The Smiling Assassin a Quitter? Nothing Left in the Tank

Part II – Why NZ PM’s ‘Running on Empty’ Meme is a Clanker


By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

Nothing Left in the Tank?

The political actor who pretended to be New Zealand’s prime minister for eight years made several justifications for his shock December 5 resignation announcement. When taken with other statements together, those justifications appear to be encoded communications.

New Zealand’s Rich-Lister ‘Prime Minister’ John Key said, “I’ve got nothing left in the tank”.[1] Key also said he was a “commercial guy” and was looking forward to taking up corporate board positions, possibly in Australia.[2] Together these statements may mean the world economy is going to tank in the near future and a former currency and derivatives trader who has done a lot of globe-trotting would be a handy man on corporate boards to navigate the tumultuous currents ahead.

Or, to say there’s ‘nothing left in the tank’, Key could be wryly saying he had been given his next assignment by the NATO-aligned Western Neo-Colonialists to help the pro-right wing corporate war machine spread free markets into hold-out jurisdictions,[3] undermine left-wing efforts to dismantle neo-liberal economic warfare[4] and accelerate the roll-out of a Smart Grid technocratic dystopia.[5]


The super-rich ex-banker’s statement that “I’ve nothing left in the tank” may have another layer.

Key claimed he made his decision while he was in New York in September 2016. Whether this is true, or not, it is hard to accept Key’s statement at face value because he is so dishonest,[6] if his lies were sugar there would be enough to supply the Coca Cola Company for a whole year.

There in New York John Key spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations, a global policy-shaping think-tank with an exclusive membership who have planned, justified and benefited from Anglo-American wars since its inception in 1921.[7] At Pratt House, the Council on Foreign Relations’ Headquarters in Gotham City, Key argued that if the United States’ Congress did not pass Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), geopolitical ground would be lost to a country like China and the “vacuum [would] be filled by someone else”.

If it seems improbable that a politician would be re-assigned to perform new duties, I suggest it is wise to remember that the Smiling Assassin is a Rich-Lister, who entered the National Business Review’s Rich-List in 2008 at the bottom with a net-worth of $50 million. Metro magazine said it had heard this value “was arrived at simply because it was the upper limit of what his advisers believed the electorate could accept” and that “he is probably worth hundreds of millions”.[8]

Furthermore, the workings of ruling class power have been studied. Laurence H. Shoup’s book, Wall Street’s Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relation Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Geopolitics, 1976-2014, shows how the capitalist class and professional class work hand-in-glove to reinforce ruling class power, defend oligarchic wealth and expand their power through military violence. Shoup’s findings are supported by: Canadian journalist Naomi Klein in her book, The Shock Doctrine;[9] Academy Award-winning director Eugene Jarecki in his documentary, Why We Fight;[10] and by scholar Noam Chomsky in the documentary, Requiem for an American Dream.[11] In their earlier book, Imperial Brain Trust: The Council on Foreign Relations & United States Foreign Policy, Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter found, among other intrigues, that a secretive blueprint to transform the world called the “1980s Project” was formulated between 1971-1973 at the New York think-tank. The “1980s Project” was designed to undermine threats from the mass peoples’ movements of the 1960s to the power of a North Atlantic Capitalist Class by deploying an economic warfare framework, later identified as the ‘Shock Doctrine’, but sold to the world under the sanitized term, ‘free markets’.


A Very, Very Handy Man

While at the APEC CEO Summit in Peru in mid-November 2016 Key spoke of US President-elect Donald Trump’s anti-TPP stance. Key said:

“Every political leader somewhere along the line has burnt a bit of political capital and called in some favours to get TPP there. We might have to be a little bit creative to work out how to get the US there.”[12]

While in Peru at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, John Key also said:

“There’s a new sheriff in town … [who] hasn’t had great things to say about TPP, but maybe with some coercion, maybe, maybe with some changes that we could agree to that didn’t have an overall significant enough in pact to slow the thing down dramatically, maybe it’s possible to get them there.”


Key may be talking about economic warfare as a mechanism of coercion and his expertise in global derivatives means he has the skills to assist in the financial take-down of institutions, industries, economies and regions.

If the possibility of economic warfare seems far-fetched, consider this scenario.

In 2014, Key made a ‘guest appearance’ as the 21st leader at the G20 Summit in Brisbane Australia,[13] where a bail-ins regime for the Western Banking system was signed off.[14] This is fascinating because my bet is not one in 10,000 New Zealanders have heard of bail-ins.

We are all familiar with the systemic fraud of bail-outs, wherein taxpayers around the world are ritually lumped with massive bills added to their country’s national debt to ‘save’ the global banks and their fraternal associates from the oblivion of bankruptcy, poverty and a loss of oligarchic power as coalitions of super-rich tax-averse people.

In the next financial crash, a portion of deposits will be confiscated overnight to save troubled banks (and other financial institutions). Under this secretive new bail-ins regime, peoples’ savings will be converted into common stock shares, by whatever fraction is deemed ‘necessary’, even though the share prices of embattled financial institutions will likely be plummeting on news of such interventions. Key’s experiences as a global derivatives consultant to the privately-owned New York Federal Reserve banking cartel,[15] between 2000 and 2002, would have come in handy during his ‘guest appearance’ as the 21st leader at the G20 Summit in Brisbane Australia, where key architecture for a global government super-structure was also signed off.

Very. Very. Handy.

Because – in the new bail-ins regime to save the Western banking system – speculative investors who hold derivatives will be paid out first.[16]

Derivatives are financial bets made on assets that investors do not own, but allow them to earn income off the underlying stocks, commodities and currencies. Financial derivatives will have super-superiority status[17] over all other creditor claims,[18] including common stocks, because they are key mechanisms of coercion for predatory financial cartels.

The global derivatives bubble is estimated to be $1.5 trillion,[19] which is approximately 21 times the size of the $70 trillion global annual production (or GDP).[20]

Derivatives can be used to plummet the price of oil, cause food commodity prices to soar, and make the cost of loans more expensive. Or they can be constructed to cause the value of currencies to dive, share market indexes to tank and whole industries in a region to lose credit-worthiness, especially when the global banking consortiums act together as price-fixing cartels to orchestrate such speculative attacks. Bail-ins essentially represent another incursion into Western households and are intended to be a liquidation of their capacity have enough resources to resist the far-reaching transformations that deepen the control of Private Banking Monopolies.

Honest John: Under the influence of the Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.

Honest John: Under the influence of the Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth in a Parallel Universe.

In other words, the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and those still in the unstable regional hybrid super-state – the European Union – have colluded with transnational banking cartels to reset the Western world’s financial systems during the looming global debt crisis – with bail-ins.[21] I believe John Key’s role in Brisbane 2014 was to inform the Group of 20 industrial nations’ leaders about the trajectory being set for the world with the new bail-ins regime and persuade them to sign up to more ‘legalized’ economic warfare with the architecture for regional economic circuitry in-built into the 2014 G20 agreement. After-all, New Zealand Herald business journalist Fran O’Sullivan stated that Key’s “mastery of international trends that made [international corporate and political leaders] seek him out.”[22]

Indeed, the world is being gamed.

In game theory, hostage postings can take many forms, such as capitalists holding down directorships on multiple on corporate boards, investing in corporate bonds, or buying an allied power’s weapons. Despite the varying forms of hostage postings, the underlying logic is always the same. ‘Posting a hostage’ is a mechanism “for producing and stabilizing cooperation” in social circumstances that require “collective action”.[23] The act of posting a hostage signifies a provisional “promise to cooperate if the other actor also posts a hostage.” The game requires an implied threat, which amounts to defection on the next move if the other player does not post a hostage too. In their paper, “Resolving social conflicts through hostage posting: theoretical and empirical considerations,” Gideon Keren and Werner Raub noted that “tacit communications of threats and promises are two major message strategies used to influence the behaviours of others”. Therefore, during a crisis, it is these threats and promises that can be expected to occur regularly as key players manoeuvre to advance their positions in the transforming power structure.

Therefore, derivatives are a form of mass hostage posting.


Globe-trotting Key: The former bond-trader earned the nickname – the ‘Smiling Assassin’ – for smiling while he fired hundreds of staff at Merrill Lynch’s London office in 1998.[24]

Is it any wonder that Vladmir Putin walked out of the 2014 G20 Summit in Brisbane?

Even if Trump, the Republicans and a measure of the Democrats could be persuaded or coerced to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty with a 75% majority, there is no way that the American corporate media cartels could spin it that the Congress had gained the consent of the governed. To try to slip the TPP Treaty past USA America at this juncture would loudly signal that Washington’s political elite had ‘crossed the Rubicon’ into a tyranny ruled by the super-rich Civil Oligarchy.

My hunch is that a three steps forward, one step backwards, two steps sideways Political Waltz stratagem is in play, wherein the advancement toward world government through the construction of Neo-Colonial super-states, requires the sabotage of deeply unpopular projects such as the European Union.

In his 1965 study of ‘decolonized’ African countries, Neo-Colonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism, the former President of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah stated that, “neo-colonialism increases the rivalry between the great powers”, because it compels neighbouring states to join the new competitive construct.[25] Neo-Colonialism is the stealthy construction of vast monopolistic transnational consortiums owned by super-wealthy people who are positioned atop a Transnational Capitalist Class. Under the ruse of ‘decolonization’ following World War II, former European colonies found their hard won political independence literally undermined by highly interlocked mining, oil and banking consortiums that controlled indigenous economic resources and ran national financial systems. Because the nature of empire is now transnational, the traditional home states of empires are now subjected to same new competitive construct.

I think the Neo-Colonial puppet masters have decided the best way to get there is through a strategic sabotage of societies, fanning the flames of prejudice across multiples fronts, and in the process trigger multiple civil wars and major wars between major powers, using NATO assets such as ISIS to create more fear in multiple regions.[26] The Neo-Colonial puppet masters are certainly going to need to overwhelm societies with humanitarian interventions, false flag terrorism and engineered disasters to get their world government, regional super-states and digital currencies rammed through.


So, I suspect in New Zealand, Key’s removal was necessary for those dirty political factions that want to create more divisiveness in politics to trigger the kind of social unrest occurring in USA America and Bilderberg Europe. Because so many people were still captured under the spell of Key’s fake Nice Guy image, such open divisiveness would not be possible with Key in power.

And it may be that Key’s exit required coercion, in a smoking gun, receipts, bullets, a blood-stained car, and a body kind-of-way that made the shit finally stick.

Or some mucky shit, like that.

The Smiling Assassin a Quitter?

Part III – Why KeyExit is a Hail Mary Pass




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