Part III – Why KeyExit is a Hail Mary Pass


By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

Running on Empty


When the political actor pretending to be a prime minister, John Key, announced his shock resignation on December 5, he was quick to endorse his finance minister and deputy, Bill English, as his successor.

This may seem like a ‘Nice Guy’ thing to do. Nothing about Rich-Lister ‘Nice Guy’ Key is ever as it seems.

New Zealand’s ‘Smiling Assassin’ may have been delivering a Hail Mary Pass to his Catholic deputy.[1]

With waning popularity, Key’s ability to cool the simmering scandals and bubbling crises and save New Zealand’s ruling class professionals and Civil Oligarchy from being boiled alive was nearing its theoretical limits.

The Daily Blog’s editor Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury sums up the narcissistic ego of Key’s psychopathic personality:

“What says most about Key are his regrets. He says his biggest regrets were not getting his flag or signing us up to the TPPA. Those are his biggest regrets? What about the 300 000 kids in poverty? What about generations locked out of home ownership? What about 41 000 homeless? What about the huge debt he’s left the country in? What about 560 suicides per year? What about our social infrastructure that is falling to pieces? None of that was a regret for John, his regrets were his expensive vanity project and his chance to sign us forever under American corporate power.”[2]

With characteristic sharpness, Bradbury added:

“Key’s laid back casual manner connected with little Nu Zilinds collective sense of anti-intellectualism in a quasi religious and spiritual way, that infatuation was never going to break without him leaving first.”


Indeed, it may turn out that the observation that US vice president Joe Biden made when he visited mid-year about the politics of hate and fear in 2016 – in contrast to the politics of hope in 2008 – is perhaps now what Neo-Colonial Puppet Masters Inc. want for New Zealand too. I think the divisive political rhetoric that the world has seen with the Brexit campaign to separate Britain from the European Union quasi super-state and Trump/Clinton US presidential contests, are being exploited by the Neo-Colonial Puppet Masters Inc. – who rule no matter which party wins power to administrate their public-private system.

My hunch is that a three steps forward, one step backwards political waltz stratagem is in play. The advancement toward world government through the construction of Neo-Colonial super-states such as the European Union and mega economic super-bloc deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty, are deeply unpopular projects.[3] I think the Neo-Colonial puppet masters have decided the best way to get there is through a strategic sabotage of societies, fanning the flames of prejudice across multiples fronts, and in the process trigger multiple civil wars and major wars between major powers.[4]


The major and significant powers are all in agreement that a world government to permanently suppress freedom of humanity is desirable.[5] During this end game toward global tyranny, the race is on between and within rival oligarchic-elite coalitions to control as much of the world’s resources, infrastructure and new technologies as possible.[6] Those alliances that have the most monopoly control over these chess pieces, will gain the strongest representations in the institutions under construction that will form the planned Neo-Colonial Global Government.

John Key has been one of New Zealand’s greatest character actors, albeit a cheesy one that many of us saw through from the get-go. Key is up there with colonial era Governor George Grey, who feigned peace with Māori while he prepared for war against ‘the natives’, whom he slandered by saying they were in ‘rebellion’ to dupe British soldiers, colonial settlers and press soothsayers into banking on a just conquest. [7]

Indeed, Neo-Colonial Rich-Lister Key got a narcissistic kick out of sticking the boot into Māori too. For instance, in November 2014, Key provocatively claimed the country was settled peacefully on a Northland iwi radio station, following the Waitangi Tribunal’s claim that Māori chiefs, or rangatira, did not cede sovereignty. This Waitangi Tribunal included the late Dr Ranginui Walker, who played an instrumental role in the Māori Lands Rights Movement.[8] (Conspicuously, Key and the rest of his National Party Blue Shirts failed to attend Walker’s tangi at Orakei Marae, a short blue Beemer drive from Key’s Parnell mansion, which is located on land that Ngāti Whātua donated to the Anglican Church in the Colonial era for the purposes of providing education to Māori children).[9]

Like Governor Grey, the ‘Smiling Assassin’ feigned to be ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ while he played along with Neo-Colonial media missionaries who could not quite gain control over their fingers of blame to point them at the Rich-Lister Neo-Colonial Civil Oligarchy for the major crises that worsened during Key’s Neo-Colonial Ministry, especially: child poverty.



The sudden departure of the Nu Zilliun Civil Oligarchy’s Soother-in-Chief has handed the Labour and Green parties a gift horse that they will surely kiss so often on the mouth in public, it will get so embarrassing that those of us who know how to dodge zombie bites will be obliged to cringe for them. And, since dominant capitalist coalitions love to exploit the opportunities that come from every crisis by coolly walking around it and viewing the mayhem with a Shock Doctrine eye for creative destruction, there is every chance for a Labour-Green led Neo-Colonial Government coalition that spins a Smart Grid digital carbon credit dystopian matrix as a solution for the  cluster-fuck of engineered crises: global sovereign debt, civil wars and major conflicts between major and significant powers, ecological collapse and Uber Terrorism brought to you by the Bilderberg-NATO-Tavistock-Stratfor-CFR-Pentagon-Rank Complex.


But don’t expect the Greens or Labour, or their core zombie support base of Know Everything New Zealanders to recognize the Matrix-GATTACA-Zietgeist future they want to create as dystopian. That’s because Know Everything New Zealanders are afflicted with an ideological autism, which makes them very hard nuts to teach. This affliction persists because their neo-liberal outlooks prevent them from admitting the state of the world is Extremely Fucking Bad, not simply Very Fucking Bad. As such, Ideological Autistic Neo-Liberal Zombies (or IANLZs) think they have all the answers, are amazingly protective of their egos and will punt for touch with the term ‘confirmation bias’ to short circuit the conversation anytime you try.[10]

Ideological Autistic Neo-Liberal Zombies (IANLZs), or Know Everything New Zealanders, protect their egos vehemently because they are addicted to safe solutions that do not appear too radical. To put it another way, they want to continue a way of life that supports their boring egos, even though this mild narcissism, which is mirrored by the anti-intellectualism of Know Nothing New Zealanders, is exactly what the Neo-Colonial Empire Project needs. Know Everything New Zealanders will unwittingly help construct a dystopian future – a nightmare in filtered daylight brought to you by Weather Modification Inc. & Associates, corporate controlled science and the ubiquitous global banking consortiums that together will make fuck-tonnes of digital money out of weather derivatives, the carbon tax securities and Smart Grid tolls – because Know Everything New Zealanders are in love with being right. A right–royal dystopian hell, where retarded techno-zombies, who still have work, are so brainwashed they say nothing offensive inside a never-ending Venus Project and where everything is sickly slick hi-tech, safe and boring. Especially saying nothing to offend the cyborgs that handle every RFID-chipped product bought with carbon credits, the cyborgs that pretend to drive the ‘autonomous’ transportation devices (ATDs) and the cyborgs who serve organically-certified hydroponic salads at exciting community consensus-shaping sessions (CCSS’s), where everyone in this dystopian hell futures’ market gets to discuss tweaks to the best-ever, fairest and politically-free system devised on this far-flung dying planet: technocracy.

New Zealand’s largely unseen Civil Oligarchy has overseen the transformation of its political governance system from so-called representative parliamentary democracy to a corporatized technocracy since the 1970s. The stealthy deployment of ‘smart technology’ is one incremental strand wiring us all into unseemly totalitarian systems of government run by technorati that include technicians, engineers and scientists.[11] Smart technology fuses with a Global Cities Movement, wherein global-cities are serviced by highly developed infrastructure, Neo-Colonial institutions, and large pools of excess labour to support huge geographically dispersed transnational corporations to accumulate capital faster and faster.[12] Indeed, Auckland City is ranked 37th place in a global cities wealth report list. In other words, ‘Kiwis’ of Nu Zillun are being gamed by their political and economic masters: the Neo-Colonial Civil Oligarchy.


So, the Smiling Assassin’s sudden departure should trigger soul-searching among the National Party’s core support base too. Key has probably left his support base of ‘Know Nothing New Zealanders’ bewildered as he spun his way through the Quitting Rituals. That’s because National’s core voters are ‘Know Nothing New Zealanders’ who are constituted from three core groups: recent immigrants who know nothing about New Zealand’s history; conservative people who get their information only from the mainstream media; and young people who have zoned-out on popular culture.

‘Know Nothing New Zealanders’ and Know Everything New Zealanders do not get much helpful analysis from the mainstream media cartels. A suppressed memory from the Parliamentary Press Corp at 35,000 feet en route to China will go along to explaining why the newsrooms of Nu Zillun went easy on Key’s Gone by Lunchtime Monday narrative.

The dark magic that occurred up there in the sky over the Pacific Ocean is the deep Jungian  subconscious reason why New Zealand’s Parliamentary Press Corp didn’t go for Mr Nice Key’s jugular. Never mind Professor Noam Chomsky’s Propaganda Model yadda yadda, or my addition of a sixth filter to the world’s eighth most-quoted intellectual’s media censorship model to theorize for collusion or conspiracy in newsrooms to cover-up, or de-fuse some scandal, crisis, or intrigue. Or even news framing theory, all of which you can read in chapter three of my thesis, “It’s the Financial Oligarchy, Stupid”, the abstract of which Chomsky read in 2013 and was clearly influenced by when he was interviewed for the 2015 documentary, Requiem for an American Dream.

Nu Zillun’s Parliamentary Press Corp now all feel weird when they brush their teeth because, in the absence of an audience to be egotistically savvy to now that the narcissistic Smiling Assassin has departed, they have to reconcile the memory that comes back every time they look in the mirror. In April 2013, Nu Zillin’s Parliamentary Press Corp all fell under Nice Guy Key’s spell on the flight to China for trade talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping.  New Zealand’s prime minister surprised the journalists aboard a Royal New Zealand Air Force Orion when he walked around with a cake he claimed he had made. New Zealand’s parliamentary press gallery reporters behaved like children at a birthday party. They were excited like their best friend’s dad was treating them to star service, when in fact the Smiling Assassin had them – literally – ‘eating out of his hand’. It was at this moment that the New Zealand Realm’s news media’s Parliamentary Press Corp contracted a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, that I call Orion Disorder.

The memory still traumatises New Zealand’s Parliamentary Press Corp.

So, it is no wonder that the classroom level of think-u-lation was evident in the KeyExit analysis dished up on terrestrial TVNZ’s Q+A, where ‘reset’ was the buzzword. ‘Reset’ here was used to lower expectations, to re-establish the idea that politics will now return to a copy of politics with Key-the-Wallpaperman gone. This ‘reset’ buzzword  presumably works like a Project Monarch trigger word to control the zombie victims of a MK-Ultra spin-off program made specially for the giant test field that is Nu Zillun Inc. The word reset is usually used to describe the Deep State,  or those invisible networks, activities and objectives of  players that reset the public visible government, corporate power and the trajectory of societies.

Numerous fairly bright political commentators have made the mistake of assuming that Key had not tackled many of the major problems, scandals or crises facing New Zealand simply because his modus operandi was to sooth and spin, to hide an underlying incompetence to problem solve, or  to ride a goofy wave of selfies and just deal with positive stuff.[13] But this MO was part of the Soother-in-Chief’s mastery of deception, and a failure of Nu Zillun’s media to see that behind the pattern, the Smiling Assassin was not fixing things because the Neo-Colonial Civil Oligarchy that he is a part of, can only thrive in a crisis-ridden society.

If only the front-page, lead story six o’clock bulletin’s carefully framed political commentary were matched by the sharp wit of our cartoonists and the satirists responsible for the Planet Key video.



Dirty Political Actor


Indeed, John Key had won three elections on a political deception that breached section 240 of the Crimes Act, which states that no-one is exempt from committing a fraud to gain economically, financially or politically. Hager’s book Dirty Politics: How Attack Politics is Poisoning New Zealand’s Political Environment exposed Team Key’s two-track stratagem wherein dirty political attacks were outsourced to right wing-bloggers such as Cameron Slater of WhaleOil, and Kiwiblog blogger David Farrar who was also the owner of the National Party’s polling company Curia Market Research. By outsourcing negative attack politics to right-wing bloggers, this deceptive stratagem left John Key to appear as the squeaky clean ‘Mr Nice Guy’, a political actor conjured by the political tacticians CrosbyITextor Group and Jo de Joux, who successfully led the National Party to three non-genuine election victory times as campaign manager.[14] In the process, Key’s right-wing National Party would benefit because it was well known to practitioners of dirty politics overseas that left-wing voters are turned off voting before their right-wing counterparts, a fact John Key admitted two days after re-winning power in 2014 on the now-defunct current affairs show, Campbell Live!

A Picture Tells Tales of 10,000 Blogs:John Key flanked by his right-wing attack dog bloggers, David Farrar (left) and Cameron Slater (right).

Thus, the ex-London and Wall Street banker, who was first head-hunted to lead the National Party in 1998 by then-National Party president John Slater (father of Whale Oil attack wolf blogger Cameron Slater), accepted the thrust of Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics. In the context of the Campbell Live interview of 22 September 2014, Key admitted that the dirty political attacks that Hager described had been occurring, that such attacks benefited his party, and yet he had stuck to his slanderous, logically flawed counter-attack argument that the author of Dirty Politics was a ‘left wing conspiracy theorist’ all the way through the election campaign.[15] In other words, the Smiling Assassin’s behaviour fits the profile of a psychopath who deceive to win the trust of their intended victims by charming them so that they will be vulnerable to their power.


So, when John Campbell said “Your popularity has defied the laws of gravity” to John Key in his interview the day of his resignation,[16] Campbell – and it seems everyone else in the public media – had forgotten that the ‘Smiling Assassin’ deceived the New Zealand people three times to win power. Yet, Key’s declining popularity, fake political capital and deceitful ‘Nice Guy’ image were all constructed by the Political Media Complex that Campbell is a part of.[17] The transformation of the Smiling Assassin into a rags to riches ‘Mr. Nice Guy’[18] relied on star-struck media[19] missionaries being either unwilling, unable or uninterested in sustaining serious investigations into Key’s power alliances with New Zealand’s Rich-Lister Civil Oligarchy and their counterparts in the Anglo-Dutch-American-Swiss-Venetian-Israeli Neo-Colonial Empire.


I contend that New Zealand’s five major cartelized media corporations – MediaWorks, Fairfax Media, APN/NZME, Sky TV, and TVNZ – are the real fake media,[20] who uncritically reproduce pro-NATO, pro-Big Corporate propaganda. They are no different from the Washington Post and other major media outlets for their re-tweet journalism. As The Intercept’s Glen Greenwald asserted recently, in an American and global context, the establishment media is the fake media. Greenwald was slamming the public media for spreading the Fake News meme that 200 online websites were all producing fake news in a desperate attempt to make themselves great again after trying to fake Hillary Clinton’s popularity. In Nu Zillun, there’s hardly any deep scrutiny in the public media – the witless public get served international stories that are simply reproduced as fact-checked free, unedited, and presented as authoritative neutral accounts. Watching the longest serialized propaganda program ‘The News’ is for me like witnessing my narcissistic classmates in grown-ups’ bodies all dolled-up faking it in a media class that they know what they are spinning is true and actually understand, on a set I now regret asking my dad to build.


So, it is fascinating to note that throughout his ten years in power, not one public media outlet interviewed Key live on air for an hour or more.

Not one.


Honest John: Under the influence of the Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.

Since the Smiling Assassin claimed he had ‘nothing left in the tank’, I think it is fitting – at the end of the day – to finish with these lyrics from Jackson Browne’s 1977 song, ‘Running on Empty’:


“Running on – running on empty.

Running on – running blind.

Running on – running into the sun.

But I’m running behind. 


Gotta do what you can just to keep your love alive.

Trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive.


Everyone I know, everywhere I go.

People need some reason to believe.

I don’t know about anyone but me.

If it takes all night, that’ll be all right.

If I can get you to smile before I leave.”[21]

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