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Financial Maelstrom: The spread of an 'emotional contagion' through news propaganda

It’s the financial oligarchy, stupid: A study of Anglo-American news coverage during the 2007-2008 financial crisis and bank bailouts

My masters thesis proved that once the financial crisis started, the US and UK financial authorities conspired/colluded with the major banks to steer the crisis along to a point where it would get so severe that their respective governments would believe they had no choice but to approve system-wide, tax-payer funded bailouts. […]

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Objection Letter on the GCSB Bill and Other Related Matters to the Governor-General of New Zealand

The Governor-General of New Zealand has reserve powers that can be exercised to decline accent to legislation, dismiss a prime minister and force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections. This letter requests the Governor-General to investigate the conduct of the prime minister, intervene in the passage of the […]

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Public Notice:  The Encroachment of the Mass Surveillance State

Public Notice: The Encroachment of the Mass Surveillance State

By Steve Edwards AKA Snoopman  August 19 2013 Powerful economic and political interests plan to heavily restrict democratic participation in New Zealand by legalising mass surveillance via the state apparatus. Undermining democratic dissent The proposed GCSB legislation seeks to undermine opposition to the activities of transnational corporations operating in NZ […]

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