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Newspeak Normiture: The production of Newspeak makes words and truthful meanings obsolete, and consigns them to Oldspeak. It is so commonplace it can pass unnoticed, unless you have Snoopman’s infra-green vision.

Hate Speech Defends NZ PM’s Alliances

Drones. Dissent. Disturbances. And a screaming skull? Huh? Ooh riiight, it’s a newspaper columnist feigning liberal ideals while deploying Orwellian language! And the columnist is a wealthy property tycoon. Now Snoopman gets it. The property tycoon’s beef is with a social justice activist. Through his column, the property tycoon attempted to […]

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Missing in News-action: Confronting ‘Deep State’ Power Crimes

Missing in News-action: Confronting ‘Deep State’ Power Crimes

  USA. Its propaganda was always slicker than the Nazi’s. It has decades more experience in terrorism than Al Qaeda. And now it comes first in the world for state mass surveillance too. Amid the storm of revelations about the Five Eyes mass surveillance system that NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden […]

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