In this heretical scoop, former Māori Television news, current affairs and program editor, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, exposes the missing context behind the infamous ungovernable quote that was deployed as the climatic reveal in Stuff’s documentary, Fire and Fury.

The makers of Fire and Fury — who profiled some of the key players at the three-week long ‘anti-mandate’ Parliament Occupation — did not offer the right of reply to the protagonists accused of driving a violent dangerous conspiracy to make New Zealand ungovernable.

This exposé confers the right of reply to Voices For Freedom co-founder, Claire Deeks, who says she was quoted out of context. Drawing upon the full quote, in which Ms Deeks referred to Voices For Freedom’s community resilience project called Rebuild Free, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards examines the idea of parallel structures that were developed to cope with totalitarian communist regimes.

Stuff Circuit reporter Paula Penfold who performed the role of the propaganda film’s archer drew many long bows to draw links between the profiled protagonists as “strategically intertwined” with alleged fascist groups, individuals or ideologies — foreign and domestic.

The objective behind the character assassinations was to identify the threat of a common enemy to unite against. The character assassinations were constructed with distortions consistent with the phenomena of mass ideological formation described by Belgium professor Mattias Desmet.

Key Finding: The film-makers failed to see the Public Interest Journalism Fund as a component of the propaganda fortress constructed by the NZ Government, and wound up assisting wrong-doing by making a character assassination movie. Due to the failure of NZ’s newsrooms, including Stuff news, to re-examine their unwise submission to the Government’s ‘single of source of truth’ infallibility doctrine — Stuff Circuit have painted themselves into a ‘Corona Corner’ amid the counter-evidence, breaking like stormy waves daily on the South Pacific archipelago’s shores.

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, 22 October 2022

To Be Ungovernable, or Not to Be?

The makers of the ‘documentary’, Fire and Fury — who profiled some of the key players at the three-week long ‘anti-mandate’ Parliament Grounds Occupation in New Zealand — have been accused of lying by a Voices For Freedom co-founder.

The 63-minute ‘documentary’, which was produced by the Stuff newspapers chain’s documentary unit, Stuff Circuit, and funded through NZOnAir’s Public Interest Journalism Fund drew praise, terse criticism and mockery.

Among the controversial claims advanced in the ‘documentary’ that drew terse criticism, was one regarding a quote that Claire Deeks — a co-founder of the nationwide community action network, Voices For Freedom — says was taken out of context.

The quote in question contained the adjective “ungovernable” and was derived from a sentence, that had its beginning and end edited. Moreover, the previous sentence, in which Ms Deeks mentions the name of their community self-sufficiency resilience project, “Rebuild Free”, was also omitted.

The propaganda film attempted to cement the dominant media narrative of sensible Kiwis fooled by an ‘unsavoury cast’ of evangelical Christian Trumpists, crypto-fascist conspiracy theorists, and opportunistic entrepreneurial influencers at the Parliament Grounds Occupation, which ended with a police siege on March 2nd.

The Stuff-accused were Voices for Freedom co-founders Libby Jonson, Alia Bland and Claire Deeks, citizen journalist Chantelle Baker, Counterspin Media directors Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer, Counterspin regular guest, Damien De Ment, former AUT law lecturer Amy Benjamin, and Save Our Children activist Carlene Hereora, and former National Front president, Kyle Chapman.

Fire and Fury Conspiracy Theory: Stuff Circuit’s propaganda film framed the accused ‘protagonists’ as driving a violent, misinformed New Zealand with false information in a conspiracy of strategically-aligned players and groups planning an uprising against authority to make NZ ungovernable.

Their faces were sourced from video podcasts, while their amplified words were selected as ‘sound-bites’ and depicted on bill-boards hung on bridges, bus-stops and the sides of buildings on desolate city streets at night — to cast them as New Zealand’s new common enemies.

The use of foreboding political thriller music seemed intended to cue the näive among the Fire and Fury audience to produce an emotional contagion of fear-programmed neuropeptides via their hypothalamus organ. And together with the vision of the ‘antagonists’ cast as at-large fascist anarchists speaking on the sides of buildings in mostly empty streets at night — these elements were crafted to create a sense of doom about a dangerous conspiracy.

A sepia toned dusky desert-scape was also used as a visual motif to psychologically draw links between Trump supporters in the US — who were cast as far-right white supremacist QAnon conspiracy theorists responsible for the alleged January 6th 2021 ‘Capitol Insurrection’ — and the NZ Freedom Movement.

Documentary as Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller: The desert landscapes depicted various simulated, ruined ‘urban-scapes’ featuring objects such as giant cellphones, up-turned SUVs, a tank and the Twins Towers, the Beehive, and other buildings — partially consumed by sand — appeared to riff off the sand-consumed ruins of Las Vegas depicted in Blade Runner 2049.

During the three-week long Parliament Grounds Occupation of February 8th to March 2nd 2022, the media’s dominant crisis journalism framing cast the protesters as toxic Alt-Right, anti-vaxxer, Q-Anon-influenced conspiracy theorists who had entered an alternate reality.

Such stigmatizing treatments produce scapegoats — whether they are persons, groups or organizations — that become targets on which to project blame, animosity and fear, as P.J. Schackner found while researching his study,The Archetype of the Scapegoat” at the Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco.

In the drama of the telling, stigmatizing treatments tend to be very effective at obscuring the causes of news events, as I pointed out in my heretical exposé, “Fire and Fury, or Short-Circuited Docu-Fizzer?” (October 2 2022).

The media’s framing elements such as headlines, images and potent scapegoating labels produce an emotional contagion of fear, anxiety and anger-programmed neuropeptides via their hypothalamus organ, which is located deep in the human brain above the pituitary gland and links the hormonal endocrine system to the nervous system.

The words of Claire Deeks were introduced by seasoned Stuff journalist, Paula Penfold, who also narrated and co-write the script for Fire and Fury to construct the propaganda film’s climatic reveal three minutes before the end.

Penfold narrated that Voices For Freedom (VFF) were no longer ‘fringe’, since they were said to have over 100,000 members.* Penfold’s narration continued, stating that VFF had:

issued a rallying call that sounds like a direct threat to democracy. Make the country ungovernable.”

— Paula Penfold, Fire and Fury, Stuff Circuit 14 August 2022

However, Penfold and the Stuff Circuit production team omitted the context of the subject that Deeks was presenting to Voices For Freedom’s audience in a podcast.

Missing in MSM: In this May 8 2022 podcast, Claire Deeks speaks about Voices For Freedom’s Rebuild Free project to encourage the Freedom Movement to develop community resilience, so that are they ‘ungovernable’; meaning such resilient communities, households and businesses are no longer vulnerable to government over-reach. [Collage by Snoopman]

Deeks opened her 8th May 2022 ‘webinair’ — from where Stuff pulled the quote in question— with a summary of Voices For Freedom’s achievements, in part, because it was her first time podcasting since prior to the Parliament Occupation in Wellington. Among their achievements, Deeks said that Voices For Freedom were “really proud” of their newly launched project called Rebuild Free.

According to Voices For Freedom, Project Rebuild Free was launched in January 2022 internally through their nationwide network of coordinators to commence planning community resilience initiatives — in the offline world. That is to say, Rebuild Free isn’t a website, it is a real world nationwide project.

However, the direct reference to the Rebuild Free project is edited out of Ms Deeks’ quote used in the ‘documentary’.

In the edited video excerpt spliced into Fire and Fury, Deeks was seen speaking from a billboard positioned on the far-right of the screen frame, directly addressing an audience. Deeks said:

… around New Zealand, to strengthen resilience to start looking at what it really takes to become ungovernable, and that way is that when the government says jump, we don’t need to.”

— Claire Deeks, co-founder of Voices for Freedom, Fire and Fury, Stuff Circuit 14 August 2022
Quote Out Of Context: Stuff Circuit‘s propaganda film played a video clip of Voices For Freedom co-founder, Claire Deeks, who encourages their activist network to build resilience into their lives so that they become “ungovernable”, meaning they are independently resourced and therefore they won’t need to jump the next time “the government says jump”.

Stuff Circuit’s ‘documentary’ crew opted not to interview any of the targeted ‘protagonists’ who were framed for driving a dangerous, violent, and misinformed New Zealand with false information in a conspiracy of strategically-intertwined players and groups planning an uprising against authority to make New Zealand “ungovernable”.

In her opening narration to the ‘documentary’, Penfold claimed the audience would hear the protagonists “unfiltered”.

But, was this truth claim true?

Trust the Truth Teller: Paula Penfold’s authoritative narration told the audience what to think by deploying neurally stored short-circuiting terms such as ‘anti-vaxxers’, ‘QAnon conspiracy theorists’ and ‘fascist white supremacists’, which will have triggered the gullible segments of the documentary’s audience to switch off their critical thinking caps.

Conspicuously, none of the reports, reviews or rebuttals of Fire and Fury have provided the full quote (as far as I can tell). This appears to be because Stuff Circuit — and Stuff’s nationwide network of newspapers (and their websites) — have ‘failed’ to provide the link to the ‘webinair’ podcast from where the quote originated.

Since Voices For Freedom’s video production is prolific, I contacted the community action network on September 20 to ask for the link or the video file. After three days, the VFF team were unable to find it. I also searched, and had started watching Deeks’ interviews with writer Guy Hatchard, who has written critical accounts on the mandate regime, the Covid-19 data and the emerging impacts of the Pfizer shots.

Claire Deeks messaged me Thursday 6 October to say she had found the video. The quote was drawn from near the beginning of the May 8th Hatchard Report ‘webinair’.

The full quote, starting at 2 minutes 34 seconds, reads:

We’re really proud of what we’ve created. Mostly proud of the network of local groups and people and communities all around New Zealand. And that’s the main focus now of what we’re doing.”

We’re looking at Rebuild Free. It’s our initiative to help local groups, individuals and communities all around New Zealand to strengthen resilience. To start really looking at what it takes to become ungovernable. In that way, is when the government says jump we don’t need to because we are resilient, we have put things in place.”

Start off with planting a garden, learn more about your finances. And we will do our best to bring more help to you on these webinars, on our website and in live events, and so forth.”

— Claire Deeks, co-founder of Voices for Freedom, May 8th 2022

O Journalism, Where Art Thou?

I asked Ms Deeks for comment to explain her viewpoint on the way she was framed with the shortened “ungovernable” quote deployed as the propaganda film’s revelatory ‘climax’, three minutes before the end. Deeks replied:

“To start with, the entire set up for the clip in which this word is said is misleading. Then the clip itself is not even the original complete sentence.”

“For example, in the voice over introducing the clip Penfold says that VFF is “issuing [VFF followers] with a rallying call that sounds like a direct threat to democracy: make the country ungovernable”. The clip is then played. Stuff literally only put in part of a sentence.”

To advance her stance that she had been quoted out of context, Deeks said, “I mean you can’t make this up.”

Yet, it is evident from Deeks’ viewpoint and her words, that Stuff made this stuff up.

“The simple fact is: VFF does not want to “make New Zealand ungovernable” and has never said we do. There has been a very deliberate and coordinated campaign by Stuff and its journalists to misrepresent our words and intentions. The use of the term “ungovernable” has been taken out of context deliberately.”

In response to the Fire and Fury ‘documentary’, former ACT Party leader Rodney Hide interviewed another VFF co-founder, Alia Bland, to explain what was behind the term “ungovernable”.

On The Platform, Bland said on August 18th, their intentions have been “perversely twisted by the media” and that VFF has been cast as the “Big Bad Wolf”. Bland clarified what was being expressed by the term “ungovernable”.

Bland told Mr Hide the idea underpinning term “ungovernable” meant that if people built resilience into their lives they would be in a better position to withstand the kind of government “over-reach” that New Zealanders were subjected through the ‘pandemic response measures’, the next time Wellington’s Political Élite tries to limit or remove freedoms.

The VFF co-founder added that Deeks was articulating the thinking behind Voices For Freedom’s newest initiative, Project Rebuild Free, to focus on forging national resilience at the community level by rebuilding the culture.

Penfold indicated publicly that she had been tracking public media commentary and tuning into The Platform to hear the criticisms about the ‘documentary’ Ironically, Penfold has said that Sean Plunket, who is the founder of The Platform, and a former TV3 News journalist, risks being seen as New Zealand’s version of US right wing broadcaster and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Yet, neither Stuff newspapers nor Stuff’s award winning journalist have retracted the documentary’s “ungovernable” claim — which Penfold reiterated unequivocally the day after the documentary aired — that Voices For Freedom were seeking to make the country ungovernable.

In an interview on ‘Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan’, August 15th broadcast, Radio New Zealand reported that Penfold told Mediawatch that the Stuff Circuit team decided to do the documentary after watching the Wellington protests and seeing talk on associated social media channels about making the country “ungovernable”.

The situation then begs the question: why would one of New Zealand’s two market-dominating newspaper chains exclude the crucial context of what Deeks had said to her Voice For Freedom’s audience?

On this point, Ms Deeks stated:

They knew repeating the whole sentence would provide the context that would make it obvious that what they were saying was a lie. So, they cut it out! That full sentence, and hundreds of hours of footage from our webinars much of it on Rebuild Free provides the context to the word ‘ungovernable’.”

Ms Deeks essentially confirmed what Bland had said on The Platform on August 18th in response to Fire and Fury. Deeks wrote:

“None of this was referenced by Stuff. Rebuild Free is all about looking at how dependent we’ve become on the government, how vulnerable we are to government overreach. It’s about seeking to change that through strengthening communities and the people in those communities, building resilience in key areas like energy, food, security, shelter.”

The VFF co-founder emphasized that food security was an immediate priority they were encouraging their nationwide network to build into their households and communities.

“To this end we’ve been especially focused on food security, helping people with growing gardens for a start. Anybody listening to our videos or coming along to our local group events would consider the allegations by Stuff to be laughable, were they not to have had such serious repercussions.

“On top of this the video [clip in question] is clearly edited to come across as threatening based on cropping, placement, lighting, sound (echo), music etc.”

Claire Deeks.

I rang Paula Penfold at Stuff’s flash headquarters in the swanky Auckland city fringe suburb of Ponsonby to offer her the old fashioned journalistic right of reply, even though former North & South journalist, Graham Adams, mocked Penfold for being a conspiracy theorist in his opinion piece, titled “Fire and Fury is often funny — unintentionally”.

But, Penfold said she couldn’t comment because Voices For Freedom have complained to the Media Council about Fire and Fury.

This is ironic, given that Stuff Circuit anticipated a backlash from the public, as Penfold stated in a podcast with Big Hairy News. And they must have also anticipated VFF would complain to the Media Council, especially given that two of the three co-founders’ backgrounds in law is well-known. In response, Stuff predictably restrained its Circuit team’s free speech on the matter.

Penfold added that “we stand by the documentary”. By “we”, Penfold evidently meant herself, along with Stuff Circuit’s producer Louisa Cleave, director Toby Longbottom, and the Stuff newspaper management, and owner, CEO, Sinead Boucher, who owns 100% of the shares in Kenepuru Holdings Limited, the ultimate holding company of the New Zealand Stuff newspaper empire.

I attempted to ask Penfold to comment on the omissions of context. However, Penfold repeated “Thankyou,” like a householder not wanting to be rude, while issuing social cues for a pair of evangelists to go away — metaphorically speaking — without slamming the door.

Penfold’s tactic worked effectively to screen off hearing back the context that Stuff’s news audience was denied by omission.

The phone call ended with a clunk.

The door had been closed on the evangelists — Steve Edwards and his Snoopman alter-ego — seeking to spread the gospel of truth behind the making of Fire and Fury.

In addition to emailing Paula Penfold for comment on this full ‘ungovernable’ quote, I also emailed a handful of journalists, writers or academics who had either written opinion pieces or reports or hosted interviews.

One academic I contacted was Auckland University of Technology’s head lecturer of journalism, Dr Greg Treadwell, whose October 4 article headlined, “Fury under fire: anti-vax complaints loom over documentary” was published, rather symbolically, by Newsroom. Dr Treadwell ventured into metaphorical territory when he likened “our democracy” to institutions built on a surface of ice, that he felt was cracking.

This clumsy ecological-survival-Apocalypse metaphor was used to frame ‘anti-vaxxers’ as ‘bad actors’, ‘purveyors of disinformation’ and ‘protofascists’ in order to justify his rhetoric to consider constructing an enclosure around principle one of the Media Council’s Code of Ethics: the right of reply.

Skating Where Angels Dare Not Tread: AUT’s head of journalism, Dr Greg Treadwell essentially advocated in the Newsroom, for the creation of an ideologically driven cancel culture committee; Monty Python might have called it the ‘New Aotearoan Thought Police’.

With this proposed enclosure, Dr Treadwell was essentially advocating to empower the creation of an ideologically driven cancel culture committee; Monty Python might have called it the ‘New Aotearoan Thought Police’.

The head of journalism at Auckland University of Technology made the truth claim that there’s no “immediate logic” to the likely counter-argument that complainants will seek a ruling that journalistic works fail the test of accuracy, fairness and balance if such reportage “silences those who are the subject of its allegations.”

In other words, Dr Treadwell is, in essence, advocating for the New Aotearoan Thought Police to skate freely on ‘our’ democracy’s cracking ice, holding private ‘Star Chamber-Lite’ court-like sessions. What Dr Treadwell was unwisely suggesting could inspire the authorship of an inciting incident in a Kafka-esque dystopian novel that throws the story in a new direction and sets-up a problem the protagonist must resolve at the story’s final climax.

However, by my reckoning in the ‘Make Real World’ of October 2022, ‘the protagonists’ are not quite at the half-way point in the narrative arc of New Zealand’s iteration of the ‘story’ set in motion under the rubric of a species-threatening global pandemic. Since the global power élite have triggered a Great Reset to maintain control over the world’s structural forces, including technological innovations, by inflicting a hybrid war featuring economic sabotage, ‘vaccine’ injuries and psychological warfare — this unsafe, yet effective trashing of the Rule of Law is consistent with police state formation.

Amid such deliberate destabilizing divisions, the battle of over the narrative is a key front in this epic war waged to dominate the geo-future of humanity. In the classic three-act story structure, the half-way point in the story is known as the ‘point of no return’, where the protagonist considers giving up when he or she finds out what is really going on. But, the protagonist finds the resolve. And by formulating new goals, the protagonist fully commits to a course of action that he or she cannot back out from.

In light of the missing context behind Deeks’ quote, perhaps AUT’s communications faculty could make Professor T. Edward Damer’s book, Attacking Faulty Reasoning: A Practical Guide to Fallacy Free Arguments, required reading for its journalism staff, students and secretaries. Principle One: The Fallibility Principle holds that:

Each participant in a discussion of a disputed issue should be willing to accept the fact that he or she is fallible, which means that one must acknowledge that one’s own initial view may not be the most defensible position on the question.

In my email to Dr Treadwell, I noted that none of the reports, reviews or rebuttals of Fire and Fury have provided the full quote (as far as I can tell). This appears to be because Stuff Circuit — and the Stuff newspapers — have ‘failed’ it seems to provide the link to the ‘webinair’ podcast from where the quote originated. I supplied the full quote, as I did in all my emails. I asked Dr Treadwell if his view had changed, regarding how Claire Deeks — and by implication Voices For Freedom — were portrayed in Fire and Fury?

But, I have received no reply via Dr Treadwell’s console, computer and AUT’s dial-up modem.

Since Penfold stated unequivocally that the intent was to make New Zealand ungovernable on RNZ the day following Fire and Fury’s broadcast, I emailed Jesse Mulligan Tuesday 11 October, with the full ‘ungovernable’ quote, to ask for comment. Since I sent my questions to the Radio NZ broadcaster, there has only been ‘radio silence’.

It turns out Jesse Mulligan and Paula Penfold were pupils at the same secondary school, Hillcrest High, in Hamilton. Mulligan returned to MC the school’s 50th Jubilee while Penfold was booked to speak during the Gala Dinner, on Saturday 25th June 2022.

This connection was not disclosed as a potential conflict of interest during the ‘Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan’ interview with Penfold on August 15th, which is strange since the entire interview was about the linkages between “the instigators”. When I attended South Seas Television School, we were taught to treat our audiences with respect, to check facts, produce balanced stories and not to assume we knew everything.

Has something changed? ’Cause it’s a pity the talents, resources and energy of so many good, yet misguided media missionaries have become, in effect, unwitting agents of a creeping ideological framework that has had dystopian wet-dreams of world domination since its teenager years amid World War II.

Voldemort Treatment — The Project That Must Not Be Named

As a former editor of news, current affairs and general programs at Māori Television and as someone who studied propaganda tactics while gaining First Class Honours for turning in my groundbreaking thesis on US and UK media coverage of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 — I believe I’m in a credible position to gauge whether a person has been quoted out of context.

But, you don’t need to have a post-graduate thesis under your belt proving the financial authorities of the US and UK colluded with the global banks to steer the Global Financial Crisis to a climatic point producing a fear-laden spectacle, to coerce their respective governments to bailout the bankers — to work out a quote has been taken out of context.

However, if Stuff Circuit’s mainstream audience were not aware of Voices For Freedom’s Rebuild Free project, they likely would not have realized Deeks’ intent. I was already aware of Voices For Freedom’s Rebuild Free Project. Proof in the ‘Make Real World’ exists of my claim to this awareness, because I mentioned the project in part 1 of the “Frame My Freedom” series, entitled, “How the News Media Plays NZ’s Freedom Movement”, published August 9th — or five days prior to the broadcast of Fire and Fury.

Because, when Deeks mentioned the noun ‘resilience’ following the pro-noun ‘New Zealand’ to examine what it would take to “become ungovernable” — the Stuff Circuit documentary team were leading their mainstream audience to believe Deeks was really talking about making the country ungovernable.

In other words, Stuff Circuit produced the logical fallacy of drawing a wrong conclusion to construct the propaganda film’s climatic reveal — as any newsroom possessing a copy of Professor T. Edward Damer’s book, Attacking Faulty Reasoning, could readily recognize. This distortion was consistent with the internal logic of the propaganda film’s framing of its targeted subjects as “key drivers of false information and dangerous conspiracy”.

Distortion, which creates a warped copy of reality when found in news, advertising and other communications is, in fact, the application of the first of four ideological functions that are essential for a successful propaganda campaign to brainwash a population.

The work of French philosopher Paul Riceouer (1913–2005) — who identified the functions of ideology — is invaluable to recognizing the presence of propaganda in the media, advertising and communications during the over-hyped pandemic by the New Zealand Government. These four functions, distortion, legitimation, social integration and activation were all present in the Stuff Circuit’s propaganda film, as I shall show.

The distortion function in Fire and Fury was served by maintaining the creed of the Corona Cult, amplifying views of “the main protagonists” while dismissing them as far-right conspiracy theorists and sampling language deemed violent, provocative or unpalatable — while failing to acknowledge the mainstream media’s bountiful shortcomings.

Moreover, all four ideological functions were packaged into the Crown-funded ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ campaign, produced by advertising agency Clemenger BBDO, that is owned by the New York headquartered Omnicom Group, whose top three shareholders are Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street.

Normalizing the Institutionalization of Medical Martial Law: Clemenger BBDO’s ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ campaign disseminated messages across multiple platforms, recruited influencers, and updated the communications as the narrative developed in coordination with Annalect‘s data harvesting.

In turn, Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street have been shown to be at the core of institutional investors owning stakes in strategically intertwined transnational corporations that dominate all industries across Western capitalism — as Professor Peter Phillips showed in his 2018 book, Giants: The Global Power Elite.

Indeed, Professor Phillips named Omnicom as one of several propaganda firms specializing in advertising, public relations and marketing to serve the global power élite.

Furthermore, there is a Blackrock-Vanguard-State Street Connection behind the New Zealand Government’s propaganda campaign. The same big three ‘Monopoly Board Players’ were also the top three institutional owners of Pfizer, the primary pharmaceutical company that has supplied the New Zealand Government with its Covid-19 mRNA-nano ‘vaccine’, Cominarty as I showed in my investigation “Spy My Media”.

In order for the brainwashing of spinfluence to work, the targets need to be identified on two levels: with demographics and the heart — to engineer conformity, or group think, to produce desired behavioural modifications, as Wellington-born advertising illustrator, Nick McFarlane, presented in his book, Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual.

The tax-funded support for Stuff’s Fire and Fury ‘documentary’ originated from the Public Interest Journalism Fund, which was established in February 2021. No less a figure than the Prime Minister of New Zealand, stated in a Summit for Democracy that the NZ Government established the Public Interest Journalism Fund to combat misinformation on Covid-19, particularly via social media, and to support the mainstream media’s business models.

Displacing Democracy by Incrementalism: During the Great Corona Hostage Crisis, the Ardern Government essentially forged a propaganda fortress network out of the existing media, advertising and communications infrastructure during the over-hyped pandemic.

Naturally, in her Summit for Democracy presentation Jacinda Ardern blamed the illnesses — caused by the Medical-Industrial Complex’s weaponized SARS-Cov-2 — for exacerbating deaths tolls, unemployment, business failures, and distrust in governments, rather than the lockstep pivot to Medical Martial Law taken by the UN member state governments.

Ironcially, the Stuff Circuit team, along with Stuff newspapers and the rest of New Zealand’s media cartel were captured by the ideological mass formation at the beginning of ‘Great Corona Hostage Crisis’. And, shamefully, NZ’s media — for the most part — doubled down at the Parliament Occupation, despite the glaring contradictions being laid out on a platter, and advanced the systemic bigotry with more propaganda. Despite their media awards, Penfold & Co either failed to see the propaganda fortress constructed by the Ardern Administration, or they chose not to look.

Yet, like their peers — they should have known better.

The Fire and Fury propagandists sought to weaken the Freedom Movement’s core communications about how the Government’s ‘vaccine’ mandates were political blackmail, economic coercion and cultural exclusion that led to predicted impacts such as job losses, relationship break-ups and vaccine injuries.

As a propaganda film, Fire and Fury cast its enemy characters in the most unfavorable light that its makers could, with an ideologically-driven narrative.

The fact that stoned and drunk people vented with some disturbing rhetoric on the mic at the Freedom Convoy Occupation, or that some developed Tourettes when confronted by riot-shield wielding cops after three weeks of antagonism, and that others talked of capital punishment for the worst offenders brought to trial or taking the country back — doesn’t mean that all or any of the individuals and groups depicted are strategically intertwined to plot a violent uprising.

Open Rebellion: The NZ Parliament Occupation creates bad optics for the Government, because the camp depletes the Government’s ‘political capital’, or voter credit.

Ironically, towards the end of the documentary Stuff Circuit also concluded the Parliament Grounds Occupation failed to achieve any wins.

Yet, Fire and Fury creates the impression that the Stuff Circuit documentary crew, had been at the Parliament Occupation a great deal prior to the climatic final day of March 2nd.

However, Penfold stated in her Radio NZ interview the day after the broadcast, that the Stuff Circuit documentary crew only arrived on the last morning. But, the interviewer, Jesse Mulligan, did not ask Penfold how she could authoritatively report on the Parliament Occupation.

The ‘Freedom Village’ was ‘bad optics’ because the camp was depleting the Government’s ‘political capital’, since advancing controversial policies spends a democratic Government’s voters‘ credit.

As such, the Crown Constabulary’s Operation Convoy siege plan sought — through low-grade warfare tactics such as pre-dawn blockade operations, the deployment of riot police and weaponizing the media as a vector for propaganda in the days leading up to termination phase — to shift the bad optics onto the Freedom Occupation. As I showed in my heretical eighth dispatch from Wellington, NZ Newsrooms Cover-up Police Breaches of Peace at Parliament Occupation, the police could not have proceeded with their siege plan without being confident that the news media would be complicit in condoning police violence.

For instance, on the morning of February 22, the sudden deployment of riot-shield wielding police who ran toward protesters while they were milling around by the port-a-loos was intended to construct bad optics for the Liberty Protest Group.

One for the Archives: Video footage shot by Stuff from the forecourt of Archives New Zealand, and other news outlets from different vantage points, shows riot-shield weilding police ran at protesters milling around by the port-a-loos during a lull, followed by a surge of police shoving the protesters against the port-o-loos and vehicles. [Photo by Snoopman]

In the morning light, at 6:45am, the purpose was to bait protesters to produce shoot-able images of violence for the breakfast news. A more aggressive team of police surged forward, squeezing protesters against the port-o-loos and nearby vehicles. 

Primed to Provoke: Riot shield-wielding police standing by, at the back end of the Archives New Zealand building on Molesworth Street [in red ring]. [February 22 2022]

Video footage shot by Stuff from the forecourt of Archives New Zealand, and other news outlets from different vantage points, shows riot shield-wielding police ran at protesters milling around by the port-a-loos during a lull, followed by a surge of police shoving the protesters against the port-o-loos and vehicles.

Seeding the Violent Protesters Narrative: During a five-minute lull, riot shield-wielding police run along the pavement beside the Archives New Zealand building on Molesworth Street to assemble by the port-o-loos. [February 22 2022]

The Wellington police command claimed the protesters squirted battery acid at police. Subsequently, a video went viral that showed a police officer spraying a pepper aerosol aimed at unknown persons offscreen and a few seconds later a police officer walks into frame clearly disoriented, indicating he can’t see properly.

Newstalk ZB show host couple Heather du Plessis-Allan and Barry Soper expressed skepticism about the police claims following the emergence of the video. Heather du Plessis-Allan suggested it was prudent to question all the claims made by police, regarding faeces, battery acid and allegations of sexual assaults, and had come to realize that a smear campaign meted out by police (or the SIS) was more likely.

In my fourth Wellington dispatch, headlined, “Police Incite Violence to Bait Protesters for Breakfast News Propaganda”, published February 23, I wrote:

“Disturbingly, the deployment of police with riot shields has seeded the narrative that the resistance has become more violent. This escalation in bad optics for the occupiers comes two weeks after the police breached the peace on Thursday 10 February, when the Constabulary engineered a confrontation that lasted nine hours inside Parliament Grounds.”

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, 23 February 2022 [Snoopman News]

Despite the skepticism of Heather du Plessis-Allan and Barry Soper, prominent brands of New Zealand’s media cartel, such as 1NewsNewshubNewsTalkZBRadio NZThe New Zealand Herald, and The Dominion Post failed to accurately describe the cluster of events at Molesworth Street, Tuesday 22 February 2022. Moreover, New Zealand’s newsrooms also failed to accurately report the clustered events of three other key days February 10th, 21st and March 2nd when New Zealand’s constabulary instigated the violence.

In essence, Penfold relied on a heavily filtered-mainstream media ‘lens’ to comprehend the Freedom Village, as I have demonstrated in my heretical exposé, Fire and Fury, or Short-Circuited Docu-Fizzer?”.

With this ‘no wins’ claim to truth, Paula Penfold, Louisa Cleave and Toby Longbottom advanced their narrative to say that Voices For Freedom, and other groups and influencers, needed something new to stay relevant. This ‘something new’, Stuff claimed, was rhetoric about resilience.

However, Ms Deeks said that they intended to publicly launch their Project Rebuild Free in early 2022. But, then their focus was diverted to the Parliament Occupation, which was inspired by the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy and the occupation of Ottawa’s CBD.

Every Town, Bridge and City: Inspired by the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy and the occupation of Ottawa’s CBD, Voices For Freedom mobilized their extensive nationwide network to support and cheer on the NZ Convoy’s contagious peaceful uprising, that drew Kiwis from all parts of the malevolently governed country.

Voices For Freedom mobilized their extensive network on February 7th, just as the Convoy was faltering, and Kiwis turned out in every town, on overpass bridges or at rest-stops with an unforgettable upbeat presence of the likes New Zealand has never seen, except maybe for Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Tour before the Empire’s rebranding.

Following the launch of the Rebuild Free initiative in January 2022 internally through their nationwide network of coordinators, VFF rolled out “various promotions, videos, live talks and interviews relating to this initiative,” according to a Voices For Freedom statement. Their household and community resilience project is described as a movement that is, for the most part, “taking place out in the field.”

In their video titled “What is Rebuild Free — An Introduction” published in mid-July, Voices For Freedom identified the need to build in resilience among a core of the population by educating communities on the immediate need to develop food security, and other reserve supplies such as cash, water, and general goods including clothing. Developing off-grid fuel, energy and communications networks, and learning skills such as basic first aid, knitting, sewing, baking and repairs and taking personal responsibility for health and well-being are also encouraged.

The thinking behind the project combines resistance to tyranny through institutional mechanisms, re-education with tools such as webinars, flyers and efforts to rebuild the culture with resilience initiatives such as workshops, working bees and spearheading other household and community self-reliance blueprints. With these three pillars of resistance, re-education and rebuild, Voices For Freedom have articulated a sound plan to achieve a strategy to transform New Zealand into a resilient, free, and dynamically open-minded society capable of withstanding the present lurch to incrementally displace democratic governance with stealthy technocratic totalitarianism.

Penfold, Cleave and Longbottom assumed that because the police ‘succeeded’, eventually, in implementing House Speaker Trevor Mallard’s eviction notice to get rid of the occupiers on the front lawn at Government’s HQ, and the surrounding streets — this result meant the Freedom Campers failed.

However, had Stuff Circuit opted to interview the accused protagonists, or observers who weren’t blinded by the hegemonic dogma that had overtaken the world in 2020 — like the planet had been metaphorically cast with a Näivety spell — they might’ve found their scapegoating in tatters. And, they may have been forced to admit that the Occupiers had not only opened the door for the nation to talk about the impacts of the Corona Cult mandates.

But also, by meeting in one potent place, the Convoy Occupiers, had “unlocked the door that every regime wishes to keep shut: a society comprised of parallel structures to which everyone is invited” — as former National Business Review journalist, Nathan Smith, committed to cyber-ink.

Crucially, Voice For Freedom’s Rebuild Free introductory video also illustrates the logic behind the strategy, using the metaphor of the domino effect. Successively larger dominoes are shown being toppled by the momentum of dominoes with masses that are successfully smaller. The narrator of “What is Rebuild Free” says it is possible to apply the principal to transform behaviours, trends and the patterns of a culture. By identifying the smallest cultural ‘domino’, this domino principle can be leveraged to start tipping the other successfully larger dominoes, rather than to begin by trying to tip the largest domino.

The smallest domino identified in the VFF video is the population’s vulnerability to coercion by top-down restrictions over livelihoods to maintain a job or business, and as well as access to food, vital services, education and travel. Much of this vulnerability is due to the population’s complacency to convenience culture, dependency on corporate-state systems and vulnerability to authoritarianism.

Historically, when 3.5 percent of the population comprise a resistance counter-force that undergo a vital shift, such changed behavioural patterns spread across the nation and alter the culture, the VFF narrator stated.

The Project That Must Not Be Named: Voice For Freedom’s Rebuild Free introductory video uses the metaphor of the domino effect, to explain their strategy: the smallest domino of 3.5 percent of the population — who traditionally have comprised a resistance counter-force that undergoes a vital shift — become resilient through self-reliance, and this changes the behavioural patterns across a nation by influencing others.

In the immediate aftermath of Fire and Fury’s broadcast, VFF co-founder Alia Bland spoke of the carnage the government’s mandate regime inflicted on New Zealand’s society, including job losses, houses forfeited, relationship breakups and migration overseas. Alia Bland said:

Voices for Freedom are doing the job that the government should be doing but is failing. It was appalling what was happening during that time of the mandates.”

The Resistance: VFF Co-founder Alia Bland said she could see that once frontline workers were subjected to vaccine mandates, they would be applied to various sectors of society.

To address this gap, Bland stated the Rebuild Free project is aimed at encouraging individual, household and community resilience so that such freely consenting people among their membership could better withstand government over-reach in the future.

Because Stuff Circuit omitted mentioning the name of Voices For Freedom’s resilience initiative, Penfold, Cleave and Longbottom essentially treated Project Rebuild Free as like the name of Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter Universe: The Project That Must Not Be Named.

Therefore, since the Rebuild Free project is a solutions-focussed initiative to build in resilience at the household, small business and community level, the omission of this project name from the ‘ungovernable’ quote near the film’s end, worked with Penfold’s framing of its set-up to amplify the film’s over-arching far-right conspiracy narrative.

Despite Voices For Freedom explaining in its online materials, that through its offline world workshops and its field-trips, their network of conscientious resistors will be better placed to ride-out the future government edicts that coerce submission to liberty-taking measures — Stuff ignored those community-spirited real world initiatives efforts as well.

Instead, Stuff Circuit broadcast its nefarious plot narrative fingering VFF, in effect, as a key ring-leader.

With their pre-bunking inoculation to undermine the VFF’s Rebuild Free project, their legitimate resistance actions and their attempts to engage with central government and local institutions, Penfold & Associates were attempting to weaken the community bonds, reputation and initiatives that Voices For Freedom’s nationwide network worked so hard to sustain.

As an embedded dissident journalist inside the Parliament Grounds Occupation of February 8 to March 2 2022, I can say there were many conversations about the need for ‘parallel structures’ to ride out the current lurch to totalitarian systems of social control.

The Failed Siege: Dissident journalist Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards describes the police scrum tactics to shove and snatch protesters on day three of the NZ Parliament Grounds Occupation, February 10th 2022. [River of Freedom]

Many people cottoned on to the idea of parallel structures in August 2021 when the Academy of Ideas narrated a short film illustrated by After Skool, about the phenomena of mass ideological formation in societies under authoritarian rule. The film titled, MASS PSYCHOSIS — How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL, also presented the observations of political dissident Václav Havel who wrote that ‘parallel structures’ emerged to forge social self-organization to cope and rid itself of draconian control amid totalitarian regimes.

In his 1978 essay, “The Power of the Powerless Citizens Against the State in Central-Eastern Europe”, Havel observed that such parallel structures as businesses, institutions, groups, technologies or creative pursuits groups that existed morally outside the totalitarian regime were more effective at combating totalitarianism than direct political action.

Havel — who later became the 1st President of the Czech Republic — also stated that when enough parallel structures form, a parallel culture or society spontaneously forms as enclaves of sanity within the totalitarian regime.

These ideas about mass ideological formation spreading through societies under totalitarian rule were discussed by Mattias Desmet, a Belgium professor in psychiatry. Dr Desmet has stated in numerous interviews, that effective resistance from dissident voices across all sectors, professions and trades speaking out is essential — in combination with developing parallel structures — to cause the eventual collapse of such regimes, regardless of their ideology.

However, the founder of Children’s Health Defense, Robert F. Kennedy — whose uncle was assassinated because his vision was to forge a genuine peace based on supportive co-development rather than a peace enforced by an imperial Pax Americana paradigm — warned that humanity needed to act effectively and quickly to counter the turn-key totalitarianism that is presently being fast-tracked.

Professor Desmet said it became clear to him by the end of 2020 that a new global hegemonic bloc of scientism had been forged and with a pandemic chosen as the Trojan Horse vehicle. Any attempts by credentialed doctors, scientists and nurses to transmit critical counter-evidence to other humans were deemed as life-threatening misinformation, disinformation or conspiracy theories, he observed.

The Corona Cult dogma formation in New Zealand’s newsrooms reflects a group-think that has set like glue, against a backdrop of hegemonic scientism. Italian communist journalist Antonio Gramsci, who was imprisoned by the Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime, stated that an ideology becomes hegemonic when it achieves coverage so pervasive that a dominated population finds it hard to imagine or believe that alternatives are possible. 

Scientism is the irrational ideology that preys upon populations to trust an alleged scientific consensus in order to lure näive mortals to believe strategic solutions over bona fide ones. The key tenet of scientism requires institutions of corrupted science to practice conspiracy denialism, whereby their own experiments, research, and trials are politicized to match desired results of state, corporate and philanthropic funders.

When Desmet’s mass ideological formation thesis was discussed by the creator of mRNA technology Dr Robert Malone, on Joe Rogan’s podcast in late 2021, these powerful ideas exploded. The backlash to cancel the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast was swift, and reset the topic frames to more constricted conversations.

Hi-Tech Lure: The totalitarian future’s slick marketing is a Trojan Horse.

The current cultural war occurs amid a brazen re-engineering of Western Civilization that seeks to extinguish liberal democracies, and replace their governance systems with technocracy.

This creeping displacement of imperfect democratic administrative systems with technocracy, is a looming threat to humanity. Technocracy is an ideologically-driven totalitarian form of government managed by technicians, engineers and scientists brainwashed to believe they are building unbiased equality-enhancing governance infrastructure, as the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, Patrick Wood, described. When, in fact, technocracy transforms imperfect mechanisms of social control into turn-key totalitarianism for the benefit of unseen, super-rich oligarchies.

Technocracy is the long ambition of scheming scientism.

Desmet was interviewed on VFF’s Courageous Convos on 21 December 2021 by Libby Jonson. Dr Desmet stated that people can form a powerful social bond in a collective effort for overcome the totalitarian regimes’ moves to control people through fear, absurd rules and threats to livelihoods.

In their June 17 2022 Lounge podcast featuring the three co-founders of Voices for Freedom, Ms Jonson said amid a discussion about the Rebuild Free project that it was not the time to feel embarrassed or inadequate, but the important thing was for people to get ready in doable ways.

As such, the ideas of parallel structures to forge a parallel society to peacefully, constructively and adaptively ride-out totalitarian technocratic tendencies, tactics and tools — were well known by the Global Freedom Movement, and its New Zealand iteration, by the time the spontaneous occupation-cum-summer-festival on the Government’s lawn occurred.

The solutions focus of Voices For Freedom, and other groups, was not a cynical ploy to stay relevant — as Stuff would have its disrespected audience believe. It was borne of a comprehension that the destabilizing government policies — such as epic economic slowdowns — were inflicted with spooky synchronicity by nearly 200 nations, and suspiciously, with no howls of protest from the transnational corporations, global policy-shaping think-tanks or world leaders.

And that such brazen strategic sabotage of whole industries — while trillions in public debt were ‘printed’ to bailout banks, transnationals and fund a global biosecurity system — represents a reset of the structural forces of the planet onto the global elites’ desired trajectory to accumulate more power, wealth and control.

In the absence of such critical context, Fire and Fury shows the downside of corrupting ‘best journalism practices’ by opting to avoid interviewing the accused protagonists.

By deep-sixing the right of reply that mainstream media outlets in Western ‘liberal democracies’ are supposed to adhere to — like the role of glue applied between disparate surfaces that wouldn’t otherwise bond, absent the addition of, say, incoming space-rocks, volcanic lava or nano-thermite — Stuff news has lurched deeper into constructing an enemy image.

Agenda Setting with a Far-Right Framing

Following the end of the covidian emergency powers after two and a half years, Looking Glass writer Jackie Black astutely observed the narrative shift from ’anti-vaxxers’ to the ‘mis- and disinformation community’. In effect, the Freedom Movement has been renamed from the ‘anti-vaxxer movement’ — with new prefixes by those who state their pronouns in their communications.

With this new addition to the compendium of Orwellian Newspeak terms that very effectively reduces those pesky humans who wish to remain untethered from a global technotronic panopticon to mere rabbit hole wandering conspiracy theorists, I thought it fitting to email the Looking Glass writer to see what she thought of the ‘ungovernable’ quote. Her response read:

“With your transcription of the full quote it’s clear to see Stuff were looking to paint a certain picture that did not accurately reflect VFFs messaging or modus operandi. It’s also important to look at the totality of VFF content since they were founded, which is consistent with empowering the community to get informed and organised: good old fashioned people power. Stuff has never given them a fair run, but have not hesitated to amplify Government covid talking points, many of which have proven false.”

Because this ‘ungovernable’ claim was used as the documentary’s dramatic reveal to construct the climax, it was deployed as incontrovertible ‘proof’ to confirm the narrator’s assertion in the script’s exposition, that the film’s targeted subjects are “strategically intertwined” to drive a dangerous conspiracy using violence to achieve their vision.

In this pernicious way, Claire Deeks was framed as the person calling upon Voices For Freedom’s substantial following to get on board with their alleged plan to make the nation ungovernable. With the cumulative build-up of the flimsy claims made throughout the documentary to link Voices For Freedom with actual or alleged fascist individuals, groups and ideologies, the quoting of Ms Deeks out of context worked — in effect — as the release of a nefarious narrative arrow drawn from Stuff Circuit’s very long bow.

One particular element of ‘evidence’ illustrates this point about how each flimsy claim added to the increasing narrative tension that metaphorically pulled the long bow’s elastic cord ever farther and tighter as Stuff’s spun story unfolded. Reporter Paula Penfold who was essentially cast as the propaganda film’s archer attempted to draw a link between the so-called ‘anti-vaxxer’ group, Voices For Freedom, and former national director of the New Zealand National Front (NZNF) Kyle Chapman (and therefore a far-right fascist violent framing).

In drawing this low long bow, Penfold showed what she claimed was a transcript from an online private messaging system or chat-room (saved to Google Docs), in which a figure called ‘Truth Spy’ and others, appeared to have a discussion with Mr Chapman.

Drawing a Long Bow: The propaganda film’s ‘archer’ Paula Penfold attempted to draw a link between Voices For Freedom, and former director of the defunct white nationalist New Zealand National Front (NZNF), Kyle Chapman, by showing a transcript from an online private messaging system in which the “dark haired lady from voices for freedom” was mentioned as a possible candidate for political leadership.
Dark Haired Lady: Voices For Freedom stated in their complaint to the Media Council that the programme-makers’ slur suggesting co-founder, Libby Jonson, is linked to white supremacists is utterly abhorrent.

One of the forum participants allegedly mentions the “dark haired lady from voices for freedom”, which referred to Voices For Freedom co-founder Libby Jonson as a possible candidate for political leadership.

Taking umbrage to the film’s depiction that Voices For Freedom was linked to alleged or actual fascist individuals, groups or ideologies, they complained to the Media Council — as any level-headed trio of mothers leading a lawful nationwide community action network would predictably do with a certainty, you’d be hard pressed to find a fool to bet otherwise.

Before they could do so, I emailed Voices for Freedom (VFF) with three questions. I asked whether anyone connected with the Stuff documentary had contacted them for interviews. And also, whether Paula Penfold had asked VFF for comment on this bow being drawn between the former national director of the now-defunct National Front and the co-founder of Voices For Freedom? And I asked if Mr Chapman or if anyone from his group had contacted Libby Jonson or VFF.

In a group reply from Claire Deeks, Alia Bland, Libby Jonson and the VFF Team, their response was:

The answer is No to all these. We never had any contact or communication with these people (Stuff) prior to the piece coming out two weeks ago. We have had an email with demands on further questions subsequent. As an aside Libby is of Jewish heritage so an odd pick if indeed he [Kyle Chapman or Truth Spy] ever did suggest that.”

Indeed, in their formal complaint to the Media Council entitled, “Stuff Fire & Fury: Stuff Formal Complaint”, the VVF co-founders rejected the documentary’s narrative drive that their nationwide community action network is strategically intertwined with fascist groups, individuals or ideologies — foreign and domestic.

The co-founders tersely criticized the framing elements, including the narrator’s stigmatizing characterizations, and statements from Disinformation Project director Kate Hannah comparing the VFF co-founders to women in the heyday of the fascist era while archival footage from Nazi Germany was played on screen. They also objected to the use of footage of the far-right chatroom transcript emerging from a printer that mentioned the “dark-haired lady from voice for freedom” as political candidate material, to deliver the smear tactic slur to suggest that VFF was indeed linked to alleged far-right fascist groups or individuals.

Voices for Freedom’s complaint to the Media Council stated:

“The Programme continued on to relate statements from far-right white supremacist groups in NZ to VFF despite the fact that VFF has no connection to such groups whatsoever and the men quoted did not even appear to know the name of the co-founder they were referring to.

Had Stuff Circuit, Paula Penfold, or Louisa Cleave bothered to reach out to us for comment, they would have learned that “the dark-haired” co-founder Libby Jonson is of Jewish heritage, and the suggestion that she is a modern-day fascist or protofascist Nazi is utterly abhorrent.”

— Voices for Freedom, Stuff Fire & Fury: Stuff Formal Complaint, 9 September 2022

In his review, “Fire and Fury is often funny — unintentionally”, former Metro, North & South and Noted journalist, Graham Adams wrote:

“Penfold’s attempts to find parallels between an interest in health and well-being among female fascists in the 1920s and the 1930s and the fact that some of the women opposed to vaccines and mandates in 2022 like to knit and use essential oils was another thigh-slapper.”

After playing archival footage of women marching with a Swastika flag overlaid with Hannah drawing a long bow between the current situation to link women’s wellness during the heyday of the fascist era, Penfold asked if Hannah was saying Voices For Freedom are agents of fascism?

Kate Hannah replied:

“All of the groups we see at the moment in New Zealand have features of fascistic ideas around power, control, and then features of white, or national identity ideas that are related to fascism.”

I followed up with an email to Voices For Freedom to ask if the co-founders had ever participated in an interview or broadcast with Counterspin, since its co-founder Mr Alp was cast as a far-right extremist. Claire Deeks replied that they have never spoken to Kelvyn Alp and had never been on his Counterspin Media platform.

During the Great Corona Hostage Crisis, New Zealand’s cartel of market monopolizing media outlets lent on the Crown’s funding troughs, including the Public Interest Journalism Fund, which was established in February 2021, to combat ‘misinformation’ on Covid-19, particularly via social media, and to support the mainstream media’s business models.

Because Stuff Circuit’s approach to the ‘documentary investigation’ came from a one-eyed perspective firmly aligned within the hegemonic Corona Cult, the journalism standards of accuracy, balance and fairness were traded-in for many of the brainwashing practices found in Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual.

Due to their deployment of propaganda tactics, Stuff Circuit produced an ideologically-driven ‘documentary’ whose narrative treatment was that of character assassination, which included stigmatizing scapegoating that smeared all of its targeted subjects with a primer coat of ‘violent far-right white supremacist paint’ and was accompanied by segments that resembled a political-psychological thriller. As such, Fire and Fury failed to deliver on four of the five criteria that the successful applicants are required to meet. (The third criteria of the Public Interest Journalism Fund, which is about acknowledging Māori as partner in Te Tiriti o Waitangi, is deeply flawed, since the 1840 Waitangi Treaty was a red herring literary device and was not the legal instrument that transferred paper sovereignty to Queen Victoria; paper sovereignty was transmitted fraudulently by other legal instruments. See: Deep History of Waitangi).**

It was evident from the heavy reliance of Kate Hannah as an expert voice, that the work of The Disinformation Project legitimized the strong ideological framing of a far-right fascist-inspiration, which was alleged to have underpinned all the groups and key people featured in the ‘documentary’. Stuff Circuit accepted The Disinformation Project’s work without skepticism. And, in effect, Fire and Fury became a vector for the propaganda organ, The Disinformation Project, to characterize dissenting voices with a ‘toxic discourses’ framing complete with the idea of peddling misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy theories — without any refection that the mainstream had acted as a vectors for the weaponization of news during the Great Corona Hostage Crisis.

With such an unbalanced ideologically-filtered framing, Stuff Circuit’s ‘documentary’ narrative was laid thick with group-think glue that joined the cracks in logic. If Fire and Fury targeted the Freedom and Rights Coalition — as The Disinformation Project had studied as one of an alleged dozen drivers of toxic discourses blamed for the violent climax to the Parliament Occupation — it’s narrative about female Māori activist Carlene Hereora being charmed, groomed and duped by an alleged far-right male, Kelvyn Alp, would have fallen apart. After all, the Freedom and Rights Coalition was formed by Destiny Church figures such as Brian and Hannah Tamaki, and therefore much of its support is of Māori and Polynesian ethnicity, since these demographics form the core of Destiny Church.

On this point, Graham Adams quipped that a lot of the footage [Paula Penfold] presented revealed a crew of very brown white supremacists. With amazing fortune, the makers of Fire and Fury were lucky to have a female Māori, Khylee Quince, the dean of law at AUT, express this ‘duped Māori by white supremacists and far-right extremists’ viewpoint. That way, the deeply condescending judgment about Hereora’s apparently ‘poor agency’, or one’s capacity to think critically and act for oneself, passed the political hygiene test, rather than landing as a clunker if the same thing were said by a white woman, Mr Adams observed.

Poor Agency or Flagrant Agenda Setting Journalism? Fire and Fury was framed with a white supremacists extremist narrative, in part, to peddle the idea that female Māori activist Carlene Hereora had been charmed, groomed and duped by an alleged far-right male, Kelvyn Alp.

But, how exactly is it in the public interest to malign a social movement in a ‘documentary’ bankrolled from the Public Interest Journalism Fund, when the narrative treatment is that of character assassination?

In his book, Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual, Wellington-born advertising illustrator Nick McFarlane, defined character assassination as:

[T]he intentional attempt to portray a particular person in a manner which will cause others to perceive him or her in a negative light. By targeting a person’s reputation and firing misleading innuendoes at their character it is possible to inflict a fatal blow.”

— Nick McFarlane, Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual
Character Assassination: The intentional attempt to portray a particular person in a manner which will cause others to perceive him or her in a negative light. By targeting a person’s reputation and firing misleading innuendoes at their character it is possible to inflict a fatal blow. [Nick McFarlane, Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual]

The objective behind the character assassinations was to identify the threat of a common enemy. Yet, this threat was constructed with distortions in Fire and Fury.

Masking Over the Cracks: One-eyed expert voices fulfill the second ideological function, legitimation, to support the power of authority by masking over the cracks in the narrative myth-making, and in effect, subsidize the news because their opinions, data and theories are presumed to be accurate.

The recruitment of the one-eyed expert voices fulfilled the second ideological function, legitimation, to support the power of authority by masking over the cracks in the narrative myth-making. The expert voices: Facts and Other Lies author, Ed Coper; NZ Security Intelligence Service Director-General, Rebecca Kitteridge; AUT Dean of Law, Khylee Quince, and Director of the Disinformation Project, Kate Hannah — were essentially cast as authoritative objective ‘witnesses’ to a public trial by media.

At the film’s climax, this ungovernable video excerpt was followed by Counterspin Media founder, Kelvyn Alp, who claimed the Government was a creature of legal fiction. And then, the denouement sequence commenced featuring two of the ‘expert’ voices, and a former conspiracy theorist.

Alp had been featured in the film’s exposition with accompanying voice-over from Penfold stating that the Counterspin founder called for a military coup during the Parliament Occupation, which indeed he did. Mr Alp claimed the people at the Occupation would be happy for the commanders of the New Zealand Defence Forces to take-over the Government, and hold Parasite Palace [the Beehive] in the interim while we create free and fair elections.

This call by Alp ran contrary to the intentions of the vast majority at the Parliament Grounds. The main groups — Convoy 2022 NZ, Freedom Alliance, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science, Outdoors and Freedom Movement, The Freedom and Rights Coalition and Voices for Freedom — issued a public statement dated 20 February, after their formal request to the New Zealand Parliament to send representatives to enter into dialogue face-to-face, or kanohi ki te kanohi, was unanimously declined. The letter used the adjective peaceful four times to emphasize the Freedom Occupation’s intentions, and finished with a cutting swipe aimed at the New Zealand Government:

“We remain committed to speaking with senior government members to open dialogue about the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act and lifting of all mandates so that people can return to work and society. Mandates are ineffective, unnecessary, and an unacceptable curtailment of fundamental human rights. Freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of right of movement, freedom from unlawful discrimination, and freedom to manifestation of belief name only a few of the rights currently breached.”

— Convoy 2022 NZ, Freedom Alliance, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science, Outdoors and Freedom Movement, The Freedom and Rights Coalition and Voices for Freedom [20 February 2022]

An article accompanying Fire and Fury headlined, Beyond the Fringe, stated that Mr Alp released a plan titled Operation Reclaim during the Occupation, which evidently called for public trials for crimes against humanity of politicians, media, judges, and business leaders. Stuff claimed Mr Alp also advocated for the need to assemble ex-military, former police and hunters to anticipate an opposing combat force.

Off On His Own Script: Counterspin Media founder Kelvyn Alp claimed the people at the Occupation would be happy for the commanders of the New Zealand Defence Forces to take-over the Government, while the protesters create free and fair elections.

The day after the broadcast of Fire and Fury, Alp said he stood by everything he said. Mr Alp added that he felt the worst offenders, including the New Zealand’s 120 parliamentarians, should be hung if found guilty, for enabling the serial killing and maiming in connection with the covid shots.

Perhaps unwisely, Mr Alp also said he was thinking of sharing the Christchurch massacre video, which was banned in New Zealand by then Censor-in-Chief, Andrew Shanks. This may have added fuel to the fire, metaphorically speaking, and might have been used to convince police officials to sign-off on the August 25 raid of perhaps the ‘lowest-hanging fruit’ in the NZ Freedom Movement.

Eleven days after the airing of Fire and Fury, the police raided the house of Counterspin Media confiscating their electronic devices and digital storage equipment, except cameras and microphones, and arrested Counterspin Media founders, Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer, according to the Daily Telegraph NZ. Kelvyn and Hannah were jointly charged with allegedly distributing a link on the 22nd February, to an overseas-produced podcast investigating the Christchurch mosques shootings, which was deemed an objectionable publication under the Films, Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993, on the 23rd of February this year.

Outside the Christchurch District Court on September 21, both Spierer and Alp addressed their supporters and the media. Ms Spierer said, ”We are all one people, regardless of your colour, race or creed. There are good people in every organisation … including in the police, and we need a serious judicial system and police system which is good for the people, that has integrity and honour.” Mr Alp said “I know we all believe the system sucks and is corrupt, but trust me there are some good people in there [pointing to the courthouse] who are working hard in the background to change the whole dynamics.”

These statements appeared to be intended to address the mainstream media’s framing of the couple as far-right, and the character assassinations of Fire and Fury that, in effect, accused the film’s targeted figures of secretly plotting to stir up a violent over-throw of the government.

In an interview with Liz Gunn, a former One Network News anchor and founder of Free NZ Media, Ms Spierer said most people don’t realize the significance of the Christchurch mosques massacre for not only propelling Ardern’s international influence. But, also for forging the ”deep state censorship takeover”.

Only in New Zealand: The Christchurch police who returned Counterspin Media founders Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer, back home after their arrest, evidently were supportive of their platform and liked their passion, yet the cops categorized the issues as “just politics”.

In a UN speech, September 23 2022, Jacinda Ardern called for internet censorship to control communications. Her rhetoric referenced the alleged need to censor speech deemed hateful, ideology judged dangerous, or countering views that go against the UN’s position on climate change, or views on a war that differ from the US-NATO Military Empire’s narrative of how, why and who started such a war.

Ardern was scathingly criticized by left liberal journalist and founder of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald who described her as a politician with an authoritarian tyrannical mindset ”so inebriated by her sense of righteousness and superiority that she views dissent as an evil too dangerous to allow”.

New Zealand’s prime minister was in New York for a Christchurch Call to Action Summit between New Zealand, the United States, Twitter and Microsoft to develop algorithms to ”curate” content. The Christchurch Call arose out of the March 15 2019 mosques shooting because the gunman’s helmet-mounted video was live-streamed and went viral.

It would appear the Fire and Fury documentary provided the ideological cover for the raid. Spierer claimed the police who returned them home were supportive of their platform and liked their passion, but that they categorized the issues as “just politics” and evidently did not comprehend what was at stake.

Spierer on Liz Gunns Odysee platform said:

“Would this happen to a TVNZ, a Newshub, or a Stuff, if they had shared a link to something potentially deemed objectionable? Isn’t this the roll of journalists, to ask hard questions, and look in those dark corners where the government doesn’t want us to look?”

— Hannah Spierer, Co-Founder of Counterspin Media [Free NZ Media, 30 September 2022]

According Ms Spierer, five police men and women held her down on a bed in a medical room at the Christchurch Central Police Station, because she was putting up a fight to resist being forcibly jabbed with a syringe to take her blood. Spierer said the female police detective offered the faux ”choice” of a nasal swab or blood sample with the Orwellian Doublespeak question, “How would you like to donate your DNA?” Because she answered, “Neither”, to the totalitarian gaslighting framed as a choice — the detective decided she had chosen to “donate” a blood sample, Spierer said.

Evidently another 10 police piled into the small room, while Mr Alp told a “good cop” he had “three seconds” to get the situation to de-escalate. However, the police-hired doctor still took her blood under force, despite Ms Spierer saying she did not consent — and before Mr Alp and herself have faced a jury trial.

As a way to explain the reason why the Counterspin co-presenter does alternative media, Spierer said people will be shocked to hear about the Crown Constabulary’s treatment. But, wait — she added — until they have “the veil lifted on … what’s going on” with this planet.

Spierer and Alp referred to the United Nations’ agendas for the 21st Century, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and other global élite plans such as the global smart cities movement. These ‘save the world’ plans are, in effect, incremental jig-saw puzzle totalitarian moves to restrict freedom of movement, association and expression by herding humanity into a geo-future where every transaction, process and relationship is tracked, traced, tabulated, taxed, traded, and ticketed — as I have outlined more generally in, “How the World is going to Hell in a Corona Hand-Basket”.

Despite the dystopian specter, Spierer encouraged humans of New Zealand to open their minds and hearts, reconnect to themselves and that way people will find their passion and purpose to become heroes in their own personal journey in this “ultimate movie that has never been written“ to overcome the oppression. Mr Alp, who has clocked up four raids, said the best way to handle a raid is not to react, and to “be like a reed in the wind“, while being firm about mutual respect and stating you do not consent — with the expectation that it will be ignored. The real fight occurs in the court battle, he added.

Ms Spierer said she admired Mr Alp’s bravery to speak out with a confronting directness, in a time when men have been discouraged — by the dominance of feminism — to be firm about holding the line amidst the systematic attack on households, especially over the past two and a half years. She added that feminism has been positive for winning rights and giving women confidence, but its shadow side has had an overbearing impact on masculinity.

Mr Alp said on Liz Gunn’s Free NZ Media podcast, “Wellington proved that we can build a community without a single politician in sight and have it all running very smoothly. The whole country can do the same thing.” This observation was obvious to anyone who spent any length of time at Freedom Village.

Especially, if they didn’t harbour a bigoted hate for Kiwis who dared to object to the unsound edicts of the realm’s most marvelous top political lawmaker, since — all the way back to the time Queen Victoria ratified the deceptive two-track scheme to swindle paper sovereignty off the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of New Zealand in 1840 (with a red herring literary device that was eventually ratified domestically by imported rodents).

To their credit, Spierer and Alp mocked Stuff Circuit for trying to link Voices For Freedom to the näive pro-Trumpist Qster ‘Trust the Plan’ ideology in their August 15 podcast. The ‘documentary’ advanced the tenuous idea of Ed Coper, who claimed that because Q-Anon pushed potent freedom rhetoric and because VFF uses the noun, ‘freedom’ in their name, these facts therefore meant the Voices For Freedom pronoun was a clever copy-cat cover-story tactic to hide the ‘anti-vaxxer’ group’s dangerous conspiracy theory-ridden ideology.

But, Voices For Freedom’s speech bubble logo is, in effect, linking the right to free speech as a fundamental need underpinning autonomy of body, households and community — and the freedoms of expression, association, and movement.

In these times where so many have drawn their identity politics lines in the sand over pronouns, instead of approaching the possibility that there is a transnational deep state — with an old-fashioned open mind — I can’t help but wish if only there were an academic of the late Professor Ranginui Walker’s level-headed ballsiness.

In 1971, Doctor Walker hosted a week-long hui at Auckland University to listen to young urban Māori who were frustrated with their elders, the status quo of poverty and widespread racism. Some among the group believed a violent armed revolution with bloodshed in the streets was needed, while others argued for a peaceful uprising of resistance and positive solutions-based initiatives. Dr Ranginui suggested the name, Ngā Tamatoa, or The Male Warrior, and he helped steer the group in the direction of a peaceful movement.

In 1972, when Ngā Tamatoa leaders Syd and Hana Jackson presented a petition with 30,000 signatures to Parliament’s Māori Affairs Select Committee, Tūhoe theatrical activist Tame Iti valiantly appointed himself Ambassador of the Tent Embassy on the front lawn. Actor Rawiri Paratene, then 17 years old, camped with Mr Iti, and Ngā Tamatoa for a couple of months.

Valiant First Tent Embassy 1972: In Kim Webby’s 2012 documentary, Ngā Tamatoa: 40 Years On, actor Rawiri Paratene takes his audience back through the story of the Māori activist group from its beginnings in 1971, with a week long hui at Auckland University, where Dr Ranginui Walker listened to the rhetoric ranging from armed uprising to peaceful resistance and their aspirations for a life with dignity.

In 1975, when Whina Cooper famously lead the Māori Land Rights Hikoi from the Far North to the capital, Ngā Tamatoa stayed on and re-established their Tent Embassy, camping for six weeks.

While Ngā Tamatoa were frequently accused in the media of plotting a violent overthrow of the government, their institutional connections to academics, marae and other community groups proved to be positive, grounding, and pivotal in forging a movement that resulted in the Māori Renaissance — without which the ongoing technocratic corporate takeover of New Zealand would have been completed sooner.

In 1981, during the six week long South African rugby teams‘ Springbok Tour of New Zealand, the anti-Apartheid Movement endured escalating brutality from the police paramilitary ‘Red Squads‘. In the final clash, on the streets surrounding Eden Park on Saturday September 12, and after several hours of being clubbed, punched, kicked, dragged, arrested and chased — some protesters had had enough. They threw scoria, collected from the nearby rail-tracks at the Kingsland Railway Station, forcing the police to retreat.

Patu! Merata Mita’s film recorded the mass civil disobedience that took place throughout New Zealand during the winter and spring of 1981, in protest against the Springbok rugby tour and the South African Afrikaner Broederbonds’ fascist apartheid regime.

It was a sure bet that New Zealand hosting a Springbok Tour would deliver the cause célèbre for the conservative right-wing Muldoon Government to look tough on what had been a progressive left liberal issue through the 1960s and 70s. A sure bet — because the eventuality that a Springbok Tour in New Zealand would result in civil unrest in the streets, was actually foreseen in 1978 in a book entitled, Thirteen Facets: Essays to Celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the Second, 1952-1977.

Thirteen Facets was not only published by the Government Press. The book was also launched by Prime Minister Robert Muldoon himself.

With magical synchronicity, the New Zealand Rugby Union had announced the Springbok Tour on September 12th 1980, which was the third anniversary of the death of black rights activist, Steve Beko, at the hands of one of the Afrikaner Broederbonds’ fascist henchmen.

Muldoon declined to stop the tour despite the Human Rights Commission pointing out its obligation under the Glen Eagles Treaty ratified by NZ in 1972 that obligated the Government to take “every practical step … to discourage” contact with South African sports teams. In its 25 June 1981 report the Human Rights Commission wrote:

“The mere existence of that team … means that if N.Z. grants entry permits, it is failing to prevent and prohibit a practice of apartheid in N.Z.”

To be super-clear, by wishing for a ’Dr Ranginui Walker’, I’m not saying there hasn’t been brave academics speaking out, hosting virtual symposiums, or writing articles in attempts to clarify the government’s decisions, offer more effective solutions and point out the dangers of rushing experimental jabs to market. I’m highlighting the truancy of the majority of university scholars in cowering from their critical role, since academia is also a debating society, that is supposed to host seminars, formal debates, and hold the tension in rooms amid discussions. And I’m chewing the intellectuals’ ears off for being suckered by the imperial-scale corona propaganda.

Stuff’s ‘ungovernable’ claims about Claire Deeks generated spin-off coverage about candidates linked to Voices For Freedom. In a Stuff Circuit article, Penfold and Cleave claimed one candidate, Gill Booth, who successfully campaigned for a seat on the Teviot Community Board in Central Otago, laid out a playbook for sabotaging democratic process.

According to Stuff Circuit reporters, Booth said:

“If we can pull together so hard in our communities to absolutely disrupt and rip to pieces our local council. When you go into these groups just tip them up, don’t play ball. Become ungovernable.”

However, Stuff treated Ms Booth with the same stigmatizing disrespect as they had for all of the primary subjects in their propaganda film, and opted not to give her the right of reply. In a statement sent to me, Booth said:

“I was speaking metaphorically about the need to shake up local councils and the way they operate. I intend to be a confident, clear, and reasonable voice on the Teviot Valley Community Board, especially when raising concerns about important issues such as Three Waters. In a space where balanced discussion has been absent, the presence of a dissenting voice may be seen as disruptive but is essential to reaching solutions that truly benefit the community.”

It turns out former TV3 journalist and founder of The Platform, Sean Plunket, paid for a demographic survey of the Parliament Protestors, that was conducted by Curia Market Research, which was founded by David Farrar, a long-time political polling client of the National Party.

The survey of 312 participants found 77% were unvaccinated, 64% were categorized as European and 27% identified as Māori, and 30% voted Labour, 16% voted National, 16% voted Greens, 12% voted ACT, 9% voted New Conservatives, 7.5% voted for the Advance New Zealand Party and 3.6% voted for Māori Party, in the 2020 two-horse dominated electoral race.

Furthermore, a Horizon Research poll showed that 30% of New Zealanders supported the Parliament Occupation. This poll, which was published by Stuff, owner of the capital newspaper, The Dominion Post, on 18 February 2022, the day following news of a national security crisis group meeting, which was published by Stuff the previous day.

Yet, the overall propaganda of political lawmakers, health officials, and the science experts were, essentially, continuing to not only rally the ‘team of five million’ against 30% of New Zealanders. The media also acted as a vector for this continued propaganda of political lawmakers, health officials, and science experts, to ‘rally the troops’ — in accordance with the ideological activation function.

To this end, the Stuff-owned capital city newspaper, The Dominion Post, deepened its complicity in the Crown Constabulary’s chess move to lay siege to the Parliament Occupation when it published Wednesday February 23 an opinion piece headlined, “Peace, order and police powers in demonstrations” penned by former Deputy Prime Minister in the Lange Government (1984-1989), Geoffrey Palmer.

Official from Crisis-Past Ritual, Feb 23: Former Deputy Prime Minister in the Lange Government (1894-1989), Geoffrey Palmer wrote that New Zealand as a sovereign state possesses “a monopoly over the legitimate use of physical force within its territory.”

Sir Geoffrey Palmer asserted that New Zealand as a sovereign state holds a monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force within its territory. He also claimed that the Bill of Rights 1990 does not allow for absolute rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of association and freedom of movement.

Crucially, Palmer played key role in limiting the fall-out with the French Government over the bombing of Greenpeace’s Pacific flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, in 1985, as I showed in investigation, ‘Price of Power’ Themed-Terrorism: Rainbow Warrior Bombing Inflicted to Save the Western Empire from Losing N.Z., published on the 35th anniversary of the sinking. I found that the key objective of this episode in French state-sponsored terrorism was to send a Morse Code signal to Western Élites to get their domestic grassroots movements — including anti-nuclear activists — back under control.

With this recruitment of an ‘Official from Crisis-Past’, it is not surprising then that no members of parliament actually met with the protest groups on the Parliament Grounds amid such encoded symbolic communications. The national security crisis group meeting of February 17 signalled the Police were going to shift the ‘bad optics’ onto the Parliament Occupation, knowing the Government could rely on a compliant media cartel that hides its lack of news diversity through concentrated ownership of news brands.

Predictably, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sanctimoniously blamed the final day’s violence, fires and arrests on protesters whom she claimed were among a small portion of New Zealanders who had come to believe wild and dangerous conspiracy theories.

Displacing Democracy by Incrementalism: During the Great Corona Hostage Crisis, the Ardern Government essentially forged a propaganda fortress network out of the existing media, advertising and communications infrastructure during the over-hyped pandemic.

Embarrassingly, during the local body elections the media missionaries continued to act in a manner reminiscent of the moralizing, scolding, fear-mongering evangelical missionaries who lectured aboriginal or indigenous populations back when the ‘cannon powers’ were expanding their colonial empires.

Oligarchy — The NZ Social Propaganda Edition: During the Great Corona Hostage Crisis, New Zealand’s cartel of market monopolizing media outlets lent on the Crown’s funding troughs, including the Public Interest Journalism Fund, which was established in February 2021, combat ‘misinformation’ on Covid-19, particularly via social media, and to support the mainstream media’s business models. Meanwhile, the Disinformation Project works as a propaganda organ to characterize dissenting voices with a toxic discourses framing complete with misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Except, the lecturing occurred from the safe distance at news desks — that were in essence recruited into the Ardern Government’s propaganda fortress — despite various newsrooms owned by New Zealand’s news market-monopolizing media cartel maintaining an appearance of diversity, through brands.

In a World Where Outcast Doctors are Framed as Doctors of Spin

Paula Penfold would likely think that those she targeted deserved the treatment that Fire and Fury delivered.

Yet, Stuff failed to deal with Paula Penfold’s conflict of interest between her professional role as a journalist long-trusted by her colleagues, her peers in other newsrooms and mainstream news audiences — and her personal life.

Trusted Cultural Authorities: The mainstream media reinforces the status of journalists, editors, producers, directors, news anchors and talk-show hosts with the consequence that journalists themselves come to believe the dominant ideological paradigms, propaganda and power performances constructed by armies of professionals working on behalf of unseen oligarchs.

It turns out, Penfold’s big sister underwent treatment for breast cancer in 2021.

In an opinion piece published on Stuff’s news website, one month prior to the commencement of the Parliament Occupation, Penfold voiced her anger that ‘anti-vaxxers’ were selfish for putting the immuno-compromised at risk.

The Return of Bigotry: One month prior the Freedom Convoy Occupation at the Government’s HQ, the Stuff newspaper chain published Paul Penfold’s declaration of her visceral hate, or misanthropy, targeted at people who did not comply with the Coroner Cult mandates.

Penfold explained her sister’s fight with breast cancer led her to form her view of the ‘anti-vaxxers’ as selfish and develop targeted misanthrope, or hate, in her January 9th 2022 Op-Ed piece:

This is why I felt utter contempt towards those people who’d lost their sense of community or any concern for others, who chose to prioritise themselves for the most misguided of reasons.”

Naturally, this key detail was also omitted from Stuff’s Circuit ‘documentary’ — lest it short-circuited the scape-goating narrative that sought to hone its sights on the ‘new common enemy’, in keeping with ideological dogma formation, as I articulated in part 1, “A fear-filtered failure to see the Freedom Forest for the Tumult of Tenacious Trees”.

Although it would appear that the newspaper chain’s documentary ‘arm’ allowed Penfold’s journalistic judgement to be clouded — by her own internal emotional roil — while she fired arrows at ‘the instigators’, Stuff’s ‘institutional voice’ is within the hegemonic bloc of scientism, which gained an imperial-scale boost by the Corona Cult mass ideological formation.

This would appear to be one contributing reason why Penfold, Cleave and Longbottom also did not interview any of the targeted individuals, or groups, for the Stuff Circuit documentary. And perhaps why the Stuff Circuit documentary team did not show up until the final day.

In a similar vein to the Disinformation Project’s avoidance to commit to a genuine ethnographic study inside the Freedom Convoy Occupation, and it’s lack of balance, and their failure to disclose their own dogmatic ecology, Penfold & Associates slanted the positive aspects of ‘Freedom Village’ with an over-arching framing that the well-intentioned had been manipulated by ‘far-right antivaxxer fascists’.

Big Hairy News: Paula Penfold said everything in the documentary was true, fact-checked and legalled.

Ms Penfold did not mention her personal roil in her ‘interview’ on Big Hairy News when she opined that it was too soon to tell the vaccine injury story, because she claimed there wasn’t enough data.

Ironically, in Fire and Fury two protestors, Ali Evans and Valerie (family name withheld), were selected for grilling by Paula Penfold, who pointed to behaviours deemed offensive or flaws in viral content shared and while the seasoned journalist avoided interviewing the higher hanging fruit: the accused ‘instigators’ of the tumultuous final day.

The third ideological function of social integration was served by the sit-down interviews with Ali Evans and Valerie. By seeking to embarrass her subjects, Stuff Circuit depicted two ordinary women as having been foolish, mean and out of character, and who — after the came back from the extraordinary rabbit hole world — were now coming to their senses, thanks to the kind cash from the Ardern Regime’s democracy-saving Public Interest Journalism Fund.

Yet, both women wanted to talk about the vaccine injuries issue, as Penfold divulged in her interview with Big Hairy News.

Ritual Humiliation: Two protesters were selected for grilling by Paula Penfold, who pointed to behaviours deemed offensive or flaws in viral content shared, while the seasoned journalist avoided interviewing the accused ‘instigators’ of the tumultuous final day.

On this point, NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science wrote that they had been in touch with Ali Evans, and had viewed the texts she supplied between herself and Penfold, who was seeking a follow-up sit-down interview with her after having interviewed her briefly on the final day of the protest.

In an opinion piece “Not All Fire Is Fury”, NZDSOS stated that in the texts they viewed between Penfold and Evans, the Stuff journalist expressed care for Ali’s “concerns” about the vax-injured. These “concerns were subsequently ignored at the interview”, wrote NZDSOS on The BFD, September 15 2022.

If the Stuff documentary makers had interviewed the pro-medical choice group, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS), the doctors could have articulated how the scuttling of effective existing therapeutics actually meant many old, sick and immuno-compromised people suffered and died unnecessarily. In the documentary, Uninformed Consent, the medical experts interviewed stated the use of known effective therapeutics such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were besmirched and banned.

As with Uninformed Consent, the documentary The Real Anthony Fauci, also states that the suppression of early treatment with effective existing therapeutics, was essential for mass vaccine production to gain the US FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization.

Furthermore, doctors from NZDSOS could have spoken about their work with Health Forum NZ documenting the mounting numbers of vaccine injured, including the dead. Because Penfold was arguing from ignorance, the Fire and Fury audience were denied context about how Health Forum NZ has 30 doctors and nurses, who were mandated out of their jobs, gathering testimonials, checking paperwork and assisting with getting help and care.

Arguing from Ignorance: Despite editing in footage of the Voice For Freedom founders meeting with Lynda Wharton’s crew in the Health Forum Tent at the Parliament Occupation, Stuff Circuit’s Fire and Fury avoided investigating the vaccine adverse events issue.

Arguing from ignorance is a logically fallacious position where either the opponents fail to supply counter-evidence due to their own inability, or because those who control the institutional resources refuse to supply the counter-evidence — as any newsroom would know if they possessed a copy of Professor T. Edward Damer’s Attacking Faulty Reasoning: A Practical Guide to Fallacy-Free Arguments.

Lynda Wharton has said she founded Health Forum NZ out of sheer frustration because she could see there was no systemic support for the vaccine injured and the loves ones of those that died post-vaccine. Despite editing in footage of the Voice For Freedom founders meeting with Wharton’s crew in the Health Forum Tent at the Parliament Occupation, Stuff Circuit avoided investigating the vaccine adverse events issue.

Full-Time Crisis Triage Frontliner: Lynda Wharton, who was one of three dozen people who improvized the health support network, Health Forum NZ, emphasizes that vaccine injuries and deaths are real.

But, because Penfold only showed up on the last day of the Occupation, she missed the opportunity to interview the good people from Health Forum New Zealand and NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science.

In a response piece to Fire and Fury, headlined “The Most Important Question Was Not Asked”, the NZDSOS contributor observed that, “neither NZDSOS nor the Health Forum NZ was criticized or attacked in the doco, despite [their] ubiquitous presence at the camp, and our many supporters. Why were left alone?”

And, because NZDSOS did not realize the Stuff Circuit crew only arrived at the scene in time to capture the carnage triggered by the national security crisis group’s decision to play police state politics — like many jurisdictions across Western Civilization — the outcast doctors group also didn’t know the Stuff doco team couldn’t profile any of the numerous vaccinated people there.

So, how could Penfold remark in the documentary that the vaccine injuries were exaggerated if she were not at the very hot-spot where the humans of New Zealand, who had either been vax-injured, or who had credible anecdotes of Kiwis who were, or who had documented such cases for formal investigation — had converged?

It turns out, New Zealand’s strategic ‘rescue’ solution, along with most of the UN system, for the ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ narrative was primarily ‘vaccines’ — in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s Influenza Pandemic Plan of 2017.

A source I spoke to from NZDSOS said New Zealand’s vaccine adverse events reporting system was not compulsory. This voluntary reporting system meant that many serious vaccine-related adverse events, including deaths, went unreported, stated the NZDSOS source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the ideological climate of “scientism” that had taken hold at the onset of the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, the Ministry of Health failed or avoided making post-vaccine adverse events mandatory to report, including deaths. As such, the reporting system lacks “the signals” that would otherwise alert pathologists, coroners and health officials that there are problems with particular vaccines.

The NZDSOS source said the Ministry of Health forewent the opportunity to set in place mandatory Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) signal mechanisms that would have triggered a product recall.

“The very fact that MOH has not made AEFI reporting compulsory for doctors completely undermines any notion of safety monitoring”, said the NZDSOS source.

Moreover, most New Zealand doctors were slow to understand the unprecedented mechanisms for vaccine injury with the mRNA vaccine technology used in the manufacture of Pfizer’s Cominarty Covid-19. This blind-spot, the NZDSOS source said, also led the medical profession to under-report adverse events.

This means it was possible for doctors, nurses and administrators to dismiss people’s concerns as anxiety. The failure to conduct tests such as a D-Dimer blood test, that measures D-dimer, which is a protein fragment that the body makes when a blood clot dissolves in the body — means many people experiencing post-vaccine blood-clots may have gone undiagnosed.

Indeed, it took until 15 December 2021, for Ministry of Health Officials — led by then Director-General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield — to issue an urgent advisory requesting health providers “cascade the requirements … to prevent the serious consequences of undiagnosed or untreated myocarditis/pericarditis.”

The MOH failed to address the absence of mandatory Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) signal mechanisms in 2015, when complaints about the Gardosil HPV vaccine causing injuries and deaths was aired in the public media.

In the parallel media-universe of 2015, TV3 screened Paula Penfold’s investigation “Cause or Coincidence” about girls whose lives changed drastically after receiving the Gardosil vaccine.

Among the revelations, Penfold found the Ministry of Health’s Center for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) had not conducted a review in the two years that had lapsed following the death on a teenage girl, Sarah Curran. According Mrs Curran, her healthy daughter was found dead in her bedroom after receiving her second dose of the Gardosil HPV vaccine the previous morning at approximately 10am.

Lost in the Memory Hole: In November 2015, TV3 screened Paula Penfold’s investigation “Cause or Coincidence” about girls whose lives changed drastically after receiving the Gardosil vaccine. Among the revelations, Penfold found the Ministry of Health’s Center for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) had not conducted a review in the two years that had lapsed following the death on a teenage girl, Sarah Curran. According Mrs Curran, her healthy daughter was found dead in her bedroom after receiving her second dose of Gardosil the previous morning at 10am.

Another teenage girl, Jasmine Renata, experienced adverse reactions after receiving the Gardosil vaccine at the end of September 2008, and continued to experience symptoms consistent with vaccine adverse reactions, and she died almost one year later. In 2014, coroner Mr Smith commended Jasmine’s parents for their tenacity to bring her case to the Coroners’ Court and he added he wished more people would.

Yet, at present, the Coroners Amendment Bill before the New Zealand Parliament contains a provision to allow coroners and their associates to categorize sudden deaths as “unascertained natural causes” if those deaths are considered to have occurred from natural causes and no further investigation is required.

Grave Concerns: Numerous doctors, funeral directors and embalmers expressed grave concerns that a new category of “unascertained natural causes” in the Coroners Amendment Bill, which allows for coroners and associates to sign off sudden deaths without inquests, inquiries or even post mortems — will weaken a long-standing mechanism to catch wrong-doing, or identify faulty medical practices, or trigger recalls of harmful products.

This regulatory provision to leave the cause(s) of deaths uncertain happens at a time when excess deaths are showing up in All Cause Mortality data across the Western ‘liberal democracies’, including New Zealand. NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science report that New Zealand’s excess deaths are currently running at 30% above normal.

Spikes in Sudden Deaths: All Cause Mortality data shows New Zealand’s excess deaths for 2022, as at 26 September 2022. [Source: Human Mortality Database].

However, to date, no New Zealand newsrooms appear to have conducted any sustained serious investigations into injuries, illnesses and deaths following the mass deployment of Pfizer’s Cominarty formulation.

NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science asked:

“When on earth IS the time to talk about it and why does a mainstream agent such as Paula, who admits to being a misanthrope with ill feelings towards the “unvaccinated”, get to choose “when” is “the right time?” 

Medsafe NZ’s latest COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events report, dated August 31 2022 stated that 11,682,248 doses had been administered, with 64,061 adverse events reported and 3550 deemed serious.

In their case studies of news coverage reporting on American imperialist conflicts for their groundbreaking book, Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman observed the dead and injured US soldiers were worthy victims, while the enemies were treated as unworthy victims, not worth the empathy, attention or concern of Western news audiences.

Similarly, during the Covid Wars, the jab injured, ill and dead, as well as those mandated out their jobs, or those who suffered relationship break-ups for resisting the measures, or who lost their businesses or homes due to lockdowns — have, in essence, been deemed ‘unworthy victims’.

Unworthy Victims: Doctors and nurses from NZDSOS could have spoken about their work with Health Forum NZ documenting the mounting numbers of vaccine injured, including the dead if they were interviewed by Stuff Circuit.

For readers old enough or lucid enough to remember the world before 2020, investigations into wrongdoing used to perform a journalistic task that cannot or will not be undertaken by law enforcement authorities, as David Randall wrote in his book The Universal Journalist, published by Pluto Press in 2000.

Ironically, New Zealanders and the world were gaslighted to believe public health was the only sector that was immune from corruption, collusion and conspiracy — without this con-job being overtly stated. This con-job could not have worked without the imperial-scale smear campaigns continuing to work as mass character assassinations.

If the documentary-makers had sought the opinions of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science, they could have also put them in touch with some of the credentialed doctors featured in Canadian documentary titled, Uninformed Consent, who articulated that the pandemic measures, including the vaccines have caused more harm than benefit — as predicted, and as intended.

Uninformed Consent features numerous interviews, testimonies and zoom calls with ballsy, brainy doctors who have been critical of the global experiment with the introduction of mRNA nano tech under the mask of mass ‘immunization’. These doctors include: Dr Charles Hoff; Dr Robert Malone; Dr Lee Merritt; Dr Peter McCullough; Dr Mike Yeadon; Dr Stephen Malthouse; Dr Tess Lawrie; Dr Chris Shaw; patent researcher, Dr David Martin; and health policy researcher, Alan Cassels.

Breach of Post War World II Settlement Code: Canadian documentary, Uninformed Consent, makes a compelling case that because the stage 3 human clinical trials for Pfizer’s Cominarty shots, and others covid ‘vaccines’, are ongoing, which means the global experiment upon humanity breaches the Nuremberg Code because test subjects have to know they are being experimented with in order to freely consent.

Several of these doctors have either been restricted in their capacity to practice as doctors, de-platformed on social media or slandered by media missionaries of the Global Media Cartel for challenging the scientism dogma with rational science-based counter-evidence, argument and wisdom.

In such ways, the scapegoat is stigmatized, while the dominant “in-group” that society identifies with is framed as noble and guiltless.

In Fire and Fury’s denouement segment, the fourth ideological function of activation was deployed to essentially recruit its audience to unite against the country’s common enemy. Penfold narrates that the Government’s Combined Risk Assessment Group warned that a small number of politically motivated extremists have the intent to carry out a violent reprisal, either by a lone actor or small group.

Ms Hannah said agents and actors are watching and participating to see what can be achieved to disrupt a social democracy such as New Zealand, although no evidence was provided to back up this claim. Mr Coper said the people who are manipulating unhealthy information habits were becoming more effective. Josie, the former conspiracy theorist, said the situation would likely get worse.

And then the ‘last word’ was had by Damien De Ment, who — in effect — was cast by Stuff Circuit to perform the function to activate the target audience with one final enemy image. With his cellphone footage set on the side of an office building, Mr De Ment was heard saying (with a reverberating sound effect):

“Do you think we’re going to be nice about it. Do you think we aren’t going to get really angry. Do you think the politicians, the elites, all of the people who have collaborated to do this crap against us, do you think they’ll be able to walk down the street without getting themselves killed. I don’t think so. Even in New Zealand, I believe there will be such contempt, such anger and such vitriol for what has happened to us. Even New Zealand politicians will fear for their lives and rightfully so. Have a good one.”

Last Words in Mainstreet Traffic: Cellphone footage of Counterspin guest, Damien De Ment, was played on the side of a building to perform the function of the propaganda film’s final enemy image.

It could be said that the rhetoric of some rough diamonds in the NZ Freedom Movement — whether featured in Fire and Fury or not — is disturbing, unpalatable or provocative, and at times belies a lack of maturity.

All mortals have their moments when anger-encoded neuropeptides in their hypothalamus organ go into mass-production at warp-speed; even the Snoopman. The trap in this hybrid war is the ease to press record on a digital device to say things that could have been said better with less emotion behind the delivery.

Such clichéd mistakes could be remedied with workshops to clear issues resulting from the gaslighting of narcissistic boyfriends, wives or partners with evolving pronouns, or to process toxic parenting, or to heal from bullying teachers, overbearing bosses or ambitious cops. Or, with bush walks, swims at beaches, rivers or lakes. Or, by enthusiastically embarking on long boring hours catching no fish while catching up with your whanau and each forgiving one another while appreciating the redeeming qualities that your grandfather sees in you all as your shining attributes.

It can also be said that New Zealand’s newsrooms stoked the military grade propaganda emanating from abroad and from within, by going along with the systemic bigotry cued by the globalist World Economic Forum-trained Single Source of Truth Commander-in-Chief.

And, it could also be fairly said that the rhetoric of left-liberal public figures and their fans across mainstream, alternative and social media platforms has also been toxic, bigoted and divisive.

Single Source of Truth: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arderns infallibility doctrine rhetoric gaslighted the public’s trust into believing official Government sources, justified because ‘misinformation’ produced fear-fuelled reactions. [Newshub, March 19th 2020].

Being a left liberal, or pretending to be, doesn’t automatically confer a person immunity to behaving badly, inciting hate or stoking the conditions for civil unrest. Just recall Ms Ardern’s smirk as she admitted to a New Zealand Herald journalist in October 2021, that she was overseeing the creation of two classes of people, with the clot-shot mandates. I know people who voted for Ardern who were disgusted with their favoured prime minister when they saw the two-tiered society video.

New Class System: Jacinda Ardern admits in an interview with The New Zealand Herald that the Government is imposing a new class system [See: PM Ardern on how NZ will look under the ‘traffic light’ system October 23 2021]

And then ponder: why the mainstream avoided going for her jugular? As they might have, if the shoe were on the other foot, and it was the ‘smiling assassin’, John Key, saying “Yep! Yep!” — like the PM were Mr Schwab’s puppie.

If fair-minded journalists in NZ’s mediascape were to profile the efforts of the alternative media, they might be surprised to see the pro-Freedom practitioners in this media-space are going from strength to strength, such as Voices For Freedom, FreeNZ Media, Counterspin, Operation People, NZDSOS, Hatchard Report, The Looking Glass, Health Forum NZ, The Hood, the Daily Telegraph New Zealand and perhaps even the heretical Snoopman News.

Manufacturing Civil Unrest: [Afrikaner Broederbond Apartheid conflict in 1981: pictured left] The NZ Government breached an international treaty to allow the South African rugby team to tour, knowing their presence would cause civil unrest; [Biocracy Bandits’ Medical Apartheid conflict in 2021: pictured right] NZ PM Jacinda Ardern admitted vaccine mandates created a new class system.

For instance, Counterspin returned to podcasting October 9 with cobbled together equipment to host a three way conversational-style interview between Whangaporoa based funeral director and embalmer Brenton Faithfull, English funeral director-embalmer John O’Looney and American embalmer Richard Hirschman, who were highlighting the patterns in post-jab deaths they witnessed. In essence, Counterspin has carried on the theme of their Let’s Not Forget Tour, which was a country-wide ‘town-hall’ romp through the South Pacific archipelago’s cities. Alp and Spierer gave voice to Kiwis telling their stories of carnage, tenacity and inspiration during the Great Corona Hostage Crisis — with a community spirit that was lost in Stuff Circuit’s unhinged character assassination film.

Indeed, Fire and Fury was so loose with its ‘firing from the hip’ attempts at character assassination, that it had Penfold also claiming that Voices for Freedom co-founder, Claire Deeks, was influenced by Trump’s chief presidential campaign strategist, Steve Bannon.

To ‘prove’ this assertion, Penfold claimed Deeks’ use of a media campaign phrase, flood the zone, showed the Voices For Freedom co-founder was influenced by Steve Bannon, who had used this terminology. Deeks is shown saying this phrase via a cellphone in another post to VFF members.

I followed up with a text to Claire Deeks to check what her inspiration was for the “flood the zone” tactic.

Deeks replied, “It was tongue in cheek. But it’s from Event 201”.

As I expected, Deeks was being whimsically ironic, and the origin of Deeks’ use of the media tactic was the U.N.’s first global pandemic exercise: Event 201.

On October 18 2019, Event 201 took place in New York one month before the coronavirus outbreak was attributed to Wuhan City. The Event 201 tabletop exercise involved the corny scenario of a natural outbreak of a species jumping, jet-setting zoonotic bat-pig coronavirus. The players in this simulation exercise discussed a ‘flood the zone’ media strategy to drown-out dissenting voices by dismissing out-of-hand any counter-evidence as rumours, disinformation and conspiring theories.

The Gotham Connection: In this simulation exercise, the Event 201 players discussed a ‘flood the zone’ media strategy to drown-out dissenting voices by dismissing any counter-evidence as rumours, disinformation and conspiring theories. [John Hopkins University, New York, October 18th 2019].

Perhaps if the Stuff Circuit crew had not expended so much time, resources and energy on trying to transform the documentary genre into a dystopian sci-fi political thriller that looked like it riffed off Bladerunner 2049, their audience might have learned that during Event 201, this ‘flood the zone’ media strategy phrase was repeated like a mantra by the players.

By implication, dissenting doctors, nurses and scientists and others with valuable expertise who criticized the pandemic measures were to be ‘drowned out’ by the stigmatizing ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘anti-vaxxer’, and ‘denialism’ scapegoat labels.

The central irony was that the simulated newscasts played at the Event 201 tabletop exercise actually prepared participants to shut-down whole economies. Yet, the Event 201 script — developed by Johns Hopkins University — attributed blame for financial market crashes, widespread business failures and mass unemployment, to the coronavirus pandemic called Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome (CAPS).

Jet-setting Bat-Pig Virus: The central irony of the Event 201 tabletop exercise was that it actually programmed participants that shutting-down whole economies was the only option, and cued them to blame the coronavirus outbreak for the economic devastation, while the world’s public and private sector stakeholders grapple with the favoured strategic solution to ‘rescue’ the world: vaccines.

Meanwhile, the fictional ‘Pandemic Emergency Board’ discussed the need to get vaccine stockpiles, supply chains and other medical infrastructure financed, built and pandemic-ready to mitigate economic mayhem.

In the real world of 2020, when global financial markets dropped on Feburary 24th, the plunge was attributed to fears about the coronavirus outbreak. Other factors were also in play. Almost 1500 high profile US CEOs resigned in 2019 and in January 2020, a further 219 chief executives resigned with many cashing out their corporate stocks. And, in the first week of February 2020, high profile billionaire Jeff Bezos sold off $4.1 billion in Amazon stocks. The smart money was moving ahead of the economic crash coming — that would be wrought by the global power élite acting in unison like synchronized swimmers — was lost on the global media missionaries.

In effect, Event 201 was a pandemic preppers’ drill for the Corona Bandits.

In Fire and Fury, Counterspin Media were also slurred with the idea that they were funded by Steve Bannon, since their videos had best posted on his platform. Mr Alp and Ms Spierer said to Liz Gunn they were funded by viewer support.

Freedom Village Rebellion: The Convoy Occupation’s tents on the NZ Government’s front-lawn were the protesters’ key bargaining chip since the display of open defiance of its Medical Apartheid Regime — together with a thriving community — were bad optics.

In her piece headlined “Setting the stage for ‘anti-vax’ violence”, The Look Glass writer, Jackie Black, stated that the propaganda film’s casting of dissenters as crazy conspiracy theorist antivaxxers with a far-right framing, feeds a scapegoating agenda to create an enemy in the public mind.

Black — who views the media as a witting or witless auxiliary arm of the intelligence agencies — expressed her concern that with this casting, Kiwis in the Freedom Movement will be scapegoated in daily life.

Furthermore, Black expressed apprehension that the far-right framing sets up the possibility of an attack that would be blamed on an ‘anti-vaxxer’, since the public has been primed to believe this possibility — unquestioningly. But, Black added, if such an eventuality occurred, it would more likely originate from agent provocateurs. Such bad actors are usually connected to the intelligence agencies, as left-liberal feminist author Naomi Wolf mentioned in her 2007 book, The End of America.

More generally, NZ’s media outlets crossed the line too, by corrupting their own profession’s principles during the Parliament Occupation when faced with glaring contradictions. Blind to their own sanctimonious bigotry for suspending meaningful free speech for two years, Aotearoa’s media missionaries proved they preferred the spectacle of state violence than to admit their own Stockholm Syndrome-esque fears, loathings, and prejudices — as I showed in my eighth Wellington dispatch entitled, NZ Newsrooms Cover-up Police Breaches of Peace at Parliament Occupation.

The ‘Cultural Authorities’ (8 Feb-2 Mar): The media turned the NZ Parliament Occupation into a one-horse race contest for the construction of reality, while failing to report the use of sound weapon technology.

As such, the Operation Convoy siege plan sought — through low-grade warfare tactics such as pre-dawn blockade operations, the deployment of riot police and weaponizing the media as a vector for propaganda in the days leading up to termination phase — to shift the bad optics onto the Freedom Occupation.

With the media essentially recruited as an auxiliary arm of this far-flung emergent police state, the Crown’s Constabulary could open up a known hot-spot.

In propaganda terms, a hotspot means a place that is known to arouse intolerance in people along fault lines, or cultural divides, such as race, religion and social status. As Wellington-born advertising illustrator, Nick McFarlane, stated in his book, Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual, the job of an attack wolf is to:

identify a hot spot of intolerance and fan the flames of bias to ignite radicalization. Intolerance toward the other group’s differences turns fault lines into open divides. Once divided, the Tax Herd is easily conquered.”

The national security group’s decision to play politics to save face for themselves and the rest of Ardern Administration’s lockstep moves with the Medical Industrial Complex’s automated parts — once a global pandemic was declared — could only work because New Zealand’s newsrooms fell prey to the over-hyped spectacle of crisis.

In other words, Kiwis in newsrooms were also gaslighted to believe that public health was the only sector that was immune from corruption, collusion and conspiracy in a world where almost 200 states across the United Nations system inflicted variants of Medical Martial Laws following the World Health Organization pandemic declaration at a time when the global death toll was under 4700 mortals.

Why would the planet’s great powers risk their economic dynamism — which is the basis of their military power — by shutting down so many small and medium sized businesses, when this death toll would barely have registered as an epidemic blip in the world’s most populous nations?

Even Pinky from Pinky and the Brain fame would have been able to pick apart the flawed internal logic.

Oligarchic Wealth Defense: In the 2015 documentary, Requiem for an American Dream, Professor Noam Chomsky explains 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power; the ninth is about manufacturing consent of the governed through propaganda.

Propaganda does not seek to persuade with a reasonable argument, but rather the propagandist pushes or jolts people with almost neurological manipulations, stated Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media Studies at New York University. Propagandists cannot tolerate disagreement, dissent or counter-narrative, and they always impose censorship and vilify, condemn and blackout skepticism, oppositional voices, and reasoned argument, Professor Miller said in the documentary, The Real Anthony Fauci.

Where the journalistic right of reply had worked like the role of glue applied between disparate surfaces that wouldn’t otherwise bond, this glue was switched out with a group-think glue that hardened by inoculating news audiences to shut-out listening to ‘conspiracy theories’ at the beginning of 2020.

Among the many reasons that NZ’s news media were duped by the emotional spectacle of contagion transmitted through the global newschain, that I have explained in Fire and Fury, or Short-Circuited Docu-Fizzer? — the standout error is the universal use of an inoculation tactic.

In an opinion piece, “Pushing Back Against the Monsters”, written to accompany the ‘documentary’, Penfold and Cleave explained that Stuff Circuit used an inoculation tactic to immunize the public against ‘dangerous ideas’. This approach seems problematic given that the broader context of this ‘ungovernable’ quote was omitted.

Inoculation was used as a tactic to supply weakened versions of communications — deemed to be dangerous information, misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theory — to news audiences throughout the Great Corona Hostage Crisis.

This tactic, which has migrated from public relations industry, has been widely deployed for ‘thought policing’ discourses based on the theory that such inoculating doses will essentially ‘vaccinate’ the mass population to create an institutionally-mediated ‘herd immunity’. This universality of inoculation has created its own feedback loop, resulting in the media, academia and academies of law enforcement believing the weakened versions.

Inoculation as a public relations industry tactic works because the propagandist smoothly acknowledges the weakness of the matter at hand, then quickly brushes it aside. The intention is that the news, or advertisers’, or programme’s target audience will think nothing more of it, satisfied that there is nothing under-handed to see, as the 2008 New Zealand documentary, The Hollow Men, showed in an exposé of the Brash-era National Party’s campaign communications scripted by the political strategist firm, Crosby|Textor.

And, so I took up Penfold’s invitation to send her an email, in which I made reference to Stuff Circuit’s use of this inoculation tactic, to ask if Stuff and herself had stretched or twisted the theoretical limits of the inoculation tactic in the deployment of this ‘ungovernable’ quote? Where there was radio silence from Jesse Mulligan, there has only been the sound of crickets from Penfold, metaphorically speaking.

I provided the truncated ‘ungovernable’ quote from Fire and Fury, followed by the fuller quote of Claire Deeks, who was talking about how Voices For Freedom’s community resilience project, Rebuild Free, was a pathway for households to create self-reliance to ride out future government tyranny.

After making it clear that I comprehended how the truncated ‘ungovernable’ quote had been used to construct a climatic reveal that Ms Deeks was rallying VFF members to “make the country ungovernable” with “strategically intertwined” people plotting to destabilize New Zealand with a violent uprising as Penfold et al alleged I referred to the journalism standards of balance, fairness and accuracy.

I asked Ms Penfold “how would the inclusion of such critical context have impacted the climactic reveal — that Voices For Freedom were said to be issuing a clarion call to make the country ungovernable?” I also provided a link to a Rebuild Free video.

In regard to inoculation, Penfold said on Radio New Zealand that experts advise the media to show the context in which the false or dangerous messages are being delivered and also show how their audience has been manipulated. The inoculation tactics are geared to persuade people that they have been manipulated for nefarious reasons and that the mainstream media has the correct version of reality.

But, do they really?

Let me briefly break it down to demonstrate why the media have metaphorically painted themselves into the ‘corona corner’, while embarrassing themselves in their performances to be perceived as producing authoritative accounts of history, particularly in the coverage of this Great Corona Hostage Crisis.

The over-hyped pandemic statistics were first stoked by the lockdowns — which included the shutting down of hospital services for all but those in critical care, shoving patients into nursing homes, and the curtailment of clinic visits — as All Cause Mortality studies by former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Dr Denis Rancourt and his team have proven. The statistics were further cooked by the use of lethal drugs such as midazolam and morphine in the United Kingdom and by remdesivir in the United States and then across the globe. Such deaths were often attributed to ‘Covid Pneumonia’.

Damning All Cause Mortality: In this study by Rancourt, Baudin and Mercier, published in October 2021, the authors blamed “large-scale medical and government responses” for causing one million excess deaths in the most vulnerable and underprivileged residents of the USA in the COVID‑era.

In a new Canadian documentary, Uninformed Consent, the medical experts interviewed said the use of known effective therapeutics such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were besmirched and banned in a coordinated program of political interference.

Moreover, in his book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, Robert F. Kennedy Jr found 17 pandemic exercises that involved hundreds of thousands of people, who were programmed to work like automated parts of a machine once a global pandemic was declared.

The WHO could easily emotionally hijack the world, in part, because in 2009 — and just weeks before the H1-N1 Swine Flu outbreak — this UN health standards and regulatory authority removed the threshold standard of scale from its pandemic definition. With this chess move, a pandemic could be declared without the crucial threshold of proportional threat.

Trust WHO: In 2009, weeks before a Swine Flu outbreak, UN’s World Health Organization removed the feature of scale from its definition of pandemic, meaning a pandemic could be declared without the crucial threshold of proportional threat.

It turns out, the World Health Organisation (WHO) dismissed criticisms about it’s conflicts of interests with pharmaceutical industry ties as “conspiracies”, following its pandemic declaration for the H1-N1 Avian Flu outbreak of 2009 which triggered contracts for vaccine development.

With the removal of any proportional threshold for declaring a global health emergency, or pandemic, a decade prior, the diverse peoples across the United Nations’ system of almost 200 nations, territories and city states, were subtly cast as covid suspects while being asked to believe the ironically childish notion that public health is the only sector immune from corruption, conniving and collusion.

New Zealand’s strategic ‘rescue’ solution, along with most of the UN system, for the ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ narrative was primarily ‘vaccines’ — in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s Influenza Pandemic Plan of 2017. The Influenza Pandemic Response Plan of 2017 stated the Ministry of Health’s “intelligence system” would rely on data from international institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), as I showed in my August 2021 investigation, “The Origins of the NZ Government’s Covid Elimination Strategy, Lockdown Laws and Mass Vaccination Drive“.

Kennedy stated that all 17 pandemic exercises favored mass vaccinations as the primary solution. He also observed that border shutdowns, business closures and quarantining of the healthy were frequent pandemic script elements. Bobby Kennedy said the scenarios discounted the efficacy of existing therapeutics, avoided mention of the value of exercise, sunshine and healthy diet, or ignored the effectiveness of immunity boosting supplements.

Anatomy of Biocracy: While researching his book, Robert F. Kennedy Jr found 17 pandemic exercises that involved hundreds of thousands of people, who were programmed to work like automated parts of a machine once a global pandemic was declared.

The creator of mRNA technology Dr. Robert Malone said the mass production of the covid ‘vaccines’ was the first time the technology had been used on humans. He stated the global roll-out of the injectables has occurred while the stage 3 human clinical trials are still in progress.

In a July 2022 panel discussion with The Highwire health news show host, Del Bigtree, Dr Malone said the covid jabs were “all risk and no benefit” and the mass vaccine programs needed to be stopped immediately.

Because health regulators such as FDA, NIH, CDC and WHO are largely dependent on either Big Pharma, predatory philanthropist foundations and their labyrinthine funding mechanisms — players such as Dr Fauci, Bill Gates and many others have constructed a Global Health Cartel, Kennedy stated.

This brief summary of the counter-evidence to the over-arching Corona Pandemic narrative, invites provocative questions.

How long do we have to wait for the stories of ‘clot-shot’ injuries, illnesses and deaths to emerge in New Zealand’s establishment media newsrooms?

Do we have to wait for a cameraman to drop dead in the middle of filming a satellite-fed ‘live-cross‘, for a newsroom to have a realization that ‘vaccine’ injuries are real (as Linda Wharton stated during the Parliament Grounds Occupation)?

How long do we have to wait for New Zealand’s media-award seeking newsrooms to finally come to terms with their own narcissistic egos, hate-stoking bigotry, and scapegoating drama addictions — and to have a collective epiphany that they have painted themselves into the Corona Corner?

Fear and Loathing in Lass Vagus: On BHN, Paula Penfold — who was vague about the Public Interest Journalism Fund’s five required criteria — took leave with her husband saying Stuff didn’t expect the level of heat in the aftermath of Fire and Fury; which indicates the media’s groupthink disconnecton to Kiwis and is deeply ironic given the potent title riffed off a book about the Trump White House.

Do we have to wait for the nation’s leading journalists, editors and producers to lose their homes amid the strategic economic sabotage wrought from abroad, for the cockatoo cacophony to shift from attacking the ‘disinformation community’ to airing the complexity of powerfully aggressive, cooperating and yet rivalrous élite criminal syndicates — to show they have reset the world’s trajectory using an over-hyped pandemic as their ‘evil genius’ cover-story?

Or, do we need to get the GCSB to find where Scooby Doo and his friends are holidaying to solve the ‘mystery’?

Asking for a country.


In a forthcoming piece, “Fire and Fury: Stuff-Style Inoculation Immunizes against Reality”, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards reveals the individual, institutional and ideological backgrounds of two of the sources interviewed in Fire and Fury, and two that were not — that most New Zealanders would find deeply shocking. He locates the tectonic geo-politcal shifts to control the world’s structural forces — including technological innovations — and the resources, territories and the governance systems in an epic chess game to reset the arc of history amid the ongoing Third Hundred Years War, which began with the Boer War (1899-1902).


* Voices For Freedom say their membership is 40,000, with an email list of 100,000, and followers across multiple platforms, including Telegram).
** The third criteria of the Public Interest Journalism Fund, which is about acknowledging Māori as partner in Te Tiriti o Waitangi, is deeply flawed. At present, there would not be five thousand NZers who comprehend the 1840 Waitangi Treaty was designed as a red herring literary device to distract from the mechanisms via which paper sovereignty was wrested off the aboriginal and indigenous peoples for the sovereign, Queen Victoria. The heirs to that epic swindle have not fessed-up.

In Frame My Freedom, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards explains why large media organizations become perfect vectors for communicable contagions of propaganda for brainwashing mass populations — by drawing upon the Propaganda Model presented in the 1988 book, Manufacturing Consent.

Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards is a dissident journalist, who worked at indigenous broadcaster, Māori Television, for 14 years as an editor of news, current affairs and general programmes. He forged his ‘Thunk Evil Without Being Evil’ super-power while writing his ground-breaking thesis on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), titled “It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid” to figure out the means, modus operandi and motives of the Anglo-American Oligarchy. He encourages humanity to develop their ‘superpowers’ to overcome conditioning to think with left or right wing political mindsets, fear-induced obedience and regulated doses of hopium.

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