Missing in Re-Action (In Media, Education and Law Enforcement): Where Art Thou Investigations of Power Crimes?

Shock Treatments: Military violence, economic warfare and propaganda are required to spread the 'economic medicine' of 'free markets'.

Shock Treatments: Military violence, economic warfare and propaganda are required to spread the ‘economic medicine’ of ‘free markets’.

By Snoopman, 23 April 2014

A major problem with news stories, academic papers and government reports that track the effects of the ‘free market’ Shock Doctrine, including the corporatization and privatization of state housing, the prevalence of child poverty, and the increasing usage of food banks, is that such accounts fail to locate the root cause of these impacts as ‘power crimes’.

The study of ‘power crimes’ involves multi-disciplinary investigations to determine whether or not there is collusion or conspiracy underpinning current or historical events. Power crimes involve conspiracy to augment more political power, or collusion to gain economically. Both frequently overlap.

This failure is due to widespread misunderstanding about how power crimes can exist and persist, particularly with large-scale projects that are well-publicized. The projects themselves can be ‘legal’, in the sense they have been signed off. This is particularly pertinent since many major and significant states have been ‘captured’ by the super-rich. The crucial point to remember regarding power crimes is that the intent to inflict harm on society is hidden.

Conspiracy and collusion require propaganda to hide their planning, existence and history, especially when the programs have high visibility.

In the article, “Whistle Blowing on ‘Free Markets’, the ‘Shock Doctrine’ and ‘New Constitutionalism'”, the design, deployment and continuation of the ‘free market’ shock doctrine is outlined. Under the rubric of ‘free market’ globalization, a transnational capitalist class is transforming the world. Snoopman investigates why and how the world’s key oligarchs, or the super-rich, are directing a covert global neo-colonial project.

Journalists, scholars and law enforcement officials need to get over pulling their punches, and start theorizing and modelling for power crimes, otherwise the ‘lenses’ they use to forensically test for power crimes will lack the sharpness, the depth of field and a wide-angle reach to capture the ‘big picture’.  Otherwise, they may as well wave white flags and announce to the world that they like getting fucked in the arse, mostly preferably by white male psychopathic, oligarchic bankers, industrialists, and monarchs, and the cliques of balls-less militarists, politicos, technocrats and ecclestiastical elites that serve them.







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