BREAKING! This letter was sent to the New Zealand Parliament’s Ombudsman’s Office at lunchtime today seeking an investigation into a claimed deception stratagem by the Key Ministry. The complaint alleges Prime Minister John Key and his government have deployed the Flag Change Campaign to distract the New Zealand people so as to ease the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty. As such, the complainant says the NZ Government has insufficient consent to hear public submissions. The letter locates this proposed treaty within a broader stratagem to construct a universal empire that has been, it says, forged by two global wars, terrorism and economic warfare. A ‘Thin Red Line’ means here a thinly spread citizen action holding firm against undemocratic attack.  [599 words, 3 minute read]



To the Ombudsman,

“The misuse of power is the very essence of tyranny.” – Frost/Nixon.

I seek your urgent intervention in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Treaty select committee process.

The New Zealand government cannot claim it has sufficient consent to proceed because the majority of voting-age citizens did not know of the TPP public submissions intake.

Before I outline several more substantive reasons, it is crucial to recognize that the power crimes mentioned here comprise a continuum to maintain power accumulated by deception upon deception. I present the construction of ‘copies of reality’, wherein ‘the optics’ of a criminogenic environment are routinely managed by elite criminals, as Monash University international law lecturer, Eric Wilson, has identified more generally in “Crimes against reality”.

The Key Ministry has used the proposed flag change as a fraudulent device, trick, and stratagem with the intent to deceive the citizenry by amply funding the flag change referendum while under-resourcing and under-publicizing the TPP Treaty submissions process. The primary purpose of the Flag Change Campaign is to function as a ‘mechanism of distraction’ to deceive the NZ public that the government is sincere about democracy, while simultaneously it is railroading the TPP Treaty to ratification.

This is a breach of the Crimes Act. It is also a deal-breaker for New Zealand.

The transformational Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty is part of a broader, longer-range geo-political vision designed to position the United States at the centre of a transnational empire forged by two global wars, covert Deep State-sponsored terrorism, and systemic economic warfare identified as the Shock Doctrine. To re-assert their dominance over the planet in the early 1970s, an Anglo-American Deep State Alliance meted-out economic warfare on the world to weaken governments in accordance with a blueprint to transform the world called the “1980s Project”.

Whole sectors of New Zealand society were coerced to submit to this Shock Doctrine framework, under the ruse of an economic crisis and in lieu of multi-institutional substantive investigations. In his 1993 book, Unfinished Business, former finance minister Sir Roger Owen Douglas recalled his boast from 1989 to the Mont Perelin Society that his strategy was to overwhelm numerous groups simultaneously.

Thirty years on from 1984, a conspiracy to undermine NZ’s democracy was exposed by journalist Nicky Hager in his book, Dirty Politics. Key insiders of the National Party pursued a ‘two-track’ communications strategy by casting John Philip Key as ‘Mr Nice Guy’, while Key’s top PR-man and senior advisor, Jason Ede, outsourced the dirty political attacks to popular right-wing blog-sites, such as Whale Oil, belonging to the scapegoated Cameron Slater, and to David Farrar’s Kiwiblog. (Meanwhile, Farrar led a political double-life as National’s top-political-polling manager). The intent behind dirty political attacks is that they benefit right wing parties, like National, because conservative right-wing voters will still turn out to vote in a dirty political attack environment. Indeed, Key acknowledged this fact two days after re-winning power on Campbell Live, despite maintaining the fiction – or a ‘copy of reality’ – that Hager was a ‘left-wing conspiracy theorist’for six weeks! Furthermore, attorney general, Chris Finlayson, is guilty of furtherance of conspiracy for failing to make Key testify in an open session before the election– when it counted most!

To sum up, the Flag Change Campaign is a fraudulent stratagem because it has been deployed as a mechanism of distraction. Key has essentially cast himself as an archetypal trickster ‘Matador’ character to deceive the Kiwi Tax Flock, as part of a broader stratagem to ensure minimum resistance to the new constitutionalism transformations, including the TPP Treaty, and the continuation of economic shock treatments.


Steve Edwards



By day, Steve Edwards is a free-lance TV editor. By night, he researches and writes for Snoopman News.