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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

Conjuring Lorde: Mental substance behind the pop hit 'Royals'.

Queen Bee Mentor: The professor who fed Lorde’s mental buzz

By Iggy Swind 6 February 2014 Update: Front-page news in New Zealand Lorde’s censored handwritten Grammy speech Full Transcript (with citations) of Lorde’s speech See: Lorde Censored: The Queen Bee’s Suppressed Grammy Speech (or click: lordegrammyspeech) Visit: Snoopman News on Facebook  ================== Before the Mental-buzz With a view of an […]

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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

Lorde Censored: Behind the suppression of the Queen Bee's Grammy speech.

Clipping Queen Bee’s Wings: Lorde’s real Grammy speech suppressed

Update: Front-page news in New Zealand Lorde’s censored handwritten Grammy speech Full Transcript (with citations) of Lorde’s speech See: Lorde Censored: The Queen Bee’s Suppressed Grammy Speech (or lordegrammyspeech) Visit: Snoopman News on Facebook By Iggy Swind 6 February 2014 Mental chain reaction The singer-songwriter Lorde shocked USA America’s music […]

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Satire, sarcasm and snoofs

Royal telling off: Lorde speaks her mental buzz ...

Lorde’s Suppressed Grammy Award acceptance speech (Full Transcript) 26 January 2014

Update: Front-page news in New Zealand Lorde’s censored handwritten Grammy speech Full Transcript (with citations) of Lorde’s speech See: lordegrammyspeech Lorde: Thankyou soo much everyone for making this song explode because this world is mental. (Laughter). Planet Earth is run by psychopaths that hide behind slick marketing, ‘freedom’ propaganda and […]

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Democracy & Counter Movements, History, Propaganda & Cultural Memory

Spooky spin: Obama telling a freedom-themed fable in Soweto.

The Audacity of Obama: A Black Wolf in Corporate Clothing

Amid the propaganda in Barack Obama’s speech at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela in Soweto on December 10 2013, was an encoded signal. Obama’s so-called eulogy was really intended to reaffirm a well-advanced plan to construct a transnational empire. This article explores how an emergent transnational capitalist class ensured […]

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War, Terrorism & Propaganda

10 countries, 10 stars, 8 C-130 Hercules U.S. transport aircraft, 8 legs on America’s Spidery Empire

War Comic Script: Mainlandia Invaded in ‘Exercise Southern Katipo 2013’ – Timaru Liberated!

By Snoopman 11 November 2013 A spider that flies Imagine that the United States’ main military operations organization, Strategic Command (or StratCom), is the head of a heavily armoured spider, whose habitat is global.[i] Imagine also that its body is the US Department of Defense and its heart is the […]

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Democracy & Counter Movements

Combat Paxman’s propaganda revealed: How Russell Brand inadvertently provoked a confession from the combative vicar-like BBC broadcaster

By Snoopman 7 November 2013 Cracks in Combat Paxman’s propaganda model Since the BBC’s famously combative Newsnight host, Jeremy Paxman, interviewed the famously womanizing comedian Russell Brand, in which Paxman grilled Brand for not being “arsed to vote”, the senior broadcaster has admitted he did not vote in a recent […]

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War, Terrorism & Propaganda

‘In Terrorism We Trust’: A Spooky Anglo-American Brotherhood Tradition Since 1915

By Steve Edwards AKA Snoopman 11 September 2013 Updated 18 September 2013 This article outlines long historical processes that have been shaped by an Anglo-American Brotherhood. Its draws the connection between their secret efforts to destabilize Syria since 2011, and a well-established pattern of Anglo-American state-sponsored terrorism used to convert […]

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Democracy & Counter Movements

MECHANISMS OF COERCION: 63,000 rich and super-rich people possess $39 trillion in wealth, while 800 million people are starving.

A Poorly Understood ‘Bargain’: How Democracy and the 60s Movements became Orphans in the ‘Free Market’ Era

The story of how ‘Too Much Democracy’ was given a slickly marketed make-over to become ‘Just Right Democracy’ and was eaten up by a  few Corporate Bears, who loved it so much. And, the story of how ‘Just Left Democracy’ was left with too little say and starved with its […]

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Dr Snoopman

Financial Maelstrom: The spread of an 'emotional contagion' through news propaganda

It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid: A study of Anglo-American news coverage during the 2007-2008 financial crisis and bank bailouts

My masters thesis proved that once the financial crisis started, the US and UK financial authorities conspired/colluded with the major banks to steer the crisis along to a point where it would get so severe that their respective governments would believe they had no choice but to approve system-wide, tax-payer funded bailouts. […]

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Police State, 'Intelligence' & 'Defence', Uncategorized

Objection Letter on the GCSB Bill and Other Related Matters to the Governor-General of New Zealand

The Governor-General of New Zealand has reserve powers that can be exercised to decline accent to legislation, dismiss a prime minister and force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections. This letter requests the Governor-General to investigate the conduct of the prime minister, intervene in the passage of the […]

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