts, nuts and welds in crucial places. These comparisons between the two competing sets of facts, prove the official story of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre has an unstable narrative structure. This instability means the Christchurch Mosques Massacre’s official narrative may be likened to a plummeting Hollywood Mobile Production Truck before it reaches the climatic Point of No Return located at the halfway point in the story. If a piece of this Christchurch Mosques Massacre Official Story bridge collapses before this imagined Hollywood Truck reaches this Point of No Return, and causes this huge truck to splash into the polluted Parallel Construction River below, then the Hollywood Production Truck’s pathway to its fully-fledged Police State destination would dramatically disappear.

Sudden Show of Force: The spectacle of masses of Armed Police and Army personnel on the streets in the immediate aftermath created a misleading image of a quick response.

And then new Deep State events would be required to forge a fully-fledged Police State, thereby escalating the stakes of what looks like a hidden Deep State criminal network. It would appear that New Zealand’s National Security State has perpetrated a parallel construction – which is a deceptive law enforcement stratagem to build a corresponding body of evidence to hide how a criminal investigation started. Because the criminal investigation into the Christchurch mass shooting began with a set of facts that implicated the Police, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the leader of the opposition, Simon Bridges and the Speaker of the House as well as numerous media outlets in a dawdling thin response, a parallel construction of evidence began almost immediately. But, because the National Security has covered up prior parallel constructions of evidence in three high profile cases, that scapegoated Ahmed Zaoui, Tame Iti and Kim Dotcom to resolve crises – the parallel construction that occurred in the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch mass shooting may have worked to hide the Public State’s capture in a deftly orchestrated coup d’état by a coalition of Deep State forces.

Parallel Construction: The NZ Police repeatedly used the vague descriptor ‘on the scene’ to imply that the first Armed Offenders Squad Police arrived at Masjid Al Noor Mosque within six minutes of receiving the first emergency calls was a great response. However, the official Police Timeline covered-up the fact most of AOS and anti-terrorist Police Special Tactics Groups were training in Princess Margaret Hospital located in the southern suburb of Cashmere.

Therefore, if the Christchurch Mosques Massacre was a U.S. Deep State-sponsored false flag reset to pull New Zealand back into the U.S.-NATO Empire’s orbit and away from China’s expansionism in the Pacific – it would not only be consistent with the ‘doubling down’, or escalation of those prior behaviours of a criminal elite at the core of New Zealand’s National Security State. Because, ever since the terror as theatre of 9/11, the National Security State has inflicted multi-season psy-ops. First, the National Security State persecuted Muslim asylum seeker, Ahmed Zaoui, who had been framed as a guerilla terrorist leader by the same three security agencies involved in the 1985 Rainbow Warrior Bombing. Then, just one month after the National Security State’s announced its case against Zaoui had been dropped on September 13 2007. But because New Zealand’s SIS avoided admitting that the French, Swiss and Belgium intelligence agencies had participated in a character assassination scripted by Algeria’s equivalent to the CIA, the Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité – or DRS – the SIS were free to frame Tūhoe activist Tame Iti with this reworked guerilla terrorist leader legend just one month later, on October 15 2007. Then, while the Operation Eight Raids multi-season psy-op was nearing its fizzling conclusion at the beginning of 2012, NZ’s National Security State colluded with American Deep State to raid Kim Dotcom’s mansion in Coatesville, north of Auckland on February 20 2012, while the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was faltering in its passage through the U.S. Congress.

The State’s New Official Enemy

Notice that the Ardern Labour Party’s major policy platforms – a capital gains tax on house speculation, a low carbon economy and reigning in the National Security State – collapsed in the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch Mosques Massacre? Even the passage of the Zero Carbon bill, which is supposed to mitigate New Zealand’s contribution to climate change, is a stealthy means to introduce across the board carbon taxes on every process, transaction and relationship, which will deliver windfall profits for transnational firms who can offset their polluting, plundering and pillaging.

Moreover, this Zero Carbon tax regime can only work with a comprehensive technocratic SMART-Grid surveillance infrastructure, complete with Radio Frequency Identification chips shipped with every product so that consumption can be tracked to every individual with digital RFID units distributed everywhere with 5G-infrastructure, SMART meters and a satellite ‘Space Fence’. In other words, the Ardern Coalition Government along with the entire opposition, minus ACT Party leader David Seymour, voted for a so-called sustainability law that will hand the National Security State more power to make incursions into the domesticated, captive populations’ private lives. This collapse of the Ardern Coalition Government’s major policy platforms began to occur in the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch/Ōtautahi mass shooting.

A horrific event out of which was borne the state’s new enemy – white supremacists. Notice that in labelling the alleged Christchurch shooter, Brenton Tarrant, he was not framed as a ‘working class white supremacist’? If the threat had been specified as working class white supremacists, attention would have concurrently shifted to the Pākekā Ruling Class, the Rich-Lister White Supremacists, and the One-Who-Cannot-Be Tried-in-Any-of-Her-Courts-in-52-Realms.

Given that over a 10 year period between the October 2007 Operation Eight Raids and the formation of the Ardern Coalition Government in October 2017 – New Zealand’s National Security State lost the enemy it had scapegoated since 1840, this loss cannot be over-emphasized. In other words, the exclusionary blackballing strategies of NZ’s Deep State have become more sophisticated to maintain the Crown’s power, its alliances with foreign and domestic cartelized capitalist coalitions and the US-NATO military empire. In short, the Crown lost the capacity to be openly racist toward Māori.

This does not mean the visible Public State is privy to the possible machinations that may have underpinned one of New Zealand’s ‘darkest days’. But, the fact that the Ardern Coalition Government became politically captured on Friday March 15 2019 – either by a lone gunman or by the machinery of the Deep State in a coup coup d’état – is undeniable. This analysis proves the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPM&C), the Police and the SIS have covered up what is demonstrably beyond reasonable incompetence and beyond reasonable negligence. We are meant to believe that the gunman got lucky rather than calculatingly exploiting a security flaw in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, by timing his attacks when three multinational exercises were occurring in, around, and above Christchurch and that Brenton Tarrant somehow caused people to report there were bombs in three cities the same afternoon. The chances are you didn’t know all three of these embarrassing, horrific facts – and now that you do – you’ll realize there’s a systematic cover-up in play.

That cover-up was a game-changer for the Ardern Coalition Government.

Image Deception: The apprehension of Brenton Tarrant at 1:59PM or 19 minutes after he began his mayhem, seemed like fast excellent Police work.

If the mosque attacks were simply the work of a lone gunma – how does the Ardern Coalition Government explain away why it didn’t spend its huge excess ‘political capital’ evidently gained during the aftermath of the attacks? Why didn’t the NZ Coalition Government carry through its elected mandate to introduce a planned capital gains tax, a halt to new oil and gas drilling and fracking concessions and renewing expiring carbon fuel exploration licenses, and a clamp-down on the security and intelligence agencies?

The impacts are far-reaching.

For instance, in the aftermath, the Police trialed patrols in Christchurch, Waikato and Auckland by the Armed Offenders Squads (AOS), justified in part by invoking the mosques attacks event and therefore the threat of white supremacists – or the new state enemy.

By their record post-Christchurch attacks, the Labour-led Coalition Government are acutely aware they have suppressed the horrendous truth of the mosques massacre and, in effect, their political capital became the fiction of politically-captured puppet government. That is an incredible achievement for a supposed working class white supremacist lone gunman with a pseudo-commando character casting.

Despite the unexplained confluence of coincidences in the meta-data of the March 15th 2019 terrorism – and the subsequent suspicious collapses of the Labour Party’s policy platforms, while the military, police, and security and intelligence agencies gained bigger budgets – New Zealand maintained its rank as the second most peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index 2019.

This big picture analytical approach has attempted to show the hidden networks that cast N.Z.s PM for super-star political status, including her image projected on the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai like a symbol for a new national myth, and time-locked to become the talisman of a new zeitgeist.

The question is: for what deep purpose has Jacinda Ardern been cast as a symbol of kindness, compassion and love, so that symbol transforms into a talisman?


Editor’s Note: The NZ Government has spread disinformation claiming it is illegal or unlawful to reproduce the manifesto attributed to the alleged Christchurch mosque shooter. We, at Snoopman News, however believe that practicing investigative journalism with an open mind is essential to maintaining a free and open society. The Ardern Coalition Government and N.Z.’s Establishment Media and Alternative Media need to check section 14 – Freedom of Expression – in the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

Updated on 13 June 2019 to include the development of the ‘Pacific Reset’ in the NZ Defence Force Capability Plan 2019, and again on 13 November 13 to include the development of the Police trialling Armed patrols cars in South Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister told the world that the alleged Christchurch shooter’s emailed manifesto “did not include a location” – which was untrue. On page 12, the manifesto states the plan to attack the Christchurch and Linwood mosques, which can be found in one minute using the search word “attack” from the email’s subject-line.

Christchurch Decoded? A ‘Lone Gunman’ – or a Stealthy Coup D’état in Slow in Motion?

Decoding a Possible False Flag Attack and Coup D’état in Slow Motion Behind the Christchurch Mosques Massacre

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a New Zealand-born Pākehā (of European descent) who edited news and current affairs for fourteen years at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television. For his thesis entitled, “It’s the Financial Oligarchy, Stupid” he applied an event clustering technique originally designed for deciphering naval submarine intelligence reports, to news reportage on the Bank Bailouts of 2007 and 2008, since he reasoned that élites are like submersibles who disappear in waters with unclear motives. Since gaining First Class Honours, he has sharpened his attunement to élite-élite communications, the codified language of metaphor-laden events and subtle élite hostage postings concealed in public rituals. He writes on Snoopman News.

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